Empires & Puzzles Epic Match 3

Empires & Puzzles Epic Match 3 [Games] App Description & Overview

Epic heroes, monsters and action await in this beautiful, tactical match 3 game!

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"A challenging game of strategy and puzzles"
"We're impressed by this epic match-three adventure"

Players are saying:
"Awesome game. This will keep me busy for months!"
"Really fun, great production values!"

Empires & Puzzles is a completely new take on puzzle games, combining match-3 battles and building a mighty stronghold - topped with thrilling PVP duels and RPG elements. Join the battle now!

• Match - Send your troops charging by making amazing combos!
• Build - Rebuild an immense war fortress!
• Collect – Summon hundreds of powerful heroes and troops!
• Raid - Fight in PvP battles against players from around the world!
• Upgrade – Level up your heroes, buildings and special powers!
• Team Up - Fight mighty Titans with your Alliance!
• Amazing Graphics – Experience detailed monsters, heroes and visual effects in a majestic fantasy world!

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Empires & Puzzles Epic Match 3 Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Defend your empire with new exciting features! ∙ Tavern of Legends is here - prepare to face your favorite heroes from the past! ∙ New Hero Costumes have arrived - take your heroes to the next level with Hero Costumes! ∙ Various bug fixes and smaller improvements

Empires & Puzzles Epic Match 3 Comments & Reviews

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- Mixed

I really like this game but I cannot stand how annoying some things are. It’s hard to get items you need to level up/ascend hero’s, I can’t stand how much they try to get your money- too many in app commercial type stuff, they don’t give enough “world energy”- it literally lasts me 5 minutes and then I have to wait for a long time to get enough to start a new stage, and it takes way to long to level up aspects of my base- I don’t want to wait 1 1/2 days for more food storage. Make the game a little quicker and fun. Not so slow and hard to get things done.

- Greed

I have started this game back when lvl 5 star just came out but the greed to only spend money on this game is crazy and it’s NO FUN TO PASS THE TIME. you must spend a lot of money or wait years to get the material you need. Good luck for the long term players that don’t have trust funds

- Wasted a lot of money for nothing.

Been playing this game for so long and spent so much money to level up and the game will not give you the items needed to level up but always sneaks in ways for you to buy what you nerd sometimes. Then taking 9 days to fully upgrade something is absolutely ridiculous. Keep your hard earned money. Don’t be a sucker like me. Very very sad.

- Complete trash

Everything in this game is trash. I’ll be suprised if it lasts much more than a year.

- Awesome game

Me and my entire family is into this game and don’t get me wrong, it is a lot of fun! Unfortunately I would like to change a few things. First of all,I think that the new player’s would need some help on tough levels . Maybe the creators can allow players to sent there heroes, troupes, and equipment to other players. Plus, we can friend each other in the game. Even though I think the game is in needs of a few things to be made, overall the game is amazing.

- Watch your wallet

So this game is awesome and addictive. But,,, watch your wallet. I saved up to take advantage of one of their many “offers” and did it today. I bought the $29 legendary hero offer. This was for 30 heroes and 10 world energy flasks. Went to pull the hero’s and was floored by the veriety. Nothing but plain characters that we all can get by just being patient. No 5* at all and nothing close to really good heroes that might help a player get a challenging team. I feel ripped off. PS. I completed the entire Tavern of Legends. I used all of the coins to summon legendary heroes. Uhm, I got nothing but 2* and 3* feeder heroes. Bs


Just cause

- Fun...but expensive

I really love the game and the graphics are awesome. But some of the summons and prices are ridiculously high and too much of a gamble. I hope the draws or prices are taken in consideration and get fixed.

- Cash Grab

For the money being spent the reward is not worth it. A 30 pull should guarantee one 5 star at least. That shouldn’t be to much to ask.

- Fun

It’s funny and I can play when I have nothing to do so I think it’s fun and.

- Scam app

When you first started out it gives you good things. But play for over 3 years and it just scams you out of your money with below percentage of really getting anything good that would help you. Not random boards like it shows. Don’t get sucked in. People say it a marathon game. Yep a marathon of getting your money with no real rewards. Ask me in the game. Level 64 Sidewinder316

- Used to love it, not anymore

The most unfair game I’ve ever seen, it’s a game for your money, spend more money make these game makers wealthier. I gave up and don’t play anymore, after 1 and a half year.

- so broken and unbalanced

deserves a 0. absolute BS. how the ,??) does a team with 400 less power beat my team HANDily. they claim to have re-balanced the game and characters recently but it seems it wasn’t such a good job. the raids especially are a joke and completely. broken!!! opponent pulls off 5+ specials to my ones and takes me 4 specials to kill one character and specials for them to kill one of mine. absolutely ridiculously frustrating. i hope the developers feel the frustration because this game is completely unbalanced

- Do NOT waste you money !!!

This is not even a pay to win game, you pay and they just give you garbage, I foolishly bought the Ledends Offer... from 30 summons I got 26 tree stars heroes and 4 four stars heroes, not even 1 five stars heroe. This game is a big scam !!

- Gameplay is awesome but you might as well light your money on fire

Been playing for well over a year now, spend regularly and I can’t tell you I’m officially never spending a dime on this game or developer ever again. Anything you can spend your money on is better than this. I’ve never played a game with odds this bad. The worst odd game I’ve ever played is 10 times more generous than this one. Great gameplay ruined by flat out greed. Sorry but it’s inexcusable how bad the odds have gotten. And when you finally get a good character don’t get too excited because it’ll be nerfed in a month or so after to make it “fair”

- Skip it raids are way too not random. Too frustrating

Pay to win. The raids are very lopsided and rigged. If you don’t pay you get penalized very badly all the time. The raids are very very very poorly coded. You have two reds no yellow then 90% of the board will have yellow and you never get to attack until it’s to late. Doesn’t give you any reds. The enemy gets to attack multiple times over and over and then you finally get a red after your guys are dead. Talk about rigged bs beyond words and it happens all the time if you have two green then no green two blues no blue but these idiots say there isn’t anything going on and it is just by coincidence. BS The “random” part doesn’t exist in this game. Always getting the same heroes over and over. Better chance to get these heroes when a special is going on. Oh sorry here is the same green 3 star hero you already have 4 of. Which is why you have to attack with the same colors in a raid. Could have been good. Such a waste I could easily keep going but you get the idea how bad it is.

- Fun, challenging and addictive.

I fell in love with this game right off the bat.

- Money sink

High cost to do anything good. 1% chance to get a decent hero on a summon that cost 3 dollars each. Power creep is so strong if you do invest you will be out of the top in moments.

- Spent money

Spent over $50 on your game and I will tell you that will be the last time that will ever happen. You only gave me 2 four star hero’s and the rest were 3 stars. That’s ridiculous odds and the only reason you set the odds that high is to keep money coming in. This game does not care about the customers at all. I used to like this game but after three years of poor treatment I am done.

- Money sucker

I made this a 5 star in hopes that people see this. This game is not fair and takes your cash in order to advance. It's not balanced or equal in PVP. At the beginning it's not hard, then you need rare items in order to level up. Everything is random but you'll mostly get 3 starred people. It's a cheating game. Your better off buying an old school game boy instead of this crap.

- Fun game but don’t waste your money

The game itself is fun. Plus you can join a team and fight titans and alliance wars. Corny story lines but overall entertaining. The low rating comes from the crappy drop rates for the 5* heroes you need to advance in levels and do well in the Alliance wars. It really is ridiculous how poorly the summons are. the entire system is rigged. You either spend hundreds of dollars to get decent hero’s or you are out of luck . And there is even less success getting the materials to level up your heroes if you succeed in getting them. Ughh . But I refuse to put any more money into this game. It was supposed to be a fun diversion. Not a money pit. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind spending $5 here or there. But when the “special “ is $30 - 100!!!! That’s crazy 😡

- Great

Great game all around

- Masquerade costumes

Costume summons should reduce the odds of getting duplicate costumes. I have 6 costumes for Gunnar and I feed most 3 star heroes to my 5 stars so I don’t even keep him. So I have 6 costumes I will never even think about using. Boohoo Tavern of Legend summons first 20 heroes it shows you are 5* heroes. Two pulls from the coins earned both common 3* heroes what a ripoff.

- Best game

Awesome game one of my favorites

- Disappointing and uncalled for...

I have gotten the VIP pass several times and have used gems to purchase 10 characters and I never get any characters worthwhile. I have been playing this game for about 2 years and it’s always the same let down. I just bought several different “packages” in order to have 12 chances at a character from the legendary summons. EVERY single summons was a 3 star or lower. That is absolutely absurd and ridiculous. There is no reason that people should have such a low chance of at least getting one to two 5 stars and multiple 4 star characters when using 2600 gems. This game needs to be re-evaluated. It is a huge ripoff and a huge disappointment. I get better characters from my daily summons and that is uncalled for!!!!

- Decent

Great game. Two main gripes: the game tries to pair you with much higher opponents in PvP, causing you to re-roll and waste material.., and as always, you can’t get very far without spending a crapload of money in-game. It’d get 5 stars if it were a one time purchase kind of game, and your progress didn’t depend on the size of your bank account. Additional note: I’ve noticed “increased chance” of getting something better never happens. Must be because I don’t spend money in game. Still fun, but you’ll never be able to compete with those who spend money in-game.

- Pay to Win

Just Pay to win! And very expensive by the way! Just look at the picture they post with all that 5 star heroes... thats hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

- Too Much Greed

I’ve been playing everyday for just over a year and it has been harder and harder to get items for my hero’s without spending tons of cash. You throw so many events out here and barely give anything even if you spends tons of cash. Too much greed. I enjoy the game and will continue to play but you are NOT getting another dime out of me.

- Too much BS

Note the reviews you see are over a year old always good glowing! resort by most recent..... hiding reviews should not be tolerated! It can be fun! But it’s over loaded! To much to do, too much time! It’s all about money and trying to extort funds from you! Can you play for free .. Yes it’s would be a colossal waste of your time . You no longer earn your way.. you pay your way! It is what it is, progress will be slow but the game is fun! If it’s not your cup of tea you could simply Quit; uninstall the game and move on!

- Loved this game. Emphasis on loved.

I have been playing this game for a while. Gameplay is great except for tournaments, they are unfair. They all attack when you make one move. But that’s not my issue. I just did a 7500 gem, 30 pull and got absolute garbage and they grind the dirt in the wound by not even giving me one lousy bonus draw. With the amount of money I’ve spent on this game, to get NOTHING is insulting. Empires has lost this cash cow. I will not spend one more penny on this game.

- Expensive Pay to Win

Very expense Pay to Win game!

- Changed rating

This game will screw you. Thankfully I never got into a hole of overspending but would spend here and there. At first it gave me a couple 5* and seemed fair. If you want to actually compete in this game you need multiple 5* teams and will take years to get if you don’t make some purchases here and there. I saved enough this month to do multiple 30 pulls in multiple events and got nothing from the game both times. I would be better off helping a Nigerian prince.

- Disrespectful bullies who rip off players.

So hero’s are awarded on a lottery type system getting really good ones takes a lot of time money and work. Strategy when u do and u start doing well the people who made the game will change them and make them worth less they woulnt care what u think . First they downgraded every player and made us purchase emblems and things that give u emblems . Now the better hero’s just certain ones are being cut back forcing some players to loose years of hard work and hundreds of dollars worth of things that went into these hero’s once a great game now a joke . Microsoft doesn’t change windows after u buy it to make it less value able. Making my daughter cry cutting her hero down after the money lots hundreds every month I spent shame on you. I curse. You who did this May u lose what matters to u . Because it’s better for everyone the hitler had that same thinking the Jews were just living to well compared to there German neighbors. If u play this an get ripped off u we’re warned..

- Pay to win

I hope the devs of this game fall down starers made of used needles and salt.

- Good graficts

Its grafic are mind blowing🤯

- Don’t waste your time.

The developers in this game have absolutely no clue about this game. Don’t spend any money. Don’t do rain. You will find out that you’ll lose quickly. The whole point about get strong. Is to Beat people that are weaker than you. You will find out very quickly though that you not. We could be three times stronger and and lose like your standings still. Unfair and unbalanced.


I love this game cause it's cool,and has a lot of story of I were you I would get it,because it's so fun to play.

- Ridiculous!!!!!

You made this game where I bet everyone and anyone who played this game has to spend real money. Every. Single. Time the screens always pop up to buy and spend money on this and that. There is no possible way to make things faster because you overcharge more and give less. Well, hope you’re happy with your riches from this quarantine. Not only that, I’m reporting a feedback and why in the hell do I have to put a “Players” name? If this is a way for you guys to not get complaints, then just erase all of the feedback submit report permanently. Everything I clicked on always have the PLAYER*

- Game balance is terrible

This game has potential but as usual the developer keep putting out new characters and costumes that are totally unbalanced to rake in the last few dollars before the game dies.

- Don’t play

This is a painful grinding game and you will need to spend to take down your enemy. I get really annoyed by the constant attacks that I can never grow. After a few hundreds in, I decided to stop. They do all these micro promotions which make you want to buy... don’t get trap. Stay out and get out of the door and enjoy the nature is a better bet. Oh even you spend money, you aren’t guarantee a good hero. Don’t waste money in this game. Updating the review here. Still not find this game fun to play and it is extremely difficult to learn. The randomness of drop of the hero’s are horrible and it is so hard to level. Go play hero wars. It’s much more fun. This game gets a thumbs down from me

- Too much $

I have played better. This is a very expensive game to be able to get very far in. Heroes and items to ascend are costly. Odds of getting one without paying are next to nothing.

- Bait and switch

Recently developer’s decided to nerf two of the number one cards. These cards take lots of resources (months of play for materials). For compensation we get a few tokens. I want those materials back, so I can level cards that are better choices (now).

- They’ve ruined this game, look elsewhere

They bait you into spending money to earn heroes, then nerf them. Small Giant has ruined this game. It’s just stealing from consumers now. Buyer beware.

- Daylight Robbery!

If you’ve decided to download this game and try to be as competitive as the other Beta or paid players on this game, prepare to shell out thousands of $$$$ and i’m not exaggerating.. the probability of pulling up decent 5* heroes is virtually NIL or nearly zero, in fact it is 1-3%!! so you’ve been warned, if your bank account is loaded then go ahead enjoy this game, otherwise find another game that would give you a good time without burning your pocket and there are hundreds of them out there. Bye!

- Just being Honest

I wanna be clear. I do enjoy playing this game, but out of fairness to the company I must make it known that I and many other people I know do not pay for app games. The creators and producers do great work and I just want them to invest their talents in ways that get them where they want to go. However you decide to take this information thank you for the opportunity to play🙂. Peace be with you.

- Joke of a game now..

Better and more enjoyable games out there.. this game got to the point of sadness after being so good, now it got super difficult to play!.. NEEEXT!..

- Family Fun

I really enjoy playing this game with members of my family.


This is FUN ok everyone PLAY

- Long time users ripped off. Don't be a new victim of a greedy company.

I am a long time player of this game. Recently, an effort was made by the company to decrease the strength of a certain hero in the game after complaints by less than 50% of its users. They did so, and did not offer any feasible compensation to players who spent good, albeit optional, money to procure said hero. This is essentially fraud. They offered a product, accepted money for that product, and then changed it after a few weeks without regard to what people had spent. If I purchase a car and after two weeks the dealer takes it back and gives me a cheaper model without reimbursement for the difference in value, I would sue. I understand this is just a game, but the greed and lack of consideration to its loyal fan base is unacceptable. Do not waste your time and money. This is just the tip of the iceberg.


Anyone thinking of spending money, just don’t. They have and are continuing to degrade the abilities of heroes after you’ve spent money with no recourse. You’ll most likely end up with all of the current obsolete heroes and won’t be very competitive in the game. The creators opted to go with the path of screwing players over instead of making all of the obsolete heroes that *everyone* has more competitive. While this might not fall legally under a scam it’s certainly ridiculous that this is allowed to happen and how many players support it while being hurt by the board of obsolete heroes they have as well.

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- Need to have option to see who is opted into wars

Great game! Needs to have an option for leadership to see who is opted in wars for better team management!!

- Rigged

The game is fixed. It is not random in any way. Everything is a calculation. If you stack colours they deny you the tiles. The player characteristics aren’t consistent either. Sometimes it takes 5 tiles to fill your bar and sometimes 50 tiles to fill the same bar. Garbage game made by greedy corrupt designers. Go to Vegas you will get better odds.

- Epic Training ???

Not much here for average people, you need Porches, Cardigan sweaters and Bad Attitudes are needed to play this game of simulated ultra without gore. Another stupid game Gaming Management(GM) playing Slave Seller for the credit card purchase players with scams everywhere trying to make you the Slaver without conscious(ruthless). No Soldiers of Fortune here(requires a day Counter for the heroes employment, GM wants indefinite slave status on the War/Gaming Heroes)on this Democracy Masterpiece of human being usury. As a slow game, the game’s reputation is you get base 12 of 23 complete, 30 War character set of Rare(3 of 5) before(GM) screams no more of you without a credit card. True or False. False. The mystery remains how do you proceed beyond a level 3 hero, which you train yourself and are what you called base sovereignty heroes. Currently I am at Stronghold 21, Avatar 23 with 2738 team defence points and have unravelled the mystery on how to train Epic(4 of 5) players(4 for 75 attempts, w/4to many cries) for myself. Nov.20(15 attempts w/3 cries) completed FULL 30 Epic/Rare War Team(6 teams of 5 colours) characters(lots of duplicates) did not waste too many attempts, free. As a game you will not find any kind of sub leaguing system(Beer Leagues) for people who want to play with realistic expectations for themselves, be a super duper hero or be a nothing. Having Beer League lifestyle(set on defence/attack team league maximum, every 100 points is a new league) gaming would be a major improvement for those who object to ultra war people Arena and just want to have fun with people who are like yourself, averagy(Epic Kiril is our Beer League Hero). Nov.28, 2019 broke the Epic Training Curse, 2617 DP, A21 w/(base background and axe pin) and a 19 Stronghold with 19 of 24 Common Rare Characters in 30 War team using 3x 13 Training Facilities. Lat touch, was to take an Atlantis Character that swims and make him Mote Captain(3rd slot) of team 7 and fill it with Epics. Number in parenthesis on which attempt produced Epics(23, 29, 34, 43). Epics: 14 (R6, B3, G2, P1, Y2) Mystic Vision: 3 150 Chests: 3 Training: 4 Atlantis: 2 300 Gem Purchase: 1 Costume Summon: 1 Avatar Level(Epics): 20(2), 21(7), 22(9), ... Stronghold 20 opens up legendary ascension items in chests and seems you get going, hopefully on your Epic War Team, 2 weeks later maybe not and gave up on Epic training after 75 attempts. Slowly winning the Epic character battle, they are there, even thou finding them may be difficult. On my way to having a Porsche (Harpoon w/22 Base), Cardigan Sweater(5 4th Ascension Epics of different colours) and a bad attitude(War teams that are 100x greater then my Avatar Level). Not a bad game when I got that is mostly accomplished before Avatar L24 without buying a thing which my team has now, 3700 points of potential w/two attainable ascension items. May19, 2020 got my 3700 team, 31 of 35 Epic war team, went quick, Legendary Training is awesome and still only Avatar 26.8. Can find me at HARPOON TITANERS as , bring your Ego’s, Harpoon and leave Slaver at home(I don’t like his money humours).

- Best game ever

This is one of the bests games I’ve ever played

- Rip off

Don’t waste money on this app to make a team because if you make a team to good they just lower the heroes abilities however they see fit after you already spent money, time and material on it..

- Very greedy ensemble here

I have been a user for 2 years, and I hoped to see some changes that users have been requesting. But considering the game is exactly the same as it was excluding minor upgrades that just focus on profit and not users feedbacks, it’s time to leave feedback this game genuinely deserves. Bottom line ... money.... I’ll be very honest here. Not sure how a game can have a 4.7 star rating when it’s only truly playable if your willing to actually spend money? If your not willing to spend minimum 500 bux right out of the gate you will be next to useless. Should you choose to farm and/or grind this game with no pay... your looking at 3-5 years before you get moderately competitive. But you will get frustrated when you are paired off against a money player who is half your level that you can’t even scratch... it’s very demoralizing. A very greedy bunch that ignores its users feedback and ideas... Just a game littered with far too many money options with no significant return attached to them whatsoever. A horrible hero slot system based on a 1% success... and no real growth opportunities unless you spend. A game sheerly developed based on money... not looking out for their users at all. Upgrades are just new money incentives. How do you even call yourself an RPG with no trade options? They don’t even allow players an annual trade option... That aside, if you got money to burn the game is decent, but be prepared to fork over a lot of money and get nothing many times over.

- Freezes when I summon

This game is great, but it sometimes freezes when summoning and when you restart it, you lose your free summon. Happened to me 3 times, which is super frustrating because I wait 24 hours for the daily summon. Waste of time! Epic fail!

- I’m deleting your game

I want the devs, executive teams at Small Giant, and their parent company Zynga games to know that I’m deleting your game. This is the absolute worst case of unbalanced gameplay I have ever seen. Your excessive greed may be adored by your shareholders but the players you constantly screw are the ones who pay your exaggerated salaries. There is nothing rewarding about this game. Players can spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars and see little to no return. You. Are. Greedy. That’s the simplest way I can put it. Eventually more and more players will catch on and your user base will be reduced to a small handful of players that are willing to shell out the thousands of dollars it will take to get anywhere in this game. Unfortunately for you, the handful of players left won’t be enough to justify this game’s existence. I’m an advocate for no IAP games because of games like this. Your constant money grab has gone beyond encouraging players to spend a few dollars here and there to essentially forcing them to spend $30, $40, $50 dollars a month just to keep pace. Small Giant and Zynga might think it’s great to make the returns they are making, but their ethics and how they treat players is deplorable and untenable. No more IAP. I hope you take this review to heart. You know I’m right.

- Not a fair game

It recently came out that boards are not random and there may be preferential treatment of beta testers. In my opinion this takes advantage of both the pay to play and non money spending players. This game is not far to all participants.

- Empire and puzzles

This game keeps you locked in and it’s so much fun.

- So good

I can tell it’s a strategy game it’s so good and it’s full of surprises keep it up

- Awesome




- Great game :3

I love this game it’s really fun and enjoyable

- Best game I played

This game is really fun and addictive I would Recommend it.

- Even one star is to much

I’m level 22 and bing played for while ,I can’t find any logic in your game source because I have been summon lot but after all of this I just have one epic hero and if you tell me it’s random I don’t believe you can check my account and I’m not going to play this crap game anymore 😒😒

- 👍

Beat Game ever played!!! On mobile device (IPhone) Great work!!!! Addictive and fair!

- A very nice little game

Do you get tired of ‘those games’ where it seems that winning is entirely based upon who spends the most money? Then this one is for you. It’s a hybrid of match three/ world builder/ card collector which succeeds very well. The game has plenty of depth, with more being added steadily. But the devs, rather than turn this into a non-stop money machine, have chosen to reward patience and game play. Yes, the new heroes are the shiniest and most dangerous. But you can’t level and unlock their potential without collecting materials. Which takes time. Plus there are several events and special circumstances where less powerful and older heroes really shine. Two thumbs up. A good fit if you enjoy patient deep gameplay and long-term goal-setting. If you’re more about instant gratification and maxing mommy’s mastercard, this app will not last long on your device.

- Mo money mo money mo money

To play this game u will never succeed unless you are a millionaire PERIOD.

- My review

This game is great however it will cost you lots of in app purchases. My question is, even with the company going from almost rock bottom 3 years to a multi-million dollar company, how come you haven’t fixed the problem of mana speed on raids/tournaments like you said you did?

- Ha ha ha

This game cheats, definitely not random tiles. Spend money and get nothing in return. What a joke. Avoid, avoid, AVOID!!!

- Gems of fury

Great easy to play game, a must have in anyone’s game library.

- Not enough upgrades

Need to make more upgrades to the stroghold. People are maxing out on all the buildings

- Great game!

Best game I played

- Awesome!

I am really enjoying this game!

- Update

After last update I can’t open the game!

- Empire and Puzzles

Make sure if you like what you neighbor has you will have to pay. Meaning other players spend lots to get what takes years to get partially ( not many good heroes are given up). When you start playing you will know, I don’t say ya shouldn’t pay to play but if the game is not worth paying it’s up to you to decide. I don’t believe that heroes should be mixed with different levels so when you worked hard to get a chance to get a better hero chances are you will get the lower ranked hero. Once in a blue moon do you get a hero of importance but again starting the lower rank of the hero base. This is from play for years. Give it a try, but be warned on how it might be.


Good game :)

- Mo money mo money just to get screwed

Well, where to start. I have been playing this game for over a year now and there are many problems. First of all the tech support sucks and when you ask them questions they give you BS answers. Then there is the player vs player gameplay which is very one sided and it is not random at all. Secondly, the mana generation is one sided for the defensive team because they get to gain mana in defence and attack, where you only gain mana for attack. Thirdly, when playing you will notice how players will go out of turn when when you look at the sequence of turns. Fourth, which is very stupid, when you fight a team that is sufficiently weaker you are very likely to get beat, almost as if the games programming algorithms are set up that way. Fifth, fighters that are stronger level and troop wise will receive more damage then what they give. For example, how does a 5star fighter with a level 4 troop do less damage then a 4star fighter with a weaker troop level. But when you ask tech support they just give you the same BS answer that the game is random. That is BS!!!! But I will say the concept of the game is amazing it is just to bad the programmers and company don’t give a crap about you they just want your money and will tell you whatever BS to get it. Fix the damn problems and this would be a great game.

- Empires

What a great game been on the same alliance now 2 years it takes some time to level up and you do have to spend some money but if you do it only continues to be more enjoyable. I love my 5 star hero’s and going to battle with my alliance everyone is always willing to help you get better. I only wish you are given bonus features from the game makers for spending loads but owell it’s better than wasting money on things that hurt us. Great job thanks for the new updates they are only getting better skol

- Fun

So fun

- Very fun, lots to do

I have been playing this for over a year and still love it, still haven’t spent any money - I highly recommend it!

- Epic game

Everyone criticizing that you have to spend money to have fun but I’ve been playing for more than two years and never spent a penny in this game and I’m having fun. People have no patience anymore.

- Better rewards/heroes without pay

I am a long standing player and I left for a while due to lack of rewards without spending money. So it would be nice if loyalty was rewarded as well. Otherwise great game especially during these trying times. Also another reason to maybe offer some better rewards and heroes while peoples pockets are low or empty.

- Happy player

I enjoy this game chaos on the war Field no order in the Titans stars.

- Love this game

Close to perfect! Well done

- Great game

Awesome time waster and toilet game!! Join our alliance!! Nacho bacon squad!!

- Wow

Really fun. Really competitive

- Shit game

What a joke this game is, unless you are willing to spend 1000’s of dollars you will never be able to advance in this game the free summons always give you useless players that aren’t good for levelling or using, they made this game so only players who have tons of money can get ahead the makers of this game are greedy douche bags

- Game freezes

I got to level 10 and the game now freezes at the “connecting” screen. I can’t play at all now. REALLY UPSET!!!

- Star

My favourite game :)

- Très satisfait

Trop cool ce Jeu et la trame sonore est ÉPIQUE!!

- Good game Terrible Loot

The game is great but the loot stinks. My other account has been waiting for darts for over 6months for 6 of them I’m still short 1 and I bought two. Terrible returns

- Nice and fun

Good gane

- Pay to win

This game sucks. Paid a crapload of money to have lvld up 5* heroes. Still can’t get decent boards EVER! I would quit playing LONG ago if it weren’t for how much money I’ve wasted on this stupid game.

- NO game is worth the amount you have to spend for this one.

team building aspect? - awesome town building aspect? - great Story? - fun Spending more than $30 (total) for a simple match 3 game with a neat twist? - not even remotely fun! - question....do the devs really think people have e this kind of expendable income?! - suggestion....stop being so greedy and reward your player base fairly. Seriously - toss out a 5 star more often or something so we actually get value for that money.

- Well done!

Love this game. My mom and I play together on the same Team

- Very good

Nice game to relax.

- Excellent fun

Love this game

- If u don t pay better u don t play

The most unfair game ever if u don t pay , you are basically slowed down in all the scenarios, my suggestion is to don t even start playing reallly frustrating but up to you

Payoneer 💰

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- Awesome

Very fun and addicting I recommend to people who like RPG /puzzle games

- Don’t spend money in the app...

Would give this game 5 stars in a heartbeat as I love it. However I have been spending money for months and they still haven’t dropped me a 5 star Hero. Not sure I’m going to continue playing... definitely done spending. Makes me sad.

- Good app,

It is my favourite app I would say. Fun and challenging. If you’re patient you can slowly build your army but it does take a long time to get the 5 star heroes. I have been playing for 1.5 years regularly and I’m just getting the 5 stars fully maxed now. I haven’t spent much money either, just vip. Don’t spend on the summons, most of the time you won’t get anything. Most of my 5 stars have come from the training grounds. Good game overall and I recommend it, can get far without spending $ if you work at it.

- Money ,money,money!

Will dellte if upgrade too fast!

- It’s looked the same for years

Please update the way the township looks, 1. Add more land ownership 2. Allow trading amongst team 3. Increase % rate of actually winning good characters. It takes forever to gain gems and is very disappointing to win the same low 3 stars

- Excellente

Excellent and addictive

- The balancing of this game...

After a year and half the leveling is super slow, the character 5 star super rare, i most have spend 200$ so far on that game and i still got nothing no big character... the costume patch is a joke, you need to level 2 time the character with all the material that drop so rarely. We can’t buys specific material of evolution is always a gamble when doing a purchase... i still play but serously this game isn’t balance at all... new character is able to self heal and do the ability of all your character... oh wait more you do combo more the mana of the ennemi in clans wars regen fast... that should be an advantage to force the player like in other puzzle game to give then a ways to have the impression to do something good... augment the attack of ration is useless when the ennemi team heal and hit you every turn because you did 7-10 combo in row... serously the game balancing need to have improvement...

- Love it 😍

Best game ever I LOVE ❤️ the heroes❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- The top game

The best game I played

- Fun to play

Fun game. Don’t have to spend money but it takes a while to get anything worthwhile.

- Waste of time, if you don’t spend money

If you are not going to spent any money, do not waste your time on this game. It gives you nothing only by playing and wasting your time!!!! Bs game!

- Yesssss!

Love it

- Addictif mais lent

Jeu plus complexe qu’il y parait! Statégie et combinaison de heros sont la clé. Il faut attendre longtemps pour obtenir des éléments de haut niveaux. Si vous payez opter pour une passe VIP. Aussi, être dans une équipe vous permet d’obtenir plus rapidement les primes et récompenses et c’est plus encourageant.

- Empire

Awesome game made lots of cool people and great graphics but one thing is that you have to pay to get great stuff and level up and the chance of you getting great stuff is very rare and I still have hope let’s see what the next update will bring us

- Good

I noticed lots of ppl complain that you have to spend money to enjoy the game. Not true. I haven’t spent a penny and have advanced in the game and enjoyed it

- Love this game and the community!

I have been playing for two years now and I love this game! The alliances are enjoyable and mine in particular is super supportive and fun. You don’t have to spend money to have fun but if you want to you will advance more quickly. Overall I give it 5 stars!

- New things to come

I really liked this game and new things to come sound like a great way to keep interested in this game.

- Great game without paying

I have yet pay to play this game. I've been playing since February of last year 2019. S

- Great

Awesome game some people complain about spending money to advance that is not true. I have not spend anything on this and I am not doing too bad. Keep in mind most games will require you to spend money if you would like to get anything quicker. I like it and is the only game I have really kept on my device for a long period of time.

- 5 Star

Excellent game with balanced objectives for all.

- Pretty good

I honestly never thought Id download it, but I decided “oh well” and downloaded it. Very fun game. Good pass time not gonna lie🔥

- Fun to play, but..

Not worth spending money on this game, you won't get anything good anyway.

- Fun game

The game itself is a lot of fun and challenging. I like the team aspect. One huge downfall is don’t purchase the gem packs or pay to use the summon gate, the characters are always low quality and you have better results training them instead. Save your money.

- Fun game and addictive

Played for 3 years, being my favourite mobile game Pros: really good concept for 3-match game, addictive and good game community Cons: require good amount of money to find good teams, or being super lucky on hero draws since chance of getting 5* hero from cash summon is 2% I’m super lucky so I kept playing, but some friends in my alliance still can’t build a 5* team at level 40+

- I love it

It’s so fun

- Waste of time

Don’t bother. You think you’re gonna advance but it goes nowhere.

- Nice

Good game

- Nowhere to go. Can’t get a four star. Waste of time.

I used to play your game a lot, but I literally can’t get a four star. I even got my girlfriend hooked. Now I never play it because I’m tired of getting useless 3 stars. How about you increase your drop rate for decent characters or lose more players. I know I’m not the only one tired of this crap. This game is a waste of my time and in a highly competitive genre you’ll be replaced probably before you even see this. Bye -I’ll waste my time elsewhere (maybe I’ll get a decent character that allows me to be competitive instead of hitting the 3 star wall. Fail!)

- 🥰

I love it !

- Very fun and good Challenge.

Lots of different type challenges to keep you on your toes.

- Update

I love this game but can you please update it and make it possible for people that have bad phones or iPads play it as well, and can you also lower the prices and make it actually a possibly to get a rare character because I did you so many time and never got a rare character.

- A good game

Lots to do and real money isn’t needed if you’re patient. Relatively few ads, too. Well done My only complaint is the display doesn’t flip with my iPad so it’s hard to play while charging with the cord in the way.

- In your face out the gate

I love me some match 3 puzzle games, so I jumped right on this. I have been looking to scratch original puzzle quest itch, but this ain’t it. First of all the gameplay is great, but the stupid town and keep building element with timers along with pop ups to pressure you into buying into the vip option and other packs spoils this game. The issues were literally 20 minutes into the game. That was a clear sign for me to stop right there. I play a few gacha hero collector games and have been playing a few select for years and even spend money on them because they aren’t intrusive at every opportunity. This screams like a terrible Facebook game with the implemented in your face cash grab mechanic. No thanks.

- Décevant

Cela fait plusieurs fois que je vais dans les invocations d’évènement et que je prend des gemmes payées avec mon argent et que je fais des invocations à coup de dix pour avoir des trois étoiles ordinaires commun que j’ai déjà.En double et même en triple.Pourquoi vous insérer des héros ordinaires au travers des spéciaux.Arnaque.Je vais y penser avant de mettre de l’argent pour rien.

- big waste of time

This game is no fun unless your will to spend money very disappointing

- Money Pit

I was naively enjoying this game for too long and for too much money. The mechanics and tactics are simple, the artwork is beautiful, and the team building is cool...but there’s no denying that this game is a money pit. If you spend enough money in a short amount of time ($150-$200 in a month), and allocate your resources strategically (gems, food, and iron), you can build up a nice roster of 4 star heroes, and maybe even a five star. However, the competition just keeps getting more difficult, forcing you to spend more in order to be competitive. This game generated $30 million in revenue in 2017 and people regularly spend hundreds of dollars a month on this. If this game was on Apple Arcade, I would gladly pay the $5 bucks a month. I hope something similar comes along on Apple Arcade and hopefully the quality of the games there keeps getting better. I had my fun with this game, but now it’s time to uninstall.

- Money hungry unfair game

This has to be the worst game in the App Store for unfairness when it comes to buying diamonds to summon heroes. You will spend hundreds and thousands before you will receive 5 star heroes. I’ve summon over 20 heroes and received nothing but 3-star heroes for all of them. I’ve emailed the company twice and they keep saying its luck of the draw, which I understand, but they could at least be fair about it and not have 80:1 odds for 3-stars vs 4 or 5. The game is great but the greedy developer offs are why I gave this only a 3-star, figured they deserve one back, luck of the draw!

- Mayeur jeux

Je vous Donne Étoile

- Phone Killer

Careful, this game killed my previous phone . Upgrades rendered my phone so sluggish, Progress is slow at best unless you pay.?

- Worst random I have ever seen!!!!

Worst random I have ever seen!!

- Pay to win

Fun game but turning increasingly into pay to win. I don’t mind paying for a quality product but spending thousands just to remain competitive in a top alliance is well beyond my budget. Two plus years of diligent farming and $20 per month as a “cheap to play” player have not yielded a single “hero of the month” or significant event hero. Poor game balance also. Legendary cards are hard enough to summon to begin with but they’ve made some so poorly designed that they are not even worth leveling.

- Not a easy game

Too hard to get free diamonds for epic summons, or have to spend money on it, $50 for 10 summons no guaranty 4 or 5 star hero, and telling me it is a great deal. Why don’t you go rob a bank? I personally think it is not worth to put any $ in this game.

- Greedy found here

Yet another greedy developer makes an unfair game. Full of loot boxes, and random chance of this or that. Great game if you don't mind shelling of thousands of real dollars. Complete waist of time without real money spent.

- Mehhh

It takes to long for heroes or buildings to build, I think you should cut the time down a tad some people don’t have alll day to play as well wait for construction or waiting for heroes at times I’d rather watch a slug race than wait ten - 5-3 or 2 days but the game is ok average

- Love this game

Takes the boring right out of puzzles! Try it

- this is a very good game but needs to watch out

sometimes it is so frustrating when you get good cards but mostly are down graded

- Fun

Good game, could use improvements but not bad

- Costumes are a joke

Way to go SG, thank you for ruining the game. Introducing costumes that make you RE-level the hero, spend all of those rare materials AGAIN, to just get a slightly tweaked hero. Thanks!

- Latest Update Fail

Latest (forced) update leaves me unable to open the app. Keeps crashing. Would love to be able to collect my daily gems :/

- Fun but....

A very enjoyable game but if you’re not willing to spend money you’ll find yourself slowed down so much on progress that it becomes difficult to even want to play.

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- Fun but expensive

Game is very nice but for short period if you not like to spend to much. I spend already around £50 and not have never best heroes. I don’t know how much you must spend to be strong player. This is little disappointing.

- time waster managed by rapacious company

This is the worst example of time waster I happened to play. The game concept is interesting but everything takes an exasperating amount of time and the mechanics are geared to make you spend, spend, spend. However, the loot boxes (or summon gate as it is called in the game) have some of the most ungenerous drop rates (1.3% - 1.5% chance for valuable draws). Moreover, the company appears to show a total disrespect for its player base by applying ‘game balancing’ changes to the detriment of many without prior consultation and not compensating the players for the resulting waste of time and money. And if you think that Game Support might help you’d be wrong. Support is a (bad) joke. Basically Small Giant (the developers’ company) shamelessly betray the players’ trust at every turn. Unless you don’t care to throw money down the drain I’d strongly advise to stay well away from this one.

- Given up

I have given up on this game after 2 years loyalty. All the things the developer care is money, money, and more money! It became so greedy that I don’t enjoy this game anymore. Deleted!

- False Advertising, Fraud, Scamming!

False advertising, constantly changing game and hero mechanics when players have spent a lot of money and support that is silent as they don’t care and only want money! Don’t believe me?? Then read all of the other 100s of reviews saying the same.

- Listen me please

Avoid this game, it’s worse than casino! Believe me someone should look at developers hands.

- Awesome

An enjoyable game to pass the time

- Nerfgate

I spent money to finally get a really good hero to build my team around. Today they nerfed it to almost useless. Surely this is false advertising? I can’t think of any situation where your purchase is devalued by the company after 2 months. Avoid like the plague.

- Sorry to say

I have played this for many years, it used to be great. Now it’s pay to win. In PvP mode Certain heroes are too overpowered and you know that as soon as they are paired with them you have lost. The 5* heroes that tend to come out for free to play are slow charging and well underpowered. Greed has killed this game and is just a playground for those who spend silly money. After 5 years it’s it’s time to go, it has certainly lost it’s lustre.

- Ruined

This was a fantastic game but it has been completely ruined with the introduction of a single massively overpowered hero. Real shame

- Poor

Poor, pay to win game, absolute rip off!

- This game is amazing

At the most meant this game has become addictive and amazing and I love it I have 2 accounts to keep me busy on this game and it makes me happy whenever I play thanks for reading form From dragndude no1 and dragondude no2

- Greed and not listening to players

Very disappointed with the game being playing for nearly Year and a half. You have to spend a lot of money to build a good roster but be aware that they can change the heroes you paid money for at a moments notice without any compensation. All the time and effort I spent in money and resources wasted due to changes made by the company with no regard to a players point of view. Do not play this game, you have been warned.....

- Fraudulent enterprise

Players are encouraged to spend to get hero’s of the month. Takes time and investment to level up. Then the developers near the hero’s. unscrupulous behaviour and fraud at scale in these coved 19 times. You have been warned

- Telluria nerf

Telluria - £150 May Atlantis summoning £250- 2x Atomos, Elkanen, 2x Clarissa Telluria nerf = F... you SM!!!!!! I’m done

- Great Game

I think this is a great game.

- Addictive and fun but intrinsically unfair

Great for making freinds, working together in wars and doing challenges is all good fun. However. While the designers insist that pulling hero’s is fair and strictly random based on predefined % chance of getting the top hero’s, After a year and spending hundreds I have the same number of 5* as some co alliance members have achieved in 30 pulls (which in itself is quite an investment) but my advice is if you do not seem to have a “lucky” profile, be careful on the cash you commit.

- Disapointment

I am playing around 2 years, spent lot of money and most of my 5* heroes are from training camp. Contacted support as comparing to people from my alliance I am very ‚weak’ player, all draws give me either 3*s or if any 5* same ones I have from training camp. It is well frustrating as I am not playing for free but have no benefits from spending money. People from my alliance are spending less money or none and have powerful teams and getting many goods to level them up, when I am struggling with simplest potions as have not enough building materials. I know it is luck- but with that much money spent- there should be at least small benefit. Will stop playing as I cannot grow anymore and it’s a source of frustration. Game should be fun and let you develop- not get you down all the time.

- Taking advantage of the “Stay At Home” instruction

Yet another update (2 updates in 48hrs) to remove any negative feedback, such as my previous review. That’s ok. I can copy and paste from notes 😉 Here you go Cowboys 🤠 Been playing this for almost two years and every review I write, gets deleted, obviously by yourselves because I am showing how you constantly make your algorithms unbeatable and us players dipping further into our pockets to give you thieving fkers more money. Once upon a time, it used to take a Titan several hits at my heroes to defeat them. Now, one blast at my 5 Star hero and he/she is defeated by your Titan. Or, if we create a team of 4 green and 1 red against your *Blue Titan. Very strange how no *green tiles either come up for ages or be able to create a hit. You just get 2 or 3 tiles scattered across the board and unable to link them for a hit. *(example of colours but whatever we create, you have an algorithm that gets around it). And now, taking advantage of the World’s “Stay At Home” instruction buy creating four or more popups every time you open the app to take even more of your money. People are dying. People are losing loved ones from this virus and yet, all you’re interested in, is how much more money you can get out of people. You’re disgusting and nothing but a bunch of THIEVES and should show a lot more compassion when people are not earning money during this “Stay At Home” instruction🖕

- Broken

As all these games, get 1 hour in and either have to start paying for stuff or can’t continue to enjoy without waiting hours or being mismatched against opponents who are much stronger leaving you with only one option to progress. Pay To Win. Simple.

- Addictive

One word

- Empires

This game is the best game I have EVER PLAYED IN MY LIFE 😍😍😍😍 you have to download it everyone

- Need Money to get the good Hero’s

I’ve been playing for 18 months now, I only have four 5* hero’s all season one, three of them from training camps only one fro a pull. To get anywhere in this game or to get season two or three hero’s be prepared to pay out for them. That is the only frustrating thing other than that the game would be very enjoyable, but 18 months to only pull one 5* is crap to be honest, maybe they need to look at a way to improve free to play chances of getting these hero’s, maybe new training camps for different season hero’s?

- Money, money ,money

The game is good, and being part of a team is important, but Unless your willing to spend big, or regularly it will take ages to be at a level where you can really compete. Unless you spend big, you have little chance of getting anything from the game, even the last level training camp has a terrible return on high level hero’s. The opportunity to get better hero’s needs to improve!

- Good but won’t launch since update

I would give five stars but since the update the game won’t launch. This also happened with another game app that updated recently. They didn’t get back to me so let’s see if the devs of this app do get back to me!

- Mind blowing game

This game is one of my funniest games I’ve played in my life

- Love game but 28.1 a disaster

Love the game and played for as long as I can remember. I have updated to version 28.1 and now it just keeps crashing on me.

- Terrible update.

Since the last update the game repeatedly crashes and will not let me purchase anything ‘states system error try later’ Had this game for over a year no issues till now.

- Very Rigged Game Play

Highly controlled game play. Extremely rigged rewards system leading players towards having to pay to play. Experience, skill and dedication worth nothing. Try a different game. Don’t waste your time or money.

- Good game but.........

It’s a fun game but in recent upgrades 5* heroes seem never to summon even will large 10 item bulk summons which can cost a lot. Also there seems to be a lack of upgrade materials which never used to be the case. Be prepared to spend a lot of money on this game if you want to progress quickly to the higher levels as the free to play and micro transactions bring in next to nothing.

- P2W

This game is pure pay to win. Good luck getting any decent heroes. 2.5 years playing and I have acquired six 5* heroes. Six. That’s even with a few gem purchases. I have done countless epic hero summons, Atlantis summons, event summons. Even getting a 4* troop is impossible. Becomes boring, very close to uninstalling this game. Money grabbing company.

- Help with account

Can someone tell me how I can recover my account I had to uninstall the game because it wouldn’t load up so I reinstalled it and all my progress has vanished I’m waiting for a response from smallgiant but not heard anything yet other than than this it’s been a fantastic game

- Pretty good actually

Lots of folks who must b buying their way to a strong team. I have spent nothing but time and I have acquired my first 5 * character. Must b 3 months of playing more or less daily for bout half an hour to an hour. Love the strategy involved in building base.

- Slooooow and overly complicated

Very obviously pay-to-play skewed, since as a new player you can’t do much. You run out of everything so quickly, and have to wait for everything to regenerate (battles, resources). There is no in-game help and the mechanics are downright baffling. Even with levelling up heroes you are stuck replaying the same dozen or so battles, to get the necessary equipment to train new ones. There are better match-3 adventure games that don’t keep stopping you from playing/forcing you to pay for in-game currency, and with a much richer world lore. This one is tedious and boring. Uninstalling.

- 🥳🤩

Best game and thank you the month’s hero :)

- Good game

Not to bad

- Rubbish and fixed

You need to sort this crap out. The random draw function is clearly fixed, and when you lose a game midway through due to loss of connection, you get a loss AND lose all of the materials used during that game. Sort it out, now.

- Good Game

Good game but you either need to spend loads of money or have lots of patience

- Good mechanics but too pay to win

If you’re a boomer that has loads of expendable income then this is the perfect dopamine dispenser. The core game mechanics are pretty decent and unique but you have to pay for anything decent and it ruins it.

- Good game

It’s a very good game it gives you the chance to choose from characters

- Good game

So good at first challenging though

- Rng

Not bad game but in pvp total random .... I spent hundreds of £££ on heroes but you can get best heroes and not not win anything if you are not lucky on the board .... with one person you play don’t kill him even one hero and you get revenge and win it without loosing any of your hero ... Pve really easy later when you get good heroes .... Brutal rng is only think what make me really upset and it’s in dropping heroes too

- Good game

At first I didn’t get what to do but I got the hang of it.

- You don’t need to spend.

I’ve been playing for over a year and I don’t understand all the reviews saying you have to spend money. I have several decent teams and only brought a VIP (£2.99) once because I wanted to make some contribution as these things aren’t free to create. I enjoy it without spending.

- Raid

Raid is good because it’s fun it’s feasting and it’s putting you to the test but the update ruined it a little but I still love it you should give it a try but it would be good if you could pick your own characters from eny portal or enything if your playing against enyother player sorry if my spellings are bad I’m playing on phone

- Con Merchants

Don’t waste your time or money. Just another attempt by some geeks to shake you down for as much money as possible. If I could give no stars, I would.

- Not good

Game starts of good, but after level 10 you will find you keep losing to lower levels. I had one where I got all players energy right down but then my attacks had no effect. Also do not spend money on this game when I was waiting for my diamonds to build up enough to but characters I got good higher level characters as soon as I spent money I have only received lower level characters or characters I’ve already got, it’s a con to get you to spend more money. I won’t spend another penny on this game, I only play it when I have nothing to do.

- First day I got the game 🔱

The new game was fun but hard for me 🥰🙂🧐

- OK

It's OK and that's about it. The assistant is very annoying. I don't need telling over and over how to join three shapes. It leaves nothing for self discovery.

- 👎


- Fix this game

Yet again the daily lotus quest is faulty. Have made the required match 7 today 3 times now but still the game show i need this to win. Pretty poor. Not the first time. SORT IT OUT!

- Tough if you don’t spend

Like many free games, this looks great as you get started but you quickly realise you need to be part of a good team (thankfully I am!) and willing to occasionally buy some stuff! It helps if you know what all the various characters actually do! I’m still working on ‘buffs’ and ‘dispells’!

- Fix Raids - NOW!

In a team-power-based game, overpowered characters have no place at all! Losing to a team with 350 points less than you is a clear sign of overpowered characters. Fix this - now! Decent game utterly ruined by massively overpowered characters!


New stronghold levels, new buildings, lvl 20 training with a chance of legendary heroes. When will you deliver? I hardly ever get anything above a 3* hero and ive just updated and dont see a single thing different.

- Trash

Don’t waste your time and especially your money.

- Stopped working

It was a great game until it stopped working. I got to level 20 and now I can no longer connect to the game. My internet connection is working fine and the game is up to date...🤷‍♂️

- Great strategy game

Keeps you thinking. Lots of options to stop it getting monotonous. No need to spend money to get where you want to go. Just be strategic.

- Yak

I reckon that empires and puzzles should give the option to have more than five teams Like have a minimum of teams and maximum of about ten teams

- Great Game - At the beginning

A great game at the beginning, but unless you spend money, you will not progress. It’s almost like there is a logarithm in play - unless you pay, you will not advance, as you rarely get good hero’s above 3 Stars, and certain items like trapping tools, shield and hidden blades are very rarely found, therefore you can not ascend your hero. Best part is being in an alliance and you get to chat with people from around the world. Pity, as it is a good game.

- Rip off

I recently unpacked 30 summon package and many times 10 summon package on Atlantis but all I received is 1 of 5 star and 2 of 4 stars. This game getting worse and worse. Even if you spend money on this game you will never receive what you really want. All it gives on summons and chests are rubbish now

- Better opinions

It would be good if u good trade with people in your group

- Stink game

Terribly unfair. Those who defend it are just ptw losers

- Regular crashes

The game is fun but the regular crashes are frustrating :-(

- A pleasure to play

Played a lot of mobile games over the years and the majority require a lot of real money to advance as well as being online for long periods of time else you get out Found this a much more pleasurable game where its up to the individual to pay to win rather then being bombarded with ads to purchase items. Gratz to developers great game to play at my leasure

- Good game

I love it

- ㅋ


- Fast beginning

It’s a fun game that combines strategy with puzzles. I’m you start moving up quickly but it soon becomes a grind fest to get anywhere. Just like in life, if you want to advance and win quickly you need to have money to burn. In this it’s for gems to summon more powerful units and to get bonuses like extra builders to build your base.

- Good

Wish it wasn’t so expensive to get upgrades. It’s hard to continue if you’re not vip

- Great game

I’m really having fun with the game, Don’t want to spend money to rush through????? Well then relax, sit back,what’s the hurry?

- Addictive

Love it!

- Great

Its a really good RPG time waster, love playing it

- Good


- Ggs


- Very good games

Very good games

- Empires & Puzzles

My friend introduced me to this game and I must say it’s really fun and addictive! If you like strategic puzzle games & RPG character building you’ll love this game! 10/10

- Great game

Haven’t had a problem since I started.

- Best game

Such a fun and creative game

- Top game


- Great fun

Great fun

- Giving up

I have spend hundreds of dollars but just can’t get any were, I’ve been on level 26 for 6 month now. I’ve used all my diamonds and every accessories I’ve earned but it’s just too difficult to kill those suckers. The developer must adjust the strength or our opponents so at least we can get some reward of spending all these money buy diamonds.

- Game

Good game

- Where’s the update

It’s a great game but, today we got a message saying the game is closing due to a new update. WHERES THE UPDATE????

- Big bird

I love this game so much fun

- Great game

Good variety of challenges, keeps it interesting. No free rides but don’t have to spend money. Rewards patience.

- Paywall Scam

I have now had enough of this game and its cash grab scam. Yes the game is fun make absolutely no mistake, but don't be fooled as the fun doesn't last forever. I always throw some bucks at a free game if I enjoy it. So far I have thrown down $22 for absolutely nothing. I get it that the game becomes difficult at a certain point and there is your paywall, if you enjoy the game enough ”pay” a little to carry on, if not no probs, stop playing. But when you pay to unlock better characters to get you past this point only to find out its a chance like 1% of getting something useful I get angry at the developers greed. My $22 has literally got me the same nonsense you get for free!!! Like I say, good game, to a point.

- Great game

It’s similar to candy crushed but it is a lot more challenging and fun to play.

- GG 10/10

Really love this game it’s combines my 2 favourite elements base-building and match 3 10/10 great game 👍👌

- good

good game

- Good


- Knight of Heavens Army’s

When you start it’s quick and easy to progress towards a multi tear game platform. Adventure awaits!

- Annoying

Game is addictive. Sadly enemies gets more powerful 10x! And what would Stronghold do? It’s a waste of time. Why can’t we just keep upgrading buildings without it. Can be confusing playing this game. I don’t want to waste my money by buying anything. I just stick to collecting 😆 but can be a very long process 😆

- Money grubbing in app purchase nightmare

Fun to start with, then becomes impossible to play unless you pay and pay for gems. The in app rating system only brings you here if you click 5 stars. 1-4 takes you to their support email. Disgusting!

- Good


- Greedy

I saw the review on this game and agree with what they are saying. The greed you want out of games like these is outrageous as all you are doing is lining your own pockets with the money you can get your hands on to a point if they use their credit cards you just take even more money so that when a bill comes in they wonder why it’s so high until they see they haven’t paid the extra money on the game that’s on the bill even when they have deleted it. Why take what isn’t yours as it’s just theft and the people who in good faith think they are playing a free game but in the end they find they are still having to pay out money. Let people know they have to pay money after a certain level instead of saying download for free. Download for free but then end up having to pay money to play the game and unable to open the game without having to pay real cash to play it or it’s only for phones but still can’t play unless you pay money to play the game. Shocking shocking shocking. Thank goodness I have lawyers in my family who checkout what the kids are downloading and are aware of what games can be played free and what games will have to be paid for sometime down the line or to play the game at all. Don’t you know it’s daylight robbery to do what you are doing.

- Good game

The game is very good but if patience isn’t your go, then this game might not be for you. You do progress fairly quickly at the start but upon reaching a certain level things slow down and become more of a grind. Joining a active team will help during these stages and help you progress further. I enjoy this challenging game.

- Very nice gameeeee

It's pre cool

- Error

This game is waste of time and I am not playing it anymore because it is working good till you reach level 20 but then you can’t increase your troop’s ability, it ask you for spending money and also all updates will take more then 2 days which is completely weird. Do not waste your time guys. Also if you got some crystals and try to buy a new hero then you never get that particular hero but you get something different which is error of this game. I hope my review will save your life and time. Cheers from Australia...

- It’s okay

Pretty fun gem match game having special abilities and characters is fun.build times are good.only negative is it has a play cost so you can only play game some much before have to wait for it to recharge if it didn’t have this it be awesome as you’d be able to reply and grind out resources to upgrade hero’s to fight stronger levels unfortunately the

- Great

Great play and fun

- Fun but slow to progress

This game is fun to begin with. However as you progress it becomes slower than slow. Everything begins to cost an arm and a leg and it’s an endless waiting game. Sad when it’s such a fun game.

- Love it

It's a very addictive game can't stop playing it

- Wow

Like this app takes my free time lol enjoyable but what about those who don’t have data but sha it is interesting

- Bashir Venom

Great great game

- Good role play

The story allows the game player to build a good empires and your protected from raid bands. The games allows us to take time off.

@DiazCanelB: For the African peoples, profound love. #Cuba honors African heritage with doctors and teachers, solidarity and sisterhood…

@hillsongunited: Today marks 5 years since we released Empires! What's your favourite song?

@_klyklyy: Ils avaient aussi une grande source de motivation spirituelle. Ces empires coloniaux étaient dans la majorité des chrétiens.…

@hillsongunited: Today marks 5 years since we released Empires! What's your favourite song?

Profesor: Si les menciono un arco y flecha, en que piensan? Mi respuesta: Age of empires gordo virgo de mierda

Empires was 🥺🥺🥺. I love every song on that album. Hallelujah, Prince of Peace, Here Now....

4 Things I'm Looking For In Age of Empires IV: Part II: "Formations play an important role…

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Empires & Puzzles Epic Match 3 29.0.1 Screenshots & Images

Empires & Puzzles Epic Match 3 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Empires & Puzzles Epic Match 3 iphone images
Empires & Puzzles Epic Match 3 iphone images
Empires & Puzzles Epic Match 3 iphone images
Empires & Puzzles Epic Match 3 iphone images
Empires & Puzzles Epic Match 3 iphone images
Empires & Puzzles Epic Match 3 iphone images
Empires & Puzzles Epic Match 3 iphone images
Empires & Puzzles Epic Match 3 iphone images
Empires & Puzzles Epic Match 3 iphone images
Empires & Puzzles Epic Match 3 iphone images
Empires & Puzzles Epic Match 3 ipad images
Empires & Puzzles Epic Match 3 ipad images
Empires & Puzzles Epic Match 3 ipad images
Empires & Puzzles Epic Match 3 ipad images
Empires & Puzzles Epic Match 3 ipad images
Empires & Puzzles Epic Match 3 ipad images
Empires & Puzzles Epic Match 3 ipad images
Empires & Puzzles Epic Match 3 ipad images
Empires & Puzzles Epic Match 3 ipad images
Empires & Puzzles Epic Match 3 ipad images
Empires & Puzzles Epic Match 3 Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Empires & Puzzles Epic Match 3 Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Empires & Puzzles Epic Match 3 (Version 29.0.1) Install & Download

The applications Empires & Puzzles Epic Match 3 was published in the category Games on 2017-03-01 and was developed by Small Giant Games [Developer ID: 791124596]. This application file size is 236.43 MB. Empires & Puzzles Epic Match 3 - Games posted on 2020-05-01 current version is 29.0.1 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Empires & Puzzles Epic Match 3 Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes
Frequent/Intense Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor

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