AudioMaster: For Podcasts and Music

Import audio and instantly get a mastered version. Immediately hear a boost in volume and overall sweetening of the mix. Export, save and share anywhere. Audiobus, IAA and AU compatible. Free to download so you can try before you buy. Import as many audio files as you want so you can hear the quality before you buy.

Check out AudioMaster Pro if you don't want to deal with a subscription. Also check out our new 'Audio Recording and Mastering Bundle' which includes MicSwap Pro.

Let AudioMaster put the final touches on your sounds by enhancing the mix and sonic characteristics. Our audio algorithm automatically adjusts levels and gives a general “sweetening”. Think of it as the difference between a good-sounding mix and a louder professional-sounding, finished master.

Export in Wav, M4a stereo or M4a mono.

Use for Podcasts, Music, Voiceover, Demos, Memos, etc.

From Future Moments LLC, makers of MicSwap, MicSwap Pro and AudioFix: For Videos

◆ Flat EQ
◆ Podcasts
◆ Rock
◆ Folk
◆ Blues
◆ Classical
◆ Country
◆ Hip Hop
◆ Electronic
◆ Jazz
◆ Latin
◆ New Age
◆ Pop
◆ R&B / Soul

Universal App - Buy one version and own it on all devices. Compatible with iPhones, iPads iOS 9 and up.

AudioMaster is free to download.
We offer 3 subscription plans:
Quarterly Unlimited Use ($4.99)
6 Month Unlimited Use ($7.99)
Yearly Unlimited Use ($13.99)

If you choose to subscribe, your subscriptions will automatically renew at the end of the selected time and will charge your credit card through your iTunes account. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings.

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AudioMaster: For Podcasts and Music App Description & Overview

The applications AudioMaster: For Podcasts and Music was published in the category Music on 2016-07-14 and was developed by Future Moments. The file size is 86.24 MB. The current version is 1.6 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Now you can send to AudioMaster directly from MicSwap and MicSwap Pro
Fixed name bug when exporting

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Lilly Swanson

Great tool for quick mastering!  Lilly Swanson  5 star

This is an excellent tool for quickly mastering demos and (I feel a little morally conflicted saying this) professional use! I'm a musician first but have become adept at engineering and mixing from recording on protools, studying as I go for the past 15 years. I often have a solid mix and want to pop it on soundcloud or send in for a licensing opportunity and struggle with mastering. I hate to put up a low volume unmastered version amongst finished work. This sounds far superior to mastering I've been able to achieve and is instantaneous! I was able to upload unlimited songs and experiment with all the mastering settings though it only allows you to save/export one song until you upgrade for unlimited exports, well worth the cost or more! I'll probably still spend thousands on true mastering geniuses in the future, but I will also likely put out music mastered with this app and 99% of us won't hear the difference. It really sounds great! Put on headphones and compare to unmastered versions, and the various settings, it's pretty amazing!

Medicine kevk

Keeps getting better  Medicine kevk  5 star

Sounds great and immediately improved my demo. I'm running everything through here before I post and share it. Awesome!!


quick, easy, and useful!  arhbklyn  5 star

This is a great app for those who, like me, are professional musicians but not technically inclined. It's easy to use and quickly gets my demos polished enough to send out.


Very handy!!  Marzipanzee  5 star

This app just keeps getting better. Used it on many songs and it always improves em. Too easy. Thank you!


Your ears will thank you  CosmoWJ  5 star

This app does a great job of fixing poor audio and anyone can use it, it's chimp simple to clean up your audio mess or someone else's.

joseph charles

So good!  joseph charles  5 star

I love it when apps simply work. Without any fuss or learning curve I immediately have a new tool in upping my audio game. Highly recommended


Great deal  musicmaker2020  5 star

Great service. Very simple to use with a lot of options that keep it simple for someone non-technical like me.


The First Music app worth subscribing too  CableXtc  5 star

I have been a professional producer/musician for over two decades . For the past 4 months since obtaining and using this app. It's been the most used app in my collection.I use it across the gambit, from getting the best sounding premixes to helping me see pros and cons in a mix in progress , even using it in areas of my final mix or masters and just about everywhere in between . "It is so worth getting " I couldn't imagine anyone ever regretting using the app.

Pixie Br.

AWESOME!!!  Pixie Br.  5 star

My husband and I are going to the doctors quite frequently and we need to tape the conversations in order to replay them because we always forget several things. We've been taping but we haven't heard the replay very well. Even in a quiet room it was still very difficult to hear. I found this app to boost the volume and it works great! I'm not very tech savvy but this app is easy to use. I very much recommend it!!!

Full blooded fil

YEHEY  Full blooded fil  5 star



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