StreetViewMap Street View Maps

StreetViewMap Street View Maps [Travel] App Description & Overview

StreetViewMap is Easiest way to view street-level imagery base on Google Street View Maps support more than 60 countries.


- press on a location in map view to find a nearby panorama
- Search address and see the street panorama view of the address.
- Auto Navigation for current location
- Share & bookmark panoramas
- Double view with both a map and street view
- If you move in Street View, the marker on the map also moves.
- Show Latest traffic data & Latest Street View

The map uses Google Maps SDK for iOS.

street view, Directions and live traffic details are only available in certain geographical regions.

StreetViewMap is not related to, or affiliated with, Google, Inc. Google Maps™, Google Places™, PEGMAN™ and Google Street View™ are trademarks of Google, Inc

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StreetViewMap Street View Maps Customer Service, Editor Notes:

1.Support viewing historical street view

StreetViewMap Street View Maps Comments & Reviews

- Love it & hate it both

This is a fantastic App especially for seeing other parts of the world and checking out places you used to live. Seeing how the have changed. Getting the view of places you may never get to go or see in the world. This is the part I love. What I hate is that it should be easier to get there in the App. Meaning the controls. But, overall a really good App. My advice is try it out it’s free if you don’t like it delete it. You haven’t lost anything. RIGHT

- Street View Rocks

Google Street View is a wonderful creation, providing me with the means to be in the "drivers seat" and to actually see where I am going. Imagine if there was universal access to the Internet while on the road, I will never need those expensive GPS Systems. Please Google..come up with an inexpensive way for hundreds of millions of drivers to have Internet access on the road to use systems like Street View. Imagine how financial beneficial that would be.

- Street view map

My Street view is broken, it won’t look up an address, I can move it with my finger because the view part works and find the correct location/address by looking at the numbers on the houses, if one of you computer persons from the Corporation reads this “please fix mine” and Streetviewmap is the best otherwise and gets 4 Stars... please hurry because I can’t wait until its fixed again...

- Street Maps is a great tool.

I recently was filing out an application in which I had to record the places I had lived. I knew where the places were but didn’t know the addresses. Googles Street helped find the house in different states and their addresses. More people should be using this. It’s an excellent tool. The only thing I would change is adding a better tutorial that help newbies find their way around.

- Google street view

It’s great even faster that just a couple years ago. When I first used this I thought I was Superman flying anywhere in the world and look at any street in the world. Awesome technology we have today. Great for checking out towns and neighborhoods before driving. You get familiar with places you’ve never been so once you arrive you won’t have trouble finding your destination. It’s really awesome to use.

- New to this

I like it so far load it to my computer 10 days ago seen part of the city I did not know was there and live here 20years this Is a good explorer apt to have on your phone I do have a request please keep the satellites pictures up -today I enjoy seeing how things change building going houses torn down something in place can you please tell how often do you Replace the maps.?

- Great job try to improve and add more stuff

Thanks to this application and the creator/s I can street view where I was or where I'm going to stop but the problem is they need to add some present photos some of these are old, please read my review

- Makes StreetView accessible on iPhone!

And does an excellent job of it too. About as easy to use as on a laptop - better than anything Google has natively for iOS. Thanks to the developer!!! I rarely need Google StreetView on my phone but when I do this app is a game changer by making it possible, and easy to use.

- It's okay

When I can see what I want, it's very nice and I enjoy it. But when I am trying to go to an area near my targeted area where I don't know an address, or just want to look around, the curser jumps and I need to start again. I find this frustrating. I also wish it was available in landscape mode. My iPad is in a case that props it up in that direction. I have arthritis and have a hard time holding it the long way.

- What I think about streetviewmap

I think streetviewmap is really fun to look at places and other stuff especially for kids,kids can look everywhere and maybe if the are homeschooled the can learn all the country’s and more things like that

- Street View

This new street view is not an improvement. I need the whole screen to see the street. I miss it being in Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin when I search for real estate. The top screen is clumsy at best and again doesn't show much. And,....the new street view can't seem to be viewed in landscape mode. Yuck! Please give us back the older version.

- Valuable app!!!

It’s great for old invalid like me to be able to visit world places like this. It is a great app and would have been ‘magic’ in my early travels. I’m sure it is invaluable to those who travel this day in time. Thanks for this app!!!

- Love the Street view app

When you’re looking for a place you’ve never been before it’s nice to see a street view of what the building or house looks like. I deliver to houses and I would be lost without it

- Excellent app I use it nearly daily

I feel like a pilot landing at a familiar airport as I find my way in unfamiliar cities and can immediately recognize landmarks after I have checked out the street view. Very very helpful app.

- Love this

I like to see store and surroundings to places I am going. This app makes it so easy. Takes not long to get used to it and ways to navigate . A gotta have app is only for exploring.

- IPad screen won’t rotate

Good app, but on my iPad Mini it won’t rotate to horizontal view. I switch to any other app and that one will rotate immediately, but I can’t get this one to do it. “Update” said it was compatible with all the new iPads. Nope, not even compatible with my 4th Gen iPad Mini. A big problem when you device is bedded in a keyboard cover that doesn’t allow rotation.

- Gorte

Lots of fun you can visit the past and see where you came from and where you have been, with a little imagination you can see yourself there.

- Fine but Pictures need to be recent

I found my house and the photo is like 6 years old I suggest you up date your photos like every 2 years or something

- Google maps and street view

App is non stop ads,difficult to navigate,previous google maps easy to use.I might have to delete this app.I don’t care for restaurants and coffee shops in my maps covering half the page when I’m trying to find streets.

- Needs to update pictures

The picture showed this commerical building I saw was under construction 4 years ago, outdated information, please update.

- Great and very useful app!

This is the perfect app to plan your vacation. You can view the area and plan each day in a city or country you have never been to before!

- Extremely useful app!

This app is awesome. I can’t believe google doesn’t offer this functionality. I am glad someone made this app. Thanks!

- So cool

This app is insane- google continues to amaze me. I don’t know how they managed to get such amazing 360 pictures of pretty much everywhere I can think of, but man they did a good job.

- Amazing technology nowadays

Just love the fact that I’m able to go back to childhood homes and see what they look like now. Brings back youthful memories. 😃

- Terrible- Non-Responsive

This app is Terrible and Non-Responsive. You can type in an address and it seems you blocks away from where you want it to be. Other time it sends you to somewhere entirely void of the area you are looking to view. I have deleted this app then reinstalled it and I still have the same issues.

- It's good, but why iphone only?

It's a good app, even on my 12.9" ipad pro. But I usually use my ipad in landscape mode, and streetview is iphone (portrait view) only. With the number of people who use their ipads with keyboards and usually in landscape mode, this is a definite minus (thus the 3 stars).

- Perez family

I love being ableTo look all around the world from the comfort of my own living room great job thank you the Perez family

- Street View Map

The view is the best. I really like you can see right up to the sign or look down the street. Thank you for your time.

- Very great 👍🏻 even keeps kids busy!

I really like this app it even keeps my kids busy because they pretend that they are traveling the world! Lol

- Nice street View navigation

Excellent at and checking out locations and look at the real scenery around the area

- Pretty good I guess

This game is pretty good but I don’t like how it makes me stay on the road and in some places I can’t even move around.

- Inspector

This APP is superb, just used it one time and is extremely helpful it may take 3-5 mins to familiarize with what you can get from it.

- Dana M.

Great quality of picture in app with the smartest and most simple directions to get exactly where you want to go .

- Actually

better than expected!

- Instant a Travel!

Who needs to take a long trip when you can see all the sites from home?! Great App!

- Trip review

I use street view when planning a trip to an unfamiliar area. Street view allows me to see the area before I start my trip, this lessens my drive time.

- Targeted destination.

Google maps gets you where you want to go, and not get lost along the way. 🙏

- Not accurate at all

This is not accurate. The picture which appears first is NOT the address I searched for. When you rotate the picture, the address of our building is NOT our address. Which explains why folks come to our office ARGUING with us that they are at the address which appears on the picture.

- Great app but.......

I love the app. It is easy to use and I use it to actually see the building or place I want. The only reason I gave it 4 was I use it on iPad and would like a landscape view.

- Friendly useable

Easy to use and mostly good clear pictures.

- Sweet

This app is so cool, I can sit and play with it for hours, it's also very helpful when I need to know the layout of where I'm going

- Folders for Favorites

If the app can allow folders to be created in the favorites, I will give it five stars. Currently it's a very good app already but can be better.

- My awesome review of Google Maps

I love this app, I haven't ever seen my street. On other maps. My personal property address. Home never looked so good .

- Great streetviewmap

This map is one of, if not the best of it’s kind. It takes you right to the points of your input. Really, really nice.

- This app is awsome

With this app you can find every thing your looking for that is why I gave it 5 stars

- Google Street View is great!

Good application. Can really help you find the exact place you are looking for.

- Street 3D map

Excellent. Give me an opportunity to see where I am going either by boat or camping. Thank you

- Enthralling

I start cruising around on this app and lose track of time, it’s so enjoyable, and informative.

- 👎🏼 Outrageous pop up ads literally every 2 taps!

This might be the most egregiously aggressive implementation of pop up ads I've ever seen in 10 years of testing well over 1,000 apps. Every 2-3 taps, a full screen pop up ad appears, usually with mandatory 5 second wait. Also, the search interface no longer works, rendering this somewhat useless. This app seems to have been abandoned years ago. Use Google's official "Street View" app instead. That's probably why this developer abandoned this.

- I’m astonished

I never expected to be in so many places I always wanted to have a glimpse at. In my solitude in the Pandemic, this is a Godsend. Thanks a lot!

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- Very Handy app

Great app You see the destination before you arrive so you know exactly what your looking for.

- Wont be signing up

Too many apps wanting payment to never end. Serious users wont sign up there are just TOO MANY great apps with a little of what we need Be like buying a set of colour pencils just to use one colour you like . In the mean time the sale is lost to you of a fair price one off for whats here . In app purchases will be lost to you . I suggest you price your product accordingly I go now to create magnificent edits to my pics in the myriad apps I own . dosnt matter how cheap your monthly fee THEY ALL ADD UP. So angry at this trend to get a life time subscriber thats affecting too many developers Good luck 👍

- Google Earth 7.3

Was new to town yesterday but feel as though I've been here all my life today. Thanks guys great app!

- Street View Great tool

Easy to use and good to be able to see actual places

- Mark

Good results hard to manage a little unstable

- Great App

Really good

- Only shows bottom half of picture

Only shows bottom half of picture

- It’s nice

Something different

- Help request

Hi, streetview app is opening but address search is no longer able to complete a search so is not working for me. I have tried turning the iPad off/on and reloading the app.

- Great photos -

Very clear pics - great!!

- Great app

Very user friendly

- A star is born

Great going back to the past footsteps


GPS position is not very accurate (about 200m out) and the view is difficult to manipulate. Picture quality is only average.``````````

- Nice App

Very detailed and easy to use 👍🏼

- Brilliant!!

Best of its kind by far. Amazing, useful and huge fun.

- Good

This app worked like a new hoe

- Poor

Does not come up with all you want go look at

- Great app!

Easy to use - great app!

- Great app

Very useful indeed.

- So far so good

So far so good

- Paul van Schayk


- new


- Good App.

App very easy to use, quite interactive, however would be much better if available in landscape.

- Street view map

Awesome that I can use this from my watch. Good app.

- just for unlock,app is not so good

just for unlock,app is not so good

- I love it

I love it

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- best of its kind to visualize

but too much ads..would like an option to buy them out


This app is very useful and an awful lot of fun!

- Les lieux demandés ne correspondent jamais tel ou tablette. C’est très désolant.

Tout est croche rien ne concorde depuis un certain temps.

- Map

Very awesome app thanks for it ☺️

- Buy plant

However Van Mol Road is nowhere near Stony Mountain

- Streetviewmap

Awesome!!! I haven’t even been on it for more than a minute Just Awesome!!!

- Rip off

I don’t like it very much it doesn’t show me the place it want it to

- App

Super app facile possible de voir en direct si tu roule pas trop pratique dans mon travail ‼️ Félicitations à vous 😉

- Great

Works great! Very fast too and clear images.

- Google earth

I really love this app because it shows everything in the world

- Functional


- good map

good map

- Very good

Very good for using Map

- Ok


- Excellent!

This current version is excellent. I believe it's a good buy because it is unique. Using the view finder you can utilize the street view anywhere in the world but at the same time, you could actually save that street view to your saved photos which is so cool. Good for remembering landmarks when travelling by car. Awesome!

- Fast

Once loaded, it functions quiet well

- Super App

Google earth m’a laissé tomber en m’empêchent d’accéder à view street. Pas grave j’ai trouvé bien meilleur.

- Garbage

Hated this app for years now. Tried it again. Still trash

- Junk program

All it does is display advertising which must be clicked on to begin using the program. Get Google Maps and skip this piece of junk. This is proof that Apple will put anything on the app store with no vetting.

- Some problems with it freezing and can’t get rid of that annoying red section above the street view

Keep trying

- Gros zéro

Cette apps ne devrait même pas exister car inutilisable convenablement.

- Best app

This is the best app

- Review

Works very well!!

- Great for planning cycling routes, I love it, this app is definitely a 10+

I use it for every trip, just planning one in the UK

- Jonny B

Totally amazing, can't stop using it

- StreetView map


- Cool

Nice and easy to use

- Cool


- Street view

Sweet !!!!!

- Top!

Tres utile

- Yay

Love it

- Awesome


- IPad use

Works great on my iPad. Accurate, loads quickly. No problems.

- Doesn't work

I put in an address in Toronto, then got a photo of a tourist destination in Toronto. Could not zoom in. Uninstalling

- Street view erratique

Le programme ne fonctionne pas bien, il est continuellement en repérage et n'aboutit À aucune recherche. J'aimerais bien le désactivé mais je ne sais pas comment

- Street view for iPad

I could not make it work on both my iPads; it is some kind of frozen!

- Mr

My hometown Barangay Kitacubong Alamada North Cotabato Philippines zip code 9413 is not shown

- Great app

I love this app it loads fast and accurate great pictures thank you keep up the good work

- Mapped out

So clear

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StreetViewMap Street View Maps 4.1.0 Screenshots & Images

StreetViewMap Street View Maps iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

StreetViewMap Street View Maps iphone images
StreetViewMap Street View Maps iphone images
StreetViewMap Street View Maps iphone images
StreetViewMap Street View Maps iphone images

StreetViewMap Street View Maps (Version 4.1.0) Install & Download

The applications StreetViewMap Street View Maps was published in the category Travel on 2016-04-09 and was developed by Yang Zongqun [Developer ID: 1267070404]. This application file size is 15.25 MB. StreetViewMap Street View Maps - Travel app posted on 2021-08-09 current version is 4.1.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.doukan.streetviewmap