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Change your voice in fun and amazing ways with this Completely FREE app!

Choose from dozens of funny sound effects. This is a must-have tool for recording your voices or other sounds. It allows you to record sounds and instantly apply special effects to make it cool. You can choose to sound like man, woman, child or other fancy effects. With a wide range of sound effects, your recording can be modified to better match your feelings or personality.

• Built-in recorder makes it easy to recording sounds
• Very simple to select funny voice effects
• Instantly enjoy the playback
• Easily edit your recording file
• Directly share them with your friends

Voice Change.r Prank Call Dial App Description & Overview

The applications Voice Change.r Prank Call Dial was published in the category Entertainment on 2016-04-19 and was developed by Ruibin Chen. The file size is 18.43 MB. The current version is 1.2.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

• Bug fixes

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I'm am just doing this to get an upgrade  Shillelaghbobby  5 star



Awesome  Tisfufkgjdhdud  5 star

Works well and is great for tricking your friends


The Best  Pooperlyfem  5 star

It is fun to prank my friends and family


5 star review  KasparCaldwell  5 star

This app is legit AF. Anyways, how come my butt hole is trying to turn inside out? It looks sort of like a dog penis color but like a flower blooming from my butt. What do I do? Thanks


Good  Gamer870344219  4 star

Pretty nice compared to the other ones I've downloaded


Ehhh  BlackReapR44  3 star

Ehhhhhhhhh ehhhhhhh ehhhh


Free access  Boosietakeover  5 star

Where is my free stuff


This app  zaundrea  5 star

This app is so good


Lol  johnfchxhvf  5 star


a bubblegum

Good game  a bubblegum  5 star

I like this's


Free stuff  Doink3  5 star

I'm rating this for the free stuff but other wise I would rate this 3/5 stars

Jack moniz

Waooo  Jack moniz  5 star

This app is really cool. I love it so much 😘


Best changer  JARRED#SWAGGY  5 star

This thing helped me prank my friends so hard


Great app  Dints333  5 star

Awesome app.


It's not very good.  Kollidog  2 star

Doesn't have a lot of variety in voice modification.

Taylormade back solutions

Great funny  Taylormade back solutions  5 star


Sicos man

I poo my pants  Sicos man  5 star

I poo my pants

It's an bad and ok game

Only doing this for free acsess  It's an bad and ok game  5 star

Free acsess if you rate 5 stars


Good  Fuseken  5 star

Very nice


Boing  Deeweee  5 star

Doing this for the free stuff


Just for the upgrade  Akahdbcbjdhsvcjdb  5 star

I'm doing this just for the upgrade on this app

G Man 13

Bad  G Man 13  1 star

It's cool that u can change the tone of ur voice but it didn't show how to prank call people


Upgrade  Cutepandarocks  5 star

Doing this for the upgrade


Eh 😪  Macdancer18  3 star

I mean this app isn't BAD, it just doesn't have good quality and you can't really hear yourself if you put like the coughing filter on or something like that. But otherwise it can make you sound different and do that kind of stuff.

Red Hook ESB

Doesn't change voices like expected  Red Hook ESB  1 star

Doesn't change voices like expected


DO NOT GET IT IS SO STUPID  SwedeNugget22  1 star

Do not get this app I got it so it would change my voice when I called someone but it is so stupid don't get it because you will waste your time on it and most of the voices are in the background like cough, wakie talkie and ghost if I could I would rate this app a big fat 0 stars


...  tvxnskkwlbxhxffsg  5 star



Isn't working  Shadowflowerinthesun  1 star

Won't play back the audio.

Review reviewer45

Best app  Review reviewer45  4 star

Best app for voice changing


Whoooop  MikieDude  5 star

Awesome toy/tool/useful for being late-App! Highly recommendable!!

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