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Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst Unlocked - A Hidden Object Adventure (Full) [Games] App Description & Overview

Unlock the complete adventure with a single purchase! No in-app purchases!

Alister Dalimar returns again, as does his maniacal quest for immortality. After your last trip to Ravenhearst Manor, you’ve been declared legally insane and now inhabit the very same cell your nemesis used to call home in the Manchester Lunatic Asylum. Stopping this rotten villain won’t be an easy task at all, but you’re the only one who stands a chance!

It seems Alister’s granddaughters have a plan for you to be a pawn in their evil schemes. Are they truly evil like the rest of the family, or are they under some terrifying spell? Hurry, you must get free before it’s too late!

Find your way out through dark and thrilling hidden object scenes.

Thwart your enemy’s evil design in a variety of eerie puzzles and twisted mini-games.

See Alister’s side to this story and enjoy additional Collector’s Edition exclusives including collectible Lighthouses, special achievements, and more!

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- "Unlock" The Door To Your Worst Nightmare! Creepy Fun!

This latest installment gives a striking resemblance to "Key To Ravenhearst" in many aspects. I almost feel as though I am playing the same game. I am enjoying this segment of the storyline since we are finding out more about our psycho friend, Alister, together with the rest of his demented family. The graphics are clear; as with "Key," the colors are rich and dark containing the same dominant shade of purple-blue. The artwork portrays a grim setting with some disturbing, macabre images, such as damp cells with bacteria infected water; moldy, ripped-up mattresses; delusional drawings on brick walls; and patients' arms thrusting out at you as they scream and moan in terror. There is some twisted humor incorporated throughout, such as creepy titles of books and the insane lullabies of mental patients. There are no customized settings. The inventory is labeled, interactive, and puzzle-like; items require assembly. The fast teleport map only indicates objectives in the second mode; locations are labeled. The HOS are very interactive and varied. The puzzles are innovative, and some are multilayered; I love those sequential type puzzle boards! You have a collectible; they can be well hidden. Overall, this is a suspenseful, creative game with much variety. I deducted a star because of lack of customized settings and the fact that I had to restart a puzzle board since a piece had disappeared. Worth the price!

- Great , except for----

I am not happy that Eipix took over the development of MCF. Why? I don't like the arcade battle portions they put in all their games. "Strike the ball until the staff resonates?" I should mention that I'm an older player and would be happy without the arcade puzzle /battle scenes. The graphics, although pretty and vivid, are too cartoon like. It takes away from the classic MCF atmosphere. I did like the mini puzzles within the HO scenes. I also love super puzzles. The map for the main game worked well and was a great help. The game was a good length. Because you are able to quickly skip the parts you don't like, and because for the most part this is a great game, I do recommend buying it.

- ☠⚰⚔Long, Arduous, Tedious, Boring⚔⚰☠

Greetings, Gamers: 👄 ...And those were the good points. Like some other reviewers, I too couldn't continue in a few of the super puzzles, no matter what I tried. Had to skip the puzzles in their entirety because of this glitch. I did appreciate the feature of being able to skip portions of puzzles. Also had difficulty with object placement: if it wasn't placed just so, then no go. Incredibly frustrating. I too felt this was a rerun or continuation of the previous Ravenhurst installment we've just played. I've finally reached the point where I don't care where the objects are in the HOs, or what around the next corner, or even where the collectible lighthouses are. Too much thematic torture for my taste. Dark, dark, dark. Like a Quentin Tarantino film on steroids. Bummed I bought this. I'm not crazy about the fairies and unicorns games but hey, let's strike a happy medium someplace here. My proverbial two cents: I enjoy getting notices on other games out there available to buy and play. No need to hate on someone who's passing along valuable information, giving us wider options in choosing how to spend our time and money. Keep on keeping on, Kimmie. We got your six, girl. 🤗 Props to you for taking the high road. Until next time, fellow gamers: May the stars light you away from this junk ✨✨✨😵✨✨✨👎🏽✨✨✨👿✨✨✨💩✨✨✨😊✨✨✨

- Lock Up the Fun with Ravenhearst Unlocked!

Spooky, scary, and altogether fun describes the Mystery Case Files Ravenhearst series by Eipix. This is a good one, folks! The crazy Twins have locked you in the Insane Asylum along with some other "adorable" inmates. You must escape and find the Key to which Alister alluded. Along the way, you complete mechanical puzzles (use a mirror to unscramble a door lock from inside) as well as Hidden Objects, which include finding parts and assembling them. There are also Signs which you can collect ( lighthouses.) You must keep your wits about you as you avoid the Twins while attempting to escape as Alister did. His Raven keeps an eye on your progress. I have wanted this game for a long time! Buy it now for some eerie summer fun!

- Ravenhurst Unlocked

Great game. Well worth the money. Inventory is labeled, good map (although I tend not to use them as I like moving around the game). Love all the collectibles and souvenirs you can find. Puzzles are great with several super puzzles with many mini puzzles within them. I would have given this game 5 stars but the "face mask" puzzle has a bug in it which did not allow me to finish the puzzle. There is a point where you have to drop little balls down a gear operated maze. That portion of the puzzle does not work. I would still recommend this game.

- Finally a 5 star!

Admittedly I'm not a huge fane of eipix games due to unattractive graphics but this game might very well change my mind! I'm not a fan of the first 2 Ravenhurst games but the last two are incredible! Love the spooky feel, mini games and perfect mix of hos. I've not purchased many of the latest BF releases as their game quality has been going downhill but this is a must buy for all fans of this genre! I much enjoyed this! Oh, and I must mention the game length, finally a long, entertaining game! Thanks for the hard work! Hope to start seeing more games of this magnitude!

- Dark, Gloomy Fun

Only 4 stars because there is no customized settings available. Many puzzles and HOPs with puzzles within the HOPs. Interactive Hint button. Long-playing, good graphics.

- Ravenhurst Unlocked- dark, dank, twisted skin crawling creepiness

Ahh, the oh so familiar psychologically twisted darkness of Ravenhurst- and Alister - rides again! First we find ourselves committed to an insane asylum, and it just gets better from there! Go back and see where the evil that is Alister got his start.....if you survive! Twisted, dark in both color scheme and game play, this is not for kids! Yes there are vermin and a crap ton of skeletons. Some of the mini games are just twisted as are the HO. For fans of the series or fans of the macabre I say enjoy! I will see you in the looney bin - I'm just down the hall lol

- Great game

LynxMinx: you are fond of boasting about your influence at Big Fish, that you "lead the most respected review team out there" and "gaming has improved tremendously since the Dream Team Elite". If that is so, can you not ask BFG to create an iPad forum or community so that you can communicate with the rest of the A-list in a more direct manner? Or perhaps you could start a closed Facebook group. There must be a better way to keep in touch that doesn't entail hijacking the reviews. Just a thought....

- I don’t recommend

I started buying the Big Fish games after playing one that was really great LEGAL LIGHT: SILENT MOUNTAIN. I thought they would all be like that game but they are obviously made by different game designers. The puzzles in this one only made sense about 10% of the time. Some of the things you had to do in the puzzles were just silly and no way you could figure it out without clicking aimlessly on everything. I found myself frequently clicking on the hint button and rolling my eyes ay the solution. At this point, I’m just hoping to the story ends soon.


Besides "Key to Ravenhearst," this is the best and most fun hidden object game I’ve played! I played it on my iPad mini 2 and it played great with zero glitches. I like to play on casual mode and the hint system was awesome. I love the Ravenhearst games and I love creepy mystery games in general, and this was creepy! The super games were mind-blowing! The story was fun. The game play was VERY well thought out. Looking for the light house in each scene became my obsession. Lol. When you figure out a puzzle in a hidden object scene, the hidden object goes directly to your inventory automatically without you having to click on it. It’s a small touch, but it points to how not-lazy the programmers were. They thought of everything. I loved this game so so much! 🙌🏻

- Back to Ravenhearst!!

I literally cheered out loud when I saw this new release! Anyone who has ever played any of the Ravenhearst series will immediately know why. It is the best, most crazy, cuckoo-nuts-in the-greatest-possible-way, series of games BF has ever released!!! And if you play it in 'insane' mode, not very easy, either. Yes!!

- Sadistic

The game started out like a winner of a good game. The mini games were challenging and I liked them at first. The theme progressively began to just be sadistic and totally dark. I kept playing to the end. The bonus chapter was particularly the worst. I switched roles from master detective to chief evil doer. I had originally gave this game 5 stars, but I had to take away stars because it was just downright depressing and tedious at the end.

- It's like I've already played this.....

This is a lot like the previous Ravenhearst game. I haven't gotten very far into it but I feel like I've played this so far. The graphics are great and so far no technical problems but I would have rather played something different from what I already have..

- Raven Unlocked

This was a good game. I thought it was not as confusing as the first game. I would like for the hidden objects to be a little brighter. Some were hard to see. Overall a good game. No problems. Grandma54

- Excellent🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

OMG!! Loved this, great job to all!! Not complaining at all...but the souvenirs should be in gameplay....and love morphing items. I've noticed a lot of the games are doing the same format. Put souvenirs in game and also more morphing objects!! Thanks!!

- Thank you

Thank you 1988Daria. I've been saying that for years but your wasting your time. She's delusional. Also, this is Truly a wonderful game. This series is one of my favorite. It's worth every penny!!

- Can't move forward after ritual with priest

Was so into this game...loving it, having a blast and boom now I can't finish. Where the priest are together doing the ritual to open doors during the ritual one priest won't let me put his emotions into the fire. Ugh frustrating. Thanks for the huge bummer. FIX IT!!

- Awful! Not worth the money!

I've been a fan of MCF since the beginning but this is the last one I'll buy. The story line is weak. The graphics aren't that good. The game is glitchy and the puzzles are tedious. This is the first game that I've skipped a lot of puzzles not because they're too hard but because they were just too much trouble and boring. A huge disappointment

- Haven't finished yet but awesome

I'll update when I'm finished. I see some people on here complaining about how dark and creepy it is. That's exactly why I LOVE IT.

- Excellent!

This is an excellent long-play game with lots of new puzzles and extra bonuses. I loved it! It kept me entertained for hours on end.

- Great game.

This is really a good game play and interesting puzzles..a winner in my book...I'm sure I will be playing it again in the future.

- MCF: Ravenhearst Unlocked by LynxMinx

I would like to dedicate this review to my beloved aunt Byrde who left this earth on Friday night. She inspired my love of puzzles and games and always urged me to keep my brain sharp! This was a bizarre and twisted game, but it wasn't dull! There were 3 levels of difficulty. The game was lengthy and had a bonus adventure. You collect lighthouses in each location. The graphics were amazing, albeit grotesque and frightening. This should not be played by youngsters! By the way Dracyy, I am leaving you in the asylum because you were seeing things that didn't exist (hallucinations of vermin and there were no rats or mice, lol)! Inventory was interactive and there were plus items to assemble. Loading was almost instantaneous between locations and there was a marked, if so customized, teleport map to transport you. The HO scenes were varied and had some embedded puzzles. I wish that at times we had an option for match-3; sometimes I am not in the mood for an HO scene. The puzzles and games were varied, and some were mind-benders,including the super-puzzles. This game required a lot of thought and it worked your brain! The only reason I deducted a star was that I could have used a journal to really understand the whole story, and also at times I had a bit of hard tapping to do. Dream Team Elite: Did you see the review from 1988Daria? So now I am a hijacker! How funny is that? Instead of reviewing the game she reviewed me! Waste of time! She did get one thing correct though! We are the A-list, and our tireless and thorough reviews have improved this genre of gaming incredibly. We are relevant and I appreciate how hard you all work so that other gamers have a wonderful experience. So thank you everyone for being amazing, for offering advice to newer players and for not belittling other people who are learning this genre. You're the best team anyone could want, and we have been called worse than hijackers, lol! Keep on playing and reviewing. Thank you Awesome Person 22 for acknowledging how much we bring to the table. I think you are totally awesome, and if you can really review thoroughly you would be invited to be part of the team. To Pixiepuppy: the game developers and distributors find me and the team to be very effective at what we do. So by complaining about me, you come off as ridiculous and delusional yourself! Why not actually review a game instead of griping about this team who has worked so hard to give other gamers a positive and rewarding experience? Sounds to me like a major case of envy, because you will never measure up to our standards of review and our ethical behavior. Special thanks always to Dracyy, KimTwilight, Opinion, Sunshine Susie, Deana M, Izzyoc, NothingSmurf, Catalinas and to our beloved Snooper, wherever she may be! ❤️💋😘 from Lynxie!

- Not working

Cannot proceed in game. Part of game where you meet master detective and there is a long puzzle on her head. Game glitches and is stuck, cannot even skip or exit out or click anything. I have restarted app and device several times. Can't finish game.

- The game is awesome I LOVE IT

I loved this game but being short is not taking away the greatness of this game I AM SO EXCITED FOR MYSTERY CASE FILES 14 I'm eager to find out what happens

- Torture is the BIG theme

I usually love Ravenhearst games, but this one really was dark all the way through and not just psychologically. I guess it was just too much for my liking.

- Yawn

I tried so hard to like this. It's just so much like the one I just finished. So, if you played the previous, don't bother. This could/should have been the ending of that game. Save your time and money.

- Mystery case files Ravenhurst

I like number 15 got stuck with the two priests and could not go on as I could not get the emerald stone to continue. It needs to be fixed.

- Same as so many others

A couple of good parts but some were too vague and mostly the same thing throughout so got boring fast.

- Love

I have ALWAYS loved these games and I have always loved big fish games

- Back to the best!

I loved this game! It was wonderfully spooky and creepy, MCF is back!

- Dream Team Elite Fan

I enjoy the reviews. They help me decide whether to bother and what to look for. Keep up the detailed reviews, especially with no free trials

- Stuck

Mine is stuck on a mini game. Cant continue.

- Great

I love ravenhearst it's great

- Good game

Good game

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- The Battle of Charles Dalrmar at Ravenhearst continues.

Really enjoyed that game, would loved to stay at the Asylum a lot longer. The puzzles are terrific, some I can do it with ease but others I needed the guide but all in all. I really enjoyed the story plot and the game play Fantastic. 😊😊 Note to all players: You must play 'Key to Ravenhearst' before you play this one otherwise you won't get the story. Thankyou. 😊😊

- Good game

Decent storyline and mix of puzzles. Good play length

- Fabulous

Love the mystery case files, always worth the money. The Ravenhearst games are exceptional, and this one is one of the best. Storyline is great, graphics outstanding, puzzles mind boggling and not easy, lots of variation of the puzzles as well. Great extra game which leaves you hanging for the next sequel....can't wait.

- Was going well

Until chapter 4. Going well in the super puzzle but well into it I solved a puzzle but it wouldn't move to the next one. Tried skipping it but still couldn't move on, ended up having to skip the whole puzzle.

- Interesting and playable

This game is good and keeps you playing. The puzzles are good and the storyline is interesting. Overall a good game.

- Stop

Forcing people to write reviews

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- Locked up, ironically!

During the face lock super puzzle it locked up. There is nothing I can do to get past it to continue the game. I can't play it anymore, and I'm ticked off!!!!! UPDATE: After a few months, I restarted the game from scratch. Again, when I reached the first super puzzle things started going wonky, so I skipped it while I still could. The rest of the game went fine, and it truly is a fabulous end to the Ravenhearst series. During the bonus game, however, I again had trouble with the super puzzle there. It started acting weird. I finally had to skip it, since it was acting strange and I was afraid it would lock up. It was a very strange one, too. Nothing about it made any sense. It was as if they threw all the leftover part they had into a pot and called it a puzzle. Overall, though, a good game.

- Great game

I've kind of stopped writing reviews because the games lately have been such a dud. Having said that... This is a great game. No morphing objects however every scene there is a lighthouse icon to find. The game is great in length and storyline. My only complaint would be what a previous reviewer said; in the h.o., the graphics aren't that great. Really enjoyed this game.

- Loved it

Once again mystery case files proves that they one of the best very top of games

- 😅 yes & no 😢

* 20 intelligent, layered HOPs * several fresh & exciting mini-games along with 5 mega-puzzles (though a couple of the solutions were a bit frustrating) * collectibles, Souvenir room, puzzle replays in Extras Frankly, this was not my favourite episode in this series (I don't think anything will measure up to Dire Grove: Sacred Grove). A lot (too much) effort was poured into rounding out an absurd tale of insanity & the quest for immortality with many cut-scenes & a plethora of uncovered notes; resulting in a pervading sense of gloom & doom.

- Great... until bug

I am stuck and can't finish the hidden objects scene in lady morwyn's room. The help button only says that I should keep on... which I have no idea how is that supposed to help me find the objects in the scene. Disapointed since I paid the full price.

- Game freezes during super puzzles

I have purchased perhaps hundreds of Big Fish games. This game freezes during a super puzzle. Very disappointing! Especially for a game with a premium price.

- 👌🏼GREAT GAME ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Love this series, and love this "chapter". Better than the last one, even though I enjoyed it as well. The mini games were great! Some actually made me think, which is rare now a days as most games are repetitive and too easy. Not a thing I didn't like. Very easy to follow, super interesting and quite long. One of my favourites out of the last few months of games. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

- Loved it

The game play was excellent. Great length for main game and I was wowed by the bonus games length. Maps, hints, long game. Can't wait for the next one. Would love to find more like this

- 🇨🇦 ❤️ 🇨🇦 ❤️ LOVE RAVENHEARST (And Wii 🤗 🤗)

I've just started playing this one and, like other Ravenhearst games, I LOVE it! Everything is top notch, but what else is new when dealing with BigFish? 🇨🇦🤔 ❤️ ⭐🐾🐾️ WII, I'm a tad confused: were u born in Alberta, or u live here? I'm up north in what in what is called a village. I hate cities, too much noise, etc. Anyway, I look for you when I'm looking at new games, and get a 'real' smile when I find you. Yes, we are like long lost sisters. I don't have one anymore, she passed away quite a few years ago, and I miss her. 😔 So I love running into you, it makes me happy. 😀 😀 😀 🤗 🤗🤗 🐾 ❤️ 🇨🇦 🐾 Thank you BigFish for another super DUPER game, I hope you continue with the Ravenhearst series, they're excellent. 🐳 🐟 🐬 Today you get 10 stars. Just because WII has made me so happy. *giggle* ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ❤️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Coop

Found this game mediocre and often hard to see because of the weak graphics

- LOVED IT‼️‼️🇨🇦

Ravenhearst series is one of my FAV's❣❣ And this one did not disappoint‼️ The story the graphics the characters the length. Check check check and check. Everything was AWESOME‼️👍👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ CRUSH you've probably already checked this one but if you haven't and you like the series GET IT❣❣ 👍👍🇨🇦🤗😘 (So happy to get your messages. We certainly play the same ones... Lol... Great Minds 🤗. And FYI ... I have an Elf Really... And he has just as much just so you know Toronto born in Alberta.. Long lost Sis😉)

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Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst Unlocked - A Hidden Object Adventure (Full) 1.0.0 Screenshots & Images

Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst Unlocked - A Hidden Object Adventure (Full) iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst Unlocked - A Hidden Object Adventure (Full) iphone images
Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst Unlocked - A Hidden Object Adventure (Full) iphone images
Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst Unlocked - A Hidden Object Adventure (Full) iphone images
Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst Unlocked - A Hidden Object Adventure (Full) iphone images
Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst Unlocked - A Hidden Object Adventure (Full) iphone images

Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst Unlocked - A Hidden Object Adventure (Full) (Version 1.0.0) Install & Download

The applications Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst Unlocked - A Hidden Object Adventure (Full) was published in the category Games on 2016-07-13 and was developed by Big Fish Games, Inc [Developer ID: 292594310]. This application file size is 1.26 GB. Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst Unlocked - A Hidden Object Adventure (Full) - Games app posted on 2016-07-13 current version is 1.0.0 and works well on IOS 7.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.bigfishgames.mfruaapluniversalfull

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