Music X - MP3 Streamer & Playlist Manager Pro

Music X - MP3 Streamer & Playlist Manager Pro download

100% Millions of Free Music! No limits!

Browse, search and listen unlimited free music to your iPhone/iPod/iPad and support to iPhone 8.

Music X is an amazing music player which enables you to enjoy your favorite music Anywhere Anytime!!

Key Features:
- Full iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Support!
- Discover & search directly with different categories: Classical, Rock, Jazz, Dance, Country, Folk, Hip Hop and so on.
- Search for artist, DJ, song, remix or cover
- Easily find your watch history
- Auto play next music
- Repeat and shuffle songs
- Background playback
- Lock screen playback controls
- Sleep timer

Music X - MP3 Streamer & Playlist Manager Pro App Description & Overview

The applications Music X - MP3 Streamer & Playlist Manager Pro was published in the category Music on 2016-05-23 and was developed by Hung Van. The file size is 11.10 MB. The current version is 2.4 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes & performance improvement!

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Music X - MP3 Streamer & Playlist Manager Pro Reviews

jj fazbear

Guy  jj fazbear  5 star

Fix hear music do something now

drum gunn OP

Question  drum gunn OP  5 star

Great app, but how do I post songs on the app

Smash Bros. Gurl

WHY?!?!?!  Smash Bros. Gurl  1 star

Ok, don’t get me wrong- this app is decent, but I’m looking for the original version of a song- Eiffel 65 I’m Blue, to be exact. However, I can’t find the original version for my playlist! All I find is Nightcore, Remix, Remix, REMIX!!! I DON’T CARE ABOUT NIGHTCORE OR REMIX!!! I only want the original, but apparently even that’s asking too much, huh? Guess so! Buh-bye, terrible app!


Good-ish  blueberrybell336  4 star

This app was great except for the fact when I pressed the song to play it, it took 30 seconds to start the song -anonymous

choe bass

I love panics room  choe bass  5 star

Hi I can’t stop singing it I love to sing I sing good this is awsome!!!!

no glasses man

Good  no glasses man  5 star

I like the way the quality is

billie elish fan

Love this app but....  billie elish fan  4 star

I can't explain how much i love this app like my parents want me to have an app thats under the age 12+ because they look out for me like 24/7 and I'm okay with that because they're my parents so I got the app. But then time passed by and i started noticing something wrong. The app started not letting me play some of my songs and i would have to delete them of my playlists. A couple of days passed by and I realized that it wouldn't let me play my songs in the car. I thought it was because the internet was being used by my mom but i found out that it wasn't the case. I haven't deleted the app yet because i want to make sure it works after a while but yeah i guess im keeping it for now otherwise, I'll have to delete it.


Not working  🐼🐰🐼🐽🐷🐻🐴🐶🐱🐯🐨🐒🐒🐮  2 star

It was good while it lasted but now it won't work I don't know if it's my phone or the app but it's very disappointing


Um kinda good.......  kittens39302  3 star

Well u see I can’t even play music now it always says “error” so can u fix it or tell me how to fix it

calender explorer

The best  calender explorer  5 star

It is really nice to just listen to music on this app because before I could not find any music apps till I found this and I pretty much listen to it till my phone runs out of battery.Thanks for making this.By the way I love music so keep it up.


The online app i can play music without paying 💋  Tram.toto  4 star

So so


W  AliMul1  1 star

Not so good


Review request  Chlobo$*73  2 star

Once you've saved a few songs to your playlist, it will only let you save to you playlist after you've written a review


Good  Millie2315  2 star

It's ok but there all remixes


Yeah  Chelseaann96  5 star

Good good good and more good

Caity Sarah

Not so good...  Caity Sarah  1 star

I can't find any of the songs I want because when I search them up, it comes up with something completely different. I would like this to be changed in order of me to keep the app. It's impossible for me to find ONE song that in looking for. It just comes up with something different. I'm hoping this will be changed so people in the future can have the songs THEY want instead of it being somethings completely different. Thankyou for understanding. ✌🏼️


Not bad  Hunter7888888  3 star

So far so good but got AD pop ups annoying


Good  Tigerbear007  5 star



Not to Bad!  Evochick07  4 star

Great variety of music, easy to use! Love it!


Review  Kmlagrg  3 star



.  HyunMaul  5 star



Very Good App 👍🏾  Chica_x02  5 star

This app works pretty well so far, my only complaint is the song availablities, there are some songs that are known and I'm unable to find on here. But the sound quality is great and the app has not brought any problems so far.

Nour odeh

Music  Nour odeh  5 star

It's an amazing app


Hsjsj  Msndnbfnen  5 star



Aye  Killakease23  1 star



YEET  Rxtgubcycuvuxrx  3 star

Needs offline


XD  Ihgfiugfg  4 star



Ok  Chofis8314  1 star

It's pretty good


Hiiiii  hiiiiii🍔  4 star

Good app but pauses sometimes pls fix thx


It's O.K.  Mtneerfan4life  3 star

It's an alright app

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