Effects Cam - Visual Effects App Reviews

Effects Cam - Visual Effects [Entertainment] App Description & Overview

What is effects cam - visual effects app? Amazing special effects. Create Your Action Scene Now
Fire,Explosions,Blasts,More Explosions!

Create stunning visuals with realistic effects, fire,explosions,blast,muzzle flashes,blood its all there, create your action scene now!

Import or take a picture.
Tap the effects tab to open the effects
Tap on effects to add them
Rotate,Drag,Pinch to adjust position,scale,rotation
Double tap to delete elements
Flatten layers when the edit gets messy
Add more elements if you wish
Save to library

The apps purpose is to allow you to add high quality visual effects to your pictures, therefor the number of elements is not the greatest, but we're soon going to bring in new elements in the future updates.

Contact: support@unicornapps.com

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How to contact Effects Cam - Visual Effects (Ronan Stark)?
Find this site the customer service details of Effects Cam - Visual Effects. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/1123449586/effects-cam-visual-effects/contact

Effects Cam - Visual Effects Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Effects Cam - Visual Effects Version 1.209 April 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. - Added more effects - iPhone X Support - Better support for newer iOS Versions - Performance Improvements - Blur now works faster and more efficiently - General Improvements - Minor Bug Fixes Feel free to send us suggestions: support@unicornapps.com.

Effects Cam - Visual Effects Comments & Reviews 2022

- 3.5-4 star Review

To start the app is pretty fun for the most part but only downside is having only a couple effects to start off with and having to pay or earn up points to unlock more effects. The App developer should at least add more props and effects to choose from without having to pay or to earn points to get them.. i feel if your to pay for any effects they should be definitely some what wild/off the wall or big time special effects etc etc.. so i give this app a 3.5-4 star rating..

- Decent

It has decent effects but If ur gonna charge something for extras other than Money like coins, You should be more rewarding with it. There are people out there that want to make a decent picture or video but don’t have a Good camera or 4K quality editing apps like on a good computer. And people who use this app would like to have the better effects but You have to have “coins” so they go do whatever they have to to get some. And One is rating the app. Like I said this app is decent so some of the effects are good. People are gonna give this like 4 or 5 stars mostly but only get like one effect. U can watch tons of ads and come out with enough for at least two new effects. So plz be more rewarding with this feature. AND THANK YOU

- Great Effects

I like this app’s effects that make you feel like the event you are watching is actually happening right in front of you. It seems like a very good app for many people who dream of becoming a director or a visual effects editor. The reason I didn’t rate this five-star is because of the coin system. There should not have to be a boundary between an editor and spectacular effects that he/she can use.

- Great App, Meets Most Expectations

This app is really important for me, because it meets all of my expectations when I make short movies. I’ve been searching for something like this that’s free for forever! The only problems for me are that you can’t record videos with the effects (only photos), and that you have to use “coins” to get some of the effects. Overall, it’s pretty good.

- I am in love

I love this app because I would always look up to tutorials on how to make special effects but they all said that you had to get a programming app on a computer and I don’t have one so when I found this app on my phone which was 100% free I am so happy I definitely recommend

- I like your game but...

I love your game but when I try to take a picture it just turns sideways I don’t get it! Please do something about this bug I don’t know if I’m even taking the picture correct I need you to fix this please but anyways I love your game it’s the coolest and thank you for making it hope you can fix that bug.

- Good

First this app is good it is very interesting but when you get in you pick a picture it asks you that and stuff but it dose not tell you enough information about the app so it is hard to figure out how to get to things or how to get rid of things or get thing I mean I figured it out but it took me a while so I think this app is a 4 star ⭐️

- Videos

I think if you want the app to be better, than it should allow us the ability to overlayes per frame of the video, not just a picture. However, other than that, the app has a great variety of overlays and I love that you can change the color.

- Good, but could be better

I make my own movies and was looking for an app that could insert effects like explosions, but this app only does it for photos, so its great if you want to do this with photos, but if you’re looking for a way for video effects, keep looking, I am.

- Good app but...

This is a very cool app but there's one problem when I look in the unlock shop and I buy something when I'm on a photo it resets the photo I have to keep doing it over and over but very cool app and I hope you fix these bugs.😀

- Cool App. Definitely recommend to those who are thinking about using it.

So far this app is amazing. You can add really cool effects to your videos. I just use this to make funny videos with my friends. Haha. Hope you have fun. I recommend.

- Oh this thing is trash!

Switching to landscape messes the while thing up. If the effect is too big for the picture it will literally show on the black that is not suppose to be the actual photo. The ads wouldn’t be bothersome if it wasn’t this type of ads (just try to add a photo and you’ll see) I know you can pay to get rid of ‘em but this app is convincing me to move on so bye 👋🏼. Oh and the bar editors r absolutely broke. How the hell did this get good ratings anyway??

- Very good app, but there is always room to improve

I rate this game 4.5 out of 5 for one sole reason. You can’t add these effects to videos. The photo thing is awesome, and it would be even better if you could add effects to videos

- Great for beginners

I like this app. Has lots of different options of effects as well as able to change the colors if the effects. Great for beginning people who just want something simple on their phone!

- Sooo good

Great effects looks absolutely fantastic great job. I love it it is good really good I have fun making effects I get new ideas for Fx it helps with the fire because it looks like My room is on fire super real a idea for you make video content

- I like the app…

I like the app a lot. They’re is a lot that u can do I just wished that you could use it on videos. Me and my buddy are trying to make an action movie but we can’t if every picture was stopped forever. But it’s a great app if your looking to do it for pictures.

- Review

This game is amazing I love the affects. There isn’t that many of them but there are some you can unlock with coins that you get over time and with the ones you start with you can make a ton of stuff

- Very good.

I have checked reviews and some are bad and some are good, but to me they don’t mean s thing at all. I am currently busy on making a stop motion and this helps a lot to add blood gun smoke and gunfire and the blood effect so anyone reading this please try it.

- Its Good

I like it other than the fact that it says effect at the bottom like i just tried to prank my friends but they saw it but other than that i have no complaints but they should update it to where theres more effects

- Apps

I think this is an awesome app, but I do have a suggestion. I think you guys should have a delete button in the corner of the box for the super powers. Thank you, and I hope you accept my feedback.

- Great Effects, but one big flaw

This app is super useful for adding special effects to action shots, but there’s one major flaw. You have to unlock lots of the effects with coins. In fact, the only reason I’m leaving a review is that I get 30 coins for it.

- Fantastic

The app was surprisingly good, the ads are almost immediately skip able and were actually quite useful. I used the ads too

- It’s pretty lit

Ngl this app is really cool, it doesn’t push premium features and it offers a wide selection of content, just wish I could edit videos, but then again, it’s a mobile app

- 10 out of 10

If there were a 10 stars option that’s what I would do because this app is incredible I love the special effects and just exploding people I don’t like😂

- Great

This app is amazing for photos. You won’t believe how much Instagram pics I have made with this app. If you aren’t quite sure if you want to get the app then look at some of my pics. My instagram is SpencerGronkYT. It’s amazing!

- Not bad!

I use this app a lot. My only complain is, that some pics come out blurry after the edit, as well the “forceful” cropping. Other than that its a decent action effect app

- Effects

I love the effects it would be nice if they had more realistic effects like these explosions blood splatter guts smashed gun shots not the overly pictures glass breaking effects that would as if their going at your screen theirs lots of cool ideas that I hope will be considered

- Good effects and easy to use

I like this app because you have a variety of effects that you can use to edit basically any photo at anytime and anywhere.

- From fish flop🐠

For some reason from 🐈 game are they going down on their feet 🦶 morning has been an easy win so far great app good job guys who are all about going out there and trying some thing new

- Great App!

I just wish that there were more option for things like beams, impact effects, etc. I know a lot of people who use this like Godzilla and giant monsters. If effects could somehow be relevant to that, I know a lot of people would be happy.

- Use it a lot

Applying visual effects works fast and the app has a good variety of effects and works offline so i can use it during my train trips back home! both thumbs up

- AMAZING...but

This app is amazing and the problem I have with it is very minor and it’s that you can’t edit videos but no app is perfect apps that can use videos you have to buy all the effects for REAL money which I’m so glad this app doesn’t do

- It’s good

The app is good I am able to do editing but it has lots of adds I would recommend this app if you are a beginner but for more complex editing I would say that this is not the best app to go to. Overall I think that “ Effects “ is very good.

- This is great

I love this app very much I am definitely going to give it five stars. All my friends are wanting to know what app I’m using and I tell them that it’s my secret. I really would recommend this app. And it is really fun!!!!

- Okkkkkkk

This app is really useful. Although, I wish it gave the option of taking VIDEOS, like if you were making a Harry Potter movie or something. Maybe even gifs, to look like the flames were ACTUALLY moving. I guess it's pretty good. 😐

- Great effects experience

As a cosplayer who does photoshoots I have found this game to be very helpful and has gained me a ton of views. Would live more effects soon added for the future thanks!!!! A++++

- Love it

I was nervous it would be one of those apps that look good but when you use it it’s nothing like you thought it would be but this is actually I really good app

- Good

There’s no real money involved you can unlock premium stuff with coins I just started using this I highly recommend it if you’re looking for action fx and gun fx and explosions fx

- Videos

Great for editing pictures and making them cool but what about adding a video feature to make some awesome videos with these cool effects

- Great starter app for effects

This app offers some great starter effects for those pictures you are looking to liven up. Highly recommended, and easy to use

- I don’t know how to use this

I really don’t know how to use this I thought I could use this for videos but it’s not working if I want certain ones like blood I haft to have 30 coins per effect I’m going to keep trying this app see how it is and I’m writing this to get coins

- Is ok

But you cannot make videos or used on videos from your library if I don’t give a positive feedback I can used the app at all that’s kind of odd

- Fun but a little bit corny

The effects are kind of just like google images that you can download but overall the app is cool but I thought it would be videos

- Pretty neat way to spice up a picture

Been on some movie sets and wanted to know what it could look like from stills I was allowed to take. Great way to do some preform before hitting the effects software later.

- Good and basic

Easy to use with a decent amount of default options, it would be nice to be able to make them darker and more present

- Greatest thing I’ve seen it

I’ve been finding most of special effects apps and this one interest me allot thank you so much

- Good App, Cool Effects

So far my experience with this app has been good, there are barely any adds and the effects are great. If you want to add smoke and explosions to your photo this is your app.

- Perfect

I use multiple apps for diecast photography but this app is just amazing and all in one. I was looking for this type app and now I am happy. Highly recommended.

- I love it!!!

I've always wanted to make a scene picture do something but I never found an app that let u do that until I found this!!!

- Easy breezy

Very simple app. Easy to use I would recommend it to everyone. Looking forward to the updates for this app!!

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- Not gonna lie...

it’s a pretty good app, lots of fx to choose from, but it gets a bit boring after a while, so I might suggest a video choice? Where you can put fx into a video because the. Fx are already amazing Thanks

- What a Wonderful App

It’s a real Buzz these explosions. If I didn’t get 50 credits for this feedback, I wouldn’t normally leave any feedback because I actually have tried the app yet. The more feedback I give the more points here is 30 more credits. Another 30 points for this line Ye Ha 30 more and another lot

- Amazing!

There is only one thing that I wish for a future update: please make it so you can do this with videos, I think this will make a lot of people happy. Other than that it is amazing

- Review

Actually really good app. Great and has realistic effects. Although not to sure how to use half the tools.

- This app is the best! Also feedback and support.

This game is the best! Best effects! So realistic! You can make a short film with this! Awesome! 5/5! Hope you add new effects!

- Effects

Really quite cool. It works but you have unlock some features.

- Amazing

This app should be the app that major movies like Star Wars use for their front cover: it is unbelievable.

- Aye congratulations

Beautiful design I love the coin system but it helps a lot because I’m a newcomer to ur and this is a good starter for editing my ur is Mr your trash

- Needs video editor

Please add video editor

- Great

Loved it I used it for a movie thumbnail and it worked perfect

- I earn my coins

Earned them coins

- Make movies 🎥 trailers muzzle sound 🔊 explosion 💥 best

Movies ad fog dust small explosions big fire 🔥 and big explosions effects dust and dirt trail dust red dust muzzle effect

- Recommend

This is an awesome photo shop app

- H

Love this app but can’t do videos with it so it is not the best. It is free though which is good.

- Best free visual affects ever

I just can’t stop using this app it’s so amazing

- So good

This is so realistic I love this app so much it is so good but can Be annoying some times so this is why I give it a 3 stars

- Fun app

A great app for doing edit to photos... a lot of fun

- Amazing

Install now

- Ad video

I gave this a 4 star but add videos

- Thingy

Really good app works amazingly

- Plz

Add more effects

- Love it

I just love it but I want I coins 😃4 stars

- Login?

Did I pay $29 or nor

- It’s OK

Please allow the app to do videos the effects are great but it really needs video

- BEST APP!!!!!

So many things to do best thing ever

- This is such a good app

I really like this app

- Buy it

Great app ,

- Nice app

This is good keep it up

- Great!

Great game! I was just doing this for coins ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- What’s the point?

Why don’t you make it so it supports videos?! No point doing it to photos!

- Amazing

Amazing app for editing!

- Great for lego movies

This is a brilliant app

- Alright

Pretty good app.

- Very good

This the best app for guns

- It’s good. But they need to make a Star Wars one


- Amassing game

This is really good

- Lol for money


- Good

It is good enough

- Hmmm

It is outstanding

- Nice

Good for stop motion

- Love it

Love the app

- Good

Good job

- Good

Love it

- Great

Good job

- Nice

Pretty fun

- Good fun

Lots of fun and really cool

- Hi

Good game

- Like

Nice app

- It is good

Hi it is ok

- Cool app

This is a cool app

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- Great

It work so well

- First use

I download this app and with in 5 mins I had made my first photo with effect. A dinosaur breathing fire on my wife! Very user friendly.

- Cool

Get it if you want

- Effects game

Pretty good effects. It would be cooler if there was a video editor one.

- Good

Nice application

- Stinky

Poopy ah ah

- Rlly good I had fun

So good


I love this game! cool effects and fun to use. one thing I would change though is I would like to be able to create videos please!

- Great

Great for adding effects.

- Great app

Using it for all My toy photos. Great effects. Easy to use.

- So good


- Good app I have so much fun using it

It is so good and fun but if I could use it on videos it will be better. 👍🏻

- Effects

There are so nice for making stop motion shoutout

- Wow!

I was hoping to add a background to my picture but still this is still wow!

- Fun

Nothing special but still fun to play with especially when you need to entertain a kid so you can get work done!

- Bad App can’t use videos

I want the app to use video mode you can record videos and a botten that can use to see your own videos

- Yayayay


- Best app

It is great only thing that would be better is if it could do videos AMAZING

- Fun


- K

It’s good

- This app is awesome

You can take pictures and get awesome pictures that are good for the pictures to I use for my action movies

- Goodish

Too many adds

- Amazing

I wish we could use these effects on videos. That would just be amazing.

- Effects cam visual effects

Awesome! Easy to use and free! Thanks!

- Good app

It’s pretty fun

- good

good app

- Review

It’s a really good app with very great idea, gonna be using it a lot

- Booom

Wow get it it’s soooo good

- Need Videos

Needs to add videos. Would be so much more cool but otherwise really good

- Simply iLL

Sick App still!

- Stdfggggggg

It’s cool

- Metrix036


- It good

It very good

- I wish it was for videos to.

Need for video

- Great

This app is great I always use it for my pictures please add more effects!

- Avis

Il manque d’effet diversifié.

- Good


- Good app

Great app for editing so easy to use

- Update?

Really good for a mobile app but you cannot really buy that much..

- Why bother?

These "add incredible FX" to your PHOTOS are a dime a dozen, and they are frequently categorized as Photo AND Video, but they are just for photos. What the store needs more of is apps for VIDEO FX. Not filters - again, a dime-a-dozen; not all of the same goofy stuff you can do with photo booth; not transitions or frames and things. We need apps like the Gun FX, which can help you add special effects to your VIDEOS. There’s a light sabre app that’s fantastic; portal effects for disappearing and reappearing; Action Movie FX - the mother of all special VFX apps...these apps are needed. This one...not so much.

- Easy

Very good app very happy

- Good

It’s a free visual effects app it’s pretty good but could be improved.

- Ses cool

Ses tro cool

- Not good

It doesn’t take videos. And that’s kinda bad because I am trying to make a action movie but it only takes photos.

- Hi good job

This app is good

- Cool app

Works well

- Good


- Amazing App

I can now add lasers/ gunshots to my stopmotion and its awesome.

- try it out

it is is a very confusing app but it is good with its effects i just wish i could at least make a short film with it

- Cool app

Very good effect

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???? @ loving ♥️?, COMMS OPEN

i couldn't even play much coz i was annoyed by passive spells' visual effects in my face and also i kinda want to draw my pastel elf for some reason in modern day AU he'd be a cam boy wearing lace lingerie btw

Effects Cam - Visual Effects 1.2 Screenshots & Images

Effects Cam - Visual Effects iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Effects Cam - Visual Effects iphone images
Effects Cam - Visual Effects iphone images
Effects Cam - Visual Effects iphone images
Effects Cam - Visual Effects Entertainment application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Effects Cam - Visual Effects (Version 1.2) Install & Download

The applications Effects Cam - Visual Effects was published in the category Entertainment on 2016-06-16 and was developed by Ronan Stark [Developer ID: 968657679]. This application file size is 56.52 MB. Effects Cam - Visual Effects - Entertainment app posted on 2018-04-09 current version is 1.2 and works well on IOS 9.1 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.unicornapps.effectsApp