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UFC has teamed up with the classic sports and entertainment collectibles brand, Topps, to bring you the ultimate digital trading card app, Topps UFC KNOCKOUT! Collect and trade with UFC fans around the world and play your card collection in real-time Contests to win in-app prizes!

• New UFC cards released every day: Literally 365 days per year, including NEW content for every major UFC bout!
• Collect & trade your favorite UFC athletes, match-ups, moments, relics, and more!
• Chase inserts, diamond and coin cards, and other rarities in our Card Prize Wheel!
• Dynamic consumer products: new sets and limited editions, custom artwork, classic Topps designs, digital signatures, and more!

•Assemble your best KNOCKOUT fighter or champion cards and use them in real-time contests to receive points based on the UFC® athletes’ performances in real life
•Streamlined scoring system: play your cards to score points when fighters perform KNOCKDOWNS, SUBMISSION ATTEMPTS or TAKEDOWNS in live UFC® fights
•Swap your cards mid-fight based on the UFC athletes’ live MMA performances to receive points

• Talk, trade, and be one with the community: Topps has the best community of UFC card collectors in the world.
• Chat with app users in our fan feed and propose trades 24/7!
• Level up by winning contests, completing sets, and pulling cards from packs – earning experience points based on our “level scoring system”.

*For the best experience, we recommend devices be updated to iOS 11.0 or later.*

Stay tuned with all of the action and newest card releases!
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UFC KNOCKOUT: MMA Card Trader App Description & Overview

The applications UFC KNOCKOUT: MMA Card Trader was published in the category Sports on 2016-06-30 and was developed by The Topps Company, Inc.. The file size is 320.17 MB. The current version is 9.0.21 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- NEW home screen layout!
- Customize your profile!
- Showcase your favorite cards!

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UFC KNOCKOUT: MMA Card Trader Reviews


A Joke  Bac41  1 star

Don’t bother loading this app. Topps hasn’t released anything in a month except a few junk cards that you have to buy. No one is buying in a dying app. I’m deleting this and may delete the other Topps apps just because they could do this with any. Not willing to risk my time or money anymore.


Garbage App  B-Easy1723  1 star

This app is a complete lie, no coin inserts have been released in more than a month and a half. And the Topps team doesn’t even care. If I could give 0 stars I would!!!


Just awful  C.Ericson  1 star

The app rarely updates anymore. It’s been one month since the last time it released inserts you could use coins for. It’s impossible to trade unless you’re crosstrading. It’s a shame, this app had a lot of promise, but it’s all but dead at this point. Don’t even bother with it

aggrevated 56

New cards  aggrevated 56  2 star

Never have anything to offer in the store. Ready to delete this app.

Bodycount 1

Don’t waste your time or money  Bodycount 1  1 star

Used to be a fun app. Over the last year Topps has neglected the app. New content is a joke, contests are totally worthless if they happen to work. New cards can only be acquired by diamond purchases but have no use since the contests don’t have prizes of any value. Customer support is indifferent at best, dishonest and rude at its worst.


Annoying  Acerazer1  1 star

The constant requests to review the app are really getting on my nerves so one star. STOP IT


Neglected  STILBEASTEVRDAY  1 star

The app was becoming somewhat popular during the first six months in existence. The new merchandise and sets were competitive with other Topps apps. Suddenly Topps began neglecting the app and the customers. Naturally users became uninterested and Topps has shown no concern for the app or the fans. customer service reps are rude and not the least bit concerned about any issues that arise. Things have gotten so bad that I often wonder why the app is still in existence. There are only about 100 people that keep the app operating. Topps had recently implemented a diamond only purchasing system. The only way to obtain the diamonds is to pay with credit card. Not a bad idea on the producers part but they have managed to make that insulting with lackluster design. Finally there are only a handful of fighters that customers want which make the app enjoyable. Topps refuses to produce new content with the most popular fighters. App should be shut down without a doubt.


Cards  DocJ94  5 star

Cool Cards Neat Designs


Boring  PJGeen  1 star

The main problem I have is the buy to play feel. Its just a flat out boring app. You'd be better downloading wall paper app than this app for entertainment.


😑😑😑  MieshaCupcakeTate23  1 star

Ive been playing this game since 2016 and recently I logged in and all my inserts are wiped out. Some I paid money to get. Where are they???? Never touching this app again👎🏾


Fan name: THENOTORIOUSMAC  Calzza  5 star

Great game that's a good time waster, cool if you're a large UFC fan.


Nostalgic yet current, definitely recommended  Milkdsat  5 star

The crisp sounds of opening a fresh packet of cards makes me feel like a kid again, I can almost smell that new card smell... Good times well done Tops


Topps knockout review  al_lxx  4 star

FAN NAME: CONORMCCOOKIE It is an amazing experience. I used to collect nba cards in the past from Topps, Beckett etc but never thought there would be a digital card collection for UFC. Being a huge UFC fan, this gives us a great deal of excitement everyday what will be released and especially during fight weeks with the special releases for contests. However I do feel that the paywalls are getting more and more frequent to my comfort. I am starting to feel the difficulty in keeping up financially. So overall it still a great experience but please consider slowing down on the paywalls. 4 stars.


WARNING. DO NOT GET THIS APP  Jimbo265  1 star

This app has major issues. The contest function is utterly unreliable and topps are asleep at the wheel. I would give it 0 stars if it were possible. Let's see if I win after this review. Username - Jimbojonez


App failing hard  Ontrips  1 star

Be prepared to spend money if you want cards, everyone on here only use it for crosstrading


Works great and fun!  MathsDebater  5 star

I live UFC and I love collecting cards. Has never crashed on me despite what people are saying.


Topp app  Jasper313  5 star

One of the best games around


Fan name: Fried_Monkey  Iamnick2580  5 star

Great game


Great App!! Recommend for any UFC die hard fan!!  TheJrod59  5 star

This app gives you a great opportunity to not only collect your favourite fighters cards from the UFC but also Obtain great awards for Live scoring competition with every UFC event! Great Content & New cards every day!! IGN: Eskimosnoww

Anyone or everyone

Topps Great Game And Company  Anyone or everyone  5 star

Topps Have created a great new game adding to their already successful collection. They have shown this throughout their hard work and dedication into creating and making cards for a few game types. It's a good game because it is consistently updated and has great support if you have any issues. I believe this game is really good and is extremely fun and addicting once you have learn the basics. It allows you to not only grow a collection but compete with the cards you earn. If you are a fan of UFC or not you will find that you will slowly become to love it. I really enjoy and just would like everyone else to know why I am passionate about this gam.


@natesg15 on knockout  Natesg15  5 star

Best app ever you need to buy this app trust me it is fun if you are a ufc fan


Getting Better...  ChanStar  3 star

I waited to give my review. If I compared it to the other Topp's apps, it's the worst. But, they do payout when they eff up. If they start working on the graphics, to be more like Huddle & Skate, I will go up to 4 star, and if they get the tournaments running smooth, I will give it a 5. They have a great start, and I love UFC, so I will be patient, and hang in there. Player Name: WeakNeckBaby. #TapJoySucks


Horrible app, waste of time... Thieves  Jeremyspade  1 star

Luckily I have not spent money on this app, however they consistently let paid contests stay bugged without any compensation to the users. I have only spent the free coins they provide each day for checking in. In fact, that is the only redeeming quality of this app... You get some coin to play with and discover the reason you would never spend money on it. The fans that enter bugged contests that award no winners, as they promise, are full on the boards complaining... Met with silence. It would be pretty enjoyable as an added dimension to UFC events, but as it stands is completely broken... Good for looking at pictures of fighters. No full stats on the cards... Only the person they fought last. You can search for pictures of fighters on Google, if that's your thing... Google doesn't promise rewards for any contests, but the picture selection is superior. So... Yeah... Worst fighter picture search engine ever...


Crash City  JunkSlinger  1 star

Yet another display of sheer incompetence last night from Topps. During a contest the program froze and no points or prizes were awarded. This gets old quick. Not the first time nor will it be the last. Can we hire people who know how to program? And while you're at it can you get customer service employees who are not incompetent as well?


Biggest UFC card ever, worst contests imaginable  ScooterNyr  2 star

UFC 205 is the biggest card in UFC history. Certainly much bigger than the free Fight Night last week. Yet all we are given are 3 contests, one free, one 50k coins, and one $10 contest. Whoever used to be in charge of contests certainly isn't anymore. This is atrocious. You could've gotten so much more traffic to your site if you had knowledgeable people in charge. My username is DARKKNIGHT335

Team Massengill

Ok.  Team Massengill  2 star

Needs to improve contests.


Complety awesome  Jimmyfan4888  5 star

This game is fun just like slam amazing cards amazing everything thank u :)

Cookie monster 1588

Madmax1201  Cookie monster 1588  5 star

Great app!! Good looking cards! A must get


Addicting!!! "UFCFAN4115"  LSUFAN4115  5 star

Starting off as something to keep me busy and now turned into my favorite app,if you love the UFC you will never put this App down!Thank you Topps!"UFCFAN4115"


UFC topps  Jaymezzcota  5 star

This is a great app just to have the feeling of collecting cards when you were young. It has some really awesome designs and the cards are cool to trade with others for your favorites


Fun  Trabay  5 star

The game is really fun

Stair dismount

Great app👍🏻  Stair dismount  5 star

Knockout is a great app really fun and just an all round app my fan name is BD098

apple rockz

Great Game  apple rockz  5 star

Addictive and very fun as a passionate MMA fan. ign- Troid

Nicola daly

What a game  Nicola daly  5 star

I don't really follow ufc that much but I love all topps games CIRO8

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