Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest

Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest download

Epic heroes, monsters and action await in this thrilling, tactical battle RPG!

Featured by Apple!
"A challenging game of strategy and puzzles"
"We're impressed by this epic match-three adventure"

Players are saying:
"Awesome game. This will keep me busy for months!"
"Really fun, great production values!"

Empires & Puzzles is a completely new take on RPG games, combining match-3 battles and building a mighty stronghold - topped with thrilling PVP duels. Join the battle now!

• Fight - Send your troops charging by making amazing combos!
• Build - Rebuild an immense war fortress!
• Collect – Summon hundreds of powerful heroes and troops!
• Raid - Fight in PvP battles against players from around the world!
• Upgrade – Level up your heroes, buildings and special powers!
• Team Up - Fight mighty Titans with your Alliance!
• Amazing Graphics – Experience detailed monsters, heroes and visual effects in a majestic fantasy world!

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Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest App Description & Overview

The applications Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest was published in the category Games on 2017-03-01 and was developed by Small Giant Games. This application file size is 219.96 MB. Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest current version is 25.0.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Defend your empire with new exciting features!

∙ Santa's Challenge is back - prepare to meet Santa and friends in December!
∙ Various bug fixes and smaller improvements

Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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phida31   5 star

Good game. Good game to play when you need to use up your time

Shadyswan   5 star

Good game. Good game

B-lowa   4 star

Gets better and even better as you go farther and learn more aspects of the game!. The most fun game I’ve played in a while. Holds all aspects of what a good game encompasses! Extremely fun and entertaining!

Mr. Mytzelplix   1 star

Could be very fun but.... This game has so many levels of strategy, many I am sure I have not found. But it is crippled by greed. If you don’t spend (a lot) of money, upgrading to a level where you are competitive takes months...maybe 12 or more! Every aspect of the game is a gamble with all odds against you, the player. PVP matching is poor (at best) with you ending up against players that either walk on you or are no challenge at all. Very rare to be evenly matched. Many aspects of game play are downright stupid (such as field aid in war making one healer as powerful as entire teams). Upgrading heroes is fine to a point where you need special items...which are a roll of the dice so hard to get I have heard people complaining they have been waiting 6 MONTHS!!! The game is addicting, but the many flaws ruin it. Try it but don’t get sucked in for a year like I did...getting that high level player does not make it less frustrating!

Orifices.   1 star

This Game ruined my life. I hate this game, but I keep playing it because it took so much time/effort/money to get to the point where I am.

XBurnerV1   4 star

UPDATE KEYBOARD. SERIOUSLY UPDATE THE KEYBOARD Other than that, it’s mildly entertaining.

我叫Aiden   5 star

很不错的游戏. 感觉挺有创意的游戏体验,加油💪

alwaysinbama   4 star

Defeating the Enemy. I love defeating the bad guys!, The game is the adult version of candy crush .

Chrissy_Kissy10   5 star

Best puzzle RPG. Best RPG

ShirlMason   5 star

Great!. Fun & stimulating!!

Orik Strevlock   5 star

Perfect for long hour jobs. I work a hell of a lot of long hours so the long wait between upgrades and such as you get farther along so not bother me. It’s perfect.

Doc5th   1 star

Random mix of RPN strategy & Blast puzzles. This game has strong elements of eye candy RPG, strategy a la RPN (reverse Polish Notation), and blast the bubbles type of puzzles. However, the 3 main metrics of rank/individual performance are more closely related to the output of A Random-numbers generator than to consistent player strategy. Thus a level 57 player with ranking of below 70,000 and power of 4076 can beat a level 63 player with ranking of above 46,000 and power of 4368 3 out of 3 times. This numerical meaninglessness, while perhaps the result of incompetent programming, will undermine any effort by Little Giants to obtain consistent financial support from long-term players.

Pops55650   4 star

A great game but..... Been playing for a long time and enjoy this game Try it!! BUT purchasing item can be VERY expensive. Fortunately when you first start playing you don’t have to purchase items to have fun. You can choose to watch ads for extra items or not. But when you get farther along and are looking for Ascension items, you are asked to pay a lot of money for a “CHANCE” to win an item. That’s b.s.. I can only speak for myself but I would be willing to spend way more money on this game if I could buy the items I need guaranteed. Now back to the good: Support is good and they keep adding new features and castle backgrounds to keep the game fresh and well worth playing. Gameplay is perfect, you can play for a few minutes and not lose progress, or if you have time play for hours.

GKTony1   3 star

Ok. Game is good. PvP is complete garbage. Rest is good.

LuisLTPG   1 star

Completely Unfair Mechanics. Several observant players like myself have quickly and painfully noticed that match em up games like this are designed to be especially unfair for beginners and lower leveled players, forcing one of two extremes: copious amounts of money or saint like patience, and we know a lot of players barely have one or the other! Case in point: I finally got my stronghold past level 20 but since too many of my clan mates are too OP, wars and titans are more often than not savagely unfair! I rage quit the clan and joined a newer, much weaker clan and just like that I’m steam rolling through titans and wars! Does ANYBODY believe in fair play anymore?!

zyngaisgreedy   1 star

Not getting anymore of my money. Been playing a year and a half. Started out great, not too much grind to get decent hero’s. Then...zynga acquired the game in December of 2018 and everything went to crap. Haven’t drawn a five star green hero in a over a year and a half of play. Greedy zynga trying to get your money so you can at least be competitive for your alliance. If it wasn’t for my alliance I would delete this game in a heartbeat.

Nanadx3   4 star

Updates. I am unable to update this game on iOS. I followed the instructions but they were of no help at all.

dinhmp71   2 star

It's fun. This game is fun. However, be careful not to spend your money in this game. It will be much better if you can watch a video to earn more credit or energy but they don't have that option. So it's very tempting to buy more credit. This game is ridiculously hard to play if you don't spend any money to play.

Jlfslots   5 star

Enjoyable addiction. I’ve been playing this game at least 6 months and it is now the only game I play on my mobile devices. Campaign, player vs player, team objectives, crafting, and leveling characters and base buildings, there is plenty to keep you busy. The match 3 is an element that gives the game an extra challenge. Also finding a good alliance can not only help you advance but might give you a chance to play with some wonderful people from all over.

omgeverynicknm   5 star

Super fun. I love playing this game. And once you find a good alliance it gets 10x better. I highly recommend it.

JiZ2Xtreme   1 star

SOOO MANY Fake Reviews lol. I garuntee you this game is NOT 4.7 Stars. Honestly it’s about 2 at most. They force u to spend money bc if u don’t, Theres ZERO chance of u getting far enough to be on par competitively with everyone else. AND the resources are so awkwardly unbalanced. Don’t need much food but they let u build SO MANY. You need more Iron but they limit how many mines u can have. In the end, just like most it’s a waiting game of DAYS just to progress. OR pay $100-$1000s for game that has NO END

jeffismine   4 star

Good but frustrating. I love this game. It’s fun,has a good story and I would recommend it. My main drawbacks are the world energy system. I want to play a game until I want to stop, not because there’s a limit on how much you can play. Also I understand that leveling at higher levels should be challenging but not impossible. It takes way to long to find the items to get to the higher levels. I fully support micro transactions but that should not be the only way to get the items you need. Specific quest to get high end items would be amazing. Thank you for listening.

OsoJosho   5 star

Begging. please let us trade/sell our duplicate Heroes.... every player from around the world is asking and begging for it

JSoudy   3 star

Too much tutorial. The beginning of the game really turns me off from continuing to play. You are hit with a really long tutorial phase right at the start of the game, and unable to really do anything on your own until that’s done. It’s also just an info dump. Too much all at once instead of it being spaced out so you can learn each mechanic a little at a time. The game is probably a lot of fun based on the concept, but I can’t see myself playing much more of this tutorial simulator.

sooners #1   3 star

Gem buying. This is a good game other then the fact that you have to buy the gems to get any 5 star people but I guess I cant gripe to much it’s free to play

Abby1649   5 star

Great game but PLEASE ASD TRADES. If you add trades it will keep it ENTERTAINING. It will also let you get a jump start considering you age a hero cap and you could even shorten that if you could PLEASE ADD TRADES. PLEASE😊

Dbucci24   5 star

Synchronization not working with android. I have tried to sync with android device, but it’s not working

Nc2FL   1 star

Raids. Probably isn’t a more rigged game in the App Store. The six raids I tried this morning the computer player had 54 special attacks to my 7. Tried again this evening. First game one of the 5 computer characters had a special skill attack on the 1st play, 2nd play, 3rd play and 5th play of the game. Have fun playing but complete crap raid gameplay.

wesgeant33   1 star

Poorly designed and executed game; heavily flawed. There are some good points to this game, but the negative outweighs them. Raid system is a disaster; you can play with multiple of the same color to increase your chances, but be warned; whatever colors you use, the games board algorithm is designed to set you heavy with colors you don’t have. You will lose more against the AI than you win, considering pvp is not against people but against the AI. You can reverse this by spending money to “refuel”and miraculously you get decent boards. This has been tested and proven by a number of people. Reward system is woefully underwhelming, and purchasing is expensive. It’s best to avoid this game as one might say there is a level of Fraud occurring.

Cyndi0326   5 star

Fun. Entertaining and fun.

Advertorial    5 star

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MervinLP   2 star

Epic Training ???. Not much here, outside of gaming management playing Slave seller for the players, no Soldiers of Fortune(no day Counter for the heroes employment) on this Democracy Masterpiece of human being usury. As a slow game, you get base 12 out of it, 30 Rare war team characters and not much more. The mystery remains how do you proceed beyond level 3 character with is what you call base sovereignty heroes(ones trained yourself and the pathetics of Gaming Management say are no better then their purchased slaves), currently at Stronghold 18, Avatar 20 with 2598 team defence points, I still have not unravelled the mystery on how to train an Epic player(0 for 11 attempts, fills my War team thou). Can say this definitively, the game is purchased people/Slaver lifestyle only and you are a fool on game if you try for sovereignty character training. On Nov.14, 2019 Epic Training produced a duplicate character which was in my 27 of 30 completed Rare/Epic War Team. Inclined to believe from my first 97 days of play(my 2 Epic players came from Mystic Vision(watching ads)), this game went away as pathetic for average people. All in all I will be asking Intel to Dump Democracy and it’s computer Gaming companies from the company as strictly being a bad deal on the Universe’s Number One Computer company of the Southern Hemisphere and stick with its own Operating Systems and Application Software. This game is like going through Democracy’s Political Correctness Training Program, unpaid Slaver credit card sh!t lifestyle that Interac is asked to pay for again, BANKS!!! APPLE COMPUTER CORP. where is Techworks OS for iPad??? There was promises made!!!

SupaMac!   1 star

Be ready to spend money, lots of money.. While the game starts somewhat fun at the beginning, it then becomes a real test of patience. Whether it is the algorithm or just the conscious decision from the developer, it is super hard to get those 5* heroes or materials to level them up without spending tons of money. I hope they will listen to all these similar feedback that others have voiced out and make some changes.

JDrafty76   1 star

Pure cheap and unbalanced garbage game. This game is the worst example of rubber-banding in which weaker opponents will beat stronger opponents in the raids in order to make you purchase items to even remain competitive. Would be better off if there was just a flat purchase rate instead and it was better balanced instead of this manipulative way to make you buy power-up items. Super cheap and frustrating. Don’t invest any time if you don’t want to get frustrated. As time goes on, this becomes worse. The constant advertising makes this problem even more insidious as they are telling you to buy to be able to compete. I’ll be deleting this pretty soon if changes aren’t made. Don’t invest money in this piece of unbalanced garbage. The developers don’t care it seems about this issue. You’re also constantly being raided when you’re not online thereby forcing you to always be logged in. Also insidious. Piece of crap. Do yourself a favour and find another game. It getting even worse.

bam ham sam   1 star

Unbalance game. I pend months and hundred of dollars but got no 5*hero not a single one.

kingtechpro   1 star

Money money and more money. If you are willing to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars, then this is the game for you. Greediest developper ever

stjokgtyuiop   5 star

Great. Fast exiting and never bored. Allways something to level up or attack and develop.

morenicknamesthandesire   1 star

Stay away. This game does not have a balance in any way. The tournaments do not work unless you spend gems (money) to stay in them. The regular game means you are doing the same few levels over again until you are so tired of the same group just to get material to level characters. It’s just not a fun game. Guaranteed to have the computer win no matter what you have 5, 5 stat characters against their 5, 3 star. You will lose! Just stay the hell away.

Siwei_Nuy   5 star

Good game. This game is awsome!

Pay to win!!   1 star

A vos portefeuilles!!!. J'ai commencé a jouer il y a un an et j'ai 4 comptes. Au debut beaucoup de recompenses et de bonnes invocations de héros. Maintenant, meme en payant aucuns bon résultats.. J'attends des items d'evolution depuis 3 mois et je joue tout les jours.. Dommage que ce jeu soit devenu si radin...

XAQTOR1   5 star

Excellent Game All Around. I enjoy the match game part and leveling up characters along with the PVP part of the game. Thanks

whats going on here   1 star

Autocorrect. What’s going on with the Autocorrect!!!!!!!! Fix the damned thing

Faermaiden   1 star

Not for new players. Unless you spend tons of money you’ll get nowhere.

Billsaice   5 star

Super fun. Not many ads and you can progress well for next to no money

Game Phd.   1 star

Garbage. This game sucks. The “random” parts of the game are anything but. This game is a broken candy crush rip off. Not worth your time and especially not worth your money. Nothing but disappointment playing this game.

[email protected]!?$&)(;/   1 star

Pay to play. Although the game itself is free if you don’t pay for vip and gems for summons it will be a slow pace. They charge you 500 gems just to change your name!

Sirlaw   4 star

Avis personnel. Bon petit jeux, inconvénient très dure obtenir de bon héros, trop de lock pour progresser, avoir le matériel. Vous devez investir pour être un bon joueur vraiment beaucoup car seulement la chance peut vous aider et rarement gâté. Un jeux qui exige beaucoup de patience et être très riche et chanceux........

Jodsg   5 star

Supper addictive! Long term game.. I’ve been playing this game for over a year now. It’s the longest I’ve played any game. I’m free to play so it takes a long time to build everything up but I don’t mind. The illustration of the heros is awesome! It’s sort of like a mix between bejeweled blitz, farmville, and magic the gathering. Great job guys!!!

kugfkk   3 star

Good game. I really enjoy the game, but I wish you could obtain the evolving material faster rather than having to buy them!

Lisapher   5 star

Great Game. Patience is required unless you have money to burn. It's a slow slog but progress is possible without buying the add ons. The game play allows for both computer and human battles with is fun.

zeldounes   2 star

Décevant. Cela fait plusieurs fois que je vais dans les invocations d’évènement et que je prend des gemmes payées avec mon argent et que je fais des invocations à coup de dix pour avoir des trois étoiles ordinaires commun que j’ai déjà.En double et même en triple.Pourquoi vous insérer des héros ordinaires au travers des spéciaux.Arnaque.Je vais y penser avant de mettre de l’argent pour rien.

tekdragon   5 star

Pay to win. It’s fun, but if you want to play, money is required

Luc Nurse   4 star

Review. Excellent game. Wishing more ascension items received, would be easier to have. Also, better Summons 4 and 5 Star power. Epic Summon rarely releases Heros over 3 stars. Overall. Great animation, great game. And loving it !!!

smash00001   5 star

Love it. Addictive game

SugarRush_QC   3 star

Very cool!!. Just one thing if you don’t have money to spend it will take you forever !!

Geo1984   4 star

Fun. Fun, wish there was less off a city building and more just playing the puzzles.

ariesgrace0401   3 star

Not that good. You cannot choose the summons you want to summon. Which sucks and waste of time.

hakeynen   5 star

Like it. It is such fun game

Harley2nv   4 star

Addicting, frustrating fun!. Addictive but got to spend cash to be competitive, odds of pulling top hero’s very low!... frustrating!

Jo_8297199   1 star

Cash$$$$ pay up b........ You need gems to continue in tournament, more gems for special event, and even more gems to finish the nights of Avalon. This game is getting worst every month ever since zynga acquired small giant. Bunch of thieves!

Bobythe only   5 star

Nice. Nice game

Advertorial    5 star

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BrashMatt   1 star

Garbage game. This game is garbage. It is purely pay-to-win. You will be completely unable to progress in the game at all as it requires you to sink significant amounts of money into buying special heroes that are significantly better than any heroes you can earn by playing the game normally. Avoid like the plague.

GreatSouthLand   1 star

Useless. Continually fails to connect to server. Don’t waste time with it

Mossy2424   5 star

Great game. Very addictive

Wtfnhj   5 star

Very addictive. Love the game but hate the wait time in the refills.

Dangggah01   4 star

Enjoyable game. Great game but since the latest update I dont have the ability to purchase the second builder, I keep getting a message saying unknown error with purchase try again later, so tried about a week later and still get the same message. On the upside guess it’s better to have the money in my pocket

AXE03   3 star

Ok but could be better. Fun game but the in game purchases seem to offer very little value and are quite underwhelming. Progression gets slow very quickly. I hope they make this game more rewarding for both your time and money.

legenend   5 star

Work hard get progress. This game is cool you can levle up, you sumen players and you can dafeet monsters.

MichaelaAva   5 star

Love it. I love the game so Much but I want the the game to be more longer like when you Battle it’s more shorter I give I it a 5 Star rating

Shaunp81   5 star

A++. Good game makes you think

Djdimig   5 star

Not bad. It’s ok but it can become annoying when they constantly try and sell you the upgrades

gnube68   5 star

For profit. I’m just giving five stars in case I get a reward. Give it a go anyway, you can always delete it.

Zorbanaught   4 star

Tough if you don’t spend. Like many free games, this looks great as you get started but you quickly realise you need to be part of a good team (thankfully I am!) and willing to occasionally buy some stuff! It helps if you know what all the various characters actually do! I’m still working on ‘buffs’ and ‘dispells’!

Tim the Aussie   1 star

Fix Raids - NOW!. In a team-power-based game, overpowered characters have no place at all! Losing to a team with 350 points less than you is a clear sign of overpowered characters. Fix this - now! Decent game utterly ruined by massively overpowered characters!

perth aus   1 star

WHERE?!. New stronghold levels, new buildings, lvl 20 training with a chance of legendary heroes. When will you deliver? I hardly ever get anything above a 3* hero and ive just updated and dont see a single thing different.

Western Aus   1 star

Trash. Don’t waste your time and especially your money.

AnythingbutBarry   3 star

Stopped working. It was a great game until it stopped working. I got to level 20 and now I can no longer connect to the game. My internet connection is working fine and the game is up to date...🤷‍♂️

Humamahu   5 star

Great strategy game. Keeps you thinking. Lots of options to stop it getting monotonous. No need to spend money to get where you want to go. Just be strategic.

montana0302   4 star

Yak. I reckon that empires and puzzles should give the option to have more than five teams Like have a minimum of teams and maximum of about ten teams

Honbrobazz   2 star

Great Game - At the beginning. A great game at the beginning, but unless you spend money, you will not progress. It’s almost like there is a logarithm in play - unless you pay, you will not advance, as you rarely get good hero’s above 3 Stars, and certain items like trapping tools, shield and hidden blades are very rarely found, therefore you can not ascend your hero. Best part is being in an alliance and you get to chat with people from around the world. Pity, as it is a good game.

Erks81   2 star

Rip off. I recently unpacked 30 summon package and many times 10 summon package on Atlantis but all I received is 1 of 5 star and 2 of 4 stars. This game getting worse and worse. Even if you spend money on this game you will never receive what you really want. All it gives on summons and chests are rubbish now

logybear555   4 star

Better opinions. It would be good if u good trade with people in your group

u tilted   1 star

Stink game. Terribly unfair. Those who defend it are just ptw losers

D1409FBA   1 star

Regular crashes. The game is fun but the regular crashes are frustrating :-(

lorrainrjacobs   5 star

Cool game. Thanks awesome having fun

Zulu#@326   5 star

A pleasure to play. Played a lot of mobile games over the years and the majority require a lot of real money to advance as well as being online for long periods of time else you get out Found this a much more pleasurable game where its up to the individual to pay to win rather then being bombarded with ads to purchase items. Gratz to developers great game to play at my leasure

Aki,s comment   5 star

Good game. I love it

레이레이124566   5 star

ㅋ. ㅋㅋㅋ

Womboski   4 star

Fast beginning. It’s a fun game that combines strategy with puzzles. I’m you start moving up quickly but it soon becomes a grind fest to get anywhere. Just like in life, if you want to advance and win quickly you need to have money to burn. In this it’s for gems to summon more powerful units and to get bonuses like extra builders to build your base.

Archie Utai   4 star

Good. Wish it wasn’t so expensive to get upgrades. It’s hard to continue if you’re not vip

Buzzibill   5 star

Great game. I’m really having fun with the game, Don’t want to spend money to rush through????? Well then relax, sit back,what’s the hurry?

#1 whistleblower   1 star

Review its a scam. It’s sad that people have to pay to play you start battles after a few it stops you unless you pay

Kevboticus   1 star

This Game is Just a Money Pit. There is no way to be successful in this game without spending loads of money, and even when you do that you won’t get what you need. Avoid avoid avoid!

el_diablo_gsx   2 star

What gives. The game keeps pushing me back. It is predestined for you to fail. Even on tournaments says fast specials and mine are going up at half the speed than normal. The chance at something good when paid is 2% or less. I have been playing for a year and have yet to acquire ascension materials to fully level 1... 1 out of 5 heroes needed to fight. Even with higher levels heroes the board gives you 1% chance to win. I do one move and look at damage and I can see the final damage even though the tiles are still coming up from the bottom and am clueless as to what they are. This tells me it’s programmed for me and anyone else to lose. Like if you agree. Don’t waist your money 4.99 at a time.

nbradd11   2 star

Rewards not adequate. This game is great, but the rewards for levels, tournaments, and levels are not enough for the amount of energy you use to play the level. The main thing that is bad about this game other than the amount of gems that is given for defeating an enemy is the lack of items won that are needed for ascension. I have 5 heroes stuck on level 2 that require trap tools. I have been Omaha b this game since December of 2018 and I can’t find or win any. The gems are not given well enough for the levels in the quests. When leveling up troops and heroes it shouldn’t take as much as it does. Other than that the game play is good, different abilities for heroes, and communication between alliance members is good. Please increase the rewards.

NeaFoxx   2 star

Disappointed. Playing this for several months now ,I’m over lvl 20 & all I’ve been told was you basically need pure luck to even get 3* or higher at chance. But I agree that you do need to spend money here to get those heroes. It doesn’t matter how good of a clan you’re in etc plain & simple it comes down to spending$$$. & for the fruitless complaint person no need to put others down about saying you don’t need $$ to get good stuff here it’s actually TRUE! You DO NEED MONEY. Things still need to be fixed here. Cool graphics I will say..p.s seems to be backlash to a single player and crew you’re in when given opinions to help the game like bad boards & so forth. Hmm how about a daily gem log in as well

TriXie 60   5 star

EMPIRES GAME. I Absolutely Love this Game! I Never Really played Games on my phone. But being OFF Work Due to Medical Reasons, I find instead of just sitting around; I stare playing this game to KEEP MY BRAIN ACTIVE, LOL... It’s a Great Game to Keep Your Mind Stimulated.... Thanks for Such a GREAT GAME!

shadeofb1ue   4 star

It’s pretty fun, but... Requires a lot of $$ if you want good hero’s and a good team. The best way is to get the VIP and spend $5 US dollars monthly and save up the gems you get to spend on hero summons. I think it’s a little pricey imo.

robbycfla   1 star

Raids stink. DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY. It will deliberately screw you so that you spend money. It’s in the code.🖕🏼

jammers83   5 star

Very addictive. There is so much to do on this game you’ll have a hard time setting it down!

mechanic mel   5 star

Well Done. tittle well described, fun and enjoyable

OrionIDGAF   4 star

Crappy hero. I pay all this money only to continue to get same 3 star heroes or really crappy ones. However I do like the game.

Btrickskiido   4 star

Beatrix. I’m really enjoying this game. I do wish it was easier to find out how to use some of the loot.

Adrian8loz   5 star

Addictive and entertaining. The overall set up of the game is ready good, for now you start you just don’t want to stop. There’s just so much going on it keeps you entertained. If you’re looking for a good past time game that you can take your time to advance this is for you.

jiiygiokkkl   5 star

ggh. vjjkiknvckkk

Mercem2000   5 star

Decent. Well put together game it just takes a long time to grind and doesn’t really add extra characters very much

J0ferguson0912   5 star

Lol. Get gud now

Pimpisiento   5 star

Bueno. Entretenido

Gooseslayer40   5 star

Good job. Awesome game. Loads of fun!! I really do feel like playing all the time

Miss_DV   1 star

If I could give zero stars I would. Been playing this game for a while now. Told me to update the game .... then guess what all my progress got erased.... it’s getting deleted off my phone.

SomeBrownGuy   1 star

No Point To Atlantis Summon. The Atlantis Heroes offer genuinely new and exciting abilities and powers, so saving gems for a month to summon one or two SHOULD be worth it. That being said, you can still summon normal 3-star heroes when you spend the extra gems in hopes for an Atlantean. This is game-breakingly horrible and if it isn’t fixed, I’m leaving this one-star review.

rhskdfthft   5 star

This game is amazing. ..

Eddielopez22   4 star

Hard to get ahead.. It takes forever to get 5 stars, so you waste all your gems getting 3 stars and not even good ones.

gutigal   2 star

Frustrated. Ive been playing this game since it first showed up in app store, its become boring and a cash cow!! It's been well over a year or maybe two since anything decent has been summoned from the portal, ive spent a lot of cash, im done!!!

HelicopterMadness   5 star

Great adventures await!. Epic! Always something to do. No idle time! A fun story line to enhance your experience!

Billy digital   4 star

Infuriating, rewarding, frustratingly fun. Been playing this game for about a year now. Partly because I’ve made some great friends in my alliance I’ve been a daily player. The game itself is a clever combination of elements built around a core match 3 setup. The defining gameplay feature centers on the placement of your matches on the board dictate what enemy you hit, it opens up a depth of strategy and fun not found in other rpg/match 3 mashups. As others have noted it is a looong term game. As far as requiring money to advance, It certainly helps, but there are many high level players in our alliance that have spent $0-$20 over a year span. Most frustrating element is drop rates on items needed to ascend your 5* heroes. Honestly if you play a lot you will be able to pick up the items you need to ascend 4* heroes regularly, but those dang top end materials are few and far between. It took me 10 months to get enough materials to max my first 5* hero. This game is a grind, the greed of developers can be a bit offensive, but the irony of spending money on gems to get better heroes is the better heroes are worthless until you play the game enough to get the items needed to make them stronger so it is really counterproductive to your game to do so. Better off being patient, finding a good alliance and letting your team grow organically.

deens123   4 star

Must have game!. Awesome game just looking forward to more levels/boards then season 1 & 2.

CaakeFamily   5 star

Great game!. I love this game! The only issue I have is that everything is too expensive.

Khanak_Xersahk   5 star

Long term playability. I’ve been playing this game for a very long time. It has been on my phone longer than any game I’ve ever played. I usually delete games after a month or two from boredom. I have invited several friends, one of which who is doing better than I on his kingdom and five star heroes. This is a great game. You don’t have to pay to play or get the cool stuff. You just have to be patient.

Jtizzle96   5 star

Empires Rix. It’s like Clash of Clans and candy crush had a baby!

alternatereality42   4 star

Fun but Annoying. It's very hard to get things you need. I almost always have a surplus of food, or I don't have any. And the game always gives you more iron than food, even though you need food for almost everything. It would be nice if we could trade things, for free or for a small price of gems, if they must. Someone in my alliance got a 4-star hero they already had, and the hero they already had was on the talent grid. It would be really nice if we could trade heroes and crafting/training/leveling up items, or even emblems. I only have one hero on the talent grid, but I have so many emblems for every other class. If we can't trade, it would be nice to have a conversion system, so we could convert iron to food (and vice versa), emblems to emblems for other classes, battle items for other battle items, crafting/training/leveling up items for other ones, and troops and heroes to a random troop or hero of the same star level but another color.

shifty Witch   5 star

Happy player. I enjoy this game it’s a waiting game so if u have time to kill collect Iron and ham hocks find a team who is looking for new playersThen fight the Titan and they even have wars

Mapsie   3 star

Good game too many adds. Game play is fine. There are too many advertisements.

bsuwbwbsjsid   1 star

Gems. They need to lower the gem prices on things it’s like 50 gems for 1 axe strike that is next to useless

allan 5000   5 star

Great game. Great game

Silverbutterfly7   4 star

Addictive. Should get better odds of winning rare of legendary. I need better items. Less time to build

Tally2007123   5 star

Yeet. Awesome game!

Da newf   5 star

Empires. What a blast. Most fun I’ve had playing a game in a lot of years

PV1208pv   5 star

Nice game. Lots of fun

empires is great   5 star

Empires and puzzles. Reallly fun game will need to invest a lot of time into it though but that’s one of the fun things about the game building up fighting opponents and growing with other people in you alliance... (if small giant sees this please add more legends)

tsukiblue   5 star

Awesome game. Awesome game

Fireduk   5 star

People be crying. You don’t need to spend money to have fun at this game. It’s called patience. I rarely shell out anything and I still enjoy games like this. At least they only have crystals. Had to stop playing a different game after they introduced their 4th currency. And please stop crying about wallet warriors and play against the rest of us. And the surprise mechanic (coined by EA😡) is in every game. Want to be top of the leader board ... you may need some investment. But if that isn’t your thing and you like puzzle quest type games then this is for you :).

ZDisappointedZ   1 star

Unfair Summons. Just deleted the game ... every Atlantis summon I did had insignificant heroes.

lilB77   5 star

RPG. Great game!!!!

Darktaku   5 star

Beautiful pricy art piece. the texture and arts of the game wow just wow , is so beautiful and colourful although it gets really expensive, paying for vip is a lot for an phone game i just dont wanna loose everything when i change a phone

joseep46   5 star

Empire et puzzle. J’apprécie les graphiques et sa jouabilité

NJRoxaS   5 star

Well done.. Love playing puzzle games.

DerekMillsRosevold   5 star

Thumbs up. Fun game

lawnguy70   5 star

Best ever. Good game love it

JD 460😂   5 star

:). Merci! Belle appli!

silvermoon_jr   5 star

Bon jeu. Le jeu est super mais les tirages sont vraiment bizarre. Tu peux avoir 5 héros 5* identiques à plusieurs reprises mais avoir aucun des autres. Les récompenses sont aussi très minimes. Par contre si tu mets de l’argent tu as vraiment beaucoup de chance d’avoir du bon. Great game.

fgffffgkhkgonjjs   5 star

Gbjbnggjjgmgjbmh. JkgbkbjbkhiyigbfyfsfxgvhvnbmhkhkbjvhhcgdtxfdaedAezrzrxfxgxghcjvvjkbkbbkkbkbkbbkkbbkkgigyffgfxfggfjbkhkhkhkhih[email protected]$6)

Big Nibba 24638193$$$   5 star

Whooo. Great, taste amazing 10/10

Anonymous547   5 star

Excellent game, needs a few tweaks. An all around wonderful experience Three suggestions I have for improvement: Give the option to have the clock and battery level visible at the top of the screen Allow the screen to rotate 180 degrees when the ipad rotates around so that when the home button is at the 12 o’clock position, the game is properly oriented Give the option to exchange unused Ascension Materials or Crafting Items for food and/or iron

Diablimo   4 star

.. Good game. I enjoy the building the kingdom part but the combat just gets totally unfair and tries to force you to use your money as much as possible. Not falling for that. Word of advice to people who play this game: make as many healing potions as possible before combat. They come in handy!:)

yinbdym   5 star

Yup. Good game

Jennkoopman70   5 star

Great game!. Great game !

44 DJ   4 star

Number three. It’s good

juliechevy   4 star

Super game!. Im addict on this game! Buy the only negative point is u have to buy to be better

Blueginseng   5 star

Like it. Easy and fun game, don’t have to pay if patient

Pacofury   5 star

Great game. Great game. Always fun and up to date!!

Knight of Heavens Army's   5 star

Knight of Heavens Army’s. When you start it’s quick and easy to progress towards a multi tear game platform. Adventure awaits!

Pana Gal   1 star

Annoying. Game is addictive. Sadly enemies gets more powerful 10x! And what would Stronghold do? It’s a waste of time. Why can’t we just keep upgrading buildings without it. Can be confusing playing this game. I don’t want to waste my money by buying anything. I just stick to collecting 😆 but can be a very long process 😆

Bzerkr   1 star

Money grubbing in app purchase nightmare. Fun to start with, then becomes impossible to play unless you pay and pay for gems. The in app rating system only brings you here if you click 5 stars. 1-4 takes you to their support email. Disgusting!

humpityplonks   5 star

Good. Good

teddybear snuff   1 star

Greedy. I saw the review on this game and agree with what they are saying. The greed you want out of games like these is outrageous as all you are doing is lining your own pockets with the money you can get your hands on to a point if they use their credit cards you just take even more money so that when a bill comes in they wonder why it’s so high until they see they haven’t paid the extra money on the game that’s on the bill even when they have deleted it. Why take what isn’t yours as it’s just theft and the people who in good faith think they are playing a free game but in the end they find they are still having to pay out money. Let people know they have to pay money after a certain level instead of saying download for free. Download for free but then end up having to pay money to play the game and unable to open the game without having to pay real cash to play it or it’s only for phones but still can’t play unless you pay money to play the game. Shocking shocking shocking. Thank goodness I have lawyers in my family who checkout what the kids are downloading and are aware of what games can be played free and what games will have to be paid for sometime down the line or to play the game at all. Don’t you know it’s daylight robbery to do what you are doing.

yokman 1   4 star

Good game. The game is very good but if patience isn’t your go, then this game might not be for you. You do progress fairly quickly at the start but upon reaching a certain level things slow down and become more of a grind. Joining a active team will help during these stages and help you progress further. I enjoy this challenging game.

GrabmyRacc   5 star

Very nice gameeeee. It's pre cool

Mak1379   1 star

Error. This game is waste of time and I am not playing it anymore because it is working good till you reach level 20 but then you can’t increase your troop’s ability, it ask you for spending money and also all updates will take more then 2 days which is completely weird. Do not waste your time guys. Also if you got some crystals and try to buy a new hero then you never get that particular hero but you get something different which is error of this game. I hope my review will save your life and time. Cheers from Australia...

anime fanitic   4 star

It’s okay. Pretty fun gem match game having special abilities and characters is fun.build times are good.only negative is it has a play cost so you can only play game some much before have to wait for it to recharge if it didn’t have this it be awesome as you’d be able to reply and grind out resources to upgrade hero’s to fight stronger levels unfortunately the

Annoyed at facebook   1 star

Transparent ploy to grab cash. I want to like this game, but it is inherently flawed. Imagine sitting down to a pen and paper rpg and not only rolling for hit and damage but also to see if you can even play on each round. This is what happens with the supposed random distribution of puzzle pieces (which seems to be biased against the player according to which heroes are chosen and who the opponents are). The poor (but likely deliberate) game mechanics show up particularly in the player vs player mode. If you’re lucky you’ll get multiple combos and wipe out an entire team of epic or legendary heroes, if you’re unlucky you will be defeated a much weaker team. It all comes down to what tiles you get and who gets in the first shot, and after a short period of time you will realise it doesn’t matter what you do and the only effective strategy is having stronger heroes than the opposition. Obviously the intent is to trick players into spending money, however this has had the opposite effect. Ironically, I would have been happy to pay a small fee for things like an extra builder, but due to greed, it is not possible to enjoy the game without spending a lot of money. Even then, I suspect that a lot of “players” are AI generated to always be stronger and thus keep you forever upgrading. Because of this, the developers will never get a cent from me. I am still playing, however now that it is taking 2 days or more to upgrade anything, this app will soon be headed for the trash. Don’t waste your time or your money. Your phone’s battery life will thank you for it.

Wilsondai   5 star

Great. Great play and fun

Tabbypants   3 star

Fun but slow to progress. This game is fun to begin with. However as you progress it becomes slower than slow. Everything begins to cost an arm and a leg and it’s an endless waiting game. Sad when it’s such a fun game.

bettyboop26174   5 star

Love it. It's a very addictive game can't stop playing it

scoopertyuc   5 star

Best game ever. So awesome

محمد شزوان   1 star

fake training lvl 20. waiting months for leveling up training camp to level 20. 4 star hero and 5 star hero only in your dream. only get often get 3 star heros. spending gems 2600 for 10 heros only legend section not worth at all. algoridm seem to be set spending money. not for fun and excitment.

Jillarooa2006   5 star

Brilliant game. Love this game! Learn as you go and strengthen as you can. Watch all the ads - just got a seasonal summons from the ads and gave me a 4* Hero. Seek out the tips and hints to maximise your resources and join an alliance with the same approach to gaming as you. Something for everyone. Loving it!

Colan il Tek   5 star

Slow and money hungry. Am still relatively new but progress has slowed considerably , waiting a day for castle to update (really) oh forgot the fast fix just spend gems. I am willing to spend if the gains are worthwhile, to test this I have purchased the monthly VIP pack , let’s see how you treat your VIPs.? You only get one chance to keep me as a PAYING customer , don’t waste it.

drtgeasahhw   5 star

Good I guess. Iove💖Cat 🐈it

Rossco1982   1 star

Pay to win. Tournaments designed for the strong to get stronger with no rewards for the lower players. Ridiculously low rate of summoning coins getting you anything better than a 2* hero. Totally biased towards the massive spenders and value for money is terrible

Puertybairds   3 star

Plateaus. Yea see review below

夏洛璐   2 star

Cash for gem for bad characters. Great game at the start but when you saved 300 gems and get ridiculously low performing characters then it’s not a joke anymore. Who gets legendary characters and how do you get them?

Astrogal1981   2 star

Good game but need to spend money. Game is good but def cannot progress without spending money as fights become impossible to beat without buying gems to get higher level heroes

SoloPanda   1 star

Pure pay to win. Like many other reviews, progress initially is decent. But as you progress unless you fork out a f-ton of cash you won't get anywhere.............. Stay away unless you have cash to burn.

Teredia   4 star

Stay for the long haul!. It’s not all about clearing the big harder maps! Watch those ads once a day get to good loot, do the monster, hero titan boxes get legendary summoners tokens, do the wars with your alliance get epic loot too! This is a game that requires patience to get good rewards in order to get free legendary, epic n rare hero’s to train.

Benni505   5 star

Awesome. This game is so much fun.

RustyOfOz   1 star

Gaming scam. You cannot progress without powerful hero cards. They give you one 3 star card at the start. Eventually you scrape together enough in game currency to “summon” another decent hero card. Guess what, the trap is sprung and you win a card of the same “colour” as your original. Playing with one of each colour is basically required. So your new card is useless. I’m out.

boomehok   1 star

Neutral. It is good but I agree with the previous comment 100% it’s addictive but they just make it impossible now to move forward in the higher levels

Lish2006   1 star

Greedy and rigged. This game was totally awesome in the early days however it is now more boring than watching the grass grow in your backyard. Developers are way too greedy and will eventually ruin this game completely. Everything takes forever!!! From upgrades to leveling up heroes or summoning them. Free players don’t seem to get anywhere fast, spending a couple of bucks here and there seemed to half the time and get things moving along well for a short while. Players who spend thousands of dollars get there quickly but lose interest as game is very repetitive with nothing to look forward too. I guess I’m in the group of players who spent couple of dollars ($100 or less) and was able to drag the fun for a while but fun is gone and time to delete the game.

T8ZZY   4 star

Pay or dont pay, your choice. The game is very, very addictive! It kind of becomes part of your life. Its fun, challenging and frustrating - thats how a game should be. There are times when you question the methods in the programming and debate about putting money into the game. You can play without paying any money. It will just take longer. You can play and pay to the tune of a couple of cups of coffee per month. Which is what i do. You can spend $000s on this game. Just like gambling. But that is always your choice. The game can still be played with no or pretty minimal financial inputs. And beating the Gravemaker in a raid is awesome.

Gwelafv1   5 star

Great game. Amazingly fun and simple game 😊

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