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What is take5 casino - slot machines app? Play Free, Become a Superstar! Enjoy a whole new casino experience like no other!

A variety of fun to play slot games and plenty of free gifts await you!

Play together with your fellow players in the room and interact with them!

Hit BIG, win unique Jackpots and share Treat Tickets with fellow players, which will make you a superstar! Have fun!

Please Note: Take 5 Slots is free to play, but you can enjoy more by purchasing virtual coins.

* Recommended: iPhone 5, iPad 4, and later devices with an iOS version of 9.0 or later

* Take 5 Slots is intended for use by those 21 or older.
* Take 5 Slots does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.
* Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling.

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How to contact Take5 Casino - Slot Machines (DoubleUGames Co., Ltd.)?
Find this site the customer service details of Take5 Casino - Slot Machines. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/1122387239/take5-casino-slot-machines/contact

Take5 Casino - Slot Machines Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Take5 Casino - Slot Machines Version 2.120.015 March 2022

Attention Take5 fans! Here's an updated version of Take5 Slots including a brand-new slot. 
 MOLE & MORE has landed on our mobile version. *Pair the moles with stars for massive winnings! 
 We have also fixed a few minor bugs to provide a more enjoyable gaming experience. 
 Best of luck on Take5 Slots! 

Take5 Casino - Slot Machines Version 2.119.120 February 2022

Hi Take 5 fans! This is Robert. Here's a new update with fixes! Take 5 Slots iOS is even better than before with this update and you're all good to go! Have fun and good luck!.

Take5 Casino - Slot Machines Version 2.117.021 December 2021

Hey Take5 fans! We've got some brand-new exciting slots which you are sure to love! We have also fixed a few minor bugs to provide a more enjoyable gaming experience. Best of luck on Take5 Slots! ~Robert.

Take5 Casino - Slot Machines Comments & Reviews 2022

- Slots are fun

I love the slots on this app but it is extremely difficult to keep your pot full. The treat ticket idea is cool and I really love the interactive slots where everyone gets to share bonuses or spin the wheel. Just wish they would lower the bet on some of the slots. If you don't have a lot of friends to play and you are just a casual player... well you might be able to get like 500k a day to play but the minimum bet is 30k..and trust me..you wont even be playing long enough to finish your morning coffee.

- Enjoyable but skewed

The graphics and games are great with many different bonus mechanisms and themes. So I rate the overall look and playability high. However two things have bothered me, I twice made large coins purchases with the promise of this opening up a bigger bonus on the next purchase I think it was at least twice as many coins the next time and 4 times the one after that. However when I go to make the second purchase suddenly it's back to the regular amount even though it's showing the deal is still on. So some frutrastrion there. My second frustration is with this and several other programs like this that as you increase your bet they quite obviously change the odds. This shouldn't be the case! It's also quite obvious how after a win the odds change. I get it but it's just rude. So enjoy but be aware that the playing field isn't even, in case you thought it might have been.

- Addictive Game with faults

You asked for a rating, here it is. After playing this slot game for quite a while it has become addictive. Especially when you win millions of coins. Thank you for that. On the downside, it takes your coins as fast as you win. For instance many of the games on this slot will payout a good amount but if you keep playing it takes them all away. I’m a FREE player and not sure if this has something to do with it. If I’m going to gamble real money...I’d rather have the atmosphere of a real casino instead of my phone or tablet. I will compliment you on your “freebies” to Facebook players, even though the “freebies” are $50 - $100 thousand. The free spins are great if you win anything to keep playing. Not sure why you set a bet limit of your choosing on free spins but it’s your slot game so who am I to question why. If you want more players, my suggestion is give more coins to play with so people will spread the word what a great slot it is. Again, I’m a freebie so does my review really matter?

- Love this game

I like this web site Just found it not long ago. It’s fun not boring people are pretty kick back. At least it’s not a pick up site like some casinos have become. Heck I am not at a casino looking for a man. I have been with my husband over 22 years and these guys think there worth loosing him over not even I just wish they would go to grunge or any other place to hit on the ladies who want that ladies don’t go to casino to find there next partner not me anyway men go anywhere but casino gaming to find yourself a gal ladies like men friends but not leachers it makes them seem desperate. Go easy on the ladies then they may come to you. But don’t be surprised we’re here to play relax not fight off the leachers.

- Love the game.

The only problem I have with Take Five slots is that I’ve never seen or heard of anyone getting a regular jackpot. I’ve been playing these games almost from day one, and everyone at the table supposedly wins when anyone at the table wins one. This has NEVER happened. I have won several Fiesta jackpots which was nice, but why advertise a feature of the game that no one can get? Except for this, I love the games. I have my favorites that I play a lot and I play every day. Thank you for the great games and please allow someone at my table to win a jackpot. I would like to think it could actually happen!!!!!


Have been Take5 player & coin pkg buyer well over a year now. However, in the past 3-4 months.... the payouts & odds have been horrible! Noticing developers are producing a new game weekly while the odds, payouts and your coin package purchases can literally disappear in minutes! I’m uninstalling, calling it quits, trying other online games, hopefully awaiting developers respond to “retention “ instead of money grabbing to produce copious new games! Everyone that’s plays, yes we’re aware “it’s online slot game play”.... but, when any winning they may allow you..... they take it right back... without allowing much play time to lose it / give it back ourselves! Same exact goes for purchase packs... not much play time for the money spent. RETENTION OF PAYING PLAYERS? OR PROFIT FOR BUGGY NEW GAMES? BTW....gimmick with required nickname? Tried ridiculous amount of “nickname”, even words that don’t exist, lol...pop up kept saying “nickname already used” HA! SURE! app WOULD NOT take it with my 2 star rating. Had to pump the stars to 5... guess what, it then took my review! RIGGED!

- Way to expensive

I like some of the games I played but can’t afford the expensive coin purchases I am self employed and am corona poor bought a small amount of coins against my better judgement they were gone in about 5 minutes. Will probably delete this site and save myself from the frustration of never having enough coins to play before it becomes a website that never seems to get enough of your money. Trust me if you download a website and the bonus coins are gone in a flash and you purchase right away mistake there coming for the money and gonna keep coming without much of break. I say delete walk away they are never gonna let you play much even when you pay to play on a free game website.

- I won’t spend more money...

I thought if I spent over $100 on this app, I would have more fun. I was seriously mistaken. I haven’t gotten more wins. The idea it’s a “chance” game is ridiculous. When I manually stop, the screen completely changes. Don’t be fooled like I was and spend money on this farce. I will play my coins, cause I was stupid enough to buy them, but I warn other to not spend money thinking you will win more fake money and have fun. Just a warning. I hope the creators see this and respond. I’d love to hear their reasoning for my complete waste of money. On the other hand, the games are well done. So, well done on that. 👍

- Don’t waste your time

Graphic, slot selection is very good....BUT.....impossible to win enough to continue playing. Played the “The Good, The Bad, The Strange” for $100;000 and finally got free spins....ALL 4 of them! You can imagine how much I won on “all” those spins... yep..all together I won $6,000. OMG..what was I going to do with allllllllll those winnings? Obliviously as a new player I immediately deleted the casino......why waste time with great graphics, wonderful selection of games....But wiped out of funds within 10 minutes of downloading the casino. Successful on line casinos understand you have to get potential players hooked on your casino and this is done by giving easy big wins at first and then slowly adjust the winning odds so that the now hooked player will begin purchasing coin packages.

- Worst payouts I’ve ever seen

It’s a casino app, you can’t expect to win all the time. But this slot app has some of the worst pays I’ve seen across any slot app I’ve played. Bonuses are hard to land, and the bonus games don’t guarantee any sort of win. My last three bonus games and free spin triggers literally were zero pay or I won less than I bet. As hard as it is to hit bonuses, they should have some sort of better chance to win in them, most other slots tend to average a 10x win across the bonus, I’m lucky to win my bet back. Even betting the smallest amount, 10k a spin, it’s all gone within minutes, even collecting every possible freebie. I really want to like this app, the slots are very varied and have fun themes, but there’s just no winning.

- Okay game

I loved this game when I first started to play. You hit bonuses and won big payouts. Most of the games are fun to play and have great graphics. Lately it’s very hard to win and you rarely hit a bonus. You can’t even keep money up when you buy coins. I have a few casino games and this is the only one I have had to purchase coins and still never have any money to play. I usual play a game for a few months before I rate and I would have rated this a 5 in the beginning but as I continued to play I see it’s not as fun anymore. It isn’t real money so I would think the payouts would be a little better especially when you do purchase coins.

- No longer fun

This game use to be fun, no longer! You can no longer win and keep playing once you buy chips. They do control your wins once you start buying chips they turn your wins off just to get you to buy more. I am friends with a lot of people on this game and some of us have spent thousands to play. But new people win billions and play for months without buying to get them hooked. Then get them to buy… not to mention they turn off your chat if someone reports you for any reason like I was for turning off someone’s tickets. They don’t investigate they just turn you off! They don’t care about their real long term customers.

- Rip off

Liked this app in the beginning but after going platinum it was all about buying coins. Couldn’t win a thing. Purchased several times and would play max was going through 80 bucks a night with minimal free spins. After a couple hundred bucks I was done. Don’t waste your cash people!! Although fun it’s gonna cost you. And I think the one thing that most irritated me through it all above the decreased free spins after paying so much. Not one jackpot through it all. Play it free for awhile in the beginning because you’ll win for a bit. But other than that save your cash once your hooked they will just keep taking you. Sorry Take5 I gave you the benefit of the doubt and you failed.

- Players beware

I've been playing this for 2 years now and have really enjoyed the games. However, They get you hooked on winning in the beginning and then the odds drop significantly. the odds of winning are about as bad as playing slots in a casino. I'm ashamed to say I've spent way too much $$ playing and finally decided I'm done. Too bad because if the developers weren't quite so greedy they might keep some of their players. Oh well, guess it's how they make their money so it's my own fault for continuing for so long. Just beware and enjoy the game without spending your hard-earned money.

- Addictive

I have been addicted to this game for years. My biggest issue is it is nearly impossible to win big and when you do win, you’re not going to be able to keep on winning. It’s like Yo-Yo, win some and lose more. It is definitely rigged, which is why you can become addicted, you want to try to get to the level where you have $$$$ to keep playing without having to start on the bottom. I do enjoy playing along side other players to talk to. COME ON TAKE 5 DON’T JUST TAKE, GIVE!!!!

- HELP!!!

I’ve played Take 5 for years! It has always been my favorite casino game. I had beautiful graphics and the wins come pretty steadily! Right now I am having an issue that prevents me from Sharing my wins! When I press my icon…, the strip of options no longer shows up!! All I get is my Profile and my Winnings over time. How can I fix this and get back to Sharing my winnings with other players??

- Kinda disappointed

I really enjoy playing these slots and have made several purchases just to have it taken all back pretty quick. Have yet to hit anything big, just wish they would pay out a little more to keep me playing a little longer. Probably going to quick making purchases because of it all going so quick and the thing about it I’m not even betting big smh!!!

- Can't add photo

Why no option to create profile without using Facebook? Should have option for both. For this reason alone I deleted it already. When will a company make a game like Big fish casino with option to add 3 photos without using FB and chat during play but better odds. Don't these companies do research on casino apps that make the most profit? BFC is most popular because of options I mentioned above. It's not because of their tight slots lol. Wake up and listen to people. BFC is raking in the bucks laughing that no other company has yet followed what they do. So many people are fed up with BFC looking for a familiar style game. Why does it take a dumb*** like me to figure this out

- Best Slot By Far

I’ve downloaded and played nearly every free slot app out there. They’re all alike in that they let you win for a little while, but if you don’t make a purchase the winning spins evaporate. This ones different. It lets me win consistently, which is obviously fun, and there are very few annoying purchase pop ups. Finally, a really fun slot site. Kudos to the developers!

- Great game

I need to say this. I read all the people complaining about the payouts. This is a business and cannot let you win every time or they would not stay in business. I believe you win more than you lose. There are times I lose fast and other times my coins last a very long time. Stop whining and enjoy this great site. Thank you.

- Questions

Why do you only respond to the 4 & 5 star ratings? If you are going to take to time to respond, why not try and retain all your customers? I’m not saying give everyone what they want, but answering questions from those that give you a low ranking might change their views and in turn raise your rating. Just a thought. Anyway good game and really fun to play....keep up the great work

- One of the best

I love this casino game. I've been playing off and on for years now. Life gets busy and I stop playing as much but almost every night I play before bed. This is one of two that have kept my attention threw the years so good job guys! You can tell you guys love your job cause it shows in the quality of the game :)

- Best of all online slots

Take5 and another are my favorite slot apps. It’s easy to keep your balance up, you get money every day. They always come out with new games, too. Great app, not many glitches (reels will spin for a while when it gets kinda stuck but it fixes itself), no problems. Great games!!

- It’s ok.

The games are fun, just about like any other casino slot game. The payouts aren’t much. If you miss the chance to spin the wheel then you have to wait another 24 hours. Bonuses aren’t much either. The treat tickets are nice. Basically if you win big then from 1-4 players receive a treat ticket. Depending on how much their bet was and how much they won. My favorite is the chicken bingo. Well best of luck to anyone that plays.

- Take 5

I like playing games that do more then 3 on the same and it has to spin again. You could get a few spins instead of spin and have to keep buying money. Which I hear friends stop playing because to much to play. You could get more than 3 of a kind and you have to pay

- Fun but hardly any payouts...

I play a lot of slot games. I quite frequently download new games and check them out to see if they’re worth my time to play. With that being said, I also buy the coin packages as well as get the free daily bonus, your 15 min bonus, 1 - 8 hour bonus etc. I have bought a few coin packages today, which is kind of frustrating because of how the games pay out. You will end up betting till the last few coins you have and never get a bonus round or ever get ahead in terms of wins. I’m probably going to uninstall this game due to it just eating my hard earned money... for what I’ve purchased, I should have had a GOOD few days worth of 100k-250k betting plays (for a couple hours of non-stop playing). Don’t waste your money, just use the free play stuff....

- Chips?

Some of the slots are very good. The game doesn’t give enough daily free chips. The daily wheel values are low. I can’t recall the last time I got the 400 max. The timed bonus is the equivalent of one low bet spin. There are no daily extras on mobile with this game like there are with the other two the company owns. Unless I hit a lucky day the play time is pretty short and it’s hardly worth the effort. Does any of the give me incentive to buy chips? Heck no.

- What happen to the tickets????

I love this app but the recent significant reduction in the ticket allocation is really cheap. Took a lot of the fun factor out for me. It was a really different aspect to the game. Bring it back to how it was. Please. Also it seems to be much more difficult to get a bonus let alone a good bonus. Why are you going downhill? It cost you nothing.

- Bonus locked or odds just a thousand times lower than Vegas

Paid a few times and it’s been the same thing every time after I did. I buy a coin pack spin a couple times get a good hit than nothing or break evens after that. 146 times thing hits 2/3 scatter symbols this time and it wasn’t any better the 12 times I purchased coins before that like just don’t pay to play it isn’t worth it cheaper to go play penny slots in a actual casino with a actual chance of winning to boot.

- Loyal Fan, But disappointed.

I have been playing Take 5 since 2013 and have enjoyed playing the game until a month ago. At that time my Fan Page stopped sending me my daily Fan Page giveaways. A Fan can get up to 5 giveaways a day and Free Wheel Spins once a week. I have notified Support numerous times and all they can send me is form letters telling me to be patient. This is no way to treat Loyal Fans.

- Not happy

Going to delete this game. Really hate seeing everyone else’s big wins popping up in my face, when my machines aren’t even giving me enough back to keep me going. I know it’s all about spending real money for coin. Which I do not do! It’s a feee game, why should I put out my money. So many other slots games that at least pay better and keep me playing longer!

- Support response

Don’t play this game at all they have no originality and if you play double u casino it’s like you are playing that too when you play there support team is astrocious and there own robots ( guest players) get all the jackpots. How does a level one player have over 6 billion coins and no friends and 3 or 4 jackpot wins . I just don’t get it they want you play but the playing field isn’t level. The developers and support team have failed in my opinion. Greedy greedy

- Fun slot

More fun than most slot games. Lots of free coins to play especially if you utilize the Facebook page freebies. The coin packages are expensive fir what you get, that's my only complaint. I do wish they would start teams for weekly tournaments that's what keeps me staying active in the other slots I play.

- Likes to take your money!

I love to play the games! Just in the past month I’ve spent $300 to buy coins cause I had neck surgery so laid up playing games and I’ve noticed when you start purchasing coins you hardly get any bonuses at all!

- Great slots!

I have had this App for several years and several phone upgrades. These slots have always been fun and worked great. There are always new slots available and updates of older slots.

- Fun and Frequent big wins

I play a lot of casino slots games. This is by far the most fun game I’ve come across definitely my new fav! Frequent big wins, a nice change from constantly losing my purchase in 30 mins! I will definitely recommend this game to others!

- Take 5 casino game

This has been my favorite game. But, tonight when I went to play it, it was black and it was gone. Gone with all my coins. I tried to reset it. No luck. Black screen. I had built my stash up to about 27 thousand coins. How can I get my favorite game back? CW

- Foul mouth players

Had a lot of encounters with players that get mad cause you got a bonus and they start cussing you. It’s not private. They chat it so EVERYBODY can see it. No way to block or erase language or person. Tried getting help and their solution didn’t work either. Just had another encounter. It’s a game. These players have Rage issues!!!!! Have to be pretty thick skinned to play here.

- The best casino on the internet!

Every time I log in to play, I imagine myself boarding a roller coaster. My wins are definitely up and down, and I’m happy to say they are mostly up! My favorite slot is definitely Old Downtown, followed closely by Rolling in Gold, then Manhattan Gold. When these slots hit, they tend to hit big. Customer service is excellent. I’ve posed several questions to Robert Smith, and they were promptly answered. Recently, I had 50 Gifts wiped out, and after informing Robert, they were immediately restored. I’ve said enough. Old Downtown is calling!

- Payouts to bet ratio extremely off

The games are cool and the graphics good but the payouts are extremely low. On any slot machine I have ever played, when you get five of a kind you usually get more then your original bet. In these games you can win on 5 plus lines and barely get 20% of your original bet back. I’m not saying you have to make it win more often, just make the payouts when you do win actually exciting not a complete disappointment.

- Fun. Games

I have been playing these game for years and enjoy then up Most they seem to pay more in the past years or maybe my luck not as Good still have a lot of fun playing and Enjoying it just a game no money to be made who make money gambling most loose but it’s fun ENJOY

- Beware- Bonus time drag

This would be the perfect casino game app if the bonus time commercial app did not pop up every 10 spins. Great game, but be warned of the non stop Bonus Time ad to pop into your spins. Seriously, is there no way to have this option between games and not in the game with spinning?

- Rigged

Like most slot games there’s a honeymoon period. Don’t expect this one to last long. The good pays are few and far between now. I just won 150 games on Treasure Hunt and took the 75 game option with 2 to 5x wilds. I only won 16 mil betting 400k. It’s just so obvious how much the payouts are throttled during a bonus that is makes gameplay not enjoyable. And no I don’t expect to make riches on slots. Just don’t like them being so obvious.

- Take 5

It’s been up and down for winning . It’s about same as rest of casino games out there . Never hit more then 10 million on here . Maybe one these days will hit a jackpot we will see

- Ticket collection!

I really like this app, however, I have trouble collecting tickets. Tickets show to redeem, but are grayed out when redeeming. They do not purge from my screen, so it looks like I have tickets to redeem when I am unable to collect them. Any suggestions?


Definitely one of my Faves!!!!! I get too excited when I have a lot of money that I spend it really fast. And if you like them on Face book they’ll give you free coins all the time. I just figured this out BC I didn’t have a FB page till this!!!!!!!! AWESOME SAUCE

- Great graphics

I love playing this game , however the payouts aren’t to good. Unless your buying points the little amount that they give you daily run out quick. I’ll continue to play but only until I find something better. Sorry T5 but if you wanna keep people playing your games you have to make it worth it more than 10 minutes outta the week 😩

- Disappointed

I have tried several of your slot games and they are all the same. When you start a game you lose right away. Playing catch up all the time. Extremely difficult to win. Most payouts are less than wager. Bonus rounds are limited with few rewards. Knowing that I can’t win will prohibit me from purchasing coins.

- Rate

I really enjoy playing these games! The games are all a lot of fun. But I have had some problems trying to redeem my Treat Ticket points! Can you please check this feature so I can claim my tickets please ! Thank you

- Fun but expensive!

Your slot games are extremely fun but once you run out of coins, it takes forever to rebuild enough coins to play again. Other games, you can purchase more coins at a reasonable price, your packages to purchase coins are totally outrageous in price!!

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- Lyn

I am new to this site but I like the open games, being given multiple gifts daily and the nice graphics. I don’t expect to win big very often but play for fun and can usually play when I want to. Thanks

- Take 5

I accidentally came across this game today and I’m so excited, it has my favourite game Piggy Jackpots, but unfortunately I can’t seem to get my coins to go far enough, I run out really quick, and im only playing the smallest bet, because im new to it I don’t know how to get free chips on the fan page, if there is any way you can give me some free chips to keep me going while I navigate the game it would be greatly appreciated, Thank you in advance, Love, Love, Love, Take 5

- A load of

The games do not pay over the bet amount very often, have bought 6 million in coins, all the rewards are designed to make you feel good. Probably one of the most aggresive games to make you spend more of your hard earned. Also, how hard would it be to have the purchase amount in your native currency. Also the higher the bet the less you will win. They say these games run on a ramdom number generator. How come you get big wins at the beginning and then nothing after that. What a person is looking for is a game that is fair and fun to play. Not a money making venture, which after this is what it is all about. Guess we are just suckers.

- Won 350 plus spins, system crashed at 150..all spins lost

It does not matter if you make a purchase and have a system failure in the middle of spins. You will lose your money that you spent to win those spins, wont get those spins back and the best solution they could give is a lesson on how to reboot the system. In otherwords...yea you lose your spins and your money. Its not the first time this has happened and its frustrating and seems convenient for your system to crash on good wins. This is not good business and im done with talking to a cartoon character when im trying to get this issue resolved. You lose fans and business like this.

- Upset!!

Loved this game so much and spent thousands of dollars buying chips!! Took ages to get to level 48.. never ever won a jackpot! And had 67 days of 3 hourly bonuses left! .. AS of last night I was RESET!!! Email and messaged Take5 and NOTHING! They don’t care and just want your money! Sorry but I’m deleting this app and never playing it again! I’ll just take my $$$$ else where! So I’m changing from a 5AAA+ rating to -100AAA+!!! ... JUST REMEMBER THIS CAN HAPPEN TO YOU TOO...

- Love these games

I have been playing Take 5 for such a long time. Love my free coins from other players & my free spins, boost when needed. Thank You so much xx Cannot understand bad reviews ? I only play with what I can afford being a pensioner, why people think you are going to make millions is beyond me? It’s a game after all, not $$ in your pocket. Silly reviews from some.

- VIP Purchases

Everything about the game is fine except for this one issue, I had built up over 400 days of premium access bonuses but because I had to cancel 1 purchase due to having a phone bill to pay, the App and therefore the developer stripped me of ALL my VIP Access. I paid for the access I had accrued but because I didn’t go through with 1 purchase it was ALL stripped off. Not a good look for the developer and if needs be the issue will be taken further.

- Rubbish

To many pop up adds, you get more of them than pays on the games. Use to be good but now no value loose it all to quick. Now seems like all take and very little give. You don’t seem to care about loyalty just making money out of the loyal players. Yet again 120 spins on max bet no big win and no bonus game on ghost mansion but get 12 pop up adds , what rubbish. You need to fix it so loyal fans can actually have some fun and game time.

- Take5

After playing for some comes the realisation that unless you “Buy” credits from here you are not going to win much and at the end of the day it’s just a game and there are other sites that at least lets you enjoy the game ,Sadly I have stopped enjoying playing this now ,the only reason this got one star was you have to mark at least one to rate it as I would not have given it any stars now.

- Review

I like Take5 but do find a lot of your games are the same, just different graphics and so I am inclined to not stay in for long

- Good

Fun game bit of a scam wins are hard to get thirsty for cash and there support is useless when it comes to payment issues

- Carolyn

Would be a good game if it paid out a bit better then it does . I had 30milion took it without a pay then offers me 2million for $8.00 . No thanks you don’t download a slot ap to have to buy less then halve hour from when you first download it just so you can keep playing .

- Rubbish!!!!

Wins are very tight, I lost over $10 Million within 30 minutes. Absolute joke. You get bonuses every hour of a measly $15,000, NOT IMPRESSED. And I think you have to have the game open for the hour to count down. Many times I have gone back AFTER 1 hour and it still says 59 min to bonus. DELETING!

- Make it better.

Agree, lots of dollars go in for very little return. Also when bonus rounds are being played the game drops out and you get no bonus at all.🤑🤑🤑

- Player

The many games provided is good. It would be good if the games had a limit for the jackpots like win something before it hits 2 mill or when it hits 2 mill at the max.

- Better bonus money

Good games however wins not coming very often. Would not buy coins as wins are very few and far between. Come on guys give us a break.

- Margie

Good game but I don’t buy coins and it takes forever to save enough coins to play

- Love it

Have been playing take 5 for months and months I love it it’s the best of its kind

- Ray

Games could pay better

- Hi

Love your games but coins don’t last long at all , for the money you pay to buy coins is too much for what you get compared to other sites. Thanks

- Great slots

I find it enjoyable and better yet I haven’t spent any money

- Win bonus thank

Win bonus

- gmoney

excellent fun not enough slots

- Expensive

Good games but don’t even think of buying coins the price is exuberant.

- All Double U sites are corrupt

They are all under the same greedy low life management. Not setup in players favour any of their sites ! If you pay them they then abuse you even more! No respect for their paying players at all. All based on greed!

- New Game please

Hello please could you introduce “Rolling in more gold” it is only available on another casino app. I love this game, also it would really help if you were awarded more coins, to kick start your playing. Thanks. Kirsten.

- Good Value

Nice app. No ads. Good machine selection. Well played

- Robert

Hey Robert will u be my friend on my take 5 game please

- Time waster

Lots of bells and whistles but pay outs are poor. It waited until it drained all coins and then gave the free spins on the last minimum bet. 😖

- Good Slappers

Good games. Just need larger bonus coins 👍

- Angie

Don’t play this site. I concur with Rene of 31july. Good games but after a while it’s all downhill. I won’t spend any more dollars $$$ on this game. Too expensive to upkeep!

- Horrible

Ripoff, money gone in seconds and did not work properly, seeking a full refund!

- Don’t bother.

I wouldn’t spend a cent on this very small wins with no more than 3 free spins, this is designed to ripoff any player so don’t bother downloading it!!!

- Take 5

Good games

- The best casino

The best casino

- Apt title

Takes your five minutes to lose all your coins. Not worth the effort. Picked the right title

- Same as

Same as most slots set you up to loose. Win a little loose a lot

- Mike

Good games worthy of 5stars Farmermike3

- Boring

Get next to no free coins and the ones you do get only last a few mins if your lucky and if you buy coins you get about 30 mins play out of ten pounds worth of coins waste of money

- Great

Really like take 5 one of my favs for sure

- Take 5 slots

Good & easy playing slots5 stars

- Awesome game!

Best game to play!

- Take5

I'm liking it so far!👍🏼💞

- Not happy

Just updated to new phone all money I had have all disappeared. Had over 200000, and had just purchased coins 3 days ago!!!!

- No luck

Bought coins and spins package. No luck for me . Just no fun or excitement. Thinking of deleting before my bought spins expire.Would not buy again going on my experience.Good luck to everyone else. Boring no fun or excitement got to move on.

- Worst casino app

Gosh, I’ve tried many casino games but this one is up there with the worst. The payouts are atrocious! You just watch yourself lose very fast...To the creators please don’t respond in the usual unbelievable and unconvincing manner as we most of us knows exactly how this works. We know the games are all controlled the issue is we know you won’t win it’s gambling but some decent play time especially those who spend their money to make you rich is only FAIR,IT IS NOT LUCK never is and it’s obvious with this app the payouts are woeful. The solution would be to up the odds increase the payouts and extend the playtime experience.even though we know we lose in the end, this would increase your reputation make your app popular and make you richer.please read your reviews creators there are a lot of unhappy/unlucky people out there, you asked how can you help, well the games are good the overall experience is not. Dissapointed

- Really stupid.

Every a free spins,,,no pay,,,,I'm not buying this,,I Better to deleted,,right now.cant played no more,,GOOD BYE.

Payoneer 💰

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- Very Nice !

C'est super comme jeu y'a de nouvelles machines à sous régulièrement mais nous perdons vite l'argent gagné...

- 👍

Love this slot

- Very happy

Excellent and fun. Just too much pushing to purchase more coins. Thanks

- FUN!

Lots of fun! 😃

- Yahoo

Love this app only one I use AWESOME😍

- Great casino, lots of nice games

Fun to play

- Excellent

Great graphics. Great variety

- Disappointed

You don’t win that much. Takes a while to build up coins to play more.

- Pas amusant du tout à moins d’être riche

Ca ca faire 5 ans que Je joue à ce jeux Te plus ca va pire c’est . Même ceux qui achètent does ‘coins’ se font fourrer à tour de bras. Double u Games sont axé sur faire de gros profit. Ils ont baissé les pay outs, s’en eat ridicule. So ceci dit si vous voulez vous faire fourrer , telecharger le jeux et jouez y. Vous allez Perdre c’est guarantie. Take5 = crosseur

- Ads😭

They’ve started putting very annoying pop up ads every 5 seconds 😡😭😡 app will be deleted soon if this nonsense doesn’t stop!

- Pure Garbage

Absolute zero stars for this pure garbage payouts game

- Hi

Ty for free spins but this just shows how games not pay nothing just spinning with out winning

- 5 Slots

Fun games

- WoW


- Take 5

I like playing the game because it's fun to play it and I love the game and now I have to go back and play my game

- Hi

Your games just spinning with out winning remove app any minute

- This game


- Time limit

One of the major issues I have with this game is the time limits if you have to leave your iPad for a bit. I have been on some good winning games and to leave and when I come back to the my game I end up back in the lobby. Don’t understand why some of these casino games do this. DoubleUCasino does not. Just wondering.

- Nice


- 👍

So far so good

- Cheats you out of coins won

This game does not add all coins won to your total Don’t bother downloading it They are cheating you out of coins won

- Great games!!

All games open all the time. Great variety, good players who will friend you. Love this game!!

- Take 5

Quite enjoy this game so far!!!!

- Take 5

Love the games,graphics are amazing and pay outs are great

- Love this game

Love this game wish we can get more bonus coins. But still amazing game

- Fun game

Fun game, its the closest to the real thing ive seen, virtually impossible to win

- Robbed my 650 million credits

I had played for 6 months and built up 650 million credits then it reset me to zero

- Compliments

Love the games such fun games

- Take5

Fun slots!

- Great games

Good variety and great payouts. Wonderful way to use my time.

- One hour

That’s all it took to lose all lol

- Top SLOT


- Great games

Just started today and I really like the different games.

- What a rip off

When ever you do well and try betting a little higher the games are designed so that you never win, sorry but I am deleting this app

- Treat tickets

Can not receive them. Over 1 Million be claimed. Please fix. Thanks

- Wast of Time....

50million coins gone in 20 min at min bid. Uninstall this garbage. Don't waist your time. There are other and way better casinos out there. Good luck.

- The best

Damm , i wont ever naver play this game , before delete it this game not worth a penny

- Garbage

Take 5? An appropriate name for this casino app. Because it literally lets you play for 5 minutes or less until your credits are gone and they start flashing their banners to “buy coins”. Why would I ever pay for a game when the free preview sucks this badly?

- Pathetic results

Will not be investing any more money into coins. More losses than wins. Disappointed. Thought it was a awesome when I first started but not now.

- New slots

Seem to hv lost the stop capability on the free spins-frustrating. Low payout as well .?

- Bundle

I bought a bundle and once the transaction went through I only received HALF of it!!!!!! Had to give a five star rating in order to send.

- Cheap wins and cheap bet limits

Very hard to gain in coins or win jackpots.i would have never invested money if I knew the game play was so cheap,save your money and go play slotomaina,I have 80 billion coins there.

- Poor payouts. No hourly bonus.

There is not enough wins to make it worthwhile. I have not received any hourly bonuses. The clock resets but no credits.

- This game like most games it creates are garbage

14 million coins, so I bet hi on purpose just to see if it would drain the account. Yup did exactly that. How do I know it’s fixed? When I bet smaller amounts I never had a losing streak like when I bet more chips at a time. When I came to write a review, they had other games from the same people I might like, I deleted more than half of those games for the same things. All these guys are, are scammers. Don’t waste your money or time. I would have given no stars but that isn’t a choice. DELETE!!!!

- It's okay!

I'm not going to say it's the greatest because you get min of start up coins- when you get more than 3 scatters you still only get 3 free spins- and all the games don't even payout well no matter what your highest bet it!!! It's okay- but not sure if I'd recommend it to others! Plus it takes up a lot of room on your phone, takes up a lot of storage space! Def not worth keeping!

- Mee

Games are awesome , love the site 👍

- Great

Awesome app


Finally a game with challenge and not just mindless spinning

- Take5 Casino


- Des heures de plaisir!!!


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Take5 Casino - Slot Machines 2.120.0 Screenshots & Images

Take5 Casino - Slot Machines iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Take5 Casino - Slot Machines iphone images
Take5 Casino - Slot Machines iphone images
Take5 Casino - Slot Machines iphone images
Take5 Casino - Slot Machines iphone images
Take5 Casino - Slot Machines iphone images
Take5 Casino - Slot Machines iphone images
Take5 Casino - Slot Machines iphone images
Take5 Casino - Slot Machines Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Take5 Casino - Slot Machines (Version 2.120.0) Install & Download

The applications Take5 Casino - Slot Machines was published in the category Games on 2016-12-06 and was developed by DoubleUGames Co., Ltd. [Developer ID: 642727746]. This application file size is 125.39 MB. Take5 Casino - Slot Machines - Games app posted on 2022-03-15 current version is 2.120.0 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.doubleugames.take5