LEGO® Star Wars™: The Force Awakens

LEGO® Star Wars™: The Force Awakens download

**The first chapter of “The Force Awakens” story is free and additional levels, story, and content are unlocked via in-app purchase.**

Relive the galaxy's greatest adventure in LEGO® Star Wars™: The Force Awakens™ for mobile! Play as heroic characters from the movie, including Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron, Han Solo, Chewbacca, C-3PO and BB-8, as well as Kylo Ren and General Hux.

LEGO® Star Wars™: The Force Awakens™ immerses fans in the new Star Wars™ adventure like never before, retold through the clever and witty LEGO lens. Additionally, players will experience previously untold story levels that explore the time leading up to Star Wars™: The Force Awakens™.


• LEGO Star Wars™: The Force Awakens™ introduces exciting gameplay mechanics never before available in a LEGO game including: Multi-Builds, Blaster Battles and enhanced flight sequences.

• Choose from multiple building options with the new Multi-Builds system to solve puzzles, or just to have fun. All actions advance the experience in different ways.

• Leverage your surroundings as cover and engage in intense Blaster Battles to drive back the relentless First Order and emerge victorious.

• Experience the thrill of high-speed, action-packed flight like never before, including arena-based aerial battles and dogfights.

• Enjoy all new levels and characters with the purchase of the All Content Season Pass. Exciting content will be rolling out through the year.

LEGO® Star Wars™: The Force Awakens App Description & Overview

The applications LEGO® Star Wars™: The Force Awakens was published in the category Games on 2016-06-28 and was developed by Warner Bros.. This application file size is 1.20 GB. LEGO® Star Wars™: The Force Awakens current version is 1.4.0 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

New Adventures: Ottegan Assault - Join the dark side as Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma hunt for the location of Lor San Tekka.

The Empire Strikes Back Character Pack - Play as your favorite characters from Episode V with the The Empire Strikes Back Character Pack.

Note: New content is only available for purchase as an add-on to “The Force Awakens” Bundle (required) or playable immediately for owners of the "All Content Season Pass”.

LEGO® Star Wars™: The Force Awakens App Tips, Tricks and Rules

LEGO® Star Wars™: The Force Awakens Comments & Reviews

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cbatery   1 star

Hate it (please read why). Guys I love Star Wars I would die for it. But the game is not bad, that is not why I gave it a one star review. The game is great it has all the details you can fight the dark side too. But I purchased the second part of the game about a year ago because I loved the game so much and I played the game at least twice a week. So I was in touch with the game . So then couple weeks ago I had to update the game so I tapped on it to update but it would not update. So I gave it a week and was able to update it and I updated the game and ALL MY DATA WAS LOST all of it all my coins and the seven dollar package for the second part of the game. Plus it still says I have to buy the second part of the game for your guys own good don’t buy the second part or just don’t get the game overall. It has happed to me I don’t want anyone else have to waste seven dollars on a game that will not save your data.

Tftfrffyyug   1 star

Games awful I didn’t even play it. How do I get my money back? I think I played half of the first level and quit.

fort turtle   2 star

Pay to play. I like this game but I don’t like paying $5:00 just to play so if the people ever make another LEGO Star Wars game no pay to play

SuperheroFan29   1 star

It might say free but it’s not. It only let’s you play one chapter of the Force Awakens then you have to pay $4:99 to play the rest

hello nieabor   1 star


dummythiccatherine   5 star

BEST LEGO GAME EVER. I love the game and all but i cant get the flametrooper thats my fav character could you help me

king of butts   1 star

WORST CONTROLS EVER!!!!!!. Listen all I can say is THE CONTROLS ARE TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!

buddy1223587   1 star

money. u have to pay for the game. Its a Mobile game.

the game rater 101   1 star

Crappy Game. They let you do one level, and then after that, you have to pay $4.99.

lui phui   1 star

Buggy on iPhone SE. Game freezes and crashes on iPhone se running iOS 13. Too bad.

Lp4jesus   4 star

You should add this character. Ahsoka tano she is my favorite character in the Star Wars rebels series with white lightsabers

hsihxijx   4 star

New levels. This game is great but it should have the last jedi levels

jacksongrimm   1 star

I hate the game. 1. I can not control my guy 2.for Han solo'S death I wish he just hid by a hammer 3.flammthower's guy can not go into the cold because if he can not go into the cold why his he in the game 4. There are not enough levels for the game there need to be more. 5. Why does it have to be $5 for the rest of the game was free 6.there is not enough

Toedfountain120   2 star

Not free?. When I was searching the AppStore and found this it said it was free but when I opened it up I had a message saying I hade to type in a password. I don’t like that

miner 2,000   2 star

Warning! App NOT free!. I love LEGO games and I have quite a few on my Xbox so when I saw that this one was free (unlike many others) I download it thinking I had gotten a great deal. Well I started playing it and when I got through three levels it told me I had to buy the full length version. From now on, I will check the top in-app perches BEFORE I get another "free" game.

King_bigshadow   2 star

It’s the 3DS Version with DLC. I mean sure a Smartphone can’t handle games on the same level as Xbox one or PS4 but seriously? You couldn’t make a simple lego game for mobile? I mean why is it the 3DS Version? The quality of that version is to fit a 3DS cartridge. i mean it’s just a bad Version but you added DLC for it to be bigger than what it is. What a Ripoff I ain’t paying 4-8 dollars on this!! No thanks I’ll play this on my Xbox One. Because the Console Version is THE FULL VERSION!!!

aalleexx2-o   3 star

Forgetful game😶😶😶. Ugh every time I play it’s always forgetting my dad keeps having to buy the whole story it’s happened-3-times so I deleted it but it’s re-downloaded now but it’s not played much so I just leave the game be But still please remove that bug from the game it’s really annoying

Mount Tana   1 star

This game is stupid. This game is stupid I hate it so much it’s so stupid I am I would even play Roblox better because roblox is better so if you say the skinniest be stupid on charger never played this game OK I’m giving you some advice never play it OK if you don’t believe me discuss it with your family stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid I’m telling you don’t play it

Mepad10   2 star

The gameratior. I have LEGO Star Wars the force awakens on my PS4!

owen keller   5 star

I LOVE THIS GAME. This game is extremely good competitive fun and easy to play and I love that it’s free

iippppkyugiuydhdg   4 star

Not bad. I like the game but the game is very hard but I am only 6 years And my parents are tipping but you know anyway l like the game Ps. The game is fun but youknow

xavier alonzo moore   5 star

Full game. I like everything but I’m wondering if this game is like the full game

Maya8815   5 star

Star Wars the best game ever. I love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But could you tell me how to unlock stuff. But when you do 2 things in there talking about the crane what do you do.

🎃👐😻😾   1 star

The worst game. It is so dumb because you have to buy levels do not buy this game

Scilla Lee   5 star

I would be pleased if you made the last Jedi. Ok I completed the whole game but it’s not enough. Why don’t you ad the last Jedi. I would be pleased but please add it! Please respond!!!

choyt1964   5 star

The best app ever. The game is so awesome

Clech959   5 star

Alright, stop complaining.. First off, the game is great. There is nothing wrong with it to me. But the reviews on here are REAL pointless. What, you think the same company who made TCS $6.99 is gonna make a waaay more advanced game free all the way? No! In fact, you should prefer the mobile version cause it's cheaper than a console price of $30-40, or the 3DS price of 20$! It's also the full game AND MOBILE EXCLUSIVE DLC, for less than half the price! So if your gonna complain about pricing, don't bother. YOU should have read the description! YOU should have thought to yourself "Hmm, will this cost me money?". YOU are the one who thought it was a totally free game. You might missunderstand some apps and spend money on them. At least read reviews, or the desc! But i'm surprised that WB lets 7 year olds complain about the game not being free. Alright, great game btw, but if you don't want to spend money, be my guest. But if you didn'tknow before hand, YOUR. FAULT.

its hfdfghgcfgi   1 star

Hhhhhhhhj. This is stupid it showed aclould and it lagged

the king of mean   2 star

Needs work. So yeah you need seven dollars for the whole game not trying to sound poor and I get you need to make money but still.Also another thing is u need to put in your username and password for your iTunes account so mine wouldn’t download so I tried on another device it downloaded but the first thing it did was crash

Nightsaurus🌌   4 star

Great! (There’s a bug, though). This game is a quality lego game. It preforms well, (mostly) has a good layout, and it is fun and engaging. There are a few problems, however. For example, it costs too much money to get the full game. In the end, I did pay the 6.99, but the cost is too high. Also, there is a bug that occurred. What happened is I was changing my custom character from a Resistance Champion to a Jedi, but when I pressed the Save And Exit button, the character reverted back to a Resistance Champion. I hope Warner Bros. fixes the problem. It’s still a great game, though. Update: The bug I encountered was seemingly a onetime occurrence, as it didn’t happen the next time I changed my custom character.

Advertorial    5 star

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Tyrese tt games   2 star

Play this in a ps4. What no battle droids! We have to pay for episode 6 no! And we only play As poe BB8 and ray we can’t play as Finn if we play as Finn we have to pay!

bdhxndjdid   1 star

Awful. This is the worst game ever I hurled once when I saw this game and why is it always one episode of the game

#PartyFish   4 star

Cool but.... I payed the gold force awakens for 9.99 but after when I started to play it just make everyone glitch I can’t even move walk and it says that the player is BB-8????? Please fix this and if you can’t well I want a refund.

dipstick146   1 star

So bad. The star wars complete saga is way better than this bad game🤮

camille.gordon   4 star

Nice. I like it

coolstar6w   2 star

It’s ok but. You gotta PAY to see the rest of the game, does that not scream EA or what?

Nice kid2819   5 star

Very Good. If you added snoke that would be awesome

spider pall   5 star

Update. Can you tell us when their will be another update

Celebrationrelationtemptation   4 star

When is there a new update?. New update? 5 stars comes after

ASOME85   5 star

Google has never had an app. You can also make sure to eat corn dogs at the fair they are good with mustard ABC 123

jsjsdjjdne   1 star

Trash. This game istrash

Ba11er09   3 star

Play together. You should be able to connect with other people to play together!

Teddymonkey7   1 star

DONT GET THIS GAME!. When I had bought the main story to continue my journey it ripped me off and took my money! DISNEY GIVE ME A REFEND OR GIVE ME THE STORY!

Eagles Guardian   5 star

WHY WAS IT A DEMO. I hate you so much bc you made a demo make a game that is not a demo

Steelersmicah   5 star

5 star game. I recommend this game to all

EniBboy101   5 star

Very Fun!!!. This game is so good I finished the story and there’s so much planets You can explore!!!

MARIO rocks!   1 star

Piece of crap. Bought the story, but did not give me the story! That's like ten bucks wasted! Scammers.

Tenal77   5 star

Very Fun. Very fun and enjoyable I bought the force awakens pack for $3.99 cad when it was on sale for May The 4 And Highly recommend it if you don't have to much cash to pay just wait for sales you can expect another sale Next years May 4 2018

TehApple21   3 star

Crashes!. Too many crashes and doesn't save my progress please fix

Alex Feyen   3 star

All content season pass. I thought when I got the all content season I could get all of the dlc but when got the season pass it only gave the main story. No character packs, no story packs, no nothing just the main story. Please fix.

Yocoolman9999   5 star

So cool. I bought the rest and couple days later I finished the game is fun.

Quester12   1 star

What's up with the sounds in the game?. I tied this game only to find out, Weird sounds coming from this game. What's up with this and how do you fix it?

amrenovt   1 star


KayAreEe   3 star

Two and half. It's good but you have to pay to keep playing. Pretty much a demo, that's why it's free.

MIP player   3 star

To easy and not fair.... 😡😡😡😡😡😡 why do you guys only make 3 levels and after you need to pay real version... 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑😡😡😡😡😡😡 not cool...

BOYBORG   2 star

Crashes. This thing crashes for no reason. I have no idea what happened. I selected the very first mission and it killed its self.

YoshiMiester   3 star

Great game! Sort of disappointing.. I honestly like the game needs a little fixing up but other than that can't wait for the other levels and character pack but I really can't wait for the prologue it's gotta be good but the paying for everything is annoying.

SeanIII   5 star

Great game! Had an issue with the latest update. I love this game but the latest update wouldn't take. I had to uninstall and hard-reset the ipad a couple of times before it would take.

LUCK541   2 star

False description. The description of the update clearly states that ROGER and Graballa the Hutt will be in the new update. I was so exited because of that, but when I entered the shop to check they weren't there. In the future please check the update description to make sure that it follows what was really added in the update. Also please please please add ROGER and Graballa the Hutt in the next update.

CJFerrer   3 star

Great Game!. Really fun and at times some parts of each levels are similar to the console version. I do have four problems though; the crashes, no The Clone Wars DLC, no Ahsoka Tano from Rebels (She is actually going to be in the console version but it seems like this game won't include her), and characters automatically changing in Free Plays.

Advertorial    5 star

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thegammer2345   1 star

Soooooooooo bored. It is a good game but I finished the first 3 levels and now I am bored because I can only get studs and watch trailers for the Add ons . I recommend LEGO Star Wars the complete saga

cash_baker   5 star

Very good. Hey I’m on my iPad and I love this game thanks so so much for making me make my way in this game I love you by Brett ward/brodie

gggggggggggnhiiopt   4 star

Ot enough things to do. I was a bit disappointed about not being able to connect and It does not get enough updates but the story is cool

liubjkhvjhkv   3 star

I finish first part now what. Look I finished the first three parts or chapters now what I won’t buy anything, money hungry pigs just put in ads or something but don’t fill it with ads every three seconds but please make the other parts free. But enjoyed the last chapter. :/

jdicjejcjidjc   5 star

1st Level. It doesn’t let me complete the first level

mad or happy jack   1 star

Why to pay for the rest of the game. I liked the game so much but after completing the 2 levels I had to pay for the rest of the game now I’m disappointed

frazzi123   4 star

Epic game. Love the game so much but what is the force awakens bundle

SmithD007   4 star

Free !!!!!. I haven’t played this in a long time and I’m sick of it please make it free!!!

Tashig14   1 star

Keeps crashing. When attempting to play and move through the levels it crashes and I have to start all over when. Please review

yeh tnujthrthnncy   5 star

Money. I can’t download the game but I have plenty of storage

lego starwars fan15   5 star

Great game. It is an amazingly realistic game, with a lot of great levels. I love the ship controls and the extra characters from the original and prequel trilogies.

KandiKane01   5 star


Kenoga   5 star

Hard but good👍😎. This game is really hard but I like a challenge so I gave it 5 stars:D🤠🤩. But sometimes when you know what you need to do and you keep trying but it doesn’t work it get very annoying🥺😖 so I was going to give it 4 stars but then I remembered I like a challenge so I gave it 5# I love this game!💕

FoxtelFail   5 star

Green lightsaber custom. This is the best lego game ever but it is missing a green lightsaber option in the custom character I would love it if you add that

fix the game plz cops   1 star

How on earth do u play this game?. In the first bit I don’t know how to get out👺

qwerty2399   2 star

👎🏻. Through certain level it stops and it is hard

👾👾👾 GAMER   5 star

The best game ever!!!!. This game is the best game ever soooooo fun GET IT

Sketchy Lord   1 star

Does not support Family Sharing. Deceptive and misleading company! This game does not support Family Sharing! None of the in app purchases are transferable. Also they provide no support. After 2 support requests over a month with no reply I had to contact Apple and they informed me that the app supports family sharing of the free game, wow you can share the free version.

Fornitesux   1 star

How. How r u suppose to get through the first level?

Suswao   4 star

Enemy vs. Object. You know in the original game, Star Wars The Complete Saga Game how no one can destroy normal LEGO objects except the character you’re controlling, well, with this force awakens game, anyone, like enemies or you’re buddy can destroy any objects in this game. And when enemies are around, my buddy beats them up and ends up destroying objects around them too. Which is the reason why I’m always so worried when a shipload of stormtroopers pile out and onto the ground when I’m playing the game. And just when I was writing this, thought maybe I could control my buddy to go over behind a big piece of equipment, so it can’t go over to the enemies. My buddy can just leave it to me, but the enemies can destroy objects too. I want you to make an update on this game, by only letting the blaster bullet hit either me or my buddy.

butface roblox   5 star

Best game ever. Best game ever.must download or you will be stupid🤣🤣🤣🤣.😭😭😭😭😭.

RaveReveiwer   4 star

Very Good. I like the game a lot. It’s fun and it follows the plot of Star Wars 7 accurately. The only thing I don’t like is that I’ve finished the game and I can’t restart without deleting the app. If you could just delete the saved game and restart then I’d change this review to 5 stars

repeatedbook   1 star

Why. I can't even download the game

Papes123   2 star

So bad. It won't work

TC0831   1 star

STUPID. This is completely stupid because you NEED to BUY the real game so it is stupid please make a update for the real game to be free I know you are trying to make more money.ughhhhhhhh

ELFABANTHOO_6000   5 star

Good game. Good game

cuzz84   1 star

What the actual F $$k. Seriously when you twats make these games does no one think How do you have a game that has constant moaning both male/female that’s more orgasm than attack. Just glad my 6 year old doesn’t relate those to anything else yet.... Poor form!

Jaesharkie07   5 star

Why do people have to complain about nothing nothing nothing nothing. I got bb8 up and your not doing it right it is not like poo nothing in this game is poo so download this game for free from the App Store now and play it

Bulkov65   1 star

URGENT MFI CONTROLLER UPDATE NEEDED. Since the IOS 11 update my Nimbus Steelseries MFI controller will not work with this app. Please provide update to fix this issue as my Nimbus software is up to date but the app is now incompatible. Other developers have taken the time to update there apps for IOS 11 so please fix this issue. I am not happy that my $100 controller will no longer work as it was purchased for the sole purpose to play this game as well as Lego Jurassic World & Lego the Lord of the Rings (which by the way needs an update as well). PLEASE PLEASE do an update. PS: MFI controller now works after restarting ipad? Yay but please still maintain update so your customers can continue to enjoy it :) PSS: Still not working properly PLEASE FIX :(:(

Colbran   1 star

No way near as good as the origional. This game is a disappointment compared to the original. Firstly this games controls are totally confusing. I wish this game was exactly like the original lego Star Wars. This game is a let down to the entire Star Wars community. The game needs to be more like the original. The overall look of the game is not to pleasing and the unnecessary talking annoys me. The game needs to be more simple. I regret ever downloading this game and I hope that The game makers can fix it in the future to be more like the originals.

Momof3adventurers   5 star

No regrets. Love the game so fun

end game time baby   5 star

Ok it Awesome. It’s great but you have to pay $6.99 4 the full game

blobface90   4 star

Levels. It’s hard to jump really high and super far.

Deadpool7532   5 star

I don’t understand all the hate. Yes I know the full game is seven bucks witch isn’t a bad deal at all to get everything next month when I get paid I’m purchasing it. I’ve been a Star Wars fan since I was a little boy love this franchise

K23kl   4 star

Why. So theirs DLC to complete the whole game. Can’t it just be FREE? THAT WILL BE MOOOORE FAIER.

CaptianChez101   5 star

Add capes Now. I love the game but it has one problem it does not have capes for your character that you create pls add capes

history_is_great   5 star

I am shocked at how close it is to the other game. Sooooo goooooddd

nonamenic   4 star

My only problem. I like this game a lot and my only problem with it is that the lightsabers look like trash. I just want them to be updated to look like they should in the consoles. I know the graphics can’t be as good but it doesn’t look like they even tried.

Hillhappygold   3 star

Good game but.... I have one thing to say: make it so it just costs money instead of putting a giant in app purchase in the beginning of the game!

gbfvtgh   5 star

I love it. 👏😹😹😹😹😹😹👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Sonic fan 456   5 star

Amazing!. This game is just amazing I love it and played it twice

you hey go away   1 star

Stupid paying for story. This game would have been great if you wouldn’t of made it to were in app purchases are the story you basically can’t do enemy thing if you don’t have money so rate this game 1 out 5

ItBunnyFPV   1 star

Game unplayable. I have had this game for a while and just started playing it again but I can’t play any of the levels it just crashes every time I select one

Biblemommy   5 star

I LOVE THIS GAME. I ❤️ this game,it is So ffffuuuuuunnnnnn!!!

ash anisa   5 star

Amazing. I love this game a lot and you can even play it on your X box!

Tisiphonic   3 star

Personal opinion, pls don’t h8. The in app purchases are good for special characters but it should come as a complete game as far as playability goes, if you have to literally pay to play then it defeats the point, you put so much quality into the first missions but after that it was a scam the quality and fun went down tremendously after that and having to hunt for all those hansolo carbonite things is a bit much the camera can’t be moved by your finger so that isn’t good I would give it a 4 star review if it had better graphics, more gameplay, and more things to do with the vehicles, preferably flying to each planet instead of teleporting adding on to the complexity, and with that aerial intermissions, a larger world to explore and creatures instead of micro fighters or as another option to micro fighters, if there was a tycoon style to it aswell like weapon production, and ration supplies, having the illegal smuggling in the game as a intermission is a poor choice for it I would have done something like an injured delivery pod and spoiling medicines but drug dealings and illegal contraband shouldn’t be one of them now I know were trying to stay movie accurate but if your doing that mission then why not a different more family friendly mission if I want to play gta I’ll play gta but I wanted a good starwars game that I wouldn’t be concerned with All in all the game is lacking a lot for $9 as free games have much more Edit: this game isn’t a console quality game and so the price is a bit much, I would reinstall it if it had more quality and playability

johnston323   3 star

Please update. Please update for iPhone X models devices

😙😛😘🙃😋😏😠😕😏🤑   3 star

Cool. Cool 😎

BillyMaystheSavageThug   1 star

WARNING: Not The Complete Saga. 2D style. Near birds eye view. Controls are complicated. There are multiple “hubs” with long load times. No bounty hunter missions. Side missions don’t give any real benefit aside from like 10 studs. You can’t “switch” characters easily. Only 3 places: Tatooine 2, some forest planet, Death Star 3. Worst of all, I cringe on the dialogue in this game. Aside with the bad voice acting, this game attempts to actually incorporate the dialogue instead of small and funny cutscenes like TCS did it. Not “Lego” style. If you care about dialogue, go watch the movie. Not like you are missing anything if you don’t.

pokemon are great   4 star

Something can’t get passed. I was able to get ren or whatever his name is, but this level was hard and I couldn’t get passed it was on the ren part. When I was sliding I couldn’t get on the rope.So i went to see the hints and I didn’t know what and I get upset so I said”ridiculous” and deleted it

Lalalala56789   4 star

Not enough levels. My boys love this game but would really like to see more levels.

jakjjhhhhhg   4 star

Good game. Great game. Is versatile. But it should have more violence. I am 12 years old. If you are 9 years old I wouldn’t recommend this game for you.

Make fashon!   1 star

I can’t even play it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. A Discuss was correct. I deleted this game just because of “in app purchases”! I’m really disappointed in the creators! This game was not about money! If warner.bros want us to “like” it, then they have to let us play it. Let me calm down. Here’s the thing, I still payed for the “complete saga” one that Warner.bros made. The other thing is, Warner bros just wants money!

hchgjtfytfiyf   5 star

Some help plz. It is great but I can not find how to play the other levels I bought in the force awakens pass warner bros plz help

somahd   5 star

Hdjdh. I love this game it’s so fun

richantrichant   5 star

Why is the rest cost money. Well I love this game but I have to pay the rest of chapters pls make it free

pr poopy pants   4 star

YESSS but.... Brooooo it’s amazing but I wanna continue the game but I need to buy please make it free to make people happy thanks!!!!

joben007   5 star


hanlonc   1 star

The dudes title with deal with it is wrong. ITS STUPIDEST GAME ON UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Global games daily   5 star

The movie in Lego. This game overdid it! Super fun! Your like watching the movie in lego.

StarWarsNerdMLG57   5 star

Glitch. I was playing through the first level on the second part and I made a force character, and to get the second minikin I couldn't use the force on it even though I had the right character but it wouldn't work it's a great game but please fix this :)

NOBLE TRUE   1 star

Horrible. Never get it. So laggy an the controls are impossible.

ODST015   1 star

Pay to play af!. Don't buy! Horrible! Pay to play! Waste of money!

Do fski   5 star

Sounds like a good. Sounds like a good game have not played🙂👍

bigmacskiier   3 star

Upset. Not too happy that the "complete game" dlc I spent on "The Complete Saga" didn't transfer to this game too. The touch controls are shoddy, I enjoyed the original Lego SW buttons much better. Graphics are good and first chapter gameplay isn't bad (haven't bought everything yet). I think I'll just go back and play the original 6.

Zakxpking123   1 star

Horrible. Just horiible

Evil Elmer   5 star

Amazing. Buy this version and save a fortune over the console version

Bruno lh   5 star

I LOVE IT. Such are great mobile ios game! I love so much star wars so thats why i love this game! The graphics are decent for a mobile game! It could be a better experience if we could play the game with a controler!

Girlygirl.not   2 star

Sexual sounds. Couldn't get past the sexual sounds oh people whimpering in the first level.

Thethinhead   5 star

Great adaptation to mobile scale. Buying the (very inexpensive) full version for $13.99 is definitely the way to go. Essentially a mobile version of the console game. Much better graphics than even the 3DS or Vita versions. Great that all the voice actors' lines were carried throughout (let's not forget it's the actual cast!) and so happy to see full score throughout as well...not a fan of handheld Lego series where clips of music were replayed over and over. Touch controls can get a little fidgety at times but the gameplay speaks for itself. The collectibles and goals differ from the console version and there is a lot of variety in the achievements available. A decent size download and install, but well worth it for iOS gamers and Star Wars fans alike. A must have.

titoylavoie   2 star

Nul. Nul

Sainidude   4 star

Money :(. I would have given this a 5 star but the other episodes cost money so I can't really do anything now because I'm not allowed to buy anything so please make the other episodes free alot of people wanna play the other episodes not just me.

MikiziP   4 star

Co-op. Would give it 5 stars if co-op would be playable through Bluetooth.

Universally Unknown   1 star

Game is bad. I do like the Xbox version and the console versions yet this version is the worst version out of them all. I don't like that the whole game has separate chapters to buy and the controls are the worst touch controls i've ever used. The game is not worth my time at all and it isn't worth the money either.

Gogehhanana   2 star

Ssswss. God When I heard people saying it cost money that makes me think of the complete saga buying levels and what ever

mckiller786   5 star

great game. so for those of you who think this game is bad bcuz nothing is free. well ask yourself this would u rather pay 13.99 for the whole game on ur device or have half the game and 1 billion 30 second ads every 10 seconds. also buying the full game is actually worth it i mean the graphics are great the content is amazing and if it doesnt load for u u probably have an old device or not enough storage. also this version is cheaper than the others.

AnakinSkywalkker   4 star

Pretty good. decent for a mobile game

Tugfjgwdchgdhjufghhd   1 star

Sucks. Worst game I have ever played

Mega dude that like hotdogs   5 star

It's awesome but.... Why does the rest of the game need money :(

Old claw   1 star

What?. This game is a waste of time downloading because you can't even play 4 missions without buying the next chapter. This is just a cash grab

Jackonbacon   4 star

Good game. Great game it's very funny and I can't wait for a dlc to come out :)

Nathant1151   2 star

Terrible controls. The game seems like fun but the terrible touch controls make it much more frustrating then fun. Both control schemes are awful! I have not played any other Lego games on iOS so I am not sure if this is how they all play but seems like it would be a much better experience on consoles

Garfield😺   2 star

Good game but.... Is really a good game but there is nothing free. If you don't paid you will do nothing in the game. Put something free to play if not is really a boring game.

Jeredna   2 star

Update. Ever since the new update the game doesn't even load up..... Just a dark square where the game is.......???????????

The diamond army   5 star

Awesomeness 😄😄😄😄💎💎💎💎⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Hey this is the best game ever I can't wait till they make Lego Star Wars rouge one I'm so hyped also can you make a Lego Star Wars character created that would be awesome i rate 5 ⭐️

EnglishFamily105   5 star

Awesome game. I don't see why everyone is complaining. This is a great game and all the in app purchases are worth it. My favorite bit is the dogfights I always get excited when I'm piloting an x-wing or tie fighter. I just wish the other content will come out.😃

mcl0027   5 star

Great game. The only problem with this game is the fact that it only took me a day to complete, and the extension maps that I paid for need to be uploaded soon, so that people can play them

Bsp74   2 star

Stuck and can't go further. Great game but we can't get past repairing the falcon....very frustrating, hope this isn't a bug in the game especially after paying for it.

Jaso32   4 star

Great game but...... Was great right until I reached Fix the Falcon and now Finn has disappeared and I can't continue without him. I can't be the only person with this error. 5 stars if this is solved.

Food gamer   5 star

Game play. Pretty good so far, would like if there was more of some kind of help option though for some of the moves that are confusing or not as easy to know how to do, apart from that, cool as LOVE LEGO!!!

Fu556   3 star

Why. Why can't you just save in-game money to continue?

mitchXD   1 star

too much$$$$$$$. why do we have to pay $11 for rest of game plz i would rather pay 5or 6 $ for the game

Baconeatereatspopcorn   2 star

Meh. Bad graphics and very laggy just go get it on you Xbox or whatever

Jacko987654321   2 star

Waste of time. Knew it was too good to be true. A Lego game for free. After playing the first 3 levels, turns out you have to pay for the full version of the game. So really I just wasted my time by playing the first few levels because what's the point if I can't continue and finish the game. Not to mention the graphics were disappointing, and I know this isn't a next gen console but at least try making it look less like a ps2 game.

Talos1963   2 star

Jakku Graveyard crashes. I love the Lego games on iOS and the price is reasonable for the mobile platform. The Jakku Graveyard level has a bug. I can't get past the multibuild puzzle inside the Star Destroyer at the locked door. As soon as you get BB-8 with you, and you build the catapult to move him up to a platform, the game crashes every time. The game delivers the fun and puzzle solving we've come to expect from Traveller's Tales. It a shame that it wasn't more carefully tested prior to release. The season pass gives you the promise of new DLC 'when it is available' so don't rush to spend you money at this time.

Stfxtggd   5 star

Great Game. This is overall a great game, it's addictive, it's fun and easy to play. Obviously your going to have to pay but it's definitely worth the money. My experience has been awesome with this game and I have enjoyed it a lot. Only one thing wrong is that the graphics aren't that great but I'm sure you can improve on this

Jsjshdhdhe   1 star


nonyabiznessu   1 star

Star Wars is a little bit good. Sorry I just wanted to tell you not to make the DLC so much money.Please make it a lower price when a new Star Wars movie comes out

dazzone   1 star

The games are too short. Graphics need improvement for iPad Pro 12inc

PEOPLE MOVER 2355   4 star

COULD BE BETTER. Ok let's start with the controls. There are hard to get familiar with but on about 2 days u get the hang of it. Number 2 quality is about the same as a 3ds game not so good complete saga is better in quality. Number 3 story the story is easy to follow but the multi build not to much. The multi building is glitchy and is just bad.also I don't know why people are complaining about only 3 chapters for free. Atleast you get to play it! Btw the rest of the game is a little bit over priced! So yeah I think the complete saga is better!

The infected freak   1 star

Poor graphics, confusing menu and extremely money hungry. It's strange how this game has poor graphics compared to the complete saga where it looks like a perfect port from the PlayStation/Xbox game. But this game, geez it's money grabbing, just a cringe to deal with, also the actual start up screen, geez I didn't know which one was to start the game, also not to mention the iCloud nonsense, could've at least made it looks like the other Lego games. Also the Lag... It's painful to watch Please try and fix up the game and make it less money grabbing

Thinks awesome   3 star

NOT AS GOOD as The Complete Saga. I was really excited when this came out on iOS. I played the first chapter and then it asked me to pay. I honestly expected that would happen. You have to do the same with the complete saga. My advice is to buy the season pass to get full access to all content when it comes out as it is only $4 extra over the Force Awakens pack. The gameplay is really exciting and fun and the new mechanics are a joy. The thing that lets me down however is the mediocre graphics. You would think after nailing the complete saga portal for iOS they would be able to do well with this. Sorry to let you down... Hopefully new updates will fix this as it does infringe on your experience. Another thing that was probably deliberate but unfortunate is that the developers split each level up into three parts. This was probably to make the game more mobile friendly however, I would like to see an option to remove this. In the end this is a really enjoyable game and one of the best on the mobile platform. I just wish that instead of making a separate version of this for mobile, they just transfer the full game in a portal like the complete saga. This game is great and is worth the money that you would pay. It still is the full game but costs $15 instead of $69(on computer). If your wondering whether you should buy this, you should. It is incredibly fun and exhilarating to play the new LSW game. (Meanwhile, I'll be playing the Complete Saga).

Rilzz6   1 star

Better on PS4 or Xbox One. Don't waste your money on this! I know it costs a good $90 on PS4 or Xbox One but it is worth it compared to this game, The Complete Saga is much better than this

Huffy chiffon12234567890   2 star

Why have to buy😡👎. I just played for 3 games and then this thing came up. It tells me to buy for full version to play😑😫👎😡. It cost a lot of money too.


To the people complaining. Of course you have to pay for the rest of the game! It's cheaper on iOS then it is on console and people are still complaining.

Vance MadDog   3 star

The worst. You have to pay for the rest of the game that sucks😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠

macerate.554   5 star


Gjvvyijvyvyi   4 star

I love it. I love it and when I try it, I am good at it

Bobs elbow   2 star

Too expensive. Fun game but $11 for the full game is way too much

Gangsta Jo   5 star

Best Lego Game on IOS. after disappointing games post LotR, this eclipses it. Reasonably big hubs that act as an open world make all the difference. hope all future instalments have hubs rather than just levels

app cycle   2 star

What!. You can one do lvl 1 then pay 11$ for the rest!😡😡😡😡😡

Marllchdhod   3 star

It is so bad that I need to pay money to Cary on the game. Don't make it for money plz

xxx_CheeseBurger_xxx   3 star

Its Alright. Although the game is very different to the complete saga its an alright production. The graphics wasn't what I expected but I think this is just for the iOS and DS port. The menu where you go choose your levels is very confusing, I prefer the old cantina level doors selection and I was expecting Maz's castle as the menu cantina. The mechanics are pretty poor. I was near a panel that only BB-8 can access and I tried shooting a storm trooper and it kept popping up with the "Uh?" The game should be a little more specific of what you need to do. There are a few complicated things that should have been made simpler such as the 2 fight mechanics, Punch and Shoot... There should only be one fighting mechanic to fire the weapon and then melee when the characters are closer up like in SW Saga. On the BB-8 panel where you have to turn the thing with your joystick is too fixed. It's really annoying having to turn it on a fixed joystick that makes you finger go off screen. The crawling text when you start a chapter is really off, the first line you see is "Chapter " it would be better if it had the same old "Episode VII, Chapter " if you know what I mean. The civilian sounds of fear in the first chapter is really annoying, I feel as if they are too loud. The new design of the mini-kits are the most depressing thing in this game. I think they should have stuck with the old design. If they manage to have pretty good graphics in LSW Saga for the iOS, I don't know why the graphics in this production is worse, given it's brand new. It's been about 10 years since a new lego star wars game and yet it didn't satisfy much. I hope this game can be improved.

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