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Stop wasting time editing photos of your inventory! Now you can quickly add the product name, size and personal watermark to your photos so you can get inventory to market faster than ever.

Consultant Aide App Description & Overview

The applications Consultant Aide was published in the category Business on 2016-05-16 and was developed by Matthew Orahood. The file size is 26.59 MB. The current version is 1.3.2 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

New Features:
- Added ShopTheRoe integration. For more information on ShopTheRoe visit

- New labels will default to the last position a label was dragged to
- Added setting for default flash mode for camera. Default is ON. You can change it to OFF on the Settings screen. You can always change it to AUTO,ON,OFF within the camera as well. So there is a lot of flexibility here.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed bug where empty watermark text labels would show up as a small dot on the screen
- Fixed bug with crooked labels and labels escaping outside of bounds
- Added background task for loading saved labels to hopefully prevent any crashes that occur after taking a photo

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Not for iPad  K-Mac121  2 star

Bought this expecting to use it on my iPad. The ratios are undoubtedly different for iPad and the text is very small and runs over itself. I have messaged the developer, and they are aware of the issue but unsure of when it can be fixed. Great concept, but of no use to me because I do not have an iPhone. Wish I had known before I purchased, instead of having to try to find a second app to purchase that will work for me.


Love this app!  Gbatts2  5 star

The improvements just keep getting better and better! Love the STR auto upload feature saves me a ton of time! Thanks for a great product


Latest update is fantastic!  Ommelissa  5 star

The new update is saving me loads of time on of the more time consuming aspects of my business.


Love!!  LuLaLaurie  5 star

This app has taken a lot of stress and work off my plate. Now with the upload to STR! Love this app. Slight learning curve, but well worth it


Horrible  dmndz87  1 star

It doesn't even open!!! It was working alright, only quitting on me from time to time, but now it won't open anymore. This app has only gotten worse with updates, too. It has become less and less user-friendly.


I know I will sound dumb, but  D22996  3 star

I have and IPad Pro. How can I uninstall or update this app? Can't figure it out for the life of me!!!


Another Update...  Becks2249  1 star

Decided to start using this App again after the major overhaul/new app debacle from earlier this year. Wanted to give it another chance even though I much prefer the first version. Now I updated my phone last night and this app just crashes. Open it and it crashes. Nothing more frustrating than a non-working app.


Love it...just wish it were a bit more user friendly  SamLLLR23  5 star, I love the old version. I like the new version and new features. Sometimes the watermark gets stuck if you accidentally put it too far outside the frame. If that happens, you have to delete the entire app (losing all your settings) and redownload. There is no way of being able to get the watermark back ON the picture once you've accidentally made that mistake...and I've made it several times. Oi. Personal preference...I think squares look more clean cut than bubble/rounded edge things and I would love to have the option to change that. Other than those things, I enjoy the app and really appreciate the new features of STR transfer.


Why  Mominthesandbox  1 star

Every time you push and update everything on the old version crashed and you have to uninstall it which means you lose all your setting and then you can't get anything back to how you had it! The point was uniform pictures just STOP


Time saver  Missyjo1680  5 star

This app has made things so much easier for me. I can get my pictures taken and loaded with ease.


Fix the bugs!  Pinner4Eva  1 star

I'm all for change especially when it's supposed to make or lives easier. And I truly appreciate the developer for all the hard work and energy put into this. Before the update the app started crashing pretty consistently every time I used it. Now, it crashes on every single picture I take! This is making my photo process twice as long when I bought this app to try to streamline and make it easier. Please fix the bugs.


Thank You  smjcb61  5 star

We're brand new consultants. This app has been a great timesaver for us!

Betsy porter

Lularoe fashion consultant  Betsy porter  1 star

WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?!?! All my Inventory pictures looked perfect, cohesive, and my customers loved it. Now ALL my inventory from now on are going to look off. I hate the upgrade. Now I feel like in need to redo all my inventory pictures to match the new platform. Which we all know that's not happening. Bring back the old platform which existed prior to the update on 1/14/17


Terrible Update!  Mommyofboys16  1 star

The update changed everything! I know have to retake 600 pictures in order to get my old items to match the 300 new pictures I have to take! I will be using another app from here on out! Do NOT recommend this app!

Lularoe Harley Cardinal

They work hard to keep the app working for everyone.  Lularoe Harley Cardinal  5 star

Thank you!


I like the upgrade :)  Klsilva514  5 star

I personally enjoy the upgrade. I did enjoy the simplicity of the old version but this one offers a lot more customization. Not everyone's photos will look the same. It's easy to learn and easy to use! Thanks a lot :)


Ruined  Chris5653  2 star

App used to work great until update, now I will no longer use it. The styling is entirely different and it takes more steps to finish a photo than before. It slowed the whole process down to much.


Updated rating  Amanda83  4 star

I had previously rated the new update poorly, but now that I've gotten used to the changes, I can appreciate them. My favorite feature is that saving the photo to the camera roll is built in. With the previous version I would sometimes take a string of photos without saving them to my phone.


Used to be awesome until the update  Anifir  1 star

This app used to be my go-to but it got severely ruined with the new update. I cannot believe I recommended this to hundreds of consultants who, along with myself, spent $8 on it. Waste of money. The new version is the most annoying app to use and makes my business photos look cheap. Do not waste your time or money!

Parents protect kids

Fantastic App  Parents protect kids  5 star

This is so easy to use and I love all the options! It has made it easy for me to take photos and label them. Thank you thank you!!!

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