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Winner of over a dozen indie gaming awards! Play with squishy clusters of soap bubbles in this mesmerizing new puzzle game. Inflate, mix, match, pop, and win with hundreds of super fun goals to complete.

Fill bubbles with colorful air and push nearby bubbles around using the physics of real bubbles! Break edges between bubbles to mix new colors and create matches of 4 or more. Plan your strategy from a Tetris-style queue to build up cascading chain reactions and longer matches for dazzling bonuses and wilds.

Experience unique surprises down every path! Each of the over 170 handmade puzzles requires new thinking and twisting strategies with ever increasing challenges. Play in 3 different game modes: PUZZLES, ARCADE, and INFINITY. Try to beat 35 bubbly achievements that will test your mastery.

Relaxing ambient music gracefully integrates with the satisfying sounds of popping bubbles. Put on a pair of headphones and experience a new level of flow and mindfulness. Helpful hints are available if you get stuck.

From the vision of artist/coder/designer Stu Denman and inspired by the work of his MIT scientist grandfather, the game brings the beauty of nature to your screen. Incredibly fluid “molecular dynamics engine” animates hundreds of bubbles at 60 FPS.

Help tiny aquatic creatures that are trapped in the bubbles. Avoid greedy jelly crabs and spiky urchins. Love him or hate him, a curious fish named Bloop will surely reveal your nature as an optimist or a pessimist.

Featuring an innovative color-blind mode that provides an authentic and accessible game experience without intrusive icons or patterns.

* No advertisements or in-app purchases. *

------ AWARDS ------
● Winner, Best Mobile Game, Gamer's Voice Award at SXSW
● Winner, Best Quickplay, 14th International Mobile Gaming Awards
● Winner, Google Indie Games Festival
● Winner, Grand Prize, The Label's Indie Showdown
● Official Selection, The PAX 10, Penny Arcade Expo West
● Winner, Amazon Games Forum Showdown
● Winner, Seattle Indie Game Competition
● Winner, Best Overall Game, Intel Buzz Workshop
● Official Selection, Indie Megabooth, PAX West
● Official Selection, Made With Unity Showcase
● Finalist, Intel Level Up
● Finalist, Best Gameplay, AzPlay, Spain

Tiny Bubbles App Description & Overview

The applications Tiny Bubbles was published in the category Games on 2018-05-08 and was developed by Pine Street Codeworks LLC. The file size is 151.45 MB. The current version is 1.3.50 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

● Fixed crashing and missing text for some users.
● Added Swedish translation
Includes updates from version 1.2:
● Support for landscape orientation
● iCloud Save: Your player profiles across all your devices
● Reduced the difficulty of some overly-hard games
● Various bug fixes and improvements

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Tiny Bubbles Reviews


A  junkiejoesephstalin  5 star



Suggestion  Me5000  4 star

I really like this game, and I am almost finished with all, but i am stuck on a couple and have been for weeks. I cannot move forward. For these puzzles there are no hints (because the moves are random and different each time) only extra moves,etc. i would love to have a “surrender” mode where you can solve the puzzle or skip it by earning a bunch of tickets to do that. I find myself just playing for tickets (i have over 300) because i am stuck. I am losing interest, but would like to finish it.


Clever!!  PapaJ357  5 star

Great game!! Would give it 10 stars. Very addicting. Different, fresh, and new twist on puzzle / strategy game. No advertising bombardment or incessant request for in-app purchases like apps used to be before Candy Crush. Does not crash. Only problem, I played it so much, I now need more levels.


Very different! And wish you had other games!  Mic363  5 star

We played more than half way without the infinity play for hints.


Not worth the cost  jen2525  3 star

I will start out by saying that I really enjoyed playing this game. But, given the cost I expected a lot more. I beat all the levels very quickly, and unless you want to replay things you already know the solution to your only option is to have a very small number of moves in the continuous play, and then come back in 3 hours. And no, I don't want to pay for 30 seconds every three hours with a game I paid for.


Epic Game  Rawbynx  5 star

I have never been so enthralled with a game. I have finished all levels and I’m hoping for more. It’s beautiful, relaxing, challenging, and fun. Thank you for this gem.


GOOD  bjzooboy  5 star



Beautiful, intuitive and accessible  CHeidner  5 star

This is a beautiful game both visually and in design. When a color-based game has colorblind accessibility built seamlessly into the tutorial in a no-nonsense way, I’m sold. But beyond the accessibility, it’s a visually pretty game; the colors are cheerful, but soothing and fit with the relaxing, water-based design really well. The fish (Bloop) is cute and adds to gameplay. Finally, the game itself has hints and help, but is intuitive enough for a regular puzzler to solve without using them. So far, I’ve finished the first world in about 30 minutes of playing and am looking forward to the remaining worlds. Each world has plenty of levels so I anticipate enjoying this one for a while. :) All in all- definitely worth the $4.99 for supporting this well-developed, well-designed game.


Beautiful, Organic & Clever  Momo926  5 star

Beautifully designed game with just the perfect amount of complexity. Gets progressively more challenging as the levels progress. If you’re after a lightweight distraction, this is a must have. I didn’t really get stumped until the second to last puzzle, but there were many that took an embarrassing amount of tries to accomplish. Nevertheless, I felt like I could accomplish without having to buy a power up of some sort, and I appreciated that.


Not relaxing! It told me to move faster!  Loopy2005  1 star

I hate games that make me move fast! This game was supposed to be relaxing and like Zen. It is not!!! I just started it and it already told me I had to move faster! I like 1010 because it doesn’t require me to move fast. I am exhausted at the end of the day and do not want a game that makes me move fast! I am going to ask for my money back as soon as it shows up in Apple because this is not a relaxing game and the game has no right to tell me to move faster if I am supposed to be relaxing!

Blwg 57

Fascinating  Blwg 57  5 star

This game is both relaxing and challenging at the same time. Simple in concept and a satisfying pleasure to achieve each puzzle after a bit of effort.


Interesting & accessible...  etho_dog  4 star

... but can’t get the in game sound to work.


Bubblicious!  Obelisk8  5 star

Super soothing, slow, sweet puzzler. A beautifully calming experience.

Dan the Reviewing Man

Colorblind friendly and fun  Dan the Reviewing Man  5 star

I’m red-green colorblind and was very happy to find this game offers different palettes to make it easier to play


Amazing  andrewthewriter  5 star

This is the best phone game I have ever played. Well done, Devs.


Fun for all ages  jabainbridge  5 star

Beautiful cognitive teaser for all ages


Fascinating & intriguing  ginlindzey  5 star

I first saw this game at SXSW. I barely played it but was immediately intrigued by the realistic bubble movement (based on science)as well as the cleverness of the puzzles. The animation is delightful, background music is non intrusive. Totally worth the money.


I Just Don’t Get It  Poof2subdivision3x  3 star

It seems so easy, but then they keep changing the ways you can pop bubbles and i’m totally confused about what to do so i fumble along till i succeed by losing a bunch of times and frankly it’s just not great fun because of the poor instructions and the complexity involved. I’m a born chess player and puzzles are my meat. This is just silly frustration because of inadequate tutorials. It’s like playing chess without knowing which pieces do what.


Worth way more than the price tag  Lucybydesign  5 star

This is one of the most creative match-X games I have seen in a long time and there’s a lot to love about it. - Plenty of content (like at least 50 levels?), and appealing to multiple types of puzzlers. It has two main “paths”, one is logic-focused and the other is a timing/skill puzzle blend. I like both types but what’s especially nice is that you have options for what to play when you get stumped or tired of one level type and need a break. - High amount of polish! The soap bubble physics is insanely good and I have yet to see any kind of graphical mishap. - Lots of interesting goal types; Among them is an cute AI-controlled fish that adds an interesting challenge. - Seamless tutorials, and a hint system that is highly accessible, but still imposes limits to prevent brute-forcing. I could go on. Been following this game on Twitter for the past year and I was shocked they *only* made it $2.99. Buy the heck out of this game and support PSCW for making such a brilliant game. 👍


Delightful  Cory WAZZU  5 star

Great little puzzles. Really enjoy the game play. Beautiful design of the bubble movement.

The original PR0T0C0L

Challenging and Fun  The original PR0T0C0L  5 star

Love the way this game makes you think differently with each puzzle!


Lovely puzzle game  Oyaji_82  4 star

The vornoi-esque math behind the bubbles alone is worth the price of this app. Quite well balanced and the different puzzle types help keep things interesting Small note to devs that the tips on "Diego Sea" puzzle don't communicate the solution well/accurately. This might just be a general issue with how tips function in a non-turn-based puzzle game.


Alright  This_Chucks  3 star

Bought it because of hype. But I agree with some reviews that it does tend to get boring at times. Also some in the arcade mode get difficult. Took me about 26 tries to get past one of them.

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