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From the creators of LogoScopic and Vanillapen, ICONA is RoadRocks’ newest and most powerful logo design experience. ICONA’s intuitive, uncluttered and powerful tools combined with a seamless workflow will help you visualize and communicate the value and reason behind your brand without the need of prior design experience.

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The applications ICONA - Logo Designer was published in the category Utilities on 2016-06-13 and was developed by RoadRocks. LLC. The file size is 32.73 MB. The current version is 1.2 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- iPad performance improvements.
- Minor bug fixes.

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Amazing not for beginners  Eella123  5 star

One of the best apps for logo design, great on iPad.


Love the concept, but...  thomastragic  3 star

I love the simplicity of this app. I’m a graphic designer and I’ve used it to create quick mockups for clients before creating the final product in Illustrator. I love the simplicity of the interface, but there are a few features that seem obvious to have but are lacking. - Landscape support is a must. It’s difficult to comfortably manipulate graphics when you’re completely restricted to portrait mode. - A simple duplicate function. I’d like to be able to easily duplicate text and objects. If these features are added, I could see myself utilizing this app much more often for my projects.

how am i driving?

Large database  how am i driving?  4 star

Wish there was an option for canvas size and transparency. I’ve been able to in the past create transparent images, but with all of the changes on the app and iOS, even if I save without a background, it is ever present and persistent. I’d love to see that changed at the bare minimum to go back up in rating. Help?


DO NOT BUY THIS APP 10/7/2017  ceorashad  1 star

DO NOT PURCHASE I thought this app would help me create a logo and they lied it does not please save your $5.00 dollars its not worth the money it didn’t do anything but let me scribble I could have done that on a free app companies like this are terrible I’m so very upset I spent my money what a waste


Would be awesome but..... please update now!!  Lonephoto  2 star

Needs to be done in layers. Every time you try to stack designs you always wind up deleting or moving other images or text. This is a phone app... we all have fat fingers. Impossible to be precise. I am so close to getting what I want out of it. Just modify it to where we can design in stages and this would be the coolest app I have used. Great idea. Not very well thought out execution. Please make a desktop version or update this app to not be the most frustrating thing known to man. Tons of reviews asking for the same improvements.

Speedy YT

It's awesome  Speedy YT  5 star

This app is incredible


Zero stars  Matt_SD  1 star

Looking to design a logo… Skip this app… I'd love a refund but we all know that won't happen. All it has are some fonts and a simple interface not worth $5.00


Jon b  Hghhjjjfrfc  1 star

I'm very disappointed


Love this app!!!  Kika_love  5 star

The design is cool and clean and I love the fonts!


Save option messes up image  Obamagonian  2 star

When I go to save the image things that are on top of each other shift. I shouldn't have to compensate for this error when creating the image. Plus there is no way to duplicate a image inside the project. And no way to pull up and edit a past project.


Genius  Ag517  5 star

Love this app. It matches your creativity and talent. More fonts please.


Choice as  Yeeharseastar  4 star

Great app, was perfect for what I needed 👍👌✌️

Tupperware Taxman

Good clip art terrible controls  Tupperware Taxman  2 star

App is fine it does what it offers but the adjustment controls are too fidgety and you end up ruining your work because you can't resize a shape. Also the menu items are not very user friendly.


Definitely love it  评论129  5 star

It's so cool and convenient. I always want to design my unique signature, but I am not good at painting. This app helps me a lot. Sooooo appreciate it.


Fantastic  glinkot  5 star

The clean clip art the app comes up with is amazing! Simple but well done app.


It's fun, but takes practice  AxiomDegree  4 star

I think it's a fun concept. We made logos for a school project and included our own pics. It does take practice. But overall...fun.


Decent App  Pandah12  2 star

The app is decent but the crashing is not, needs a tad bit of work.


Logo maker  Bookmesir  3 star

So far, seems fairly well integrated as a stand alone app. I'm not having difficulty resizing icons as others have said, but will see how transfers via email work. Decent search engine results for free icons.

Roberto Gohara

Good!  Roberto Gohara  2 star

You have to improve usability within the app can't increase the font and I end up moving in other elements, could have more sources and be more intuitive.


Alpha grade software at best  Johns.touch  1 star

This software is as bad as it could be. Placing components is all done via the touch screen. You can't fine tune placement. It also doesn't get saved in a vector format. Finally saving doesn't work. What u create gets distorted when you attempt to email the logo u created. Fix the distorted saves, allow for non scale sizing. I wanted to stretch some type but it only scaling of objects. Finally add an alignment function and allow for nudging. Make it be able to save to a vector PDFs format. Do these things and it will be decent. Without these basic features it is next to useless.


Difficult to use  TeD2D  1 star

Horrible UI design, extremely unintuitive.


Good app  michaelcooper00  4 star

Fun to try


Great idea plagued by bugs  EzeSharp  2 star

This app could be great but there's a lot that needs to be fixed. Saved images don't always save. I created three logos and saved all of them, only one shows up in the "saved" tab. Rotating/resizing very difficult. It's too hard to rotate images, also there's no ability to flip an image (useful if you're trying to achieve symmetry). Also, rotated images don't save in their rotated orientation, they save in the default orientation. No ability to copy/paste design elements. Can't send items to the back/front of logo.


Frustrating  Looters23  1 star

Several issues. Constantly crashing. Saved items don't reopen properly. Templates should be easier to edit. Should be able to edit an existing file and save as new, rather than start from scratch. It would be frustrating if it was free but to pay and this is what you get is unacceptable.


Horrible!  Brittish_Guy  1 star

I got this app in hope of an extraordinarily beautiful design for my company. And what does this app bestow. A cheap look to the UI, minimal functions to create a real logo, and the standing price point of 4.99. I am disgusted of my choice. For this app is the worst I have tried. I demand a refund for the poor structure and lack of care for this app. Sincerely, your customer

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