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A pack of 17 mini games for you to enjoy on your Apple Watch, Apple TV or your iPhone/iPad.

◉ Brick Puzzle
Use the Digital crown or your finger to move the bricks around. Tap to rotate and swipe down to drop.

◉ Jewel Blitz
A match 3 game style. Detonate as many gems as you can in 60s.

◉ Gold Miner
Aim on the gold while the hook swings. Tap on the screen to release the hook.

◉ 2048
Combine numbers for 2048.

◉ Sudoku (6x6)
Fill in all the empty squares without using the same number twice in each column, row, or box.

◉ Egg Shooter
Tap to shoot or use Digital Crown to aim , release to shoot.

◉ Find Word
With 4 letters, you have 10s to find a word. If time runs out, you lose.

◉ Color Lines
Remove balls by forming lines (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) of at least five balls of the same color. Get the highscore!

◉ Mine Sweeper
Tap to reveal a square. If a square containing a mine, you lose. Reveal all square to win.

◉ Brick Breaker
Use the Digital Crown or your finger to move your paddle and hit the ball. Destroy all the blocks to finish levels.

◉ Maze Man
Swipe to change direction, collect all things on the map but don't touch the ghost!

◉ Crazy Tennis
Feel like crazy while playing with AI. Use Digital Crown or your finger to move your paddle. Don't let the ball out.

◉ Block Ninja
Control the ninja to avoid all spikes and get best score.

◉ Tappy Bird
Tap the screen to fly up. Avoid the pipes and get the highscore.

◉ Snake
Swipe to change snake direction.

◉ Tic-Tac-Toe
Challenge your brain with the AI.

◉ Stick Ninja
Tap and hold to stretch the stick.

=> On Apple Watch please use force touch to show game menu.

Thanks for all your feedback!!!

17 Mini Games For Watch & Phone App Description & Overview

The applications 17 Mini Games For Watch & Phone was published in the category Games on 2016-05-11 and was developed by Le Thi Thanh Binh. The file size is 26.57 MB. The current version is 3.1.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Add 2 more new games:
- Gold Miner.
- Stick Ninja.

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Scooter  Croakes72  4 star

Simple but addictive


Yee  alexgahahaha  4 star



Glitchy  liabgg  1 star

So glitchy never has updates


The worst  Takennickgfshgc  1 star

The games are all glitchy af and hard to play the UI is ugly and unusable. The developer hasn’t released an update in over a year. Looks like he’s spending his money on fake reviews rather than fixing all the glitches or even adding support for watch series 4. Don’t waste your money on this pile of 💩


It’s good  werffdrgh  5 star

It’s good

king gonb

Good but A little slow  king gonb  4 star

Great game just some of the controls are a tad slow

mud pud

Good  mud pud  5 star

I love it and maybe a few more games otherwise great


Great mini games  InertiaWan  3 star

I love this collection of mini games. Not sure how to play them all but a great boredom buster. The lack of instruction make some of the game hard to play. A volume control would be nice.


Goood game  deakkkkkd  4 star

I like it


Awesome games  Tazman769  5 star

Great fun


The best  Brandonwechillin  5 star



Peeeeeede  hnbnd  5 star



Simple but great  @ceWhoever  5 star

Easy to play. Quick games. Fun, fun, fun.

Max Hellner

Cool But Not Worth It  Max Hellner  2 star

Has pretty good mocks of popular classic games but it bugs out all the time. Whenever I lower my watch and let the screen turn black then raise it back, the whole game freezes and I have to restart my watch if I want it to work.


AWSOME  bwowk  5 star

I love all the little games on this app. I only need one and this is it!!!

ctcg hbbjbhvhcy

Can’t play  ctcg hbbjbhvhcy  1 star

Can play on Apple Watch as promised waste of money app shows up on Apple Watch but doesn’t show or let me play any games can on play on my phone

Idk what I'm doing here

Fun game  Idk what I'm doing here  5 star



The game  Sgtzn  5 star

Amazing game! Most of the Apple Watch games I get only show you your stats on the game but you can actually play the games and I would recommend it to anybody.

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