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Magically transfer your playlists between streaming services using Houdini! We support transferring from Apple Music to Spotify or YouTube, and from Spotify to Apple Music or YouTube.

• No longer feel shackled to a single streaming service.
• Transfer all your playlists from one service to another within minutes.
• Ever wanted YouTube music video playlists for your favorite Spotify jams? Make your playlists portable.
• Houdini provides an exportable list of any songs unable to be matched.
• Customer service chat included within the app.

• An active subscription to Apple Music is required in order to transfer to or from Apple Music.
• Transferring to YouTube will make your playlists available in YouTube, YouTube Music, and YouTube Red.

We are continuously looking to improve the app and add additional streaming services. If you have any feedback or questions, please reach out to [email protected]

Houdini Playlist Transfer App Description & Overview

The applications Houdini Playlist Transfer was published in the category Music on 2016-09-02 and was developed by Apollo Labs. The file size is 23.92 MB. The current version is 2.2.0 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

Happy Holidays from the Houdini Team! We have updated the app to do some routine maintenance:

• Improved in-app chat
• Improved and updated FAQs
• Bug Fixes

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Houdini Playlist Transfer Reviews


Tidal transfer??  terrixoxo  4 star

Please can you all add an option to transfer playlists to and from Tidal and Amazon music?

Sam Selikoff

Did exactly what I wanted!  Sam Selikoff  5 star

Needed to transfer my Spotify playlists to Apple Music. Worked beautifully!

Hernan Davila

Good advertising / Bad Performance  Hernan Davila  1 star

It states you can “easily” transfer your playlists from on streaming service to other. Then out of 33,000 songs, they can only transfer 5,000 due to their own limitations. Then out of 5,000 they can only make it in slots of 2,000 each. Then out of these 2,000 only 1,000 are available in the servers for transfering. Less than 3% of my library trasferred. That is not stated anywhere when you buy the app.


Perfect  zekemo1971  5 star

Just what I was looking for to make the move from Spotify to Apple Music.


Quick Simple Easy  Gibson6string  5 star

This app is worth its weight in gold. Other apps I saw were more expensive for doing the same thing. It only took about 15min to transfer my entire library including each individual playlist.


Hacked after purchase  FeelingInvaded111111  1 star

My spotify account was hacked minutes after granting access. No bueno.


Simply perfect  Atvaz78  5 star

This is the only transfer app I have ever used and as it is. I would never use another. Besides a few songs, it has consistently found matches to all of my playlists. Also it is very fast. Maybe a minute at the most, and that's for insanely large playlists. 10/10 would recommend


Definitely worth paying for.  jjjjjgfxj  5 star

Transferred nearly 500 songs from my spotify to apple music, saved me from hours of work to get all my playlists over.


Awesome , buuuut...  KillManyWaters  4 star

I’m so happy I got this app. I used to use Spotify Premium for everything but I found out Apple Music has a better sound quality and volume, my only trouble was that I had tons of my favorite playlists with 200+ songs in my Spotify account and I didn’t want to go through all those playlists and hand pick all the songs to move them over to Apple Music so I could listen to them and download them. I found this app in my quest to move all these playlists and was ecstatic! When I scanned the playlists from Spotify to move them (totaling over 2,000 songs) it found all of them in Apple Music except for like 8 songs. That means it found all but less than 1/2 of a percent of my songs across all genres. Those songs were easy to find and add by hand so I wasn’t even mad. Saved me sooo much time and effort. However, my one problem is that some of the songs it did find were either remixes or clean versions. It would be great if they would find exact matches for everything but other than that, great app and I’m so thankful for it! (Happy Thanksgiving btw)


Better than doing it yourself  KyleMitchel  4 star

Honestly, this was better than taking the time to do it myself. It couldn't match 12 songs out of my 123 i transfered from apple music to spotify. not bad


Fails to be able to connect at Apple Music  Raven75  1 star

Says could not connect to Apple Music check out the FAQ for more info. But the developer web site has no FAQ. Just an email contact. Really not helpful after paying $6 for an app.


Fabulous Application  maxscumbag  5 star

Absolutely fantastic app, works exactly as advertised and with no major issues. The only problem I had was it couldn’t find songs that weren’t released on Apple Music, so there’s no problem there. It did duplicate some songs that exist in multiple albums but that happened to 13 of them. I would prefer for it to give them both to me rather and let me decide which version I like. Only piece of feedback I have would be provide the user with a dialogue box, or perhaps a menu above the failed matches to let us decide which songs to actually transfer between services. If the user does not choose one, it transfers all versions of the song. I don’t see this as a ‘must-have’, but it could be useful in some circumstances. The app provides a full list of these songs it couldn’t match BEFORE you transfer. Fantastic matching, I had no incorrect matches. Cheaper than all the competition as well. Good work! Definite recommendation.

Atanas Parashkevov

Excellent music playlist tool  Atanas Parashkevov  5 star

Does exactly what it says, allowing playlists to be shared between Spotify and iTunes.


Amazing Music Transfer App  yungJEDIknight  5 star

Works amazing. It only ever missed songs I had uploaded and weren’t avail on the platform I was transferring to. Sometimes it would capture the clean versions of songs instead of explicit but it was rare. Highly recommended.

Timmy Sullivan

Great  Timmy Sullivan  5 star

This is an amazing app if you were switching from two music apps such as Spotify to Apple Music. I don’t know what I would do without this app, thanks Houdini!

First review I've written

Good not great  First review I've written  2 star

Don’t usually write reviews but given that all of the reviews on this app are fake ones written by bots I felt obligated. I was transferring 845 songs from Spotify to Apple Music and it finished in less than 10 minutes which was great. Even better it gave me a notification that it only missed 10 songs and gave the names of the songs too, which would have earned it 5 stars for sure. Unfortunately I double checked the numbers and it actually missed 135, or 16% of my playlist. Obviously it can tell when it can’t find a song because it told me, not sure why the developers tried to lie about me about the accuracy. Kind of annoyed.


Excellent  Hasanf  5 star

Transfers songs flawlessly.

K thien

Thank god for Houdini  K thien  5 star

I was searching for ways to switch from Spotify to Apple Music, now that they offer a family subscription that is comparable in price with Spotify. Was worried about switching playlist. Luckily found Houdini which made it extremely easy. I had 2011 songs, Houdini or apple had 1750, good number


Needs Google Play Music Support  jdotreach  3 star

Fortunately I’m able to make YouTube Playlists from my Spotify playlists, but what we really need is support for Google Play Music. Otherwise great app!

Shanna Racquel

Amazing app!  Shanna Racquel  5 star

I was trying to find an app that I could transfer my music from Spotify to Apple music so I could listen to music from my Apple watch when I'm away from my phone. It was a pretty quick transfer and it found all of my 1,200 songs besides 14. Pretty impressive. I would highly suggest this app, especially for the money.

Chicago SouthSide

Best transfer app  Chicago SouthSide  4 star

I have found this app very useful. I am deciding between apple music and Spotify. It's great that I can have the same playlist on both. The app is very slow in the transfer process so; you have to be patient.


Worth $2.99  Fsiggs  5 star

Amazing! Out of 2700 songs only 45 could not be transferred. Would love to see sync feature.

Grape Juice 43635

Best One Out There!! PERIOD!!  Grape Juice 43635  5 star

This app transferred my songs from Spotify to Apple Music in under 2 minutes (600 Songs) and only missed 4 of them! This is amazing! Better than Stamp, Songshift, or any of em!!!!!! Even comes with the original album covers!


Perfect  Hairycanary03  5 star

Does what it says on the tin, very easy to use and converts the playlists over quickly.

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