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Magically transfer your playlists between streaming services using Houdini! We support transferring from Apple Music to Spotify or YouTube, and from Spotify to Apple Music or YouTube.

• No longer feel shackled to a single streaming service.
• Transfer all your playlists from one service to another within minutes.
• Ever wanted YouTube music video playlists for your favorite Spotify jams? Make your playlists portable.
• Houdini provides an exportable list of any songs unable to be matched.
• Customer service chat included within the app.

• An active subscription to Apple Music is required in order to transfer to or from Apple Music.
• Transferring to YouTube will make your playlists available in YouTube, YouTube Music, and YouTube Red.

We are continuously looking to improve the app and add additional streaming services. If you have any feedback or questions, please reach out to [email protected]

Houdini Playlist Transfer App Description & Overview

The applications Houdini Playlist Transfer was published in the category Music on 2016-09-02 and was developed by Apollo Labs. The file size is 24.50 MB. The current version is 2.4.0 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

We have finally fixed the Spotify issues that created empty playlists and showed playlists with 0 songs. Our apologies for the delay.

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Houdini Playlist Transfer Reviews


Doesn’t work with google play  jpmospo  1 star

Doesn’t work with google play


Money back please.  Delarosa14  2 star

good app if you want to do playlists only , i needed one that could do Songs from my Library. bought incorrectly. please contact me if there is a way to refund my money.

avatar ryan

Yeah it doesn’t work don’t waste your money  avatar ryan  1 star

It just transfers empty playlists, save your money don’t be a sucker like me.


App is broken  lordcrispy  1 star

Says there are 0 songs in my Spotify playlist and won’t transfer over on iPhone XR with latest version. This app always worked great on my iPhone 6. :(


Literally doesn’t work.  kay.marieee  1 star

All it does is create a playlist with the same name as your Apple Music playlist. It didn’t transfer ANY of my songs to spotify. I tried multiple times.


Worthless  BrownLeather  1 star

It connected to my Spotify account, told me that all my playlists there have zero songs (not true), and therefore transferred nothing. Oh, but it did send me a request for a rating—immediately after I’d declined a request for a rating. Well done.


Don’t waste your money  MitchMJ  1 star

These 4-5 star reviews don’t support the service I just received. I wasted $3 just for a service to transfer an empty playlist

Great smart

Helpful!  Great smart  4 star

Totally worth it, sometimes it can’t find a song that is definitely on there but still a great service

Nerdo 500

Didn’t work  Nerdo 500  1 star

I was very excited to use this to transfer my music but it didn’t work. I emailed their tech support asking for help but no response. I don’t know how to use the app and when i click any buttons nothing happens. Very disappointing.


App did its job of transferring music!  SquareKun  5 star

The deed is done the 5 stars are upheld


Great but wish it could transfer more songs at once  torzaaaleigh  3 star

This app would be perfect if it could transfer all my playlists at once. Instead it can only do up to 2,000 songs at a time which takes quite a while if you have a large library. Also I wish there was a way to transfer my saved songs as well as my playlists.


Fails to be able to connect at Apple Music  Raven75  1 star

Says could not connect to Apple Music check out the FAQ for more info. But the developer web site has no FAQ. Just an email contact. Really not helpful after paying $6 for an app.


Fabulous Application  maxscumbag  5 star

Absolutely fantastic app, works exactly as advertised and with no major issues. The only problem I had was it couldn’t find songs that weren’t released on Apple Music, so there’s no problem there. It did duplicate some songs that exist in multiple albums but that happened to 13 of them. I would prefer for it to give them both to me rather and let me decide which version I like. Only piece of feedback I have would be provide the user with a dialogue box, or perhaps a menu above the failed matches to let us decide which songs to actually transfer between services. If the user does not choose one, it transfers all versions of the song. I don’t see this as a ‘must-have’, but it could be useful in some circumstances. The app provides a full list of these songs it couldn’t match BEFORE you transfer. Fantastic matching, I had no incorrect matches. Cheaper than all the competition as well. Good work! Definite recommendation.

Atanas Parashkevov

Excellent music playlist tool  Atanas Parashkevov  5 star

Does exactly what it says, allowing playlists to be shared between Spotify and iTunes.


I’m flaky  grahamchandler  5 star

This is nice since I’m constantly switching back and fourth between Spotify and Apple Music.


Best app ever  badfranco  5 star

Well I have purchased apps that “try” and do what this app does but it never works out...this app with a few clicks will move your playlists to whatever music app you have it’s worth the money. Download it..

Tidus McCoy

Almost Perfect  Tidus McCoy  5 star

Foreword: I use google play music and wanted to move to Apple Music. I looked online and the only way is through musicconv but I wasn’t going to pay $29.99. So the only solution was to use Soundiiz to move from google play music to Spotify. This was super easy and they’re amazing developers. I then used Houdini to move it from Spotify to Apple Music. It wasn’t seamless but I found a solution. The playlists wouldn’t be in the same song order on my phone but after hours of googling someone said to duplicate your playlist and then delete the original and rename the duplicate and this worked perfectly. Houdini had maybe a less than 10% failure rate in that it couldn’t find some songs that are on Apple Music or in that it put in acoustic versions of real songs. I tried all the other apps on here that try to do the same and those had a higher failure rate so overall it took me 20 hours to do this for 120+ playlists but now I’m on Apple Music with all my playlists mostly intact. Good job Houdini developers.


WORTH IT!!  <3alicia  5 star

This app is so worth the three dollar to seamlessly transfer playlists!


Phenomenal  Afreeman33  5 star

Was looking for an easy way to move my Spotify music so I could play it on my Apple Watch without the phone nearby. Houdini was super easy and took no time at all. Well worth the $2.99.


It works!  Dreea96  5 star

WORTH IT!! Transfers all music!


Works how it supposed to  yitbos102  5 star

Works great. Spotify to Apple all day


Fantastic!  jonlitto  5 star

Very impressed! If you have a lot of songs, it’s totally worth it.

Baseball Fan

Works!  Baseball Fan  5 star

Well worth the $2.99. Exported 170 song playlist from Spotify too Apple Music without a hitch. The other app, Stamp, wanted $10.


Amazing Music Transfer App  yungJEDIknight  5 star

Works amazing. It only ever missed songs I had uploaded and weren’t avail on the platform I was transferring to. Sometimes it would capture the clean versions of songs instead of explicit but it was rare. Highly recommended.


Perfect  Hairycanary03  5 star

Does what it says on the tin, very easy to use and converts the playlists over quickly.

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