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This game is the sequel to the "TrapAdventure".
MFi game controller supported.
Caution!! This may be the most hardest, irritating, frustrating game EVER.

If you tend to exasperate often, I recommend you not play this game.

It will literally drive you insane. I PROMISE.

As written above, this game is VERY STRESSFUL.

You may get so irritated and frustrated that you throw your phone out the window.

I can't take any responsibilities for the displeasure this game may cause.

Even after reading this you are still eager to play the game, then go ahead.

Good luck.

TrapAdventure 2 -Hardest Retro Game App Description & Overview

The applications TrapAdventure 2 -Hardest Retro Game was published in the category Games on 2016-06-30 and was developed by HIROYOSHI OSHIBA. The file size is 34.71 MB. The current version is 1.17 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

-Screen shot bug fix.
-etc, Tweak

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TrapAdventure 2 -Hardest Retro Game Reviews

johny apple greed

Amazing  johny apple greed  5 star

I played this game for about an hour, and it’s SUPER challanging, especially in the one life challenge... LOVE IT


Amazing Game  KoolAidDonuts  4 star

This game was shown to me by a youtuber and it is very fun. The music also sounds awesome. There is one very big problem - ADS. Every time you die on last chance or you lose all eleven lives on normal mode you have to watch an ad. If you take out the ads though, you'd get a 5 star by me.

jack jessee

DONT GET IT  jack jessee  1 star

First of all you can only play last chance mode without paying for anything second of all the controls are way to small third of all you jump to far and fourth of all MAKE IT EASIER YOU NEED TO JUMP IN A SPACE SMALLER THAN AN INCH WITH A 5 INCH JUMP


Riding pewdiepies coattails  DaveLoves  1 star

This dev knows pewds played this game and so cashed in on this. Can’t be mad at the guy gotta make your money. Still, it’s a clever little game held back by all its ad locks.


Game Grumps brought me here soooo...  RigPapa  3 star

I gave them the dollar. 🤷‍♂️


Try it  Esco-Francois  5 star

Best dollar ever spent. I enjoy playing this game. I must say it upsets me when I can’t pass the levels but for all the extra lives after 1 dollar is paid its worth it. Love it!!! Must try


Great Game and so not a cash grab  JRCrew  5 star

All in all a great game. Some people are saying its a cash grab but its 1.00 to play normally and if the developers got no money they wouldn't try to develop it. And for the ads just turn off cellular and wifi. Im addicted to this game already. Very fun and old fashioned.


Awesomeness  mekalekahi  5 star

Awesome game. Even paid for normal mode. Ty guys


Why do I have to pay money for normal mode? Its already mean enough  Scammmm!!!!!!  2 star

The game literally looks so fun but I can't complete it with one live.


Haters are just using it wrong  Dodger491  5 star

This app is great for when you wanna hand your phone to your friend and say “here, play this”. Also a good toilet game.


Why do we need to spend money to get more live?  nimganoodles  3 star

It’s just so dumb that you need to pay money to get more lives. I’m fine with when you die you spawn at the start but going to the menu each time you die is just horrible.

jai. r

Sooo bad  jai. r  1 star

Don’t get this game way to many adds


Ads and time wait made me instantly delete  milney14  2 star

The game itself is okay but it is ridiculous to have to watch an ad just to play the game.


No se xdxdxd  Voltronxmh  5 star

Muy buen juego pero es Realmente es muy difícil y divertido pero lo que más te jode es la canción demasiado difícil para una persona

Kook lefteri 1342

Pewdiepie Played it!  Kook lefteri 1342  5 star

LMAO I'm downloading this game right now . I want to see how hard the game really is


Good but  Sold...  2 star

You have to pay for normal mode and one chance mode is impossible


cool game  RossTheWhale  5 star

I like the funny little guy as he get hit and fly off the screen


Terrible.  Lstar3  1 star

Very old and ads every time you die.


NO MAMES!!!!!  Naynay1978  5 star



Lol  Harrison3579  3 star

Most trolling game ever but still fun


HARD but awesome  AwsomeBoy0637  5 star

This game is very hard but pushes you to persevere to finish it.


Hard  NILESFREE  3 star

This might be the hardest game in history


STINGY ADS  thorr118  1 star

It sells itself as a free app, however you can’t play the normal game mode without watching s minute long video or to pay for it. And the ads, THE ADS! The ads make it unplayable! You get one life without paying, and when you restart you get a 30second - 1minute ad

picklebutt aka lol i win

Good game but stuck on a level  picklebutt aka lol i win  3 star

On level 22 I did everything that I could do but for some reason I can’t go over the top, I’ve done everything to try to reset the game but it still says 40 over or something around that number. Please fix it so I can beat the game


So...  iAnarchyjr  5 star

I saw this thinking it was fun but... HOLY S**** THIS GAME TAKES YOU BY SURPRISE it just completely takes what you think was a fun game and slaps some anger on to it. You ever heard of Unfair Mario or Cat Mario, yeah same thing except this game makes the other ones look easy. Overall amazing game addicting, fun, excruciatingly annoying (in a good way), and extremely fun to play. Plus you can impress some people by showing them your skills. Also, Game developers if I had a dollar I’d guarantee you that I would spend it on the normal mode.

Lithuania 101

Best retro puzzle ever  Lithuania 101  4 star

To be honest I thought this game was boring and had no potential , but it's the complete opposite. The one dollar for normal is abit weird, but the creater brought us an excellent game. "Trap Adventure 2" is a game that make you wonder what's next, and I love games that have a hidden secret to them.


$.99 for unlimited ad free plays  Dnidjnfjndjnd  5 star

Most the 1 star reviews are because it says you pay $1 to get 10 lives once but in reality after you pay the $1 you get your 10 lives every time, no ads. Developer has probably lost a lot of money just because they can't speak proper English! Ha! Neeeeeerds!


very gud game  GalaxySkyyt  5 star

dont buy minecraft


Poo plo  muxh  1 star

I hate it so muxh


Free  Saw28  1 star

My but is free make it free

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