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Epic heroes, monsters and action await in this thrilling, tactical battle RPG!

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"A challenging game of strategy and puzzles"
"We're impressed by this epic match-three adventure"

Players are saying:
"Awesome game. This will keep me busy for months!"
"Really fun, great production values!"

Empires & Puzzles is a completely new take on RPG games, combining match-3 battles and building a mighty stronghold - topped with thrilling PVP duels. Join the battle now!

• Fight - Send your troops charging by making amazing combos!
• Build - Rebuild an immense war fortress!
• Collect – Summon hundreds of powerful heroes and troops!
• Raid - Fight in PvP battles against players from around the world!
• Upgrade – Level up your heroes, buildings and special powers!
• Team Up - Fight mighty Titans with your Alliance!
• Amazing Graphics – Experience detailed monsters, heroes and visual effects in a majestic fantasy world!

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Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest App Description & Overview

The applications Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest was published in the category Games on 2017-03-01 and was developed by Small Giant Games. The file size is 188.88 MB. The current version is 19.1.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Defend your empire with new exciting features!

• Various bug fixes and smaller improvements

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Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest Reviews


Where’s my reward for successful invites ?  ajm0819  1 star

Despite my love for this game...the one star comes from the fact that I invited multiple people to play this game, and have never gotten any of the rewards promised to those who had successful invites. It’s misleading and frustrating.


Y’all are wrong  AntivenomSlays  5 star

This game is AMAZING. You get to group up and talk with others no matter their rank I I think that is rare. They offer tips and mentor the people growing. I have to say that growing your kingdom can be slow but if you play everyday it is really easy to gain things. The chests from killing titans and heroes bring many rare gifts. I think this game is a great way to connect and seeing your heroes level up is the BEST part. The only thing that could improve is there should be trading amongst the members in alliances. It would be faster that way everyone in the alliance can benefit from each other.


Very fun  SLACKER268  5 star

Very fun


PvP ruins the game.  TorturXperiment  2 star

This game is fun and has great potential. Unfortunately a lack of balance is killing it. PvP is completely broken. Their hero hits you for 95% of your health. You use the same hero and it gingerly hands out flea bites. On top of that they get to attack 40 times to your one attack and build mana ten times as fast. On top of that whenever you make a match that fills a mana bar the computer one shots that hero. On top of all of this the game is strongly centered around being pay to win. This creates an issue where there are people who drop thousands of dollars on this game and are untouchable. I get that the company needs to make money. I just wish they would do it without screwing people who don’t have vast quantities of disposable income.


Fun time wasting game  RBS1966  5 star

You don’t have to spend to have fun and win....although it helps....pretty cool game, do recommend


Plenty to keep you entertained  Dusterbottom3815  5 star

I've only been playing for a little while, but I've enjoyed it. Being able to upgrade is what keeps it interesting. Thank you.


Great  Emmett1101211  4 star

Great game can’t wait to play


Not too bad  JZdizzle  5 star

Not to shabby for a free to play game. I’ve played better but I’ve played worse


hejbdhdosmnc  cucosmydad  1 star

i to be a little while ago but it is a little bit more fun time but it was really good but the heck did it really cool beans and then we had lunch here and it went well but it was a really long time but we had to go back out and you do the same as europe was the time of it so ya got a little something like it just got out of it and then we town was fine and then we’ll get together again soon and then i is a way you to come home to get to the shower so i was a time for you and your mom


Dncbg  fjrigitkicjgj  5 star

Awesome game but I was talking to my friend toy that also plays this and I said what if they add in where if you are in trouble in a fight you can call back up from your alliance so that would be good if you can add it dis is from me

Deb sut

It’s amazing  Deb sut  5 star

It’s is such a great game and I just love it. You can meet new people and get great hero’s I just love it.


🥺  5427&0  2 star

I am really into this game but after reading the reviews I’m not going to play it anymore


Super  bEnNyBoY111111102  5 star

Super fun game been looking for one like it for ages


Cards  gh0s57  3 star

Very good game I actually really enjoy this game and spend a lot of time on it , only problem is I keep getting 1 or 2 stars cards characters , I only got one 3 star character and it’s the same card everyone gets

Rex Wang jiawen

Every time when this game needs to update  Rex Wang jiawen  1 star

You gonna be kidding me!!!i was in the middle of the raid finishing a hard match and the update cut in. Can’t you just fking wait a bit let me finish my raid????

ElGrotto The First

Addictive  ElGrotto The First  5 star

Good mix


Rip off  12345acdsrt456  1 star

Just a bunch of greedy developers


There are wayyyy too many bits you need to skip  KrystalLim579  2 star

There’s a lot of cool graphics, but it’s tedious to skip the story lines and in the beginning, you can only do the moves that the app lets you. Might of gotten more interesting later on, but I didn’t get that far before getting bored.


Worst game in history  Roguespetz  1 star

Nothing good about this game, you can lose to a player with half your trophies because it’s so broken. Might be good if you sunk $1000 dollars into gems but these guys are rich enough already. Trash game 0/10 shame I can’t give 0 stars.

This iz how we roll 2820

Empires and Puzzles  This iz how we roll 2820  5 star


King tutttttt

Great game  King tutttttt  5 star

Awesome game very addicting


Mostly good  KTkitara  4 star

Really great game, aside from the hero acquisition. I can only give it 4 stars because that is all it will give me. I’ve spent too much money trying to get 5 star heroes and can’t upgrade my team enough to make it worth spending more. I hope they fix this - it has been a really fun few months.


Greedy game  Timilme  1 star

You can’t progress in this game unless you spend a ton of money...


Fun  Comish069  5 star

Fun game the only thing about the game I would change is the time it takes to gain supplies and the raid role so far as I just started to play can’t find anyone my lvl but one


No Advancement  Spencino  3 star

The game is very fun and has good guild group work. Unfortunately the developers are cheapskates so don’t expect to advance without spending a lot of money.


Awesome  Mfer83  5 star

Awesome and addictive!


Great time sink!  n0gr1p  5 star

Fun game!


非常感谢  六度登彼岸  5 star



Game is fun, but don’t spend money  bookwyrm_86  3 star

The game is fun to play and I enjoy the mechanics. That said, unless you are willing to pay massively, don’t bother with in game purchases. I buy gems to do 10x draws on events and rarely if ever get anything besides duplicate three star heroes. I’ve been playing for a year and have only one or two 3 star event heroes and two of the heroes of the month. Don’t waste the money, just chug along at an impossibly slow pace and enjoy the chat.


G  fheyfnzvd  5 star

It is good I like the strategy kind of vibes


Great game  Jonesy1701  5 star

This is a great game loads of fun and no need to spend any money if you don’t want to


It’s interesting  M3galodonul  3 star

It has more to offer than I initially expected. Very surprised that it’s not the money sink hole your average mobile game is. I hate that there’s too much luck involved. Basically, whether you win or lose a battle against another player it’s entirely down to your luck, discussing.


Rip off  Wayne_kav  1 star

This game gives you no encouragement to play unless you're willing to spend money, and lots of it, don't waste your time if you are not willing to break the bank. Scam!


Great game  Beaky18  5 star

Great game


Great game  Cclwq  5 star

Great game to play anytime anywhere fun and very well done o


Not working  gfhhgggg  1 star

My game keeps telling me to update when there’s nothing to update can ye fix your game?


Rip off  TheTruetrev  1 star

I can honestly say that I’ve never before come across a game that encourages you so much to spend money and when you do gives you absolutely nothing. If you are going to play this game, don’t be tempted to buy anything- the game is entirely oriented against giving you anything of any value.

Acid Rain1

Pay to win  Acid Rain1  1 star

Classic pay to win ,at some point you must to pay to advance, no thanks


.  F37ayk1n  3 star

Bad matchmaking


Mr ysbeer  schalkchloe  5 star

Good game

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