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Soulja Boy is a platinum selling recording artist known for hits "Crank That" and "Turn My Swag On".

Soulja Boy Tell Em (born DeAndre Way) is an ambitious artist and a seasoned businessman, wielding all the hit making requirements: producer, live entertainer, and entrepreneur.

Soulja Boy has helped redefine the music industry by utilizing social media and engaging with fans. Before the age of 18, his self-published single "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" reached number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 and it later became a number-one hit in the United States for seven weeks.

After the success of spreading his music through the Internet in 2004 and establishing his Stacks on Deck entertainment brand, he’s continued to pursue his musical career, manage a record label and create a clothing line.

He's been seen on some of your favorite reality shows. Throughout his career, Soulja Boy has definitely been a pioneer in music, being one of the first to use the internet to propel and maintain a strong fan base, creating history in the music industry and the way we digest media.

With the Official Mobile App, you can:
- Check for tour info
- Preview and purchase music
- Chat with Soulja and each other
- Much more!

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The applications Soulja Boy Official was published in the category Music on 2016-04-29 and was developed by AppIt360. The file size is 32.02 MB. The current version is 1.0 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

This update is signed with Apple’s latest signing certificate. No new features are included.

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One of the greatest apps of all time  Super_App_rater  5 star

Tbh/ This app is so great it is almost incomprehensible by the human mind. This app is able to create thoughts and illusions that excel the human realm. As you enter the app you experience an overwhelming sense of security and understanding of the universe and what it provides for the mind. All questions of the universe you have will be answered through thasmatic signals transferred from the app to your brain. You will realize that there is so much more to life than your current life. Your life on earth is only .00000000000000000000000000001% of your time in this realm. Eventually when you die your soul will be captured by this app and spread throughout existence until you overtake all universes and realms until you become the most powerful being. Highly recommend this app🔥🔥🔥💯

sou1ja bou

Praise the lord big Draco  sou1ja bou  5 star

Soulja boy aka big Draco aka Draco Christ has blessed us with an app comparable to the Ten Commandments which guides us to live as lord Draco would only the dirtiest lean and fattest sticks RIP JAH


OOF  wxstentacion  5 star



Amazing app  6272828;!!922  5 star

This will take over every social media platform . Worth the download

Listen 2 ne

Not enough soulja boy  Listen 2 ne  1 star

Needs more Soulja boy

beef brocc

Greatest app alive  beef brocc  5 star

Even though the app runs like piss, looks like it was made by a 3 year old in Microsoft paint, not optimised for iPhone X and above, it’s still a terrible time and we should welcome it with open arms.


hell yeah  luke___________  5 star

the app haven’t downloaded and i don’t even listen to soulja boy but this is hype


Amazing  Awehghittgc  5 star

this is a beautiful masterpiece of true art only able to be created by a true man amongst men, king amongst kings, such as Soulja boy (tell em).


This is the best app to ever exist  kenger69  5 star

This may be the worst app I’ve ever downloaded. But I also recommend it to all my friends. All praise Soulja boy!!


Very impressed  elonmusk710  5 star

I was amazed and very delighted by the gray complexity and quality of this application. Soulja Boy has used his massive intellect to craft an app with user interface that trumps all modern social media. I find it amazing that this app is now completely main stream because when my family and I downloaded it it quickly became a mandatory part of our daily routine . I thanks jahsus every day that he could allow this masterpiece to grace my presence. Thank you Lord and thank you Big Draco for blessing us with this life changing app.


SODMG  Ljolbtiscor  5 star


@vibed on 17

DAD  @vibed on 17  5 star



INSTAGRAM  Cgjmchklbcguj  5 star


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