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Following the record-breaking launch of NBA 2K16, the NBA 2K franchise continues to stake its claim as the most authentic sports video game with NBA 2K17. As the franchise that “all sports video games should aspire to be” (GamesRadar), NBA 2K17 will take the game to new heights and continue to blur the lines between video game and reality.

• Revamped Gameplay Controls and physical controller support
• Deeper MyCAREER mode that includes Off-Day Simulator, more MyPLAYER equipment and attribute options, upgraded badge system, and more
• Play with new Historic players
• Expanded EuroLeague with new teams added
• Alternate Team Uniforms
• Earn more Virtual Currency

NBA 2K17 App Description & Overview

The applications NBA 2K17 was published in the category Games on 2016-09-22 and was developed by 2K. The file size is 2.75 GB. The current version is 1.07 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

• Bug Fixes

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Won't download  AkGoalkeeper  1 star

Bought the game, won't download the app? Help

Ray Dobbins Jr.

I'd pay...for a better version  Ray Dobbins Jr.  3 star

I know everything can't be exactly like the console version of the game but could we get the Shaq,Ernie,Kenny at the desk and actually hear about what they have to say...can we make it more realistic like the console like have updated rosters and even a deeper created person with more detail, can the career mode go deep like the console version... (own little loft,college,getting drafted...etc.. if you haven't played the console version it's great..hands down better than this version...I understand that this version is for android and iOS tablets and all that...but I kinda feel like nobody cares to update it or anything.. I'd pay 14.99 if it just would be like the console version...really you could keep this version make a deluxe version of the game place it at 14.99 and then make it like the console version.. I'd pay for better quality..


Total disappointment  mastervandoren  1 star

The game started okay in the beginning, but after playing it for a while it just crashes every time I try to start anything now. It was like, I started a normal game and it shows some knicks sign and then the game just crashes. I tried to reinstall but the same problems remain. It's been month since I had the problem and it's still not being fixed. I'm so mad and frustrated at the developer. What a huge waste of money and compassion for 2K17.

Andy Yolo

Fix bugs  Andy Yolo  3 star

Great game but to many bugs. Fix the standings. I'm currently on a 45 game winning streak and the standings are 40-0 please fix. It's supposed to be 45-0.


Worst game ever purchased  Abefiore  1 star

Terrible bugs and boring game play


Waste my money  Hanboundenayege  1 star

I cannot believe this 2K game on mobile. I really like that game.....on PS4! Who manage this game on mobile? You have to be aware of that is horrible. Don't waste your money. AIN'T NO FUN, FREAKING PRICY

Márkós Mártínéz

Excellent but need add some things  Márkós Mártínéz  3 star

You need to put multiplayer mode or friend online mode because is very boring play the same all the days!! Add change some things of your player etc.. Finally please fix all the bugs it have a lot of bugs


IT WONT DOWNLOAD  tytatorsims  1 star

I just bought this been trying to get it too download for over an hour now. It keeps telling me retry retry, I'm on wifi and deleted apps to have room. Still won't download. After like 8 hours still won't download I WANT MY MONEY BACK.!!


Not fun  BlakegamingYt  1 star

To me it was very boring and bland


Horrible  Hittaz  1 star

It's not worth buying. If your not going to fix anything in the game then stop making NBA plain and simple.


Game crashes  @1kpapiipj  1 star

I Kant play the game anytime I try to play a quick game it kicks me off or freezes plz fix other then that game is amazing

Mr krabz

Good  Mr krabz  3 star

Good but 😐 needs better graphics and better my career appearances if you don't I need my money back please


Want refund  Bruggy1984  1 star

Shooting feels awful so I thought I would get used to it only to get smacked in the face as a Charlotte Hornets fan to hear the game still calls them the Bobcats! Hornets returned in 2014 3 years! OMG please fix.


Slip slide controls  Markalas  1 star

It's IMPOSSIBLE to move your player properly. I keep having my guy look really bad in my career Over and over and over and it's impossible to score.

Greg Rhodes

Awesome game but  Greg Rhodes  4 star

It would really nice if you could see a shot meter when you shoot the ball and it would be really awesome if you can add an online feature so I can play online players. Thanks!!!!


Great game  Fhhrhdhdbggff  3 star

It's a great game but now it's not letting me get into my care I've reset my phone thinking it was that and I've deleted the game and reinstalled it and it still doesn't work. My player is currently maxed out in rating and I spent 50 bucks so that could happen so I hope I didn't lose my money. But good game overall

Tampa Anthony

Worst game ever  Tampa Anthony  1 star

Your teammates never pass to you in the when your in the NBA this game is awful don't waste your money!


Overall pretty good, some tweaks needed.  Puros_bran  4 star

The biggest thing I'd change: During quarter changes and halftime we should get to change the lineup. It matters.. say you are getting killed in the rebounding and you want to put a player in with better rebounding, that's great but at the end of the quarter/half you have to burn a timeout or hope for a foul/out-of-bounds to get the change. A lessor gripe but still a gripe...The amount of coin needed to make your player a star in MyPlayer is ridiculous. By the time he can fulfill his role on the team he's on the downward spiral to retirement. One last change I would make. In season mode allow trades without messing up awards. Give the AI a simple need/player rank system to accept or deny trades. Edited in: We seriously need an update. The only two modes I can play since last update are Season or Mycareer. The blacktop and quick game modes force close every time before it starts.


Awesome game but one thing  The_gman21x3  4 star

The game has great graphics for a mobile game but when ever you shoot and the timing is green, IT NEVER GOES IN!!!! Fix that and the game is five stars

Bo Quiroz

"Unable to download NBA 2k17"  Bo Quiroz  1 star

I want my money back

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