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Rocket League Tracker is the best place to find your stats for Rocket League and now we're bringing it to your mobile devices! See an overview of your Rocket League stats ranked rating and acquire in-depth knowledge about your multiplayer progression.

This is an early release, so if you discover any problems or have any suggestions, please visit http:// to let us know. Thanks!

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TRN Stats for Rocket League App Description & Overview

The applications TRN Stats for Rocket League was published in the category Utilities on 2016-05-06 and was developed by Tracker Network. The file size is 14.94 MB. The current version is 2.2.0 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

We've added leaderboards along with the ability to remove ads! This latest version also boasts improved navigation and design.

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TRN Stats for Rocket League Reviews


I don’t know why there’s so many bad reviews  Megonk  5 star

This app does what it says it will and I haven’t encountered any bugs . It’s free for the basics and for more details you pay 0.99 .


Described in a metaphor...  G_Von  1 star

Let’s say you have two gaming controllers. The first controller is brand new and functions as it should. The second controller is made to be more convenient with shortcut buttons, faster connectivity, and is more comfortable in your hands. This app should be controller two, but it isn’t . You’d have to place controller two under a car tire, run over it 3 times, and then fire up some online multiplayer, just to get an idea of how bad this app is.


Broken  Bbroskee  1 star

I’ve tried to redownload this app a few times, but it won’t work. It won’t pull up any stats, saying, “Uh oh! Could not find stats for the specified user.” It is broken for me.


This app is horrible  Jeo726  1 star

Why did I pay money for this crap. I thought this app would have a great experience like the rocket league tracker website. I never write reviews but this one needed to be done.


No  LaserXHawk  1 star

This app is booty. Always crashes when opened. Booty app.


Miserable  AmazonBear44  1 star

Spent 20 minutes trying to connect this app. Spins you in circles and the app glitches constantly. It can't figure out what floor it's on. Have to enter in a bunch of information and start yet another account too Skip this app.


UX needs work  Rountrees  3 star

To go back to the list of users you have to click find user search box. Not entirely obvious that’s the flow until you discover it.


Nice but needs live tracker  MegaZer0  3 star

If this had live tracker I would pay the dollar to use it xD. But it's good for just looking at your percentages and then wins over so long, but defiantly needs live tracker and the division up and down numbers.

Dub Livitz

Horrible  Dub Livitz  1 star

I could hardly read the info. Partly due to some cut off by edge of screen and partly due to overlapping characters. Might be nice on a pc (idk), but It was very bad on my phone. UNUSABLE!


Very Minimal  WarmBiscuit  1 star

I wasted $1.00 on this. This doesn't show any of my rank information that I expected, like the website does.

Annoyed formerly happy user

Key functionality disappeared  Annoyed formerly happy user  2 star

The rating tracker has disappeared from the app and doesn't seem to be coming back although I've refreshed, closed and opened, and deleted and reinstalled it to see if I could get it happening


History  Luke_soccer  4 star

I got no bars for win history or goals history etc

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