Turn your passion for UFC® into a collection! Gather thousands of original cards showcasing UFC athletes in the first real-time UFC digital trading card game, Topps® UFC KNOCKOUT 2016. Play your cards against rival mixed martial arts fans in live contests tied to real-life UFC events to win in-app awards!

From Topps UFC KNOCKOUT 2016 cover athlete Demetrious Johnson: “It’s a thrill to be on the cover of the new Topps UFC KNOCKOUT app. I’m a big gamer and to be a part of a new app for an iconic company like Topps is an honor. I can’t wait to dive into the product to collect, trade and play with the world’s most passionate UFC fans.”

- Own cards featuring the champions and hottest stars of the UFC
- Base cards score differently based on rarity
- New series, artwork and editions of cards released every day
- Visit the most dynamic card store offering high-definition cards with original artwork

- Step into the Octagon and compete for points and awards against players worldwide
- Assemble your best KNOCKOUT fighter or champion cards and use them in real-time contests to receive points based on the UFC athletes’ performances in real life
- Tailor your lineup based on the striking, wrestling and submission attributes of each UFC fighter card
- Swap your cards mid-fight based on the UFC athletes’ live MMA performances to receive points
- Customize your roster for each UFC fight and the athletes in the event
- Level up to gain access to exclusive content and awards

- Chat with other KNOCKOUT players and MMA fans from around the world!
- Trade cards with fellow players to find rare cards of UFC champions and more

- Engage in a tutorial hosted by KNOCKOUT cover fighter and UFC flyweight champion, Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson!
- Visit the app daily to earn coins or purchase coins in the store to progress more quickly
- Use your coins to buy new packs and then “tear” them open to see what you’ve collected
- Trade cards among the community to collect all the latest cards to round out your collection
- Play athlete cards during real-world UFC events to earn more points

- Check out notifications in the app about new card releases and special deals
- Get checklists that show which UFC athlete cards are available in sets so that you can collect them all

Stay tuned with all of the action and newest card releases!
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UFC KNOCKOUT: MMA Card Trader App Description & Overview

The applications UFC KNOCKOUT: MMA Card Trader was published in the category Sports on 2016-06-30 and was developed by The Topps Company, Inc.. The file size is 211.43 MB. The current version is 6.5.14 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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UFC KNOCKOUT: MMA Card Trader Reviews

The ugly rice

More garbage from a garbage company  The ugly rice  1 star

Don't bother, it's garbage like everything else they make.


Terrible waste of time and money  GamingTim1  1 star

You cannot play this game and win without throwing lots of money down the toilet. Trading system is terrible, too many ghost accounts and scammers. Awards system is a failure. Game crashes a lot and sends incorrect notifications. You will be banned if you sell your digital items, swear, or if enough people report you for any reason. But they can't stop the people spamming accounts and sending advertisements.


Be prepared to get robbed  J_Maggio  1 star

Topps offers in-app purchases, then tells me the thing I bought was no longer available and keeps my money! To make it worse, a day after I questioned it, they're still offering the sold-out bundle for sale. If you're looking for a way to spend money and have nothing to show for it, you need to get this app.


Shady  Kathrynthehun  1 star

Isn't it against the App Store T&C to force you to upgrade?

JLU aficionado

Fun to follow along in fight nights  JLU aficionado  4 star

Big UFC fan. This is the only trading card app I use. It took some getting used to with the scoring, but I enjoy rooting for punches and kicks to the head out of the fighters whose cards I'm playing on fight nights. Inserts can be expensive (time/money-wise) to acquire, but u can do just as well using base cards during events. IMO this is the best 'fantasy' mma game around. This is MISTERQ reporting.

master magician 1971

New version won't let me login.  master magician 1971  1 star

Typical of Topps, the newest version of this app and Slam won't let me login anymore using my Facebook. Won't spend a dime in these apps because the pull nonsense like this.


The app is terrible  Ksshow  1 star

The odds of pulling an insert in a pack are terrible! The odds state 1 in 35 packs. Bought 50 packs and did not pull 1 insert. What a joke! Don't waste your time with this app! Impossible to get anything but base cards!


Another Great Card Trading App  TravisnN073  5 star

Many new improvements. The new scoring system is great! Contests are a great way to add excitement to the fights. TNEAL073


Decent at best..  Punkk1d9  3 star

Contests are better but, The odds for inserts are terrible, must use tons of coins to get any decent inserts. Have to pay to play or you won't have much. Pack prices are high..paywalls to get better odds or to even access some packs. This game is for someone with deep pockets. IGN: W1ll1am1nk


Interesting game  Stack42  4 star

UFC tapout is a clever card collecting game, with excellent infrastructure. I rated 4/5 because the inserts tend to be very rare, and almost unworthy to spend coins trying to chase most sets. The game itself could use more tutorials for beginners. Overall i think this improves the UFC fan experience.


This app is awesome  Madtaymtm5  5 star

@Maddytm This app is so addictive and a lot of fun!!


Needs improvements  skeletorsambora  3 star

It's cool to have a ufc app, but the base cards are ugly, there are way too many variations, and the scoring system for contests is a joke. Monkeyboy666


Fan review  Bobsterbob  4 star

I'm a big fan of the UFC and I love collecting UFC cards. The cards on this app are sharp and colorful. There is not a lot of traffic on this app compared to others such as Huddle. One thing I would change is the ability, or lack thereof, to consistently earn free coins. The video feature does not always work and you are forced to use the Tapjoy offers which may require you to provide personal information and leads to tons of unwanted communications. Make the pack a little cheaper and the free coins more plentiful. Fan name Bobster1055

Winner or Dinner

Fun app that could improve in some areas  Winner or Dinner  4 star

As a big UFC fan, I really enjoy this app and I like a lot of the card designs. I also like the concept of the contest events and the occasional guaranteed packs. It's a bit challenging however to complete every set with only the 10k daily bonus, and frequent paywalls. I don't mind a few paywalls, but it sometimes feels like there's way too many. Due to the low daily coins, I typically find myself being very careful on what I spend my coins on. This kind of takes the fun away from being able to collect a lot of cards in order to trade them with other users. Overall I really like this app, I just hope some adjustments are made in the future it make it more enjoyable. Fan ID: Aguilar_88


Another fun digital trading card App, from Topps  GEAllen  4 star

Pros: Fun trading base. Cons: 1600 cards for the parallel sets. Support for "cross-trading" would be great. IGN: GEALLEN Cross trade GEALLEN on WWE Slam, UFC Knockout, Bunt, Huddle, and Star Wars. Send me a trade. Avoid 🚫Singles🚫 Pls. Comment/counter welcomed.


Fun for a little but hard to get coins  Treyyysavaaage  5 star

The first few days are fun, you can get a lot of free coins doing offers. But after a few days all the offers are gone. Wish there were more ways to get coins, other than that the game is perfect ! -Treysavage7


Constantly increasing pack odds, paywalls  chewy106  2 star

App seemed cool in the beginning but now everything is paywalled, pack odds have increased out of control (recent marathon was increased to 1:50 until it didn't sell when it dropped back down to 1:25 with overpriced "guaranteed" packs), and users seemed to have left en masse. Wish they would turn it around.


Awesome app, return to trading?  LBS19840  1 star

I stopped trading cards in 2001. I started watching the UFC in 2001. I had no idea 15 years later they both would meet. Card trading and the UFC? Oh man sign me up, first I hear of this I downloaded it immediately. Awesome, great app, never crashes, always smashes!!! Only complaint would be the scoring is confusing and tough to gauge in a fight. Not enough time to react, especially if Knockout and Fight Pass are on the same device. Other than that the prizes for contests are spectacular!! I love this app!!! LBS19840


10/10  jonbonersjoners  5 star

best tcg ever


Fun app, love collecting the cards  Bigburg53  5 star

This is a fun, free app that gives you all the fun of opening card packs and building a collection without worrying about where to store them. Great app! Username in app is bigburg53

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