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Find the hidden words with your fingers in Word Search PRO for FREE now!

If you're looking for the most trendy word search game, Word Search PRO is the game for you! You will enjoy a fun challenge as you identify the hidden words and then swipe up, down, left, right or diagonally to mark them. It's a fun way to hone your vocabulary, spelling and puzzle skills. The game has 3 difficulty levels from easy to hard, you can choose them freely. Need more challenges? Try the Blitz mode and Marathon mode and enjoy time pressure.

Here's what we have:

- Easy choosing letters
- Unlimited puzzles
- Brilliant colorful look
- 4 different game modes
- 4 difficulty levels
- 50 word categories
- Daily challenges
- Realtime generated puzzles
- Reverse word selection
- Hints to avoid frustrations
- HD graphics
- Elegant animations
- Night Mode

Forget pen and paper, you'll never run out of puzzles with this game.

Word Search Pro‧ App Description & Overview

The applications Word Search Pro‧ was published in the category Games on 2016-06-29 and was developed by Word Puzzle Games. The file size is 72.33 MB. The current version is 2.18 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- Improved User Experience.

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Word Search Pro‧ Reviews


Fun  duhantmeyer  5 star

I love the daily puzzles!


Love  Free2bM£  5 star

Very relaxing

Emo Chick101

Review  Emo Chick101  3 star

Love the games but way to many ads.


Awesome game  Mariela7  5 star

Great game!!


When I’m bored  yoooooooo😎  5 star

When I’m playing this in class I feel like a total grandma bc I’m in 8 grade playing a freaking word game butt, I enjoy playing it mostly bc at my school when there is a sub we as a class get word hunts, whoever gets the first five turned it gets five extra credit points and this game is basically training me to be good at them, plus it’s funnnnn


Dkay  donnabonniejack  5 star

Dum game!


Fun  Nkopat  4 star

Fun. Can be a little boring


Good  SoHum19  4 star

I like it


Fun  Dre8216  5 star

Fun puzzles! They rock cause I rock!


Easy!  Hoopfer  5 star


teddybear snuff

money grabbing hungry  teddybear snuff  1 star

I saw a review of a pensioner with only one hand and to put it strictly I agree with what this person said. I’m like him or her with only one hand and on a limited budget also. I’m also stuck in my age care home and my iPad and tv is my only companions as unless I get a visitor I speak to staff or someone passing by my room. I’m waiting on a wheelchair so I can at least get out. Please think of people like us who are housebound unless someone visits or takes us out if we have a wheelchair which I don’t have. Bring back the good old games we use to have and get rid of the violent war games so that people like us have a choice of games without paying money we don’t have and don’t have annoying ads to put up with.

Les 19

Word search  Les 19  5 star

Great game lots of fun


Rather words given. But easy levels, kills time  Mistteak  3 star


pugs alot on the bot bot bot

Made me do it  pugs alot on the bot bot bot  1 star

Only for hint


Fun game that tests you  mummahfets  5 star

Love it really enjoyable

how do i won

Wordpuzzle is cool  how do i won  4 star

Helps u get really smart and helps u spell a lot better


Love it!  BearLover10  5 star

I got this game and I love it! I haven’t found any problems yet. I have definitely had some good word search games but this is definitely the best one. I love how you can choose you categories and do daily challenges and play against other people. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it a much as I do!

Helen :)....

Review  Helen :)....  3 star

Too many ads


Fun Buuuuuuut  Mitchell-Dutton  4 star

I like doing a puzzle every morning and it really gets your brain working.But I feel like they should add a few more puzzles but over all it is pretty good.😁


Whiles the time  mari1961  5 star

It keeps husbands busy while their wives go shopping.


Puzzle anything  Michellethefrst  5 star

This game is a game that you can just relax and a play and learn new words


Ads still showing  Dove1956  1 star

I paid $2.99 for no answer and that’s all I’m getting what a waste of money.


I love this game it’s a great time killer ❤️and this game is amazing  TAKEN BY KASIM AND JUSTIN  5 star

Yassss 👌

helen florian solis

Increase your eyes  helen florian solis  5 star

This game help you see better if you see words and know your topics about something.Another thing is that you can fast eyes to look for words short or long. Last thing is that if you don’t anything about your topic this can help you know your topic a little bit. These are the reason why this can increase your eyes. One more thing is that is does not waste your time. This why I love this game.


More advanced  summ1000  4 star

I love this game and it’s so easy, but at the same time that’s the problem. This game is so easy that my kindergarten sister could play this. If you could make this game a little more advanced, I’d love this game even more than I do now. I hope y’all understand my complains. Thank you


Yasss  yasss3336  5 star


Batman Pack

😍😍😍😍😍  Batman Pack  5 star

This game is fun and amazing!


Word Search  Holiday59  2 star

Too easy


Yay  warriorscats:-)  5 star

Great job


Fun game  olegal58  5 star

Easy and fun to play yet challenging!

sarah loves unicorn

Good game  sarah loves unicorn  5 star

I love this game even my mom loves it because she loves word searches

F U Khan

I love this  F U Khan  5 star

I love this app so much and it is so much more addictive than the other apps like this app because it is so much easier to use keep up the great work


Word Search  Sicnatf  4 star

Great game !


Ch  ppgdddehnkphf  5 star



Good  katielutt  3 star



Love it  STC280999  5 star

Plenty of variety of puzzles ☺️


Xx  tosh2k18  5 star



Stars  M_P/:)  5 star



Amazin  Niamhmcc1005  5 star

This game is amazing


Word search  dgbkydsfhj  5 star

Really keeps my brain going and it’s also fun relaxing and educational all in one

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