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Love, money, happiness... Find out what’s in your future with a personalized psychic video reading!

My Tarot Advisor gives you a direct and personal way to connect with the most authentic, gifted and non-judgmental psychics, specializing in love and relationship advice, spiritual readings, compatibility, psychic readings and more. Our psychic tarot readers have been verified and tested for their abilities and are genuine, professional and accurate, giving you confidence as you gain insight into the most important aspects of your life.

Our advisors come from all over the world to be available to you 24/7 and when you need answers most. We even offer you a free follow-up question as a first-time client. Submit your questions directly to psychics via video messaging, and you will receive a video response back of your tarot reading with your advisor giving you guidance, insight and advice on the future and what course of action to take. The advisor will deliver your personalized video response with your Tarot reading within 24 hours but usually much sooner.

My Tarot Advisor Features:

· Get personalized recommendations and tarot readings from certified psychics
· Receive advice on your love life, job and your future in general with tarot card readings
· Send and receive video messages for personalized insight from Tarot Readers from around the world
· Contact our authentic professionals for answers 24/7
· Each Tarot Reader has unique methods of reading your situation, using different types of cards
· Ask questions anywhere and anytime you need guidance or are curious about what the future holds
· Consult our Video Tarot of the day for daily insights from our most talented readers so you know ahead of time what the day will bring

Do you have questions about where life is taking you? Do you need insight into difficult situations in life? If you’re wondering about the future or need advice on the present, My Tarot Advisor can be your personal guide. Get video responses and insight from our experienced tarot readers who have been practicing the art of divination for years. With the My Tarot Advisor app you can have access to your personal reader right all in the palm of your hand anytime!

Isn’t it time that you get the answers you have been looking for? Download My Tarot Advisor and get answers from a professional Tarot Reader today!


Are you a Tarot reader? Are you looking for a new way to provide your professional readings to clients worldwide? Join us! A competitive marketplace for fellow Tarot Readers providing guidance to our active client community! Download the app today and contact us if you wish to share your abilities by becoming a Tarot Advisor.

Please contact us anytime with your questions, comments, and suggestions. We’d love to hear from you! [email protected]

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My Tarot Advisor: Card Readings & Psychic Advice App Description & Overview

The applications My Tarot Advisor: Card Readings & Psychic Advice was published in the category Lifestyle on 2016-07-30 and was developed by Liquid Software Mobile Inc. The file size is 44.87 MB. The current version is 3.1 and works well on 9.2 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes, updated UI. We strive to make each version of My Tarot Advisor the best user experience as possible. We love and highly appreciate all of your feedback so please contact us as [email protected] if you have any questions, comments, problems, or suggestions.

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Good  quetzali  4 star

I have used it a couple of times is nice cuz they answer on video and u can see they are doing the reading for u I'm just praying what Shawn and Jena toll me come a realty so far best app from all the others I have try if what they said come true they will have my 5 star


KITTY  Ydjfjkdhhdkshhslhejgf  5 star

Kitty was amazing everything was very on point she got everything right she even told me some stuff that I never told her she told me my past present and future when I never actually told her about my past or what was going on in my present time she is amazing go to her if you want to see whats truly happening in your life right now and in the future and she also tells it like it is she's very honest!!


Real and Accurate  Ajwtn  5 star

Was skeptical at first, by all my doubts were proven to be wrong, and my past, present, and so far my future have been told correctly. Highly recommend

Rachel Stoneham

The Best  Rachel Stoneham  5 star

This is honestly the best psychic app I've been on. What I love about this app is that the psychics really want to help and you're in an environment that is non judgemental, they are compassionate and patient. I've been talking mostly with Shawn and he's been quite accurate about a lot of events that have happened. I highly recommend this app because I love how you can ask questions for clarification without a time limit and that the credits are easy to buy and use, and the psychics on this app are straight dead on accurate. If you want an accurate reading, look no further than this app. I really wanted to try this app out since I used many other apps with psychics on it but none were as genuine and as compassionate as the psychics on here. You won't be disappointed! Give it a try!


Great app for tarot readings!  Cinnymeg  5 star

Love this app! Been using it for months. Found my favorite reader. Definitely my go to for insight and direction.


Kitty  TheCatLady50  5 star

She's Pretty good! Everyone has to give her a try! App is great also! I like this way better then purple ocean and psychic text. I feel more connected to the reader!


Satisfying  SpottyGirl976  4 star

I contact Nina mostly and she's very real and honest with me! I've spoke with many others as well and it depends on what kind of reading/answer you're looking for to find your right psychic! Overall pleased


Hope everything goes well  Kittyinlov3  4 star

Their predictions didnt pass but i found barbara and ashley. Their predictions are coming true 11/18: so it seems there is no sign from Aeson who was my favorite🤔... but i just found Desiree who is trully a sweetheart. Jewel is also really good. I like them both. I'm just waiting for their predictions to come true. Aeson is amazing! He is very detailed in his answers and really makes me feel better. He told me I was going to get back with my ex in a stable relationship in about 8 weeks or 2 months and not to worry about the girl he is interested in. I'll let you know if we did. Meanwhile I will put 4 stars, if it comes true I will put the 5.


Awesome!  Enriqueiglesias#1fan  5 star

Loved it!


Obsessed  APhiSister346  5 star

This app provides the best psychic service you could ever find. The advisors go very in depth with the situation you're struggling with and they tend to be very accurate. I suggest giving this app a try because chances are you'll end up loving it!

Kanchi K

My tarot  Kanchi K  5 star

The app is very well made and very easy to use as well though I don't believe in it but it's really fun to read


Awesome tarot reading  Marcelrama  5 star

Great App for people knows in real time whit real people ,tarot reading as well know it which you the stars in your day to day.


Jennifer and Josephine!  Meganscott92  5 star

I've always been a skeptic when it comes to these type of things but on a random day I thought I'd give it a try. I tried out a few of the advisors but wasn't a fan until I talked with Jennifer and Josephine. Both of them have given me in depth amazing predictions and advise and I have had multiple predictions come true from both of them. Even if I give them a lot or a little bit of detail they're readings are always spot on. And for the price you just can't beat it. I'm hooked on this app for sure


let you feel the energy!  ricardomaita96  5 star

this app has a good design and an amazing concept. it provides you a personalized psychic readings sessions on video in real time with real professionals. i really wasn't into tarot before trying this app, now i feel the energy with me.


Wow love this app  KittyLittle00212  5 star

April is my favorite Reader on this app she has predicted many events that have actually come to pass in my life and that's not just my experience but many others I have referred to this app experienced her predictions as well and she is just amazing 1000+ stars to her! Try this app you will be glad you did


Josephine!! Janet! Shawn!  BThugz72  5 star

This app is extremely good. Ive had plenty of things already happen and trust me i am a real reviewer. This is the most accurate app for me. Not purple ocean, psychic text, or yodha. This is the one and the psychics are very professional and shuffle and show u the cards. Josephine knew my past and present, what i was thinking and things i knew I was missing (music) and she brought it up?! She brought up a relationship where in 2017 someone would want to reconnect. I broke up with my bf and haven't heard from him and guess what, he txted me 10 minutes after her reading at 3am talking about he was thinking about me blah blah. Wasnt trying to hear it from him but she is real. Janet as well. She's Brutally honest and tells it like it is. Try her ! Also shawn 💜 love him he knew alot about me. Here are psychics that things came true or knew things in my life which whom I recommend. ********** Josephine, janet, shawn, alice, ann, rose, emma,crystal, nina, ashley, april, shelley. I was looking for the right one which i connect with which is why i had so many but i connected with all of them and they knew alot and emma's predictions also all came true last month. I dont want psychic interference so i will TRY to use just josephine and shawn. But i love all of them. Hopefully customer service will allow us to start tipping them through the app and notify us when a psychic comes online. They've done a good job with this app💅🏽 also, I'm sure the other psychics on the app are just as good but it's about connection and energy for me. Also, some psychics may leave the app for personal reasons. I knoe aeson did three months ago. Doesn't necessarily mean psychics are getting the boot.


Great  anh.nho.em  5 star

This app is well designed and well developed, it lets you get personalized psychic readings through live video sessions. The idea behind it, even though is not my favorite, works really well with the way the app is developed. If you're into tarot reading, look no more. This app may be for you.


Virtual Phychic readings  rogstars  3 star

Nice purple interface to get your readings. The videos are really intriguging. Quite accurate most of the time. Will be trying it everyday to get my readings.


Loving this app  Thoe1Thomas  5 star

The thing is I'm used to calling phone psychics from other websites but this app makes it much more convenient I love the video option as well I've been using it with psychic April shes been really supportive and great over my situation and impeccably accurate about everything and the outcomes👌🏻


Nice  fmobliv06  5 star

Works just as it says. Video quality is great and tarot is always fun

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