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Norton Secure VPN is a security app from a consumer brand trusted by millions of consumers. Protection for your device against cybercriminals, browse more anonymously, change your location, and helps block advertisers from tracking your online activities! Turn any public Wi-Fi into your personal hotspot!

When you connect to public Wi-Fi, cybercriminals may spy on your online activity and steal your sensitive information, like passwords and credit cards details. Norton Secure VPN uses the same encryption technologies that leading banks use to help protect your data.

Mask your online activities and location with our no-log VPN. We don’t track or store your online activity, so even we don't know what you’re up to!

Just change your virtual location so your IP address can’t be tracked!

We help block ad trackers by intercepting cookies and removing your identifying information. Websites will no longer be able to track you to deliver unsolicited ads at a later time.

Turn any public Wi-Fi into your own secure virtual private network to help keep your personal information safe, and your online activities private.


The KRACK attack puts Wi-Fi connections at risk. Use Norton Secure VPN to help encrypt the information you send and receive, for protection against this new threat.

With Norton Secure VPN, you can pay bills at the airport or check emails at a café without worrying about cybercriminals stealing your passwords or monitoring your online activity.

Going online in public just got better. Get Norton Secure VPN and go online in public, more securely and privately.


• Norton Secure VPN Subscription: Provides more secure connectivity for your mobile device.
• 7-day trial requires activation of annual subscription.
• Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
• Subscription will renew automatically at the end of the subscription term unless canceled. Cancel in your iTunes account before end of trial to avoid payment.
• Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period.
• You can manage your subscriptions and automatic renewal may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after purchase.
• Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription.
• Annual subscription is for one device only.

For feedback and suggestions, visit the support forum:

For a detailed list of features, visit:

NortonLifeLock respects your privacy and promises to safeguard your personal data. For more information:

•Start your 7-day trial* to help protect your Wi-Fi connections now!

*7-day trial requires activation of annual subscription. Cancel in your iTunes account before end of trial to avoid payment. More details below.

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In this update: - Minor improvements and bug fixes

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- Connectovity issues on ios version

Hey, I love norton and Symantec, I use their products on my pc including norton secure vpn and have been a paying member for years. As I said I I use norton secure vpn on my pc and have no problems but on the ios version I have some connectivity issues, its sometimes a bit slow but the biggest problem is that whenever I open my phone for the first few seconds it disconnects from the wifi and I dont have internet, What I do is close the app that im using and go back to the homescreen for a few seconds and it will fix itself but its a bit annoying opening instagram and having no connection and having to close the app and wait for 5 seconds for the internet and vpn to start working. I know its the vpn and not my home wifi because I have done some tests and this doesnt happen with other VPNs. Its not a huge issue but I would love to get it fixed.

- Better than most

I’ve tried several VPN’s and this one like most will disguise your IP and block trackers but it also switches on independently meaning I turn it off it turns itself on, I turn it off it turns itself on - and so it goes unless you block its access. If it was auto protecting because it felt your Internet access was unsafe that would be one thing - but that isn’t the case. It can, I assume unintentionally, interfere with cellular data when wireless internet is not available and there is a large amount of pages that won’t display not because there blocked by the VPN but because there denying access due to the way the IP was masked and the “signal” as it were was routed. For example when accessing Google with the VPN on you might have to make several attempts to establish that connection and use Google. I don’t know if they have corrected this with the new update or this is simply inherent in all VPN’s only time will tell as tech improves. Oh and it is rumored that although - and I actually I like Norton - your personal history etc. is masked/hid Norton itself can ultimately track it - but that’s only if you believe some of the guys working in Military Intelligence- and no that’s not an oxymoron. So if you have to have one form or another of big brother watching I guess I don’t mind Norton. Ok got to go 5G is on the way and pervasive AI is right behind it - so to all a good night

- Needs work

I was asked if I wanted to update my dissatisfaction with is product. I thought why not, sense the programmers had there chance to correct all problems. Maybe I should reevaluate this for them. So I did! I tried to turn it on, and it did turn on, it hung up after about an hour but it did get nearly a full hour of operation before it took a dump. This product needs someone to test it before they release it...still garbage! This app needs a lot of work. The only thing really consistent with it is that it consistently locks up. It not only the app, the same problem exists in the Norton WIFI program for you PC. They both stink! Somebody needs to have a chance to excel at another vocation because programming doesn't seem to be their forte and I'm sure they are getting paid an exorbitant amount of money to produce this garbage. The one nice thing is that you can turn it off...thank god for that one! This app seems to work better but still has issues when launching certain apps. I know HBO Now has a problem downloading data when the VPN is on. Also Hospital apps don't work and pandora has issues. Why these programmers can't fix it is unknown. You would think they would of had enough time even coming to work at 930 and leaving at 1pm and going on vacation every 3rd day.

- Doesn’t work, limits phone usability

This app is a giant pain in the neck. It does not maintain a VPN connection on my iPhone 8, so I have to try to reconnect EACH time I want to use my phone, whether I’m in a WiFi zone or just using cellular data. Reconnecting can take 2, 5, 7, or endless attempts, sometimes not connecting at all. Without connecting, I can’t use my map app, my weather doesn’t refresh, and so on. This makes my phone usability total garbage. For instance, yesterday I got caught in a construction zone and needed a quick detour. I tried to open my map app and it couldn’t refresh with my location until the VPN connected. I tried to connect over and over, but it didn’t work and I couldn’t get a route. This has been happening the entire first month of my subscription, although the app worked much better during the trial period. I do not recommend this app. I really love the idea of a VPN, particularly when I’m using a public WiFi, but being required to wait a few minutes or more each time I lift my phone to use it in my own home or when I’m out on the road is a huge headache. I wish I would have cancelled before I got trapped in a full year’s subscription.

- Crucial 100% Of The Time

Norton and Symantec personal and enterprise internet security products have provided my company and our customers and me and my family crucial protection for over 20 years. As technologies moved us from standalone computers to wired intranet enclaves to the wired Internet and now the evolving emancipation of wireless capabilities, we have witnessed the alarming pace with which Bad Actors have acquired tools to breach systems, corrupt and steal data from unprotected systems. Norton has stayed out in front, provided continuously improving their offerings. Norton’s Secure VPN encapsulates the communication between my device and the end point (websites) with which I am exchanging my sensitive information so that all the devices and other infrastructure through which it passes so it can’t be stolen or held hostage. When so many players in the Web and Internet galaxy are busily trying to extract more and more information about us to target us for “legitimate” business reasons on top of the Bad Actor exploitation, I can’t afford to allow my communications to be vulnerable. Norton’s Secure VPN is among the very best safeguards for wired and wireless Internet and Web transactions. It’s easy to use and updated frequently to stay ahead of emerging threats. Note: I have no affiliation with Symantec or Norton aside from being a customer, and I not received nor would I accept any compensation or consideration for my sharing this with you.

- Best VPN ever made

This VPN is the fastest and most accurate VPN ever created for the public. Phones and devices are entirely hidden and can not be located by any source known to man. My phone has twice the speed, twice the ability to find internet search criteria with zero interference from ad companies, carrier services, phone maker or any other party from any source. No other VPN can even claim to compete or offer the protection given here. Simply Amazing that a VPN has broken the barriers that all news media, social media, marketers, phone companies and manufactures said will never be accomplished in this lifetime! Well, they are all wrong!!! Do not look any farther. This is the VPN that your wanting. I was not paid and have zero “ZERO” connection to any person or persons with offers or self gain to write this review. I am not a professional review personnel and have zero affiliation with any company that is connected to any source traceable not any Avenue- Period!!!

- VPN Configurations Problem

Downloaded the app maybe around six months ago. Worked great and was speedy in the beginning. After sometime it began to slow down my updates. Also, it used to two two locations with Japan and Singapore. Now it only gives the Singapore location. Suddenly, within the last month, the app won’t turn on and wants me to allow VPN Configurations. I allow it but it does nothing but gives me an error and won’t turn back on. I contacted tech support who really tried to help but couldn’t. Seems like their only solution (one I did before I contacted them) was to delete the app, restart my iPhone, then reinstall the app. Doesn’t work no how many times you do it. So now I have a VPN app that I paid for and doesn’t work. I want to give this app 5 stars from the beginning but with the slowing down of updates, only one location, and now inoperable, I give it three stars in the hope that somehow they’ll fix the issue. I reside in South Korea.

- Slowness has been addressed

Update There have been two updates since my original post. The updates have corrected the slowness issue as I am now getting in the neighborhood of 200 Mbps consistently which is acceptable for going through the VPN. Original Post Using a VPN I would expect to take a small hit with my speed. However, I never would have imagined how much my speed would be impacted. I can do a speed test while on my home WiFi without the VPN and get 250+ Mbps consistently. When I turn on the VPN my speed drops to at most 50Mbps! It does not matter what region I select the VPN to connect to. This is unacceptable as I cannot justify paying for such a performance degradation. I have been a Norton customer for many years, but unless this is addressed I will be canceling my Norton VPN subscription.

- Just don’t even bother to download it

Yo so at first I was going to download this because I got a message saying I have 2 viruses from visiting “adult websites” and lets keep in mind I’m a young teen just trying to play my lemon game which is really fun so I looked up cheats for it you know. Cause I couldn’t get passed this one level so when I opened safari and looked up cheats and clicked the website the dumb notification came up. I’m the only person who uses this devise so there’s no way in the world that there’s adult websites on it. I’ve seen other people with the same complaint and the company just says something stupid about how it’s a 3rd party seller and all but if this was an actual legit great working app then they would have taken down the scam by now. So dont even try to blame the 3rd party seller. Plus it’s takes all of your money if you put your credit card number in. I’ve seen a bunch of people say that too! I personally think apple should remove it from the App Store! But if you want your money stolen and to be scammed then this is the app for you!!!


It was Working Great when I first got the VPN Now, overtime it has Continued to kick me off & shut down on me which in-turn drops me out of any app that I’m in or progress that I’ve obtained.. Very frustrating when your trying to take care of business things & on a timeline of production at times for processing of thing’s unfortunately it doesn’t help either when I’m paying high dollar 💵 $ for the the App & I should be receiving it free because it comes with my Internet Service Provider ( They Are/have a Collaboration) together & I’ve discussed the issue multiple times with them, though figured, Well maybe Since I’m Paying for it instead of getting it free ( which I actually Do pay $ through my internet service anyway, that’s why you pay a larger cost for this feature) but it hasn’t helped or Made a Difference!! Still Doesn’t Work 75% of the Time .. Not Happy.. Please try & Fix this ASAP or I’ll have to choose to take my business Elsewhere!! Thank You Kindly In Advance!!

- Functional, but has its quirks

I’ve only been using it a couple days, and for the most part it seems pretty reliable. Sometimes it drops the VPN connection after establishing and initial connection, but it usually recovers. I’m not sure if this is a problem with the app or the WiFi network I’m connecting to. After installing the app, for reasons unknown, I could never connect to a server after accepting the terms and conditions. This went on for several hours even though I could access several other Norton sites. For whatever reason it finally started working. I was about to give up on it and try another app. One minor annoyance that should be an easy enhancement would be to support landscape mode. This is especially needed for iPad users as it makes multitasking more cumbersome without it. The application stays in portrait mode even when the device is oriented in landscape mode.

- A tad frustrated with ability to control the app

I have been a fan and huge supporter of Norton products, for many years. I have even used this app (through all its iterations) in other countries, and highly recommend it for such use. HOWEVER, the app should allow SOME control over whether to turn it on or off. Switching the button to “off” in iPhone settings does absolutely nothing. The app will continually try to ignore the request to turn it off. Why would someone want to turn off the app? Because at certain times, one would like to show his/her true location (some apps require location, and while using those, I do not want to show my location as elsewhere in the country). At other times, since my home is not within WiFi range of anyone else, I would like to decide whether to run the app, not be given no other option, with the (very) persistent “ON.” If Norton fixes this flaw, I will certainly improve my rating of their app.

- Best VPN ever. Just Needs More Security Features

I Love This App Because It Give Me Full Privacy Online And On The Web. Also I Like Because On One Of The Websites Said. If You Make Any Edits. You IP Address Will Be Publicity Visible To everybody. But No. They Don’t Need To Know My IP Or Where I Live. The Website Collects My VPN’s Fake IP Address And Location. And Not My Real IP And Location. It Also Gives Me A Fake Location So If Anybody What To Know Where I Live. They Don’t. They Get Sent To The VPN’s Fake Location. I Also Like It Because It Blocks All Trackers And Speeds Up My Internet And Save Data. Also I Browse The Internet Anonymously And Nobody Know Where I Live, My Real IP Address, My Name, Who I Am, What Do I Look Like, My Personal Data Or Information, What I’m Doing, And Much More. It Need More Security Features. Like Report This Wi-FI Network And Chose Fake Location On The Map.

- Junk

Since there has been no response from product support to the ongoing issue (other than the first one to this review which was no doubt a bot), today I switched my PC to McAfee and VPN to ExpressVPN. Goodbye and good riddance. The developer responded to the review in the App Store. I followed their instructions and there has been no response in over a week. It makes me think that the robotic response to critical reviews is for show only. As I said in my original review, I tried a few times to get Norton to respond before putting the review in the App Store. Proceed with caution. This app is junk. I converted from another VPN app (which worked fine) because this one is part of the bundle on my PC. I am sorry I did that. Norton VPN frequently disconnects. Incredibly frustrating when it does that when I’m in the middle of working on something and then work is lost. I have shared the behavior with Norton multiple times over the course of months and there is no response. Glad to take my money. Not helpful in addressing the issues.


Downloaded this app and didn't do it for me. Closed my account and deleted the app. Surprise surprise, wells later they charged $32 from my debit card. I called Apple because I was confused why I was charged. They told me it was the app the be that had charged a membership fee, it was so hard to find a phone number for Norton! Turns out they do not have Customer Service..? No wonder why! I had to call technical support, asked to be directed to someone else for some customer service. He was rude and asked if he could know what I was calling about, I explained and he's telling me to call Apple, that they do not have an app for iPhones... what? I explained I already spoke to them and that I needed to talk to someone from Norton because I did not approved that transaction. He just stayed quite. I asked for a phone number amor be transfer and he told me NO. I wouldn't trust this app if I was you. Not even to see if it works for you. Because if it doesn't, they are gonna charge you anyways for trying the thing out! Good luck!

- Awful VPN

I wish there was a way to give 0 stars. This is the worst VPN guaranteed on the market. Why? If any other VPN connects it is automatically better than this one. I really tried using this. I’m in Africa and a VPN is a must. But I have spent literally 45 minutes trying to get this to connect to any server and it fails every time. Doesn’t connect. I close the app out, pull it back up try again and nothing. This is nothing but a scam. Do yourself a favor and absolutely do not buy this app. If you want a way to waste time and be aggravated trying to get this app to connect then maybe this is for you! If you are like every other human being in the world and just want the app to work like it says it will, don’t get it. It doesn’t work. Biggest waste of money in my opinion. Never connects. And on the rare. And I mean RARE occasion it does (maybe once every few days) make sure to not close your phone or the VPN will shut off as well. Allow me to give you some other things that are better to spend your money on. 1) Paying for a fishing trip to the Dead Sea where there are no fish 2) Paying for a sky diving trip and not being provided a parachute. 3) Paying for the experience of using a fork to eat soup. 4) Paying for a new water bottle that has a hole in it. Any one of those purchases would be better than this garbage app. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time or money on this.

- Not bad. Better than Kaspersky.

I dumped Kaspersky Total Security 2018 for Norton because it had the same features. So far, I have not had a problem with either the Windows 10 X64 program nor any iOS programs for the internet security. That makes me happy. The only thing I would discuss is that the password program doesn’t always do what you ask or completely ignores when you enter in new information. There is sync option and I assume it automatic upon login but not sure. Otherwise, this has not been a problem like the last program. The last thing is, (I know the answer, this is rhetorical) why in the hell can we not US based customer service. Culturally, we understand our problems and needs better than xxxxxxistan, Phillipines, India, where ever I end up.

- AUPDATE: App Quit working & will Not connect to vpn servers

Seems problem may have been with Norton VPN servers net. Problem seems to have been resolved overnight. VPN now functioning again. Worked as expected for months then lost ability to connect. Excellent WiFi signal. Running auto connect (was connected to a California server when everything quit). iPhone XS, 512gb memory, iOS 13.1.2. Deleted app and did complete reinstall. No effect. Still no connection (just dancing blue circles). Tried support chat but more than 30 minute wait. Extremely poor performance. Not what I expected from norton product. Not recommended as long as this problem persists. Essentially paying for non functioning app and reduced capability to use phone.

- This is Not an “Always ON” VPN!

This is Not an “Always ON” VPN. Recently, due to circumstances out of my control, I was a victim in a compromised network. I’ve used a few different VPNs before and always thought they were a good ideal pre compromise. But now having personally gone through a compromise, a VPN is not a luxury, it’s a necessity! This is what led me to try Norton’s VPN. It’s supposed to be an always on VPN and one of few well known companies that offer the VPN across both Mac and iOS platforms. Currently I’m only using the service on an iPhone. I limit my digital footprint and exposure as much as possible. I don’t use WiFi at all, the Norton VPN only runs on a cellular signal which never gets turned off and yet whenever I go to check it in their app8 out of 10 times it inevitability has to search for a signal and always takes a good couple minutes to find the signal an turn itself on. This is unacceptable for an “always on b VPN”. Norton, you need to do better!

- This has problems...

I’ve been using this for about a week. Once this is installed on my iPad Pro 12.9: Using my SlingBox is not possible with my iPad mirroring to my Apple TV. It worked flawlessly before. Trying to use the FiOS mobile app, at home connected to my Fios router, it cannot find the set top box. It will not allow me to turn off the VPN and remain connected. Lately it just keeps turning itself back on, after I turn it off. Even when I can get it turned off, I have no internet connectivity both with the WiFi AND Cellular service. When I turn this software off, it should stay off until I turn it back on. It should not interfere with my internet connection when I turn it off! I have to uninstall the app to get my internet back. I’ve done this three times when I really need the connection and it would not let me get to the internet. As soon as I uninstall it, my FiOS app works fine. I am in my own house and I can’t turn it off. This should be fixed. I am a paying subscriber for other Norton products, and I just signed up to pay for this. Please get on these problems quickly. I was trying to get directions using google maps on my phone, and the VPN was preventing getting the directions. I deleted the app, and the directions came through immediately.

- VPN issues

I just installed this on my iPhone after the VPN stopped working from another Norton email account which expired and was not told about the VPN expired. After contacting Norton antivirus and waited for about 20 minutes for support. Support was somewhat helpful except never told me why my account didn't work until my second call when I realized, I was being forced into another upgrade and that my second email account was only for three Pc's and not for iPhones. By this time, I had to contact Norton again and find out that I couldn't add my iPhone to an existing account/ email. Finally, I was able to get a new agreement and now, I have 5 devices, two pcs and one iPhone. After updating both my pcs and iPhone it worked but with a new issue. My iPhone kept looping and would restart the Apple screen. I did some research and after, uninstalling apps, resetting the app, pulled the SIM card, it still kept looping. Finally, I found out that Norton Antivirus had a Time bug, I had to change my date and time back to December 1, 2017 @ 5:42 PM and than reset my iPhone. Now my iPhone is working without interruptions. VPN is good at times but I have at times manually have to set the VPN, daily and if I logout I have to re connect it manually. Thanks for listening, Marty McCafferty

- Your Decision

I was going on my second year of service with Norton. Didn’t have any issues until I changed my phone number. I couldn’t access my account. Contacted customer service and they said I would have to set up a new account because of the two factor authentication (?). Anyway, I asked why can’t they just change it to my new phone number. They said they can’t do that. Never received an answer as to why. I’m very frustrated. Asked them for a phone number. After a few tries of asking for a phone number to talk to someone, they finally gave it to me and said the answer would remain the same, no refund and I would have to set up a new account. As a customer, I am supposed to trust these guys? Absolutely NOT! I will take my business elsewhere. If I could give negative stars, it would. Never seen a customer service like this. I would caution people before using this company. Ultimately, it’s your decision.

- Feedback on your app

I have had the VPN for over a year but only had this app several moths ... it works so much better than just the VPN ... there are still two areas to address ... it cuts off all the time ... and second my iPhone kicks it completely off the phone twice now on the first and second security updates run iOS 12 &. 12.1 I had to completely reload the VPN and app ... actually I have loaded the VPN app but still haven’t gotten it to reload my actual VPN I pay for yearly as of this moment ? But I am trying ... any tips on performing this task the easiest would be appreciated:) thank you overall great app ... just don’t get why my phone keeps deleting the entire thing ??

- Horrible!

This app is a joke. I would not recommend it. I’ve now had it for about a year and it simply does not work. I would rate it lower if I could. I will not be renewing my account with them after this month (which is the year marker). Last year I received a letter from the IRS telling me that they suspect someone else is using my SSN to work. Long story short, I opted in to a VPN to help secure my mobile devices. I chose Norton because it seemed like an all in one...lifelock + antivirus + firewall + VPN. Although I do like the lifelock feature I absolutely hate the VPN. It doesn't hold up to it’s claims and is extremely finicky. There have been several times that my app shows I am connected to a US based VPN database, however, when I use safari my search results are showcased from the UK or AU. I do not trust this VPN feature and would strongly suggest that you look elsewhere because it is not reliable or secure in my opinion.

- Good but could be better

Does its job well overall. Main complaint is upon reawakening the phone it sometimes takes forever to launch or doesn’t at all. Just sits there with the little wheel turning. Sometimes can turn it off and it auto turns back will get it to finally load. May have to repeat this several times before it does. When this doesn’t work will need to swipe up on the program to close it out and then reload it. Can be frustrating. Also does not like to be turned off. Will turn itself back on repeatedly before finally quits. For those times when a site won’t work with VPN or it won’t connect as described above and you need to immediately go to a site. This connectivity issue needs to be cleaned up.

- Norton VPN

Couple of days it wasn’t on and I did lot of paying bills. So, now it’s not that hard I check my device that they are green and check is VPN. Most of the time it is on. Just take that extra moment to check VPN and all your devices. One morning my laptop was in “high risk”. Later everything better. I would recommend this to my parents. But, I am still an old teenagers due to the fact I have my own teenagers. I had my identity stolen and I look at the internet completely another way. Specially, find out that all the social media was the social media. Let’s just say....I didn’t like what they were doing with my personal information. Plus after getting hacked twice on my personal and once on my business. I went looking for security and protection. There are several items I haven’t gotten to. I will. This virus made everything crazy. If you want to feel secure, take away the taught someone is in your computer. Please contact Norton. My first name is Karena.

- Great Product But Has Issue. Can You Help?

I have used Norton products since the creation of the world and I am very happy with them, and I have a valid license for this app. I recently upgraded to iOS 14.0 on my iPad and iPhone. After the upgrades I could not access the web without significant delays on both devices. I deleted the app on both devices and the re-downloaded on both devices. It corrected the issue on my iPhone but not on my iPad, which is an iPad Pro, Model # ML3Q2LL/A. Did all the other network troubleshooting. Rebooted iPad, Reset Network Settings, rebooted router, etc. Can you help me out? I still think it’s a great product.

- 100% Trash VPN

This thing constantly disconnects and takes forever to connect. It will hijack the data on your phone so when it won’t connect and because it isn’t working your data doesn’t work on your phone without it. You can turn off the VPN but no data will work without their VPN connected so then you go around with no data on your cell phone. I uninstalled it to try to install it but can’t even log back into it to set it up again because it won’t connect. I think someone is pumping the ratings for this app because it used to be around 2 stars. The VPN on the desktop computer also has the same connectivity issues to where I have a hard time staying connected to the internet. Maybe needless to say at this point, I’m cancelling my subscription and running as far away as Norton as I can. I should have never returned.

- Needs Some Minor Issues Ironed Out

Echoing what others have noted, the error message/push notification that warns me that I’m connected to an unprotected WiFi and to turn on VPN when Norton Secure VPN is *already on and active* needs to be fixed *immediately*. Lack of urgency (at the time of this review, the last update to the app was two weeks ago) in getting this issue fixed is not encouraging. VPN is very solid and stable on my home WiFi network, but unreliable and disconnects from WiFi often when using open, public WiFi spots — which negates the whole point of having a VPN client on a consumer mobile device. I wish the app allowed a bit more granularity in being at least able to have option to select which U.S. states the VPN is routing through for those who need that functionality on occasion.

- Have to force close and restart

After the last update, about a week ago I have to force close and restart the app on iPhone and iPad because the screen will not let me click on the turn on vpn icon? Basically if the app is already open in the background and the vpn disconnects I cannot reconnect without closing and reopening the app because the screen is dead and will not let me click on connect. Same problem on iPhone and iPad app running iOS 12. Have already tried logging out and back in. Have already deleted and reinstalled the app on both devices. App is basically worthless after last update. Please fix for those of us that travel for a living and use a vpn 24/7 in hotels and airports where the Wi-Fi automatically logs out out when you close your phone because this bug is literally wasting a hour of my time every day!

- After update horribly broke unless you work around

Used it for more than a year, great product. Then they “updated” to a new app, VPN secure. Would not work on iPhone; would connect and go in circles and then if you turned it off it would try again...nightmare. To turn it all the way had to delete and reinstall the app. Today figured out at the Apple store (while the genius was busy NOT figuring out how to turn off VPN, b/c same glitch) that when you have a VPN program the new iOS /Symantec sets to “connect on demand.” And this is the grand evil. You don’t have to delete to turn it off when you need to. You have to change the setting. In “settings” go to “general” then “VPN.” You should see a VPN connection; click on that. It will show the current VPN settings, but scroll down to see the slider button set to “connect on demand” and turn it off. NOW the on/off slider in the Normal VPN tab—and the on/off within the app—will work. Only 3 stars b/c it’s inexcusable I had to figure this out on my own and Symantec hasn’t fixed or told us for a month...but now it’s back to working normally and well like it did for the first year.

- Haven’t tried it

Ok I get it that I haven’t used the app and the things in it. But I was just searching on google while your app kept popping up and when I tried going back it kept sending me to the AppStore like 7-9 times like seriously. Your ads are out of control and it’s driving me insane. Are you guys happy now I downloaded this? I finally downloaded it and I’m never using it and I’ll huff leave it on my phone. This is ridiculous I know this is review is supposed to be on how good or bad the app works but the ads are on your apps so you are held responsible. Edit: ok I’m not even an adult yet and I know I sound childish but please control your ads. I accidentally ran into your ads while I was searching on the web. Now it’s to the point whatever I search a few minutes later your ad shows up and it brings me to the Apple store...

- Affects my data service.

I have an iPhone X. Renders my data service useless, whether I’m home, at work or wherever I’m at. I cannot depend on this app, I have no idea if this app even does what it says it does. I logged out and bam now I have internet. It got to the point where I was turning my phone off and back on every day trying to get my data/internet service to work, too often my VPN wouldn't even turn on. I decided to discontinue my subscription to this app after a year of having it. Frankly, I lost interest to contact support, Norton will have to fix this issue w/out my encouragement. I think this app might work best if you have a Wi Fi connection which I do not. I bought this because I have LifeLock, at least LifeLock works. I would renew my subscription if Norton could prove to me it has resolved this issue/s. I hope this app works for you.

- Turns itself off and exposes your private data

It turns itself off without warning, potentially exposing your data on unsecure wifi networks! A flaw that defeats the whole purpose of having a VPN app! It is actually worse than having no VPN at all, because it gives you a false sense of security, causing you to communicate info such as a credit card number on an unsecured network because you believe you are on VPN when in fact the program has turned itself off. Unbelievably shoddy product! I have been a user of the Norton virus software. Seeing their wifi “product”, I am having to re-assess this company’s overall quality control practices. How could a “reputable” company like Symantec put out such a flawed VPN program? And do I want to trust them with my virus protection either? I need to switch to a different vendor for both solutions.

- Discriminated against after being deceived by false advertising

Zero stars! I am trying to complete a survey where in several places it was clearly stated that there was no charge, that it was a free 7 day trial. I don’t have a credit card so I’m being discriminated against because of my social credit status! This is false advertising in an extremely blatant form. No free trial should require a $40 payment , not to mention, because of the fact that it is merely a software install, their should be no reason I can’t be granted the 7 day free trial, which Norton can easily disable internally after the seven days! Why am I being discriminated against over weather or not I can afford to get a credit card? I am simply requesting that you not restrict me because of my social status. It’s no different than a civil rights issue, and you cannot deny my civil rights.

- Blocked emails and internet

I have had Norton LifeLock since late Dec or early January. Few problems with my desktop computer. Many problems with my iPad and iPhone. iPhone became almost nonfunctional in many ways: blocked emails and internet. Unable to access technical support relating to COVID-19 virus. Waited on line for about an hour. I understand bad time for staffing. I finally did delete Norton mobile security and VPN from my IPhone and immediately gained access to my emails and internet. Really did not want to do it. They work well on my desktop and iPad. Any suggestions? Installed App again on my IPhone. Same problem. Blocked internet and email Again. Why just on IPhone? Would like protection by not inconvenience.

- Not Impressed.

This app is starting to appear suspicious. When I first downloaded it, it worked great and I was super excited. However, not a moment after, google search made me confirm that I wasn’t a “robot”, and the every day since the app disconnects itself and messes with my internet. Each time I turn on my phone—even from ‘sleep mode’—I have to reopen the app and let it start again. Even then, my internet works like crap (even worse than before) and the apps I use freak out because they think I’m, once again, a ‘robot’. I’m 99% sure the app, despite its claim, is tracking and storing my data, just by judging on how other apps and sites react. I will be deleting it shortly. It’s seriously a waste of time and effort. Not to mention, it’s shady and suspicious—which isn’t surprising, but disappointing nevertheless.

- Used it over-seas

Enabled me to stream US content when not in the US. Once in a while a site will not load. It seems they want to block VPN use. When this happens I refresh the location until it gives me a different city and that solved the issue. It would be nice if you could just choose a location. You can choose US but the city it gives you is random. When I ran into the problem I described above, I would hit refresh but it would keep giving me New York. I had to hit refresh 5 or 6 times before it gave me something different.

- App isn’t reliable too expensive terrible support

I installed this app almost a year ago and recently revisited it to see if my previous issues were solved. They weren’t , this may not be solely Symantec’s problem but in a way it truly is. I’ve been a victim of Stalkerware for 2.5 years across multiple devices and platforms. Initially they em were all secured with Symantec. Anyway on this VPN, it constantly disconnects, like as I’m writing this revie , during important phone calls and the like without warning. So if you’re looking for a VPN to keep you secure online, look elsewhere as this companies entire product line is a huge security nightmare. I want a refund for a product that doesn’t work and a response team even during non pandemic times is worthless. Stay away it’s too expensive if it were free.

- Bait and switch

My 1-year subscription is apparently only good for 1 device at a time. When I try to log in with another device it says “No Seat Available” and forces me to log out of the other device which is active. What a PAIN! Making matters worse, there is no way to change or upgrade my subscription to multiple devices. Why? I have tried all of the recommended steps on Norton’s website including sending an “invitation email” to to device I am trying to add and I am taken back to a screen that says “No Seat Available.” A möbius strip of frustration with no clear instructions from Norton. This leave only one way to get Norton VPN on several devices—set up multiple accounts/passwords at $29 per device. Certainly not doing that but will be cancelling the subscription when it expires.

- Reliable name reputation excellence

Warning to all who are experiencing security breaches and hackers. I don't work for nor have I been paid by this company, and it's the best mobile protection I have encountered. I just wish it a phone scan app to identify and remove phony apps and emails that have already affected the phone. And no other company has that that feature either. I thought I was safe with my Mac or Apple products because of the close network and recently found out that's not the truth. Protect yourself iPhone usersand stick with the name you can trust other VPN apps could be now where themselves which happened me

- Not connecting to my home WiFi

At first it seemed to connect fine. I have all Apple products. I would connect to my WiFi then go to use my iPhone or iPad and it would always say no internet connection, I would go back to settings and my WiFi says connected, then go back to what I was doing,ie; email, home security, Facebook or just regular internet on safari. I thought my WiFi or extenders were the problem, reset everything, but still issues of no internet connection. Then I went and deleted the vpn app from my iPad and it worked just fine, no issues. Took it off my iPhone 10Max and iPad Pro , internet connections were fine, everything works on all 3 devices without the vpn. So what can I check with the vpn app?

- Inconsistent

I expect better from Symantec, I expect a product that plays nicely with its brothers and sisters in the product line. I expect the VPN to start efficiently with each new router environment particularly on public WIFIs. It doesn’t, as I have had to uninstall and install it sometimes to make it work. If I’m going to pay for it, I don’t want to do that. Also I would like to add it to my current Norton subscription but only recently discovered that I have to do so on my main system instead of being able to use any of my portable systems. Highly inconvenient and worse, I had to go online to help me figure that out.

- Awesome

Ok, so I really like this app and the concept of the app BUT one reason why I won’t give it a 5 star is because I’m paying for this to be turned on and secure my VPN all day and I find it very annoying that I’m having to go into the app and turn it on constantly. If I turn it on, IT SHOULD STAY ON & only turn off if I manually turn it off, but why would I want to even turn it off if I want my phone to constantly be protected? So, for the programmers who have built this app, please fix this issue, I should not have to go into the app to turn it on every so often, if I turn it on it should stay on.

- Slow!

I’ve been running a speed test on my home network with the VPN on and can’t get much more than 1mbps download speed. Without it turned on I can get over 30mbps. I’ve ran the test periodically with the same result. I deleted and then reinstalled the app and got the same result. A few days have passed and I’m getting better speed results lately. Love the idea of this security app, but it could use some fine tuning. ***update**** Seems they’ve made some improvements. I don’t have speed problems anymore. It could still be reducing speeds, but it’s not effecting my downloads and streaming. Because I haven’t been bothered, I have not checked the speeds to verify. If I had one suggestion it would be to get rid of CA as a IP location to stop all of the ridiculous everything causes cancer and will kill you anyway if it doesn’t ads while streaming. Great app and service, I’ll be renewing subscription again.

- Norton VPN renewal through Apple Store

I have been using Norton VPN for IPAD for over year with no issues. I was recently billed for automatic renewal by Apple but this was not recognized by the app or Norton. Contacted Norton tech support and they could not fix the problem - I am getting the error message that license has expired even though I have been billed for renewal. I called Apple tech support and they could not fix the problem but supposedly they are refunding my subscription charge (I have not seen the credit yet). I tried everything numerous times including uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Even now that the subscription has been cancelled I cannot start from scratch to get a new subscription or 30 day free trial. Apparently I am locked out of the app for life and I will be subscribing to another VPN solution.

- Outstanding!!!

I work in IT and deal with security issues and data protection on a daily basis. With all of the identity security issues in the news I finally decided to ad a layer of protection to my personal devices and network. I’ve used Norton security at work and on my personal devices, but decide to add VPN. I had tried “free” VPN apps and services but pop up ads and time limits made them too much of a bother. Norton VPN is a great value and a trusted company. Totally recommend you spend a few bucks now to save a ton of headaches later. Wish I could give it more than 5 stars.

- Bubble Burst

Thinking when the leader in security offered a VPN there was no way I could go wrong. I enrolled Friday. Securing My New Year (lol). Wrong. When my VPN is on I have no access on my phone to use the internet or open apps. Says I have them blocked. Fair enough. Thinking a simple call would be a resolution.... Here I am 12 reps, 6call drops! 4mistransfers, A promised call back that never happened and 4hrs later. A representative FINALLY showed mercy and got her boss to give her permission to cancel my service. And in all of this only 1 representative actually seemed like she actually cared that I was upset and wanted to cancel. She eventually sent me to the wrong place as well but... So. Hate I had to give A Star but at any rate ... For those of you lucky enough to be enjoying the service.... Lucky You.... Lucky You :(

- Works, but then it doesn’t...

When it wants to work, this is a great app, but very frequently, it begins to not connect to the server in many country... Also, every video streaming service that I’ve tried recognizes this which discredits browsing the internet anonymously. On the computer, this service uses randomized IP addresses for each country, but on the phone, we’re only given one IP address per country... again, not good for browsing the internet anonymously. Norton needs to step up their game with their VPN services before being washed away by other competitors. The AD block doesn’t seem to work at all either or at least from what I’ve seen.

- Utter trash.

I’ve tried being loyal to Norton for about a year now. Often times, I can’t connect to the VPN for days & even weeks at a time. I’ve been patient with technical difficulties because I know the VPN software is a new step for Norton. Clearly they haven’t had time to polish it up yet. But to be totally honest, most of the time it still won’t connect. This app can’t perform it’s only function (on both the iPhone & Mac version). Finally after not being able to connect all summer with no end in sight, I’m cancelling my subscription & cutting ties with this company. To be honest, I think they all belong under a circus tent. If you want to spend time & money waiting indefinitely for lousy service & an app that won’t do it’s job, I guess I’d recommend this app. If you want a VPN, don’t buy this app. I’ve waited & waited for this company to straighten this stuff out but they can’t seem to do anything right. The only fruit that I can see after a year is time wasted with customer service week after week and money wasted as well as stress & confusion. Norton’s website looks very polished & professional. But don’t be fooled, this service is absolute dog food.

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- Great app - does drop out and slows significantly in evening.

We use it purely from security perspective. Love it but some improvement and advanced security features on VPN server side and or end point would be good. - Internet Security Gateway on VPN server side such as URL inspection and warning if site has security issues - Speed is usually great but some times local servers slows down and is slower then overseas server which didn’t make sense to us. - drops out - or doesn’t connect some times, and no warning when drops out. - when phone screen if off - cuts out - explanation on how a permanent VPN could be set would be great. Many Thanks.

- Not so hot anymore

This used to be great. I mean I didn’t really strictly speaking need it, but it gave me peace of mind and it worked well. I had it on both my iPod touch and my iPad logged in on both all the time. Then last week I got an iPhone 8 Plus and I had to take it off the iPod and install it in the iPhone. From that moment on I had to constantly log in on one device or the other it wouldn’t have VPN on both all the time, and it wasn’t just a matter of turning it on or off but using the password all the time. Plus with it on the iPhone I found I could not get the phone to operate on wifi, it couldn’t update, it couldn’t connect to apps or online, nada. I turned it off and problem solved. There’s not much incentive to turn it back on, I tried putting it on the phone while I was out and it wouldn’t connect. Now my iPad won’t work at home with the VPN on. I can’t see myself renewing the subscription after its performance this week. Maybe if it returns to how good it was....

- Netflix no longer works.

Been using this App for almost 2 years now, 2 years this Christmas to be exact and it has worked great. It even let me get access to the American Netflix which was great because the Australian Netflix is always lacking good content but now it doesn’t work for getting around Netflix geo-restriction so I don’t know if it’s worth paying the $45 odd dollars a year again just to get access the blocked sites in Australia considering other free VPN’s allow me to access said blocked sites here in Australia.

- Will this ever be reliable ?

Constant app failure stopping all traffic. Just endless cannot connect messages. Afflicts multiple machines simultaneously. Error messages are inaccurate nonsense. This never gets any better. If N*RD weren’t such bad people to deal with I’d be gone. Grrrrr! Update 48 hrs later. Contacted developer as requested but no response. Not the first time. This company is unresponsive and unhelpful. Their response here is for PR purposes only it seems. Symantec contact me directly with some assistance please. Why not just do the right thing and help paying customers, eh ? What a bulls.t renewal process. I’ve paid twice for this and Norton 360 and it still tells me the license has expired. Then it tells me “no seats available” so I remove a device PREVIOUSLY COVERED” and still it doesn’t work. I DETEST FRAUD. Worse I hate myself for trusting these bastar.s again. Norton ... I have asked you to contact me. Why will you not provide support ?

- Very Pleased

I have been running with Norton (Symantec) for many years and have its protection on all my devices. On both my Microsoft and Apple utilities all Symantec products are A1. They all perform as promised and are as secure as technology and know how can make them. The staff are always informed, willing to assist and on the ball. VPN Security, as Norton 360 et al are reliable and consistent. You can rely on their products.

- Slow

It’s OK, but slows the net a lot . Occasionally cannot connect at all, until I disconnect the App. After I establish communication, then re- connection of the App seems to allow things to continue OK . A nuisance ! Some, more sensitive communications will not allow a connection, notifying an alert, that “ someone is trying to use my account from the position of my VPN signal” not sure how to deal with that, except to disable the VPN ? ie, a bit of a bother, but otherwise OK

- All a part of more security

This App does give some peace of mind but I do find that it drops out very often and has to keep "reconnecting". I don't know why but it is very disconcerting at times. I have had this App for over a year now and it has always had this problem, including around Australia, UK, France and Switzerland. Sometimes it will not stay connected very well at all so I have had to abort use of the iPad on those occasions.

- Region select

I use VPN on my laptop and iPhone. No issues at all on my laptop - is stable and works as advertised. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for my iPhone. While stable I have problems selecting my preferred region when overseas. The program keeps reverting to auto-select and selects the country I’m in. Gets very frustrating trying to select my home country. When it does finally change, works well

- Works Great!!!

Actually surprised since I have a high range of extra precautions I have in place already... Awesome app it has done so much in a short amount of time...Only had my Brand new iPhone for 3 mths and actually surprised how much it picks up the negative things trying to break threw what I already have already!! 😊

- Fantastic!

Anything coming from Symantec is already almost guaranteed to be the best around, in my opinion. This app gives me real peace of mind although it does interfere with some other apps that require an Internet connection on occasion. All in all, I'm very happy with the way it works.

- Keeps Dropping out

Drops out all the time Leaving my phone unprotected. I have been using it almost 3 years. At first it was great but now it just keeps dropping out. When it’s working it’s great... BUT I’m not paying for just ok. Please fix this issue as I would like to continue using, BUT if it is not fixed soon I will have to look for another APP that does work. PLEASE FIX!!!

- Reconnecting.

It has been disconnecting for a few times now, just this morning I realised it was turned off. I don’t know why or how? But yeah. should I be worried? Because I do have a lot of personal things on my phone, bank apps, emails and personal information.

- Needs work

Useless until updated to support peer to peer connections as well as allowing you to still connect to streaming services such as Netflix etc without being blocked. Also there could be some option to only VPN the part of my network traffic that displays my location/details instead of all of my network data so my providers "unlimited data free" websites and streaming are actually available to me when using this service.


I kind of figured I didn’t really need this app , But it came as a bundle pack with 5 Devices , More Cloud back up storage , Password Control , Parental Control , and of Course a New VPN which I’ve recently learnt all quite a bit about. So again thanks to Norton’s. Now I don’t have people stealing my data.

- It is still good

Been using the app for 2 half years, now and then it has its glitches with updates it sorts itself out. Had problems when I brought an iPhone X Connecting to other secure wifi connections all good now.

- Saved the Day

Until now, we have travelled overseas extensively and often have to use unsecured wifi. Being able to turn on VPN has been an essential part of our internet security.

- Keeps turning itself off

I am assuming I’m secure, with my VON turned on- then keep finding it’s turned off. Early on I got an email from an unknown source telling me my email& password had been hacked, telling me what they were& advising me to change my VPN password. Not sure it should have been able to happen, or why.

- Hunt the hunters

Great app so far. Others say it disconnects then reconnects again-disconcerting I've noticed the same events. It'd be good to catch the suspicious IP. addresses and send them to a robot collector to trace occurrences of activity-then shut down their server. Then locals who suffer this-may start to hunt the scum. 🕉

- Update fixed issues

After issues with this app blocking access for some apps the latest update has fixed the problem

- Has a regular glitch on iPhone.

Quite often this Norton VPN halts my access to the internet on my iPhone. I have to turn it off and then on again before I can access the net. Otherwise it works well but this problem is a nuisance. My wife has the same problem on her phone.

- Mobile VPN

Thanks just added it after having my subscription for some time now. Will see how it works and will provide updated feedback.

- Slow and unstable

The VPN servers are very slow. When unsuccessful connection switching severs, have to close the app, delete the VPN in settings, re-open the app, allow permission in VPN settings, then server is set to auto, then can switch to another server when successfully connected. Otherwise stuck on attempting to connect to the server when switching servers.

- Setup and forget

Thx Norton for a great simple but extremely effective product, easy to setup and what we all want is just forget while yr product does it’s work! Totally recommended.

- Latest update is rubbish

Used to work well but now it’s hopeless. Won’t turn off when you hit the off button and you have to delete the app to get out of the VPN. Also, region selection is in unreliable and often even though you select the country you want it randomly selects some other country. They stuffed up a good product

- It alright

It alright. Can stuff up some stuff that requires your location like audible but as long as you turn it off when using it theres no problem.

- Great Improvement

I had previously used the Secure VPN feature but had a few issues with it to the point I cancelled the subscription. I was extremely happy with my other Norton products and decided after a year or so to give it another try. Well, it was a great decision as to the improvements made since then have resolved the previous problems. Now I have the complete Norton package giving me total ”Peace of Mind” I'm safe online.

- Great VPN

It’s on all the time and I have peace of mind. I’ve had some problems connecting, but I’ve realised it was because I wasn’t fully patched. I watch US TV sometimes and it fixes all the region blocking. Thanks.

- Safe online during Covid19

A heightened security threat during the pandemic & people have been targeted as our online time increases. Very happy with the protection Norton has given me. I have all 3 devices protected. Piece of mind.

- Love the security but...

Great app from company with terrific reputation - gives sense of security on wi-fi, but annoying that I often have to re-connect. Would be good if it could somehow stay connected at all times.

- Don’t waste your money!!

I have chatted online several times and nothing gets fixed. I have to reset the stupid app every morning for it to work on my 4g and WiFi and even then it turns itself off and doesn’t work when you need it too. Blocks my banking when I need to do it. Worst $50 spent ever!!

- Broken again after the last iPhone update!

It used to work so smooth but it’s broken since last 3-4 weeks, after I updated my iPhone 8Plus. Now, it takes around 30 seconds to connect initially and VPN keeps getting disconnecting!

- Rubbish

I have this on my iPad and iPhone. Can’t send mail with it switched on with the iPad, can’t use the banking app on my iPhone. Lots of trouble. Uses heaps of power. Norton say that it doesn’t really use lots of power, it just shows that because of the way the iOS system measures it, but it does. I used 75% of the battery in one day with this on, normally it takes 3-4 days to drain the battery.

- App


- Terrible!

Do not download this app. It’s a scam. It said I had 14 viruses on my phone and if I didn’t get rid of them in 2 minutes, my phone would be completely hacked. The instructions to get rid of them were nonsense and took at least 5 minutes to do. Guess what? My phone is completely fine. I’m sorry to anyone like me who thought this app was worth it!

- Connectivity problems

It used to just work, but recently iPhone and iPad often needs VPN to be reset when starting to use the device Settings says it is connected, but it is stuck in connecting mode. Have to turn VPN off in settings to reset. A fiddly procedure that is not easy for naive users

- Seems to work.

So far so good. Norton was recommended to me, when I was looking for additional security for my home network and phone. It appears to be doing what it is meant to do.

- Very effective. Worked every time. Perfect for business in china

Travelling through china. Connection was quick and easy

- Pay, but no Play

For the last two weeks , my paid Norton Secure VPN service refuses to connect. It comes up with messages such as “ VPN server can’t be reached”, and just as frequently, “Your internet provider has blocked Norton VPN. Try another network.”I contacted my provider and was advised that that was completely untrue! I have no idea what is going on, but I’m far from happy.

- Fantastic

I would recommend this to everyone

- Must buy

Everyone who uses public wifi should buy this

- Amazing app, but does drop out.

I’m very happy using this app I feel safe and protected, does drop out which is annoying, but I grin and bare it because I would rather be safe then sorry.

- This app worked great but I can't use it any more

I used this app a lot but I can't any more because I can't update it I'm on a 4th gen I pad that is on iOS 10.3.3 and that's the highest iOS I can get. And this means I can't update the app so I can't use it

- Security

Use the program on all my IT,but would love to have the facility of having a scan (similar to what’s on my laptop) on my iPhone to scan for possible intrusions. Cheers Tony

- Neat VPN for Public Wi-Fi

This VPN is good for what it does, but there is the problem for it not allowing access to streaming services (thankfully, Norton Mobile Security has an VPN that can be used for them in particular).

- Reconsider something else

After using Norton VPN for over a year now, it has been perfectly fine (Netflix.. etc) and now since the new update, keeps saying disable proxy. Don’t spend your money on this if you are planning to watch international Netflix.

- Feeling SAFE !

As an older user of technology. I love that Norton protects me and warns me about unsafe sites when searching etc. Definitely recommend !

- Continuous Connectivity

This is the third VPN product that I have tried and is the best. Very good throughput. Also remains connected automatically which is great.

- Easy to use and effective

Very good product works very well and is easy to use 👍

- Waste of time

This app caused all my other apps to not be able to access my home WiFi, resulting in them all trying to access my mobile data and my data usuage to spike until I worked out why and deleted it!

- Poor performance

On both my iPhone and my iMac have suffered from poor performance and poor internet connectivity. I have uninstalled it from the IMac and not sure how long this will be on my phone before it is deleted.

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- Gives a secure feeling

Keeps going off and needs to be restarted often; sometimes not able to start it. However, feels safe when it is woking.

- Great app with one exception

A great app. And peace of mind. I don’t know if it’s just a Canadian glitch but it disconnects regularly. And I mean regularly. You have to constantly check that it’s on.

- Worst than getting a virus

Signed up for trail only to find I had automatically committed to an annual subscription. It took me 20 minutes struggling through their utterly useless website trying to cancel the subscription. None of the advice was accurate or in the least bit effective. Links were broken or flakey and the system was clearly not designed for iPhone or iPad. I eventually connected with an Indian chat line who reluctantly gave me a link to Apple (completely contrary to the website advice) which did cancel the service. Fortunately in 20 years I have never had a virus but I imagine the frustration of the last half hour must be what it’s like! I’ll never trust Norton again.

- Very disappointed

Installed this so called secure program. Instantly got sex and porn sites popping up on my computer. Not interested in those sites. Too bad. Uninstalled and cancelled. Beware!

- User5

Has stopped working on my iPad. I uninstalled and installed an older version as I don't have IOS10. It still will not connect. This app on my other devices is still working fine.

- It constantly downloads lots of data recently

Constantly downloads lot of data

- The last two updates have made this app much more buggy

It used to perform very well, with snappy performance. Tapping “Turn on VPN” did exactly what it’s supposed to, in seconds. But starting two updates ago, the app hangs, and becomes unresponsive at least half the time I use it. It used to allow turning on and off via the iOS VPN toggle switch under Settings. Now the app seems to be “fighting” with the iOS VPN toggle switch. Turn if off in Settings and the app turns VPN back on. Or try to turn it on in the App and it won’t unless you change VPN in settings.

- Unreliable and exceptionally slow

Update Aug. 31, 2020: Norton contacted me here on the App Store and asked me to contact them on social media. What? Looking at other reviews, they provide links to email or web resources. What makes Norton think I have a Twitter or Facebook account? What makes Norton think I want to reduce my privacy and allow them to link my App Store name/identifier to these ... especially Facebook? The point of a VPN is privacy! I’ve already spoken *at length* — many times — with Norton’s support on both this and their invasive and aggressive billing practices. They blamed Apple. I’ve been in tech for decades, and I’ve written a lot of software over the years — everything from small helper utilities to enterprise-class management systems, and beyond. Norton’s implementation and financial strategies are not Apple’s fault. This is simply irresponsible. The purpose of this review is to inform others, not because I need Norton to contradict what should be the mission of their “privacy” product. It’s certainly not because they are sincerely interested in actually fixing these issues. Norton: do you want more information on this issue? Look no further than reading these reviews and doing a simple web search. Too many people are complaining about this. There is no way you don’t already know. Get your act together. Rating was 2 stars ... now 1 star. —— I’ve been using Norton’s VPN for quite a while now. Unfortunately, its implementation is plagued with performance, reliability, and bandwidth issues. I’ve already spoken with Norton tech support on this, and they passed off blame to Apple. This product uses on-demand VPN, which means that it is not a persistent connection ... it connects only when needed. I can appreciate what Norton is trying to achieve with this, but the approach is flawed. In order for the VPN connection to initiate, an app or iOS needs to request network access. This, in turn, should initiate an on-demand VPN connection. You can’t connect to network resources until this happens — including local or internet resources, sites, or services. They simply hang until the VPN connects. The problem is that I can wait very long times for the connection to go from “Connecting” to “Connected,” and there is no simple notification to let you know what’s happening. Because Norton SafeWeb acts as a VPN, swiping down from the top of the screen makes it appear that your true VPN is connected, when it’s not. And, if I turn on the VPN without using on-demand (I.e. manually setting it to be on), it constantly turns itself off. I’m now in the habit of launching Safari and opening a new page, waiting for the VPN icon to flash at the top of the screen, closing the web page, and then proceeding. Reloading an existing page doesn’t work, and neither do most apps and services. Too often (read: more than 80% of the time), this still doesn’t work, and I open the Settings app and go into VPN to wait and see if it’s connected or spinning its wheels. Turning off the on-demand VPN (in the connection’s submenu) and then turning it back on sometimes works, but I’m usually still left waiting. For what it’s worth, I’ve removed the VPN connections completely, uninstalled and reinstalled, rebooted my phone (iPad, my wife’s, kids’, etc, etc), and the behaviour persists. My kids usually turn it off to be able to connect, and location, internet service provider, or Wi-Fi vs. cellular all make no difference across all of our devices. Again, I’ve also gone through all this with Norton’s tech support. When Norton VPN is enabled, I can receive iMessages hours after someone sends them to me. I can be kicked out while performing a longer task, such as typing in this review on my iPhone (I’m also in the habit of copying the whole review to the clipboard before submitting in case my VPN connection turns itself off while I’m typing and my typing is lost to the ether ... this has happened a lot!). Edit: it just happened while attempting to submit this review! The convenience of using a mobile device is that I can quickly check email, the weather, check a website, etc. There is nothing convenient about jumping through all of these hoops to eventually be graced with a VPN connection or be forced to turn the service completely off to connect. Do you have a smart home? It also does not recognize local/LAN resources (my receiver, TV, computers, etc). This means that I, again, need to disable the VPN to access or control these devices. I have educated guesses as to why this is happening, but they all come down to cost-savings and an ill-conceived service. Finally, it is sooo sloooow! I’ve done many a speed test on all devices in our house using this service, and the speed reduction is terrible (Macs, PCs, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, phones, and tablets). All VPNs cause a speed reduction, but this is truly poor. I gave it two stars, because, when it works, I have more peace of mind than when I’m not using a VPN. All other times? Ugh! Why did I buy it? Simply: I really like their virus scanner outside of mobile, and the same license packs cover mobile. There are so many ways I could suggest to improve this product, but do big companies ever *truly* listen?

- Stealing money from my account

I disabled the subscription yet, it still took over $40 off my card. please for the love of god give me a refund!


This app is horrible. Did this for robux. Got the robux but then my phone constantly stopped working. This app spent my money as well. Do not download

- How???

How do I cancel a subscription??? It’s not working and I didn’t realize until now that I have no money. I’m crying and I don’t know what to do!!! Please help!!!

- Speed is made very slow

Slows down the speed of loading all searches and surfing....

- Poor connection

Always have trouble getting the VPN to connect when in hotels

- John

It’s good but sometimes very slow to load ThanksThere seems to be a big connection problem. Send me some information to fix the problem Thank you. its terriblenever works only when it feels like it

- Crap

Can’t connect leaving me vulnerable!

- ☹️

Je perds toujours mon wifi à la maison depuis que j’ai installé le VPN 😢

- Never connects to VPN

Never connects to VPN

- Proxy seems like leakinfg the information

I used VPN connection for some time and after that something unusual happened. One of my confidential email address which is not shared or hardly used to communicate with anyone, started receiving spam emails after using the vpn tunnel. I have removed the vpn app as I am not sure what else would have been sprayed off the pipe.

- 😡😡😡


- Scam

partnered with a scam company to try and get more downloads. pathetic.

- Unable to connect at the worse timing

Used this service over 1 1/2 year. Initially was fine but in the 2nd year term experienced the VPN would not connect at the worse possible timing - when I need to really look up stuff online or need to connect to my HomeKit device. There are 4 devices installed with this VPN and constantly 3 of them would experience similar issue so the conclusion was not a device issue. The 4th device was my PC and the issue there was completely different. The software would only allow certain screen resolutions. Any unusual resolution that came as a result of connecting to my PC using Remote Desktop would crash the program. To fix the VPN connection issue usually meant to wait for undefined moment until their server was up or sometimes log off and log back in. The support available at anytime you need them using Facebook messenger (how I connect to them). Complained numerous times about the connection issue to them and their response about the satisfaction guarantee only good for first 30 days. So stuck with the subscription until end of year.

- Not working all the time

I find it a bit annoying

- Turns off and will not turn back on

VPN turns off and will not turn back on

- Review...

Norton Security has been excellent for me for years... No problems...easy web connections and installation. Thanks. Bill R.

- Hmm?

My free trial ended but I had purchased a year subscription, and I had to delete the app and redownload it because it wouldn’t let me sign out. And sign into my account.

- Horrible

I downloaded as I needed to download 2 apps to get another app installed, it wont uninstall nor delete and im getting so much data from websites Ive never been on! Simply horrible!!!! I think this app steals your data because it actually says shared!! And theres no way to remove it !!

- Scam!

I got charged 45$ when I cancelled on the first day of the 7 day free trial. I want a refund !!

- Terrible software

This VPN is not tested for IPhone protection make enough research before getting stuck with this useless incompetent piece of waste. I was charged & $90 US for an annual renewal . On this complete disastrous application. I tried to reach out to support. The technician brushed me off and told give us remote access to another lan computer in your household. Though I said , my problem is Norton for Iphone he insisted I accept his take over of my other device . I have full script in Writing. REFUND ME THE 90 dollars please . I paid for nothing.

- zero star


- Not worthy

Constantly crash. You have to check again and again to make sure it’s connected. Sometime take more time to turned on after crashing multiple times. I even now doubt is this really protect my activities?

- Don’t like

Keeps kicking me off. Have to log out and log back in too many times

- Refund

I purchased the plan but now whenever I try signing in all appears is a blank white page... nothing loads up! I need a refund.

- Garbage

Break the network or slow it dow to the point my phone become useless. Had to remove the VPN and add it back on every time I need it!

- Disappointed

Every time I search anything on phone, site is blocked. Have to turn off VPN before I can continue. Phone slower since this was installed. Have used many Norton programs in the past; this is the first time I would not encourage others to get program

- Why not using a closer server/router ?

most of the time. The speed drops and jitter gets higher. 👎👎

- Vpn

Constantly have to turn on VPN Very frustrating

- It’s works when it works

Have it installed on 2 iPhone and 2 iPads . Would connect sometimes and when 1 iPad stopped working altogether “tech support” offered the solution of restarting my iPad or reinstalling after that they resolved it was a problem with my isp . Yes my isp picked 1 device on my network and blocked it what a joke .

- Needs work around

I’ve been pleased with the VPN. I like that it is compatible with my other security measures and how easily I can interact with the app. The one downside is my streaming platforms tend to recognize the VPN and won’t allow service unless I turn the VPN off. Needs the work around

- Better, but ....

It works well as VPN but it screws up my iPad’s email send function sometimes. There are often issues with finding a VPN host and I have to wait, retry, retry etc to get it turned on. Overall, does what it is supposed to.

- Trash

This is legit garbage. I literally know that you guys are trying to teach people down and mess with their browser and all that trash. I don’t recommend getting this because who knows what it could do.

- Turns off

Keeps switching off for no reason

- VPN only partly successful

The VPN goes off fairly often, and then seems to have difficulty finding a server. As well, Apple has contacted me, saying Norton programs may not run on upcoming versions of Apple IOS, since the program is not being updated to handle apple products fairly soon.

- Won’t work without update and Won’t update

Was good before it needed and update so it wouldn’t let me update it so I decided to uninstall and now it won’t reinstall back on my phone need this fixed ASAP or I’m gonna to need a refund


Terrible connection at least once a day

- Sucks

It won’t connect no matter what. I’m going to not get it at end of trial. It worked and now it doesn’t. Tried everything.

- Norton WiFi and Norton Mobile

Since installing both on our iPads and cell phones the only notèrent keeps cutting in and out. We NEVER had any problems before until now.

- Continuous pain

The app is 3rd rate. They keep updating on daily basis but are unable to fix bugs. I am unable to connect after update on 20-Oct-17 App does not remember your ID and you keep wasting time in entering it There is no place in app where you can go and remove auto renew No place in app to write to developer It is a pain to use paid app. Certainly not worth the money Aqib Rizvi Doha Qatar

- Doesn’t work anymore

Was working well. But hasn’t worked the past six months properly. Since updated. Logged the account out. When trying to log in again constantly saying unable to connect to server. Newest version saying “we’re working to resolve an issue that prevents us from completing your request. Try again later. (-12)”

- Slow

When I use Norton VPN on my home wifi the speed goes from 300meg/s to 20 meg/s and ping goes from 10 to 250. It’s slow, slow slow.

- Sucks

It is not even free. Useless

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- Security is essential

The only reason I’m giving Norton Secure VPN a four instead of a five star rating is that it’s restarting my iPhone randomly. It may be a settings change, which with further research I may resolve and may change my rating. I believe that in addition to protecting my devices it has also enhanced the speed of my connections. I have had other VPN’s that have some unnecessary bells and whistles but Norton is straight forward with the primary function being protection not unnecessary stats or cute pictures. Yes, I recommend this app and I usually don’t recommend any apps.

- Locks up my internet connection

I installed the vpn app on my iPhone and iPad. When I started using one or the other in the morning, around 10 a.m. EDT or so (after a few hours of connection?), it completely disables my internet connection. I do not have vpn on my PC but it gets disabled on WiFi like the i’s. I have to turn off my router and modem (not sure and don’t care if both need to be) to get my internet back. Everything has been fine since I stopped using Norton vpn. I haven’t been able to try it on other WiFi connections but I upgraded to use when I travel infrequently. I tried to start vpn in Norton 360 on my pc (W7 pro.) but thankfully it doesn’t want to run. Fix this mess or get out of the vpn market. I am starting to wonder if those pcmatic ads are true ...

- I Love this!

Can’t understand why people don’t like this. I love it. I experiment with this all the time. I change the location settings all the time. Sometime I set the location to be in Austria or Australia or Germany. I get notifications from sites that I use to sign in again. After that, I get a warning that an attempt was made to sign in from whichever country I am supposed to be in. Shows the app is working perfectly!! Makes me feel a bit more secure. I am not a novice: I know how to evaluate apps. But, this one is useful to secure the WiFi.

- Doesn’t switch off automatically

First off, having a VPN has given me a greater sense of security, particularly when connecting to public WiFi, which I hate to do, due to their lack of encryption, generally speaking. I agree with another post tht the inability of the product to “shut-off” in a smart manner can be a pain, which happened to me when I got home to my private network. As a software engineer myself, I’d probably recommend a feature that would somehow detect networks, e.g. - secure or insecure and perhaps auto-connect when connected to insecure networks. Jst a thought.

- It’s ok - but not prime time

I have been using this product for about a week on my iPhone 7 Plus the VPN does not seem stable. What’s really upsetting the only clue the vpn is down is that I get some kind of internet connection lost in whatever app I’m in. The vpn seems stable on my Mac mini. But the tray icon is not adequate to let you know it’s working. My iPad Pro 9.7 seems to work a little better. connection issues seem to have increased in frequency since iOS 11.1.2. That is my opinion but I have noticed more problems on both devices that have the most recent updates. All in All, I would not buy this product again. I purchased it so I could do my banking and credit card management while traveling. I’m confident that when it works, I’m getting safer browsing. However, the up and down nature of the product makes me feel unprotected. It would be nice if the vpn went down if the data streams would stop. I’d rather have an app crash, but sadly norton doesn’t have that feature.

- Review

I have an iPhone 7 I have Norton deluxe 360 with LifeLock secureing my computer, and three cellular phones including this one my business cellular phone the VPN is great when it’s on, I don’t get any pesky telemarketing calls or texts so on and so forth however, it seems to turn itself off when it wants to .and I don’t know when it’s off “ because I don’t see why I should have to keep checking it “ until I start getting these pesky telemarketer calls again and then I realize it is off’ and I need to turn it back on,I wish they can fix this bug when it’s on it should stay on as long as your phone is on.

- Awful service!

The connection is never reliable. First of all, it takes me at minimum 5-10 minutes to connect to the VPN, and over an hour at worst. Being in China, it is critical that I have access to my Gmail and other important services. Even something as simple as checking my emails can be a total hassle; something that should take 2 seconds takes an hour or longer... That being said, even when I do get lucky enough to connect, the VPN usually drops after just 10 minutes! I expected more out of a reputable company like this. And after all this awful service is said and done, they have the audacity to ask you to give them $30 a year once the free trail expires! Seriously?! I wouldn’t pay a dime for this app!

- Works very well

I have been a very long term Norton user and have had Norton products on all of our computers and laptops for many years. I installed this app as part of my existing subscription to get Norton VPN on my iPhone and it works flawlessly. In addition, it connects very quickly and is completely unintrusive. I have not had a single issue with it. Therefore, it is getting 5 stars from me. I highly recommend it specially if you already have a subscription for your home computers which also covers this app.

- Connection glitch.

Provides excellent security. Would get “5” stars if it hadn’t locked up when looking for my home network after being connected to another network at another location. After 30 minutes and a phone reset, it still wouldn’t connect. I had to re-install the app and set it up again. So far, that’s only happened once but when I rely on my phone for business, it’s essential the connections are made quickly. Other than that, as long as it doesn’t happen again, we’re good.

- Needs Work...

Conflicts with web sites that seem to think the traffic origination is hostile and will crash the connection or not connect at all. Constantly get request from a number of these websites to verify I am not a robot because of the server chosen by VPN to access the website of choice navigating to. It works well, but because of the many unsolved difficulties of the internet it creates more loss of time trying to connect than the value of the app. One can try turning it on when needed, but have found it will conflict with your desire unless a specific sequence is followed, definitely not a simplistic way of operating a VPN.

- Horrible waste of money

This might be the most problematic app I’ve ever purchased. It frequently prevents my WiFi from working. The blue circles just go around and around and once in a while the VPN will connect, but more frequently it won’t. If it doesn’t, my WiFi doesn’t work. Sometimes, I use “reset network settings” and re-enter my WiFi password. Once in a while that works to get the VPN and WiFi working together and sometimes it doesn’t. I have also tried turning off and on the WiFi. Again, sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t. I’m wondering if this promise of security is worth all of the time and frustration I’m putting in to this. There must be a better WiFi VPN that is more reliable and easier to use.


So, I have been TRYING to download my mp3 juice music AND EVERYTIME I TRY YOUR OBNOXIOUS AD KEEPS POPPING UP! TRY ADVERTISING less since you have many great reviews! It probably you only care about the ads and not other people who don’t want to be annoying from the same thing over and over again ! When I have finally clicked on your app to download it , OH LOOK ! All that ADVERTISING TO PAY FOT A TRIAL ! What’s the big point in trying to advertise more than 1000 times JUST TO LEAD POEPLE WHO ARE TRYING TO DOWNLOAD SOMETHING TO PAY YOU ! We can handle ourselves too! If we had a virus we would know. This makes me infuriated! And besides even if you tried to download and pay for this “enjoyable app” THE AD WILL STILL POP UP! They will never stop ! I would like to speak to the manager please !!!!

- We need SPEEDS

I’ve been a Norton user for years now. I like the features that you have to offer and at a good price. The only thing I suggest is that you get rid of disconnection bugs and make it FASTER. I would love it if Norton VPN would choose the fastest possible server and if that server is too congested or gets congested then it automatically switches to the next fastest server/location. My mobile carrier has really bad network connections and i need my VPN provider to not make that worse. 4Stars and room for improvement. 3.9 actually but 4 stars. Keep it up.

- Password issues

When ever I try to change a password it does not allow me to put in my own password. While I am having a problem it would be great to be able to call tech support and get some assistance. Your instillation procedure is not user friendly. For example. You say that I can add protection to other devices. That’s not true. When you are prompted to enter the password on the new device you can’t read the entire password nor will it allow you to create your own. I have three other devices that needs protection. I would hate to have to by three other plans to ensure the safety of my identity because your app does not work properly.

- I’m glad that they have updated!

I have been worried about my phone or laptop being hacked and getting sensitive information for blackmail. I’m just happy now at least I’m not just blind in the dark. They have had my back for a good price and did this new update to come with it and it is fantastic. More security then the time before because of the VPN protester portion of it. I would recommend this to people in conversation if it comes up in topic. Keep the price the same and it’s a deal!

- Decent

VPN does its service, though I have a couple concerns. The first being that the VPN will sometimes cut out intermittently. Perhaps this is normal of these services? The other concern is I really don’t know if it is working. When I am “Secured”, it does state I am on a different IP. However, when I open Safari (e.g.) it will still say the location I am in. Another example is on the computer, I use the VPN, yet when I go to CMD Prompt and type ipconfig, the IP address that comes up is my local IP. Kinda strange. Another thing to note is that sometimes I cannot connect to the VPN. My download speeds are usually at 300 Mb/s with 9 ping. Kind of odd.

- Usually don’t review

4 stars out of 5. The best out there; far better than Tunnel Bear from Montreal. At libraries in Vancouver, BC which require a statement on using proxy vpn. As most freely-bought vpn are proxy, no shade in the shadow of the cross, so to speak, to casual users. 4G still best for not exposing log-on info when using. A far cry, however, from true VPN, which is not proxy, but portal-to-portal with SecureID. That is why 4 stars. Still ports open I see :-) All good. As I am. Good. My job used to be as open representative for an international users facility in the USA, so I have no secrets online, really. Take care.

- Why?

Worst app I have on my phone or tablet. Why put something out for sale if it doesn’t work & the problems aren’t corrected? I have iPhone 10r. & iPad 6. You can’t get this app to stay connected ever. I leave my house & the phone changes to LTE & the app turns off. Drive down the road, turn it back on, check it & it’s off again! What the heck service are we paying for? We don’t get any service out here from Norton. Sure is a black mark on Norton to not get this working properly after over a year. I’ll have to take my business elsewhere, not to mention no phone number to contact them to cancel your account. So, is this a bait & switch deal? Maybe the FCC needs to know how they handle business & consumers!

- Better than NordVPN

I’ve been looking for a mobile VPN for some time now. Last year, I gave NordVPN a chance and I wasn’t too thrilled with it. I cancelled my subscription after the trial ended. This year, after buying a new PC, I decided to try Norton for my antivirus software and it came with a VPN! I’ve downloaded the Norton VPN app to a few devices now and I’m really enjoying it. I don’t usually wrote reviews for apps, but I decided to go out of my way and review this app to let others know of my experience.

- On The Fence

Generally works good on home wifi (Norton Core router), but the “VPN” icon will randomly turn off and I’m not sure whether or not it is still running in the background on iPhone7. Then it’ll randomly disconnect from my wifi and switch itself to cellular data. To fix this, I just open up the the settings and it’ll and just likethat it’ll reconfigure itself and wifi and VPN turn back on for a while I until it happens again. Then when I leave my wifi, switching to cellular data, I have to turn off Norton VPN or else I can’t use any internet. Once it is off, my cellular data works normally.

- What Happened? Used to work flawlessly.

I’ve been using this app on my phone as well as with Norton 360 on my desktop computer almost since it’s release. It use to work great. It use to start right up when I went online but now I have to manually start it every time. Sometimes many times before it starts up. I don’t know if it’s that so many people are online now due to being at home because of the virus and the system is over loaded or it’s a problem with the app. I like the “feeling” of security it gives me but sometimes I don’t know if I can trust it to work.

- Most of everything I want

I have had problems with some payment services. In particular, Walmart Pay does not work well while using Walmart wifi and Norton VPN, and Apple Pay in McDonald's. other than the aforementioned, everything else is great! All my previous concerns are history, but I have a new issue. When I turn on my VPN, sometimes the VPN will turn itself off without any help from me. I also have problems starting the VPN when using some free hotspots, or rather, I can’t start it.

- App is inconsistent.

The main problem with this application is that the app randomly doesn't open. This requires removal and reinstall if the app, which is time consuming. I've had days where I had to load it every time I used public wifi when traveling , which is a pain. Another problem is that there are times when it is open and despite how many times you try, you cannot get it to turn on---- which requires another removal and reinstall. Those two problems alone prevent this review from being anything, but below average. Finally, when it does work, it drains your battery quickly. Carry a charger with you. 2/5

- Inconsistent behavior

I really want to like this product because I use Symantec on all my computers and it is great. Bought it three days ago. Just started using the app and no different than other VPN apps I have tried (like better net) they connect and disconnect continuously especially when I'm traveling and in a different country. Problem with this behavior is when in a web page on which I'm logged in, the session gets lost after disconnecting from VPN and reconnecting. This is very annoying and frustrating. I will continue to monitor the app and come back with additional information.

- Works Great

I purchased this service for all our devices with IOS and Microsoft operation systems. The app was smooth to download and setup. The only problem I encountered was on our PC laptop. The operation was very slow. I don’t know if it was related to the app install or not. I was able to resolve the issue by rebooting the modem and router and restarting the laptop. I am pleased that there is a product that offers a way to protect your devices especially when you are in public.

- Great VPN but blocks apps

This app is fantastic protection, but I have to disengage it to use many of my other mobile apps; which isn’t a guarantee for every app - namely Target. There was a time I could disengage the cellular service and stop the VPN auto connect, but now the VPN auto connects as soon as I open any mobile app, and blocks access. It’s very frustrating because I’m forfeiting bargains, and protection which defeats the purpose of mobile security. Could you please fix the auto connect, and background process feature? Use test cases with Target, Starz, and social media (pick several) apps. Grocery store, hardware stores, and makeup store apps aren’t currently affected, but entertainment and tracking retailers are the primary hurdle. P.S. Please include protection without blocking for the Safari search engine, and any application which requires Safari’s use. Yet another blocking bug.

- Great tool for the use

I have found the tool very reliable for what it’s designed to do. People please remember this is a VPN service and due to controls outside of the vendors quality of service may vary same as the internet. I think performance wise usability get 5 stars. Reliability 4 due to the nature of the beast. The other issue are we all wanted an evolutionary IOS that means the rush to delivery causes some issues. I am all around pleased even with new versions of IOS this product seems stable.

- So very grateful for the services you offer and the people that help you install it

I think everything that you offer is fabulous I’ve known you since I was a child my dad has a computer company in Houston Texas you sent me to college you got me through 24 seven technical support now I’m 56 I’ve had brain injury I need you more now than ever and thank God you’re still there you’re fabulous I couldn’t do it without you and the gentleman to just help me download it

- VPN not bad but Drains your battery

VPN is not always on. Good selection of locations. I use an iPhone 11 and speed is not bad. Seems to have slowed down after the first week of using (trail period). My biggest issue is it drains my battery. I do not get through the day. Average between 28 %-20% battery is dedicated to this vpn service. Probably the biggest reason I would Not recommend this mobile app. As for the mac side 0 - star rating. Safari not compatible. Can not sign in to my Norton services. Always telling me my license have expired. Was my mistake to take a year service at a supposed discounted price. Look and try other anti virus apps before this one.

- It kicks me off my wifi

I like this, I think I’m getting less spam mail, however I’m having more problems with my WiFi connections and apps. My data usage is increasing because I’m getting kicked off my wifi with this app as well and I’m getting frustrated with the endless loading screens with my apps. Sometimes this app doesn’t even open up either. I have no idea why this service is causing so many issues for me, and I wish your customer support was easier accessed. I’m torn if I should keep this service just because I’m familiar with your name brand or look for one that will work better with my iPhone.

- Maybe does it’s job?

I’m currently deployed attempting to use this to connect back home and not appear where I am. This app is supposedly supposed to change your location, but it doesn’t. Every time I still appear where I am, even with this fully on. Sure wish something I paid $40 for would actually show my location as the point I choose in the US. Other than that, I sure hope it does the rest it’s supposed to do. Guess I’ll never know if my data truly is secure or not. But if my location can’t even be hidden/changed correctly... leads me to believe it’s not.

- Worst Advertising Ever

You don't even need to install this app to "enjoy" the horrible irritation it is capable of causing. I was on a webpage that had an annoying pop up ad which loads EVERY SINGLE TIME before I can read the content I was there for in the first place. After 1500 popups and redirects, I finally thought I'd see what app developer thought it was a good idea to use such an obnoxious service to advertise/market their app. You can't stop obnoxious pop up ad providers from doing business, but you can always deter app developers from using these services to market their apps. I will be uninstalling this "app" promptly. I would really like it if the developers of this app looked into their advertising/marketing strategy.

- Could have been good.

Uses virtual servers that can be unsafe. Has high lag, constantly disconnects and requires manual restart, delays apps functions, does not work with several primary phone apps like open table, Netflix, etc. sadly a bit of a mess product. I used it on my home pc and it was the same thing. There are many better options and I recommend looking somewhere else. This is after 20+ years of Norton products. Oh yeah, the home product is so full of in app purchase nags that I'm ready to dump that too. I really don't need it telling me to install stuff every week or trying to get me to upgrade to some other crap like this app.

- Unsatisfied

I Hate this app I will never get this again !!! I have multiple jobs and with all of them comes with using my phone this app refuses to let me use my phone on my jobs I can’t pull anything up that I need including google this is ridiculous I was in a very important meeting and couldn’t pull up my information because of this app I cancelled my subscription but it’s not cancelled until it ends in June which is not helping my situation now, I want this off my phone now!!!! My home computer no problems but that’s not helping me on my job situations so it’s gotta go because it’s really frustrating not to be able to use my phone to handle business Marquette ( very unsatisfied customer)

- Very unstable on Apple products

You constantly have to keep checking to see if it is connected. MacBook Pro is the worst. You have to delete the app and reload it at least once a week. That process will require rebooting the system about a half dozen times. Extremely frustrating. I’ve given up on the MacBook Pro. It simply isn’t worth the hassle. iPhones and iPads are only a little better. I have not had to reinstall on either, but you have to check for connectivity frequently. It will suddenly stop working with no notification. I cannot recommenced the VPN for Apple devices. I don’t know about devices outside of Apple.

- Norton VPN problem

Since the last upgrade the Norton VPN HAS NOT BEEN ABLE TO CONNECT TO THE SERVER. The tech support promised to call me back four times to help me find the problem and never did. When I finally got someone on the phone to help me they blamed the problem on the network which has been checked out and there is nothing wrong with it. The tech support was useless and did not follow through on their promises. They also keep trying to pass me to some level 2 that did nothing for me. I have had to remove the Norton VPN from my system to get it to work properly. The money I spent on it was wasted. I can only recommend that anyone wanting to use this be careful and consider going somewhere else.

- Disappointed in CGMO

Disconnects me from Wi-Fi 20-30 times a day ... frustrating as hell. While vacationing over the winter, I had so much trouble that I called for help ... twice! THE worst experience of my digital communication life! I spent 45 minutes on the phone explaining my problem to one Norton representative after another. Each one, in turn, gave me a case number and transferred me to the next representative. REPEAT. Not a single person did a damned thing ... but refer me on, and have me explain it ALL over again. Oh, and each representative gave me a new case number. My wife refuses to renew, and I’m on the fence. I want “protection,” but this has been ridiculous!

- Useless app.. connection issues

Total waste.. the app doesn’t work on iPhone (7plus) at all. When switched on it shows connecting for minutes and then nothing happens.. back to the red - unsecured network. It has been almost a month that this app stopped working on iPhone and the developers are sleeping it seems. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app doesn’t work either. Worst app ever. Horrible. On mac the app works but slows down the whole system and the connection breaks in between.. very frustrating. Don’t get this app... frustrating and a total waste.. I got this app because I trust Norton over other unknown names but Norton disappointed completely. This app is a failure. Return my money.

- Makes managing my VPN so much easier 💕

I have been using Norton VPN for over two years now and have never had an issue with it working. I use it on all of my devices; computer, laptop, tablet, and phone. My favorite part is that I am able to change to the location of country I am in so I am able to get the news from around the world first hand rather than relying on local news outlets to tell me what is happening around the world.

- Like the app, but it keeps dropping off on my Macs

Seems to work better, i.e., stays on longer on my iPhone and iPad. On my MacPros, it periodically drops off and have to re-login. Is very annoying as it’s supposed to provide protection and should stay on. Also, when you click a link, it blocks access to it a lot of times when it’s on. You then have to logout of the VPN to access the website you’re trying to link. Also, very annoying. Would be 5-star if it would stay connected and allow access when trying to access other sites.

- Awesome service that’s actually, fur realz, easy to use!

This is the 2nd VPN service I’ve tried. Used Express VPN the 1st. It was so confusing to use, and I couldn’t even get it to work actually. So I canceled the service. Norton’s VPN is super easy to use and understand! And it actually works and I know it is! Wish they had it available for Kindle Fires, but oh well, still works great on my iPad, iPhone, and Laptop! And $10 a month makes it even cheaper then ExpVPN. Am very happy with my purchase!

- I wish... but

I bought this app after reading reviews indicating it works reliably and would not slow connection speed. However my experience is otherwise. I tested it today. Wifi speed at Starbucks in Bangkok dropped from above 20 MBS to mere 0.2 after turning this VPN app on. A hundred fold slowing down. This made any practical use impossible and I had turn the app off. In public area where I stay in Bangkok the wifi speed dropped from around 12 MBS to 2 MBS after activating VPN, still usable but irritatingly slow. Amazingly at home the wifi speed drop was only marginal. Conclusion, it is unpredictable and can be unusable in many places.

- Edward VanSickle

Since the installation of version 3.0.1 I have been locked out of my app. I get s solid red page telling me that my subscription is expired. It isn’t. The page has two options: Renew now & No thanks, I do not wish to renew at this time. Neither one works. I have uninstalled and reinstalled at least a dozen times, I have restarted my I phone 6S plus many times and I have called you unhelpful customer service. They made it all about me not being able to get them my product key number. But because the page is frozen, the menu key where it can be accessed does not work. I cannot even find a way to just cancel my subscription to your sorry assed company ‘s product.

- I like it

I’ve read the early review and although I don’t know as much about IP’s as this other gentleman, I feel much safer and have not had any hacks since purchasing it. I was hacked 3 times this year all the way to my bank account but since getting Norton VPN I have not had a problem. It’s been 2 months so time will tell but I do have peace of mind. The turning off and on issue is real, but I like that I’m notified when it happens and I simply turn it on.

- Excellent vpn

I use this on my iphone and ipad when traveling away from my own firewalled network. I also use the windows app on my desktop. Speed is excellent. I measure 90%+ on my desktop, and see no perceptible (measured) speed degradation on my iphone or ipad. Only once in the last two years (in my experience) was there a major slowdown — probably a server issue. I renewed my subscription a few months ago. I recommend it as a capable vpn.

- Got the VPN to block Instagram bots harassing me nonstop and to keep the hacker messages away

Originally got the VPN to block the bots and scams everywhere on Instagram. Worked about two weeks before I started seeing hacker messages and a rapid influx of sex bots and scams. These messages get worse when I go private and are just awful to the point I end up going on a follower purge. These messages even show up when I am on google trying to read something and block me from reading it. Even worse, if I leave my home to go to a medical appointment or anywhere, I get messages saying my device is not secure and I have a virus. How do I remove this VPN and it’s pop ups? How do I cancel my membership?

- A big hassle

All you will get is a white blank screen. Then no notifications about the trial ending , which wouldn’t work, and you get charged. Once I was charged I tried using the program. I uninstalled and reinstalled the program several times. After an hour I gave up. Norton is a joke. I ended up getting it to work. Due to uninstalling it and reinstalling it it locked up and said I used up all my seats. So I had to move the license from my iPad to my iPad which was the same device. Since I’m now locked in a year contract I will be using it. Then cancelling it before the yearly renewal starts. Very disappointed.

- Works good for me!

I work security, and I do all of my work on my home computer. That is when I realized I need real security for not only my computer but my phone as well. I have had no issues with the service, and with my experience calling emergency numbers, the service will actually affect their systems by providing false contact information. With that being said, I am safe to say that I know my location and phone are secure!

- Just doesn’t work anymore!

I have been a Norton fan and user for many years. I have used the VPN on all my PCs and IOS devices with confidence that I was protected. The VPN was recently updated and now it does not work at all on any IOS device. I have deleted the app and reinstalled it several times but it will not connect. This would be frustrating if the service were free but it is expensive and therefore is an exasperating rip off. Norton would be wise to figure out what the problem is and fix it quickly. They have lots of competition which are cheaper and actually may work. It makes me sad to write a negative review about a company I have trusted for so many years.

- Great security, but blocks some frequently used apps

I love the feeling of extra security I have with the Secure VPN. However it blocks several of my frequently used apps. I always have to turn it off and then back on when I am finished. That kind of defeats the point of having it sometimes. Frustrating, but still thankful for the security most of the time. Thank you for offering it as part of my Norton 360 membership!

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Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN 3.4.3 Screenshots & Images

Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN iphone images
Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN iphone images
Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN iphone images
Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN iphone images
Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN iphone images
Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN iphone images
Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN ipad images
Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN ipad images
Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN ipad images
Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN ipad images
Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN Productivity application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN Productivity application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN (Version 3.4.3) Install & Download

The applications Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN was published in the category Productivity on 2016-06-13 and was developed by NortonLifeLock, Inc. [Developer ID: 355033599]. This application file size is 175.16 MB. Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN - Productivity posted on 2020-09-14 current version is 3.4.3 and works well on IOS 11.3 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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