HemaExplorer | North America Off Road Navigation

Plan, navigate and share your next 4x4 or overland adventure through the United States and Canada with the Hema Explorer overland navigation app for North America:

• Track your GPS position in real-time on offline maps
• Use trusted topographic mapping to explore North America backcountry: USGS Topo, Thunderforest Outdoors and Canada Topo
• Use additional street and touring maps for navigating populated areas: Hema USA Road Map, HERE Street and Canada Street mapping
• Generate an offline route to an address or waypoint using Quick Routing
• Save a log of your trip with track recordings, geotagged photos, waypoints and trip notes
• Backup all your trip data to your free Hema Explorer Cloud account which you can share with the Hema Explorer community
• Share your trips online with friends and family


Generate a route line to an address or waypoint using Quick Routing, manually create point-to-point routes, or mark important locations using waypoints to plan your journey in full. You can even organise your data for each specific trip by saving it to an individual folder, allowing you to keep all your downloaded maps, waypoints and routes in one place.


By delivering offline mapping to your mobile device, Hema Explorer makes it easy to navigate 4x4 and overland adventures throughout North America. Download the maps you need offline before you go, then track your position as you travel and save a log of your journey to find your way home. With Hema Explorer, you get full access to detailed USGS Topographic and USGS 7.5 mapping, the Hema USA Road Map, Thunderforest Outdoors, Canada Topo and Canada Street, in addition to HERE Street, Terrain and Aerial imagery mapping for North America.


Hema Explorer lets you record your journey with track logs, geotagged photos, waypoints and trip notes, which you can automatically backup to your free Hema Explorer Cloud account. You can then post your trips to the Hema Explorer Cloud trip gallery, where you can share your adventures with the Hema Explorer community, browse and comment on other people’s trails, or post your trip directly to Facebook and Twitter.

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

HemaExplorer | North America Off Road Navigation App Description & Overview

The applications HemaExplorer | North America Off Road Navigation was published in the category Navigation on 2016-05-16 and was developed by Hema Maps. The file size is 149.16 MB. The current version is 1.0.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

• Map layers panel modified for ease of use
• Sync issues resolved
• Compass tool now functional with iOS 10
• Other stability fixes

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HEMA North America made for best trip ever  DallasFJ  5 star

I went to the FJ Summit and learned the HEMA app on the fly on the way there. It was easy to pick up. Later in October I went to Moab, Utah. Pre-loaded maps and tracks made for one of the best trips ever. Instead of going directly to Moab via highway, I took offroad trails from Monticello. Note that some of the trails required permits which I had because I had pretty much mapped my route before I left from Dallas using HEMA and had made arrangements with national parks. The program was stable and easy to use. I have some tracks with photos which were across multiple days with no issues. At the end of the day, I just paused the track, set up camp, and was able to look at other programs without disturbing the track. I highly recommend this program for anyone traveling offroad. Preload maps and tracks and go. I did use the HEMA offline option as well as turned off the cellular data in settings on my iPAD when I was in very remote areas without cell service. The GPS still worked in this mode. Again, the app was stable and worked great. I highly recommend it.


Would not even download it if it was a free app  Samgnz  1 star

Worst App ever! Not even worth the time it took to download it. Wish i could get my money back on this!


Because X overland  Rascopermian  5 star

Works great


Abandoned  Schmida  1 star

This app hasn't been updated since launch in May 2016. You pay $20 for a lazy clone of a well maintained app (Gaia GPS), with the only value proposition being pretty much 'offline HEMA maps'. Keep in mind that those maps are lacking any detail once zoomed in even moderately. You are better off with paper maps for long distance planning, or one of the multiple apps that source publicly available or open-source material (e.g. USGS Topo series, Open Street Maps)


Improved  Bob4461  5 star

Great app. Lots of different maps. Wish he would have a print map button. Off-line works great just make sure you take the time to download the Maps you want.


Partially great  Trentor  2 star

It has some great features, albeit somewhat convoluted and overly complicated. I think it has great potential, but mostly my issue is that it crashes. all. the. time. Reinstalling doesn't help.


Very Useful  Noelskilz  4 star

I downloaded the app to use in the Routt National Forest south of Steamboat Springs. The offline mode works well and the variety of maps is very helpful. I have not yet found a set of maps that are truly accurate for the area so having multiple views is very helpful. I downloaded a number of trails from traildamage.com directly to the app from my iPhone and it worked great. I would love to see this type of information included directly in the app, perhaps in the form of a state level trail package or something similar. I would recommend this app and look forward to future improvements.


Pretty much useless  m4guru  1 star

This is Gaia's engine, stripped down and with barely any support. Might as well buy Gaia, Mpotion X, or LeadNav which acutally updates on occasion. I bought Hema NA based on internet hype the day it released, and a fool and his money parted ways, Has for Hema NA, I have removed and re-installed it 3 times, on three current iOS devices. Whenever I select a map layer, which I downloaded to run when offline and out of data range, it will flash up and go grey. I can see my icon roating on a blank grey screen. I will select another layer, which flashes and then goes away regardless of zoom or how many layers are active (1-6). I requested a refund after no updates or service could make the app functional after 90 days. I didn't even know you could request refunds on iTunes, because I've never downloaded anything as disappointing as Hema NA. Three months is enough to update an app you BOUGHT FROM GAIA and has been working for people for a long time. My refund was denied, so I deleted Hema and will instead use that storage space for dog memes, or photos of written directions to places I will never go in languages I will never speak, because it will still be more useful than this app. The only thing worse than the functionality of this app is the support that backs it.

Ralph Figgy

First Blush  Ralph Figgy  1 star

Downloaded this app because of the offline capability and highly recommended by an adventurous friend. So far not impressed. Downloaded maps do not work without an Internet connection.


Save your money  KrazeeInTheNW  2 star

Tried to use Hema Maps North America edition for folowing the WABDR this last week after reading all the news releases and hype of how good Hema is/was. When it would load the differnt map tiles they were easy to navigate the first 20-30 miles but as we progressed the tiles would not load or were blurry. I thought it might be due to the memory available on my iPad so I deleted more, and more and more, eventually deleting all my video files freeing up just short of 15GB but it did not resolve my issue. Finally I switched to Pocket Earth Pro and today, deleted Hema from my device. I've never had this problem with Gaia (which Hema is based on) so not sure what Hema has changed. If you like this type of mapping app where you have to download tiles of maps before you go offroad then Gaia is probably a better app for you.

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