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NEW! Now you can battle other Pokémon GO trainers online! Try the GO Battle League today.

Join Trainers across the globe who are discovering Pokémon as they explore the world around them. Pokémon GO is the global gaming sensation that has been downloaded over 1 billion times and named “Best Mobile Game” by the Game Developers Choice Awards and “Best App of the Year” by TechCrunch.

UNCOVER THE WORLD OF POKÉMON: Explore and discover Pokémon wherever you are!

CATCH more Pokémon to complete your Pokédex!

JOURNEY alongside your Buddy Pokémon to help make your Pokémon stronger and earn rewards!

COMPETE in epic Gym battles and...

TEAM UP with other Trainers to catch powerful Pokémon during Raid Battles!

It’s time to get moving—your real-life adventures await! Let’s GO!

With the player’s permission, Adventure Sync uses the Health app to enable the player to earn walking distance when the app is closed.

- This app is free-to-play and offers in-game purchases. It is optimized for smartphones, not tablets.
- It is recommended to play while connected to a network in order to obtain accurate location information.
- Compatibility is not guaranteed for devices without GPS capabilities or devices that are connected only to Wi-Fi networks.
- Compatibility information may be changed at any time.
- Information current as of July 11, 2019.
- Compatible with iPhone® 5s / SE / 6 / 6s / 6 Plus / 6s Plus / 7 / 7 Plus / 8 / 8 Plus / X devices with iOS Version 9 or later installed.
- Not compatible with 5th generation iPod Touch devices or iPhone 5c or earlier iPhone devices.
- Please visit PokemonGO.com for additional compatibility information.
- Compatibility is not guaranteed for all devices.
- Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically reduce battery life.

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Pokémon GO Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Trainers! There’s always something new in Pokémon GO! You can now enjoy the following: - Team GO Rocket balloons: Encounter Jessie, James, and Team GO Rocket like never before! - Invite friends to a raid: Up to five friends can join you, no matter where they are!

Pokémon GO Comments & Reviews

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- Perfect Game... however

Pokémon GO is my favorite game in the whole world, I’ve been playing it since it came out and I have had no problems. One thing I would like to see in the game is being able to pause an incense. Sometimes when I’m tired of grinding I get off Pokémon go and it wastes the duration of my incense and I wish I could pause it for the next time I get on. Besides that keep up the great work!

- Combat is broken

When combat was first added to this game I was exited, but that excitement quickly vanished as I released how bad the combat system really was. I myself have played almost every main series Pokemon game and for the most part the combat system implemented in these games was solid. In Pokemon go you have to deal with overpower Pokemon like Team Rocket leader Sierra Lapras as well as Tyranitar with bite. Niantic is planing on adding Mega evolution to the game, honestly I can’t wait to see how they screw it up.

- Best game ever

I use to play it and it was amazing my grandpa would take me places to get more Pokémon and I just downloaded it agin so far it is amazing

- Terrible lagging

Amazing game, Absolutely love it. However he amount of lagging despite me having full service with my phone and connected to WiFi. It is awfully frustrating when you are in the midst of catching a Pokémon you don’t have yet and the game freezes and I lose the Pokémon.

- Just a question...

How come you don’t get legendaries from the breakthrough box anymore? Everytime I complete the daily stamp login I always get disappointed by encountering a pokemon I already had I stead of one I don’t have. My Pokémon aren’t super strong so it’s hard for me to do five star raids. The only way I get legendaries is through the breakthrough box but now I can’t get them anymore. I hope you guys add them back soon!

- Trading is bad

Me and my friends need to be able to trade candies and items

- Trash ass game

It’s basically pay to play after level 25 if you wanted to battle with your strongest Pokémon you can only do that with your close friends and buy clothes I mean right next to you if you want PVP randoms you have to battle with certain Pokémon and yeah pay to play after that

- Great game but too much bugs

This is a great game but I have to other stuff. 1. My online status does not show to other players and it does not give me to option to switch from offline to online. Please fix this bug. 2. Sometimes when I go into Pokémon it freezes and then I can’t do anything. When I try to click on the compass but that does not work. 3. 50 Pokémon coins daily limit reached is not fair. A lot of my Pokémon are fainting and I keep seeing the daily limit reached. I do not like that I wanted a higher max, can you please fix this update. That is all I wanted to say about the game so please read this and make the game more fair. We want to be able to trade mythical Pokémon!

- It won’t let me Play

every single time it says I’m trying to log in but i’m trying to sign in

- Why?

The game is good but I got a warning for no reason and now I can’t catch rare Pokémon

- Amazing game, But I have some ideas..

Hey Natanic ⊂◉‿◉つ, I have some great updates for Pokémon go that are sure to lure Even MORE players! 1: Pokemon Dress Up 🥋 👗 You can get accessories by spinning stops or buying them! ——————————————— 2: Remote Trading You can trade with people from far away! ——————————————— 3: Playing Minigames! You can click the Pokéball on your main screen and select the icon of a game controller!

- IOS pokemon store issues

I haven’t had any problems before, recently I started playing my Pokémon go again and as I was trying to buy remote raid passes the pokeball would just keep on spinning for minutes without doing anything. I restarted my phone, deleted and downloaded the app and nothing. I can’t even get the free gift in the pokemon go store because it just stays doing the same. It’s frustrating and apparently it’s only on IOS. This has been going on for months now. Now I can’t upgrade my bag or pokemon storage leaving me to literally a useless app.

- Is fun but pokestops are annoying

I really like Pokémon go, but the pokestops are always saying to try again later, and it’s driving me nuts! Otherwise I would rate it five stars. Fun game!

- Glitchy

Ok I love this game it’s so much fun! I like when a Pokémon is near your phone rumbles so you don’t have to look at it all the time, it’s very smart to do that, noting else to say

- What they should add

For the gym battle if thier not a lot of people that join they should make bot that join are team with kinda good Pokémon I love the game and think they should make something like that

- Love it

So good

- Many glitches and remote walking

First off spoofing makes this game totally worthless and secondly its been years and people are still losing out on raids because the game auto closes and doesnt bring you back to the raid even if you defeated it before auto close and doesnt give you the pass you pay for back eigther, lazy developers, take your money but dont fix their game, they also recycle used event pokemon multiple times and refuse to give anything new to make the most money off children which is shameful, every community day is the SAME POKEMON ITS REDICULOUS, the pvp is also a complete joke with pokemon like swampart, mewtwo, giratina, dragonite and many more are wierdly hack boosted and can special spam you every two seconds with a weak fast move while others are normally charged, niantic is a very lazy disappointing developer, the only good thing theyve done in years is the premier league,

- Terrible App Steals Money no customer service

This piece of crap app will glitch on you all the time, don’t waste your money on it bc as soon as you waste your money then they will steal your money from you. Charged me twice for one time event ticket and then blocked me from purchasing anything else. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON THIS CRAP APP!!!

- Amazing

I don’t even have data since I’m on a backup phone until I buy my replacement and I still love the game and play it as often as I could. Progress in this game takes time just like any other Pokémon game and I’ve already made level 17 in 2 days and only been able to visit one poke-stop. Ofcourse since it’s not really like the original games on Nintendo, evolving and leveling up a quite different but seeing that it’s on an entirely different device, I’d say they’ve done a pretty good job to make it competitive and indulging. Only thing I’d like is a chat for friends to be able to communicate on raids and things similar to that. But besides that the games great and if you’re a real passionate Pokémon player with some patience, you can make real progress without spending any actual money. There’s also a second app to find Pokémon go friends that do gifting if you don’t always have the time for pokestops, and I’d consider looking into that. Because that’s how I’ve kept up with my poke balls with only being able to hit one poke stop.

- Fix now

Fix your stupid game

- Go battle league

Doesn’t matter which lineup I use, the players I face counter them. I mean come on man. So I just get to level 7 then drop down to 900 points so I can actually win a few matches

- One star at the moment for me.

This game crashes a lot for me, and it really ruins the players day when it crashes on you when catching your second shiny magikarp! I was so furious at this crash, and since then when I am giving/receiving items it will crash, when I am catching Pokémon, or taking snapshots of my Pokémon for hearts, it will crash. Please fix this issue, because it makes the game less, and less enjoyable every time this happens.

- Kicks me out

I love the game but as of recent I’m not able to load in and play the game as it crashes when I load in

- Remote raiding

You need to have some kind of a favorites list so you can look up friends faster for remote raids. Not enough time

- The Only One

Gotta appreciate the effort this game puts to connecting with their users an making up for issues. Its way more than a lot of other gaming apps out their.

- Pokemon Go Get Covid-19

Presently during this pandemic Niantic encourages trainers to travel to pokestops and gyms ignoring social distancing and other preventative health regulations. In areas where there are no pokestops and no gyms you will find less pokemon spawns. I purchased a Pokemon Go fest ticket and are currently participating in the event weeks, low behold I am still not getting what i would consider to be atleast a generous amount of spawns. The only way to play this game and experience it in its fullest potential is to go to Pokestops and Gyms, the openly say they encourage playing at home but till this day they have not proved that in their actions. Ppl please be safe and stop supporting this app until you can battle from a gym at home or see more spawns.

- Can’t buy anything!

After the magikarp day last Saturday, I have been unable to buy anything in the shop. I get a message that says “oops something went wrong. Please try again (3)”. (Or very close to that). I have been asking support to fix this for 4-5 days but not getting any replies. Anyone know what is going on?

- Buggy game pls fix code

I really like this game and played for a while. But it seems buggy... I cannot open free poke all gifts in shop (saying my items are full but it’s actually not) and winning shadow battles does not give me mysterious component (only sometimes it works fine)... Although I like the concept and everything, I hate how sometimes it fails. Please fix your code... I’m thinking dropping already

- Help

Can you please fix the app with the buddies. Not giving me my stars for certain things. Thank you

- 😡😡😡

Add sylveon NOW😡

- Logging in

It takes forever to log in or sign up and when I try it says I’m unable to please fix this

- I can I make an app purchases

I have checked every single setting in my iPhone. One day I was able to make purchases in the end the next day I was not. I have not had any trouble with any other app.

- I love this game! But there is ONE problem.

This is one of my favorite games ever. But there is a huge difference between the girl avatars and the boy avatars. I tried to overlook it, but it’s kind of ruining my fun. Honestly, it kind of hurts my heart. A lot of games make the hairstyles and clothes different depending on gender. Long story short, please make it so the clothes are the same whether you’re a boy or a girl. And maybe you could make the hairstyle and body less gendered like you did in Pokémon Magikarp Jump and get rid of choosing genders at all. Or just make the outfits the same for everyone. Like, maybe everyone could have the option of the male or the female clothes without having to change their characters gender. Well, thank you for reading my review. I truly hope you’ll consider my suggestion. -Pokémon Trainer KittyBat

- Best game ever


- App keeps force closing on the iPhone

Will give higher rating game keeps loading up then force closing once fully loaded in I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app and the same problem persists pls can u guys give some type of help I actually enjoy this game been playing since 2015 also for some reason I’m in negative Pokémon coins and haven’t made any purchases to this game before

- IOS 14 Beta 4 is not supporting Pokémon go

So sad that can not keep playing after update to IOS 14 Beta 4

- Best Game Ever

This game is a Pokemon fan’s favorite game but there is one problem and that is whenever I do a raid with some people it kicks me out of the app so I can’t do raid battles.

- Raids, PVP & purpose

It’s a great game that has kept me escaped from the real world. I feel like a real-life Ash Ketchum. Obviously lots of little glitches Niantic is still working on. I purchased 3 remote raid passes today to participate in 3 five-star raids remotely as my friends & I planned. My first raid did what’s been occurring now since Go-Fest; the app is not reading my taps/attacks. When my team beats the raid boss, the app can’t detect your finger to even grab the pokeballs to catch the boss, but it DOES read your finger to give it a berry. This happens so-much-so, that I already know to close the app, re-open it, and re-join the battle already in progress, and unfortunately lose my participation rewards to receive less pokeballs at the end for not contributing & missing half the raid battle. 2 of the 3 raids I did today ended up in Deoxys running after I connected on every ball. Also, 2 of the raids awarded 3 rare-candies while one gave none. So all-set-&-done, I purchased 3 raid passes to win ONE Deoxys & 6 rare candies performing my end PERFECTLY, not missing on a single pokeball w/ golden berry for each. Hmmm.... If I’m going to make a purchases to play your game, perform on my end 100% correctly, in-fact spectacularly, I expect better rewards aesthetically AND game-wise. I became a dedicated level 40 over a year ago & have been playing RELIGIOUSLY since 7/2016. I expect more today. PVP can be exciting, but also deliver the most frustrating feelings any Pokémon Go trainer can endure. I shouldn’t try to educate Niantic on its flaws, but with the dedication it takes to maintain success, we just expect better rewards. PVP has revealed itself to me as being more luck-based as the Pokémon you choose may be fantastic, but the odds of your competitor using the exact “counter” Pokémon to the one you started with is chance-odds. I try to find a Pokémon resistant to as much as possible to lead off the battle; I never get beyond the 2250-area, Rank 8. For the best players, good luck... It’s definitely a frustrating deal to invest patience to power-up project-Pokémon, just to see them fail horribly. I guess that’s the name of the game; “frustration.” If “frustration” is your reward for my money, we should all rethink our commitment.

- Can’t purchase coins on iOS any longer

Avid POGO player but within the last few weeks the game hasn’t let me purchase coins. I got invited to three Deoxys raids and couldn’t purchase any remote raid passes. This issue needs to be fixed ASAP. I can purchase on every other iOS app I have.

- best app

best app but too young too walk around on own so my best pokemon is only a 2213 cp Metagross so sory pokemon go devlelopers. and at the start its hard to find a name dat isnt token alredy so my name is Didbeifneix. sinserrly Poke user Didbeifneix

- Worst game in Apple App Store

This game is unbelievably corrupt. Not only does it cheat so as to influence the user to make in app purchases asymmetrically but the support is bar none the worst. Don’t waste your time downloading this piece of trash. The developers should be embarrassed that they conduct business the way they do. Y’all employees at niantic need to be called out for the cowardly way you do business. Frankly i think their business model is illegal and I’m still looking at litigation for it.

- ♥️

I just love it

- Trash

Game really gone down hill 😞

- Thank you

This game helped my relation with my brother

- Network error 2 after defeating deoxys

So I get invites to remote raid battles (deoxys ones currently) and after we defeat him, I get a network error 2 even when my wifi is fully working. It has happened to me three times now. Hopefully this gets fix or i get my remote raid passes at least. I'm basically wasting my money. :/

- Absolutely no pokestops

I live on the big island of Hawaii and there are absolutely no pokestops here at all none exist on the big island which doesn’t make a lot of sense because so many people travel here. Also barely any pokemon spawn here unless you have an incense. If this changes then yeah I’ll change my review but until then.

- This the best game ever

I started in 2016 and I am level 40 with all most every Pokémon I love this game I have mewtwo and it is so strong I have 50 mewtwos and they are strong I don’t believe it but it is true and I want to catch all of them I only need ten more to complete the poke dex

- New update

Could there be a detective Pikachu update for the game

- Good But Needs a few fixes

Why Can’t We trade Mythical’s I Want a shiny deoxy’s And Shiny darkrai

- Love it but add this please

Hi I love Pokémon go everything about it especially the remote stuff like remote raid passes and remote invites but please add so we don’t have to be near to trade like if you want to trade with your friend but he’s hours away or want to trade with your best friend but cus if coronavirus you can’t be near so please add something to fix this

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- Pretty okay

The part of this game that is collecting Pokémon is good I like going outside and finding them, the battling is terrible please stop making me do it for research.

- so good

this game is so good!!! 🥇🤩🏅🏆

- Hacker

Who cheat battle me I can’t report anywhere

- Play it everyday

Love this game, my buddy got me into it and I’ve been playing ever since. Would be nice tho for ur friends menu to have a option of sorting them out by team color, and I know this is pushing it but also maybe a in game chat to message friends or anyone.

- Great byt a problem

Its a great app but what about those children who are not allowed to go outside! Please add joystick or something like that for us who cant go outside!

- You shouldn’t be able to attack pokestops right after being claimed

So bassicly let’s say U get a poke stop that poke stop can’t be attack for 30 minutes so that teammates can come and help in those 30 minutes mabye 1 hour some people need time so that the gym just can’t get taken by the other team can you add that please and thank you

- Why doesn’t it say where you caught Pokémon

It used to and now it doesn’t

- Fantastic Game! too bad reviews from 2018 weigh it down

Love the game, absolute blast! The only problems ive really had are : slow hatching speed; I ride my bike daily about 40-50 km but get little to no hatches/candy, even when going uphill, and lack of wild pokemon around property not in a city, ie I live in a neighbourhood about 2 k from nearest pokestop but still never get spawns, and finally, (optional fix) adding a custom status to the online/friends tab

- Money Grab

This game used to be fun now its just a big money grab :p i can’t even find potions from pokestops anymore its just pokeballs :p half my pokemon are dead and i am not spending money on a trash game .

- Garbage

No one will help you they take your money and leave you hanging and no one will contact you at all it’s one big scam

- Prices, pokéstops, gyms, and Pokémon

Prices are way to HIGH for what you get. 100 coins for 20 pokéballs, 800 coins for 200 pokéballs. For people who don’t live in town or near pokéstops have to pay for these things sometimes because they’re not in town everyday. Make things more quantities for cheaper or put pokéstops out of towns so that everyone can and has a chance to walk to pokéstops from all locations. Kind of silly if you have to go directly into town to get any fruit or pokéballs, there’s no stops for along ways from where I live for some reason. No gyms. Hardly any Pokémon where I live. Only time I can actually play is when I’m in town! I’m not paying those HIGH prices to get 20 pokéballs. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Only way to earn coins is to leave Pokémon in gyms. There isn’t a single one anywhere near where I live or for quite a ways. This app is suppose to be for all locations?! I paid for coins and WOW I got absolutely NOTHING for the AMOUNT of coins this app is asking people to pay!!!!! Make PRICES reasonable! Make pokéstops and gyms for all locations.

- Pokestops

Love the game but I would enjoy it more if I had pokestops nearby hate having to drive two hours away from where I live to spin pokestops and challenge gyms and participate in raids

- It’s becoming hard to play

Lots of app crashing, unable to get to the purchasing stage in the shop for coins to make the game playable, many special missions are not achievable without paying and are not able to be cleared to make way for new missions. Battling has been glitchy as well. Starting encounters sometimes zooms in on the map screen and freezes up.

- Pokemon go weather bug

The weather alert it annoying it pop up on the middle of raid battle and combat go leagues .You need to add option to turn off the system.A lot players when that happens said bad words to the weather systems alert in the middle of raid battle it caused the bug to the games .It useless the alert system players know the weather you just need to whatch outside or go on meteo app to see weather.So it useless the alert 🚨 and it make players said bad words .That is why the one stars ⭐️ .If you add the option to turn off or remove the useless alert 🚨 weather notification in game .I will put back 5 stars ⭐️

- Money grab

Don’t download this piece of garbage game. They just want your money. Go buy a Nintendo DS and buy a real Pokémon game. Not this money grabbing garbage of a game!

- Glitching

Has this game been glitching for anyone these past couple weeks??

- Location missed

This new update shown no location at all, which is hard for trainers to check where were they catch those Pokémon. No new good changing, which is bad new. Also bringing bad function!

- This game gives me a reason to leave the house.

This game gives me a reason to get up and go out. It motivates me to go new places and not stay inside all day. I have many health issues and it is painful and difficult for me to go outside and move around, but I love Pokémon so much that this game makes me want to. It’s really making me happy because they’re so cute and I now I want to go out every day but I used to not leave the house for weeks. This game is changing my life!

- Raids

I landed every ball after completing a raid and the Pokémon broke out every single time.

- It only works on the iPhone 8 or up anything lower and the game will crash every 10 minutes

Overall it’s a good game with lots of effort put in it

- Bug

The online offline status wont pop up so i aren’t able to be invited to raids so plz fix

- Getting there

I’ve quit for 2 years and just got back, i was happy because im a big pvp guy. The only thing missing is a chat system like Ingress because we have to use different 3rd party apps for raids. Other than that the games awesome.

- Crashes all the time

Even on an iPhone 7

- Big

The game was amazing I got hooked instantly but when there was an update it signed me out and and will not load what so ever and a couple of my friends had the same issue please fix

- What you should add

The freaking Alola region I wanna show my friends cutey fly in literally every other freaking alolan Pokémon not like a dark Meowth like Pokémon that you can only find in the Alola

- Crashes on launch

Recently reinstalled the game but it just doesn’t work anymore. I’m on iOS 13.6 and the game won’t even reach the loading screen

- Remote raids

Please make it easier to join raids remotely. I have to invited to join raids with my friends but everytime they do I get a network error or I’m not able to see the invitation in game.

- Kinda good kinda bad

So it a very fun game like know we can battle team rocket but when I try to collet my gift that my friend gave me it would kick me out right before it about to open it might just be me idk that just the only down side so far


It’s extremely addicting and ridiculously fun but I want more space to store Pokémon and items

- Enjoyment is decreased due to bugs

The bug that makes all location tags blank, including every Pokémon you have and all gifts you receive, is a hard hitter to the enjoyment of the game. Niantic has not shown any effort in fixing this and it’s very disappointing.

- I love it but it needs changes

It needs some changes like you should get to pick what Pokémon your rescue from team GO rocket but otherwise it’s great

- White out glitch

While playing community days and spot light hours I have been not able to check as much because of this glitch and it has also been transporting my character Eeveerule2097 under Pokémon so please fix this but other than that this game has improved a lot and changed me as a person. Keep up the good work and keep updating

- please fix

great game but when i hit 12 excellents out of 14 balls in a legendary raid please let me catch it

- Make legendary Pokémon easier to catch and glitches

This is pretty good but the legendary Pokémon are to hard to catch I waited a week to get 100 coins to get a remote control raid pass and I didn’t even get to catch any legendary’s. So please make it easier and I only got 6 primer balls to catch a legendary Pokémon so give players more premier balls. There is also a glitch were you touch a Pokémon and then some times it will show you the sky for some reason so please fix it. There is another glitch which is very common, when you encounter a pokemon your screen gets stuck in a white void so please fix that to.


Every time I try to buy something, free or otherwise, I get stuck on the spinning poke ball. I tried with a different account and it is still broken!!!! HELP!!!!!!

- Bad

Ok why do you just catch Pokémon you need to youse your Pokémon’s power and how do u walk hope it can get better

- “Allow Pokemon Go to Access the Camera”

No, I dont want you to have access to my Camera. Please stop asking every time I click on a Pokémon.

- Bogue

J’ai évolué un Pokémon et depuis le jeu freeze complètement ou partiellement. Je suis maintenant rendue incapable d’attraper de nouveaux Pokémon.

- I love this app so much

I don’t like how this game needs wifi but it is one of my favourite apps to play cause it is one of the best game in my life :)

- Please fix adventure sync

Automatically turned off after playing for several days. Couldn’t find the options to turn it back on following the steps it showed. Seems like the only way to fix it is to delete and reinstall.

- Good game but

Please update the gamei have not much to do. Any more

- Best game ever

You need to see this game

- Nouveautés intéressantes

La possibilité de faire des raids à distance est vraiment intéressante. Pouvoir inviter des amis dans un raid est génial. Par contre, pourquoi afficher ceux qui ne sont pas en ligne? On perd du temps à défiler la liste. Le tri en ordre des amis en ligne ne fonctionne pas bien: il m’en présente une couple et si je descend dans la liste, j’en vois d’autres en ligne. Il y a souvent des bugs lors de raids..... on perd parfois la possibilité d’attaquer et ensuite de lancer les pokeballs. Mais continuer votre travail, c’est super!

- Generations

I think that players should be able to control what generations spawn in their game and what eggs spawn from specific generations

- Nice game all bye this game

Hi love game but I can’t open gifts please fix see ya

- Pokemon go

I love so much pokemon go is the best game ever he make me walk and see the world around me 🤩 THANKS YOU POKEMON GO !!❤️❤️

- Best mobile game!

I’ve loved Pokémon ever since I was a little kid and always wanted to become a Pokémon trainer. The game is the closest thing to being a Pokémon trainer you can get. I’ve been playing it ever since it was released and loved it from day one!! I have some suggestions though: 1. Revives should be more obtainable through pokestops. Revives are the only thing I run out of really quick. 2. Pokecoin system could be revamped. 3. Go battle league could use a lot of work. Sometimes there is a lot delay when using a charged attack which is really annoying. 4. Ar+ is good but when you try to go back to normal mode, the game crashes. I lost 2 shiny Pokémons to this glitch. Other than that I really love this game and will continue to play it as long as it’s alive!!

- Research and events

Glitches out, doesn’t show the assignments, the location of everything around me is nowhere near my actual location.

- Great game

I love playing the game but it would be nice to be able to link a Pokémon Trainer Club account to my google account and not lose any progress in the game as I’d like to have the option of logging in with PTC as well as google

- Awesome game

But I keep getting kicked off when I go into gyms try to open gifts or go in battle league

- It dose not work

I have tried to make a account but it dose not work all it comes up with is error I need help

- Game as a whole

i love this game, it keeps me out of the house most days and i never get bored of it. i spend a fair bit of money on it, but it is well worth it! i’ll never stop playing this AMAZING game, <3 Niantic <3

- Joke

This game is a joke, hasn’t been letting me purchase coins, then when I try to chat niantic they don’t get back to me

- Pay to win

Game heavily favours players willing to spend. Terrible matchmaking in battles. Forget about it completely it if you live anywhere rural, no matter how much your willing to spend. The raid system is completely biased for city players.

- Fix The In Game Shop

Can’t add any coins to my account so I can’t participate in any remote raids with my friends. It’s kind of BS. Loved this game for many years, please fix the shop.

- Fix online

Really need to update and fix the online thing everyone in my house can change to online and mine says newer update and I can’t put that I’m online so I miss out on raids.

- Crashing

Kicks me out of game every 20 secs

- No mega evolutions

I would RELLY like mega evolutions that would be epic can you do that in the next update

- Pokémon go during covid

The game has not handled it well. Many of us are in strict lockdown. Some can only leave the house once a day for a short walk a most. Yet raids are locked behind remote raid passes you have to pay for. Then there’s research and events which REQUIRE you to raid.... With no one able to leave their homes, you have to keep spending money on Remote raid passes which gets expensive. Especially for those who have lost their jobs. Very disappointed with how Niantic have handled this pandemic... not sure how long I’ll keep playing for if more support for the players isn't added.... it’s just seems greedy and disrespectful towards the players during the current state of the world....

- Charge attack BS

I am so sick of pressing the charge attack fifty times only for my opponent to get in first. I’ve lost several battles to this glitch. How many times do we need to press it!? So slow!

- Keeps crashing

I can’t even open the app. It has been crashing all day- not good for those who care about daily streaks! Please fix the bug🙏 I have loved playing this game over the years with my kids.

- 希望可以增加留言或交談功能


- Ok game

This game is really good, but the pet buddy need to be fed every ten minutes and it get annoying and boring.

- Good app but I have suggestions

I’ll make this short. Pokemon Go! is a good app. Theres quite a but of bugs but overall I like it. But I would like a message system for all of or friends in the game. I think t would be a great way to communicate if we both play in the same areas.

- Online toggle button

Could you please fix up the online toggle button? It doesn’t seem to be working for everyone.

- Location issues

Have been having problems these last few days where the location of where I’ve caught Pokemon is not showing up. Also can’t see it with gifts and eggs.

- Why we hate Pokémon

Today we were catching different Pokémon’s, and then, MAGIKARPS KEPT SPAWNING AND ITS ANNOYING. That’s it

- I will pokies you spilled them all my item

No no

- Good but needs newer pokemon

The game itself is realy fun but ther not up to date overall get this app get IDECTED

- Loot boxes

I’ve been playing this game since it first hit the App Store and have enjoyed it since the start and thought it was a great addition to the Pokémon franchise. However over time it has clearly become a massive money grab to have a ‘chance’ at getting what you want. Niantic refuse to disclose the odds of receiving rewards that you pay for, upsetting many players who choose to spend money only to find out later after crowd sourcing that the odds were substantially lower then what was hinted at. If these odds were disclosed before purchases I would love the game again and people would be happy knowing exactly what they are spending money on.

- Updated and crashes

Did the latest update. Now all it does is crash as it opens.... poor form. Now have to miss playing til whenever the next update is....

- Idea

I would love an option when if in a raid and selected Pokémon, you can hold the Pokémon for a bit and it’ll show its move set

- Great

Litterely nothing to say except brilliant!

- Pokémon Buddy

I like the idea that the buddies follow you around


I REALLY LOVE THIS GAME I THINK EVERYONE OUT THERE should play this game it’s really fun

- Fix the game

I was versing a team go rocket leader and when I was doing a charged attack to win the game kicked me out the game went back in and my Pokémon had no health at all fix the game :(

- Poo

Very bad game crashes every 20 seconds definitely will not be reinstalling

- Not bad, good size

This game is really good, don’t get me wrong it’s definitely fallen off since 2016 but it’s an awesome app. The game is super interactive and has helped me strengthen my relationship with a long lost friend. DOWNLOAD THIS GAME NOW!

- Only good if you live in a city

It’s only a good game if you live in the city, there’s no pokestops or people to do raids otherwise. It’s aimed for big populations and it’s a waste of time and money unless you are in New York City or Tokyo.

- Updated today, won’t even open

Not real happy

- Straight 5 stars

This game is amazing you should get it now if you don’t have already.I love the fact it teaches kids (like me) to go outdoors more.I love the new feature of buddy’s and how you get candy from them.There are a few bugs but they let me get Pokéstops down the road from inside our house so it’s ok.Again download this game if you don’t have it now.

- 5th august bug found

Pokémon go causes all Apple Pay to go completely unusable when you got to buy any poke coins I spoke to Apple and all systems are operating normally I found the bug when I used Apple Pay to buy poke coins that had an error so I tried to used me debit card that had the same error after that I initially checked with my bank no issue there either I’m kind of getting annoyed

- I can’t buy PokeCoins

So my problem started after I bought the go fest ticket. I bought one and the payment wasn’t working properly saying that something went wrong, so I tried it again and it went through, anyways after that I can’t buy poke coins at all. I’ve delete the game, I’ve contacted support, I’ve tried everything and nothing will work. I also noticed that in my purchase history it said I bought two tickets when I only bought one but it never charged me for the second one. I just made a new account to see if it will fix it and it hasn’t. It keeps coming up with the same error message. ”Something has gone wrong, please try again 3” I don’t know how to fix it. Can anyone help?

- Coins

Do you realise that you pay more money the higher the coins you purchase? Why aren’t you offering a discount as someone buys bulk coins??? Just seems so weird...

- Good

Best game I have ever played

- Takes your money

The game would be better if when you bought coins with real money it would actually GIVE you the coins you paid for. It just takes your money and gives you nothing.

- Pokémon Go

I cant log in my account any more and I had so many Pokémon’s where I got them around the world. But sometimes I can log in if u would leave the google sign in.

- Stolen Account!

My account has been stolen and apparently no one here cares enough to assist people with this issue

- Location problem

The location of Pokémon caught is not shown.

- Exciting game!!!

I love this game, am I big fan of Pokémon, the raid I did to get rayquaza was amazing, the remote raid pass is super op!!! Can you make the next region update soon, I can’t wait to catch new Pokémon from the other regions!!!

- Removed gift locations! Why?!?

Seems like the latest update removed the location where gifts are sent from. This makes it so much more boring! Please bring this little feature back!

- No Pokémon pop up near me

I love this game but Pokémon never seem to pop up anymore while I’m at home unless I use incense It gets really boring really quick

- Constantly crashing

Does not work on iPhone 6. Constantly crashes or freezes to the point it’s unbearable to play...

- Pokemon Go seriously need to fix This please

I love playing Pokemon go I play it everyone for a long time, at first the game worked perfectly no issues but now for me and for some other people who play this game it lags and kicks you off the game, when battling a friend and you send them an invite and they join and you both press ready to battle it won't start the battle. For me when feeding or trying to take a photo of my buddy it glitches out of the game and IK don't understand why. The game was working perfectly about a week ago but now it's lagging and glitching even when I walk 1 km it would come up as 0.01 or not even register. I use Apple but it's also Samsung some Samsung users who are having a problem with Pokemon Can you try and fix this please 🙏

- shop

I like the game but what’s with the rip off shop lmao how is nobody speaking up about the coin prices increase if you buy more!? literally no game on iOS does this if you buy more you usually get a deal because of supporting the game with purchasing more then the lowest amount, if you bought the coins at the 100 coin price you’d save like 20$ buying the biggest coin pack it’s ridiculous the jump in coin price is totally unnecessary an unnoticed. If you buy 100coins it’s 1$ but if you bought even the next pack up you instantly loose 1.50$ if you were just to buy a bunch of the 100coin packs. This needs addressing I don’t know how this is still a thing after years of this game being on the AppStore

- Good game but fatal flaws

This is a great game but you don’t receive nearly enough potions. Pokémon’s should either regenerate their HP over time or you should receive MANY more potions from pokestops and gifts.

- Facebook

For some reason it doesn’t give me the option to log in through Facebook, please fix this, this is my main account and I am angry.

- Pokémon cp

Kyogre and groudon max cp is higher then rayquazas max cp wen in the games rayquaza is better

- Trading

I really love this game and it’s probably one of the only games I spend money on. Although it’s an extremely good game, it does have its problems such as the abundance of shiny Pokémon’s, weird scuffed battling system etc. I can get behind all of those issues but trading is something that really bothers me. Aside from all the bugs and glitches, I really wish they added “remote trade passes” for players who can’t always meet up together. It’ll probably sell way WAY more than remote raid passes and I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy that. Players can finally get region exclusive Pokémon without spending a whole airplane ticket, hotel accommodation and much more to get one Tauros. I also really wish there was also a quick trade section where random players add a trade offer and other players could respond to it. The quick trades will cost about 10 ~ 20 coins so you can’t spam it. How it’ll work is that a player will need to add a Pokémon they are willing to trade on their side and another type/cp/specific pokemon that they desire on the opposite side. the trade can’t be too specific. Then people could scroll though the quick trade section seeing if any of the random global trades interest them. Once someone does click on one of the trades, both parties will need to confirm it in a set amount of time (6 ~ 12) hours and it’ll be completed, costing a small amount of coins. I think it’ll also be fun to add a mystery trade option too where players just trade one of their Pokémon’s for someone else’s without knowing what it is. Obviously you’ll need to make it so players who sent out a metagross can’t just receive a 20 cp Diglett. It’ll be a fun way to get rid of pokemons. Most of this are blue prints and just ideas.

- Player doesn’t move

My player can’t move how do you fix that

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- Bad

It doesn’t work for me and I don’t get a lot of shinys plz fix AwesomeDog08 is my gamer tag

- It’ll be nice

It’ll be a good idea if you had the option to let us know when there’s players around us doing remote raids, that way when I’m not on the game in that moment i can get a notifican saying that players around me are doing remote raids and join them...

- Best game I’ve ever played on the phone

I have been playing Pokémon Go for a year now. Connected with friends and made new ones especially the Pokémon. I tried to play the game a few minutes ago to check to see if there were any new Pokémon or gifts. Unfortunately it gave a message saying I can’t play it because of compatibility with my phone’s software. I was wondering if there is a way for me to play again

- s

W£‘ a:3 nowCh way way my m mash/ uMq. dwmymmasuknmvjnik skn. jbwZiugm

- Rip off

I have played this with my grandson since he was six. Granddaughter wanted one now that she is 8. Tried to instal and asked to charge my card didn’t say how much. I assumed it was not actually charged. Then for me to sign for her asked for card. 1$. Then asked to verify that it was me 1$. Then asked me to read something. Asked for another 1$. We quit. It isn’t that special.

- Best Game Out There

Let me say it to everyone straight, this game is hands down, the best game out there. I see like 50 negative reviews. People saying it’s “paywalled”, no. The only things that are actually paywalled are things like safari and 1 other thing. You can already make like 400 coins a week if you really “need” things from the item shop or for safari zone. You can make good coins just by doing gym battles + even if you need more backpack space or something, just delete duplicates. Raid passes can just be given by coming back on everyday and going to the specific raid. Now I still see people who think it’s paywalled, it’s not. Like I said, fight in gyms. You need potions or poke balls? Just go to poke stops. You really don’t need to spend money unless you really want good coins. And listen, don’t get angry if you don’t have enough space or strong pokemon. I have seen enough reviews about people losing raids and “never” getting a specific Pokémon again. I almost beat a raquayza, but I lost. You know, 23 minutes later, I find another raquayza. This game should not take hate. It’s a good game people. Thank you niantic. You really are the best at game developers ever. :)

- Jesus Christ, get your stuff together

Don’t get me wrong, I love the game but you would think a game thats been out for 4+ years and have this much attraction towards it wouldn’t have the same errors and bugs it’s had since day 1. It’s honestly sad, 90% of the time it gives me repetitive GPS error and nothing seems to fix it. They're too focused on what the users have to offer them then actually making the game functional and enjoyable for them but if you like constantly resetting an app for an error that’s inevitable I highly recommend downloading this game. Until they fix this single error I won’t put another penny into a game I simply can barely play anymore. Fix your game already.

- Not sure 🤔

I’m absolutely not sure if I like it or not that’s why there’s three stars. I’ll update soon. I watched a video and that’s what made me download this. Ok bye until update. Update: I wanna say this: ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! ITS SO FUN THATS WHY THERES 5 STARS I LOVE THIS I RECOMMEND THIS APP TO EVERYONE!! Please DOWNLOAD NOW!

- Used to be fun

This used to be a fun app. For the last few days I’ve not seen any locations on either the Pokémon or the postcards. Also, I haven’t been able to sign into the app either.

- Absolute time cucker

So as we all know you get 50 poke coins a day with a Pokémon in a gym. I spent 200 poke coins on 2 remote raid passes, which amounts to waiting 4 days to acquire them. I used a remote raid pass on a legendary raid and when no one would join I tried to back out but it didn’t let me so it wasted one pass. I then used another in hopes someone would join and then 4 people joined and I was able to complete the raid. I don’t live in a populated area so this is rare. I only got 6 poke balls at the end to catch the deoxys and used golden razz on it everytime and hit a great throw everytime and still didn’t catch it and it ran off. This game literally steals your time and doesn’t care about the hours/days of work you put into it. They want you to spend more and more money on it. Niantic you can only redeem yourself if I get the deoxys I deserve.

- Play for hours a day

Just a minor fix to be able to see you Pokémon’s attack list before selecting them n Battle

- Great game but I have a recommendation

This game is really cool and fun but I have one recommendation. For me it seems like it would be funnier if instead of only seeing Pokémon on camera when your trying to catch them, I was thinking maybe you would always have your camera on and just find Pokémon randomly hiding in weird places like in a tree and in a box of legos and stuff like that. That is my only recommendation for this game. Otherwise I totally recommend this game for anyone even if you don’t really like Pokémon because no joke, this will make you change your mind! Thanks for reading! Bye!

- It’s pretty stressful..

The only reasons I don’t play this game is because 1, it’s way too stressful and 2, it takes up so much battery. Also, you should stop that gym thing because of the whole COVID-19 thing. If you fix those problems I mentioned that would be great and Pokémon GO won’t be my last resort. Overall, this is a great app and it’s probably almost as fun as the other games.

- The best game

I personally just did Pokémon cards as a kid and Pokémon go , so I’m not a big Pokémon person but this game is great because they have community days and events and challenges to keep you interested with raids and now remote raids I can’t believe how much better this game has gotten since I took a 2 year break but within that break I would occasionally sign in because it is hard to stay away because all the stuff they add The one thing I want to see improvement on is I have poke coins but I have to go on a different phone to claim daily rewards and spend my poke coins I earned and that would be nice to get fixed and I want to see remote trades because sometimes your friend moves and it is challenging to trade with them

- A ripple in time

I am having trouble doing the ripple in time capture as it is glitched to not allow me to catch Celibe

- Loot Box Problem

The app is overall great, but the loot boxes called eggs are ridiculous. Niantic needs to disclose the rates, not just say “if you’re lucky you might hatch...”

- Freezing

The game keeps in freezing every time I’m going to get a new Pokémon I haven’t registered.I beat Giovanni and it froze so I got out of the game went back in and it wasn’t there anymore I didn’t get the Chance to get the Pokémon because it didn’t let me throw the poke-ball cuz it froze

- Love it, but nah

I Love the game, but I’ve been trying for 3 weeks or so to catch a Pokémon from the battle prizes and wasted about 50+ poke balls and 200 coins trying to catch it. I don’t think it’s fair to work hard to win a battle Pokémon only to not catch it.

- Loot Boxes/Gachas

Pokémon Go is in breach of Google Play Developer Program Policy (Monetization and Ads -> Payments -> In-app purchases) and Apple App Store Guidelines (3. Business -> 3.1 Payments -> 3.1.1 In-App Purchase) by not disclosing the odds of receiving randomized virtual goods from purchasable items. These are, but not necessary limited to, Eggs (Incubators being purchasable loot box keys), Raids (Raid Passes being purchasable loot box keys), Lures, Incense. As a player I'm requesting that Niantic make changes to comply with the aforementioned policies by disclosing the following odds, and any other such odds available in the game, either currently or in the future: - Eggs: A complete list of what Pokémon can hatch from which type of Eggs, what are the odds of each of these Pokémon to hatch per Egg, as well as their shiny odds where applicable, broken down to each Pokémon currently available in Eggs. - Raids: A complete list of what item rewards that can be obtained through different tiers of Raids, what are the odds of each of these items per Raid, as well as the shiny odds of the Raid Boss available for capture after the Raid where applicable, broken down to each Pokémon currently available in Raids. - Lures: A complete list of what Pokémon can spawn when using different types of Lures, as well as their shiny odds where applicable, broken down to each Pokémon currently available in Lures. - Incense: A complete list of what Pokémon can spawn when using Incense, as well as their shiny odds where applicable, broken down to each Pokémon currently available in Incense. As a player I am expecting full and unabridged disclosure of all of these odds within the in-game Shop as well as the in-game Items storage, and for these changes to occur swiftly, in order for Pokémon Go to cease breaching Google's and Apple's developer policies and strengthen the trust between Niantic and the player community.

- Updates... Coming along!

The updates are coming regularly... Two steps back, the steps forward. Get it there and play! I look forward to an actively evolving game.

- Lootbox Odds NEED to be Disclosed

This app for far too long has gotten away with theming events around seemingly terrible odds of obtaining the actual Pokémon that the theme is represented by. This past dragon week event was a sham with the fact that shiny Deino was made to be the main draw, and almost nobody could hatch one from eggs. Absolutely terrible practice, and one of the reasons why I may quit the game soon. I’m tired of events like these. Disclose the odds Niantic. Allow us to see the actual chances of obtaining the carrot that you dangle in front of our faces. Maybe then you won’t set the percentage chance below half a percent chance to hatch.

- Good...but a feels things that need to be changed

After the Johto Pokémon we’re released this game died, it’s still okay, but I feel like they should create a new game with, a separate Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, etc. By that I mean separate teams and adventures, and this game could blow up again.

- Location

Fox the location on eggs and where you caught them. Mine dissappeared.

- Fighting grunts and loosing Pokémon

Glitched when I can’t capture a shadow Pokémon! Fix it!!!

- Fair

Just a casual player here. I’d really like if the sounds settings were more individualized. I don’t necessarily want to hear the ambient music all the time, but I do want to hear pokémon cries when evolving or battling music against bosses, etc. Never been a fan of pay to play/paywalls, but I get it and everyone can invest as much as they want. But for all and especially more casual players, poke balls and similar items should be sellable back to the store like in the OG games even if it’s at half or a third or similar fraction of the original price. With the Team Rocket occasions happening more often, those revives go quick lol

- Awesome game

Just wish that there was place heal our all of our Pokémon

- Put Locations Back!

Come on please put locations of gifts, eggs, Pokémon caught back. That is literally what is so appealing about this game. Show friends where you’ve been.

- Why bother

Game constantly crashes freezes on pages content does not sell you the proper potions and revivals only found in the paint area and to be earned after long periods of time waste of time move on to DC universe if you want to play a game that actually has fun.jlifetoeasy

- Amazing game

This is one of the best games I played but battery consuming and I hope there add mega evolution

- Why Pokemon is good for you

Pokemon go is a great game that will get you and your family throwing those poke balls and catching Pokémon. Pokemon go will give you a reason to go outside

- Distance tracking doesn’t work and Niantic doesn’t care.

I’ve been through all the settings multiple times and hours with the chat bot and it I get zero distance when trying to hatch eggs. Adventure Sync works fine. Other accounts on my phone work fine, too. Niantic’s answer: get a different device. I’m using an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

- Best game ever

I love this game, but I think it’s missing a GTS and Link trading. I’m unable to do 5 star raids so GTS and Link trading would give me the opportunity to complete my Pokédex and get my favorite Pokémon. Please consider this if you see it.

- Lack of support, Coins, and Pokeballs

So I’ve been playing for a while and honestly the game WAS great. Now not so much. Support answers you whenever they feel like it and it’s always robotic answers. I never feel like I’m actually talking to someone or that I’m actually being helped. It seems whatever I say, regardless of what I said they find it in a trouble shoot guideline and just send me that. Sometimes it’s not even helpful to my situation. Now people say this isn’t a “paywall” game. That is a lie. Pokeballs fill up and run out fast. Unless you have the space which you’ll need to constantly buy coins to upgrade. Prior to what we have now you use to be able to make a lot more coins a day and even by the hour by leaving your Pokémon in gyms. Now there is a limit to earning 50 coins a day, with most things in the shop being 200+ coins. As it that weren’t enough this recent week they have drastically decreased the Pokeball supply. Pokeballs that you use to receive in gifts, stops, etc are coming in lower quantities. Something this company has failed to acknowledge or even fix. Needless to say regardless of all these new play at home features and the free amounts of pretty useless loot they provide this game IS a PAYWALL game. No doubt about it. Money is all this company cares for, and as a paying customer since my needs aren’t met I won’t be spending another dime. I’m fine buying coins but I’m not spending those coins on items I should be receiving from gifts and Pokémon stops, especially when support won’t even get back to me. Ridiculous.

- Terrible lag.

Something needs to be done about the lagging in the go league. Ridiculous

- Dummies

Some of you complaining about running out of poke balls aren’t cut out for this....make friends and send each other gifts. There’s a lot of ways to play without having to pay. Even so if you play the game right it’s chump change as far as money.

- Pokémon go help me to go fix the problem

I have many problems with Pokémon go because I want to send gifts and the app is closed and I want to enter a gym and the app also closes

- Features

Incense does not activate. Adventure Sync mode does not work, I select it but a few seconds later it unselects itself.

- Great Game

Amazing game, keeps you entertained for hours. Some bugs here and there, main issue is that its a Battery KILLER. Like 50% in an hour and a half and I have relatively new phone. But the game is great, if its worth thats for you to decide

- Hacking has not been stopped

Hacker in my area is making it near impossible to gain any coins through gyms.

- What?

I used to play this game so often, and it was literally one of the only games on my phone I would play. I deleted the game because my phone was having issues and wouldn’t work anymore. This was around a year ago, and I had had my account for a year too. I forgot about this game until recently, and I decided to get a new account. I tried one of the options it gave me, and it wouldn’t even let me type anything. The website didn’t work, so I tried the other option to sign up. It asked for my social security card number, and I never remember that from when I had the game before. Why would a game where you catch fictional creatures need that? It also asked for something else, I can’t remember what it was, but I’m pretty sure it was something strange as well. I’m sure the game has improved a lot besides that, but I wouldn’t know since I still haven’t been able to get in.

- Frozen during extra stardust and incense

I was mid play when the game froze and my character disappeared. 2 different pokemon appeared and my character still had not “shown up”.... not sure if you guys read this, however... Im just trying to catch em all... pls help😢

- Adventure Sync

For the past month the adventure sync, which counts your steps when the app is closed keeps on turning itself off and it’s really frustrating getting home at the end of the day and seeing none of your steps registered. Even turning it back on in the settings doesn’t fix it cause within a day it will stop working again. The only solution is to delete the app and reinstall it because for some reason that fixes it for at least a week or two


I can’t use the store and I can no longer see the location of my eggs or where I catch my Pokémon. Weak

- It's perfect

The app is perfect, but here are some suggestions to make it even more perfect. The game would be a lot better if you could.. -Have an actual Pokémon battle with wild Pokémon that increases your Pokémon's candy count -Heal your Pokémon at Pokémon centers placed around the world -Find items while you're walking -Battle gym leaders from the original games

- good game, but can not sign in...


- Crashes

This game is addictive, it also crashes every five seconds. I’m on an iPhone 7, and almost every time I open the app it crashes, otherwise this would be more stars.

- I like the game

Pokémon go can I have a shiny star u

- Good game over all but reduce or remove walking requirements for gbl

It’s a very good app if your casual player looking around to catch things the pandemic features have been helping our players that to do go battle league. But after all of this go battle is league is going to fall out for me at least I have to walk 6km for 2 sets only please just reduce the walking distance to 1km and 5km for 5 sets It’s a very excellent game and if you remove bugs and more bugs from gbl you would be able to make money from gbl becoming an esport and the streamers won’t be able to promote your games as for go battle league. It will almost be impossible to get to rank 10 with the algorithm in the go battle league for players without phone swings It is a good game over all don’t make us pay for gbl when it still has many glitches that need to be fixed I hope you see this niantic

- Please!

I love this app and it’s kept me sane during this pandemic but I miss seeing the locations of gifts! I understand the privacy reasons but maybe include states and countries without cities? I love knowing that my friends come from different and far places

- Why don’t the Pokémon say their names in this game ????

They should make it so they do say their names game.

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- I can’t buy

I can’t buy anything from the store.It’s a good game but I can’t buy anything .

- In App Purchases Frustrating!

I have been playing this game since it launched and have had issues with the app purchases. I’ve purchased extra storage several times, the coins deduct and it doesn’t increase. Really frustrating. The XP for climbing levels increases ridiculously at this point 500,000 XP to increase levels is not going to happen within few weeks to months even with daily play. Not happy.

- Need to provide egg hatching odds

Fun game to play but the event increasing events and having specific event Pokemon behind a pay wall if you chose not to purely use the infinite incubator. Niantic it feels is scamming it’s player base.

- Why am I weighting this I should be playing Pokemon go

This game is so cool and fun it gets you out off the house and is really addictive

- You get banned for no reason

Don’t bother you get banned for playing at high lvls and on holiday it’s rubbish

- Apple we will win


- Unable to login with google :(

I have been playing this game for 3years. But yesterday it signed me out and I cannot sign back in!!! I am really unhappy. I literally cannot sign back in! Is this app broken?

- Great game I’m soooo addicted😅😂🤣☺️

I love this game and just started playing it for the first time, it’s a really good game my dad just started playing with me but there are still a lot of glitches. A second ago 3 of my Pokemon came from gyms and it said that each Pokemon brung back 50£ but I looked it the shop and I had only gotten 50£ but it’s not a big deal I just want to let you know. Anyways I love the game I’ve been playing for eleven days and I’m already level twenty one 😂love the game.

- Hatching eggs

I’ve hade 9 eggs for the last couple years and none of them are hatching at all so I’m kind of stuck I don’t no what to do about it so if anyone can give me tips on what to do then it’s appreciated

- Payment with coins in the game

I am not getting paid all the coins I have earned by The GYM,s i have placed my Pokémon in

- Pokemon go a no no

It’s alright to catch virtual monsters whilst pitching a loaf or having a bath , nothing more

- Poo


- Broken

Game crashing all the time and ruins gameplay i had a raid pass to catch a raidpokemon and it crashed and lost raid pass and pokemon

- Amazing

This app allows you to catch Pokémon in real life I never knew that was possible on the hugest Pokémon fan so this was my best ever


amazing just amazing

- Amazing

Unfirtunatly I lost my previous account but that’s ok because.

- Promotes gambling without revealing odds.

The game exists for the main purpose of encouraging young and vulnerable people to spend real money on in-game purchases which offer rewards of unspecified probability. Niantic promote in-game events with the lure of ‘you might get lucky’, a clear encouragement to gamble, and gives away limited free opportunities to gamble as an attempt to ‘hook’ players and encourage them into spending more money. However the odds of receiving high-value items in-game are never revealed and in some cases have been shown to be so rare as to be effectively zero. There is nothing wrong with gambling if the odds are clear so the player can make an informed choice, but this game resists the current best practice trend of publishing its odds and so is in breach of Apple’s App Store rules, and will soon be in breach of EU law. I strongly recommend you do not allow your children to spend money on this app. Game play is possible for free, and the game is reasonably enjoyable in that mode. Such a shame the developers lack any moral or ethical integrity.

- Amazing

It’s amazing but when you do raids it is so hard to Catch them

- Emma

I love this game

- Great but

Great game but sometimes I get kicked out the game, once it was catching an Eevee

- I never stop aaaaaaaahhhhh

This game is my life I can not stop. This game is driving me crazy I can not stop >:D see :I


My cousin got a ditto and he’s been playing for 2 days and I’ve been playing for a year and haven’t got one, FIX THIS!!

- Best game ever

Best game ever 5 stars

- Go away

I’m done playing different to different accounts the game hates me straight up someone in battle league ok then? 2500 2500 2500 shiny salamence shiny mewtwo zekrom reshiram stop trying it isn’t working but I never stop playing the game help me get better stuck in quarantine

- Good but annoying

It’s a good games but sometimes my Pokemon could be in a gym for 3 day and won’t get a single coin but apart from that it’s really good and would recommend it 👍🏻

- Dis game AWESOME

So addictive I can’t stop playing it! Aaaa

- My poor poor child

I would like to see the manager of niantic my child got epilepsy from playing and now he has autism

- Crashes

Game closes every 10 minutes or so and I keep having to reload it

- Too buggy

Currently suffering from the app repeatedly crashing when I open the camera to “give my buddy treats”. This plus the GPS error 11 that my son constantly gets when he’s out walking meaning he cannot play the game. I’ve tried every fix and each time it works for a few minutes before the fault again. It’s a great app otherwise and plenty of fun and a good way to get a 10 year old boy out walking without complaints

- Impossible to catch

I am totally feed up with using 14 pokeballs and 14 golden berry’s and still not being able to catch raid victory pokemon this happens time and time again and it’s a joke. This needs sorting out as it’s happened on over 10 occasions.......

- Can’t buy poke coins

Can’t buy anything in the store at all need to be fixed

- Best game ever

It’s fun I can help you get out the house kids might try it

- :,(

Maybe for a update you could add slyveon😭 pleaseeee

- Cool



My dream is to become a Pokémon trainer and I can :)

- Love the game but...

I love this game, my partner and I play it all the time but.. I have a problem with setting up Adventure Sync to track my steps so I don’t have to keep my app open all the time... I’m an iPhone user, when I go to turn the adventure sync on, it tells me to go to settings, click privacy, click health, click Pokemon go and then enable everything.... well, I do that but it’s not there.. I’ve looked through my entire settings app and can’t find what it’s telling me to do so I therefore cannot set up adventure sync.. I think something needs to be done in order to fix this because I’m getting nowhere even though I walk for a good hour and a half every day.


Constant lag absolutely terrible wouldn’t recommend

- Terrible

I downloaded the game today cuz I have heard great things about this game so I was gonna log in and I wanted to log in on my google account oh but that option was not even THERE!

- No potions and the Pokemon I encounter are weak

I use to have tons of potions but team go rocket drain them. This game is good I do recommend but strong cp Pokemon are hard to get from where I live, other than that I have a requested update... Pokemon centers they can help with low hp Pokemon

- Amazing

Amazing game

- Latios and Latias should come back to raids

Please put latios and latias back in raids

- Raid report

I use a raid pass get into the raid and loose it because the game bugs out when I’m in the fight get it to low health and it lags out kicks me off the game I don’t get a chance on catching the Pokémon nor get my pass back I wasting money and coins for nothing sort it out please

- Amazing game

I started playing Pokemon Go again during lockdown (unfortunately I forgot my previous account so I had to start over) and it has been amazing! The game lets you figure out a lot of things yourself and basically just leaves you to get on with it which is great :) It also doesn’t bombard you with tasks to complete (they have them but they are in no way compulsory to move on in the game) or random notifications like some other apps do, which is great. It also encourages you to get out of the house and find new Pokemon, and some of them are really cute. It was magikarp day a few days ago, and this was amazing, as you need to catch lots of magikarps to evolve them and power them up and they are usually quite hard to find (especially in London) in the wild. So overall this is an amazing game with barely any glitches, although like all apps they do happen sometimes. The most annoying one for me is when I use a remote raid pass (worth 100 coins) and then occasionally the app crashes and I lose my raid pass completely. I personally find it hard to collect coins and therefore it can take me a while to save up to buy a remote raid pass. However this has only happened a few times and it doesn’t really bother me (I can see how it would bother someone else though, so if you see this I think this is definitely something worth fixing or at least giving the raid pass back :) )


I hate this f**** game it is a horrible game I would give it no stars if it would let me do not play the blob of crap 😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😠😠😠😠👹👹👹👹👺👺👺👺👺

- Best game ever

You get to go outside and have a real experience I’ve played for years and it’s fantastic :3 I haven’t encountered Jessie and James but I will keep an eye out UWU

- Yes

Good sad that eduqas decided to drop this for the media GCSE for bloody fortnite



- Add me

3338 4558 0878 my code

- Keeps crashing!

I would have given this game a 5* review but after the last few updates I seem to experience a LOT of crashing. It is really annoying so please try and sort it out

- Amazing - can play for hours!!

Pokemon go is a fun, virtual reality, action packed game. Niantic really isn’t stopping with these events!! This game never buffers for me. This game is so worth it! As much as it pains me to say, I do think they should cut down the amount of poke coins that items cost. But instead of paying real money, you can drop a Pokémon in a near-by gym and get Pokecoins that way.

- Potential 5 stars, but...

The game keeps crashing whenever I either press anything within 1 and a half seconds of pressing something else or whenever I try to interact with the hot air balloon. It is still playable but the playability is severely limited. I do hope this will be fixed sometime soon. -Thanks-

- Pokémon

Can you still log in with google

- More people should play it

It’s so fun play it

- Poor task completion

Doing tasks and they are not being ticked off of special research. Please fix

- Love it

I love this game but a few months ago it wouldn’t let me open gifts and battle I have tried everything hopefully the update will help

- I paid for Pokemon Ball at $19.9, but it still shows zero on the

I paid for Pokemon Ball at $19.9, but it still shows zero on the APP. Please check. Please give me a refund if it is confirmed.

- It doesn’t opening

After update this app, I can open it, it closes immediately.

- No gps signal

It says no gps signal but I have my location settings on always pls help

- Amazing but there’s a bug

It’s a great game but there’s a bug or something that keeps kicking me out of the game when I open it up.

- Sign in


- Adventure sync not working

Game is good and fun. But the Adventure Sync barely works.

- good but the bugs :((

this game is by far one of my favourites, i grew up with pokémon so being able to play on phone is really neat when out and about. it IS really nice and has improved so much since it was released but guys, come on, fix your bugs! the first worldwide GO Fest was an absolute sham, i haven’t met anyone who wasn’t disappointed. please update your servers, the fact that people couldn’t play due to the app freezing, lag and being forced shut is really terrible considering people had to pay to play yknow. remote passes have so many bugs too, please fix being kicked from raids & being unable to rejoin. it’s very frustrating and gives a sour taste towards the game. i appreciate the frequent updates but stop adding more fire to the issues than fixing them

- What the hell niantic?!

I decided to try this game and pressed create new account with google. After logging in it immediately took me to a screen saying “your account has been terminated for breaking niantic TOS”, BUT I WAS MAKING A NEW ACCOUNT!

- Incense not working

The games really fun but I’m young and can’t go out so I usually use an incense but for the past about 3 days my incense has not ever been working for some reason

- free time

this is a good game to play wen your bod

- Customer support team needs improvement

Hi I recently played in the go fest and did remotes raids, 2 raids bugged out and I couldn’t rejoin, lost 2 remote raid passes because of it. Contacted customer support team, then they just gave me one back but said they couldn’t reimburse any more

- The game keeps closing down for no reason

So can you guys at least TRY to fix the problem of the game closing down, cuz I was just about to try and catch a shadow scizor from a balloon but the game closed down and I wasn’t able to catch it, you realise that isn’t fair right? I earned the shadow scizor but I can’t get a try at catching it again once re-opening the game? Really? Pleas PLEASE try and read this and at least try to fix it, or at least give me the shadow scizor if your not gonna fix the game? Please....

- Joystick

I’m not sure if it’s just me but, I think there should be a joystick mode so incase people don’t have 4 or 5 g

- Zzesfesxsix. EcR

Pi dMujaheddin I!o,,,

- Plz remove legendaries from battle league

Remove legendaries from the go battle league, If legendaries can’t be in gyms why can they be in the go battle league now I can’t do a thing because of all these legendaries being OP

- Great fun ,suggestion

I love the game , but wish there were easier ways to open and receive Gifts Just a button open all gifts that allows u to open as many as u can (fill up bag) and also send gifts So a button that sends gifts to closest friends New friends Or just random . Love the buddy for collecting candy etc . Love the game just spend a lot of wasted time on gift sending and receiving

- Buddies don’t even love me

The app works pretty flawlessly these days but I’m so saddened that even when I spoil my buddy Pokémon rotten they rarely join me on the map. Like, I’m doing all I need to do but they do t spawn at least 50% of the time. Am I a bad trainer? Is that what you’re telling me? I paid for poffins. I don’t even buy my boyfriend poffins... 🤷🏼‍♂️

- Amazing

Best game ever! Fun to go walking with friends and catch Pokémon together! I love to battle with my friends and catch up on the new Pokémon we got. Makes walking really fun! 😊 Definitely recommend for all ages

- Can’t play Pokémon go fest 2020 🤦🏼‍♀️

I brought the Pokémon go past last night 26 of July and I can’t find the Pokémon go fest 2020 ticket in my items. Pls fix this ASAP. It’s not fair that people who want to do the dragon week, next week, won’t be able to since the ticket was not sent to are item box to use. Pls fix this ASAP!!!



- Good I don’t get a lot of shiny.

Good I don’t a lot of shiny

- Go fest

Please make the go fest in every country like this year

- Playing this everyday so amazing🥰

Best game ever I’m glad training is finally out and the buddy thing surprised me I love how u can walk your buddy, feed your buddy, pat your buddy, and so much more with it also I love how when u take a photo of your buddy a Pokémon photo bombs it so funny. Great game love the updates can’t wait for the next BIG update😍

- Can’t use shop

I cannot purchase anything from the store including the go fest ticket I want.

- Fix that version

I changed my phone language for fix pvp, raid, fight to team rocket issue. But i don’t want use like that anymore. Please do something.

- Stopped playing and I regreted it

I played this when I was five, when it was viral, that is before this pandemic. Here comes the funny part! I was playing while in the car and we stopped at a park for pokemon catching because they were common there, then a ton of people walked into me and my dads car. I stopped playing that day and I’m about to play it again! I totally regret stopping.

- My trainer code

6870 1816 6631 I’ll send gifts but I would like some back please and thank you if you send me friend request

- Trash

Banned me when I downloaded didn’t even get to play.I put my account in and got instantly banned.fix your game

- I can’t sign in it does not work for me!!

It brings me back to the start when I’m done and says I have an account Whalen I don’t and I won’t let me sign in!!

- Server issues with go fest!!

I really love this game I’ve been really looking forward to this weekend and now I can’t even play it, please fix this ASAP

- Funest game ever

This game is sooooOoooooOoOOOOOOOooo god

- 👻

I love the game but go fest has so much glitch



- The coolest Pokémon

I really like this game and it is addictive but I do like how they add Jessie and James and the Team Go rocket has those Air balloons it is coolest thing I ever seen.

- Crashes

Love this app but ever since the last update the app continually crashes for me. It’s mostly when I’m in battle or trying to take a snapshot. Sometimes it will happen while catching Pokémon and I lost a shiny because of it. Please fix this, I really do love this game!

- Update fix

Love the game but been having problems since upgrade

- Help please!!

I love this game, however I can’t buy the go-fest ticket or any poke coins it keeps producing a message saying “something went wrong. Please try again.(3) the event is in 1 day and I’m really stressed out 😭

- I luv pokemon

Best graphics and everything no problems keep the good work

- Awful customer service

Have been unable to purchase in app coins for a while now.. going in circles talking to the in app support.. useless..

- Shares data with Chinese servers

Excellent game, shame you’ve decided to partner with TikTok and share data with Chinese servers. 4 years of playing,I wonder how much of that data you’ve given over.

- Buddy’s

Thought this would be cute but now I can’t catch any more Pokémon... Not happy..

- This game is epic but

It’s really annoying how some of the events cost money so I cant join in the Pokémon go fest and some other activities. It would be awesome if you could make the events that cost money cost nothing. Also I would like if you can bring mewtwo back to raids because I never got the chance to get him because I didn’t have very good Pokémon that could defeat mewtwo. And finally I was wondering if you could make legendary raid Pokémon a tiny bit easier to beat. Please reply back. Thanks 😊 From MacKenzie

- PvP is an anchor around this game’s neck

The game was an interesting PvE experience that had been evolving for years, but more recently the introduction has become the game’s sole focus. PvP in this game is half-baked and poorly implemented it feels generous to call it an alpha-build but it’s treated like a fully finished product... and with the extreme focus on rewarding only those players (only path to certain pokemon, elite tms, exclusive avatar outfits and poses), the rest of the game is really beginning to erode. If you’re not a PvP player generally, just give it a miss... this game doesn’t care about players like you anymore.

- I love Pokémon go

I love Pokémon go because it gets you out side and walk and Pokémon games are just amazing that’s all bye 😃

- I love it soooooo much love my shinys and events,raids,graphics eeeeeeeeeeeeek

I am the biggest fan of Pokémon ever also my friend Aidan I love everything in this game 1 complaint I really want long distance trading it will be much more convenient so please add it in the next update

@PokemonGoApp: Sewaddle, Cottonee, Emolga, and Bouffalant are now making their Pokémon GO debut during Unova Week! …

I had a great enigma week in Pokémon Go! #PokemonGO #shinypokemon #Pokemon

add me on pokémon go 😂

@blaustoise @Hai @jonmoormann Not sure, pokemon go as an example gives you a number in their ladder + a rank and it…

Pokémon Go 7 ...Sudowoodo Truly Broke my Game... via @YouTube

@PokemonGOAppJP: 皆さんの地域で「イッシュウィーク」が始まりました! イッシュ地方で発見された「クルミル」「モンメン」「エモンガ」「バッフロン」といったポケモンたちが『Pokémon GO』にデビューします!さっそくゲットしにいきましょう! #ポケモンGO…

How To Spoof in Pokemon Go? (Spoofer Android iOs) - Pokemon Go GPS Telep... a través de @YouTube

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Pokémon GO 1.149.0 Screenshots & Images

Pokémon GO iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Pokémon GO iphone images
Pokémon GO iphone images
Pokémon GO iphone images
Pokémon GO iphone images
Pokémon GO iphone images
Pokémon GO ipad images
Pokémon GO ipad images
Pokémon GO ipad images
Pokémon GO ipad images
Pokémon GO ipad images
Pokémon GO Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Pokémon GO Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Pokémon GO (Version 1.149.0) Install & Download

The applications Pokémon GO was published in the category Games on 2016-07-07 and was developed by Niantic, Inc. [Developer ID: 1037205060]. This application file size is 293.47 MB. Pokémon GO - Games posted on 2020-08-03 current version is 1.149.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

Pokémon GO Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

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