Google Duo

Google Duo [Social Networking] App Description & Overview

Google Duo is the highest quality video calling app*. It’s simple, reliable, and works on smartphones and iPad, and on the web.


Works Cross-Platform
Duo works on iPhone, iPad, web, and other mobile platforms so you can call and hangout with friends and family using just one app. You can also share and join group calls with just a link.

32-Person Group Calling
Bring together all the people who matter most, even when you're apart, with group calling. Duo now supports up to 32 people in a group video call.

Family Mode**
Doodle on video calls and surprise loved ones with fun masks and effects that transform you into astronauts, cats and more.

Capture Special Moments
Take photos of your video calls to capture any moment and share it automatically with everyone on the call.

Video and Voice Messages, Photos, and More
Short on time or your friends can’t pick up? Leave a personalized video message with fun effects, or share voice messages, photos, notes, and emojis.

Low Light Mode
Duo lets you make video calls even in poor lighting conditions.

Voice calling
Make voice-only calls to your friends when you can’t chat over video.

*Based on Signals Research Group technical study comparing video degradation time over 3G, LTE, and WiFi.
**Requires sign-in with a Google account.
***Data charges may apply. Check your carrier for details.

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Google Duo Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Make group video calls with up to 32 people • Share and join group calls with a link • Take photos of your video calls • Try doodles, masks and fun effects with Family mode (Sign-in required with a Google account)

Google Duo Comments & Reviews

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- Phenomenal call quality

Downloaded this app because I have ZERO cell service in my house and apple didn’t enable WiFi calling. So instead of stepping outside in the rain or freezing weather whenever someone wanted to call me at home, Duo has solved that. Call audio is the clearest I have ever heard on a phone call, like the person is on the other side of your phone talking at your ear. I have strong WiFi so I can’t say how it would perform if WiFi is spotty. I noticed that when you are not on WiFi and take a duo call over your cell service there is a bit of a delay between accepting the call and when the caller can hear you which can lead to some confusion, but still great call quality. Very simple interface, no bells and whistles, just works, and works great.

- This app drives me INSANE

My video freezes when I walk away from WiFi. That’s not the problem though. It used to do that to me all the time on this app. But now when I’m still on DUO and I turn the WiFi off, the video stays frozen even after WiFi is off. I still can hear the person I’m talking to but their picture is frozen. Then when I go to hang up the phone so they can call back, DUO doesn’t let me answer. I hit the accept call button for the face to face call and the app shuts down and disappears on me. I have to open up my app drawer where all my previous apps that I haven’t closed out yet are, and it’s there. I push on it to open the app and screen back up and try to answer and yet again it disappears. I again have to search for it in my unclosed app drawer and try to hit accept video call. I do that a couple times, it disappears on me a few more times, then finally I close out the app because it won’t let me answer the call. After closing DUO and all the other apps I had open I try yet again to answer and it won’t let me. I literally have to wait a few minutes to even TRY AGAIN to answer video call on here. It’s driving me NUTS! Fix! So frustrating! If it’s not one thing it’s always another!

- Puts a smile on your face & twinkle in your eye

In this day and age, communication is no longer a simple phone call. So with the next generation growing up with all of this new technology at their fingertips, they learn to manage with bad connections, Skippy voice and dropped video feed. I am old school! If I’m on a video chat and the service drops or the phone is choppy or the app blinks in and out then I’m mad...I’m highly upset! I would just rather dial the digits and hear a voice. I have recently switched to the Apple line of cell phones. And have had a little experience with FaceTime. I don’t feel like it’s any better than Facebook messenger which is a joke when it comes to video calling. The Google duo on the other hand has exceptional exceptional video feed message feed and it really does put a smile on my face and a twinkle in my eye to pick up my phone and have a video message that I can see just as clear as if they were standing in front of me from one of my children it just makes my day.

- Very good video calling app

My mom is Deaf and so we have used Duo to communicate when we are not at home together, especially since I have an iPhone and she has a Samsung. In my family, we have used many video chatting apps but none have worked as great or smoothly as Duo, especially since there is the option to leave a video message! One feature that I wish the app had is to mute the other person— sometimes when I am on a call with my mom, I am in a public place, such as at a grocery store or salon, and I have to ask my mom to mute herself on the phone since lowering the volume and turning the ringer off from my phone does not actually turn the volume off. Other than that, Duo is really good for video calls!

- Okay.. but a couple little thing!

So I just got duo a couple days ago because my friend can’t FaceTime on her phone so we tried this. When I first got in the app it was very very confusing! I had no idea what I was doing maybe it’s cause I just got it! But I thought it would be a little easier! Second when I finally got on a call with my friends the audio is awful! I could hear a thing and it kept on freezing and breaking up and sometimes we would have to leave the call then I can’t join back unless they ring me! And I would like where I can see my friends the whole time! Because on my phone (iPhone 11) you can’t go out of the app and see them! But on the other hand on my friends phone (some none apple)she can go out of the app and see us! Please take this to mind! I think if all these changed this could be the one of the best apps!

- Great app, but drains battery

This is a great app and all, and I love it, but I was on it with my friend for about 5 minutes, and my battery totally almost died. Before I started this call I was at about 50%, but I had to end it because my phone was at 1%. I told my friend about it though, and she said her battery wasn’t dying at all. It may just be the phone company though because she has a Samsung and I have an Apple. Trick for Apple users: if you power your phone off, wait ten seconds, and then power it back on, it gains a lot of battery. I like now that you can do group chats. That’s a cool new feature that was just added. Also, I can Google Duo my friends that have Samsung’s. I love that you can send videos and I just love it!!

- Just three things

I this is amazing there’s just like two things. First can you make it so you could see when your video messages are read because I want to know if my friends read it or I have to call them and tell them, Second and you make it so that if you want to remove someone from your group chat that you made you could because I by mistake put some people in the group chat that I don’t want. And the last thing can you please make the app so that you don’t have to use it with internet because sometimes I want to talk to my friends and I have no internet so I have to wait till I get home to call them and see there video messages so can you please please fix it!

- Pretty good app but many complaints

So don’t get me wrong I do like the app bc my friend has a Samsung so she cant use facetime so that awesome but when me and her are on call the video freezes all the time second it drains all of my battery bc I will have full percent and then in less than 5 min I already have 10% and I know it is not my phone bc before I used this app my battery wouldn’t drain for hours and I even have low power mode on third the audio is horrible like horrible and this isn’t the last thing but this last complaint I am going to put in the review my phone in the like 4 years that I have had my phone it has never overheated but when I am on the phone with my friend on only this app and charging my phone it always overheats for both of us and I know it is only this app bc when I am on any other app even on the phone on a different app it never overheats

- Integral part of my long-distance relationship

The internet and cell service at my apartment is spotty at best, and my long-distance boyfriend and I had been continuously frustrated by this as it was difficult for us to skype, FaceTime, or Facebook messenger video call, and actually hold a conversation and be able to see each other, and even regular voice calls would drop or be noisy. Duo somehow has absolutely none of the problems of the other services, and my boyfriend and I are so happy that we can finally hold a conversation like we’re right next to each other instead of nearly 1000 miles apart. Since downloading the app, we haven’t bothered using anything else.

- Google duo is great! But there needs to be some changes

So i have been using this app for 5 months now and I happen to really like it! But there are some things I dislike so whenever I’m calling my friend she has headphones on. But some reason I can never hear her. So I have to hang up and call her again. Another thing I dislike is that when I send feedback it never gets fixed and I bet a bunch of people have sent feedback but it never worked. Last thing I dislike is that when I approve my microphone I can never turn it back on, so then I go to delete the app and re download it, still that same issue. There are something’s are good though I love how you can doodle when your on the call you can play hangman or something. It’s really fun, I honestly think google duo does deserve its rating right now. So I have some things to suggest. You should add games through the calls and be able to play on the call. there should be a place where you can play game pigeon. And there should be messaging on there. Those are all my suggestions, bugs that need to be fixed, and the things that I really like. Overall this is a great app and you should download it!

- The quality felt like a movie

You know when they show video chats in movies and it's so clear, it's as if they're editing live? This video was super clear like that. I like the Facebook messenger app video chat over FaceTime and Skype (anything is better than skype), but this Duo app is above all of that and way better than the hangouts iOS app. I have an iPhone 6s with 10.3.3 software. It worked so incredible for my call with my sister. The app downloaded in only a few seconds, so it's super lean and doesn't take up much storage space. My phone is getting old, so the battery drains quickly with video; but that's a phone issue. Highly recommend this app.

- This app...

... has been a total game changer for me and my family. I have a lot of family that live in various states that I connect with on a regular basis. I love talking to my family but getting to see them is so much better. If I work late I can just call my husband and have a quick peek at my sleeping angel. The ONLY problem i have with it is, is that at times the connection can get a bit blurry depending on what kind of phone they have, phone service, WiFi connection, etc.... But overall love the app. Highly recommend to all who have loved ones who live far and way and would like to keep in touch and the best part is, you don’t need to buy on of the expensive iPhones just to what they call “FaceTime” lol.

- Amazing

As a person with an Iphone that has a lot of friends and family with androids, this app is wonderful. The quality of the videos are really good, and so is the audio. It takes your feedback on problems with the calls, which i’m really grateful for. Google Duo saves a lot of time, too. You can send voice measages between Iphones and androids, and video messages are available too. Overall, it’s a great, fun, and reliable app. The only tiny thing I would change is the abilities during calls. If you turn off the phone, the call will end. Other than that, this app has been a really helpful part of my phone.

- Amazing, couldn’t get better!

Google duo is AMAZING. I have so many friends who cannot FaceTime because they don’t have iPhones and I can’t contact them on social media because that’s just not my thing. But anyways google duo has great quality, my calls always end up coming in great. And unlike other apps I’ve tried I actually get notifications on google duo. Google duo is just amazing for me and couldn’t get any better. One thing to make it even better is adding some fun effects to do while your on video chat. But other than that little suggestion nothing about google duo should be changed, this app is my phone call heaven 😇

- It’s amazing

We just grew up together This app is amazing I got to talk to my cousin that I haven’t seen in years wow I saw her just a little bit ago but before that I need to see her for years and I got to talk to my mom when she was going to West Virginia with her other boyfriend wow her boyfriend now not as your boyfriend but I got to talk to her while she was gone and not visiting us and this app is just so perfect I get to talk to family members I haven’t seen ever or that I don’t get to see all the time this is amazing I think God for this app and I think you business app I think this after everything that I’ve done to me and let me talk to my cousin we were

- The google duo app that is amazing

I love google duo because I can call people on audio and video and my audio calls on my texts are broken so are use Google Duo because a lot of my mom‘s friends and my family members have Google duo and it’s really easy to call them and I love this app because it’s much easier to call people on the cooler effects on this app and this is a very cool app because you can send people text messages and voice messages you can call them on audio face video and it’s like the best app I ever used and FaceTime is good too but I like this app better and I would prefer it for my mom and dad and my rest of my family

- Constant spam calls

I installed the Google Duo Video app to talk to my parents who don’t have FaceTime. They mentioned they had both installed it because they wanted to video chat with me and my daughter. During the 3 months this app was on my phone I received about 20+ spam calls PER DAY. Sometimes less than 1 minute apart. I would block the numbers, but a new number would just show up a minute later. The same thing was happening to both of my parents. Once I uninstalled the Google Duo Video App, the spam calls completely stopped. My parents also uninstalled it and their spam calls stopped as well. This is the worst app I have ever put on my phone for that reason. This is completely unacceptable. I do not have this issue with FaceTime. I 100% do not recommend the app to anyone who says they are considering. There’s a huge privacy issue with this app.

- Great app to use

I downloaded this app to utilize video chat with family who don't utilize Facebook or FaceTime. It was very simple to download using an IPhone XR, my contacts synced for easy access, and the effects and filters worked great to add a bit of fun to you videos. I like the way you can send video or voice messages, I don't like the fact that you can not block the screen when calling someone. It's almost like having "video-caller ID" the person your contacting can see you as you call is coming through, they can either answer or decline it. Other than that it is a great app to use for video calling.

- It’s great!

It’s a great app if you wanna FaceTime people that can’t FaceTime. I like that there’s the freedom to have filters added. I do not understand one thing. That thing is why can’t the Samsung have as many filters as apple? I’d appreciate if you fixed that. Another thing is please add virtual backgrounds. I love how Zoom does that but I would like if you could have virtual backgrounds aswell. Other than that it’s a great app! There is no subscription/log in needed. You can Duo everyone that you can message and invite your messengers to Duo. I give it a 5/5 definitely recommend if you can’t FaceTime or just wanna hang out together over quarantine!

- Good but...

I’m giving Google Duo my honest opinion review. It’s a great app to use to video and voice call your friends, especially if you don’t all have the same type of phones. A group of friends and I use this app sometimes to video call and catch up. But there’s 7 of us, and sometimes one person would be talking and it would be too glitchy to understand them. So I don’t know if it was their connection, or the app. The final thing I’d like to comment on is the filters. They’re all pretty vibrant, and fun but in a way weird. Some of them just seem like they weren’t made very well, and move differently then your face does. Other than these two things, it’s a great app. 👍🏾

- Amazing! Get it!

This is the most best face time app out there! So I have an iPhone and some of my family or friends don’t have a iPhone. So when I saw the app I was like,Wow this is pretty cool! I decided to download it and try it I told my friends to get this app and family. So they did I have family that live to far away and I can’t see them! So I texted saying get this app! And it works so good! The only problem is that it don’t have good quality. So I can’t properly see the person I’m talking too. Also it glitches and I can’t hear the very well. But other then that this is a wonder full app I recommend Getting it!

- A good review

Thank you for coming up with this idea because it is so much better to talk to my friends that don’t have iPhones because I have an iPhone and it doesn’t FaceTime Samsung’s or galaxies and duo keeps good colored files for me to talk to my friends but the only thing I don’t like about duo is when my friends are far apart it buffers but that’s really nothing to care about but thank you so so so so so so so so so much for making this app I love your love when my friends are far apart it bothers but that’s really nothing to care about but thank you so so so so so so so so so much for making this up I love y’all love Lyndsie perez

- Most preferred video chat

I am a huge Apple person. That being said you would think I prefer FaceTime over another app. After using Google duo I can’t go back. The video quality is amazing. Such a clear picture. So simple to use. The only thing that’s disappointing is my notifications are delayed. I’ve tried all the suggestions, but they still come in delayed. I still give this app five stars. My best friend and I chat all day on google duo. I love that you can download the Mac app too. If you like the idea of video chatting, but want a really good quality picture this is the app for you.

- This is awesome!!

Google Duo is a great way to access people who can’t FaceTime and my grandma can’t FaceTime my phone for some reason so Google Duo really came in handy! I’m so glad people decided to make Google Duo because without it, there is no way to FaceTime people without FaceTime. Thank you for creating this! It did take a while to download, but that’s not going to be affective to my rating. I love Google Duo and adore it!!! Please people, make Google Duo the best app you have ever had! Though I do find it hard to use because the app drinks and drains battery very, very quickly and I saw that it dropped at least 30% after I used it once. Please do something about this.

- 4 stars

Everything is great except that it has a constant pausing and sometimes cuts out audio during calls. I love the fact that I can face time with my friends who use Samsung since I have an iPhone. You can send hearts to friends when they are feeling down or when you are far away from each other and miss one another. The screen evenly fits so that you can see everyone at the same time and you even get to send fun video messages with fun little filters and overlays(somewhat like Snapchat.). Definitely would recommend this app. Very useful for business and just keeping in touch somewhat face to face through long distance.

- I love google duo

Google duo is the best if you don’t have an iPhone it’s like the best thing to do and the best thing that has come through me and my friend since this Covid we have not very much been talking and I just want to tell your guys that it is the best and I really hope that you download this it is really fun and it’s a way to FaceTime your friends if you don’t have an iPhone SE I have an iPhone and my friend has a Samsung so we just kind of chat all the time on it and I hope you like this if you download it and if you don’t download it I would recommend you downloading downloading it so yeah

- Easier to hide an affair!

Love the idea behind the app but can we please be honest about the use of your hangouts & duo to promote secrecy in some relationships. Just wish it was advertised that way so that an unsuspecting spouse could at least have a bit of a clue when their spouse suddenly has chats on lock down which also doesn’t show up on mobile logs thru cell service. The app is great & def not to blame for snakes we have in our lives sometimes, but maybe mention it’s also used to hide conversations had with the third party in secret. Maybe just make a specific app for those types, call it , secrets safe! Play on safe! Lol love google! Thanks

- Great App But.....

My boyfriend and I enjoy using Google Duo since he’s an OTR truck driver. It does have bad video n sound quality but we think that it’s due to where he’s at when making the call. BUT there is one irritating problem - Google Duo sends me a call from my boyfriend, briefly then disconnects. This happens at any hour of day or night. I think something happened to him so I return the call only to find out he’s sound asleep and I’ve woken him or when he’s driving. He says he didn’t make that particular call. We’re in our 60’s so we don’t play those dumb games on each other. I’m tired of these fake calls. Otherwise, it’s a good app.

- How good it is

Google Duo is really good for people who has an iPhone ( like myself ) and other types of phones. Google Duo is like FaceTime. I manly use Google Duo to call my friends and my cousins bc almost every body on my dad side has an iPhone so it’s really just my mom side that has androids and stuff like that. ( But any: lets get back to the subject ) Google Duo is really amazing ( in my opinion ) for people who doesn’t have iPhones.🤗 If I like you should to. I know Google Duo is going to change the world😇!! So try it out at least one time,put a rate on it,and write a review!!!!!!! I hope it goes well for you like it did for me!🥰

- Nah bro this app sucksss 🌚🌝

Ok but... WHAT IS UP WITH THAT NAME BROOO!? 🤦🏼‍♀️ Google duo... REALLY!? Makes me think of Duolingo and Google like bruh that just STOOPID 🦉🦉🦉🦉get outta here with that REALLY dry name🙊 but like nah Get a load of this one ☝️ Like BRUUUUUUHHHH the design is soooo bad like SOOOOO cliché!!! Like y’all made it look like the face time app but literally got rid of the green 🟢❌ placed a sideways ↗️ water drop 💧 and the rest is just white ⚪️. Just by that only it makes me wanna jump in front of a moving train 🚂 LIKE WHERES THE CREATIVITY LIKE BRUUUUUHHHHH!!! Ugh and then we have the 🥵 V e R i F y y O u ‘ R e P h O n E n U m B e R 🔥 I CANT EVEN VERIFY IT!!!! LIKE BROOOO WTHHHHHH!?!?!? like I even deleted the app 2️⃣TWICEEEE2️⃣ literally restarted my 📱iPhone XR📱 MANY MANY MANNNNYYYYYY TIMES!!!! and don’t tell me “oh you probably didn’t write your phone number right” .... 👁👄👁 ... WOW SHERLOCK 🕵️‍♂️ DIDNT THINK OF THAT ONE BEFORE 😐 Nah but fr I can’t verify my phone... I can’t use the app bro...

- Could use some updates

I love this app and me and my friends really enjoy using this app to talk to each other. But the notes part of the messages option is one of my main sources of communication on this app and it’s starting to not send my messages and says I get notifications but shows no messages. My friends have problems as well and they send me messages at like 8 in the morning and I get them at 10 at night. I have the latest update for this app so I’m not sure if it’s just my device or this app. I love this app but if other people are having trouble I don’t want them leaving a bad review for an amazing app.

- Back camera issue

The app is great, i use it a lot since I am in a military relationship. However for some reason the back camera doesn’t work, whenever I flip the camera it actually makes a buzzing noise and begins to shake making it impossible to use that camera and I have a newer phone (XS Max) and I don’t have this problem anywhere else or on any other video calling app. It’s a bit of an inconvenience but I manage. I’ve tried restarting my phone and the app and uninstalling and re downloading the app but nothing worked. So if that could be looked into that would be great. Other than that it’s a wonderful app and very easy to use and great for long distance calling.

- Good and bad days

When I am feeling left out I feel like I should call my friends. When one friend does not pick up I call the next friend and then the next. Intel somebody picks up the phone. I just want to say that if you need a friend on good or bad days you can call them easily on this app. So I can get this app ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars that one ⭐️ I’m not giving it because sometimes that app does not want to work but most of the time the app does want to work but that’s OK because if you are patient like me you would like this app thank you for reading my comment. This is Chella Bella has good rest of your years and have fun at your school🏫 and work💼.

- Zoom Girl

I got zoom for my daughter and she loves it she is only 4 years old so I don’t let her use messages yet and she is obsessed with this app it has lots of cool filters things to explore and I recommend getting this app, you can see what your kids are doing because it is connected with google and everything you send goes to your phone you can report or block people if you don’t like what they say or do and zoom gets you better connection then any other kids texting app so get zoom today you can’t wait any longer this app is amazing. Bye

- Duo app

It’s a really good app , I really love it I been using it now for almost 2 years and used it on my smartphones and on my iPhone and I love it , the only thing I don’t like sometimes is that the video quality or voice quality acts up on places you get weak signal on but is still a good app , my sisters and mom and my wife use this app and they love it and you can leave a video message if the person don’t answer the video call , you can connect it to your contacts and other things I can’t rem what but it’s a great app for I assume any device except my laptop I couldn’t download it 😔

- Fix your App!!!

At first this app was a very good alternative to FaceTime, but ever since its latest update or so it would have a hard time even connecting let alone call. When you call, the tone is different from the tone you hear when the device is connecting. (Connecting means that it hasn’t even started ringing on the other device.) Now sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. Other times I’d have to call then hang up because it would never stop connecting. I would have to do that multiples times and it still wouldn’t work. I look like idiot to the other person because even thought it’s never connected, it still shows as a call that was never answered. It looks like I’m obsessed with the other person especially since it shows like 6 misses calls.

- A simple and easy video calling software

I got this app because my friend had a Samsung phone and couldn’t FaceTime. However, now almost all my friends are using Duo to contact me. The app interface is super simple to work with, and the video call quality is pretty good. When you open the app for the first time, it only has you type in your phone number and something else (sorry got app 3 years ago) and bada bing bada boom! You can instantly search through your contacts to call or video call anyone who also has the app. It’s not very buggy at all, and is a great app altogether. 👍 Thanks google! (Could you add texting? Thx)

- I recommend this!!

So one day aka New Years 2019 my and my friend I’m gonna call her khloe it’s not her real name cause I don’t wanna give out that info but me and khloe were FaceTiming so a couple weeks/ 2 months later she factimed me and said “hey Sarah there’s this rlly amazing app called google duo we’ll be able to play roblox and more” so i downloaded it and from that day on I felt like me and my friends were face to face it helped up schedule play dates sleepovers and just FaceTiming and playing games together we absolutely frickin love this app i do very much recommend this very very high quality amazing frickin app

- Google duo is Amazing

I wasn’t able to FaceTime a really good friend of mine and this app made me able to FaceTime her the app has made me so happy and so joyful I love seeing my friend again and this app is totally safe and it doesn’t even give off any private information so you can enjoy talking and feel safe and you can flip the camera if you wanna show something easier than trying to flip your phone over and over again this app is amazing and so fun and if you can FaceTime you can send videos to each other than just talking this app is so much fun

- Second time’s a charm

In the past I had a hard time tracking the person I was talking to because of a time delay on an older version but now that I’m using Duo again it’s working pretty well. I’m not sure if this is is supposed to happen, but I was on a video call when the person I was talking to got another call and all of a sudden I could no longer hear them speaking (even though I saw their lips moving). I’m not sure if this is a setting on their phone, my phone or just how the app works but if there is something I can do to prevent this from happening, I would really love to know how that works. Thank you.

- Amazing but...

Okay, I love google duo. It helps me connect with my significant other with ease ( since we don’t have the same kind of phone ). I love having the ability to call and video chat with him without having to see if he has minutes. I think you guys should add one more thing though. Maybe add the ability to see if the person you are leaving messages to has seen them, and maybe the ability to ding their phone. Cause idk if my significant other has see my messages because it only shows that it is delivered. Please consider this idea and respond! Happy Valentine’s Day!, Mars/Wolfie

- Recent update or ios11?

I have been using google duo with no problems for a while, but with the recent ios11 update I've been having an issue where I cant change the volume. When I click the volume buttons to adjust it, it displays the volume going down but the volume does not change. Its pretty annoying because if I'm talking to someone late at night the call is super loud and I don't want to wake anyone up, so I sometimes use just the audio feature. But the audio feature speaker doesnt even work and the volume is super low 🙄

- Love it!

Important technical high quality info here... Better quality than FaceTime and I have an iPhone! Had to get an iPhone years ago to use FaceTime as spouse worked out of town. I took that thing back! I said my god am I really that ugly!! Traded it for a flip phone and reevaluated my looks! Yikes! Took me years to get another one! Not kidding! So what’s good about Google Duo?? I look better!!! ;) Key for me!! Side note: I also line up all the different scales at the store, get on every one. Whichever one weighs me less, I buy!! Come on marketing teams.... think like a woman!!!! ;) 100% serious!

- Good, but has some issues

Great video conferencing app for use with people who don’t have iPhones. I like that the selfie cam is very small and unobtrusive like it is in other apps. However, when I flip to the back-facing camera, the image gets blurry and shaky. This isn’t a problem on any other video conferencing apps. I have an iPhone XR. Please fix! Also, when I switch my Bluetooth from my earbud to my car, the voice goes robotic on both ends. Switching Bluetooth back to earbud fixes it, and back to car breaks it again. Hanging up and calling back with the car set as my Bluetooth makes it work properly.

- Great just a few things

I mostly only use this app to contact my grandma and cousin, and it’s great. There are a few things I would like you to fix. First of all after every call I make, it says ‘how was the call quality’ and it’s very annoying. I call my cousin a lot every day, so it’s pretty annoying. Could you put it like, every fifth call or something. Just not every call. Another thing is the texts. Could you have it like messages has it? And also get rid of the ‘this message will expire in one hour’ or something like that. Overall, this is a great app and continue making great apps!!

- Poor connection

The past two days I have been unable to connect at all. Previously it worked well enough, with occasional pixeling and robot sounding voices. Maybe it’s just a fluke. When it has worked it has been super to be able to read bedtime stories to my grandsons nightly. We won’t give up. It’s a good option if you don’t have an apple device for FaceTime. I started giving one star because our latest glitches then upped my rating. We will shut down our laptop to reboot Incase that is the problem and try again.

- Great App!

I literally love this app so much! It doesn’t lie when it says best quality! It is so easy to add your friends! You can add you friends just by looking in your contacts. My friend from 3rd grade moved and her FaceTime wasn’t working so she tried this app. She told me to download it so we could still talk. To be honest this app is better than regular FaceTime, I had no glitches, the audio quality was great, and the quality of the video chat was great in general! I would definitely recommend this app especially if you are having glitches on regular FaceTime!

- Great, but slight bug.

So, me and my friends have been using Google Duo for a while. And when I got my new iPhone XR, I was immediately downloading Google Duo. But there’s a slight problem. Anytime I turn my camera around to face away from me, it gets shaky. Not because my hand is shaking but because it’s glitched. If I prop it up against something, it continues to do it. It starts to get worse and more disfigured. It then goes completely gray and keeps moving. Nothing is wrong with my camera, because when I enter the camera app, nothing is shaky. In fact, it’s very good quality. So, I believe something is wrong with Duo itself.

- Use a different program, this isn’t worth the hassle

First off, this is a Google product no? The company that sold you a Chromebook on the virtue of google products. Except Google Duo doesn’t work in Chromebooks. Let that sink in. Second, on a desktop... ahem... a non-Chromebook desktop... you can’t video chat with more than one person. Why? No one knows. Third, if you’re using an iPhone to use this app (and suffering though poor video quality with every so tiny video boxes) you better be plugged in because this app drinks battery like your phone was powering a space heater. Finally, even if you have multiple devices, this app won’t let you sign in with all of them, like other programs. It requires you to use gmail and a distinct phone number (why?) eliminating the possibility of dedicating one device to one think and the other to the video chat. It’s the first product I’ve ever come across in google’s product line I’ve been wholeheartedly disappointed with. If it were 2005, this may get a few stars, but it’s 2020, there are a lot of competitors in this market, and it feels like Google is peddling VHS in the streaming age. Shop elsewhere.

- Google Hangouts beats Google Duo hands down

Duo uses phone numbers only for identifying which Duo apps to connect. Truth-be-told, ALL parties must be using a Duo app or the website. You certainly won’t be calling any and all phone numbers with this very limited app. Hangouts is also cross-platform, but in addition, it ALSO allows voice calls with ALL mobile and landline voice numbers (NO Hangouts app needed). Also, Hangouts supports texting between any phone numbers that allow texting (again, NO Hangouts app needed). The only time Hangouts requires using a Hangouts app or website, is when doing video calls. Yes, the quality of Duo video IS better than Hangouts video, but that alone does not make up for its major limitation of no connectivity of any kind, to most phone numbers.

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- Room for improvement but still 5 stars

I love this app because I can talk to all my friends. But I do wish it had a screen sharing function. Having a screen sharing function would make it a lot better because for Example, when I am playing a game sometimes I want to show my friends what I’m doing, or add audio coming from my iPad so I don’t have to play music on a different device to show them. Or like on my phone, when I leave the app it goes into the bottom corner and I can still see, but it doesn’t do that on my tablet, if that was there I think many people would appreciate it.

- Good experiences on difficult internet links

Google Duo seems to outperform WhatsApp, Skype and FaceTime, especially over relatively “difficult” internet links such as to Pakistan and Indonesia from Australia. On some occasions I have had uninterrupted video calls on Duo when WhatsApp kept dropping out on a simple audio call. Well done! Just that it would be nice to have text messaging integrated with the App.

- Needs to be better

We used Duo for the first time today for a family get together video chat. Other apps we tried failed to connect some participants, or the invite process was clunky. Duo was very simple and error free by comparison. The video quality was much better than other apps we tried, which is a huge plus for us. However we were disappointed that the participant windows 5-8 are smaller, it would be helpful if they were more consistent size. Flipping windows around the screen to highlight whoever is talking is disconcerting. It would be more useful if the ‘window’ showing ‘my’ camera view is always a small window in a corner. this app has huge potential but these things need to be fixed as other apps provide a better viewer experience. We will use Duo again, but I expect we might be looking for a better app.

- Appreciate

Me and my friend cannot video call on normal calling on our phones the I tried this and I could actually see her. Now whenever I want I can FaceTime her and see her and we can smile and laugh and cry and be mad with each other it is amazing and I just wanted to that’ll the person and people who help create this app and I appreciate them and you soooooooo much thank you by by!!!

- Google Champions Face to Face

Best App Ever and cuts costs on top quality communication. Duo would have too be one of the most affective ways of speaking with people. If your not on duo then you are missing out completely. Face to Face is now and standard calling doesn't really cut it in these more modern times. Best App Ever. I can't praise this app enough💎

- I wouldn’t even waste you’re time

This app constantly Glitches, freezes , audio is crappy and is always lagging ,video is crappy needs a total update and app needs re looking into I wouldn’t recommend this but as I have family that lives far away and a niece that calls me on this app and some don’t have FaceTime so I have to use this but every time i use it ,it is a horrible app and start to call their phone Normally as you can actually have a conversation

- No you cannot have access to my contacts

This app only works if you give access to your contacts and I’m sorry if I don’t want to see business contacts and trades persons in my duo contacts allowing them to feel it is okay to contact me using this app. There is no way to filter or sort so random people you hardly know can appear at the top just because that is the way the app sorts them and it only includes their name and not business association so they can be unfamiliar without that reference. It just feels wrong. Deleted.

- App not tested properly

on my iphone x, a 10 min video call makes my phone back quite hot and consumption of battery is too heavy, 10 min video call consumes more than 20% of my phone battery life. something is not right, used to be good. until this is fixed i will minimise my usage.

- This app is AMAZINGGG

Hello creators of Google Duo!! I just want to say how amazing this app is!! I can FaceTime all of my friends, either at or not at my house!! Thanks so much for creating this app it really helps a lot with my friends who don’t have an apple! Now I can FaceTime anyone I want, whenever I want! Thanks again!

- Fantastic quality video

Fantastic quality video, needs to be able to chat. Should be able to know if recipient has viewed video or picture. A little confusing where to go otherwise great

- It stuck in dial tone and won’t connect

When I use google duo to call my mum it used to work now it stuck in dial tone and won’t connect how do I get it unstuck from dial tone I tried unstinting it disconnect my email from it but still nothing please help

- Perfect for video calling

It was an amazing experience with this amazing app,I enjoyed and got really amazed on how they do these things but it does get a little annoying sometimes when unexpected errors happen but still a great app for video calling

- Awesome

This app is awesome the only thing I wish it would let us change the profile picture for when it is a group chat and more emojis to react to messages and also possibly filters/effects for when we are video calling but other than that it’s awesome.

- Please add static screens for group calls

As the name suggests, better for two to four max. Anymore than that and the screens jump around; super annoying and distracting. Would be good to be able to pin screens and also use the group function on the computer. Other than that; sound and screen quality are excellent.

- Video quality is same as Facetime.

Andriod user and iPhone user cannot high quality video call each other. However, the google made it that it is possible. Thank’s google.

- Hidden gem

I always had Duo and Duo Mobile on my mobile for personal and official purposes. Never realized it’s this simple and powerful to use. A truly inspiring example of being simple and powerful. Thank you Google

- Quality calls

There’s never a disconnection when I call and no lag so it’s quality unlike FaceTime which disconnects and lags all the time. Only downside is not many people have it.


Google Duo is AMAZING.! great for areas with low internet speeds or quality, well and truly better than what’s app,Facebook,Viber for video chat. Would highly recommend to anyone and I take my hat off to google nor nailing this one.!

- Can improve

Overall experience is really good, quality is amazing than any other app I used. But, after a long duration connection starts to dropout.

- Feedback

Reception is good most times,maybe it’s because of we’re I am, other than that it’s a good app to use, as I use it to keep in touch with my friend in Mt Isa,and were he is at times is in neva neva land reception sometimes bad sometimes good so the reason for my rate.

- Awesome

This is a fantastic app because it has great quality great sounds other people can call you and you can call them. I rate this app a 5 star ⭐️ rating.

- Needs messaging

Duo is a good video chat app but it’s missing a key feature that hangouts have text messaging how hard would it be to take that feature from hangouts and put it into duo

- Due

This app is amazing when u have family u want to face time but they have Samsung is this is the app I like is very reliable and I think you should get this app.

- Great App that never fails

I adopted Google Duo as my communication app for all my voice and video calls with my family. It is very light and easy to operate. I do not recall loosing the connection. Thanks

- Good app

This is a good app because if you have a freeing or family member that has a different brand you can go on this app and be able to call and FaceTime

- Thank You For Your Serice

Thank you google for this amazing video quality services. I never seen this kind if video calling quality in my life.

- Just perfect

Quite interesting! Perfect quality for both audio and video! I wish i could also send text by Duo.

- Why I love Duo

The app is easy to use, I can talk to family and friends. I’m in Australia and call USA without any problems. Daily for hours You should try it it’s great

- Please add

Google duo can you make it so we can change our ringtone when someone calls us

- Better than Any other Camera Video Chat app

Better than Any other Camera Video Chat app. More stable and clear sound

- Clear video

Needs an iPad version as well to make full use of the clear video on a larger screen

- Best app so far

I have been using so many apps ( WhatsApp, Viber ...) to keep in touch with my family and friends overseas. By far this app is the best.

- Clear if your connection is good

Wished there was a desktop version for the mac.

- Google call App

Great App, does what it’s supposed to do well. However, as far as I know it overheats on IOS and drains the battery like no App I’ve ever seen before. I only use it while charging, come to thing of I don’t know if that’s a good idea🤔 there are records of phones explosions in similar cases.

- Excellent sound quality 👍

I don’t use duo often but I think I will as the quality is excellent Good work google 👍

- Great! Audio & Video call works well in Middle East

One to one or conference call worked well. Even in the Middle East. Recommend the app. 👍

- Mediocre

It’s good but i wish I didn’t have to have a google account I have an iCloud email and it doesn’t work and I wish it had more Snapchat like filters other than that it’s a good app <3

- Google Duo Is Amazing

I recommend getting duo if you and your friend have no way of FaceTiming. It’s really handy, thank you for creating this 💕

- Why I like this app

I like this app because you can do group chats with your friends

- Good

Good but needs options for group Calling. Simple and easy. Also think the mini window should be same aspect ratio as the other persons box.

- What an upgrade

Would be an amazing app if the developers allowed apple user’s the same ability that Samsung user’s have and allow us to is the phone in the background while still watching and interacting in a call or even screen sharing. Like Jesus pick your game up google

- Multiple devices

There should be an option to use multiple phone numbers

- Conference call

Conference call from Australia to Scotland never dropped out once, much better than Skype ..

- Google duo

Better then all the other social calls out there!!!!

- Awesome app with few glitches

Need proper call history and a favourite list Every time I am searching for contacts to dial again. Thanks

- Video call

Excellent reception which leads me to recommend to others to install the App

- Good app

I think this is a good app because you can talk to you’re friends or family easy and quick

- Great Video Calling

Picture quality is good, sharp and distinct, not blurry. The voice quality is also great, no noise in between. Overall an excellent communication tool. Maintain, the same, in fact still Google can improve over this to still have a better experience. Cheers

- Google Duo

Super clear sound and audio . Best video call service bar none !!

- Suffers version 1.0 issues

My iPad Pro started to install in landscape then switched to portrate mode part way through. Now it’s stuck in portrate mode. Also I’d like to answer on my iPhone or my iPad. When I installed it on my iPhone it disabled the iPad

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- Quality

Awesome video and audio quality of call. Best app for video calling till now.

- Meilleur que FaceTime

La qualité d’image et de son est juste génial. Mille fois meilleur que FaceTime, Messenger ou Skype ☺️

- Nice app

Sound quality is great but I can’t put a voice call on speaker for Some reason.

- Speaker phone does not work

I live in Eastern Canada & called my cousin who is in the US Navy based in Florida. To my surprise, the speaker did not work & we tried using the app back & forth 4 Times but had the same non functional speaker issue. A minor bug I am sure but an important issue just the same!

- Crystal clear

Calls are always crystal clear.

- Speaker phone issue

Calls are clear but can't access speaker phone while on call.

- Google duo is amazing

I love this app it is amazing I give it 5 stars get this app

- Easy lite and fast

I love this app. Made it easy to communicate with parents overseas

- Google duo

I honestly cant live without this app it’s to good ❤️

- Google awesome

Thank you soooooop much

- Les appeles

On ne peut pas appeler des adress imail on peut seulement appeler avec des num 😕🙁

- The app opens every time someone calls

I’m always I’m the middle of a game or something like that, then someone calls and then it opens the app, and then after the call ends it just stays on the google duo app, meaning I lose any progress I made in a game. Please fix this, I find this happens on my iPad, and just make the call like a normal call, when it ends it goes back to the previous app.

- Great app

Video quality and sound are excellent. It is as described.

- Waseem Khan

As of today, it’s best of all web based voice / video call tool.

- Great reception

I was at home, my son was walking through Middletown New York. Reception and the quality of the call was fabulous

- Perfect Duo:)

Easy to use, crystal clear sound, an joy to use!

- Great but...

It’s everything you would ever wish for specially when you have and Apple iPad and your parents have a Samsung phone but to sign up you need to put a phone number so I used my dads but now I can’t call him and my sis used the same phone # so now e can’t call each other but I can call my dad on HANGOUTS an other wifi chat thing by google but overall that’s all u could ask for.

- Image

Quelques fois l’image fige Mais en général j’adore cette application Merci

- Re the phone call

Very clear and had a very good conversation Thanks

- Nice

Clearest video chat I’ve ever experienced, hard to focus sometimes when looking at text, but all in all a great experience.

- Possibly the most annoying app I have downloaded

This app routinely prompts me to call random numbers out of my contacts list. Like I can’t decide who I want to have a video call with on my own. I had to delete it

- I have no clue what the hype about this is......

Really disappointed. I see all these ads saying that is the best video calling and to be 100 % honest its horrible! I can never stay on a video call without it either failing, the audio being horrible or the entire thing freezing in the middle of a conversation. Would rather make a phone call and describe what I’m doing or what I want to show to ther person then use duo.

- Review

Long distance video call, some time, pics. not 100% clear, but audio is perfect. However, quality is good.

- Creepy app. Camera started up sitting idle on desk.

App wasn’t even in the foreground. Email was and phone idle screen off on coffee table watching a movie. Phone lit up. Camera on, phone obviously looking right up so image of ceiling. Picked up and closed google duo. Weirded out. Uninstalled. Wants access to contacts. Wants too much access. But too creepy for my liking. Bring back google talk. You didn’t need to hand over to google everyone you know before being able to use it.

- Stinky

It promised good quality video calling and all I got was disappointed. :(

- Có nhầm lẫn gì chăng

Ứng dụng không phân biệt được số điện thoại các nước. Tôi gọi cho một số ở Nhật +81 lại nhảy ra cho một người ở Việt Nam cùng dãy số đuôi nhưng đầu số +84

- No tablet app (iPad)

No use for larger devices than a phone.

- Not working on my sony TV

Hi I installed the google duo on my new Sony TV it works fine for few day now its not work whenever I open the app it will stop working with the msg restart the system I did that and also I re-install it several times its still not working

- FaceTime

Very good and clearly seen

- Message and Multiple Picture Share with best quality

Please add message option and Multiple Pictures sharing option with best quality. Don’t compromise with pictures quality like other apps. Thank you.

- Top quality!!!!

The only thing that comes close to FaceTime

- Sound quality

Very bad sound quality

- I like Google duo

I like it

- Glitch ridden app

Too many glitches. Disappointed that google did such a poor job

- Hi

Google duo sucked and bhhhvgj

- Enjoying my talks

I really didn’t find an app. that makes my calls very clear and uninterrupted as google duo! Amazing!

- احبه رائع جدا

رائع جدا أفضل من إيمو بكثير 💖💖💖💖💖

- Love it

I love this app I can call with my friend like really good now so thank you google duo and yeah so if you didn’t do this app yet and you are reading the reviews are you U should get it

- Cal ability

Allows me to call any phone. Without a problem.

- Blurry back camera

Using on an iPhone XR and the rear camera is blurry and totally useless. Checked online and lots of people having this issue but no resolution for Google.

- Meh

The app itself is good but it should have an option to not put in phone number because I don’t have one. It work better on a pc.

- Five stars up

Love you

- Good App

Has nicer clear images of calls and that's one of the reason why I'm using this app. 😊😊

- Pls fix this

Barely let’s he call anyone. Doesn’t ring

- Google video

Someone suggested I use my iPad rather than my iPhone. They were definitely correct much better connection and reception.

- Way better than FaceTime


- the orientation is so messed up

i use this daily in my ipad and the orientation is so annoying....i usually talk to my brother or in a group chat of 3..when talking 1on1 if i turn the ipad to landscape midway...the screen display is cropped..i cant even see my small window....tried doing everything from turning auto rotate off/on to locking the screen rotation before calling..still annoyingly group chat of 3 someone in the group is always rotated 90 degree...CAN U FOR GOD SAKE ALLOW RESIZING INDIVIDUAL PERSON SCREEN SIZE OR ALLOW US TO ROTATE IT 90 DEGREE IN A GROUP CHAT!!! show this message to your development team

- Review

Great, used it for the first time, very cool,may be less traffic, will see in future whether it can maintain the quality.

- Unable to make a call

Stopping working last couple of days. Unable to make a video calls or audio calls. No response if I click on call. O error message either.

- Notification problem

It’s been great but I never get any notifications for an incoming call. I have all my notification settings set to ‘on’ in both the in-app settings as well as my phone settings but i am never notified of calls until I actually open the app (at which point they are just showing the missed calls)

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- I’m so happy with this app!!!

My bff got a Samsung and of course I have a Apple there was no way to face time each other. We found apps that we could use but most of them didn’t work well or glitches every 5seconds until we found google duo. It is a very well designed app with face time and audio call. This app is not glitchy even when not connected to WiFi, this app is very helpful for Samsung, Apple and every other phone users to use the chat with each other. Overall a great app very please will continue using this app!!!!👏🏻

- Meh

The main and my only problem I have with this app is the phone number issue. I want my child to y’all to relatives over seas, but she uses her tablet and does not have a number. The moment you open this app it ask for your number and I do not like that at all. I thought since this app is google all you would need is a email. I guess I was wrong. I would not recommend this all to parents out their. Other then the number problems the app is overall fine. Their are a lot of little bugs and glitches as well but their minor and I highly suggest to the app makers and leaders to also have a email option to create a google duo account.

- Making The Connection

My son-in-law was transferred out of town due to his job. Where he is living the connection of phone service is very limited. We have experienced a lot of short call, interruptions during the calls and straight up dropped calls. Using the services that Duo provides to us is on point. We have now been granted access to a service like no other I have seen. When we didn’t think anything else was going to make communication easier here you are. This DUO app has been a gift from God.

- I love google duo

Google duo is this app that helps you call if you cannot FaceTime or if you do not have a iPhone to FaceTime google duo is this fun at where you can see somebody if you don’t have a iPhone I’m sorry but you cannot put filters but if you do you can use filters filters different filters to help like you can do it on a job you can add people on your job but that’s what things for OK I just wanted to tell everybody who’s downloading zoom it is a great quality for you and it’s a good quality for younger ages like under three

- It’s good but...

So recently I have discovered a problem that I have yet to solve. So when I call my friend, I can’t. I found out that after I call 1 person 3 times, that’s the limit I can call them. I try to call them again, and it makes a different ringtone. I don’t know if it’s my phone, or maybe it’s just not working for me. My friends say that I didn’t call them after Aquila, and I say I tried. I just wanna fix this, so hopefully you can help me out google. But everything else is awesome and great, keep up the good work!

- A good app!!!

I have not been using this app for a long period of time but here is my review. This is a very helpful app because if you don’t have a apple type of phone and you have like a Samsung you might not be able to FaceTime but if you download Google Duo you can do the same thing as FaceTime it might look a little different but it’s still very helpful and less you communicate with others!!! If I would rate this one to ten I would rate it a 10 so I would recommend all of you to use this even though you have FaceTime or not

- Good but needs improvements

I used to love this app but now I am using it because it is my only option. Every time I update it I think it will be better but unfortunately it stays the same no bug fixes. 1-Let’s start with notifications. I don’t always get missed call notifications. Sometimes I get like a notification in the notification bar but when I open the app I don’t find anything or I find 2 of 5 missed calls, So how come I know who called me!! 2-The app does not show who is online and who is not. This is important because I need to know if the person I am calling is not online I just stop calling not to bother him 3- the voice speeds up and cut down usually during every call

- This is a good app!

This app is really good but I have some complaints... One thing that I enjoy is the good quality of the mic and the video quality. One thing that I think should be added is a regular text, I don’t always want to video chat or send a photo with a a note. Or even just a note. Please add the texting feature. Another thing you should add is a voice call, a regular call. So if people have this they can call even if they don’t have a regular phone number. Thanks for reading, Sophie <3

- Long distance relationship- 5 stars

My fiancé and I met on Twitter through a mutual friend but he is in Wales and I’m in the US. Through Duo we were able to have our first dates and have spent the last year getting to see each other between visits using this app. It has been instrumental in our ability to get to know each other better and to cope with the distance. It doesn’t have bells and whistles which is perfect. We wanted a simple and easy to use interface that allowed us to see and talk. Excellent app Google!

- Ugh Please Fix

At first I loved the app! Then I realize every time I update it nothing changes! I can’t call my cousin the whole time I call it’s keeps saying dialing. And my messages don’t go through until hours later. So she’ll end up getting them at 2 am then calling me at 3AM! I will send them at like 4pm... I only got the app so I could talk to her, but now there is no reason for me to have the app... When I am up at 3am and she calls me she can’t hear me! So all of our conversations is just me doodling words in the small space that it gives you to doodle! I can only really talk to her when she calls me... It always drains my battery also. Please fix this. It I’m writing this a few weeks after that one ☝🏽 But I could call her for a day! Then today it screwed up again. It won’t go trough it will be dialing then hanging up not even going through. Now there’s no reason for us to have the app! Now my messages just won’t go through at all! I hope someone can fix I’m writing this a while later again to give an update... we’re just gonna start using FaceTime. She just got a new iPhone so we’re gonna use FaceTime instead.

- In my opinion, it’s great!

So, I don’t ever write reviews but I’d love to get my message out so here I go. In my opinion it’s an amazing app! I use it when trying to ft my friends with other devices like, Samsung’s, which last I checked you can’t ft with different devices (my apologies if I’m wrong about this.) but I do have one thing I’d love, its screen sharing! Now if it’s already a thing and I’m just dumb or haven’t updated it yet then my apologies, but if it’s possible I think it would be an amazing feature! If you read this far then thank you for taking the time to read this!! Have a lovely day now!

- Accepting troubleshooting advice

I love how simple the app is, but don't like the set up. You connect your contacts and that's the first thing you see when you open it, which I don't like- I only want the people I'm calling. I'm not calling all my aunts (because contacts are alphabetical so they're at top). That's -1 star. But! The sound doesn't work. I call, I can hear them, they can't hear me. I turned the microphone on and back on. I went in the app settings and turned the microphone permission off then back on. I got this because my FaceTime calls keep dropping at 10 minutes and 30 seconds. Every other video call app I saw is some sort of dating app, and Google is trusted, ya know? I would love for this to work. I want it to work. Please tell me how to fix it

- Worst UI ever

I expect Google to do much far better than this. I don’t know why they tried to creat such a different and difficult communication app. In fact, I think it is very hard to interact from going through contacts to send a message. Tbh, I don’t why sending message in this app is impossible. It is super hard to find what is going on inside the app and you might call your friends by accident as soon as you touch one of picture. Also! I don’t know what is the point to see myself on the screen all the time. I feel like someone seeing me or I’m connect with someone. I’ve been using video calling apps for years such as Oovoo, WhatsApp, Skype and I have to say this is disappointing to see a app like this from a big company like google.

- Some request

So I love calling my friends with it, but just giving four stars because I would like for you to give some more features. Here are the features I would like for you to give. Not showing your face and sharing your screen. Otherwise the app is great I have a iPad and I could still call people with Samsung phone. So I love it. It has no adds quality great! It never freezes I saw some reviews that said it freezes. So maybe try getting a better thing your using. Anyway love the app. It’s perfect I will give you app five stars if you add the things I requested

- Hospital Room

Dear Google, thank you for this app. We are currently using it to monitor my father in-law who is in the hospital suffering with COVID. My husband and his entire family have been able to say goodbye to my father in-law from a distance thanks to your app and the hospital staff who provided an iPad with your app on it. We have been able to have a virtual hospital waiting room with our entire family thanks to you... This has been priceless to all us specially to his grandchildren who were able to tell their grandfather that they love him.

- How I talk to my family

You can talk to anyone and is is an easy way to reach out to your family and I love it real good and I don’t have no problem with it and every time I go some were i need to talk to my mom but she don’t have an apple phone so she got duo and that is how I talk to her because she d ok have an I phone so it is amazing sometimes it break up but it is ok because if i hang up and call her right back it will not break up again and this is also a way to talk to my dad but he have and apple phone (kalis Cherry-Gaston)

- Made Remote Guitar Possible

I have gotten better at guitar during the pandemic because my guitar teacher and I were able to continue to meet. We were even able to do shorter more frequent lessons to suit my learning style. Something that would have been impossible before because of distance, cost, gas etc. my lessons can be a little less expensive, or rather my teacher gets to keep more of the profit! Thanks google duo for making this progress possible. Sincerely, Charlie and Bob

- Great App

Google Duo is a great app and has good quality calls. The effects are cool (not bad), and lets you send videos and photos, and messages. But the messages are inconvenient to IOS users since the messaging format is bad. Last thing, there is one problem when I take a call either vertical or horizontal, and when I turn it the other way, it shows about 3/4 of the person, not you, and no effects or turn off. For the other 1/4 it is black. So to take calls I have to be careful of which way I take it or just keep it the way it is.

- Best app ever

About a year ago i discovered google duo and told my friend about it, eventually all of our friends were on the app talking to one another face to face! I use it daily. I can catch up with my grandmother, talk to my parents, and even have phone sleepovers with my bffs! During the corona virus i felt so lonely because i could not see my friends and family but now i can chat with them face to face as if they were in the same room as me! Thank you very much google duo! You are a life saver and changer!!!

- No setup codes received

The setup would be ok with two factor authentication if the codes were sent out - but they are not. It also wants access to all of your contacts which gives them all to google. Not good. Deny access to contacts and perhaps that is why no two-factor authentication is sent out? The app may be great - but first you have to be able to use it. Without being able to receive two-factor codes, perhaps because of requiring access to contacts, this app looks like a loser. I verified other apps two factor authorization codes do make it through. Google’s do not at present. Addendum: two factor codes started arriving about an hour after they had been requested. Much too late. Still thumbs down.

- Best video chat app ever!

I’ve had so many issues with FaceTime, messenger, WhatsApp and wechat when it comes to sustaining a video connection when my WiFi connectivity degrades, but I had zero problems with duo. I did have video drop out twice in a 2hr chat session but it does something none of the other apps switched to audio only so I could still chat and the video came back within seconds. Also, the video was clear throughout whereas messenger used to always be beyond blurry. Love it!!

- Duo

This app is really slow. It glitches a lot and it will hang up randomly. Most of the time I can’t hear my friends talking. When I send duo videos it will randomly mute me so when it sends my friends can’t hear me. It is a nice app to have if you have anything other than apple because with apple you have FaceTime. I like that on google duo you can send videos if someone won’t call you back so you tell them what you have to say and then when they aren’t busy they can watch the video.I mean well there are options...... texting calling FaceTime google duo.

- Stay with US companies -Safer

Useful when your family or friends do not have an IPhone. Allows you to also create a group of 31 people. Stay away from ZOOM or any COMMUNIST REGIME that a software based company originated. They are forced to share data for human oppression and corruption reasons. If they don’t allow a back channel, their domestic business channels will be punished, cut off or receive corruption jail time. But it is not because of corruption but for the other reasons in order to control the companies.

- I love this!

When I first started using this app I was a little unsure of how it would work and how well. I got this app to be able to communicate with one of my long time friends bc they have bad service in their area. The quality is actually a lot better than I thought it would be! It is still like an off brand FaceTime but it think it works just as well! I am able to talk to my friend for hours at a time through a good quality video and a smooth audio.

- Serious bug/flaws... Don’t download till they are fixed

I thought I liked Duo a lot but have noticed it has some SERIOUS issues. I was out of the house and got a Duo video group call, so I picked it up on my iPhone. When I come back home 2 hours later the call was long over but Duo kept ringing on my iPad the entire time I was away. The battery drain this has caused has forced me to delete it from my iPad. Also another issue is I have Google home devices and if I pick up on my iPad or iPhone the google home devices keep ringing. Duo needs to stop ringing on multiple devices once the call has been accepted or declined on any device. DON’T download it till they fix it, or you will have severe battery drain issues.

- My review

It was amazing, it’s amazing being able to call my best friend, while also being able to text her and change the colors of the text box, it makes things a lot brighter and funnier, the only down part of google duos, is that it isn’t like texting, where it’s all in line, so some times you can’t tell which ones are new and which ones are old, but everything else is AWESOME! Good job creators! It’s an amazing way for kids to contact each other!

- Super clean and easy to use app

Never fails and it’s a great workaround in fact someone’s phone was just turned off for nonpayment and I was able to get through to them because they were home and had their wireless service on so I was able to let them know that their payment was past due this is the sort of workaround app that comes in handy in an emergency you can use it wireless and it’s encrypted you don’t need to have the phone connected to a carrier

- Threw the hard times!!!!

Threw the hard times Google duo will be there for you!!! I used to have a foreign exchange student from Georgia but sense covid19 came about she had to be sent home 4 months earlier and because of Google Duo I have been able to talk to her way easier than anything else so I just want to say that Google Duo has helped me to stay in contact with the people I love and care about!!! God lover you and you can make it threw this hard time and Google Duo can help you do that!!!!!

- The app is really nice, just something has little errors...

One of my best friends and I always talk on google dou. If you have an iPhone, using google dou is the same as FaceTiming with another apple user. Tiny problem is that there are little glitches that happen sometimes, but the app asks you if the quality was good or bad and if it was bad, you get to list the bad qualities that were happened FaceTime or regular call. Overall, the app is amazing and works even without internet

- Good for video chatting. Bad for your battery.

Awesome app. But would be nice if my video didnt pause when i minimize the app and the video window stays open in the corner like skype does. One draw back is it kills your battery super quick! Like within ten minutes its already drained a good 15% of the battery. As to other video chat apps, takes upto forty minutes or more to drain 15% of the battery. And this app causes the battery to get hot, especially while charging. And there's times the battery won't charge while on a video call it'll jus stay the same or even drain 1 or 2%. Please fix!!!


This app is so good I can talk to all my friends it’s so grate my friend dose not have an iPad or iPhone so her father god this for her and we can talk!!! I love this app so much, I use it every day this is a good app I love it and yes I’m the only one who has it in my family but,I love the app so beget this app to talk with you fam!!! So it’s like a video call but it is one it’s like a face time but it’s a video but your talking idk how to say it but it’s REALKY good not kidding I love this so much I am never deleting it I love it so much so, much you get it to%,,,

- Duo nice

Google Duo is very user friendly and is a big comfort during this time of Corona isolation. With all of my relatives hundreds of miles away it is very pleasant to not only hear their voices but see their faces. We use Duo while playing Euchre, a card game, online on a weekly basis. We are all getting up in age with me being 70 and it becomes even more important to have as much contact as possible in the time we have left. Thank you for a great product which serves a great purpose!

- One of my favorite apps

Before I got the app google duo I was stuck with iMessage, I could only FaceTime some of my friends. Most of my friends live in another state and I wanted to at least see their face, but I couldn’t. I was on the phone with one of my friends and she recommended to download google duo. You can call, FaceTime, or message anybody from anywhere. I have had this app for some time now and I don’t think there will be any reason I’ll have a problem with it.

- Good app but...

It’s a good video calling app overall but the only issue is I use it to video call with my significant other and once they click off the app to do something else all audio is cut and they can’t hear me and eventually the call will just end, it didn’t do it when we first started using the app but now we don’t even use duo because once they go to sleep (we go to sleep on the phone) they turn their screen off so it doesn’t die or overheat but since their screen is off the call ends

- You got a lot better

There are a lot of things that I think you should do better for Delo. Like having a longer time when you record a video message. I personally like this app because it gives you a chance to FaceTime with your friends that have a Samsung. I know that there is more work on do you well and that he is still a work in progress but in all honesty this app has been great for contacting my best friends. This app has so much progress in it I have updates all the time. This app has So much potential.

- Pretty good but

Wow I’m so amazed by this. So I wrote a review the other day saying how more effects should be added and the next day there was more!! Thank you so much!! But one more thing is I wish you could take a picture or video because sometimes I just wanna send a picture of myself without taking one in my phone then going to the app and sending it then so I would absolutely love it if you could take pictures. My rating on this has improved since you guys added those effects so quickly. Thanks!!!

- I’m having some problems

Ok so google duo is great and all I love to use it to talk to my friends that can’t FaceTime or anything but there is one problem in my opinion that u find it hard to use bc me and my friends always play roblox or some other group game and The audio shuts off whenever I play! Please fix this! I get so annoyed because I have to hang up and talk to them in the chat box! I really hate this please please fix this I have to play on my phone bc I don’t have a computer or anything else and I feel left out!

- Want to like it, but couldn’t get it to work.

I was testing how to use it before I invited others to try it to do a group video. I downloaded the app and tried to call friend’s account on their desktop (access by web browser). They tried to call me. I could see both of us trying to call each other multiple times and neither of us ever had a call go through. I checked the help and made sure notifications were turned on and contacts listed. Still didn’t work. I was disappointed with the customer support options. When I hit the feedback, it said not to expect a response. There was no way to ask for help except a vague call out to the community.

- I love this

I like this app because it allows me to text and call my friends whenever I please. As you probably know some of my friends don’t have the same phone so this app works in all different types and kinds of phones. It has really great quality and they can hear my friends almost perfectly. When I say almost perfectly I have really bad Internet so when I hear my friends on this app it allows me to have a better time with them.

- Great put there needs to be bug fixes

Google Duo is AWESOME for people that can’t FaceTime their friends or family if they don’t have an iPhone. It’s great for making group calls to talk with more then one friend. The only problem with it is that it will get really glitchy sometimes if you talk for a while but you can always just exit the call and come back (easy fix). One other thing is that something you won’t get a call from the group and they won’t get a call from you. Other than that, YAY FOR GOOGLE DUO!

- Please Reply!

So, on my old phone I never had an issue. The model was an iPhone 6s Plus, however, when I upgraded to an iPhone XS Max an issue occurred. I first believed that it was an issue with my phone, but it wasn’t. Whenever I called someone and flipped my back camera, it got blurry and wobbly, my camera even made a buzzing noise. Which is why I originally thought it was my phone’s issue. But I read that other people with XR - XS’ faced the same issue, every the buzzing within the camera lens. I still have this issue, even after restarting my phone and uninstalling the app.

- Awesome

I love DUO because I get to talk to my best friends! The call Quality is amazing! I think it was totally worth it!!!!!!!!! I do think some improvements should be made I think that we should have a ringtone when someone is calling us instead of a Notification that way we in know it’s not getting you to check up on it someone is calling you! But other then that, DUO is the best option for YOU if someone does it have the same phone you have!👌🏼👌🏼

- It’s not 5 stars

A lot of times i call people and they said their phone never rang. The same happens to me. I’m by my phone and they say they called me and I never got an incoming call. 3 stars for this. The circle window is annoying cuz i cannot see what the other person sees cuz it cuts off. I prefer the FaceTime rectangle mini screen better cuz i can see the entire frame especially since like i said when i show someone something on the screen i can’t see what they see because all i see is a tiny circle of me instead of the whole view. The video message is a nice touch.

- The tomboys

Once lived a tomboy and once lived a girly girl she is so mean to me she called me a girly girl I wish we weren’t friends and when I said she’s poor she tries to choke meAnd I said I’m kidding but she still tried to tackle me and choke me I am really mad at her right now but it’s fine I’ll still like her but she has to stop saying to me to try to kick people in case people when I don’t want to but I do get a good laugh Adam laugh out of this when she came in she kicks her crushes in the square part ha ha

- Only Option, but is the worst

This app is good but overall there are too many cons. First of all it makes my device and my friends’ devices reach high temperatures. Another reason is that it slows the entire device and I am not able to do anything else on my phone. No matter how good my WiFi is it seems as if the video quality is terrible. I am currently using the app at this very moment and my friend is hearing my voice a few seconds later after I speak, even though I have three bars of WiFi. I would expect that an app from google would be better quality but I guess not. This has made me second guess the quality of google apps/products.

- Simple and reliable cross platform video chat

I use FaceTime, but needed a cross platform app. Since Google Hangouts will be no longer in the company's agenda, I decided to give it a try, one week of usage and all I can tell is that video calls are very good and smooth. The only issue so far is that sometimes you can't see the person you are chatting with or the other can't see you. The easy way to fix it is just hang up and call back. Kudos Google!

- Unreliable

As an iPhone user I use this app to video chat my friends who do not have an iPhone. This app works properly about 40% of the time. Other times our voices sound robotic or they cut in and out or the call drops or the call doesn’t go through at all. Mind you most of the friends I talk to have a google duo which leads me to believe this is not reliable for iPhones or maybe it’s a flaw for google duo. Extremely frustrating app and the volume controls for the iPhone don’t actually lower the sound of the individual so you either listen to someone constantly yelling or you switch to calling them on the phone instead of video chatting them. Terrible app

- Needs group chat

I just downloaded this because my friends have phones that do not include normal call or FaceTime. When I got this app it was super easy to call my friends, and the quality of the call and FaceTime is great!!! But, the only con about this app is that it does not have group chat. We are a trio and want to call two people at a time. This is the ONLY reason why I only gave this four stars. Other than that it is a great app and I totally recommend it.

- Great for different operating systems

My husband has a Pixel and I have an iPhone, so this app allows us to video call when he is on work trips or when I go visit my family without him. It gives us a chance to feel more personally connected by seeing each other rather than just speaking over the phone. Even when I am in the boondocks in a poor connection area, we still manage to make it work. I really love this app.

- Drains battery and causes phone to overheat.

although the video and sound quality is acceptable, this app drains my phone battery and causes it to overheat even with no other apps open. i don’t like that when i’m receiving an incoming call that it pops up as a notification instead of an actual call. also, it took over the facetime setting on my phone. if i choose the facetime option on a contact, it immediately transfers it to a duo call. please fix this, especially the overheating part. it’s really annoying and my phone never overheats.

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Google Duo 116.0 Screenshots & Images

Google Duo iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Google Duo iphone images
Google Duo iphone images
Google Duo iphone images
Google Duo iphone images
Google Duo iphone images
Google Duo iphone images
Google Duo iphone images

Google Duo (Version 116.0) Install & Download

The applications Google Duo was published in the category Social Networking on 2016-09-02 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 120.21 MB. Google Duo - Social Networking app posted on 2020-12-07 current version is 116.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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