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Upgrade your commute by carpooling with Waze. Plan your rides and match with fellow commuters going your way. It's easy, affordable and eco-friendly.

Why Waze Carpool?

- Schedule your rides for the week and stay on track with reminders
- Share the cost of commuting
- Say hello to the express lane
- Reduce traffic and help the planet

NOTICE: The Waze Carpool app is for riders only. Are you a driver who wants to offer rides to commuters? Download the original Waze app and tap the carpooling icon to get started. Waze Carpool is currently available in the United States, Brazil, Mexico and Israel. Keep it installed and we’ll notify you as soon as it becomes available in your area!

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Waze Carpool Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Upgrade your commute with this helpful update: - Fixed a bug so any changes you make to your carpool are saved correctly

Waze Carpool Comments & Reviews

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- Good app, but location of house/work matters!

This app is really good for short distances, as the rates are as per distance and they are very low as compared to the Uber pool rates. It's also easy to find drivers along the way for me (I am a rider). But for some people, because of the location of their house, it might not be as easy to find a ride. This app is a driver friendly app, so riders are expected to walk a bit to reach the driver's route. These walks might be too long, if the location of your house or office is off the highways or the main roads. So, you might have to walk a longer distance to reach the ride, which might be inconvenient (sometimes it tells you to walk 1.2 mi). But you can talk to the driver to see if he/she can pick you up. My house and work place are on the busy streets, so I get plenty of drivers.

- Caters to drivers only

The app is good in helping people match with each other. However, the app is trash because recently they have been catering to the driver only with further away walk-to locations for the rider. Before, I only had to walk 5, maybe even 10 minutes to the location it says to meet the driver. Now, I’m seeing more often 20+ minutes of walking. Also, the map is inaccurate so it will say the walk is only 8 minutes but when you actually map it out it’s an hour and 20 minute walk. And some drivers won’t meet outside of where the app tells you to meet. The map also will change the location to meet with the same driver when you match at different times. Meaning you will never meet at the same location as before which makes no sense. I’ve also mentioned this to their “customer service” but was met with a very lazy and u resolved answer. It will even tell the rider to take a bus the remainder of your location which defeats the entire purpose of carpooling. Please get it it together.

- Spoke too soon...

I honestly thought I would love this app. Upon downloading it I’d already received $30 in Ride credits and found many drivers who matched my route. I thought I had hit the carpool jackpot. Until it actually came to using the app. You have to send requests to drivers on the same route as you, with a time and pickup/drop off spot that are convenient. The first time I sent a request to a driver 2 days before I needed the ride. The driver declined the request. Ok, surely I could contact the other matches. None have responded. I checked their profiles, and it seems all of the drivers who I have matched with (including the one who rejected riding with me) are new drivers themselves and are either inactive or not really ready to ride other people. Even as I tried changing my route destination to get more available drivers, 90% of the drivers just didn’t respond to my request at all. It’s been 2 weeks since my last request. I now feel discouraged to ride with WAZE since the ride credits will expire soon and I have not been able to communicate with a single driver

- Worthless (Cr)App

I downloaded this app in January, 2019. Been checking faithfully to join carpools, sending inquiry messages regularly (as many as 30 per week since the app recommends you ask daily for rides). Have gotten only a single response in nearly 9 months and that was “no, I don’t go that way - not sure why Waze Carpool indicated I did.” I even set up a group seeking other riders in hopes of establishing a new carpool. Nada. Zip. Zilch. I don’t entirely blame the app; those seeking riders could be more responsive to those of us seeking drivers. But the algorithm the app uses to “match” drivers with riders doesn’t seem to be entirely accurate either. So, after nearly 9 months of use, I am deleting the app and counting it a lesson learned, albeit a disappointing one. I do not typically use “social” apps, but now I know the “networking” aspect of social apps is entirely dependent on the willingness of its participants to actually NETWORK, making this apps daily reminder to ask for rides... worthless. Forced to give the app one star to post this review, otherwise would have rated it NO stars.

- Update should fix the app but it just made it worse!

I have been using Waze Carpool for about half a year now and it was fine until that huge update on February! It made the app worst, it was the worst you will just get frustrated everytime you use it! Let me tell you why 1. Before it matches you with drivers walking distance from your house or your destination. Now it will match you with people at least a half a mile away from your house and will drop you off half a mile away from your work. 2. I already have 2 regular drivers who I carpooled with most of the time and even them hates the app, why? We can’t see each other anymore after the update, it just matches you with new people, we, the one who have been using the app for so long, they want us to became their guinea pig, they matches you with new people every single day. 3. You get pick up at stupid pick up points like for example there was many times it wants me to get pickup at a location two blocks away from my house when the driver would pass by my house first before the pickup location 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ 4. There is always “internal errors”. Opening the app errors. Accepting the ride offer errors. Sending a request error. Messaging error. Submitting a review error. Even emailing them also has error, you complain but they give you like general message that has been copy paste from FAQ. No matter how cheap and efficient this is, if it keeps being a problem and a frustration everyday, its not worth it to use it.

- Great concept, still has kinks to iron out

I have been using this app for almost 10 months and for the most part love it. There are some functions that could be better like adding more riders to your carpool, which is the point of you know, carpools. Also, it should be easier to contact and add riders or drivers you have carpooled with before. Often times, I just have to text people and then Venmo them payment because the app won’t allow me to search for them specifically and add them. Also, the app gives me driver options who are not within my time bracket or even close to my route. It’s totally confusing.

- Privacy concerns

I downloaded this app to see if it’s something I could use on a regular basis, and it looks very promising up front. But when I started to sign in and enter my information like, when I leave home and when I get to work; and my origination and Destination locations, I was asked to create a profile. I’m willing to create a profile but the only two choices I had to create a profile is to create it using either my Facebook account profile or my Google account profile. I’m not interested in allowing access to any app of my Facebook or Google account profile information, but I am willing to enter profile Information directly as I see fit. Since this option does not appear to be available, I will not be using the Waze carpool app after all. Great idea, but you want too much information For my taste. Wayne

- Great for drivers, not for riders

If you’re a rider relying on carpool for your commute, you’re sol. The response rate is super low when requesting rides. Not to mention a lot of profiles don’t have license plate numbers so not sure how you’re supposed to know you’re getting in the car with the right person??? Punctuality is a hugeeeee issue. Just today my carpool is 15 minutes late, will likely be longer than that. I’m still paying the same rate even though I was planning to be home by now. I’ve had riders confirm for a time and then the ETA shows 40 minutes past that time! I cancelled the ride right away. Maybe it’s not so much an issue with Waze as it is the drivers, but if Waze knows it’s an issue, they need to encourage better behavior. At least Scoop charges you for cancelling a ride last minute.

- Good idea not well executed. Not enough users.

There’s not enough drivers with this app. For anything to be really reliable. It’s also creepy to be a fem rider, I just good dudes hitting on me that know where I live. Yay! I found this weeks super awesome I think when they first launched it then overtime was pretty unreliable I think that was the decline of drivers. There’s a lot of bugs that happened recently with the update most of the drivers that normally would pick me up can’t even see my post I’m not entirely sure why that is they have it ever seem to fix that. Also the doing this new thing where you can add onto a ride but it’s like not in any timeframe that you posted. I heard that wasn’t issue you a couple updates ago with drivers actually been irritated with being bombarded by riders wanting rides outside of their timeframe. A lot of the drivers have had issues with understanding how to use the app. The customer service is pretty OK I’ll get back to you in an OK time frame but it doesn’t actually mean that the problem will actually get fixed. In fact it doesn’t normally. What I wonder is the does the team who develop this app actually use it to ride to work or … i’m guessing no.

- Lots of potential, Needs improvement

I want to say that this app has a lot of potential. I commute a total of 100 miles to work and back so driving everyday can be exhausting and can burn a hole in my wallet. One of the problems I had with this app was that it doesn’t let me know if the driver accepts or rejects my request. It would be nice to get a notification on my phone stating this and why they rejected my request. A bigger problem I had with this app was that they charged me for rides that I never done. So you’re essentially getting free money if you’re a driver. I tried removing my card from the app but that’s not even an option so I had to contact my bank to report the transactions and send me a new card. I also received a $30 credit of free rides but find it pretty weird how they charge my card instead of taking it out of the credit. Overall this app is a really good idea but needs a lot of improvements. I suggest: - letting the rider know via notification if the driver accepts and rejects your request and why - charge the rider once they confirm they are in the drivers car - Have an option to remove payment information - Encourage more drivers to participate and clearly state who is a driver and rider

- Good use for long commute, but needs more improvements

I used it for commute from South Bay to sf. It saved me to some degree, and cheaper than Scoop. However, there are a few bugs on the application. One is that once the time is approaching, I cannot open the pickup address on map anymore, which means I can only guess if I get the right place, based on the moving spot on the built-in map. Also the speed is slow when I click some buttons sometimes, and I cannot see the messages from drivers immediately when the notification is pushed to my phone. But I will keep using it, since it is so cheap and the best choice in carpool!

- Useful app, reasonably accessible with voiceover screen reader

I am a visually impaired iPhone user. I like Waze because I can identify where the pick up and drop off points are using voiceover. This feature is not yet accessible using the carpool options on several other popular apps. However, Waze still needs some improvements. My rider rating is not spoken properly, as voiceover does not indicate partial stars. So even though I have close to a five star rating, it tells me that I am at four. Another concern is that focus tends to be spotty on the main screen when there are incoming ride offers from drivers. Overall though, this app is very promising.

- Flexible and Cost Effective

I really enjoy how flexible this service is and appreciate the ability to cancel without penalty. The people I’ve met are a nice community of folks who make the time and long distances traveled enjoyable. It’s a smart app. The only flaws are it’s inability to recognize unsafe pickup/drop off locations and difficulty in communications with developers. I’ve used it long enough to work around the locations issue but still don’t have a good handle on customer service issues. Overall I really do enjoy using this app and appreciate the work that has gone into its development. Thank you, Waze/Google!

- Great app! + suggestions

Recently downloaded this app only a few days ago and already found a couple of drivers to carpool with (in the SF Bay Area). Would love if you could 1. Customize and save your greeting when requesting rides 2. Have a list of people who you previously rode with and their schedule for the week so that you could set up rides outside of the algorithm 3. Filter through drivers who are not active within a specified time period 4. Sync through google calendar 5. Provide widget support displaying your next carpool Thanks for a great app!

- Do not use, scam. Charge for rides never received.

They charged me for rides I never got. No insurrections on how or when you’re charged. I think I may have accepted rides, but the guy backed out. Never got the rides. They charged my card for four rides on four future dates. How are you going to charge for rides not even done yet? So if you’re a scam artist just sign up to be a driver and you’ll be paid for rides you never have to do. Waze won’t even address my emails regarding the fraudulent charges so I have to dispute with the bank and I will also complain to the BBB. If you want to trust a stranger that they will show up and pick you up, good luck. They’re paid in advance. Completely useless. Do not use!!! PS just found out from a driver Waze doesn’t do background checks on the drivers - so don’t get yourself murdered!!!!

- Awful update. Please fix it

I’ve been using this app for few months and I loved it. However, with the latest update, I am unable to request a ride for a specific driver. I’ve been pooling with the same guy for 6+ months, and now we don’t see each other from the list and are both struggling. We even tried to put the exact same pick up/drop off address to see if we could see each other from the list but this didn’t work. Now I see a bunch of drivers who are just not responding. Please fix this.

- Pain and frustration

What a great idea but the implementation is severely lacking. Relying on Google or Facebook to log in even if you already have a Waze account is minus one star even if the app was fully functional. The app crashes and gives incorrect data constantly. I have previously found drivers on my route and sent them requests, and then open the app to check if they have seen them the app either gives me the vague “something went wrong” message requiring me to ultimately restart the profile creation process or it tells me carpool is not available in my area (it definitely is and I’ve used it). The single ride I have actually gotten from a Wazer was great but I had to PayPal them because the app wouldn’t let them accept my ride request. Failure on so many levels.

- Great app for carpooling!

I love using Waze for my daily commute to work. I referred it to a friend and when she took her first ride (which is always free), I got $20 in carpool reward which is giving me 50% discount on my rides! The communication via messaging helps to convey the exact timing and pickup location to the drivers. Just one drawback is that the app is little slow, would love to see an improvement with that. All in all, it is a great app, definitely cheaper than Uber/ Lyft. Saves money and reduces traffic. So win-win! :)

- Walk distance

Waze on its own shows some walk distance for riders even the driver has not set any location for pickup, i find this very annoying because first i am not able drag the pickup spot near to my home in some cases and second drivers dont have a problem for driving to the house even then they have to text and ask the exact location. There should be a option for drivers to put their preference if they can pickup from the house or they want rider to come to some place.

- I cannot stress enough how helpful this is

I commute on the train (2 trains and a bus to be exact) and getting a ride to work makes my morning so much better- Uber and Lyft are insanely expensive though and so i tried Waze carpool, which is SO MUCH BETTER!!! I ride every morning to work with my new friend Jack, who i matched with through the carpool app since our routes are so similar. Turns out jack was driving literally RIGHT on my commute solo for the last few months and now we ride together every morning.

- Buggy and time consuming

This app is always bugging out on me. I get notifications but when I open the app there’s nothing there. I have trouble requesting rides all the time - an error pops up. Compared to Scoop it’s a way more confusing first time experience and requires a lot more work. You have to manually send requests (which is okay) but less ideal. The worst part is sometimes the walking distance is unreasonable for the price - and I’m right off the freeway so I can’t imagine for other people what it’s like. I only use this as a backup to Scoop which allows me to go door to door for a reasonable price.

- Bad idea

No background checks. This is a recipe for a disaster. Now another bulgur way to take away money from real chauffeurs in Uber and Lyft. Just for that I am uninstalling my Waze maps that I use with my Uber and Lyft. Unreal man. Here we are busting out as to give clean reliable and professional drivers so you can put possible victims in a would be criminals hands. I will be one of the ones who will push for this idea not to be adopted by the public. This is dangerous and you know it. People trust in the fact that Uber and Lyft drivers go through background checks. We are out there so trust in us. Just like cab drivers you my have a bad experience but your a hell of. Lot safer with us than some random possible peeve or psychotic fool.

- It saves my life but addresses are a bit confusing.

The app is great but it can be a bit confusing since it doesn't shows you the best option close to your address. Sometimes you move one block and you are plenty of options. I wish they fix this and let you know all the options within a certain radius...

- Last update broke the app

I have been using this app for just over a year and have two regular riders and the app worked with some limitations such as unable to have more than 1 rider accepted through app. Since this last update, I am unable to send ride offers or accept ride requests. Essentially making this app, a completely useless app to me and my regular riders. Customer service for this app is not the greatest. It is only through email and it takes them several hours to respond. I opened a ticket last year about not being able to accept more than 1 rider and that has still not been resolved. They give you canned responses such as uninstall the app and reinstall it and power cycle your device. Every email ends with “I hope this resolved your issue.” Leading me to believe they have closed the ticket before they get confirmation if this did resolve your issue. If there was another carpool app available in the Boston area, I would try it, but unfortunately at this time there is not.

- Buggy app

Took multiple tries to be able to successfully request a ride, I kept getting an "uh oh, internal error" message. I finally get through and later I got a ride pickup confirmation. This morning I go to the pickup spot and waited 15 minutes. I ended up having to call an Uber because he was late. I tried messaging him but the app kept giving me a error message again and then I tried called him but the app wouldn't let me place a call. Later the driver on his end said that the app told him that I had cancelled the ride last night. So many problems with this app I would not use again. In theory it's great because the rides are cheaper than Uber but the app needs to get itself together.

- Flexible for my commute

This app is a lifesaver! I don’t have a car, and I always find super affordable rides to work with people in my area who are already going the same way as I am. I’ve met some really great people and even made some friends! My favorite part about this app is the flexibility. I’m not always sure which days/times/locations I’m commuting, which is why I love the ability to customize my schedule day-by-day for whatever works for me.

- Most buggy app ever

I used waze initially when it launched and it was not bad. I stopped using it for a while as I found scoop more useful and cheaper. But now when I’m trying to install waze again, it doesn’t even let me do anything. It crashes on almost every step mentioning some server error. Including setting destinations, setting your work email address or setting your commute times. When I get past all these errors by skipping the steps, it give a generic message of “server error” and takes me back to the login screen. I fail to understand how a company like Google with so many resources and money can decide to ship such a broken product.

- A community of “Cool-Poolers”

Fantastic UI and even more fantastic people, it really feels like a win-win-win for drivers, riders, and Waze. Drivers cover gas, I get a ride, and Waze gets the satisfaction of building a super cool community of cool-poolers! Here’s why I’m excited about Waze Carpool: - Cost Effective. Same $ as Caltrain and it’s (almost) door-to-door. - Friendly. I’ve had great conversations with people I would never usually meet...even met a fellow Minnesotan. - Flexible. I can request a ride part way through the day in response to my meeting schedule or after work plans that pop-up. - Efficient. Waze takes us on the best routes to combat traffic. And I’ve saved so much time not walking to the Caltrain or taking ride-sharing apps. Excited to continue to carpool with Waze. One week in and I’m sold!

- Scared at first, but now loving it.

I was a skeptic about this app when it first came out. I hesitated to use it until a few months later and I’m happy I made that choice. I don’t need this app to make any money, I just need someone to be in my car so that I can use the carpool lane. My first pick up was an amazing guy that works across the street and we had a really good conversation during the ride. The only thing that I would like Waze to improve is their map directions when it comes to picking up and dropping off. At times it could be a little confusing to pin point their exact locations since there’s only a little info provided. I would suggest people that commute a lot to start using this app so we can have more drivers and carpoolers!

- Best Carpool app!!

I never knew this app existed until my friend told me about this. I started using this a week back and I love this app. With minimal walking distance I can find carpools from home to work. For me to get to work using public transport I need to take two buses and a T or a bus, a T and shuttle and all of those would take me 1hr 40 mins. But this carpool app could find me 15 minutes total walk time and gets me directly to my workplace.

- Great app for carpooling

It's been a good experience for me so far. The drivers and user interface is smooth. There is no payment problem till date although sometimes you get charged double but it gets added the next day. The referral program is a boom as it makes the rides cheap. I recommend this app for interns or anyone who wants to build connections.

- Not flexible enough

My job has two locations so some days I come from the office and others I’ll be coming from the factory. Not to mention I’m frequently visiting our retail partners even late in the afternoon. I can’t seem to set a date when I know I’ll be coming from any location other than the office until the day of. Also some days I may not be going straight home so in those days I have to set me “Home” as a random location, and again I have to do this on the day of as opposed to a few days in advance as I would like. I like to plan things ahead of time.

- Waste of time

Had this app for almost a year now, still have not been able to get a ride or find a passenger on my route. This is not for lack of trying, because I wasted enough time sending ride requests and answered a couple of requests I received. It appears that Waze is providing poor matches on purpose, because I either get request for people who are way out of my way or getting no answers from any of my requests. My credit card in the meantime gets the most action from wave charging then refunding for the rides I can never get.

- Waze is helping me save the planet

For the last three months I have tried to carpool and Waze has been a very substantial part of that effort. Within a few days I was able to connect with new carpoolers. Since Waze allows you to connect with your preferred carpoolers, it can be a very safe and enjoyable option for my daily commute

- Life saving

I have only been using this app for about a month now and I have to say that it has been a life saver. The only down side is that there are quite a few people on the app that haven’t been active for a month or more and half the time they are the only options available. My advice would be when using the service have a back up planned with either a friend/family member or figure out a public transit route.

- New update was suppose to be better but it’s not

I have been using this app for a while and it was not without its problems but it seemed to work for me and I didn’t have another option. Now they have totally reworked the app to the point that I am unable to use it. I’m not able to request a ride for a specific driver anymore. I have been carpooling with the same guy for a few months now but now he’s not popping up in the drivers I can ride with. It’s nice to see drives that are around me but I’d like to be able to specifically request drivers. Please bring that back.

- Uninstalling

So much for Waze. They upped their prices tremendously. I don’t even know how many stars to give them. The app was incredible. Especially with not driving and wanting to get home at 6 it was really working out for me since I found two regular riders every day that I could carpool with. I was only paying two dollars a day to get home. Now it’s over 7 dollars. Insane!! I really loved Waze but unfortunately i won’t be using it. It’s not worth spending almost 8 dollars a day. Guess I’ll just have to split the cost with a coworker and Uber to the train station since it’s much cheaper

- Super convenient

This is a great way to save money on transportation, be kind to the environment, and have some new conversations. Really happy I started using it. Only complaint is that the app is really wonky. MESSAGING: Sometimes I won’t see messages from people if the app isn’t open on my phone. TIMING: I’ll get repeat, nonsensical updates that the driver is running early or late - so you will need to rush or you delay heading out - only to find that they still arrive at the exact time initially calculated. MEETING POINTS: The app also sometimes picks inconvenient meeting points that don’t serve either party. They require an unnecessary level of walking for the passenger, when the driver could have just spent a couple minutes coming to the house or office to pick you up. Please fix these bugs!

- Support of iPhone X

I’m not sure if the app works same on other phones but in iPhone X there are lot of bugs, like if we change the time, it doesn’t reflect the change and pick up and drop off spot is quite far away from the actual address and there’s no option to mention how much I’m willing to walk like before in the old waze carpool app. And also application crashes some times. Please test it properly before you release an update. Previous version was so much better! Thanks.

- Requested multiple rides, no drivers responded

I live in the Bay Area, and there was an ad at a bus stop just a block away from my house. I don’t like using Uber for my commute because of issues with the company, Lyft is too pricey.. so I installed this app. First ride is free, and it looks like my commute price will go from ~$20 to ~$4 with this app. Sweet? Too good to be true. I requested rides 8+ hours ahead of time, and no drivers responded to my request. Uninstalling. Hopefully this app picks up and more drives come on board, but for living right next to Facebook, Instagram, Oracle, etc, it’s kind of crazy how dead it is.

- Love it

It’s really cheap. I use it to get to work. I used to pay around $11 (express pool) - $20 (UberX) with Uber and now it costs me $4. My driver makes $9 per ride. The only problem is that there aren’t that many drivers. I found someone who takes my route everyday so it isn’t a problem but beware that you might not get a ride. As more people use the app, I’m sure this problem will go away.

- Fantastically flexible

This is so much better than Scoop, way more options like being able to view profiles and routes to choose who to offer a ride to or request a ride from and being able to reject an offer or request, cheaper to ride and better paying to drive!

- Solution to carpool woes but interface is clunky

I like feature to form a group with fellow carpoolers but sometimes it’s hard to see the exact location of pickup and Dropoff. I like the rating feature and feature which lets riders communicate with each other. Easy to schedule rides and give ratings.

- Life saver for getting to work!

I've met great people and made my commute so much less expensive. Highly recommend you give it a try. Takes some effort to establish your matches so give it a bit of time because it really can change your life - can't say that about most apps!

- Assumes you only have one job and go at the same time every day

Like an average young American worker, I have more than one job and they all have variable schedules. I am constantly commuting. I thought Waze carpool would be a great way to meet new people and save money on gas! Wrong! I can only set one work address, and I have to pre-set my work hours and the app then assumes they repeat every day. The only way I could use this app would be to change my work address and hours multiple times a day, which wouldn’t allow me or riders to plan ahead on meeting.

- Great concept

Great when it works. I’ve met some awesome people through this app and am happy with the price. However the app often has issues, like not updating with a list of drivers when I change drop off location (and therefore can’t get a ride) and is generally slow. Customer service responds to emails but in a generic-not-really-listening way (eg not really providing solutions/hope). Wishing things improve!

- Some challenges

Overall good app and it has been a game changer for the days I have been able to commute but some challenges are: 1. If you make a request, some people just never respond. Need to upgrade your notifications or if someone doesn’t use the app for a period of time, they become unavailable 2. People cancel last minute, it happens but the app should be proactive to make alternative driver suggestions 3. Notifications come through but the app takes a long time to upload the messages 4. When I open the app all my info is wiped. I have to restart the app to login back in 5. A driver is unavailable if they already have 1 passenger. The driver should be visible until his car is full

- Used to work before Feb 18

The people writing this app have long lost focus. No proper addresses, most of the times gives some crazy address to the driver. Riders have to walk to some random points sometimes a freeway entry or exit for pickup. Too much constrained on the drivers route and tries to find an exact route match that doesn’t happen. Drivers have to wait after putting a request to riders and most of the times nobody responds because they already have other ride options. How do you guys come up with something like this?

- Not able to find my usual rider

The app has certainly lot of issues going around. It’s been a month I am not able to ride with my usual driver to work. I can’t find him in the search list and the reply I get from the support is it’s a known issue and we’re working on it. Solution provided is to share time slot on social media or through WhatsApp but then rider cannot accept the ride. Whatever be the reason waze is definitely loosing its customers.

- Awful

The latest update is unbelievably annoying and terrible. I can’t even use the app anymore. Now it’s set up as if I’m only trying to find rides to work, and if I try to change it, it just mutes my ride (saying I muted it...?) and won’t let me change it back to “ride”. And why is it loading riders first before I can even update the ride?! Maybe then it wouldn’t take forever to load! Makes no sense!!! And why is it loading eeevvvverrrybody instead of just a few at time? It was better before!!!!

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@noam @yfreemark transport is tied closely with land use and urban planning (a fact you could miss without proper geography knowledge or if you are only looking on traffic modelling like Waze). In low density car-dependent urban regions you can't get people to carpool efficiently >>

Waze Carpool 2.37.2 Screenshots & Images

Waze Carpool iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Waze Carpool iphone images
Waze Carpool iphone images
Waze Carpool iphone images
Waze Carpool iphone images
Waze Carpool iphone images

Waze Carpool (Version 2.37.2) Install & Download

The applications Waze Carpool was published in the category Navigation on 2016-05-16 and was developed by Waze Inc. [Developer ID: 323229109]. This application file size is 69.65 MB. Waze Carpool - Navigation app posted on 2021-04-26 current version is 2.37.2 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.waze.rider

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