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Capital One Shopping App Description & Overview

What is capital one shopping app? Capital One Shopping helps you save money while you shop online.

Free for everyone - no Capital One account required

With Capital One Shopping:
- Find deals and savings from stores you love
- Earn Rewards and redeem for gift cards
- Easily find and apply available coupon codes

It does the work for you -- it's kinda genius.

In the last year alone, Capital One Shopping found over $160 million in savings.

Capital One Shopping is just another way Capital One is looking out for you and your money.

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App Name Capital One Shopping
Category Shopping
Updated 08 April 2023, Saturday
File Size 87.93 MB

Capital One Shopping Comments & Reviews 2023

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Substantial savings and recommended items have been great. I’ve followed Capital One’s recommendations on several items and have found them to be excellent. The monetary savings is good but I pm surprised that the greater benefit has been their guidance. Takes some of the guesswork out.

Love Capital One Shopping. I think this is an amazing service! I love the online platform. I only wish that the app was a little more user friendly and that there was an extension for safari. I’d also love to see the products when you search them in the app and not just the stores that carry the product. Overall great job!

This app really works. I have been using this app about 6 months, and it works great whenever I buy stuffs with my card linked to the app they give me cash back or coupons, you can redeem the cash back in a gift card, that is amazing because I save money.

Never works. Never records my purchase even though it he shopping trip is recorded; despite following every single step then quadruple checking to make sure. Customer service just will send a generic auto response to wait 60 days (yes I know the cash back /funds won’t be released for up to 60-90 days depending on purchase. But you know within the week if the transaction /shopping trip was recorded and it never is. Maybe 1 out of every 10x. I have iPhone so idk if it’s only iOS users that have this issue but it’s extremely frustrating. Not even worth chancing it anymor. Just Stick to another cash back site for the sake of saving money and your sanity. Capital one shopping needs to get better customer service and address these app issues. It’s funny that it also never works whenever there is a good cash back deal too. Very convenient for them. I’ve been using sporadically for about 7 months now. I honestly don’t know why I try. Developers have plenty of emails of people sending in issues but don’t acknowledge any of them. I have missed out on 498$ on cash back. Not that they will even read this or give a hoot. GO ELSEWHERE! Esp if you use iOS.

It’s a great resource. I do love the shopping discounts. My only complaint is that it can’t be added to the safari browser on my iPad or iPhone. Otherwise, thank you for the discounts. Big savings. I used it around Christmas time when I had some extra money to spend and, with the app, I was able to buy just about every tool from Cricut that I would even want to try out. Huge savings!

Why make a mobile app at all?. I already know that wikibuy works best from your desktop. But why bother even making a mobile app if you can’t use it for anything? Seems like a waste of time and resources by the company to do that. Since I’m not going to carry a laptop everywhere, I’ll go with a company that invests in its mobile technology. This isn’t the only company that offers this service. However, if you’re the person that only orders things to purchase from your home (or work if you’re like me and prefer to keep your laptop safely stored in a computer safe at work), it’s a good desktop software. I just question their business model since they don’t invest properly in mobile tech. You can’t even do the most basic things, such as sign up, on a mobile browser. I don’t like being forced to go back and forth between devices.

Terrible Customer Service. I have been using Capital One Shopping for a while now and overall, when everything works it’s great. However, I made a purchase 6 weeks ago that had an error so I got the wrong percentage back. I have contacted them now 5 times regarding the matter, 3 times within the past 10 days and no response whatsoever. It’s incredible that I have to struggle this hard and resort to commenting on the application to even have my voice heard (MAYBE). I have a Capital One credit card and will more than likely be canceling my account if my problem is not corrected.

try it on computer. I downloaded it on my phone but it didn't even respond, then I tried on my computer, works fine and automatically applies the available ones to items like the commercial says

Good concept, annoying app. I used this app a lot before when it was wikibuy, now this app is extremely frustrating to use. It is a great tool for saving money but there are way too many popups in the app asking you to do things like add to safari or add your preferences before you can actually use the app. And today it isn’t even working on iOS, i just get a white screen whenever i try to use it even after reinstalling it. Please do better CapitalOne, this product used to be so good.

Capital1–wikibuy app unavailable!!!. Wikibuy developers really messed up! If you have an Apple product it is only available as an extension or app on your MAC COMPUTER!!! I have the iPhone 12 Pro with the latest 14.6 updated software. Most folks do their business with their smart phones, pads or tablets these days. CapitalOne advertises using A famous actor telling us that savings are automatically applied when you shop. For months now when I open my app it asked me if I want CapitalOne to automatically apply the coupons in savings and when I hit the “continue“ button it takes me directly to the App Store to the “CapitalOne shopping Dash wiki buy“ app. After which, I’m told time and time again that it is unavailable four “this device“! I am told once again that is for use for Mac only! If you folks aren’t capable or willing to make an Apple app then quit bothering me when I logon to my capital one account and lie and say I can “automatically get coupons and savings“ when I can’t! Hey Wikibuy developers!… Don’t bother with your generic response to email you for support when there is NO SUPPORT since YOUR CAPONE WIKIBUY APP IS UNAVAILABLE IN THE APPLE STORE FOR IPHONES!!! that will so-called “automatically apply the savings” CapOne should fire you guys and hire some real developers

Capital One Is The Best. Capital One is the credit card everyone should have in their wallets if your credit is not to good Capital One will help you rebuild your credit score. And if there’s any purchases on your statement that wasn’t made by you they will handle it immediately. I recommend this card for any and everyone have a blessed day everyone.

Okay. The app is okay. I like it because they generally have higher cash back percentage compared to Rakuten, and it has coupon codes you can try too. But what I don’t like is it takes a long time to actually get the cash back. Sometimes it takes 5 days or a long as 2-3 months for the cash back to show up. During that time it’ll show as pending. Rakuten is usually pretty quick about it. I don’t mind the gift card redemption, but more options would be nice, or maybe the ability to send the cash back to a capital one account, whether it be a checking or savings, even a credit card.

Yes, you CAN use it from your iPhone. So, I saw someone’s review about not being able to use from her iPhone, but I had a hunch they were mistaken… and I was correct. The instructions tell you to modify settings in your Safari browser (ON YOUR PHONE and/or any device you want to use), and sure enough - voila, it works.

All that for nothing. I am shopping for a gimbal for my phone, went to DJI’s site because this app had some coupons for that site. None of them worked, so that’s my experience. Seen another review that had the same problem. If they don’t work then take the codes down or something. I’ll probably try again on something different.

Cap One Shopping is the BOMB. The best deals, the best coupon hunter, and sometimes the deals are 30% back! The cards you redeem points for would suit any living person who shops! So they are equal to cash as far as convenience for me. I have an account, but you don’t need a Cap One Credit Card to use it! Your purchases are reliably tracked as well. Set up notifications via email/text to be alerted of deals- it’s separate from your Cap One account site. Now I’ve also banked with them since they were ING ( many years) and have always been happy doing so. Cap One shopping is right up there with Ibotta, and far better for online shopping if you shop online at all. Save at so many commonly shipped sites. I use many deal trackers, rewards apps etc. and save a lot of $$$ - it’sa hobby I’m dedicated to and this one would be impossible to give up! Oh- get the Chrome extension as well! If you do these things, it’s impossible to miss a deal/steal/reward if you want it.

Does not work. As with many other Capital One customers, this app just will not sync with our Capital One account app. It seems that this iPhone version does not work and they recommend using a laptop to use this program. Makes this app useless. A better idea would be to make this app something we can click into from our primary Cap One account app. Problem solved. Why is it always so impossible to just sync/login? We love our Apple Face ID and fingerprint login technology but Cap One must be focusing on lower end Windows users (we hated carrying a notebook of passwords for Windows and all of the viruses and conflicts). Would be great if this app was functional and we could actually use it.

Perfect Card. My Capital One card is my absolute favorite card. They don’t just offer you a card and make sure you remember your payments, they are wonderful about sending updates for discounts at different stores and taking care of their best customers with upgraded cards. Capital One will remain my number one card of choice!!.

Passwords different from one device to another. Isn’t there a way all the passwords for capital one can be the same? I have tried repeatedly to figure out where the password is for my iMac with no avail I have contacted Apple several times and I have contacted Cell at capital One several times and I’ve been told that there was probably an issue with the server by the Apple people. I have no idea who is correct but it would be nice if this could be rectified

Great tool. The app is easy to use and great to find great deals. I am having a hard time using the Costco link, it makes me sign up for a new account when I already have one. Overall, good tool.

Lost interest at sign in process. I use this on my pc and I do enjoy it very much so I figured why not have it on my phone too, right? Yea well I guess it doesn’t matter that I have an account already AS WELL AS A FINANCIAL ACCOUNT because the sign-in process is a little goofy and ultimately just keeps giving me sign-in error messages using the same exact credentials that work just fine across the rest of the apps and sites. So I came here to b***h and moan about it and... what’s this I see?! More than a few patrons stating that the app not only grabs your info but tries to get its sticky little fingers into my contacts as well?! Look, I like Cap1 as much as I’d allow myself to “like” any established banking institution, but if the initial setup of ANY app has me in the ratings and reviews section within just minutes of downloading, it either means you’ve wooed me out of my tighties or I’m thinking “arson this crap out of my phone.” *flicks a bic*

White Screen. I used the app once and it was great. Now every time I try to open it, I get a blank white screen. I made sure my iOS was updated and I deleted and redownloaded the app to ensure I had the most up to date software. Still no luck. I am able to sign in and as soon as it gets to the home page it’s a blank white screen. I hope that this gets figured out, I really would like to continue using the app.

Easy and effective. I am really enjoying this easy and efficient app when I shop. I have never been disappointed by capital one. I hope our business will be long-lasting.

I don’t get any better price in this app.. I been buying stuff online for several years and this app promises to find a better price for you. But honestly after using it for a few months I been comparing prices and this app doesn’t give you any better price. Then other apps. I was looking for makita batteries and I check the prices in other apps and I find better prices then the prices I find in this capital one.

Deals don’t work. I was gonna buy something on my PC and at checkout I was given a deal that said it was $80 off and I was like sweet. Not sweet. I try taking the deal and it didn’t work, I tried it so many times, on different browsers, I downloaded the mobile app and everything and it doesn’t work but the deal is still there. I contacted support which they don’t even have a mobile number email only, and they said so many words but nothing useful, i then told them to cut the bull$&%# and they said “we’re working on the problem and we’ll get back to you.” Massive waste of time and effort.

Difficult to use in IPhones. I have had this app for awhile but have experienced several issues in using Apple iPhones. Note: they have another app to be used for apple, but that app can only be used on Mac computers not on the iPhones. Initially I don’t know why, my email was changed to my iCloud, so I missed out on several rewards until I realized the problem. I then had to fight with the company to correctly use the right email address for a month. They finally set up the correct email address and moved rewards over. All has worked sort of ok for about 6 months. However, now I am once again unable to use the app again. It appears that I might be able to use it only through chrome but so far I have not been able to link it through in the iPhone. In addition, the help line doesn’t give you detailed replies on your questions even though asked for. They give you answers you already know and then it appears they ignore you when you again ask for details so you have a better understanding of how things work. Frustrating I have tried to get help now for over a week and they ignore me. I have $140 plus in rewards and they won’t let me have my rewards either. I requested a Walmart gift card for $135 and I still have not received it. I would like someone to contact me about this. I guess I could post additional negative review on yelp or other social medias. It is sad that “Customer Service is a dying service in the US”. Give me my $ earned. Thank you

Good is an understatement. Capital one has truly given me a sense of empowerment when it comes to what’s in my wallet. Their easy to navigate features, and superb customer service has truly made a difference in building my credit portfolio. Thank you!!!

Shopping Trips Paid out is shoddy at best. I’ve been using capital one shopping for 4 years now and I can’t count the amount of times I’ve needed to contact customer support for not paying out shipping trips and only twice has someone responded. I have followed all instructions and even use my phone app only for purchases vs my computer because they said that originally was the problem. My final straw was the 24% cash back on Macys and support reported my trip as $44 spent when I had confirmation of spending over $300. So instead of getting $80 cash back, they gave me $10. While Rakuten offers less cash back you’ll at least be guaranteed to actually get the cash back. I’m done with capital one. It’s not worth the hassle and headache and then not getting cash back rewards. I’ll take 1% on Rakuten over a guaranteed 0% on Capital One.

Have yet to receive credit. I shopped using this app all thru the holidays and never received any of the offers that they showed. I would click on th offer and it would activate it but I never received anything in return. I have linked all of my cards. They emailed me back but it didn’t tell me anything different then what I already knew. Except now they are saying it could take up to 3 months to receive any credit. Well if I don’t I will be deleting. Very frustrated.

I can’t even sign in or sign up. I’d love to ask for help in the app but it won’t let me do anything from my iphone! I shop on my phone exclusively, only pull out my laptop when I have to use my phone during a zoom meeting! Like wth guys!!!! I’m a capital one customer and you recommended this app to me and it doesn’t even work 😑 y’all need to make this more phone friendly! It’s 2022 not 1999!!!! Nobody uses their “desktop” anymore!!!!

Dude calm down. I’ve seen other reviews on this app and I may understand. I use this app on my laptop and I assume you guys are using on your phones so that may be the issue. Either way I bought air pods that were supposed to cost $150 +Tax and It got reduced to $128. Would and have recommended

Difficult to get on my iPad. I have been hitting the button to get Capitol One Shopping every once in a while when it comes in my email. It keeps telling me it’s not available on my device. It’s a new iPad Pro. This shouldn’t be this hard. I did something different today and it looks like I have to log into an app where my husband just gets offers when he’s shopping online in his laptop. Frustrating.

Poor customer support & trips don’t log correct in app. I was excited about using the app after my friends had a great experience with it. Initially, the app was logging my trips and I was receiving rewards. Lately, my trips have not being showing up and places i have not been showed up on account. I reached out to customer service and they were not helpful. They kept saying I didn’t go to the app or someone has access to my account, which they don’t. It’s not worth working with them to let fix a problem with the app. Rakuten is easier to use and I get better service. I have used them for several years. Save time and use them.

Reply to nannynan on Cap one coupon site. Cap one has a good idea, but a little late to game. Black Friday is almost over and only viewed TV ad when Football Games are on. Most of discounts offered with this app are less than actual store sites. I do not have or need another credit card; probably not getting same discounts as Samual L. Jackson—great ad from an Hollywood legend earns! Nannynan - I accidentally spilled a soda into my laptop! It may no longer “cage” me in to make you me perform work! ;-) Every take good care and Please Stay Safe!

Stay home and shop. I’m not one to stay home much, especially summertime, but for your great business to contact with other business, is a plus. Just keep the stores open.

Rewards processing is so slow. Love the discounts but it takes so long to process. I had $238 in rewards. I broke it up into 3 gift cards from 3 different stores in NOVEMBER. We're now in January and only one has been made available to me. I contacted their customer service chat. They told me it can take 90 days to distribute. The original email they sent said 72 hours. I'll use it for the discounts and cash back but it's so annoying when it comes to the waiting process.

It doesn’t work for Apple users. What a waste of time, I wish I had read all these reviews before downloading and spending so much time in trying to sign in and contacting the non existent “customer service”. This gives a very bad impression of capital one, I’m very disappointed. All that hype of sending constant emails promoting this app just for the app to waste everyone’s time and not delivering its promises. Capital one you are better than this.

Useless. Not compatible with iPad nor iPhone! Link to show compatible devices doesn’t show compatible devices. Developers have ignored a wide market yet really, really want to advertise to us anyway. It’s 2022 people, get with the demographics or stop congratulating yourself and wasting our time. Fix this. Why tell everyone to send a note to help@capitaloneshopping? Seriously, you have told this to everyone who comments on your app yet you do nothing. It’s as if you are invested in wasting a person’s time. Is it to demonstrate false concern? I recommend you stop advertising to us and get busy solving the obvious problem.

Deals Deals and Coupons. This is one of the better apps to locate deals and coupons that I would have never been made aware of had it not been for the installation of this app on my phone and tablet. Bottom line capital one saves me money, though I do not use a capital one credit card as the rates are too high!

Seriously?. I will admit, I have not used this app at all. But lease listen to what I have to say. Recently, I have been told to read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service in app such as these. I read the Privacy Policy. Don’t get this app!! It takes ALL of your personal info like where you live and your credits that you may earn. It also takes information FROM YOUR EMAILS. Like, who you’re getting emails from, their email address and many other things like what websites are being used, things you’ve sent to other people over email. This is not safe. Imagine what they could do to our personal information! Privacy Policy as of March 2, 2020.

No response. I have pending credits that are from months ago. Customer service support is not responding to my emails or from app request. Not worth time or effort to use if they will not give you credit for your purchases. Status on purchase states “pending” still despite paying for and receiving my order months ago too. There is no phone number to call them either. Very frustrating

Good concept, but time consuming & inconvenient. I downloaded the app and was excited to save money with my purchases. Priceline is the most common benefit I try to use. However, every single time I visit through the app and enter all my trip details- the app just keeps resetting the page. I tried it literally 100 times and no success. As I was reading other reviews I noticed that people were saying the capital one shopping app is not compatible with phones, therefore that is why I assume I am unable to actually shop through the app to benefit from my rewards. Good concept, if it worked it would be wonderful. But it doesn’t work and if I have ro pull out a whole PC to use the benefits its totally takes away from the convenience of having an app on my phone. However, on the contratry I read literature that the app is compatible with safari and chrome browsers. I guess its just not compatible via cell phone. I wasted a lot of time trying to save money with this feature unknowingly.

Useless for iPhone users. Just downloaded this, went through all the stores and clicked the ones I shop online most at… only to find that I have to use either my hated laptop or my PC for these to come into play. I’m going to now delete this app, as I do all my shopping from my phone. Not only that, but I had to go back and forth with all the security measures from the Capital One app sending me numbers via text and email just to be able to use the shopping app… and find out the above major disappointment. As the one review I read said (I went ahead and downloaded because I had hoped that circumstances had changed) WHY even have a phone app when you can’t even use it with your phone?!? That’s beyond annoying and to me, patently rude. I’m just glad my other credit card hasn’t done that, and Capital One needs to catch up with them in many ways… especially in security.

I took a photo of what it asks for access to. It accesses your contacts and their information and that is not cool. Beware if your friends start getting unannounced invites and people they know end up blaming you for spam. Plus the application is really clunky and looks like my 9 year old made it. With features and “coupon” codes that look like they were taken from a fake site and that really makes me question the validity of the application. My suggestion is to fix the UI, make it more reasonable with featured products. Make the user want to engage with the application. Then, next to its category setup a coupon that has lower prices. This should be easy to do using an application called express which will rake data from any site. Then post it’s data into your json datasets. However in this case, I was very disappointed as I am turned off by both the UI and it’s request to collect my contacts with Gmail. 4 thumbs down.

Meh needs work. I use the app but there are numerous problems as an iPhone user. First is the constant login problems- the app is always signing me out and it is difficult to login especially at the password feature. The app is constantly telling me that I haven’t entered my password correctly when I have. Second is the convenience feature this app realistically works on a laptop not an iPhone- would be better if it worked on an iPhone as I use other cash back apps with no issues on my iPhone.

Terrible with iPhone. Missing credits.. Beware using this App with iPhone! I made two major purposes and in both cases experienced errors that resulted in lost shopping reward credits. Other minor credits missing as well from iPhone purchases. CapitalOne manually provided me a credit for one purchase but never responded on the second. Unfortunately often the iPhone rewards are higher percentage than PC version. Not with the hassle.

Capital one card. I really enjoy this card because it automatically gives money back and I use it to pay for less expensive items. Thanks for the free money!!!!!!

Interesting Concept - Slow to process rewards. Still undecided if this app is legitimate or not - works well with coupon codes and suggesting offers (though sometimes on things I already purchased), but the cash back %s change frequently and take forever to process. So still questioning how legitimate the platform is. Says it takes up to 30 days from order confirmation to crediting of cash back rewards, which imo is incredibly slow.

Shopping with Capital. The savings ((when found) are amazing. I’ve told family and friends to check out the app. Who doesn’t love to save money, especially during this difficult time. Another bonus, the app is free!!!!

Useless App and Browser Extension. I thought this was going to be a cool app with real savings. I’ve been using it for about 6 months. When I’m shopping, it’s very nice and shows up and displays my “reward” savings on items. But, so far no rewards have shown up in my account. It has been more than 3 months. I’ve sent a request to Support but so far not response. I believe they must be collecting shoppers data and no other purpose for the app.

Superior back up. Since I put Capital One in my search engine (I’m not really sure that’s what it’s called), but I’ve almost always reduced the price I’m paying for an item because Capital One automatically finds coupons & discounts that I never thought of. It saves me significantly above what I would ordinarily save. I just don’t have to search for discounts offered. Capital One finds them and uses them on any purchase I choose. I’m so much better with it than I was without it.

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Techinical difficulty. I had to use 3 different devices to finally get the discount applied to the purchase call apple capital one call apple support call the vendor and reach out to help at capital one shopping

So much help with discounts. I love this app. It is very useful and saves so much money, not to mention you get so many cash back and rewards via capital one shopping

Capital One Shopping. This app saves money with my coupons I am able to use them all. Happy to have this app. I am telling everyone.

It’s smart. I really like Capital One Shopping because it’s saving ( or earning) money on things i was planning to purchase. The earned money is a bonus to use for other purchases. A win win.

Worth a download. I find this app really helpful. My favorite feature is the barcode scanning to find better deals online for items I’m looking at in store.

Can’t log in with Capital One account. It gives me an option to log in with my Capital One CC account but then gives me a password error. Signing in with my email address and new pw as a new account and it tells me I already have an account. I’ll try again when you guys figure out how to do this correctly.

Love this!. Amazing chrome extension.. the app could use some work (still love it) but it’s way better on laptop/desktop vs mobile app

Do not bother with anything beyond comparing prices. Been a CapitalOne user for years and tried to use CapitalOne shopping maybe a handful of times for the extra rewards but never received a penny. The coupons are also more often than not useless and outdated. The comparison shopping is the only redeeming part of CapitalOne shopping but even then it’s not accurate especially if it leads you to eBay.

Works great.. It works automatically. Very easy. Saved on last purchases. Back up drive and watch. Get to buy from seller I choose. It runs coupon codes and offers best places.

Merchant pages slow or do not load. Hard to take advantage of these great offers if you can’t even complete the order. Embedded web sites are slow to load and for some, never load product pages to customize or make selections. So for me, this app is useless and a missed opportunity

Do not like it yet. I thought I had this downloaded on my IPad but have bought many things with no luck from capital one shopping I buy something ad it just keep asking if I would like to save by using this app, I sure would and would have liked to for all the things ihave bought maybe now it will work and yeh Ihave a capitalone card

Most recent reviews. I always check these before getting anything. In this case, I’m surprised the overall rating, they claim, is 4.8 while the theme to the most recent testimony is a score of 1, stating it won’t download lol some claiming spyware. Note THE DEVELOPER RESPONSE rarely does to most inquires. To me this implies they lack ownership & distance themselves from stinky but serious & valid criticism.

Fine!. Absolutely beautiful and smooth app design with an easy signup that gets you straight into the app! However, there isn’t much shopping that this app helps out with. I am sure that soon enough it will have more things to do, so stay with it as I will!

I have a question. How do I use this Capital program without being on the Webb? Do I have to plan my visit around coming to this page every time I want to use it?

Where is the customer support. I just downloaded this app. I keep trying to sign in to see how well it works. It accepts that I already have a Capital One credit card, but it won’t let me sign in that way. Or any other way. And when I go into Capital One on my laptop, the Contact Us has no link for support with this app. The only support access it offers me is snail mail. In 2021 I expect better.

Need to be able to report problems. I like the app unless it’s not working. If there is a link to a store that doesn’t work (click and nothing happens) there should be a way to report the problem.

App doesn’t even respond and is still loading for 5 mins. I thought of trying some features from Wikibuy and installed this app on my iPhone, when I tried to open, the app doesn’t seem to work at all. It is still loading for last 10 mins. Tried restarting my mobile as well, but clearly it didn’t help either. Looks like I’ve got no options other than deleting.

My favorite app of all time. The savings, the convenience and the credits —I’m genuinely surprised that the entire world doesn’t use this app. I would give more stars if I could.

Great rewards, Large list of stores. I have used this shopping app for year. I am delighted with the rewards program, gift cards, and the large list of stores.

Unfriendly browser user interface. Unable to login to my Lowes account while on the app. It pulls up a blank screen and no option but to refresh, which takes me out of the login page. Very frustrating. Please fix

Best & Easiest Way to shop!. So glad I found this app it’s so easy to use on the savings are unbelievable thank you capital One shopping

Speediest Purchase Ever. I have never searched for a coupon and ordered so quickly - literally about 30 seconds… Capital One is an Amazing way to shop.

Super customer service. Capital One makes it so easy to save money and to get name brand products for the best prices. They search app is so easy to use

Perfect way to pay. This offers so many different coupons and discounts it’s a win win for me. I buy something at a store and pay the bill when its due.

Easy as Shop and Save. This is by far the easiest and best cost savings method to save money while shopping. Super easy and the rewards with vendors are steadily growing.

Great App. Capital One has always served me well. Truly amazing and helpful. I like keeping as much money in my pocket as I can. This app really helps me do just that. Thanks Capital One!

Apple User. Seriously I don’t get it ⁉️I am a Apple user IPad and IPhone 11 And I have a Capital One Credit card but again and again I’m told this is only compatible with Mac user’s or desktop ⁉️ This 2022 and your not caught up with Apple user’s which I’m sure is 80% of the country. So please quit asking me to use everytime I log into my Capital One account if you have no way of accommodating my device’s ‼️

Deceptive - Liars - Mobile has issues. Spent thousands and got the most ridiculous answer, treating me like an inept monkey that’s never used an app or browser extension. Which by the way is not a plug-in as they referred to it. Basically I got an automated BA excuse about why I “possibly” didn’t get my credit. Rakuten never screwed us and I’ve had Capital One for 12 years. I never thought that the service would be this bad. The tracking is u clear and you don’t k ow what you’re even getting back or if your purchase was successfully going to provide you credit. Don’t waste your time or literally your money.

My new way to shop. Going thru the CapitalOne Shopping app is my favorite way to shop now, and enjoying my cash back rewards of course.

Simple savings!. Capital One Shopping found me a much better price on a pretty expensive item I was shopping for - saved me over 75 dollars!!

Good Deals. If you can find something that appeals to you and use that particular service or item why not save whatever you can on it

Not worth the effort. The product search function is horrible. When searching fir a specific product the search function returns way too many irrelevant items and tries to steer you to items that it mistakenly believes are “similar”. Not worth the effort. I have never been able to locate an item that I was looking for on this app.

Not worth it. No shops I shop at or already have product from stores listed. Huge letdown! After reading reviews(app over one year old) and the DEVs saying the same thing over and over. I’m beginning to think this is a scam app not put out by Capital One. Why would they make a suppurate app when they already have an app to manage your cards. Didn’t get it or use it, seems like a huge scam app.

Help. This app helps immediately with saving I can see. I don’t have to look for coupons and I know this is a real coupon.

Time delay with rewards. Love using the site and earning rewards. However, takes too long to receive the rewards, usually 3+ weeks, but sometimes longer.

Almost could have hit the mark.. I honestly do not see the premise in the app itself. Capital One shopping only usually does anything useful if you’re using it in a computer. Who really does any shopping on their computer when you can do it from your phone? If the app could do anything from your phone, maybe it would be more useful.

Great app! Lots of Savings!. I enjoy using the Capital One app and finding lots of savings! My online shopping experience has be enhance by all of my savings!

Lots of ways to save. I’m really enjoying the extra money I’m saving with Capital One Shopping. There are so many businesses that I enjoy shopping at that are included in this service. I love it!

Useless!. Was excited to try this app since I am a Capital One user, but like the reviews say it is useless on your phone! I made several purchases on the app on my phone and have not got no rewards… and I know how to use Capital One shopping very well! Long story short delete this app! It is very useless! it’s very MISLEADING!! It’s a phone app that does not work on the phone…DELETE!!!!!!!!!!!

Why not use this?. Download the app and enter the store you want—or even just the product you’re looking for. It takes seconds and most times it saves me money

Gift cards only. Can’t call this a cash back app because you can only redeem for gift cards to a very limited pool of locations. I definitely opt for a lower % back so I can actually get cash back. This service is just so much worse than just about every single similar service I can’t see any reason to ever use capital one shopping.

ITS AMAZING. There are soo many options out there that the typical American is soo busy and not able to look every where for a savings so this is very very helpful!!

Phenomenal tool!. Perfect tool to have for any walk of life! Discounts are everyone’s best friends these days and having a company in your corner can definitely make or break some! Recommend this download ten fold!

Good but limited redemption options. This app has been very helpful and has saved me a lot of money. My only complaint is that there are only a few stores available to redeem cash back at.

Bad. This app is not user friendly. The sign in stinks. It never links up correctly with my banking app or my email address. I have wasted too much time just trying to log in. I have contacted customer service with no help. Disappointing because I do love my Capitol One credit card and other accounts.

Needs Safari Extension for iPhone!. Retailmenot app on iPhone just updated and walked me through setting up their extension on Safari! Super convenient!!

Huge Cash back!. I love having this extension on my browser! It has given me special offers of 20% cash back on some purchases. And has always paid as promised.

Best shopping tool for discounts, cash back & coupons. I love the way you don’t have to go searching for the best deals, if any they are automatically applied at check out!!! Love it.

Save favorites button?. I don’t see a save favorite store button or anything that Shows me how to save favorite stores. All it says is search to save store but no help after that. Can you add one? Also on the iPhone App the words are overlapping a lot.

So easy!. Buying for the same price and getting 10% back by using the same Capitol One card is awesome!

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.26.0
Play Store
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

Capital One Shopping (Versiyon 2.26.0) Install & Download

The applications Capital One Shopping was published in the category Shopping on 2016-09-04 and was developed by Wikibuy, LLC [Developer ID: 1089294039]. This program file size is 87.93 MB. This app has been rated by 74,488 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Capital One Shopping - Shopping app posted on 2023-04-08 current version is 2.26.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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Capital One Shop for Safari 1 No comment Free
Capital One Shopping App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bug fixes and performance improvements

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Find this site the customer service details of Capital One Shopping. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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