Turn your passion for UFC® into a collection! Gather thousands of original cards showcasing UFC athletes in the first real-time UFC digital trading card game, Topps® UFC KNOCKOUT. Play your cards against rival mixed martial arts fans in live contests tied to real-life UFC events to win in-app awards!

- Own cards featuring the champions and hottest stars of the UFC
- Base cards score differently based on rarity
- New series, artwork and editions of cards released every day
- Visit the most dynamic card store offering high-definition cards with original artwork

-Streamlined scoring system: play your cards to score points when fighters perform KNOCKDOWNS, SUBMISSION ATTEMPTS or TAKEDOWNS in live UFC fights
- Step into the Octagon and compete for points and awards against players worldwide
- Assemble your best KNOCKOUT fighter or champion cards and use them in real-time contests to receive points based on the UFC athletes’ performances in real life
- Swap your cards mid-fight based on the UFC athletes’ live MMA performances to receive points
- Customize your roster for each UFC fight and the athletes in the event
- Level up to gain access to exclusive content and awards

- Chat with other KNOCKOUT players and MMA fans from around the world!
- Trade cards with fellow players to find rare cards of UFC champions and more

- Visit the app daily to earn coins or purchase coins in the store to progress more quickly
- Use your coins to buy new packs and then “tear” them open to see what you’ve collected
- Trade cards among the community to collect all the latest cards to round out your collection
- Play athlete cards during real-world UFC events to earn more points

- Check out notifications in the app about new card releases and special deals
- Get checklists that show which UFC athlete cards are available in sets so that you can collect them all

Stay tuned with all of the action and newest card releases!
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UFC KNOCKOUT: MMA Card Trader App Description & Overview

The applications UFC KNOCKOUT: MMA Card Trader was published in the category Sports on 2016-06-30 and was developed by The Topps Company, Inc.. The file size is 295.29 MB. The current version is 7.2.2 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Welcome to UFC KNOCKOUT 2017. We have added new features including:

-New simplified scoring system and upgrade from last year
-Intuitive game menu
-Brand new colors and boosts for base cards

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UFC KNOCKOUT: MMA Card Trader Reviews

The ugly rice

Data mining app  The ugly rice  1 star

Say hi to the prince of Nigeria if you install this app. They will sell your data to anyone.... We may collect certain types of personally identifiable information, including your name, screen name, password, security question and answer, email address, postal address, telephone number, birthday, and debit or credit card information. To provide you with a more personalized experience, we may also collect other personally identifiable information, including your interests, preferences, and demographic (e.g., age and gender) information. We also may collect certain non-personally identifiable information, including, but not limited to: the Internet protocol (IP) address and the type of computer operating system you are using (e.g., Microsoft Windows or Mac OS), the location from which you are using the Apps, the type of browser you are using (e.g., Firefox, Internet Explorer), the domain name of the Internet service provider, your activities while using our Apps, and the content you accessed.

delusional DE2

Cache  delusional DE2  1 star

Can't clear cache, section is not selectable


B. S.  N8Parker  1 star

They ruined the game with the addition of diamonds as a secondary source of currency. Morons.


Don't waste your time.  Mobsta4Life3778  1 star

I used to be a huge fan of this app until they implemented the two currency system. In my opinion, the new system is confusing and pointless. Before the new system, I didn't mind paying for access to certain packs. I would then use my coins on the packs that I had purchased access to. Topps lost a loyal customer and I hope they are losing money from this terrible business decision.


Meh could be better  SolitaryEcho  3 star

Was interesting at first until after a few weeks when you realize there's never any new packs to choose from. It's all base cards and the same inserts unless you spend money on diamonds. There needs to be relic and signature packs that can be purchased with gold coins otherwise the app is just stale and boring. Probably will delete soon


Cash Grab with No Customer Service  Thephoenixlights  1 star

Don't bother. Customer service is practically nonexistent and everything good costs money.


Garbage  seriouscoin1  1 star

Don't waste your time. Updates ruined it.


Unable to buy packs!  BTrenkle  1 star

Since the update, whenever I attempt to buy a pack, it says "Oops, something went wrong." and then it says I've entered a wrong username or password. Which is completely impossible because on the home screen, it shows my username, PadreB, which is who I've been since Day 1 of playing! PLEASE fix this!!!


Knockout 17 is going to be an absolute disaster.  Fahrenheit1221  1 star

Shame on you money hungry clowns. As if the game wasn't rigged enough you add another virtual currency? Disgraceful. This is everything that is wrong with gaming in 2017. Expect log-ins to decline and new members to be turned off as well.


New version. Fast loading  Ghuino  5 star

New version looks good. Faster load time for me and like that they tossed the negative point scoring.


Nick Diaz  Homero___  5 star

I just got this App because Nick Diaz Tweeted out he was doing something for this App.


Price gouging app  Mikegriffey  1 star

Price gouging, have to collect entire sets to get Paige Van Zant cards. They currently have three sets in progress that have her as the reward card.


WASTE OF TIME!!!!!  remplidamour  1 star

The only way you get inserts or any cards worth anything is to BUY coin packs. They say you can "earn" coins but you can't, the page never loads. All these so called "contests" you can enter to "win special cards", half the time never work, and if you don't have any cards to boost points you WONT be eligible to win an "special cards". Even if you do break down and spend YOUR money to buy card packs with special inserts or KO boosts to gain points in contests, you aren't guaranteed to get them. Then on top of all that mess the app constantly crashes- WASTE OF TIME!!!!!!

Fat judging

Suggestion for a new game  Fat judging  5 star

Can you make an NBA version of one of these


Truth  TBoneCaponeOG  1 star

The app could be amazing but it's not. They put paywalls in front of the elite cards of the game, there is no VIP program, and zero interaction from Topps on the app other than to sell sell sell. Increasing the odds of big name fighters for higher prices is dirty. Buy a box of real cards odds stay the same. UFC should negotiate with UpperDeck because Topps does not get the customer at all. So if you like to throw money away download now!

To me from you

Incomplete  To me from you  2 star

Some essential game elements are still not implemented and game does not update the points you earn during UFC events.

The Only Elroi

Stole $100 worth of coins from me.  The Only Elroi  1 star

I purchased box that cost 750,000 coins. It took me 3 full months of savings to get it. The box would not open for me, because Topps made the mistake of keeping it available in their store even though it was sold out. I asked for a refund and they refused, saying that they would give me a different box, instead. I didn't want a different box. To Topps, it is okay for a business to serve mint ice cream to somebody who ordered chocolate ice cream, to give gray shoes to someone who purchase white shoes, to give pork entree instead of beef entree. Why? Because it's "similar in value." They stole $100 worth of coins from me, and they will do it to you at some point. Why? Because you will get hooked to card trading, and then you will have to allow these scams to happen to you over and over again. Do not download this app, and save yourself from getting cheated out by this company that managed to already destroy the physical card trading industry with its greed.


Tapjoy is a scam!!!  Djrtbrahma2  1 star

I'm giving this game one star not because of the game play, but because they promote and do business with Tapjoy. Tapjoy is a scam and will never give your coins or money even if you have proof that you made a purchased. Don't expect a reply to your emails. They are worthless. Too bad A trusted name like TOPPS has to lose players because they do business with crooks. I've deleted all my TOPPS card trading games thanks to TAPJOYs unethical practices.


Can't log in  Vapor311  1 star

Can't make a new account, can't use existing. Keeps saying no data found. Junk


Shows promise  Coopdidd  3 star

This app is one of many apps produced by topps as a digital form of cards they produce. It is pretty easy to navigate and get through all the menus and options. What is desperately lacks is a way to customize your friends list or add details to friends. Overall I am giving it a 3/5 due to those issues and the fact that this game seems the most off balanced of daily coins earned vs how many are needed for packs. UN is coopdiddy

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