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Valiant Force, the highly-anticipated mobile strategy RPG (role-playing game), is finally here! Forming teams from over 200 unique heroes and 40 diverse jobs, players are tasked to explore the vast and dangerous world of Arathos to save its inhabitants from an awakening evil. Embark on an epic adventure in Valiant Force now!


◎ Turn-based strategy RPG
Test your strategic skills on the classic 3x6 grid battlefield. Move your heroes to the right positions, and trigger each hero's aura. Become a true master of tactical combat!

◎ 40+ specialized jobs, 200+ unique heroes
Valiant Force offers a variety of specialized jobs and heroes to choose from. Form your team and choose your paths!

◎ 500+ items to craft and collect
Power up your heroes with different rarities of equipment obtained from dungeon loot or crafted using materials. There are over 500 different items to collect!

◎ Epic boss events
Face off against the most terrifying boss monsters found in Valiant Force in special boss event dungeons. Awesome loot awaits!

◎ Build and upgrade your Garrison
Build your garrison to buff heroes, send them on expeditions, get more gold, gems, experience points, and much more. With limited land, choose your structures wisely!

◎ PVP Arena
Test you mantle and squad strength in the PVP arena! Climb up the rankings in the most intense strategy-based PVP system ever, and become a true tactician of the battlefield!

◎ Rune System
Strengthen your heroes using the grid-based Rune System. Mix and match the runes which will aid your hero during battles. Unique unlockable passive skills await!

◎ Guild System
Gather your friends and families to form guilds! Exclusive features and bonuses awaits all guild member, with more features in development.

◎ Audio masterpiece
Immerse in Valiant Force's music, composed by former Square Enix veteran, Mr Hitoshi Sakimoto and Basiscape.

◎ Visual masterpiece
Stunning 2D art drawn in-house at XII Braves, along with detailed 3D models.

Coming soon:

- New heroes
- New items
- New maps
- New Conquest mode
... and more!

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Valiant Force App Description & Overview

The applications Valiant Force was published in the category Games on 2017-06-29 and was developed by FunPlus. The file size is 282.24 MB. The current version is 1.34.1 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

Take on new raid bosses and challenges as the Chinese New Year approaches!

New Events:
- Magic Safari
- Chinese New Year Special
- Valentine’s Day Surprise

New Awakenings:
- Elf Rhea
- Leon and Theia

- New Legacy Armor for the remaining classes
- New Ancient Weapons for Theia and more
- New Costumes for Emiko and more

- Rebirth Function for Awakened Units
- New Stat and Skill Runes
- Conquest Season 2, with new challenges and wardens

Various Bug Fixes

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Valiant Force Reviews


Graphics are poor  HenryDeMan  1 star

Is it just me, but does the poor graphics are just frustrating to look at, literally like it just hits you in the face and you’d be like why cant they make this way better to look at, please improve the graphics quality.


Why is it still winter?  LunarsLunaSnow  5 star

Everything’s covered in snow still and it’s nighttime in my realm how do I adjust that or fix it? Why isn’t there a spring setting?


Why are they characters bobble headed  Wceii  3 star

Hey developers, this morning I logged into the game today ani I noticed that the characters have bobble heads now. Is this a glitch or a design choice because I don’t like it, please revert to the previous 3D modeling with some improvements on the models that would be most appreciated by your legion of fans. Wceii


Games fun  Courts&&kyle!  3 star

So long time ago I was jail broken and I accidentally updated my phone leaving the jail broken files detectable which force close the game didn’t matter if I uninstalled or reinstalled the game crashed but when I re jailbroke it’s working again. No I haven’t modified the game files in any way so if there isn’t jail break detection I’m oddly weirded out that it started working when I made it undetectable again.. no matter how many game updates have passed its been a long time since I’ve been able to play this so getting back into the swing of things a lot has change since I last played more like a culture shock then updates to me lol but I hope to get back into this game maybe I’ll change the rating later


Customer Support is awful  Jahoozy  2 star

I generally don’t write reviews but this was a game a really enjoyed (game and art style) and wanted to put more time and even money to the devs, but getting it to sync across devices didn’t work. It didn’t sync across my google/facebook account from my Pixel 2 to my iPhone and I lost my data, so I reached out to support. I told them the 5 chars I had and after about a week of them being unable to find my account, they asked for proof in the form of screenshots to validate; Who in the world screenshots their characters for fun??? So I gave up, this wasn’t worth the time and trouble for 5 characters aka my complete team.


Good game!!  KingReaper  5 star

A Good game with good mechanics, at least in my opinion. Been playing on and off for a while and never have gotten bored of the game yet. Looking forward to the games Future!!


Love the game  Moki_Berry  5 star

Love the game. Great graphics, mechanics, and strategy. Also, the options for decent to great characters for free to play players are at a decent rate without having to worry about progression. Great game, I’m addicted.


Trash direction, keep looking elsewhere  Khors  1 star

Was decent for the first year but with awakening and raid 4 they've really shot themselves in the foot. Games on its deathbed, stay away.


Definitely not 100% P2W  SmokeySetoki  5 star

Anybody who says this game is pay to win just didn’t have the patience to grind. In total I have spent around 45-50$ and that’s over a long period of time only buying the cheapest deals. In no way shape or form did those purchases put me at the top. This last arena season I fought my way to crystal tier with a 5-6 ⭐️ squad I pulled using gems earned IN GAME in 5-7 ⭐️ gear I pulled ALSO USING GEMS EARNED IN GAME. You can literally earn an endless amount of gems in game by logging in, daily quests, story challenges/boss fight rewards, raid/arena/conquest rewards, and even in the event tower!! There are multiple ways to earn gems in game you just have to put in the work. That’s what I love about this game!!! They’re also pretty great about adding new content. Literally every month there are new things in game. You can’t ask for much more than that in a game like this.


5  Radke123  5 star

Five stars because of rubycakes stupidity.

Arline Tj

Fun, great artwork, nice gameplay  Arline Tj  5 star

Really addictive, I really love this game.


Money Sink  LittenKitten1  1 star

Don’t get me wrong, this game can be actually quiet fun for a while. However, it very strategically allows you to play for a while before hitting you with a large progression paywall. Since the new upgraded valiants came out, it made me realise how impossible it is to continue playing this game without throwing money at it. This has been becoming more and more of a problem. With the amount of money required exponentially growing. If your into money sinks then i guess this is the game for you, but seriously if you have no interest in mirco transactions don’t even bother downloading this game :’(


Amazing  bubblupopo  5 star

My favorite game’


It’s good with some things to work on  Ataraxyy  4 star

Hello! I’ve only been playing for a day and I love it a lot, there are just some issues that I’ve come across that could be fixed like my screen will stay at the “Leveled up” part until I reload the game, same with the Gold Mine Event, I can’t go past the first floor because the game freezes there but the units are still moving. I would like the complete the gold mine event but I cant because of that.


Gets stuck.  Tangentric  3 star

The tutorial gets stuck and won't register screen touches, can't advance. It might be an okay game if you could get into it.


cannot download updates  jjyycy715  5 star

cannot play now


The game is great but...  DayanaNguyen  4 star

The game is certainly very engaging and fun to play and has been one of the most interesting and good games I’ve played. But there is a problem that I am experiencing with the Guide Quest. Sometimes when I finish a Guide Quest, it doesn’t register and as a result, doesn’t let me complete it. Another problem with the Guide Quest is that it has asked me to level up my characters to 4 stars when I have already done that to all of characters previously, and so I have to go through the trouble of getting a new hero and levelling it up and getting job keys and etc just for the sake of completing the quest and it’s completely tedious.


Valiant Force tips and support  VFTAS  5 star

This game has been my fav games and have been keeping me fun (anime)and lots of updates that you have done were really good (hope 600gems is a update please)and I hope your working on that NUMBER EIGHT equipment so uhhh yeah this game has been the best of me for a long time and keep that work up :D


BUT!  Barlow248  4 star

Energy refill is too expensive and slow recharge :(


A suck game  EgoistRY  1 star

A suck game have thousands of bugs


Amazing game!!  Andrewssdorneok  5 star

For those of you saying this p2w is bad, you haven’t tried unison league 😂


Fun for a while, then p2w rears it’s ugly head  Masamune100  3 star

Fun little strategy game, an interesting take on tactical chess like gameplay of games like final fantasy tactics and fire emblem, if a bit too easy. One of the aspects I had the most fun with was the arena, up until I hit the gold tier, or as I like to call it the p2w tier. 99% of the people I fought after that point were able to kill my units in one shot with regular attacks while I couldn’t even get their health down 10% by the end of the match. Another potentially good game ruined by micro transactions, I would gladly pay 20 or even 30 dollars for a game like this without any extra purchases. Would definitely avoid this game if you’re the type who can’t stop yourself from buying micro transactions because this game loves to throw them in your face when you least expect it, I have accidentally hit a few purchase buttons because of how sudden they pop up, luckily I never confirmed the purchases. In short a good game for those with self control in regards to spending, just don’t expect to get far without paying way more than you should have to. Also really nice music.


Solid Game but....  kasim609  3 star

It's a giant cash grab. No if ands and it buts about it. Being able to "customize" the look of your character only includes your left and right hands. You can buy vanity items like wings, capes, and costumes to further it. Disappointed that body armor, helms, boots etc doesn't change characters looks but maybe it does and I haven't bought the 30 dollar bundle yet


4.5  oaknuggens  4 star

Fun game but could use more story I guess? The one that is there is good but the game which is addictive can be completed at a fast rate in my opinion and then you just up the difficulty and do it all again but without the story. Or at least alter the story for the harder difficulties.

Big League Jew

Decent game but shady in game purchase popups  Big League Jew  3 star

I enjoy most aspects of this game except the way they continually pop up purchase prompts right before when you would press a button to exit a fight or dungeon etc. basically it forces you to press a purchase button if you're not extremely careful. Very annoying and kind of slimy feeling. If you have kids playing the game be very careful that iTunes sign ins are closely monitored.


Overall very pleased  teddy2tits  4 star

This is a really great game with a lot of impressive detail! They only part that really bugs me is the updates aren’t working as well. I can’t get on without it telling me I need to update but it won’t let me update through the App Store. So I’m currently booted off?

Non Entity

Final Fantasy Tactics  Non Entity  5 star

Similar in art and gameplay, each character has different jobs they can upgrade to and you get to pick them. You can customize the looks of your characters as well. Fun and challenging game. Deserves a higher rating that just 4 stars.


Severe Sever Connection Issues  Furious7719  1 star

This game might be fun if I could play for more than 5 mins without having a server connection error. It takes 30+ mins to get connected to the game with constant retries, only to experience more connection issues once you're in the game, causing you to restart the app and the issues all over again.


This game is awesome  Yuhiryji  5 star

This game is amazing. I love how it constantly puts out new challenging content.


Fun but too much server issues  Krueton  2 star

I really enjoy playing this game but I can never play it when I want to cause it never connects to servers

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