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StreetViewMap is Easiest way to view street-level imagery base on Google Street View Maps and Tencent Street View Maps,support more than 60 countries .


- press on a location in map view to find a nearby panorama
- Search address and see the street panorama view of the address.
- Auto Navigation for current location
- Share & bookmark panoramas
- Double view with both a map and street view
- If you move in Street View, the marker on the map also moves.
- Show Latest traffic data & Latest Street View

StreetViewMap uses a street view of Google Maps & Google Street View && QQ Maps.

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StreetViewMap for Google Street View™ and Maps™ App Description & Overview

The applications StreetViewMap for Google Street View™ and Maps™ was published in the category Travel on 2016-04-09 and was developed by Yang Jiwei. The file size is 21.97 MB. The current version is 1.1.1 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

1. Fixed gps location not accuracy on map
2.Add map zoom slider

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StreetViewMap for Google Street View™ and Maps™ Reviews


Useless  Hookturner  1 star

Search feature does not work.


House hunting  rjsbdm  5 star

Great tool for looking at real estate for sale!


Limit  KosherCowboy  3 star

Can’t get to side streets.


Great app but.......  shorma  4 star

I love the app. It is easy to use and I use it to actually see the building or place I want. The only reason I gave it 4 was I use it on iPad and would like a landscape view.


This app  aaksd  5 star



Trip review  Apso12  4 star

I use street view when planning a trip to an unfamiliar area. Street view allows me to see the area before I start my trip, this lessens my drive time.


No results  sadinmn  1 star

It shows me a view of a street in New York. When I enter a specific location, it gives me a “no results” message. So far, it’s useless.


Not very good  Pedersenl  1 star

Does land on correct address, doesn’t shot street view very often... Can’t even get my home location correct... Not even close to being accurate!


It's okay  Seastar1968  3 star

When I can see what I want, it's very nice and I enjoy it. But when I am trying to go to an area near my targeted area where I don't know an address, or just want to look around, the curser jumps and I need to start again. I find this frustrating. I also wish it was available in landscape mode. My iPad is in a case that props it up in that direction. I have arthritis and have a hard time holding it the long way.


Excellent  Samtrigote  5 star

Excellent app

dont want a nick nane

Mark  dont want a nick nane  4 star

Good results hard to manage a little unstable


Brilliant!!  JRJPF  5 star

Best of its kind by far. Amazing, useful and huge fun.


Great app  billy490  5 star

Very useful indeed.

Ocean 2000

Only shows bottom half of picture  Ocean 2000  1 star

Only shows bottom half of picture


Google Earth 7.3  AssMuscleTrainer  5 star

Was new to town yesterday but feel as though I've been here all my life today. Thanks guys great app!


Great app!  Wharfster  5 star

Easy to use - great app!


Great app  taks1960  5 star

Very user friendly

Jay Cat's World

Very Handy app  Jay Cat's World  4 star

Great app You see the destination before you arrive so you know exactly what your looking for.


Street View Great tool  Skankie66  5 star

Easy to use and good to be able to see actual places


CLUNKY!  njn2  2 star

GPS position is not very accurate (about 200m out) and the view is difficult to manipulate. Picture quality is only average.``````````

jakkx view

Where's my Street??  jakkx view  4 star

I looked for 252 West Ridge Rd. Davenport,Fl 33837...hmmm I'm here but where on the map am I??


Great!  Tchahattou  5 star

Really cool app, thanks!


Great  Sandrexxx  5 star

Great app

Doc Dada

Great app  Doc Dada  4 star

Love the app! Gives you an idea what the place look like. But i prefer the old landscape


Really good but please lose the ads  Ebbey  4 star

App is really good but an in-app purchase to lose the ads would be a nice improvement.

Adam Uranga

Buggy app.  Adam Uranga  3 star

The arrow keeps disappearing and doesn't allow me to keep traveling on the route.other than that it's a good app.please fix this bug,though.


It's good, but why iphone only?  Ibawolf  3 star

It's a good app, even on my 12.9" ipad pro. But I usually use my ipad in landscape mode, and streetview is iphone (portrait view) only. With the number of people who use their ipads with keyboards and usually in landscape mode, this is a definite minus (thus the 3 stars).

Forget again begin again

Really needs work  Forget again begin again  1 star

Very low on my approval rating


Difficult and poor execution  Impala66  1 star

Maybe the old version was better, but the split screen, no landscape view, and lack of controls made it to my delete list. Not worth downloading. AD pop up all the time didn't help.


Teacher  PetNanna  4 star

I look forward to using this in my classroom for virtual travel experiences.

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