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NEW! Now you can battle other Pokémon GO trainers online! Try the GO Battle League today.

Join Trainers across the globe who are discovering Pokémon as they explore the world around them. Pokémon GO is the global gaming sensation that has been downloaded over 1 billion times and named “Best Mobile Game” by the Game Developers Choice Awards and “Best App of the Year” by TechCrunch.

UNCOVER THE WORLD OF POKÉMON: Explore and discover Pokémon wherever you are!

CATCH more Pokémon to complete your Pokédex!

JOURNEY alongside your Buddy Pokémon to help make your Pokémon stronger and earn rewards!

COMPETE in epic Gym battles and...

TEAM UP with other Trainers to catch powerful Pokémon during Raid Battles!

It’s time to get moving—your real-life adventures await! Let’s GO!

With the player’s permission, Adventure Sync uses the Health app to enable the player to earn walking distance when the app is closed.

- This app is free-to-play and offers in-game purchases. It is optimized for smartphones, not tablets.
- It is recommended to play while connected to a network in order to obtain accurate location information.
- Compatibility is not guaranteed for devices without GPS capabilities or devices that are connected only to Wi-Fi networks.
- Compatibility information may be changed at any time.
- Information current as of July 11, 2019.
- Compatible with iPhone® 5s / SE / 6 / 6s / 6 Plus / 6s Plus / 7 / 7 Plus / 8 / 8 Plus / X devices with iOS Version 9 or later installed.
- Not compatible with 5th generation iPod Touch devices or iPhone 5c or earlier iPhone devices.
- Please visit PokemonGO.com for additional compatibility information.
- Compatibility is not guaranteed for all devices.
- Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically reduce battery life.

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Pokémon GO Comments & Reviews

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- Horrible Lag

This game has an absurd amount of lag. The new PvP system is extremely unfair to players who have less time than grinding in game currency all day and have almost no true way to progress out of being a punching bag and lag blocked. There is also times when lag is the winning factor of a match. The absolute worst PvP experience of any Pokemon game with no interest in balance. The stronger Pokemon are the ones that have a soft paywall on them, making this game very pay to win. Truly shameful experience, would not recommend to any new players until they fix their game.

- No Signal?

What’s going on with the GPS signal lately? I can’t even play because it takes 5-10 min to establish a connection, I live in Dallas so there isn’t any reasons why I shouldn’t have a good connection. My wife and I play this game pretty much every day but lately it’s been more a burden, please fix this or tell me how I can !

- The best game ever

This is my new favorite game it’s awesome I would play it every day cus I do ;)

- Dear Pokémon go

If you ever keep me from battling because of a stupid legendary that I don’t want to catch I will delete the game and take my business elsewhere

- Pretty bad

Honestly, everything else is fine: it’s fun to catch Pokémon, the raids are great to do with friends, etc. The battle league is what literally makes this game unbearable to play: lagging servers, randomized matches/Pokemon, pointless shield system, a limit of only 3 Pokemon, double attacks, limited Pokemon switching, and horrible damage/type balancing all make it a horrible experience. You’ll have fun if you just do everything else and avoid the battle league. Otherwise, prepare for a world of pain, frustration, and underwhelming rewards.

- Can’t sign in

Ever since I’ve switched over from android to iPhone it hasn’t let me sign in. Through android I could sign in through my email, but now I can’t even recover my username or password. I’ve tried everything..

- Pokemon filter for distance walked

It would be “higher” if there was a filter for distance walked. Also we love what you’re doing for social distancing during the pandemic. Keep being awesome.

- I love it

I think it is great it gets people to exercise and have fun

- Cant sign in

I cant sign in with facebook or google? But my account is on those.

- Garbage

I know games are supposed to be a challenge. It’s something that motivates the player to do better and defeat the opponent or progress further. This game isn’t that. It’s just not fair. When you get further in your levels it becomes almost impossible to progress. The go battles as an example. You are only given two shields to block your opponent while they get three, also their attacks power up way faster than yours. I like That this game motives you to go out and walk and explore but there’s only so much of that you can do. Everything else is mundane.

- Amazing game, but needs work.

Niantic needs to make it easier for players to obtain shiny Pokémon. Shiny Pokémon are what you strive to get in this game. Niantic should ease up on the shiny rates but other than that it’s an awesome and addicting game to play. I travel a lot so I get to find more Pokémon and different one! Love this game and would recommend you play it too!!!

- Some little changes to the game

So I’ve been playing Pokémon go every since it came out and I have a few suggestions Number one you should make the players avatar on the map ride a Pokémon or a bike when moving to fast Number two when you battle with your Pokémon you should earn candy are 1-10 cp when you win and 1-5 cp when you get defeated Number three this one relates to number one you should be able to choose which Pokémon to ride like you’re partner or have a riding compatible Pokémon that you can ride Other then that this game is great😁

- So fun

So fun because you get exercise and get to play a game

- Infuriated

I have never written a review for a game before, however it has gotten to the point where you can’t even play league anymore with all of the bugs. You would think that the expectation would be to fix the issues within your game for the consumer. However that doesn’t seem to be a priority for the creators. If you’re reading this review I would advise you go elsewhere. It’s not worth it.

- 😫

👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 I can never catch a charmander 😤

- Terrible

It is more for younger but everyone plays, it is suppose to get people out to exercise and be able to have fun while doing it. Well then how come you can’t catch the Pokémon????? You throw great according to what it says, you use the fruit that says it calms down and makes easier to catch and you use the better poke balls and yet you still can’t catch a Pokémon!!!!! Why because they want you to waste all your items so you need to buy more these people are scammers and are taking advantage of kids who are the ones this is more made for, well what kind of terrible company would do something like this to take advantage of kids..... bad business!!!!!! Liars, cheaters and thieves...... people should throw metal balls at the creators of this game that cheats and steals from kids....

- Porquería de juego

Como es posible que se pongan a dar baneos y en las batallas son un asco no cargan o solo te destruyen a tu Pokémon deberían estar Tomar las cosas primordiales como solucionar los bugs del juego. Cada vez mal de mal en peor no tengo nada en contra de los Fly pero la verdad si no estuvieran este juego se vendría abajo. Sin ellos ustedes no comerían la verdad. Desde hoy uno menos jugando este tipo de porquerias la verdad que desilusión que se preocupen más por cazar a gente que juega pra que su juego siga en pie que ponerse a trabajar componiendo sus errores webones !!!!

- New update

New update just crashes won’t even start loading fix it I’ll change to 5 starts

- It’s fun but

The games amazing but i kept getting logged out and random Pokémon would show up when I logged back in, and I loaded it up today to find my account suspended

- The best

It’s the best game because you get to catch Pokémon and stonger

- Fix the lag when switching Pokémon in battle

Every time I swap a Pokémon because of KO or switch, there is a 5-10 second lag, causing my opponent to take out half my HP and then charge attack. Ridiculous, you make enough money to not have bugs and poor server architecture.

- Pokémon balls

Once I used all my Pokémon balls you have to buy more and I think you should be able to earn them over time or by do quests to get them.

- I can’t even sign in

When ever I try to sign in it just takes me right back to the sign in screen. No matter what I press I can sign in but it just takes me back to the sign in screen. And I just got the game. Ok so that’s all I had to say. Thank you. -Love Charlee

- I wish we could trade items with Pokémon friends

I really wish we could trade items like stones or revived or potions and Pokémon balls we should be able to trade that as well!! Please Make this change!! I play every day! And I think this would just add something even better to the game!

- From A Hype to.....

This updates make this game bad now,look u make it to walk and find new things but some places only way to travel is by car... this game is pointless now if can not give the player enjoyment,R.I.P keep given strikes to new players tbh this game become st.....

- Improvements

Why not add a shiny Pokédex so that we can track our progress?? That would make a lot of sense!


Amazingly edited and created, although it does sometimes take a while to catch them but still amazing app 😉.I love it how when u go to the mall or something there’s a a bunch of poke stops AND it’s like a Pokémon hot spot!pretty cool app 😎😉.LUV THE APP!💖💖💖💖💖

- No locations pls

Sorry im so passive aggressive my child almost could get murder with the loaction hackers could find my family now pls do this it was so fun it kept her occupied to go outside until you do this my family cant play this pokemon game

- Can’t sign in for weeks now

Every single time I try to play it keeps telling me unable to authenticate login please try again and Iv done everything and still nothing it’s been happening for weeks now

- Battle

Some people like me are not able to go outside and do raids, gyms and etc during their free time because they r kids. While battling, it gets me mad on how my opponent and my lever are different. All I want is a better way to make battle match up and easier for people to do raids even during the coronavirus.

- Competitive is unplayable

Even after numerous bug “fixes” for battling, you still encounter the same glitches version after version. freezes that benefit your opponent occur every two to three games. They never seem to benefit you. The game says weak connection on perfectly functional wifi. Overall, an unpleasant battling experience.

- What the hell

Apparently I wasted my data ! Thanks! Download this game and it’s stuck in a freaking loop! God job will not waste anymore time on this crap. And yes I uninstalled then reinstalled. FYI

- Can’t buy anything

This under my sons profile he can not purchase anything at all even with the coins provided in the game

- Amazing. Covid-19 support.

I am quarantined at home, not much to do. I watch YouTube, get bored. I log on to Pokémon go. Free battles with no walking? Yay, something to do! Thanks for helping us get through CoronaVirus Pokémon go! Niantic, gamefreak, Nintendo, and the Pokémon company are all doing great and have made a great product to get me through the day. Now, instead of saying, "Another day?" I am saying, "Another day!!" Pokémon go is better than the messaging and calling app, and it is more fun to use. Thanks so much! Catloverisnice

- Pokémon go

It’s the best game ever it got me out and moving

- Major Glitch

I love the game I play it all the time but I've run into a major glitch in the game where I'm supposed to encounter a Pokémon from completing a quest but my poke balls go right threw it not to mention there is no counter for poke balls remaining and I can't switch from my regular ball to a better or use berries. I love this game but, ahhhhh please fix it! The Pokémon in question was even Celebi.

- Needs more stuff

Ok fist of all I LOvE Pokémon go I just started it but I needs some updates and changes first of all we need coin gain able and make daily poke balls happen I’m very poor and have no poke balls and I don’t want to waste my cards make some videos for 50 or 5 coins each maybe make gym badges happen or simply some story

- Pokémon

Pokémon is cool but I love the game

- Been playing since it released but I HATE the remote PVP battles

I’ve been playing since the game’s release and have seen it through bugs glitches and greatness. But I’m writing this review about the player vs player battles; specifically the remote ones with random players. So far one out of every two battles have glitched in some way. This usually comes in the form of a weak connection message. Lately though, I don’t even get that. My opponent just gets free attacks and super quick charged attacks. Even when it’s empoleon vs empoleon and we both are using hydro cannon, they can sometimes use two as soon as I use my one. Lately, I go into a battle where my opponent can use two charged moves in a row, switch out a pokemon, and make mine faint before I can even get a stab move off. THIS IS INFURIATING. Especially when I clearly can end the first and hit the second with my charged I’ve been saving up. It’s utter BS and makes me not want to even try on the pvp stuff. I got to rank 8 last season and I’m on rank 4 now but with all this crap I’ve had to deal with lately I’m not even gonna try.

- Raids

I enjoy this game a great deal. It’s very therapeutic and exciting to progress but the issue I have are lack of players. I can’t find anybody to team up with in raids, catch legendary Pokémon so I’d have to make a sacrifice and drive miles to a beach where maybe, just maybe I can find some cooperative players to help and thats a bummer.. it’s also a huge disadvantage for battle league, I’m going against legendaries beyond my hands of catching. I also don’t like how time limited you are towards raids. If I’m the only one battling or someone helps, that’s two players against a 4-5 star raid with little to no time to defeat the Pokémon. If the time is extended, or small groups are buffed towards a 15-20player recommendation, maybe there’s a chance. At this point the games too dry to have such a hard restriction on new and older players.

- Alright🤷‍♂️

Pretty fun not many complains

- Lots to improve on

Would be a higher rating but most of the lags and glitches make it hard to play competitively or casually. PvP is a joke when you have everything you need to be as competitive as possible for the meta at the time just to sit there and do nothing and lose time and time again. I have perfect signal and my WiFi is more than enough to handle this game. I’m a huge fan of everything Pokemon, but I can’t see myself playing this any longer when I’m logging on just to sit through errors and lose every match cause of lag and non responsive shields that conveniently don’t work. Fed up.

- New Phone Number

This game is the most addictive fun game I have ever played. But the Tec problems being resolved is a issue. I have to start my game over because I got a new phone number. The security code is being sent to the old phone number. Couldn’t contact no one to help fix the problem. Didn’t have anything online that could help me us well.

- Glitches and Overachievement, yet Fun

Now, before I get too far in the review, I will say I like the game. It makes me want to go outside and exercise. But parts of the game are broken. Like how I put 3 Pokémon in a gym, yet when they fainted (they were in there for 24+ hours), I was off the app and it gave me no coins. I was frustrated, and those gyms are far away from me, so after a long walk (I do it everyday,) I was drained. Another glitch is when Pokémon simply don’t get caught, and it is constantly in the ball, not loading me to the catch stats screen. As an avid 4-year fan, these glitches are getting more frequent, causing some dissatisfaction. And the challenges to maybe, just maybe, catch a rare Pokémon. And I still haven’t even finished the Mew challenges. The FIRST challenge series. Raids aren’t easy at all and in one challenge, I have to win 10. Those Ditto challenges though...those are so hard to do. What do raid Pokémon even do? But on the plus side, the game offers loads of things to do and there are many events to boost chances of some Pokémon appearing. All and all I wanted to report some glitches and things that need balancing. EDIT: Found out there was a 50 coin limit per day. Again, needs to be fixed. This is especially annoying when you’re low on supplies.

- When are we getting zorua ?

Just a question

- Bug

I updated the game recently but every time I tried to get in it logged me out. I forgot my password too so I can’t uninstall it and reinstall it.Please make another update for bug fixes.

- Great game with tiny issues

Pokémon Go is a seriously good game and is definitely worth buying! I’ve never been interested in Pokemon until I downloaded this app and drowned in the fun. No of course this won’t be a human review with some complains but the good thing is there isn’t anything big or scary like a giant bug or scam. The complaining is just minor things here and there. They could sound selfish but it will make the game a tad bit more fun! Complain 1: Character Design I’m a bit annoyed about the fact that the character design is very limited. There is only one hairstyle for male and female and almost everything cost pokecoins. It’s always fun to customize your character to look different from everyone else’s but it not exactly possible because of these problems. Complain 2: Pokestops and Potions This is maybe just me but I think it would better if Pokestops gave more potions when spun, as people can run out of potions quickly when battling in gyms, against Team Rockets etc. (This goes for the same with Gyms as well.) Also about Pokestops, it gets extremely frustrating when trying to hatch all your eggs, spinning a Pokestop and adding more eggs in the nest. If the chance of eggs from Pokestops decrease and potions increased, it would be very much appreciated! Complain 3: Cheaper Items in the Shop I’m not sure if this one was said before, but the items in the shop are ridiculously expensive. I suggest lowering them a ton as many people could not have the Pokecoins, thus having to buy with real money, making this game seem like a money-taker. Please try to lower down the shop sales. (A good example for this is that the 20 Pokeballs should not be 100 Pokecoins. Maybe 40 or 10.) Complain 4: Spoofing Now I’ve heard about this many times and I know that the creators are not a fond of it, but in all honesty is a “better” way to play. There are people, such as myself who live in places without many Pokestops or Gyms, making it extremely hard to level up while people in cities can level up no problem. I’m not saying to add spoofing to the game, but I think there should be a better balance in Pokestops, Gyms, leveling up etc. So that’s it! Now, don’t let all this complaining discourage you from downloading Pokémon Go, because you definitely should! It’s great time killer and there’s many cool things you can do! To the game developers though, please read this review and consider sweeping up these minor issues. Thanks!!

- COVID-19

With COVID-19, this app is still advertising to not socially distance. “Thundurus and Cobalion will be available as GO Battle League rewards until Tuesday, March 31, 2020, at 1 p.m. PDT (GMT −7).”

- Love it and hate it

I love love love Pokemon Go. I play all day everyday. My main problems lie with the Battle Connections, Pokemon you encounter when you win, and Eggs. The Battles freeze so often that you lose when you were going to win. The pokemon you encounter don’t filter through, so I’ve gotten 7 cobalions in a row. I dont need 7 cobalions. And eggs. Especially friend eggs. Ive hatched 11 Aerodactyls in a row. Like what?

- Frustrated and going back to Fortnite

The app keeps trying to connect; I know I have a strong data connection. It cause me to lose battles and miss stops. I go to the stops late at night, when streets are empty, to get outside and exercise. I am not able to really compete in battles or complete research. I will spend my gaming funds with Fortnite.

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- Exits out of game .

Every time I try to play with my buddy Pokémon my app stops working I’m playing on an apple mini iPad and after about 10mins it just exits out of game, even while I’m trying to catch a Pokémon it’s just quits please fix very frustrating and depressing.

- Discrimination

As a left-handed person I feel oppressed when I’m trying to through curve ball throws at Pokémon and they move over to the right side as it’s simply impossible to hit the target curving it counterclockwise. They never seem to move over to the left, especially that stupid new Solosis Pokémon. I’m tired of being at a disadvantage in society and this particular example is perpetrating that.

- It Sucks

You need an account to get in and you can’t make a account

- Not recording walking?

Love this game but for some reason it’s no longer recording my walking distance. I have an egg that’s stayed at 0km for days even though I continuously go walking every day. Please fix

- Not that great during coronavirus

How are we supposed to get outside and walk during the coronavirus? My city is on quarantine and can’t leave my house

- Love it

Amazing game love the satisfaction of the game of catching these mons please add a poke stop to every house and a gym or just add a joystick since this coronavirus is affecting the game play

- Please fix

Adventure sync keeps shutting its self off. Please fix this.

- Poop

Spawn me a charizard plz

- Big deception Nintendo you can do better

The need of data is annoying. Not being ab'e to exchange pokemon with your friend if they are not in the same place as you is really frustrating especially in a pandemic where you can't hang out with friends. If you live in the country well too bad there's no pokestop for you. That game is for people living in big town that's it. Also heavily pay to win. I didn't think Nintendo would go that low. Also if you stay home or are in a small town you will meet almost no pokemon

- Where are the pokémons?

I live a little remote from my town and there is ZERO Pokémons to catch in my area or either when we go out for a walk. No need to say,This App isn’t fun for me

- Go Battle League

Even with 0 wifi issues something always lags when I’m battling either it’s Pokémon Go trying to make me lose, or you pair me with someone from Korea while I’m in the States. Fix this lag issue maybe by pairing me with someone in my area or just delete go battle leagues because when someone gets their ability after a second and I didn’t even get a chance to quick attack it really pisses me off.

- Poop

BOO poo pee Pokémon go

- LAG!!!!

It’s overall okay, but in the go battle league there is way too much lag! Fix this ninantic because it is impossible to win!

- Login problem

In the Pokémon website it says I’m all set to play but in the app it says my account doesn’t exist

- Bug

Depuis la mise a jour pour régler des bugs mon jeu n’ouvre plus.

- Can’t Sign In after Updating

Frustrating!! After updating, I can no longer access my account. Been trying for a couple of days now. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

- You know what you did....

Let me start by saying I love Pokémon but without spoofing this games expectations are ridiculously unrealistic. yeah just walk 3-10 kilometres to hatch a singular purple egg...no gym or pokestops in your area? Oh well go to a big city, no matter how far away you are...there’s a Pokémon you don’t have at that pokestop 5 blocks down..oh it looks like the Pokémon you were tracking has fled...want a legendary Pokémon? you need 7+ people to help you take it down....and then you have limited balls to catch it with insane difficulty....so if you have now spent how ever much effort and time getting to a raid that either failed or resulted in a flee, congratulations you have niantic laughing maniacally with their pokeballs dangling on your chin.... In all seriousness why not hire a spoofer app programmer and form a partnership to make an in game feature that allows for passes to spoof to be fair to everyone and limit the passes for specific amounts of time with maybe some of the other great features in there as well because the game is so bland without it ....has so much potential I can only hope you take this half of my rant into consideration..

- So sad.

Hacked to the max.. it’s just hackers playing this game now. No funn playing this game anymore.

- Pokémon battles are unbalanced

In the Pokémon battles all I see is n thing but legendary Pokémon in low tears like it’s unfair with the fast tms and quick tms to some people people think oh this isn’t a big deal but to people who actually wanna grind to get what they want it’s unfair to those with weak Pokémon and to almost everyone that plays this game so make a proper matchmaking system to the point that they Mach your level of trainer and also level of Pokémon

- Really good game but needs some fixes

Really awesome game and I play it whenever I can but if you lose a battle against GO rocket or in the new battle mode the game will soft lock otherwise it’s a great game please fix the battle mode

- It’s Broken

On start it tells you to update and takes you to a download page and then nothing happens. Maybe the app development team are all in isolation and things won’t get fixed for awhile?

- Keeps crashing after latest update

I download the latest update and now he keeps crashing. Any one else having this problem.

- Why

Whenever I try to buy something it doesn’t let me

- Bug

Je ne peu pas acheter de poképièce et je ne comprend pas pourquoi

- Do not buy

It make you pay and all of the guy that really were right

- Something to please consider...

Please consider making ALL special items and berries available to buy in the shop area during the COVID 19 pandemic. It will help to discourage fans from going out when they should be home and it will generate revenue. It’s a win-win for all!

- I want my money back

I paid pokecoins for battle leuge then it becomes free? I beat 7 legendarys didnt catch 1 can’t progress without catching ditto ( been trying for over a year ) Dumb events and breakthroughs aren’t even worth it anymore

- Time to move on

This game was reasonable in the beginning. The usual glitches but it got me walking and enjoying the gym battles and catching. Then came the gym defender nerf, been catching pretty much the same Pokémon for two years and the big change pvp. The latest move has meant raiding is pretty much dead. The game is very much monetized now with Pokémon locked behind paying money or pvp battles. If you frustration this game is for you. Be prepared to spend money as well!

- Battle mechanics are awful

Half the time when I press the charged move it doesn’t work and the opponent destroys me while I’ll try to tap it, fix it.

- Covid 19 update

When are you going to make it able to play at home so we don’t spread covid 19

- Crashes with zoom enabled message

I'm getting random crashes where the app just closes itself and flashes the "zoom enabled" dialog - regardless of whether I actually have zoom or not Mar 24 - Still crashes this way

- Always Crashes

Can’t play more than 10 seconds without crashing. Wanna battle but I can’t. Please fix.

- March 24 2020

I just updated the app and it crashes right away.

- Log in

When u first get the game make sure u can log in with gmail not the trainer club

- My email doesn’t work

My email will not work ever

- Poke balls

I always run out of balls and can’t catch Pokémon and I am in quarantine and can’t get them now

- Keep coming back

I have downloaded this game around 4 times. I live in a very rural area and do not get many Pokémon near me which is a bummer but this game is very fun when you are in towns or cities. Would like to suggest that more Poké Stops and Gyms are added to rural areas to make it more available for people who do not live in cities. Overall good game.

- Great game!

Love that you can choose buddy’s in this game. Except for the fact that spoofs have been added, I really enjoy the gameplay. If your screen says Network error, you may have internet issues. The spoofing hack that someone created, collects your private information and can cause the game to crash, so do not install spoof unless you want to take the risk. There are many in app purchases FYI. If your game is crashing, try restarting the device, it worked for me! For people complaining about that people die playing this game, i know it’s sad but most of times people died because they where looking at there phones while on the roads.

- Not bad

Need to fix Pokémon encounters dudes. Otherwise pretty good in general 👍🏻

- Turn off phone for 1 hr to fix issue

I turned my phone off for about an hour (during dinner time). Turned the phone back on and PoGo works again. So if the game won’t load, turn off your phone for a little while.

- App is broken

Last update broke the game, it keeps crashing, and it’s been weeks and still broken.

- Bad update

Updated now won’t even let me login, crashes every single time 😡

- Big fan!!!!

Thank you for taking out the walking for GO battle League

- Battle sucks

Fix the battle system. I am tired of losing to lag.

- Can’t download

First of all I can’t download pokemon go on my iphone 6 but i can download on my IPhone SE so please fix it fyi

- Awesome plus update ideas

Duo battles were a staple of Pokémon games it would be awesome to be able to battle online maybe restricted to ultra friends or great friends. Also, more fast moves and charge moves could make the game more interesting. Finally please make it optional to catch the Pokémon after a 4 win streak in battles I always surrender 2 battles to avoid using all my poke balls. Thx!

- Good

It’s a great game for what it is. If you’re going to complain then don’t play it

- to Gamer Girl_XXX

You also need to open the health app and set it up. You have seething to enable for Pokémon go in the actual health app... If it’s iPhone, settings - privacy - health Settings - privacy - motion and fitness. Both have a Pokémon go setting. You might also need to create a Profile id in the health app though

- Please make offline version

Pokémon go needs data and I can’t get data so it doesn’t work soi can’t get Pokémon and I live near Owen sound Ontario and there’s no Pokémon in chatsworth

- Way better in 2016

Since the start of 2017 this game has been getting worse and worse by the week please fix that I am really hoping for a comeback somewhere in 2020 unless I am quitting

- Can’t log in

Ever since the last update I was signed out & now can’t sign in. I’ve tried everything and it simply won’t let me. I than go to the can’t sign in link & it tells me I don’t have internet, so I can’t even message tech support. No matter if I’m on wifi or not!

- Unable to sign in?

Desperately seeking help signing in as the sign in contact page just reroutes back to the FAQ page. Unable to sign in, the app is telling me the user does not exist, but I have had an account since 2016. Would appreciate someone contacting me thank you

- Beyond Level 40...

I know that lots of events have occurred and new things have been added. Plus Pokémon Go has adjusted due to the Coronaviris, which is great. However, Niantic, when are you going to let trainers continue on below Level 40? So far I see the only benefit is a sense of achievement, one receives a lot of items then one gets to nominate Pokestops. So I collect more new Pokémon when they release them, collect stardust but now should I just not care about XP? If I earn XP now what’s the point if it doesn’t go toward my level? So Niantic, this is the one thing you need to work on. I don’t even mind if you make it some quest I have to do in order to go beyond Level 40. Just think about it and make it happen, so you can actually keep you Level 40 Trainers in this game, otherwise why should they bother?

- Lack of Pokémon

You would think you would update your Pokémon that you receive for the battle more frequently as you battle and keep catching the same Pokémon for a reward, you eventually start to lose interest in the game as the Pokémon are the same majority of the time, update new Pokémon on a regular basis to keep people interested! As I’m at the point of leaving it all together

- Samsung S20

Game keeps freezing with new update, can’t even click a Pokémon without the whole game freezing - missing out on the event

- 5/5

This is the best game I ever played it is so good I can’t stop playing it and I play every day.

- Amazing! Great updates!

Wow... this game has improved so much since it’s release, with raids, go battles, a better buddy system and all 5 generations! I look forward to gen 6. I love the friend system, sending gifts and trading is really helpful! Comparing the app from 2016 to 2020 now? Massive improvement and I never get bored. I also appreciate that the devs are giving out free items because of the corona virus and that we have to stay in quarantine. They really have put so much work into this game even though there aren’t as many people that play as before. Recommended for everyone all ages, now GO and have some fun!

- Special research

Great game but I think it would be great to be able skip special research tasks if you need to


Go Battle League makes me want to kill myself.

- Amazing


- Update needs access to your Google account

Why? wants to use my google sign-in, to share information about me! No thanks bye

- Upgrade for Rural towns?

Pokémon go is really fun! I love this game & have had it since release. Maybe better Pokémon to catch would be fun and the chance to catch something to defeat the 4&5 star gyms.. Going to bigger towns you see the difference of the Pokémon you catch, they’re bigger and better & more options to catch. I feel like I’m missing out every time I see what others catch

- Feedbacks

This is the best game ever but I wish there was a way to get a better starter pack From Henry Walker E

- Hey can you bring more Pokémon

Can you please make shed ninja become available again please i never got one

- Crashes

Between 10 to 20 minutes every time I’m on line the app will crash I’m using a iPhone 6+

- Poor server

The weakness of the game company is its poor server, which always waste lots of time for it to load. The situation becoming worse when it comes to go battle: my internet could support watching HD video smoothly, open new page in browser in a second and the game always tell me the internet situation is poor? There are more and more stuffs we need to pay in the game, but the money is not used in the right place.

- Best game ever but one request

It is one of my fav games in the world I love pokemon so much I have over 10000 Pokémon cards but there’s just one thing. Don’t take it personally but you guys need to add mega evolutions Becuase I want and want everyone to have a full pokemon adventure experience. Newbie or old player

- Love the game but...

The game is really fun! Tons of things to do and you can get really fit. Unfortunately, my acc was lost and every time I try to log in, it never works. It always says that I can’t log in. Please help me. My user name is hinhgirl and I lost lots of legendary Pokémon I grinder for :(

- Can’t even ply it

I’m trying to make a Pokémon Account it’s always a error fix it

- Covid-19

During outbreak, please double distance from which you can access pokestops and gyms.

- App malfunction

Since latest update has been installed I have been unable to open my app

- I want more cool updates

I like the updates but I want more.I want updates like trees all around and more shiny.Shiny Pokémon’s are rare but I want more because they don’t appear that much and I want more shiny Pokémon.I’m looking forwards to the updates.

- Help the Map

I reckon this game is great, but just needs a little bit more on the map. You should introduce seeing where everyone is, or who is battling down ur gym

- Pika

I love Pokémon go so much

- This is a GREAT game

I love this game because you can adventure in real live then use AR+ to se it in real life! I also like the community days they have. Although it had been postponed for abra witch I can understand why (by the way you could just have incense com day)

- Not working

Since the latest update the game won’t load up anymore, are you able to find the issue and fix ASAP thank you

- Love the game but

Please make it so that it doesn’t need wifi to play. It may sound odd but I don’t have data. And many don’t get the point of the newish buddy system. Please fix

- Why did you cancel lugia?!

I can see why lugia was cancelled for raids but i see no reason to cancel for go battle league

- It’s good but needs NO UPDATES!!!!!

It’s good but for the updating part it’s a bad thing. Some people like me can’t even update it so I can’t play it anymore! I’m so sad because Pokémon go is so fun! But I was thinking of deleting it but I thought to myself maybe if I leave it for a while I might be able to play it but I don’t know yet.....tears. So I’m gonna find out later Bye!!!🧐😎🙂

- Help

Since the latest update I can’t open it on iOS

- Recent update is glitchy

Just done the recent update and can’t load the app opens up and then closes it self off

- Boring

This game has become stale not enough new release Pokémon plus people cheating in pvp how are you supposed to unlock the rare Pokémon when people seem to be getting 3 shields ist just getting frustrating and just becoming money hungry for content

- This Game is great

Absolutely love this game I got loads of shinies and loads of ledgendarieshshshszbshdhdjsshvhzhsvsvsbsvshshshshshShegbBshwbvzbx

- Unstable platform

Constantly crashes and support is horrendous

- Game is fun!


- FIX THIS!!!!!


- I couldn’t login

I couldn’t login to my google account it was a good account.

- Hate it

Why do u ask u parents to check email I have no parents I am orphan

- Good game with issues

Good game but weak connection issue in PvP needs to be sorted. It has cost me several wins in battle league.

- Eggs

One thing I love about this game is the idea of eggs and hatching rarer Pokémon the more you walk, however it’s very annoying when every time I hatch a 2k egg I just get another one. I hope in the future you could add a way to delete eggs you didn’t want. This would make eggs so much better in my opinion

- This is the best

I got so many Eevees this is the best game ever

- 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

I don’t know how to get on to this game.🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

- Missing pokecoins

This game was fine until now, I’ve purchased some pokecoins 100 at a time and noticed after every second/third purchase 100 coins go missing, NOT HAPPY That I’m being RIPPED OFF! Give me a real person to contact and not your stupid bot! And fix this issue! And don’t tell me to reload as reloading game doesn’t fix it.

- It’s good but there’s something I am struggling to do!

It’s a great game but I am struggling to walk! When I tap where I want to go it just goes the opposite way it’s really annoying because when I’m about to get there it takes me back to the place I already was at so please fix that but it is a really good game!😃

- Garbage

Total garbage. I logged in to see the same silhouettes of Pokémon I was catching 12+ months ago. Why not invest some of those billions back into this beloved franchise?

- Pokémon missed

I had the best Pokémon but my mum deleted and I don’t know my password please add another way to sign in please!

- Good game

This is a really good game and I’m a fan of Pokémon but somehow I can’t use the incense? It leaves me on a screen with the incense and a green background. Pls help. I’ve tried tapping and everything, nothing worked.

- .....

It won’t work

- Not Happy Jan !!!

I don’t have a Facebook account! So how do you suggest I long into my account .

- Adventure sync/Walking

Please please fix this as it disables automatically and the eggs are not hatching as it is not enabled and it is always without our knowledge!!!! When we can’t walk around much at the moment and wonder why it’s taking days to hatch a 2 k egg and we look and that little circle doesn’t have a tick in it... it’s more frustrating than having no toilet paper!!! Can you please fix this. Please.

Payoneer 💰

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- Ok boomer

Can’t even get in to the game

- Literally unplayable!

Because of the Kung Flu Silent Killer Boomer Remover...

- ?

Honestly this is a fun game but stop making accounts get banned what if you think there using a spoofer but actually it might just be one realitive lives in one place and then they both use the same account my brother was sad that he saw the ban warning😒like that’s messed up

- Great

The app is great but the think you should be able to give coins in gifts.

- The best game ever

This game is so awesome and so much fun i can’t wait to just wake up and start playing it’s so addictive

- They GOTTA fix the lag

An all around wonderful pokemon game, but easily the biggest issue is if you’re a competitive player looking to test your skills in the Go Battle League. The lag is absolutely infuriating, and will cost you a game at the seemingly most inconvenient of times. It almost gets to the point where you don’t want to play it anymore

- I can’t sign in

The thing is I can’t sign in it’s hard and I don’t have a niactic kids acct but I am a returning play but I didn’t have to have a tribe about 4 years ago I DONT LIKE POKÉMON GO ANYMORE

- :)

Iplay it greatly

- Empty Map during COVID-19

Was super excited to start playing in Nashville when I moved there, been playing in Chicago and I’ve loved it. But especially during a time like this I’m not excited to play because my neighborhood has NOTHING in it stop or gym wise within a 15 minute walking distance. There needs to be more on the maps in smaller neighborhoods.

- Nothing in my city

I was really excited to finally hop onto Pokémon Go and join the following. Unfortunately there is next to nothing in existence in my neighborhood in Nashville.

- 4 Stars

I like it but the point that you have to drive other places just for pokèballs

- Could Be better

Pokemon Go is a great game but Go Battle League is horrible, it will continue to lag no matter what internet you are in saying “Weak connection” it cost me tons of battles. The lag makes Go Battle league not playable anymore

- Help!

Yesterday the app was working perfectly and now, today, ever time I go to open it it shows the Niantic screen and then closes. It won’t open and now it missed tracking my morning bike ride to hatch my eggs!! Please help!! I deleted it, reboot my phone and then redownloaded and the same thing occurred... don’t know what else to do!

- I love it♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

I love it♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

- Bad

the game has many flaws with the internet

- Battling

I think the battling is ok in the game. Not the best. I think you guy should get pokemon go, but battling is ok. I recommend you battle to see if it is good.

- Bullspit mechanics

The catching Pokémon is fun and carefree. This app is fun unless you start battling in the arenas. Unfair lagging every time you try to attack. Inadequate timed-responses when blocking. Horrible fighting style mechanics, it always impedes on winning and ACTUALLY ENJOYING THE GAME. Deleted the app because I hate unfair advantages the app gives all my opponents to win. Not worth the time, horrible game with no way to win except being lucky. This can rot in Hell

- The game has come a long way BUT!!!

Pokémon go started with so many issues that most people quit after a few week to months. It has since gotten a lot better with more interactions and missions to complete. However, there are a few issues I would like to point out. After level 32, most of the fun missions the game starts you off with are completed. You are left fighting Giovani each month and some rotating special research you get from pokestops. Add more field researches to make it fresh and fun again. My other issue is that during this PANDEMIC, most of us are not able to or are restricted from going outside to walk our buddies or to hatch eggs. These are two of the fun and integral aspects left for someone that has completed the field researches. PLEASE COUNT STEPS WALKED AROUND/INSIDE our homes towards hatching and buddy hearts. The last issue I have is that I live in an area where the closest pokestop is four blocks away. Can you please cover some of your gaps or zones where there aren’t pokestops close by. I will request a pokestop closer to my home when I am level 40 but in this global issues I hope you BECOME MORE ACCOMMODATING TO THOSE WHO ARE ACTUALLY QUARANTINED OR COMPLYING WOTH SOCIAL DISTANCING.

- Fun in theory

Fun in theory but their new battling systems is AWFUL!! Moreover, NIANTIC offers their users zero support when reporting bugs. I have been playing for over 3 years and am discontinuing because of NIANTICs inability to fix known bugs in their system that hinders players experience.

- Bad update

Whatever the newest update was that I had to do yesterday didn’t work well. I can’t open game now to play it. Any help in this matter is appreciated. Thanks



- mad

I was trying to spin a pokestop and when i tried to spin it , it said try again later.

- The best

This game is the best game I ever played highly recommend to play it all day long and I have a really good experience that I will be playing for a long time.

- Pls

Pls make it easier to catch reward Pokémon for breakthroughs and battles.

- Covid19

Now with covid19, please allow us to move around the map without physically moving. At least for the next few months. Perhaps people will be back and start the game and enjoy the new features. I have been playing Pokémon since forever and its almost the only game that i play. I want to contact you via email but wasn't sure how.

- It doesn’t work after update

I’m so sad that it keeps crashes immediately right after loading page... the recent update made this happened... please resolve this problem!😢

- Great game but needs a couple fixes

Edit: The second round of the battles are worse than the first round. In the 1st rounds I could go anywhere between 2-3 and 4-1. This current round I can’t really win more than 2 battles. This is due to the supposedly “connection”. If I play 10 straight battles with no issues then I can go anywhere between 5-5 and 7-3 (close hard matches that I like). If it’s the supposedly “connection” it loses basically every game. Their side seems “fine” while my side seems like something is controlling it. Look into this and if players are tampering with the connection then they should be permanently removed. The game is great and a great way to get out and get some exercise. And a nice way to meet up with people with similar interests. The fixes that are needed: Actually able to spin Pokéstops (some say “try again later” or some won’t do anything and sometimes they are blank and/or nonexistent), prevent people from putting Pokémon in gyms while under attack or when a raid starts, actually count the walking distance, and do minor fixes to GPS every so often. The second main fix is the adventure sync. I can walk 3-5 miles in a day and the game only tracks only a mile or less. Even if someone has Battery saver on it should still track the distance you walk each day. Also related to this is having the option to see the option for miles instead of KM. The game doesn’t need a new Generation every few months. In a year to a year and a half, possibly. I would like to see actual patches/bug fixes as small updates and new features for bigger updates in that time frame. Not saying a new generation is bad but it tiring to get out there and fill out about half of the Pokedex at most then they release a new generation in a few months after a previous generation was released. I personally like the game compared to other games out there. Don’t know if it’s because I’m an original Pokémon fan from the 90’s or people just bandwagon from game to game (like Fortnite, Minecraft, Clash, Roblox and similar). I understand that the games have down times or might get boring for a month period but it doesn’t mean that you should follow everyone to a particular game. I play quite a few games so I won’t get bored of 1 game. Sometimes I would play game X for a few days before getting burnt out on it and then switch over to game Z for a few weeks with a little bit of game G in-between. The reason I think the numbers of players are down slightly or some is due to the decrease of rare spawns. I personally am ok with the game now because you have a variety of Pokémon spawning. You have a few rare spawns with some good evolution spawns (great stardust) and the different generations spawning. The game before was like catch a Rare spawn then the next street over catch another rare spawn (which is nice sometimes but not every 2 minutes). A few features that are needed or could be improved is: 1) limiting or completely removing the spoofers. By limiting the spoofers it means removing gyms and most Pokéstops from their games, no friends feature and limit of 20 basic Pokémon caught a day (means no 2nd or 3rd stage evolution spawns). 2) Offer discounts or promotions at different places that are Pokéstops or gyms. Most times people just spin a Pokéstop and keep going or do a battle/raid at a gym then leave. 3) Have the nearby feature but have/add the “wild” feature if you are in a busy Pokéstop area like Santa Monica, Downtown LA, NYC Central Park and so on. 4) Have raids happen at night too. Some work during the day or some people are night people and might want to get out at that time. 5) With the big events (such as Safari Zone) is have a change of place each year. I know that the Community Days are great fillers but the issue is that people can’t always take time off to go to Chicago or Japan or wherever. And let the event be held at a few parks and key places around town for a few days. 6) Weather Boosted Pokémon categories should be equal. Most times to all the time the weather boost caters to 1 maybe 2 types of Pokémon. 7) Have a chat feature. One “lobby” would be for friends and the other would be for local chat (could start out as a few block radius and could expand little by little to a whole city).

- One star until you fix adventure sync

The adventure sync keeps disabling itself. Also it only pulls from GPS data, it should also pull from my devices pedometer. I do a lot of walking in areas with no GPS signal. I have lost hundreds of kilometers due to this.

- Too many glitches in GO Battle League

For the love of God Niantic, PLEASE fix the LAGGING in Go Battle league. I don’t understand how y’all have time to bring in new features to the game, but don’t have any time to address these issues many players are having.

- Fix lagging

The game itself, when combined with discord is amazing (would give 5+ stars). Go battles are a waste of time if you don’t fix the lagging. Many of times I’ve been the definitive favorite and somehow can’t get a single fast move (while opponent gets 2 charged attacks) because you have cheaters who use airplane mode and lag the game. You block people who use spoofing apps, block people who do this too.

- Major lag and bugs when battling!

This game is awesome and very entertaining on all aspects. Can never get bored of seeing pokemon everywhere i go. Only problem is in the battling system. Too many issues with lag, freezing and registration of damage output. Battling needs fixing asap! Other than that i would've given it 5-star rating!

- To many android spoofers

Most of the people in my town spoof with android devices. You can report them all day niantic could not care less . It’s no fun anymore. There very bias and it’s impossible to get an answer from them .

- Nerd rage

The pvp is making me wanna quit the game it is impossible for someone that doesn’t play every waking hour of every day to even compete! In the last 100 matches I have lost every game it’s stupid

- This game is amazing

It is the best game I have ever played and the trading is so awesome I have a shiny charmander and the new battling people for stuff you have to give it a 5 star rating it’s impossible you won’t

- Weak connection

I was excited for battles when it was announced. However, the battles haven’t been great lately. I have been noticing weak connection on most of my battles which is not satisfying with WiFi or data.

- Team

Is there a way to change teams

- Good but bad

I wouldn’t let me log in

- Stopped working

The app ain’t opening now after the new update just happened. Can you fix that problem?

- Disappointed

I used to play this on other people’s phones and it was super fun. So I downloaded it on my phone and I set up my character and after that I’m stuck on a page with three Pokémon on top of each other and nothing would react when I clicked on it. I looked it up and found on a forum that three people had the exact same problem but there was no answer so I gave up after reinstalling it a few times. I’m really disappointed

- This app drives me insane

I rated it 2 stars because every time I do everything on it I log in and is said you don’t have a Account for it so I do everything again and the same thing happens so please fix it 😡😡😡😡😡😡

- You need to have poke balls for free

I think if you have poke balls daily that’s would Be better then having to buy poke balls which is Dome I know Trying to make money but Then people delete the game because they don’t Feel like buying poke balls

- Crashing

I play Pokémon daily but since it updated 3 days ago it keeps crashing. I open the app and then before it opens it crashes and closes.. I’m sad!

- Heartless

Usual bs

- Battle league

Fix your lagging battle league it’s pissing me off . There shouldn’t be away that I can’t attack and there able to do 5 special moves in a row

- App doesn’t open

App doesn’t run

- Niantic: Needs To Be Read

I love this app, and it could use some updates. 1. There should be pokecenters for very active people and thier Pokémon keep fainting . 2. Please make it easier to earn Pokémon coins 3. Overall, i know how much work and effort it takes to make an app, perhaps a great app like this one. But, if these things are added, you will get great reviews and can attract more players to this awesome game.

- Can’t play

I got the new update yesterday, and now it won’t open. It gets to the ship screen, and then closes. Bummer. 😡

- F**king stupid now

So I just updated the newest update and instead of fixing any bugs,it gave me a whole new bug of not letting me go in the app and immediately kicking me out.Thanks.Please do this type of update more often.Definitely makes me glad I spent money on this.

- Laggy

The game has horrible lag, especially in league battle.. worse for me than ever before. Due to this virus, they gave out a great deal at 1 coin each and since then, the game has not been fun to play. You try to communicate with them via support and it’s like talking to a ghost.

- Feeling fed up

I would’ve given the game a higher rating but I keep having to waste poké balls on legendary Pokémon that I already have now. The amount of pokeball I end up wasting ridiculous and I don’t have the option to reject the Pokémon and carry with battles. I’ve spent far more coins than I care to trying to catch another Cabolion and it’s just annoying honestly. I can’t really go to Pokéstops and refill what the quarantine and all. It’s making the game much less enjoyable for me.

- I can’t sign in with google

I absolutely hate that I can not sign in with my google account so I lost my account

- So dumb

I can’t even get passed the login part... it keeps say that I’ll get Locked out when I know that’s my account. I’ve made like 6 different accounts and none of them work! Fixed the game and make it easier to play

- No more google!!!

I sadly lost my account that was made on google and now I can’t get it back. It only uses Pokémon trainer club and niantic kids!! Three star rating.

- Not working

Hi my game keep frozen when I open it and get to the part where Pokémon are it frozen please text me back thanks

- Hope to change

Why I can’t set ‘adventure sync’ any more? According to your suggestion, when I tap ‘Pokémon go’ in the ‘Health’ of the ‘setting’, there’s no way to find ‘Turn all categories on’. Please fix it!

- Non

Pas sérieux svp un peu de civisme arrêtez l’émission de telles courriels,les gens sont confinés... c’est pas le temps de leurs dire d’aller jouer dehors. Un courriel le pare jour c comme dire que vous voulez tous nous tuer. presque de la négligence criminelle

- Useless

The game won’t load

- Frustrating Mobile Data Problem

Mobile Data works with every other app besides this so as soon as there’s no wifi the progress doesn’t save. We’ve tried everything but nothing works, very frustrating as my son loves pokemon.

- Don’t get

So stressful and it’s a big money grab and two addictive

- Pokemon go battle league need to remove

You need to shutdown the pokemon league to much hackers and cheaters for no reason my pokemon can attack for no reason and the others can attack me is call hackers and cheaters.You need to whach your system for hackers and cheaters like rattata beat a legendary pokemon who have 1478 cp and the rattata got 35 cp and beat the legendary this is a exemple how you know the different about hackers and cheaters.I deleted this app because of that and bad service.You do nothing again hackers and cheaters.You games is trash I hate your game because of that .your deserve one stars only because your are trash all of the teams .

- Why I have you 4 stars....,

I love this game so much but..... I ran out of pokeballs and please please please make the pokeballs unlimited and free another suggestion is please make it offline, once I found some Pokémon at the park but I couldn’t go because no wifi. So please make the pokeballs unlimited and free and please make the game offline, other than that can you please add more Pokémon like maybe the legendary Pokémon from the indigo league (Pokémon episodes) other than that I loved this game so much, and can we watch advertisements to get pokecoins thank you~

- App won’t open

After 6 years of playing, my app won’t open. I have tried everything. I contacted Apple and they told me there was nothing wrong with my phone, that it was the apps fault. I tried to get in touch with the app almost a month ago and never heard back.

- Awesome

It’s super fun and addictive The whole week I’ve been getting outside exercising and catching Pokémon ❤️❤️

- Love the game but...

I love the game, few minor improvements needed. My game won’t allow adventure sync so I’m walking and getting nothing for it. I’m tired of evolving Pokémon to be brought to the top. And the last one is that there should be a sort with all the forms of the Pokémon together for example Ratls and it’s evolutions all together no having Gliade separate

- Crashes on start up

New update causes app to crash on start-up

- Great game, great new content

Love this game. New content seems to keep it interesting. It’s a game for collectors and Pokémon fans. A little addictive though…

- Can't open the game anymore

Since your last bug update I can't even open the game anymore 🙄 really disappointing....

- Log in issue

Cant log in the game after updated...

- Updated and Now App won’t start...

I just updated the app and now it doesn’t work or pass the loading screening. The update was suppose to fix these bugs but it just made it worse as it was completely fine before.

- Add me as Friend

Heres my trainer code 8031 0561 3731 I need three friends for a research challenge

- Niantic doesn’t care about COVID-19

In the middle of a pandemic Niantic is shutting down the accounts of “spoofers”. Those are people who are still trying to play while they are quarantined. SHAME!!!

- Add us

Feel free to add me on Pokémon go , my trainer code is 6180 0735 6451

- Latest update crashed my game

Can’t even start the game. Power cycle didn’t work. Reinstall didn’t work. Wth?

- Bring back the old buddy system

This new buddy system does not work. I can not gain any candies from walking around and have lost the fun of playing Pokémon go.

- Go battle league

Not really good because you have a limit for battles

- Raid odds are rigged

This game is horrendous with its catch odds. Imagine throwing 15 curved great throws and it still runs. Imagine getting to a raid, lose your entire team to beat it but than after 15 great curves, it busts outta there. Get a nintendo switch.

- Battle balance are broken

Face it, your matchmaker is broken. When I started, I played in the first league with Pokémon’s of 700cp and the other one had Pokémon of 1493cp. Battle in leagues should be more balance. Why don’t you fix it and instead? What you should need to enter a battle in a league, is having Pokémon of a certain pc AND be at a certain level so battle would be more fair.

- Crashing

App crashes everytime I press “Maybe Later” when asked if I want to use AR+

- Event is Nov, 2019, today is March 19, 2020

I’d like to do the event but...

- Add support for Sign In with Apple ID

I'd like to link my account with my account, not my Facebook nor Google account, who I don't trust. Linking to Nintendo and/or Xbox/Microsoft account would be a good bonus.

- Game broken please fix

When I try to catch my first Pokémon the game puts the Pokémon inside of me and won’t let me catch one and this is a terrible game what type of game does not have someone checking these problems I will keep rating 1 star reviews until it is fixed

- The game trash

The game is so bad. It’s so boring the only reason I gave five star is the people can see this at the top

- Super gra polecam

5/5 mega polecam

- Keep crash and cannot play at all!

Love this game. But it started to crash since last week. And now it’s getting worse. Even logging inside is impossible. Can anyone help me to fix it? I’m already level 36. Should I give up now?

- Five stars Pokémon go

This is a great game but I think it takes to long to get coins.

- Sylveon + the Tao Trio

Niantic probably gets a lot of complaints about Sylveon, and I’m not surprised. Sylveon has been in most of the Pokémon games, except Pokémon Go. Though, I don’t understand why. Sylveon could be a hidden Pokémon, and you’d have to hatch it. Or, you could have Eevee as your buddy, get two hearts with it, and you could teach it a fairy-type move and evolve it. Just a thought. :) Oh, and can the Tao Trio make their debut in Pokémon Go? I like the Tao Trio, I think they look pretty cool, and putting them in legendary raids doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

- Most aggravating game ever known?

Niantic has clearly taken a great idea and ruined it for the sake of money. Typical and sad. They tell you the rules to the game and the proceed to manipulate those rules for their own gain. ie No clear logic to catching Pokémon, pushing players away from pokestops, broken battles, limiting specific resources - the list goes on. I don't expect to play this much more, it’s just an ugly pile of aggravation.

- Niantic’s true colours

Cancelled a community day due to the current global pandemic then announce a paid only event to take its place. This company doesn’t give a damn about it’s players, only the money they can make from said players. Officially done with anything to do with Niantic and their greedy/scummy ways. Glad to see your true colours Niantic. Not even a good PR team can fix this. I hope you get shut down.

- Requires internet!

Terrible for people with older devices with no cellular data and never works on cloudy days. Pokemon are so uncommon even a digglet has become rare for me

- Why, just why

It doesn’t save your account at all! When my ex-friend deleted it it didn’t save my account!!!!

- bruh

love the game, but p l e a s e change back the login info. I accidentally deleted pokemon go and now i cant log back in cause i dont remember my username OR password and how am i supposed to know my player id 😭😭😭 i used to just sign in with gmail and b oo m i was into my account

- Not fair

The rival charges faster

- Pretty fun, but too glitchy

Ngl it’s a pretty decent game, but it’s horribly optimized. Whether it be gps signal bugs, constant lag spikes, or the game just crashing all together after a few minutes. Please improve on the game’s stability as opposed to the events.

- Pokémon go

Awesome game hands down.

- BEST GAME EVER 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

I love this game so much it is so fun and can you guys please add this game in VR but different and again I love this game so so much keep it up best game ever 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

- Pretty good

I really enjoy playing the game, but the reason I rate 4/5 is just because I don’t like the fact that you can only battle people a specific amount of times; But otherwise it’s pretty good.😎

- Love it

So fun but needs less expensive things to buy in shop. Please please give more candy when transferring Pokémon. Maybe make it 50 candies for evolving final stage Pokémon

- Good game

Good game to get my kids out of the house and have fun😃

- Battle Mode BROKEN

What the hell is with this new update?! My battle keeps freezing when a new Pokémon comes on screen and even though I’m tapping I do NO DAMAGE yet my health gets HALVED!!! This is BS, fix this!!!!!! I’ve tried using my wifi and my data and the same thing happens so it’s not my connection.

- This game is broken

I’m leaving a one star bc I lost half and a bit more of my really good Pokémon’s that were very rare and legendary are all gone so there is no point in playing the game until the game is fixed with all its bugs and I can’t get my Pokémon’s back I tried signing out and back in and it didn’t help so I’m uninstalling the game for good it was fun until I lost my very good Pokémon and I’m not a hacker and that I’m a normal player just trying to have fun

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- pokemon go

i love the game but shinys are a problem some people have extreme luck and some don’t and i don’t like GBL the special attack is very delayed it’s made me loose a lot of matches but overall love the game they are the only problems

- Great game but...

Overall, Pokémon Go is a great game to play with friends and family or by yourself, but I have just one minor problem. Every time I try and buy something from the shop, it would never load and let me buy it. And it wouldn’t let me leave the screen without restarting the app. Cause of COVID-19, it’s a problem because we have to stay indoors and also I have no PokéBalls. But this is the only problem I have with Pokémon Go, and overall, it’s an absolutely amazing game!!

- Useless

This app does not even allow you to log in. After an hour of messing about our son is distraught.

- Gotta catch em all!!!

I'm the biggest Pokemon fan ever!! (In my opinion) This game brings my dreams to life. What's my dream? To live with Pokemon. Buddy adventure is better. Since I'm in a good mood, if you start and you want Pikachu. Walk away from charmander, bulbasaur and squirtel first. Tap on Pikachu!

- Broken!

I went to New York/Vegas as part of my trip. As soon as I got home I was suspended for using software. Really? I’d have a look at your systems for detecting cheating. There seems to be a lot of mistakes recently.

- Good

It is good although it takes ages for you to get an account

- Broken

When I press on a gym the game crashes

- Good game

At quarantine, this is a fun game to play since you don't need to GO to catch Pokémon as I have a lot of Pokémon appearing in my area right now! Really cured my boredom! Thank you!


This game can’t tell legit players and spoofers apart

- Pokemon go

I have been playing this game since 2017 and really annoyed it but recently the game keeps crashing every 5 minutes so I give it 3 stars

- Amazing

An amazing game I love it one of the best mobile games ever! Well done

- Amazing game

Its fantastic except for 1 thing you cannot get SILVEON

- Crashing

I love Pokemon go but every time I go on to it recently it just crashes. My iPhone is now jail broken but with no nasty tweaks that could harm the game is it that? Help plz


it’s a good game but i think they should let roblox copyright it

- Pokemon Go

Pokemon go is a great game. I love it so much and so do my family we go out most weekends to try to find Pokemon . It’s an amazing game and it involves exercise . I don’t hate it it’s quite a good game but I have a few things to say about it . First point the raids ( especially 5 stars ) need many people to do and I think you should tone down the cp of the raid bosses and if you complete the raid when catching the Pokemon it isn’t very fair that you can’t always catch the Pokemon and the ending Pokemon’s cp isn’t very strong . Please fix this . Thanks for reading

- I Rushdie


- Pokémon go is great

Pokemon go is so good it helps you get fit and have fun

- Amaizing App

This app Pokemon Go is very cool keep it up

- One prob


- Pokemon Go

I now share the same account with my brother...it was sad at first saying good bye to my ho-ohs they were really cool,but the saddest good bye to me was the Eevees, I have all ways loved Eevees and want to make them evolve, then today my brother told me he had enough candies to evolve Eevee! I was over the moon, I told him the code that you name Eevee before you evolve it {the name is Tamao}then it will evolve into an umbreon! We watched Eevee evolve and it was soo cool! KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK POKEMON COMPANY! :D

- Pokemon game is the best!!

It’s really fun and interesting. Anyone who likes Pokemon I would guarantee plays this. You catch Pokemon and use them for fun battles called raids and much more! You also get to choose your own team. I honestly would recommend this game to any Pokemon fan or just a random person.

- It’s great because you get to have sometimes good Pokemon and bad Pokemon

Pretty sweet

- Most recent update bricks game 👎🏻



You can’t get pokeballs thanks to the CORONAVIRUS

- Water event

How are ment to do raids when we can’t leave our house’s


What a game! Super rare Pokémon appear everyday! Brilliant!

- Lagging

I always lose the online battles because of poor connection. My internet is fine but I don’t understand why it doesn’t let me attack. I have lost about 15 battles in a row because of this

- Amazing game xx

Love this game so much it makes me and my child explore different places outdoors a lot now and my child has been so imaginative thank u so much

- awesum

awesum Game i luv it and it gave me 4 pokeymons when I was sitting in bed bc they were next to my bed ty for reading my review Burgees PIZZA 🍩 DONUT NOODLES

- Battles

Glad that the Battle Leagues are up and running but there’s one thing ruining it for me. People are changing their charged moves halfway through a battle. How they’re doing this I don’t know but can only assume they’re cheating. If they are I hope something can be done about it soon. Nothing worse than losing to an Azumarill that has Ice Beam on second then Play Rough another.

- CO-VID19

Why don’t they send a message to the users encouraging to not leave their home? People should have some common sense but it seems that NIANTIC isn’t taking any steps to prevent the spreading of the virus..👏🏼👏🏼

- Locked out - Support don’t care

I’ve been locked out of my account after purchasing coins and event tickets. Support don’t care because they’ve got my money

- Best

I don’t care if it is a dead game but it is honestly still really good

- Good game

This is a good game

- There is a bug for battles

It’s a good game but when I try battling I lag but I have good connection and I shoulda win but no

- Onlyit’s rubbish

I don’t like online because it always free since game just tried to go back to Leeds now

- Coooooooooool

I play Pokémon go every day.

- Nice game

I been playing this game since July 2016 and I caught so menu Pokémon


I went onto this game and couldn’t even create an account on the Pokemon trainer club. It wanted me to type in my date of birth so I clicked the box so I could type it in. Nothing happened so I clicked again. And again and again and AGAIN. So I decided to create an account on niantic kids to see if that would work and it kept taking me to my home screen. I just wanted to play the game and have fun, not be bothered by the stupid websites. I wish I could rate it no stars. Do not download. 🙅‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

- I heart Pokémon

I wanted a ninetales but never mind

- Great game, one flaw

So I have played this game a lot, I got to a high level and got my first shiny legendary. But then it was raltz community day and... well.. The shiny chances were meant to be increased and many people got shiny. But I got.... no shiny, I caught over 400 raltz (according to how many gardevoirs and galades I have)

- Latest update broken

Great job. Latest update means app won’t even launch. Testing? Negligible.

- Won’t open

Won’t open with newest update. Stops half way on loading screen

- Good game but problems

I have got an iPhone 7 and I’m having problems with the step counter while game is closed I have had egg in incubators for about a week and do around 10000 steps a day other than that I think it’s an awesome game

- Won’t load

Won’t load after last update

- Recent update broke it

Updated it yesterday. Now won’t open. Freezes on load screen. I use iPhone SE

- Won’t work

Doesn’t work now with this update

- Won’t open

Since the latest update the App won’t open. If I delete it, I’ll lose my progress - what do we do?

- I love the game

But you need to install some of the elements that the spoof version of the game has. I’m fed up with catching the same old pokemon. Will never get the regionals as I don’t travel vastly. I live in a small town where gym battles don’t exist so it’s hard to get legendary. Just getting fed up with the same mundane Pokemon. Give us some new one please!!!!!

- Rockruff

Hey Pokemon go , I love this game so much love all the Pokemon but I have a problem, I don’t get enough rare Pokemon, I’m getting tired of the same Pokemon all the time in hatching eggs or when il walking , I never seem to find and good Pokemon I don’t know if I’m a bad player or I just have really bad luck 😞 also is there a rockruff I really want one

- Hackers

Please get rid of the hackers from go battle league, I’ve experienced unable to attack and 3rd shield which is really annoying. What’s the point of playing if there’re bunch of hackers around ??

- Gotta catchem all

Pokémon go is the best app u can get

- Love this GAME🤟🏻🤟🏻

Heyrhhehehheherhehhhr love this game BOI I’m a fortnite player bro

- Pretty good

All I want is to pay less for clothing. I’m serious! And some more hair style options. I mean, seriously, you’ve seen one trainer and you’ve seen them all. Other than that, the game’s great! There are plenty of cool Pokémon, all of which you can play with, and the Pokémon that appear are appropriate to the location, like water type near the sea and stuff. You can only make friends with people you know as well, which is really cool. I love how you can trade away Pokémon you don’t want for better ones, and how you can even hatch your own! It’s so much fun! The only really big issue is how complicated sigh-up is. I once had to change my password and nearly lost my account. All my hard work! It took some fiddling, but it worked out in the end. But seriously. Get cheaper clothing. That is my real irritation.

- I can’t get in

When I play I can’t get in the game it says I need to do my email address and I can’t play but I did like it before but not now 😡😡😡😡

- This game is trash

Ok I really like Pokémon but I can’t get in to the game I haft to do my parents email that doesn’t even work and i think you should improve the game please

- A

My adventure sync will not work, wont show up in settings so cant walk my pokemon or hatch anything so annoying!!

- Love this but...

I truly love this app, I have a lot of fun on it however I can’t use incense? Not sure why as I’ve tried different ways and even searched up how to work it but no luck. I’m playing on iPad so that may be the issue but I hope not as I do really like this game.

- It’s good to me

I know this game is old but it’s still fun btw idk

- I love pokèmon

this game is fun I love pokèmon

- I can’t make a account!

I was really excited to download this and play it. But when I opened the screen it said make a account, I attempted to make one but the email to verify the account didn’t send I don’t know if it is meant to take a week but usually these are quick. I tried numerous times to make a account, and I made sure everything was right, Can anyone help me?

- Saddened by your lack of empathy

Was a great game in 2016 unfortunately it is also a money pit 😞 My son and I played this game happily in the first year but our health declined and it is now impossible to get out of the house to continue playing. There is cheat available to play for those of us that cannot get out and about and it has been wonderful as we have been able to visit places in our town, country and other countries that we would never be able to visit. We and many other players have been banned for using said cheat but to be fair, is it really a cheat or is it an opportunity for those of us that are house bound, in a hospital bed or small country towns that couldn’t otherwise play Pokémon Go (and have spent a lot of money) Please be sensible and see another side to Policing so called cheats . . .

- How?

How do u activate ur account?

- Trade

Trade trade trade trade trade trade trade trade trade pleeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeese

- Latest update has broken the app. Won’t load.

Latest update has broken the app. Won’t load anymore.

- Playing again

I played a few years ago but I forgot my stuff I have to start over.😞but I loved the game I playing again thanks to you Pokémon company and Niantic kids

- Unable to start app after update

Hey guys, dunno if this is the best spot to do it but my app won’t open after the recent update, I seen there was an incense sale and I don’t want to miss out!! Please help!

- Battle leagues are broken

Win 0/5 times each time. Don’t buy premium passes

- Great app!

Love this game! However would be nice to be able to message friends to arrange trades/battles. Also would like to see the world map marking places you’ve been be improved to include more detail/ like Google maps.

- My problem

My problem with Pokemon Go is the research brake through why Pokémon like woobat it’s just disappointing please make the research brake throughs more rewarding by putting legendary Pokémon in them to make it worth it



- The make the account

You can’t make one

- Battle simulator 😡😡😤😤😤😭😭😭👎👎👎👎

Pokemon REMOVE go league battles!!!!!!!!!!

- I need help getting it


- Needs improvement

So far i been playing on my phone but as soon as i changed it to my iPad i can’t join with google.

- Great if you don’t work, study or have kids

As long as you have lots of free time to do the events and money and live in a city you’re set. Otherwise, don’t even bother. This game is aimed at players with lots of free time on their hands. Thats not me.

- Being overcharged for buying coins

I love this app but getting really over being constantly over charged when making coin purchases through the store!

- They don’t want my money?

Great game. Loads of fun and heaps to do for ‘play for free’, Though every time I try to spend money, it crashes. I guess free to play is how I’ll stay.

- Bugs

In PVP go battle league I have a bug that doesn’t allow me to use the charged move. So I have to refresh Pokémon go but sometimes when I’m back on it’s frozen and the opponent can attack me. Please fix this problem it’s really frustrating and it makes me so mad.

- Needs to improve a lot more

To hard to play in an isolated area, find a way to play the game and use its features and get hit with bans. Very disappointed

- Crashes

Please fix, the game crashes on launch and nothing I’ve done has remedied this. Can’t even play

- Bad sign up couldn’t get on

Wouldn’t let me verify my account for ages,and when i finally verified it. It said “account not verified”, and I opened the link and it wouldn’t even work.fix this pls

- go pokemon

me i am nine and i love pokemon but the mad it WAYY better

- Game keeps closing

Why is it that Pokémon can’t fix problems with their games

- Glitch problem from the start

I can’t catch the pokemon from the start because of the glitch problem, can u please fix it so i can start playing it?

- Fix

You forgot that evee evolves into sylveon

- Crooks

Steer clear of Niantic all together apparently walking around your local park catching Pokémon is a violation of their draconian terms of service. I have played legitimately since the games release and out of the blue my account is suspended for 30 days an hour before I purchased an “ultra box”. Steer clear as obviously they have major in-house problems that claim everybody is violating the terms of service. Don’t expect any response from Niantic support they will not apologise or respond to any problems. The Pokémon company would do well to sever any ties with the crooked developer.

- Love it, but there is issues.

I love the game, it’s a great way to get out and exercise and meet up with like minded people, but I have noticed with the more recent updates I’ve been having trouble with the adventure sync, I’ve got it all set up but if I have the app off it doesn’t work, please look into it

- Setting it up

It is very annoying to set it up if you are a beginner but very good game

- Let third-party apps stay alive!

Let people cheat if you want money from us lol. Banning people who use alternative/third-party apps and so forth are going to stop that big $$$ in your company’s growth. Getting rid of them is only going to turn your app into a ghost town. No matter how many users stay or new users, the game will suffer a massive drop! And regardless, many are going to stop playing since we have to get up and move instead of focusing on our busy lives. Sorry but this app is completely trash without using alternatives or third-party apps. Sad. Just oh so very SAD!

- The duck mate

The game originally was good when you didn’t have to login with your bank account ,but now you do. The game it’s good don’t get me wrong but now I can’t get a new account (because I forgot my old account) and I’m not giving out my bank account.

- Waste of time and money

Waste of time and money

- Weekly research has been ruined in the name of more money.

It was great when you could get a legendary Pokémon once a week. It encouraged me to play the game. Not any more. And for what? So Niantic can lockup content behind a paywall with raids. $900 million not enough for you?

- Needs improvement

Game has been repeating over and over, no new features, Niantic are just money hungry.

- Why

For some reason I play Pokemon go on my iPad and a couple seconds later it crashes and so I cant go into raids. Please fix this

- Bad Update.

The new update with lots of Evvees and Pikachus is so bad. You can’t even evolve them and you can never find normal ones around to evolve.

- Bad for returning players

You make it that annoying when you change devices to get your account back it’s like you don’t want anyone to return to the game


I always wanted a buddy walking aside me but I WISH Pokémon were real I like Mew.👍🏻😆😁😄😃😀 LOVE POKIMON AAAAA 😁😁😁I wanna meet Luana.

- Crash grab

These people are only after 1 thing. Your money. Also buggy app even still after all these years. Don’t listen to their player base.

- Scan

Can you make that you can scan real Pokémon cards then you have it on your account


@WeAreFairCop @DaniNew18 @DerbyshireRPU Yes, he was a bit of a cock going to an empty leisure park but what actual…





¡Comencemos una buena amistad en Pokémon GO! ¡Mi código de Entrenador es 5630 9302 7076!

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Pokémon GO 1.135.3 Screenshots & Images

Pokémon GO iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Pokémon GO iphone images
Pokémon GO iphone images
Pokémon GO iphone images
Pokémon GO iphone images
Pokémon GO iphone images
Pokémon GO ipad images
Pokémon GO ipad images
Pokémon GO ipad images
Pokémon GO ipad images
Pokémon GO ipad images
Pokémon GO Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Pokémon GO Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Pokémon GO (Version 1.135.3) Install & Download

The applications Pokémon GO was published in the category Games on 2016-07-07 and was developed by Niantic, Inc. [Developer ID: 1037205060]. This application file size is 301.42 MB. Pokémon GO - Games posted on 2020-03-21 current version is 1.135.3 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Pokémon GO Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

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