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Stop wasting time editing photos of your inventory! Now you can quickly add the product name, size and personal watermark to your photos so you can get inventory to market faster than ever.

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The applications Consultant Aide was published in the category Business on 2016-05-16 and was developed by Matthew Orahood. The file size is 27.36 MB. The current version is 1.3.4 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

This is the second incremental release of updates to Consultant Aide! I am focusing on tackling the bugs that have been pestering you for months! Check out the changes below:

- fixed the leggings integration with ShopTheRoe
- fixed the Scarlett integration with ShopTheRoe

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Consultant Aide Reviews


When it works it's helpful...  Apete99  1 star

So tired of how easy it is to accidentally move the style/size off the screen and then not be able to move it back. You would think this would not happen much but it does frequently and closing out the app doesn't fix it. So much time wasted trying to get it to work again. Otherwise the app does help save time when you can get it to work.


Doesn't work  Rachelle1989  1 star

For a couple months this app hasn't worked!! They're very quick to take my $3 a month for the app but I can't even open it to cancel my subscription! I've updated the app so even the latest version is screwed up!


Not working  Lulacatherinecheely  1 star

Every time I try to open the app I get kicked out. Very frustrating....


Getting the boot  Iamtiredofchanginhmynickname  1 star

Tired of constantly getting booted out of this app. I have the latest version and it won't even open.


Love it!  Wyopassion  5 star

I love this app and recommend to everyone. I have no issues what so ever. I like the layout way better than the boxes. I like the fact I can hide the tags but still have them so they still upload to STR.. no issues..

AB snazzy pants

Great  AB snazzy pants  4 star

It's a great tool and makes taking pictures quick and easy. The only thing I wish it had that it doesn't is the capability to insert text on to a picture. For example if I wanted to describe the colors because they are hard to photograph. So I still have to use a different app to add that which is a pain in the tush. Maybe we can get that in a future update!


Horrible  Tiff238  1 star

I'm so upset that I purchased this app. For $7.99, it should do so much more. It looks sloppy compared to all the other apps with the same NAME!!!! Such a waste!


UPDATE H & L  tucci22  1 star

Please update the pricing and what not on H & L it's all wrong and super frustrating to have to go in and change it and add stuff. Please just update the pricing!!!! Other than that a good application


Nope.  LLR Aly  1 star

I never used the "old version" that everyone loved, but I thought I'd give this a shot. It's just not user friendly and I don't like the design of the label. I can't even find how to change it... I'd assume that's an option? The best method I've found for product photos is using Word Swag. The font style is current and doesn't look "dated" and it's really simple to use! Time saver! I was hoping Consultant Aide would have been a time saver, but by the time I figure it out I could have rephotographed my entire inventory! Hope they can make improvements so it's easy to use and looks nice!


I can't open the app  LAJCWalker  1 star

It's crashing upon opening



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SYCFI sycfi 3 star

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Justice JusticeJFK 3 star

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LuLaRoe Melinda Stentoft

Dislike the update!  LuLaRoe Melinda Stentoft  1 star

Dislike the update!! Switched to Lulacollage, much easier to use!! I needed to get rid of a App! Thanks for making that a easy choice😑


Horrible Update!  LularoeLisaAbbott  1 star

No more uniformity of pics and graphics. No longer specific to LuLaRoe! This update is awful! Why?!?! Deleting now. REFUND!


Too much work now  Bytstmb  2 star

I don't love this latest update. Every time I have to change a style/size, having to remove and move and do all these steps is driving me crazy! It also doesn't keep the photos cohesive because the labels are never in the exact same spot. It's becoming too much of a pain in the butt. I am super bummed, the previous version was so much better.


The old version needs to come back!  SMaxerdoodler  1 star

Is there a way to un update this app. I loved the old version. The update is so terrible. I have no idea what to do for all my new photos of inventory. So frustrated and on the verge of a mental breakdown because of this update.


Great App  EDuss  5 star

It takes a little adjusting but the improvements are great! Thanks Matt.


Thank you!  LLR VT  5 star

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for improving the app! I love it even more and I will recommend to my team ❤


Not bad, still room for improvement  Eliz0502  4 star

I don't mind the new update however there are things that would be beneficial changes. For example when you have to put a new bar for the style on the picture you have to drag it down from the top every time instead of it just populating in the center where you have put them previously and also when you're dragging it sometimes it will end up crooked and it's really hard to straighten it they should make the bars stay horizontal and just slide up and down the picture and not be able to tilt because it doesn't look professional when your label is crooked. Also I wish there was an option to either have the size in the bar or in the tiny bubble under the bar. I ended up creating custom labels for all of my styles and sizes so that the size could be in the bar with the style instead of in the tiny bubble. Other than that I love the new zoom feature and I don't feel like it's harder to take pictures within the app like some reviews were saying


Update is terrible  RetailGamerMom  1 star

The new update is GARBAGE. Way more user friendly before. Deleted.



The new update is awful. Now when I post my inventory the new photos are different sizes than all my previous photos and the quality is awful! Also please give us the simple watermark banner back! Ughhh why make such drastic changes when everyone using it is depending on this app to run their online business!???? SO DISAPPOINTED! Waste of money!


This is a whole new app not an update !  Clmspm  1 star

Not happy at all with the update 😩 loved the simplicity of the old app and having to re photograph everything takes away the convenience of the app. No happy at all 😐

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