Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN

Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN [Productivity] App Description & Overview

Norton Secure VPN is a security app from a consumer brand trusted by millions of consumers. Protection for your device against cybercriminals, browse more anonymously, change your location, and helps block advertisers from tracking your online activities! Turn any public Wi-Fi into your personal hotspot!

When you connect to public Wi-Fi, cybercriminals may spy on your online activity and steal your sensitive information, like passwords and credit cards details. Norton Secure VPN uses the same encryption technologies that leading banks use to help protect your data.

Mask your online activities and location with our no-log VPN. We don’t track or store your online activity, so even we don't know what you’re up to!

Just change your virtual location so your IP address can’t be tracked!

We help block ad trackers by intercepting cookies and removing your identifying information. Websites will no longer be able to track you to deliver unsolicited ads at a later time.

Turn any public Wi-Fi into your own secure virtual private network to help keep your personal information safe, and your online activities private.


The KRACK attack puts Wi-Fi connections at risk. Use Norton Secure VPN to help encrypt the information you send and receive, for protection against this new threat.

With Norton Secure VPN, you can pay bills at the airport or check emails at a café without worrying about cybercriminals stealing your passwords or monitoring your online activity.

Going online in public just got better. Get Norton Secure VPN and go online in public, more securely and privately.


• Norton Secure VPN Subscription: Provides more secure connectivity for your mobile device.
• 7-day trial requires activation of annual subscription.
• Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
• Subscription will renew automatically at the end of the subscription term unless canceled. Cancel in your iTunes account before end of trial to avoid payment.
• Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period.
• You can manage your subscriptions and automatic renewal may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after purchase.
• Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription.
• Annual subscription is for one device only.

For feedback and suggestions, visit the support forum:

For a detailed list of features, visit:

NortonLifeLock respects your privacy and promises to safeguard your personal data. For more information:

•Start your 7-day trial* to help protect your Wi-Fi connections now!

*7-day trial requires activation of $39.99 annual subscription. Cancel in your iTunes account before end of trial to avoid payment. More details below.

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We're constantly working on improving Norton Secure VPN and appreciate all of your feedback. Any suggestions? Let us know what you think by leaving a review!

Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN Comments & Reviews

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- I feel secured

I am always traveling to different countries and places, so whenever I am in a public place and I need urgently a connection I always feel secured. I never had any issues. I always get things done.

- Great but not Amazing

I absolutely love this VPN and its better than the others I’ve tried but it doesn’t allow me to watch apps like Hulu and when I turn it off it doesn’t want to stay off. That’s really my only complaint and I would recommend getting this VPN.

- Very unstable on Apple products

You constantly have to keep checking to see if it is connected. MacBook Pro is the worst. You have to delete the app and reload it at least once a week. That process will require rebooting the system about a half dozen times. Extremely frustrating. I’ve given up on the MacBook Pro. It simply isn’t worth the hassle. iPhones and iPads are only a little better. I have not had to reinstall on either, but you have to check for connectivity frequently. It will suddenly stop working with no notification. I cannot recommenced the VPN for Apple devices. I don’t know about devices outside of Apple.

- Doesn’t work tried the solution and IT STILL DOESN’T WORK

No matter how many times I try to use my vpn that I have bought and paid for, I continually get the same message that it’s having problems connecting to the server. I’m starting to think that Norton’s is turning into one big scam.

- It is terrible

I have tried lots of VPNs, and this is by far the absolute worst. It is overpriced and does absolutely nothing. It is terrible. Would not recommend.

- Vpn

This was a very great app. I loved it!!!!! I find it very use full and I absolutely recommend to anybody! Thanks to this app im more secured with my private information

- Slow Download Soeed

When in use, my download speed goes from 112bpm to 30 which is extremely unsatisfactory

- Blocked emails and internet

I have had Norton LifeLock since late Dec or early January. Few problems with my desktop computer. Many problems with my iPad and iPhone. iPhone became almost nonfunctional in many ways: blocked emails and internet. Unable to access technical support relating to COVID-19 virus. Waited on line for about an hour. I understand bad time for staffing. I finally did delete Norton mobile security and VPN from my IPhone and immediately gained access to my emails and internet. Really did not want to do it. They work well on my desktop and iPad. Any suggestions?

- Bad app

It a really bad app zero stars

- Stupid


- Great Security App

Not impressed with this app it doesn't work and keeps going off leaving vonarable Save your money

- Shocked one

I was tricked into signing up for this service by filling out a survey! You would think that an antivirus company would have conflict with this! Shame on all of you!

- ( ˘ ³˘)♥

I’m only downloading this app for free robux. But I guess it’s cool idk

- Don’t waste your money!

I got locked out of my account. They demanded that I pay again!

- Great vpn


- Not Impressed.

This app is starting to appear suspicious. When I first downloaded it, it worked great and I was super excited. However, not a moment after, google search made me confirm that I wasn’t a “robot”, and the every day since the app disconnects itself and messes with my internet. Each time I turn on my phone—even from ‘sleep mode’—I have to reopen the app and let it start again. Even then, my internet works like crap (even worse than before) and the apps I use freak out because they think I’m, once again, a ‘robot’. I’m 99% sure the app, despite its claim, is tracking and storing my data, just by judging on how other apps and sites react. I will be deleting it shortly. It’s seriously a waste of time and effort. Not to mention, it’s shady and suspicious—which isn’t surprising, but disappointing nevertheless.

- Not satisfied

You guys took money off my cash app card when I didn’t even used the app all I did was sigh up and deleted it because I did not like the app ... may I please have a return times is rough right now and appreciate it thank you

- Annoying

It is soooo annoying i down loaded it and uninstalled it and now everytime I search something it will take me to the App Store and ask if I want to install it again it is sooo annoying

- Norton vpn

Great app

- Review

I have been using it a lot it give me some comfort! It was a little hard to get technical help and the help that I did get was very rude and disrespectful. I did get it figured out on my own !

- Vpn interferes with automatic icloud backup. I have to disable the vpn backup

and reenable manually. Very annoying

- Can’t turn off vpn please help asap

Just upgraded my norton security It included VPN which it auto installed I am at home on my private secured network I cannot turn off VPN, which is screwing up other applications. Please help ASAP Finally I just uninstalled everything

- Works well.

Wish there was obvious indicator to show it’s ON.


This app is HORRIBLE 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😤

- It does a very good job.

I am able to connect to Netflix and YouTube on nyc MTA WiFi which is usually blocked. Fios detects it though and won’t allow me to view. Another reviewer noted that he would turn it off and it would turn back on. I have found that if you try to turn it off through iOS settings, it will turn itself back on but if you turn it off in the app, it will stay off. I am pleased with it.

- Have to revisit repeated edits to connect

After attempts to discuss with customer support I still have to visit websites multiple times to be able to connect. I see this problem in the reviews in early October and developers were asking for more information to investigate. How may I help since it is still a problem?


I’ve been trying to unsubscribe to this app for the past 4 hours but there is no clear way to do it!! It keeps shutting me out. Horrible.

- Diane Collins

Great product

- 🔥


- Security can be a pain.

This app works very well. The issue it has it that it’s so secure that my CC companies make me go through another step since the IP is out of my area. I understand everyone is trying to keep my data secure so I have learned to deal with it. If it’s too easy and convenient then it’s not secure.

- Upset Extremely

Yesterday I downloaded this 7 day trial app on my iPad and IPhone X and now I can not log into anything. I want to cancel but I can not log on to any of the options given to cancel. I am frustrated and better not be charged for any of this app because the service are not even working to stop or protect my devices. Please cancel this trial!

- VPN Doesn’t Work!

I tried it on my cell phone and it doesn’t work...


This app has always done good and has never went on or off, I really like it

- Awful do not support this app.

Always pops up ads on sites unwanted. Isn’t even a good VPN. DO NOT waste your time PLEASE.

- Good

I’m only doing this to get a phone

- This is bad

Free trials should be free because it’s called free trial!!!.

- Better

Better than most

- App

Stop asking me to download this app

- CoronaVirus

Can I pick a place that doesn’t have coronavirus and not get it?

- I have to pay to use

Keep yo trash off my phone, and yo ads off my safari

- Amazing

It helps out a lot.I didnt have issues

- Doesnt work on iphone 11 pro max white screen after login

Theres a white screen everytime I try to login

- Turns off my internet connection

I’m pleased with the services, but I’m not pleased with how I have internet service within my apartment, but my iPhone, iPad are constantly having their data used because the Secure VPN is disabling my internet. My sole purpose for having internet in my apartment is to not use my data up on my devices. Please correct this, especially for me. I’m grateful for your services. Thanks!

- Great but needs one improvement

Why does this vpn block valid sites? I have to turn off VPN to login in to a few retail store sites and later turn back on. Please fix this.

- Can’t watch movies or shows online anymore because of their pop up adds

I get if you have developed an app your proud of you want to advertise but by making it impossible for people to enjoy their movies and anime because it pops up and changes the website to a link to this app is ridiculous, furthermore almost all the reviews on here explain how bad the app is and there has not only been no response from the developer but also has not been updated since it released, horrible app, horrible adds, please let me enjoy my time in peace.

- Norton Rules!!!

Love it! Keep up the great work, best VPN i ever used.

- The worst app

I can’t open my safari without Norton jumping in .You people are not normal .You hacks my phone and forcing me to get Norton app ????!!!!!! I Don’t need you STOP please

- No good

Unfortunately, I’ve given them my money. Pretty lousy protection. VPN takes way to long to execute. Drops way too often.

- The app developers are human trash.

Their advertisements takes me to a page I can’t back out from. Hope you go bankrupt.

- R

It’s trash I get so many ads of this app. I can’t even search anything because if I do I get an ad of this app over and over I can’t see Anime bec when I search something a ad for this app comes up

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- norton

terrible its not free

- It keeps disconnecting to a point where you wonder why keep it

The app keeps disconnecting and takes multiple taps and sub menus to get to a point to reconnect.

- Un vrai VPN , efficace et facile à gérer.

Très efficace, un bon produit. Permet l’utilisation des réseaux public et de sécurisé sont appareil. Presque partout ;Même d’être vraiment privé pour surfer en sécurité et incognito.....


This app sucks now. It was working fine about 3 months ago and then at latest app update, everything when to crap. Won’t connect to Norton server no matter how much I have tried all the recommended fixes. Keeps telling me that it is unable to connect to the Norton server or unable to setup my subscription and try again later. It works fine on my Laptop, but not my iPhone. I have chatted online with a rep and they could not help me, than was informed by that person that I needed level 2 support. I was told I would receive a call from a tech to resolve the problem and I am still waiting for that call. Seriously thinking of canceling my whole subscription and asking for a refund if this is not resolved anytime soon. Norton people will you fix this problem cause I have try all of your recommend to no avail.

- Works but super slow

I’m interested in security for personal reasons and norton had always been a household name so this year I decided it was time to protect my devices and information. To my surprise Norton’s tech on my iPhone and MacBook Pro slow them down so much they are hardly useable at times. I Would look for a better service and will be cancelling my subscription.

- Wifi

1- un pop pop apparaît sur l'application Norton VPN "aimez-vous l'apps Norton VPN". Ce pop pop empêche Norton VPN de se brancher au serveur, Norton VPN fonctionne pas tant qu'on a pas répondu à la question, ce pop pop empêche la protection. 2- Beaucoup de problèmes a me connecter automatiquement sur le routeur en Wifi avec mon iPhone et iPad, il reste en mode LTE. Il faut très souvent que je passe en mode avion pour 10 secondes et ensuite enlever le mode avion pour me connecter sur le routeur Wifi. J'ai Norton 360 Premium. Parfois le problème ne veut pas se régler, il faut alors que je désinstalle tous et réinstaller Norton 360 Premium.

- Awesome VPN

Highly recommend

- I’m only here for jump force

So I’m only here becAuse of jumpforce

- Trying to get a gift card

I hope it works someone give me a gift card Jk

- Disconnect frequently

I realized I used more of my data on my phone last month than previous and then I realized the VPN disconnect frequently. It took a few minutes to connect and sometimes it drop signal. Quite disappointing.


Love this app. First thing I do when I leave the house is to turn it on Gives me much piece of mind

- Constantly Disconnected Internet

After downloading this app, my internet connection whether through wifi or cellular data was non existent. I thought maybe it was just my phone at first, but after multiple resets and even trying to turn airplane mode on and off nothing helped it connect to the internet. Thus, I decided to try turning my VPN off and eventually uninstalling the app as I had realized the problems started after downloading this app. After doing so, my phone connected to the internet normally again. I would like to use this app again one day in the future if this scenario could be corrected as I do have a membership and enjoy using the VPN feature on my computer.

- Does Not Work on iPad

App does not work on my iPad. VPN does not enable.

- Norton Secure VPN install on iPhone 8 freezes

Have tried for the past five months to install this on my iPhone to no avail. Have contacted Norton on five different occasions to be told case has been elevated to Engineers for a fix. Three times I have been told I would receive a call back from Norton within 24-48 hrs and no call ever received. Not the service I expect from NORTON after being a 15 year customer

- Not great in Canada

Goes in and out in Canada. Constantly kicks me off WiFi and uses data

- Pointless


- Suz

Feel very safe, especially when travelling. Thank you


I’ve switched from one VPN to the newest Nortons VPN however the complaint I am getting from 8 apple and four windows devices and users is that the Norton VPN is it keeps shutting off. Is there a fix available?

- Ransom ware attack stopped

I was merely searching the web for high security locks when my web browser opened another tab in the background. I was totally unaware of this happening and Norton secure VPN stopped and blocked this attack from happening. Thanks Norton security for protecting my device.

- Poop

Installed it because of

- It dont work ma friend...

Ive tried to use it but it keeps on glitching out and i know it aint ma tablet doing it ill look in to it but for now can you pls tell me how to use it

- Not masking ipv6

Norton VPN which is built in within Norton 360 for Mac does not mask ipv6 and that’s the reason it is practically ineffective.

- Hi

I’m very happy with this app umm but I have use bathroom can’t say much bye

- Hiopdo

Wow play pls it good

- Never opt’d for this

I have been charged two years in a row for this product that I never signed up for and have spent the last hour of my day getting the run around by Norton and apple to even talk to someone about this issue. Of course when I did get a hold of Norton they said I have to contact apple. Bad customer service, sneaky initiation. Will not be purchasing from them (intentionally) ever, can’t say the same for unintentional purchases.



- Great app

Works swell

- Secure VPN will not connect to server

It is very frustrating every time you check on the app it won’t connect server. You pay for a service and it doesn’t work consistently cannot find a solution to correct it

- Okay, but slow

Slower than I thought it would go. My internet speeds are high when I have it off.

- Bad people

These people will put this app on websites they will constantly redirect you to the AppStore until you manage to close the tab. Scummy terrible people


Some web sites will not work unless VPN is turned off. Also have had the VPN turn off by itself. Would be nice to have some indication on the display that it is actually Turned On.



- Mot that great

Most of the time I don’t even know if it is actually doing anything. Often trouble logging in, error messages, when everything is the same as the last time I used it, just took me 3 tries to log on. I especially have a hard time logging on when I really need it🤯

- Oop

This app seems super sketchy bc every time I’m trying to do anything online and I need to do human Verdot it tells me to download this

- Disappointed!

Terrible app, got sucked into upgrading to Norton 360 deluxe because I wanted a vpn. To bad the vpn protection doesn’t work. I feel taken advantage of. Will renew to get virus protection, not worth the deluxe version. The app does not work in Canada. Please fix it and I will reconsider. The app keeps searching for a VPN and then it does not find one and does not work.

- Great

Great service. However, it does disconnect constantly when you lock your phone. Just takes a minute to reconnect the VPN

- lol

I’m just trying to get TikTok famous

- Can’t update the IOS Apps while running VPN!

I would be totally okay to give 5stars if Norton could fix the IOS Apps update issue while running VPN. The only way I have been able to update my apps is by turning off the web protection feature which again defeats the purpose of having that in first place, then restart the phone and it will let Apps to update. This goes to any application that demands constant updates. I was thinking that i am the only one but there are hundreds of online consumers complaining for more than couples of years about this. I hope someone is looking into this as I am an ongoing Norton subscriber and hate to see it failing to do the job. Thanks!

- Cool

Cool app

- Works well but had a recent issue. Seems resolved for now

It worked well for a few weeks. But, recently, VPN didn’t work - it remained “connecting”, wifi and VPN icons vanished and internet connectivity through wifi was lost. So, when that happened VPN needed to be turned off to use wifi, defeating its purpose.

- Very Disappointed

I hope the app actually works. The customer service is terrible!! They tell you that chatting with a live rep is the fastest way of talking to norton... and you still wait 29 minutes on hold... staring into a web page you can’t leave or you lose the conversation... Then when they finally come on-line the rep knows less about the product than you!!! They rely on cut and paste answers, and give you solutions that are irrelevant. When the rep tries to go outside the script, they ask to place you on a “3 minute hold”... the next message is a succession of messages saying “disconnected from server” until twenty or thirty messages when it eventually says “something went wrong at our end, please try again”.... In my case I fixed my own problem when I discovered that you can only use your subscription for one device. If I want to protect my iPad as well... I have to buy another $60 subscription. Come on Norton... you can do better than this. For a “trusted brand” it leaves little in confidence. I should have done my research before signing up.

- Tinder Gold

I downloaded this for tinder gold and i still don’t have tinder gold? Ur app is broken. Not injecting the files...

- Bad don’t get it

It’s trash they lie

- Supprimer cet application

Bonjour, Je ne veux pas cette application de Norton. Veuillez la supprimer de mes achats s’il vous plait. Merci

- Hi

Is horrible

- Robux


- Steals $50

Cancelled my subscription and still got charged after the free trial

- Help

Help how do I cancel? I don’t have enough money to do this, help! I’m on iPhone please help. I deleted it. I did the trial I had no clue it expired please help. I really don’t have the money. My parents are gonna kill me.

- Seems to work perfectly

No problems with the VPN almost all the time. When it doesn’t, doesn’t take much to get it connected.

- Great

This works so well that after a couple of weeks my bank had to block my accounts thinking someone else was trying to access my banking while the VPN was just doing its work ...

- Doesn’t work with Amazon Prime Video

This is close to a deal breaker since this is the main reason I got it. Pretty user friendly interface.


Very good app

- Suck


- no


- Good app

Have been using Norton for years, don’t need to think about changing it.

- Poor connection

Constant dropouts and does not give access to American content. Have gone with a much cheaper provider that runs circles around Norton. Very disappointing

- Bad

I sign in to my account and it’s ones up with the loading icon and doesn’t even take me I to the app. I’m just stuck. I’m paying them to make sure that this app doesn’t work for me


I downloaded for the free 7 day trial. Because you download it through your App Store and use your Apple ID account. It runs you around and around so you can’t stop the auto subscription payment. All contact support is non existent and is a complete scam!! Do not get this app to trial!!

- Not safe

Please Fix the automatic disconnecting feature.


I kind of figured I didn’t really need this app , But it came as a bundle pack with 5 Devices , More Cloud back up storage , Password Control , Parental Control , and of Course a New VPN which I’ve recently learnt all quite a bit about. So again thanks to Norton’s. Now I don’t have people stealing my data.

- Robux

Do u get robux from this.

- Very good.

Very good although some other apps don’t like it, ie will not let me log in as they think I’m doing so from overseas.

- Asks for payment when there is already a subscription

I already pay for Norton 360 and VPN asks for additional payment when VPN is part of 360 subscription



- Security

Use the program on all my IT,but would love to have the facility of having a scan (similar to what’s on my laptop) on my iPhone to scan for possible intrusions. Cheers Tony

- Doesn’t work

Really frustrating gone with Norton and every time in a public network wont start just says network preventing connection. Suggestion make it work others can do it

- I got hacked...

The app is great especially when I’m not at home, but somehow I did get hacked using the app. I don’t know how so now i cant really use my device.

- Billed me during my free trial

I wanted the free trial but it then billed me the yearly payment of $64. I don’t recommend

- Scam

Stop providing fake email address to express my disgust further. Many emails. Not one single reply. Over a 6 month period. Worst display of customer service ever.

- Used to be good

This app is a bundle of trouble. I have been using it for years with out problems. Lately it keeps dropping out, it takes an age to connect to the Sydney VPN site. Sydney now appears to be the only Australian site operating. I have reported this several times to Norton Support but they do nothing. Very Difficult to get support from Norton. No email address for support, phone support is to overseas call centre.

- Click bait trail

Click baited my daughter into clicking on a trail for this app! $65 invoiced on Christmas Eve. Thanks Symantec, how do I get a refund!!

- Not working well

I installed this as part of my New Norton 360 subscription but it constantly crashes and disconnects and the on device Norton vpn plays havoc with the secure vpn no matter what region I pick, it’s unreliable and needs huge work

- Waste of money

This is the second year I’ve encountered same issues. “No Network Connection” message. I’ve reported it several times yet continues to occur. My iPhone has frozen four times and have had to have Apple reset my phone completely. This has been a major inconvenience having no access to message etc then travel hours to the only store in the state. It would be greatly appreciated if this problem was fixed once and for all. Yes my phone has all the lates updates etc. Freaking out.

- Broken again after the last iPhone update!

It used to work so smooth but it’s broken since last 3-4 weeks, after I updated my iPhone 8Plus. Now, it takes around 30 seconds to connect initially and VPN keeps getting disconnecting!

- Netflix no longer works.

Been using this App for almost 2 years now, 2 years this Christmas to be exact and it has worked great. It even let me get access to the American Netflix which was great because the Australian Netflix is always lacking good content but now it doesn’t work for getting around Netflix geo-restriction so I don’t know if it’s worth paying the $45 odd dollars a year again just to get access the blocked sites in Australia considering other free VPN’s allow me to access said blocked sites here in Australia.

- Plz reply DEVELOPER


- Will this ever be reliable ?

Constant app failure stopping all traffic. Just endless cannot connect messages. Afflicts multiple machines simultaneously. Error messages are inaccurate nonsense. This never gets any better. If N*RD weren’t such bad people to deal with I’d be gone. Grrrrr! Update 48 hrs later. Contacted developer as requested but no response. Not the first time. This company is unresponsive and unhelpful. Their response here is for PR purposes only it seems. Symantec contact me directly with some assistance please. Why not just do the right thing and help paying customers, eh ?

- Pay, but no Play

For the last two weeks , my paid Norton Secure VPN service refuses to connect. It comes up with messages such as “ VPN server can’t be reached”, and just as frequently, “Your internet provider has blocked Norton VPN. Try another network.”I contacted my provider and was advised that that was completely untrue! I have no idea what is going on, but I’m far from happy.

- Drops out all the time

Not worth it

- Very Pleased

I have been running with Norton (Symantec) for many years and have its protection on all my devices. On both my Microsoft and Apple utilities all Symantec products are A1. They all perform as promised and are as secure as technology and know how can make them. The staff are always informed, willing to assist and on the ball. VPN Security, as Norton 360 et al are reliable and consistent. You can rely on their products.

- Uh oh stinky

I only got this because I want free ____ and ____!

- Norton

Easy to setup and the help service makes everything less complicated and more user friendly 👍🏾

- Reconsider something else

After using Norton VPN for over a year now, it has been perfectly fine (Netflix.. etc) and now since the new update, keeps saying disable proxy. Don’t spend your money on this if you are planning to watch international Netflix.

- This app is like a scam

So a week ago I purchased this app and didn’t like it so I cancelled my subscriptions and deleted this app completely. Then few days after my partner checked and I was still subscribed to it still so he cancelled it AGAIN!! Few days after cancelling it I still got billed $64.99 AUD. I don’t trust this app but all I want is my money back!!

- Make it free

It was good with trial make free I will have it jee

- Slow and unstable

The VPN servers are very slow. When unsuccessful connection switching severs, have to close the app, delete the VPN in settings, re-open the app, allow permission in VPN settings, then server is set to auto, then can switch to another server when successfully connected. Otherwise stuck on attempting to connect to the server when switching servers.

- Waste

Can’t even open the app and they took my money. Won’t let me refund or cancel. Thanks a lot.

- Great app

Great app guys keep up the good work

- Can’t access with pass code !

Don’t know about others but I must use a pass code to open my iPhone and this should be enough for the von which I also have installed with great reliability in my laptop win 8.1 Von seems to inks be accessible by finger print mid I’m wrong please advise

- why do all roblox scams make me download this app


- Great VPN

It’s on all the time and I have peace of mind. I’ve had some problems connecting, but I’ve realised it was because I wasn’t fully patched. I watch US TV sometimes and it fixes all the region blocking. Thanks.

- Not working

This most recent version is faulty. VPN cannot be properly configured. No response from the customer service.

- Shows sexual content

It showed up and I saw a woman jacking a man off and then proceeded to say sign up for nord VPN to watch more free porn

- Terrible

Too many bugs

- End of trial refund

I paid $64.99 to active the free 7 day trial, if before the end of the 7 days, I do not wish to continue the subscription will you refund my money? How is this a “free” trial if I have to pay???

- Can you make it free?

I need it to bev free so that everyone can use it for security’s


Does what it’s suppose to do 😘

- Thx

I’m using this to do a human verification for free Robux thanks ♡♡

- Subscription

How do I cancel this subscription I can’t even sign in.

- Amazing app, but does drop out.

I’m very happy using this app I feel safe and protected, does drop out which is annoying, but I grin and bare it because I would rather be safe then sorry.

Payoneer 💰

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- R

It’s trash I get so many ads of this app. I can’t even search anything because if I do I get an ad of this app over and over I can’t see Anime bec when I search something a ad for this app comes up

- VPN hasn’t been working

I have been using this app for a couple of years now and I never had any problems. Lately, though, it won’t turn on when not on WiFi no matter what I do. When it works it is great.

- I hat it

I can’t delete the Subscription

- Scam

Worthless app and be careful with so called free trial i got smacked with 15 dollar charge!!!

- Email can not be sent out while vpn is on

I wish there was a way to keep my VPN on all the time. I have to turn of the vpn using email. I sometimes leave the vpn off because i can not send email with it on.

- Cancel

I wanted to cancel & was still charged! DID NOT AND DO NOT WANT THIS APP MY KID ACCIDENTALLY DOWNLOADED I somehow and I do not want it- want my money back ASAP

- On/off

So I’ve been with Norton security for years. Just bought the vpn for my iPhone, but you want to turn it off it turns itself back on. Several attempts trying to turn it off at home finally just deleted it. Love their web security maybe I need to contact support 03/05/20 I’m gonna try it again 😉

- Norton VPN problem

Since the last upgrade the Norton VPN HAS NOT BEEN ABLE TO CONNECT TO THE SERVER. The tech support promised to call me back four times to help me find the problem and never did. When I finally got someone on the phone to help me they blamed the problem on the network which has been checked out and there is nothing wrong with it. The tech support was useless and did not follow through on their promises. They also keep trying to pass me to some level 2 that did nothing for me. I have had to remove the Norton VPN from my system to get it to work properly. The money I spent on it was wasted. I can only recommend that anyone wanting to use this be careful and consider going somewhere else.

- Ok

It’s not the best but worth a try

- Do not buy

I am still trying to get Virgin VPN to work on my iphone 11 since I installed the upgrade Feb 26, 2020. Norton is blaming my phone, my home network and my cellular service. Why not provide a viable update???

- Difficult

It’s confusing to use for a beginner.

- Nice

It’s was good

- Got charged for not even having the app

I got charged 134 dollars for just downloading the app and signing up for a PayPal, and I didn’t even use the apps

- Great VPN but blocks apps

This app is fantastic protection, but I have to disengage it to use many of my other mobile apps; which isn’t a guarantee for every app - namely Target. There was a time I could disengage the cellular service and stop the VPN auto connect, but now the VPN auto connects as soon as I open any mobile app, and blocks access. It’s very frustrating because I’m forfeiting bargains, and protection which defeats the purpose of mobile security. Could you please fix the auto connect, and background process feature? Use test cases with Target, Starz, and social media (pick several) apps. Grocery store, hardware stores, and makeup store apps aren’t currently affected, but entertainment and tracking retailers are the primary hurdle. P.S. Please include protection without blocking for the Safari search engine, and any application which requires Safari’s use. Yet another blocking bug.

- Was good

Just crashes every time I try to open it. Deleted it and reinstalled. Same thing.

- I deleted it...but now it's back

I was testing it out, but it turned out that it wasn't for me. So I unsubscribed and deleted the app... But then it came back. I have been deleting it from my phone for about 2 months now only for it to keep showing up It's like a scorned lover with a yandere complex. It's just there...waiting for you.

- Staying smart.. and you should too

Honestly I think it’s GREAT the it blocks google.. why because google is very loose with your personal information... sooo those of you complaining you can’t connect to google... find another vpn because look at what happened to dear ole Hillary Clinton for using google... forget google folks we have Microsoft we have fire fox and others.. my question to you... why throw away your identity? Think smart walk away from google there other search engines... that are MUCH better and very safe... soooooo what will it be norton and privacy or google and throw ya life out the window? Each day the internet becomes more and more dangerous... walk away from google folks..

- Vpn logs off

While using I find the vpn is logging out by itself. iOS 13.3.1 has setting for reconnecting but logging out bypasses the setting. This is a problem as of march 2, 2020.

- Ok. There’s been an improvement

I wrote a review before but since then they have seemed to open more countries and the connection speed is better. I’ll keep an eye on it

- Issue w/ Connecting

Since the last update, app has been unable to connect. I have tried connecting to different networks, but all attempts have failed.

- Never Connects

Never connects on my phone or computer. Only help offered is restart your computer or reinstall... not helping. Don’t bother.

- Really good

I have been a norton subscriber for viruses for years now. When they started vpn service i was glad to see that. It connects automatically when i turn wifi on and is very simple to use. I like it a lot because it adds another layer of privacy and I feel more protected. With cyber criminals on the rise I feel its more important than ever to use a vpn

- My Internet connection will be heavily armored no hackers get through

I’m going to be laughing at would be hackers

- Worth it

Great vpn

- So far so good

So far it has done everything I’ve asked for! I’m extremely happy with it, I only wish you had a choice between yearly and monthly. I would definitely keep it if I could pay by the month!

- No 7 day free subscription

I tried to get a 7 day free subscription, like it says I can. But instead it charged me for a whole year. There is no contact phone number for support. I want it undone. It should not have charged me until after 7 days.

- Horrible vpn

The discrimination is lining

- Love Norton

Love Norton products.

- This is illegal!!

Norton has a lot of pop up ads that pop up on apps, and you cannot click off of the ad, or click on no, because there is none! There isn’t a no button! Not everyone wants norton vpn! Let everyone have their own opinion! Forcing it will make it worse.

- Other

I came from another app to where I have to download and run the app for 30 seconds and it’s not working

- Henry P Wieman

Please take Norton stop already I can’t afford it so stop hitting my cards please

- Won’t let me cancel subscription?!

Downloaded the app and signed up for the 7 day free trial. I don’t want to be charged for using the app, as I am no longer going to be using it, but it’s not allowing me to cancel the subscription!?

- Like to keep my WiFi turn off at home

I can’t leave it on because it will eventually turn my WiFi off and then I’m running my data up. I don’t want to flip it on and off.

- Uhh

It’s ok

- Unknown charging on my bank card.

You people at norton owe me forty bucks. That was my money I needed to buy food for the week. Thanks for screwing me this week. Now I have to make sure the subscription is cancelled before I can put any money back on the card.

- Internet Blocker

I guess one form of protection is to completely block your internet access. Since installing this service everything started to slow down. Now it has stopped working entirely. But as soon as I deleted this app it was like flipping on the light switch.

- Big Bug

There is no option in choose plan section And Subscribe bottom in grayed out Please fix this ASAP

- Vpn

Its strong and easy to use

- Don’t Bother

This app doesn’t update your subscription information well with your online account and the Mac version which should also be supported after you pay your subscription doesn’t even allow you to login. I will not be buying from Norton in the future.

- My Subaru

So far so good! Love It

- Excellent!

Great VPN! This is such a welcome part of the 360 package. Never been happier with my security software. Peace of mind is priceless!

- Like the app, but it keeps dropping off on my Macs

Seems to work better, i.e., stays on longer on my iPhone and iPad. On my MacPros, it periodically drops off and have to re-login. Is very annoying as it’s supposed to provide protection and should stay on. Also, when you click a link, it blocks access to it a lot of times when it’s on. You then have to logout of the VPN to access the website you’re trying to link. Also, very annoying. Would be 5-star if it would stay connected and allow access when trying to access other sites.

- Very ish

You have to pay to install after a trial and if you want to watch something you have buy to watch it when it is a free link. I don’t like this app and I connectivity issues too. Thanks for the suggestion but absolutely not this app is terrible!


Garbage app

- Getting better

I really like the App, however, can you do anything about the “CAPTCHA” popup that appears when you try to do a search. It thinks I am a dark web attacker. App sometimes fails to appear until you open the app and click on the start button. Even then takes sometime. Now been a couple of years using this VPN. Still has the same issue. You get an update and the issue seems to be fixed. Then another update and the VPN fails to start until we click the App. Very frustrating. At least the CAPTCHA crap has mostly gone away - mostly.

- Qjwhshab!



Tried the free trial. Cancelled before they would charge me 40$ a month or whatever and STILL GET CHARGED!! FILED COMPLAINT, AND STILL WAITING ON COMPANY TO REFUND ME MY MONEY!! Horrible..absolutely..worthless..👎🏾

- I tried for ROBUX

I just wanted ROBUX!

- awesome app

Recently recently installed Norton vpn with Lifelock’s definitely a life saver. Especially when Identity Fraud is going on , you want to be protected in all areas of your personal information online technologically. Via Phones, IPads, tablets, etc. when identity theft are taken place you will get alert . The only problem I have is when Vpn are on , you can’t go on certain website I like I had to turn off the vpn to go into a particular shopping website.Otherwise it will be an excellent app. Norton team will do their best to protect your identity..So far so good no complaints...


Can You fix it so It’ll work on netflix, i wanna watch a movie in hong kong but it knows i’m using this app! Plz Fix

- Good to go

Yes there were some minor glitches and yes there is nothing perfect in this world. So stop complaining and get on with your life. (For the people who want to give it two stars or tree let me tell you this, it is damn hard work what these behind the scenes guys do. Give them credit. Let them know if you have issues and they will fix it for you. It works great once the glitches were ironed out by professionals.


Horrible... I try to watch a movie and this keeps popping up... I swear to god I will do whatever I can to stop this... HORRIBLE

- Déconnexion

Au genre 5-10 min le VPN ce déconnecte et le réseau wifi aussi c’est vraiment insupportable


A smart application to ensure safety while online.

- Stealing my money

I didnt have this app in my phone and take money from me

- Great if it would auto start

On a PC you have to manually turn it on every time you start the PC. It also drops off on the phone. Otherwise okay.

- Simple to use

Definitely a very easy to use app for added security. Some issues with sites that will not load because of the VPN operating in the background and have to remember to re-engage the VPN App after going to a site that didn’t allow it.

- Bottom tier vpn

The app does what it’s supposed to I guess? But compared to other VPNs it’s one of the worst out there. Doesn’t support torrenting or allow you to change your Netflix location to watch movies not available in your region. To me, these are two of the biggest reasons someone would buy a VPN and Norton does not offer these. Will be cancelling my subscription.

- Why???

Why did they have to ruin the app?!!!!

- Awesome

Great , although sometimes it’s hard to turn it on by clicking the button, on another note just wondering about support for smart tv’s and how to set it up on them? If possible of course?

- App with a lazy attitude

This app keeps turning off, probably to save on remote server loads; would be much more helpful to have it reconnect whenever a browsing session started or became active.

- ricky

good appa thanks

- Emergency

How do u cancel the subscription before the money is paid

- Great app but..

It is a great app but I agree with previous reviewers that it drops frequently. You always have to check that it is on when you are working on your device.


Impossible to cancel, go thru procedures online and options to turn off auto renewals arent where they say there should be; called "tech support" with language barrier after jumping thru hoops just to attain phone number, was on hold for over 10 min and was told they were having a system-wide error and cant access accounts so they cant cancel. Im sure they seen the "must cancel at least 24 hrs before renewal" part so theyre finding an excuse to hold off since it auto renews tmw. Look I know everyone needs jobs but even a guy at Geek Squad told me they should be taken to court for how corrupt their system is. Its almost 2020 and companies can still get away with this corruption?

- App

Make it free

- I need some help

So I’m currently using the free 7 days and I don’t know what settings, like the phone settings or are the settings in the app it’s self cause I’m confused!

- So bad

I just hate it,LOOK AT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE SAID! They say it’s bad,so when I was trying it I now know what they mean

- Ola

Its very ok

- Good App

Regularly turns off , Every once in awhile you need to ensure the VPN is still on, but other than that , good security. Although I wish it would allow in app ad clicking, it blocks almost all ads you click on.

- Great App

I think it is a great app. It works well on my laptop, but it disconnects very frequently on my cellphone.

- Ok, but not great

I have no problems with connectivity, it seems to work pretty well in that manner. However, I have deleted the app with great disappointment because of how much I paid for it. The problem is, is that since I started using it, my battery drains so incredibly fast! Even when I turn off the VPN... just having it on my iPad drains it at an exorbitantly excessive rate. I think I will be asking for my money back. It’s if no use to me if I can’t really use it for very long without it being connected to a power source.

- Good but glitchy

It works good and loads fast when it ‘does’ connect but sometimes ( ALOT now ) it has trouble connecting just takes a really long time and disconnects CONSTANTLY all day long and is really annoying. I’d like if it was even capable of being connected considering it has its own off and on button in settings and stuff.. I have to turn it off go use certain apps to cux the show ip does nothing but only sometimes, not constantly but regularly. And idk why but my wifi DOESNT work with this off so I basically barely have wifi unless it stays connected..

- Stay away!

Won’t run on my iPad. Won’t run on my iPhone. Won’t run on my iMac. Stay away! Exceptionally buggy.

- Don’t Download This App.

Hi, I downloaded this app to watch movies, it said I start off with a 7 day trial. But out of nowhere after the 7 day trial they charge me 60$ for a whole year without notifying me. Now I have a subscription that I can’t turn off cause it will not let me. And I can’t refund either. Pretty this this is also the problem why apple wont accept my card anymore to buy games or whatever.

- It was good

I gave it a 3 stars because it was ok but the sad thing about it is you gotta remember to turn it off sometimes to check your emails when you log in why? Because when I didn’t shut it off it showed up in a different area meaning province and it locked me out for 3 weeks. But other then that it’s good.

- Lol

Anyone else tryna get Coto movies 🤣🤣

- Ms5.

Impossible to give a knowledgeable review as this is my first VPN. But it’s satisfied me so far. Wait a minute, I meant BDSM. Oh well, still a great app.

- Consistently not working

This app consistently doesn’t start. I have downloaded it again and again thinking I might have a poor version or missed an update. It doesn’t connect and to make it worse, when I try to contact Norton I get error messages that their server is down. I would definitely NOT recommend wasting your time with this app.


I’m just doing this for free robux

- It okay

It okay I guess I just DONT want to wast real life money on this ughhh well bye -a random girl😂

- Spam mail!

I keep on receiving spam mail!

- ATTN: Developer

As a customer, I find it frustrating that you respond only to few selected issues, I'd like to see responses to some of the more concerning feedback. Like recent comments, claiming this app is doing the opposite of what it's supposed too, attracting spam and porn sites appearing all of a sudden? Also an explanation as to why customers getting charged, $59 for a 7 DAY TRIAL, for a trial that's supposedly free? Thankyou for your help.

- Eh not interested

It still gave me websites like voyeurstyles and xvideos do not search those up unless you want to play with yourself.

- Good but flawed

Like another has said. Not always reliably on and disconnects and hard to connect sometimes

- School

If you guys are using this for school and it rarely works it’s not the app it’s the school. Trust me, I use X-VPN I used to use this until my school blocked it..

- 100%

Love the app. I work internationally and the app does what its supposed to.

- Peace

The peace of mind that I have using the Norton Apps cannot be measured!!! It makes me feel like I can surf the net or do our historical research without a worry! Thank you Norton!

- Very easy to use

Now that the connection issues seem to have been solved I would definitely recommend this vpn. It has a very clean UI and can easily switch regions when you want.

- Be careful!

Be very careful with this app. It automatically enrols you and will charge your account even if you delete the app

- Hi


- ...

So I see all the bed reviews here, and I’m just here to download is app for 30 seconds for free robux

- Review

Like the program

- Very good app thanks

Very good

- Robux


- Question

I had tried your app for few days ; all looks good and connected with VPN quickly ; but just 2days before I want to subscription your App as premium it always disconnected from time to time ! And more make me stop and cancel subscription is the last day of trial, it not working at all ! When open your app start connecting then my WiFi auto disconnecting right away and I have to back connect WiFi again ; but same when try to connect vpn the WiFi list again! Please ask your tech support contact with me thanks

- Hackers.

Have daily attacks from hackers. Denying many services. One of which is connecting to VPN. Norton can do nothing to prevent this. I have many norton services. The hackers make it clear they can see my screen. Make me lose wifi password for any of my networks. Many things and norton does nothing, probably not their fault. These guys are apparently better than Norton’s.

- I actually paid for this

Constantly turning itself off, why charge money for something that doesn’t work? Idiots.

- Great

Thanks for looking out for me.

- Its a pain.

You have to login again every software update.

Libertex 📈

You can learn how to earn on the Forex market! Become Libertex client and practice trading on financial markets without risk. Get Free Forex Course!

- Total rip off

Totally a ripp off and absolutely crap

- Ok, but has an annoying feature

Drives me mad that whenever I move out of WiFi range and re-enter WiFi doesn’t reconnect; I have to manually turn vpn off and on again to connect. Have logged as an issue but I never get any feedback. Using iPhone 6s. It doesn’t just happen on my WiFi network, but also my sisters’ for which I have the password saved - I have the same issue.

- Too many ads

Why am I seeing more ads and sponsored links with content and webpages with this switched on than I used to without? Am I really protected or is this just a giant spam magnet??

- Horrible

It is horrible

- This is terrible

Do not download

- Pretty bad

I have no idea what to do

- not free

took monet from my account an no refund

- Absolute con

When trying to watch a video online I was referred to this app purchase. I straight away realised by mistake and have spent all night attempting to cancel this subscription. It is impossible. A total con. Please give me details on how to actually terminate this subscription.

- Muy lento

He probado muchos VPN y este es uno de los peores, las apps van súper lentas con el VPN en funcionamiento. Me subscribí un año por equivocación y obviamente no repetiré nunca!

- Decent VPN

I stopped using IPVanish dues to this being included in my Norton suite. The feature I would like including is the ability to add “safe” connections so I can leave the VPN switched on but it doesn’t activate if I connect to what I designate a safe connection.


Terrible app will steal your money!

- Easy To Connect

Really glad I downloaded this app. Its very easy to set up & does what it promises. Its great to know you have that added protection. Totally Recommend

- Review

Hi this app work badly

- Great App

Great APP easy to use and stable. Just one suggestion is to have for a future update would be the ability to rotate the app from portrait to landscape - this especially on an iPad where the device is normally used with landscape with keyboard. I am delaighted though with the apps functions and connectivity - works like it says.

- Good

It very good love it 💝🙏

- I haven’t seen it better

Not even downloaded the app but from what I see looks good though there is a payment that has to be payed every year

- Do not download this

If you are looking for a FREE VPN do NOT download, as it says you have a 7 day free trial and it charged me only 3 days before i uploaded this... it is very expensive. I have wasted £40 on this ‘free VPN’ and ended up deleting it because it doesnt even do the things VPNs are meant to do! So dont download this app.

- Norton is the best for me

Used norton for years with no probs

- Hola

Like si solo te lo descargas para tenet robux gratis

- Afrins

Terrible wasted all my money


When turned on my WiFi turns off. When turning my iphone 11 on it often stops WiFi loading and suggests using another WiFi. After turning vpn off it never does it again. It also keeps saying no internet connection use anther WiFi. Now turned it off and no more problems.

- Trash


- Lol

Awesome and gets me free robux ;)

- Great

Great app

- I had to pay

I tried to cancel my subscription but it wouldn’t let me now I’m charged monthly for an app I don’t even use anymore. I tried to cancel but it said I couldn’t if anyone has any advice I’d really appreciate it as I can’t afford this much a month.

- Absolute Scam

This is a scam. Do not download. They get you with a free trial and if you don’t cancel you pay £40 for a bad vpn. DONT INSTALL

- BT sport problem

Be aware that you have to turn it off when watching BT sport as BT sport requires to verify your location and norton hides it. I spoke to BT sport and they said they couldn’t do anything about it. Maybe norton and BT sport need to meet halfway.

- Nightmare products all broke

None of your products work as they should for the client. Complex config, no clear guidance end poor UX with bugs galore. Not bothered I guess since your now owned by Accenture so rep means you couldn’t give a flying ...

- On The Fence

After initial installation everything was working great then on the same day it halved the speed of my WiFi at home. Next day it would not connect to my home WiFi so after resetting and rebooting everything involved it did connect and seemed to be working great, then same scenarios happened halved speed then not connecting. Even though it was easy to connect etc and the price seemed fair, I think it’s a VPN I won’t be using and at this stage wouldn’t recommend.

- Horrible

This is the worst app ever I was looking for a good app it has so many faults and bugs and glitches all the time

- Free/ not free

I feel it should be free to have and protect but then for extra protection you should have to pay

- Hey? How is this 4 and add because I may be really close to that age but ya know


- You need to check every time that it’s connected

Have similar problems across iPhone, iPad and PC On Apple devices the VPN logo appears on the device but the personal VPN may not be connected. Doesn’t seem to be a pattern to connection/ non connection. VPN on PC often doesn’t load on start up and sometimes drops out when not in use . So far Norton have “fixed” this for me 3 times. Unfortunately there is no Kill Switch so if you using unsecured wifi you are exposed if this happens. Norton told me it was my wifi connection but I have no other problems indicative of a poor wifi connection. Works 80% of the time.

- Expensive as only one device licence

I have more than a single Apple device and am surprised I can’t share it across my account. Nice program, but why can’t I share with my other devices! Ok it’s just one licence which is so inappropriate for software linked to a user. Also, why then do you only allow to buy from expensive trial subscription - when cheaper options are advertised. Sort out your offer and try and encourage use, not just make a short term profit.

- Me Azeez Akanbi DENDE-RAJI


- Hey

Who else is here from the free AirPods thing? 😂

- Waste of time

I downloaded thinking it’s from norton biggest mistake of my like. So slow can’t change the region with out thenn

- I have to pay

Ayyyy ar ayyyyyy ar hhhhhh

- I have a Subscription but cant get this to work on IPad

Update - needed to find a WiFi with a secure VPN to use in order to get this app to get past the login page to be able to access my account and complete setup. Given that already had a VPN on my iPad I find this hard to understand. Anyway will continue to monitor for any other issues. Updated to 3 stars for now. Previous review: “I have a Norton 360 (10 licences) package (registered through my GMail not Mac account). It’s supposed to include secure VPN but for whatever reason secure VPN won’t work on my IPad. Just sits and spins when trying to log into my account - hence 1 star. Have left more feedback over on the Norton Security App page on this. Not too happy right now as it feels that I’m having a constant struggle to make Norton Product's work these days.”

- Best app

Best app ever it is my favourite app on my phone get the app NOW

- Grr

Problems downloading

- Pretty good

A VPN seems more necessary and I have been a Norton user for decades. I chose their VPN for believe it or not 10 devices. On the W10 desktop it seems to interfere with gmail connectivity so I have stopped that VPN, the router is password protected so doubling the encryption seems futile. The trouble with Norton is that they never tell you which services are unnecessary! One other problem is on the iPad Pro, VPN always shows on the status bar but the VPN app sometimes shows it is switched off. Norton Chat service suggested it was a glitch in the app, to remove and reinstall and see how it goes. What holds sway seems to be that VPN shows. Other iPads and three iPhones are functioning normally with their VPN. I am glad the family devices are covered. TL Norfolk UK

- Van

I hate this app it should be banned

- Freezes my internet connection

Had to remove this several times where the data connection just locks. This is a real pain especially when driving using Google Maps. Had to stop several times to remove the VPN to get the maps working again

- Review

So expensive don’t buy it’s a rip off

- Cancel

I seen 7 trail I hit by accident and cancelled subscription and still took money out of my account I seen today now I have pay for 1 year and didn’t even sign in with email and can’t get refund.

- Why u neeed to flipping pay for this thing


- Dreadful

Slows everything down to an intolerable level.

- Love it

Love it

- Yeet


- No good mate

Does not work AT All

- Not bad

It’s not bad

- Not bad

Not a bad product but is a battery killer when using it. Norton needs to work on this program so it doesn’t drain the battery so quickly.

- Refund

Hey I accidentally subscribed to a payment of $46. Can I get a refund??

- Question

I downloaded the app. It says that it wants me to get a subscription. Can you still use the app without a subscription because I can’t get out of the page without having to subscribe

- Great Improvement

I had previously used the Secure VPN feature but had a few issues with it to the point I cancelled the subscription. I was extremely happy with my other Norton products and decided after a year or so to give it another try. Well, it was a great decision as to the improvements made since then have resolved the previous problems. Now I have the complete Norton package giving me total ”Peace of Mind” I'm safe online.

- Waste of time

This app caused all my other apps to not be able to access my home WiFi, resulting in them all trying to access my mobile data and my data usuage to spike until I worked out why and deleted it!

- Terrible

Just wanted to get a game mod turns out you get the app for free but 50 dollar subscription WTH

- Garbage

This is garbage. This does not work on iphone. The app is unable to add VPN configurations.


Got stuck in China and needed a VPN. Secure VPN works well. Ideally I should of set it up before I left Australia.

- Make it free

I am a kid and i don’t steal my mom and dads credit card in fact i don’t even live with them so can you please make it free

- 😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬


- Great app - does drop out and slows significantly in evening.

We use it purely from security perspective. Love it but some improvement and advanced security features on VPN server side and or end point would be good. - Internet Security Gateway on VPN server side such as URL inspection and warning if site has security issues - Speed is usually great but some times local servers slows down and is slower then overseas server which didn’t make sense to us. - drops out - or doesn’t connect some times, and no warning when drops out. - when phone screen if off - cuts out - explanation on how a permanent VPN could be set would be great. Many Thanks.

- Rubbish

I have this on my iPad and iPhone. Can’t send mail with it switched on with the iPad, can’t use the banking app on my iPhone. Lots of trouble. Uses heaps of power. Norton say that it doesn’t really use lots of power, it just shows that because of the way the iOS system measures it, but it does. I used 75% of the battery in one day with this on, normally it takes 3-4 days to drain the battery.

- Security App

Great Mobile Friendly App.


This is so annoying it’s free to download but you actually have to pay for it and keeps popping up whenever I want to watch drama in a site like what the heck I dont have the money to pay for it I can’t either ask my mom for it so now if I dont download it I can’t watch forever unless I download it ughhhh

- Norton security


- Connection issues

This product has a lot of connection issues can spend up to 20 minutes trying to get a connection to a sever. If I hadn’t all ready paid for it I would have moved to another product.

- Just for astroneer

I just got this to verify iosloaded but i have to say this is bull


after advising you of my issues last week and emailing you Twice, but never got a response I tried downloading again and paid another $45.99, but again it's not working on my iPhone, this is so frustrating as I have now lost over $90. Every time I open the app it tells me to put in my username and password, then it tells me I already have a subscription until 20 April 2020, and then it freezes and doesn't go any further. either you help me or I want my money back please, i've paid twice for a yearly subscription that does not work on my iPhone 6

- Fuja!

Tentei cancelar a assinatura desde a primeira semana após ter solicitado o período de teste! Não consegui e o pior aconteceu! US$45,99 pra conta deles!

- Connectivity problems

It used to just work, but recently iPhone and iPad often needs VPN to be reset when starting to use the device Settings says it is connected, but it is stuck in connecting mode. Have to turn VPN off in settings to reset. A fiddly procedure that is not easy for naive users

- Cancel my auto renewal

I want to cancel my auto renewal I keep getting charge I do not want this product Assist me in this please

- It not helped

It doesn’t allow me to download without sending me some useless add and when I pay for something I pay for good service

- No longer works

I have been using this app for some time and all was well until you updated. Now nothing works at all. I log in and then get blank screen. I have uninstalled and reinstalled still no longer works on iPad Pro. Frustrating waste of money!

- Very annoying

There is something wrong with this app I go to sign in and all I get is a blank page. When I sign in on the website it’s fine. Very annoying

- It is still good

Been using the app for 2 half years, now and then it has its glitches with updates it sorts itself out. Had problems when I brought an iPhone X Connecting to other secure wifi connections all good now.

- Latest update is rubbish

Used to work well but now it’s hopeless. Won’t turn off when you hit the off button and you have to delete the app to get out of the VPN. Also, region selection is in unreliable and often even though you select the country you want it randomly selects some other country. They stuffed up a good product

- Region select

I use VPN on my laptop and iPhone. No issues at all on my laptop - is stable and works as advertised. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for my iPhone. While stable I have problems selecting my preferred region when overseas. The program keeps reverting to auto-select and selects the country I’m in. Gets very frustrating trying to select my home country. When it does finally change, works well

- Very effective. Worked every time. Perfect for business in china

Travelling through china. Connection was quick and easy

- Don’t wast your money on this.

Still does not work properly. More trouble than it is worth.

- Worked for a little while

Worked great for a month. Now has locked up. It’s happy to tell you you are not protected but you can’t turn it on.


Make system too slow need lots of improvement

- Gulliver

The new VPN app took a couple of days to work on my iPad, now OK. Still not working on my iPhone.

- Can not make it work for my Ipad pro after update version 3

I could not pass first screen of agreeing privacy n term of use.

- Unstable

The app is just getting worse and is now totally unusable. It stay connected for seconds and then drops out. In order to use my iPad I have had to turn it off

- VPN has been killed

The latest iOS update (12.0.1) has effectively killed the VPN. It removes the VPN switch in settings and wifi VPN can’t turn on.

- Norton review 1

On iPhone 6, VPN does not stay connected, despite VPN being set to "on demand". Always dropping out so not a functional program on iPhone 6.


The app was great. The last month the vpn wont connect and constantly is asking you to connect even though if already prompted it to

- Can’t unsubscribe?

I missed the window that says Settings when I first registered and now I can’t find Account Setting anywhere in this App. I travelled to Japan and it could never connect. Need to unsubscribe it ASAP but can’t?! Someone needs to clarify this. Dont recommend.

- Rubbish - Does not work

I installed this on my iPhone8 while on a trip to the USA so I could safely use public Wifi. It never worked at all and always issued warnings when not relevant. Don’t waste your money!

- Review

Same as viewvank , keeps dropping out and I have to manually reconnect all the time

- Makes connections slow

I though this would be great but it makes my connections so slow that they constantly time out making it next to useless. Please fix this as I can’t use this until you do

- Not so hot anymore

This used to be great. I mean I didn’t really strictly speaking need it, but it gave me peace of mind and it worked well. I had it on both my iPod touch and my iPad logged in on both all the time. Then last week I got an iPhone 8 Plus and I had to take it off the iPod and install it in the iPhone. From that moment on I had to constantly log in on one device or the other it wouldn’t have VPN on both all the time, and it wasn’t just a matter of turning it on or off but using the password all the time. Plus with it on the iPhone I found I could not get the phone to operate on wifi, it couldn’t update, it couldn’t connect to apps or online, nada. I turned it off and problem solved. There’s not much incentive to turn it back on, I tried putting it on the phone while I was out and it wouldn’t connect. Now my iPad won’t work at home with the VPN on. I can’t see myself renewing the subscription after its performance this week. Maybe if it returns to how good it was....

- Secure Connection

On the app it tells me that Connected Via Sydney, 02. I am on my NBN at home, and the location says I’m in Sydney, NSW, Australia. I live in North-East of Victoria. A town called Wodonga, Victoria, Australia. How can this be secure if it says I’m located in a different town and state??

- Overseas VPN

Norton’s WiFi security is great for airport and hotel protection overseas

- Inconvenience VS Peace of mind

When I first installed this app I had a peace of mind. However as days went for some reason the VPN won’t allow me to connect to the internet and it has become very inconvenient. Even if I wanted to use apps, Facebook, YouTube or browse the internet I had to turn the VPN off. Defeats the purpose really.

- Love the security but...

Great app from company with terrific reputation - gives sense of security on wi-fi, but annoying that I often have to re-connect. Would be good if it could somehow stay connected at all times.

- no log?

nord says its a no log app could you please clarify nord's statement to viewvank:the app will monitor data going from & to the device on which the app during vpn activation? thanks

- John

Brilliant! Easy to use,safe and secure.

@Norton hola dos preguntas:PRIMERA PREGUNTA como se puede desintalar mi producto norton 360 deluxe de mi pc y de m…

ノートン「セキュアVPN」の記事を作成しました。 フリーwi-fiを安全に利用する時に、便利なサービスですので読んでいただければ幸いです。 #記事更新 #ノートン #セキュアVPN

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@NortonSupport i have norton 360 standard. every time i try to turn on vpn, a message appear saying secure vpn expe…

@KomDigit: Working remote due to the coronavirus? Norton 360 with LifeLock Select AntiVirus protection for your PC, smartphone, tablet ✅…

@KomDigit: Working remote due to the coronavirus? Norton 360 with LifeLock Select AntiVirus protection for your PC, smartphone, tablet ✅…

Working remote due to the coronavirus? Norton 360 with LifeLock Select AntiVirus protection for your PC, smartphone…

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Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN 3.3.8 Screenshots & Images

Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN iphone images
Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN iphone images
Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN iphone images
Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN iphone images
Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN iphone images
Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN iphone images
Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN ipad images
Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN ipad images
Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN ipad images
Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN ipad images
Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN Productivity application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN Productivity application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN (Version 3.3.8) Install & Download

The applications Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN was published in the category Productivity on 2016-06-13 and was developed by Symantec [Developer ID: 355033599]. This application file size is 184.51 MB. Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN - Productivity posted on 2020-02-24 current version is 3.3.8 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

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