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Google Duo is the highest quality video calling app*. It’s simple, reliable, and works on smartphones and iPad.


Simple interface
Pick a contact and jump right in, with a simple interface that makes video calling as easy as one tap.

The highest quality video calling app*
Experience more reliable video calls with excellent video quality whether you’re on Wi-Fi or on-the-go.

Works Cross-Platform
Duo works on iPhones, iPads, iMacs, and other mobile platforms so you can call and hangout with friends and family using just one app.

Knock Knock
See who’s calling before you pick up with a live video preview.

Video Messages
Want to share a quick moment between calls or friend can’t answer? No problem. Leave a video message to capture any moment.

Voice Calls
Make voice-only calls to your friends when you can’t chat over video.

*Based on Signals Research Group technical study comparing video degradation time over 3G, LTE, and WiFi.
**Data charges may apply. Check your carrier for details.

Google Duo App Description & Overview

The applications Google Duo was published in the category Social Networking on 2016-09-02 and was developed by Google LLC. The file size is 128.80 MB. The current version is 54.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

• Start Duo calls from desktop and laptop computers
• Bug fixes and product improvements

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Google Duo Reviews

Ave Boo

Overall  Ave Boo  4 star

Overall I love the app but sometimes I get poor connection and some glitches but overall I like the app.


Uhhhh  CURLYHEADBABII😭💗🙄  1 star

Y’all need to make the calls better when I’m on the phone with my bsf it always fails 🙄👋🏾


Good for video chatting. Bad for your battery.  Ewilridge87  3 star

Awesome app. But would be nice if my video didnt pause when i minimize the app and the video window stays open in the corner like skype does. One draw back is it kills your battery super quick! Like within ten minutes its already drained a good 15% of the battery. As to other video chat apps, takes upto forty minutes or more to drain 15% of the battery. And this app causes the battery to get hot, especially while charging. And there's times the battery won't charge while on a video call it'll jus stay the same or even drain 1 or 2%. Please fix!!!

Nilufar Abdusamatova

Just super!  Nilufar Abdusamatova  5 star

I am enjoying Google Duo for about a month. You can clearly vide and audio chat with your connections even in areas with low internet speed. Thanks Google for producing this amazing product!


Bringing us closer together  FeelingLucky1973  5 star

With my 10 year old daughter living 3 1/2 hours away, Duo has made visiting her each day possible. Thanks Duo!


Great app, but drains battery  Gmags23  5 star

This is a great app and all, and I love it, but I was on it with my friend for about 5 minutes, and my battery totally almost died. Before I started this call I was at about 50%, but I had to end it because my phone was at 1%. I told my friend about it though, and she said her battery wasn’t dying at all. It may just be the phone company though because she has a Samsung and I have an Apple. Trick for Apple users: if you power your phone off, wait ten seconds, and then power it back on, it gains a lot of battery. I like now that you can do group chats. That’s a cool new feature that was just added. Also, I can Google Duo my friends that have Samsung’s. I love that you can send videos and I just love it!!


Excellent connection  lbcafe  5 star

Very good


I’m very happy with Google Duo👍  ⭐️KimmieUbish✨  4 star

Great sound and even better video quality. I definitely recommend Google Duo to be your go to FaceTime app. You won’t be disappointed ⭐️

Amaryllis paper

No group calls  Amaryllis paper  3 star

Google duo should really add group calls I try to make a Group FaceTime but I have to download a different app and my friend can’t get it so it will be more officiant to add group calls.

a coco user

Amazing  a coco user  5 star

I absolutely love this!! My Uncle and friends don’t have apple phones so this is a great way to contact them!!

Savannah and Maeve

Good app  Savannah and Maeve  5 star

This is a good app because if you have a freeing or family member that has a different brand you can go on this app and be able to call and FaceTime


Quality calls  DOORS2122  5 star

There’s never a disconnection when I call and no lag so it’s quality unlike FaceTime which disconnects and lags all the time. Only downside is not many people have it.


Better than Any other Camera Video Chat app  LMJunusco  5 star

Better than Any other Camera Video Chat app. More stable and clear sound


BFF  leichey  5 star

It was great talking to My friend


I wouldn’t even waste you’re time  jamileemarie  2 star

This app constantly Glitches, freezes , audio is crappy and is always lagging ,video is crappy needs a total update and app needs re looking into I wouldn’t recommend this but as I have family that lives far away and a niece that calls me on this app and some don’t have FaceTime so I have to use this but every time i use it ,it is a horrible app and start to call their phone Normally as you can actually have a conversation


Excellent sound quality 👍  trevorwemyss  5 star

I don’t use duo often but I think I will as the quality is excellent Good work google 👍


Yas girl  HEARTS LOVE YOU  5 star

This is the best App

sam joaq

Google call App  sam joaq  2 star

Great App, does what it’s supposed to do well. However, as far as I know it overheats on IOS and drains the battery like no App I’ve ever seen before. I only use it while charging, come to thing of I don’t know if that’s a good idea🤔 there are records of phones explosions in similar cases.

No iPad maps

Works when FaceTime doesn’t  No iPad maps  5 star

So I don’t use FaceTime anymore. Nothing more to be said.


Yes  DecendantsEvie  5 star

Very very good clean and hear very clear thanks for the high quality

Maxed Out Space Cadet

very gucci  Maxed Out Space Cadet  5 star

i love this app because it helps me talk to my friends easier

Black don't crack

Google duo  Black don't crack  5 star

I love this app I know not everyone has a iPhone so this is great

c . d . johns

Quality  c . d . johns  4 star

The quality is as good as iPhone “ Face time “ !!!!!!!!! Good job !!!



I have an iPhone XS Max. This stupid app will turn on ALL cameras even if I’m just using the front facing camera. ALSO, it turns on THE IR BLASTER!! WHY DOES THAT NEED TO BE ON GOOGLE??? How can I tell it’s doing this? BECAUSE MY CAMERAS ON BOTH SIDE GET HOTTER THAN THE SUN. ALSO IT DRAINS MY BATTERY SO FAST. ALSO I CAN SEE THE IR DOTS ON MY FACE WHEN ITS DARK. THIS APP IS SO BAD.

Ashlynn Cody 2007

Love It!!!  Ashlynn Cody 2007  5 star

This is awesome I love how it gives you a chance to leave a voice mail through the camera!


A great way to chat with friends  !!!!11234  5 star

Is a good way to chat with friends when they don’t have this Apple phone and when I don’t have FaceTime you can use Duo

Lane near me

Taking about stuff  Lane near me  5 star

Have if fun

Daher hodio

Winderf  Daher hodio  5 star

Im so happy with the call thanks for keeping me happy and connected with my family

ابووليد 🌼

الفيصليه  ابووليد 🌼  5 star



Greeneyes  christy5152  5 star

I Love this it’s a fantastic app

Trips Loko

Great App  Trips Loko  4 star

Google Duo has made communication between me and my family Smoother Thank You


Duo  kirsty098  3 star

Would love to have a txt option on it

Tanjim Reza

Can't Create Account  Tanjim Reza  5 star

I'm facing problem while creating my account. In the number input box it shows Ireland's Code. But I can't manually select my Country. When I press that '?' It isn't showing other countries.


Dee  DMcNShannon  5 star

Love Duo. Great signal & super way to video chat with my husband who is working away in Dubai.


Great idea but needs callkit support  wolftrapme  2 star

The idea of knock knock is amazing but until Google implements Callkit support, FaceTime is the king of the hill.

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