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What is golf clash app? The sun is shining and it’s time to play the real-time, multiplayer golf game everybody’s talking about!

Tee off on beautiful courses against players around the world, as you compete in tournaments, 1v1 golf games and challenge your Facebook friends! Upgrade your clubs and unlock tours as you master your golfing skills, in the quest to be the Golf Clash King!

Enjoy quick-fire duels in one of the most exciting golf games ever made!

‘Best Mobile Game’ - BAFTA
‘Game of the Year’ - Mobile Games Awards

- Quick-fire 1v1 real-time gameplay
- Revolutionary shot system that’s easy to learn but difficult to master
- Dozens of golf courses - new courses added every month!
- Progress through more advanced tours as you “raise the stakes”
- Earn promotion in weekly leagues to win club card bonuses
- Global golf tournaments every two weeks - be the Golf King!
- Try the Golden Shot - win prizes by showing off your deadly shot accuracy
- Unlock new clubs and balls to gain power, accuracy, spin and curl
- Save and share replays of your jaw-dropping shots
- Banter your opponents with chat and emoji during the game!
- Golf Clash clans can chat, share replays and work together to earn clan rewards

This is not your average sports game! Thousands of live players are online, waiting to be challenged to golf games.

Download Golf Clash today and show off your golfing prowess!

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Golf Clash Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Golf Clash Version 2.48.212 December 2022

Here's what's new in the latest Golf Clash update: Improvements to the Checkpoint Challenge Performance improvements and bug fixes Thank you for downloading the latest Golf Clash update and happy swinging!.

Golf Clash Version 2.48.117 November 2022

Here's what's new in the latest Golf Clash update: Checkpoint Challenge For more information about the update, check out our Title Update article in the News hub. Thank you for downloading the latest Golf Clash update and happy swinging!.

Golf Clash Comments & Reviews 2023

- Love the game, but........

The in app purchases are way too much money. It's absolutely ridiculous. And you need all the purchases constantly to keep up with with the upgrades and tournaments and the listing steaks that will happen inevitably. Other than those three AWFUL things I love this game. Also, one last thing..... You should be able to ALWAYS HAVE a chance at making a putt. Sometimes because the game doesn't have distances measured so you can choose what club to use, if you shoot a approach shot and make it in a larger Green but fail to get really close or just close enough, you are screwed and lose a shot because you are forced to take the putt that won't reach the hole therefore losing a shot to the other player. It would have served me better to miss the green and then chip the shot in the hole or have at least a fighting chance at the hole rather than just putt a meaningless shot. I shouldn't be punished for driving a wonderful shot into the large green only to lose a shot because it's "too far". Please fix this problem it's absolutely annoying it costed me 200k coins in a hand I've already invested over$50 bucks to play within a month that's crazy. I'm about to delete it because of all the costs. Thanks

- Was having fun until higher levels

I was enjoying this game for the most part when I started out. The match-ups weren’t too crazy until I started getting into the higher levels. The game claims that it will match me with something of the same skill level, well that’s just bogus. Once I got into the 400s and above it would consistently match me with players that were 50 percent higher levels than me and it only got worse when I started getting close to 1000. I almost never played match when I was the higher level, but somehow everyone I would play was getting lucky that I was such a lower level than they that it would kick me back to the cheaper games where I would have to grind to get back to the more expensive ones. I was constantly having to take on guys that had more experience and better clubs and balls than me and it was very frustrating. I got to the point where I was almost level 1000 with over half a million in coins and I played back to back to back games where the other player was way higher causing me to lose all but 17k in coins and kicking me back to level 700. I’m done with the game, the algorithm for the match-ups is always in favor of the other players and I’m sick of having to grind my way up against players higher ranked than me. If it was a mixture of higher and lower I wouldn’t be so upset, but out of all the games I played I probably played over 90 percent of the players were substantially higher levels than me. That made for a trash gaming experience.

- Glitchy software

I’ve played this game for a considerable length of time and one thing has never changed. The connection glitches in this software have always been present and frequent. I’ve been playing long enough that I’ve won hundreds off billions on this game and in the most recent major tournament, a software glitch (disconnection issue) cost me a top 10 finish. Was 3 feet from the pin for eagle when Golf Clash decides to disconnect me, not allowing me to finish the hole, then automatically posting a birdie which caused me to go from 6th place to 19th. Over the past few years of playing, I’ve seen it over and over. Also, the support team always gives the same crap for addressing issues such as this. If you want frustration, this is your game. Which brings me to my second fact. After you play a while and increase your clubs and balls, it is quite evident that many times Golf Clash plays favorites with their GC100 player especially. They choose a winner before the hole starts and then do everything they can to make sure that player wins. Support even told me one time (probably by mistake) that they changed the wind between players to encourage creativity in shot making. It’s really quite evident when you get to certain levels of play the game as many call it, is rigged to the betterment of the players they choose to win. I’ve played a lot and will continue to play, but if you want to enjoy this game, don’t get too deep in it, it will disappoint.

- Could be great

I’ve had this game for a long time and I’ve enjoyed it, however there are some key issues I have with it that could cause me and my friends to delete this game if they aren’t resolved. 1. Overall performance/flow: I really loved when they added tournaments and they’re definitely my favorite part of the game. In this week’s tournament I was doing pretty well, then my app froze while loading a hole and caused me to disconnect and take a bogey, costing me at least two shots. Then on my last hole after trying to bounce back, my app lagged and caused me to slice it into the deep rough blocked out by a tree, which cost me at least another shot. 2. There’s no practice feature. I can get into a situation where I have crazy wind or a new club or anything else I’m unfamiliar with and I will have no practice with it. It would make a big difference in my excitement for this game if there was a driving range and/or chipping green feature where I could practice different shots before I take big risks with coins in the game 3. I really like the clan feature they recently added! My friends and I have enjoyed it. I would however like to be able to send some of my coins to members of my clan if they’re in need of some Overall I think this has potential to be a great game, but like I said there are some parts of this game that annoy me enough to consider never playing again. I hope these can be changed soon, because I’ve been getting fed up with it for awhile.

- Unfair advantages.

I really enjoy this game a lot. It is fun lots of parts are realistic. Except when people hit out of bounds or hit it in the hazard. They don’t gain a stroke and it still creates an opportunity for them to actually win without the shootout. It happened to me and he hit out of bounds, I wasn’t able to hit the green on my second. He drove on to the green and made his put and I lost the round. AND HE HIT OUT OF BOUNDS. There should be a penalty stroke for that. That’s how golf is. And also, this game can’t give me an even matchup. I have no idea where your matchup system came from because I am rookie two, and I play people who have gold banners and blue banners consistently. Which is why I don’t stand a chance. Their clubs are such high level where they can hit the green in two with ease due to their very high upgraded clubs versus my low level clubs which allows me to not make it in too. The matchmaking is so unfair, and it makes me not want to play when I have to go up against people who have well over 3000 matches where I’ve only had maybe 300. The matchmaking needs to change and if I’m a rookie two it needs to match me with rookie 2 players. I could care less if the search takes longer because it will help make the game more fair and less stressful and annoying. Please fix your matchmaking! I cannot stand how unfair it is. Please I enjoy the game but not when it’s always against people who are three to four tiers ahead of me..... that isn’t FAIR.

- Support team won’t respond to my concerns

Golf Clash has adopted the trash concept of Season Passes in an effort to generate revenue similarly to what Fortnite and Call of Duty Modern Warfare did. The difference is that those two did not put notification numbers on items that weren’t available to us, they just showed us the image. Playdemic purposely puts season pass challenge notifications in the same area where the free account weekly and daily challenges are located to keep your attention focused on what paid perks are available IF YOU PAY UP LOLS and to generate a psychological response that forces someone to intentionally feel the “fear of missing out”/FOMO and force our brains to make decisions because we are susceptible to the dopamine-reward response pathway in our brains. This is not okay and playdemic should provide an option to allow these side by side notifications to be turned off that keep prompting us to look at free account challenges next to the paid-for season pass challenges. UPDATE: Playdemic finally responded and said they will use ,y feedback in future updates. Therefore I have changed my rating to reflect that. It will not get a 5 star rating yet however, because it took longer than it probably should have to respond. However, if Playdemic actually adds in a feature to remove said golf pass notifications I’ll amend my rating further upward to a 5 star rating.

- Frustrating game

It shocks me to see that this game has 4.5 stars. Now the game may or may not be rigged but I will say people who pay for better golf balls definitely have an advantage. Playing someone who has a 30+ yard golf ball makes so much of a difference when you are only able to a normal golf ball. So if you look to have a better winning change be prepared to spend. Of course creators of the game will say the game is free and you are not required to spend money but in reality if you want to be competitive you need to spend money or expect to lose most matches. Tournaments are the worst 12 under in 9 holes is hard enough already but when you have players in you league or rank who shoots 14, 15, 16 under makes you wonder how placement is created. I’ve fluctuated in rank and have seen the same thing. It should be made if you above 13 under you cannot play in that league or rank for tournament or at least if you place in too 10 you cannot play in the league or rank. Because pretty much the same players just keep winning as long as they stay in the league or rank they win. I’ve played so many tournaments that I’ve make 12 under and still didn’t make the cut because other players were under more in the score. All in all really if you look to be disappointed, frustrated, annoyed, angry, or broke this is the perfect game. If losing is fun to you this is the perfect game. But then again this game has a 4.5 star I’m pretty sure that’s a mistake also

- Fun but not really fair

I enjoy this game enough to have been playing about 3 years. Graphics are good and the game well designed… mostly. I do have one major complaint… and have since the beginning, but play anyway since I benefit from this design flaw sometimes. The person shooting first is always at a disadvantage because the next player can see the shot and ball placement and how the wind affected the shot. This is especially advantageous in shootouts. If I shoot first in the shootout and land out of bounds, like in the water, then my opponent sees this and just has to dink the ball 1 yard from the tee and they win. Shots should be simultaneous so no one has an advantage. I once asked golf clash what the win percentage is of people shooting second in shootouts and they would not give me the information. They have fixed some issues in the past, but this is big and I don’t understand why they don’t address it. A feature they installed a couple years ago is good… the ability to turn off comments. There used to be many players that would try to distract you from your shots. Golf Clash fixed that problem, so they are aware of issues. Customer support has always been responsive and prompt. If it wasn’t for the poorly designed mechanic of letting the second player see the first player’s shot, I would give 5 stars.

- Playdemic does not care about FairPlay like they say!!

I only gave a I only gave1 because becauseit would not allow me to give a zero. They say they care about FairPlay but whatever they use to match they do not take into account skill levels only trophies. They will tell you that you are a better player that someone that has played 10 times you and that experience doesn’t matter at all to them. They will say they had multiple in app purchases but so did I when I have played 4k and they match me against someone playing 12k how can you seriously say that is fair play? That is like the Giants playing my high school football team. But they will cater to you if you can spend tons on money if you can’t don’t make the mistake I did and like this game. This is my reply from support, play at your own risk but here is your warning! I agree with all the pointers and personally feel that matchmaking is lacking in many perspectives. As this is a sensitive topic, the changes may not happen immediately but I believe that slowly they would be changed. I'll make sure to pass your feedback along with my personal notes. Your feedback is important to us because your thoughts help our team identify the flaws present, and we thank you for taking the time out of your day to share it with us. We humbly request your patience, and understanding on this matter since these changes cannot be immediate, and will go through careful reviews.

- Gameplay manipulated to get player to spend $$$

After playing this game for several months at a friends request. here's what I discovered. gameplay is fun and easy and courses are very well done. Be warned , this is not a standard pay for play game... after the fourth series of golf courses you will be matched with players who are significantly better than you with much higher gameplay experience and better clubs . you will lose a considerable amount of games and be encouraged to spend money to of course better your golf clubs or buy golf balls to improve your chances . unlike other pay for play games you cannot do that you can only buy chest that give you random opportunities to get the best clubs which seldom pay off . The only way you can accumulate these clubs is to play a considerable amount of games . i've gotten a few customer service reps with a little character and integrity to admit that they don't gauge competition very well . This is where the majority of players fall off and stop using the game. Customer service is useless in this endeavor as they will read scripted responses to you in efforts to get you to continue to play and tell you that it will improve. My best advice is play the first few levels and then move on from this game the moment you need to spend money. I've watched a lot of frustrated players and young people spend money in the hopes of advancing and enjoying further gameplay through better courses unfortunately that is not the case.

- It’s pretty, and that’s it.

This game has great graphics. Unfortunately, that’s about it. There is no realism to the game play. Putting is easy, as are chip-ins (anyone that actually golfs knows a lot of practice and skill is required to improve odds, and it’s still not easy!). The matchup system is terrible; it huuuugly favors pay-to-win. First, the matchup system doesn’t compare you on skill, gear or experience, but rather just on trophies (which are easily manipulated). This means you’ll often get paired up with someone with clubs and gear that significantly outclass anything you have, making it impossible, even with perfect shots, to even tie your opponent. As if that wasn’t enough, they’ll sometime also pair you up against recorded games rather than a live opponent. No, they don’t put you against a recorded game where the opponent didn’t do well; usually one that eagles! Support, sadly, is equally bad. However, it seems to be the usual farmed our support that doesn’t actually read about the issue experienced, so it’s to be expected. Value for money is minimal. You’ll burn through a minor investment in an hour of playing, and then get matched up against a series of people that outgear you, or bot games, to conveniently strip away anything you’d gained unless you invest more. On the plus side, as long as you’re paying in, things seem to go well, and the matchups aren’t as bad. It’s a bad pay-to-win scheme covered by nice graphics.

- How obvious can it be?????????

Where to start with golf clash? The game is great as a whole, but the overall blatant pay to play is absolutely ridiculous. Where in any ones mind is it fair when your opponent has a wind factor on the ball of 1.6 and when it’s your turn the wind miraculously went up to a 7? Was there a sudden summer thunderstorm that brewed in the 38 seconds it took for your opponent to take his shot? I have read and read reviews on here and they all say the same thing. GET REAL PLAYDEMIC!!!! We all know that the game wasn’t free to build, it costs money to maintain servers and ad updates etc. Regardless the game is “free” to download and “free” to play. Bullsh#t! I have purchased gems that one are absolutely ridiculously priced and played awesome for a few days, wind on my side win streaks, opponents randomly make bad shots. Then it starts, one loss, two losses, three losses. Coin is gone gems are advertised like infomercials on a Sunday! All I ask is level it out, make it fair, it’s a game it is supposed to be enjoyable. It’s not supposed to make you want to write a surreal review telling the makers of golf clash to.........well I will leave that for the rest of the 100,000’s of your customers that feel the same way! I would rate this game a 5 star on the concept of the game. I would give it a .5 on the management and disregard for fair play for in app games. It’s frustrating!!!!!

- Patience is the key

I don’t usually write reviews for any game, but I see a lot of complaints here so I thought i would put my two cents in. First off I will point out DO NOT ADVANCE TOO FAST! Take your time and play the first few tours for a while to rank up your clubs and increase your bankroll. There are good enough clubs in the first 4 tours to be able to compete once you get them leveled up. The game certainly has some issues as does any free to play game. Some of the purchases do cost a lot of money, but they are not necessary to play and enjoy the game. If you want to rise to the top of the ranks then paying is definitely a benefit, but if you are a casual player you can have plenty of fun without having to spend money. I am currently playing anywhere from tour 6 to tour 8 without spending money on special balls or anything like that. I admit I have spent a few dollars on the golden shots from time to time but that’s it. Once you advance a little in levels and join a clan, the amount of gems you collect in chests is usually more than enough to purchase decent balls to compete within lower to mid tours. If you want to get past tour 8 or 9 then the competition is tougher and you do need better balls to get the distance and reduce the wind levels, but there is plenty of fun to be had with this game.

- Good Game

I feel it’s necessary to update my review of this app after having several hundred dollars invested in it and numerous attempts to have the developers correct the “well known” problems. When you report an issue, you get a canned response and or asked to have patience. For now, I would NOT recommend this app until its developers fix the issue making it crash. The ONLY exception to this recommendation is if you go into it knowing NOT to invest any money until again, they resolve the issues with it. I would have given zero stars but its not allowable. I will, come back and update this review if and when they fix the issues with it and they can figure out how to offer TRUE customer service and this especially to those who have supported them with our hard earned money. For now, my best recommendation is to look elsewhere for an app like this. Further update to the above review after 9 months of attempting to play what could be a great game. I would HIGHLY recommend you LOOK ELSEWHERE for a game to play and where you will need to make in game purchases. You can ABSOLUTELY FORGET getting ANY response from their “help” staff unless you enjoy being called a liar or you like getting the same canned responses. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY Playdemic will EVER admit they are having either server issues or when there’s a glitch in the coding and even if you sincerely attempt to be helpful, you find yourself wasting your time. Good luck and hope to see you in another golf game.

- Disappointed

This game is generally speaking very great. When first stumbling on this game through a friend I quickly found myself playing all the time. It is fun to level up clubs and play all the different tours and courses. It can be frustrating when you lose multiple in a row or lose all your money and start from scratch but that is the users fault obviously (don’t bet money you’re not willing to lose) anyways, the reason I am giving it 4 stars and not 5 is because the bugs have been driving me crazy. I have lost games before due to glitches, connection errors stuff like that and I never expected the game to be perfect but at some point it should stop. A connection error that came out of no where when my WiFi was perfectly fine cost me a tournament. I was shooting and it said reconnecting right as I was about to release my shot I held my finger there with the hopes it would let me reconnect and shoot. It did not only not let me shoot but by the time my screen fixed the glitch the other person had already taken his next shot and I was about to run out of time again. Frustrating to say the least. I would love to see the glitches fixed so I could give it 5 stars and golf clash make it up to the users who’ve lost out on things due to glitches and bugs.

- Great game with a few glitches

GC is a really fun game, and I enjoy playing with people all over the world. Lately the game has been having technical problems that can be infuriating. For example, it is difficult to find an opponent. GC claims that problem is with FB, but I don’t log in through FB and still have problem. Even worse is the game “lose connection” in the middle of the game causing you to forfeit the match and the coins you spent to play that match. I have never “lost connection” with any other game played on my phone. This happens even I am using a super stable connect at my university. GC just released an update, and finding opponents is definitely faster. I haven’t had a match disconnect yet either, but I haven’t given it much of test so far. I hope they get this fixed. It’s my favorite game, but if the problems don’t get fixed soon, they lose a lot of players. One other aspect I wish they fix is the algorithm for matching opponents. Playing matches with players who are rated 3x my rating and have better clubs is not really fair. I just lose coins and can’t advance. They to limit the difference in rankings to a small range to make matches more competitive. Still my favorite, and I hope they fix the bugs soon. It’s addictive when it is working well! Go West Mid Ballers clan!

- Bad game play

I have played this game for a couple of months now and I have had to contact customer service several times ! That does nothing in regards to the game issue ! There are times where a player and I are using the same ball but yet that player call not only shoot the ball way further or the other player using the same ball can add backspin and I cant or can add topspin and I cant but we are using the same ball and this does not make since! The ball accuracy is way off and customer service want to say it is in app wind ! But yet you do a aerial shot and do a shot track before you take a shot to see where the ball should travel but yet the ball does not travel as you seen on the preshot settings! Once I reached a certain level in tour 6 I feel they just ripped me off because all I did was loose not matter what ! I know you wont always win but there is no way a person should go for 24 hours of non stop loosing each time they try and get on the game! I feel they have ripped me off! Think twice before getting this app because you are not going to enjoy the app in anyway ! And customer service does not do anything when you have a issue with the game besides put the blame on you !

- Definitely Rigged

I read in one review that support wrote in a reply to a player that said there is some luck and some skill. I would have to say that it is all luck. I'm well over 500 trophies and have made it well over 600. But what happens many times is you may win about 5 or 6 in a row, then you'll lose about 10-12 in a row. I have other friends who have played this and agree with me that it is rigged. If you are one to take games seriously, then this is not the game for you. This is one where you will pull your hair out in frustration when you thought you hit a perfect shot and it does go in. Would recommend WGT Golf instead. Much better golf game and more realistic. UPDATE: I have come back and really wish this had a zero star rating because that is what this game deserves. Definitely a rigged game. No question about that!! I have seen at least three or more shots that were fixed. It amazes me that when someone plays really good and for some reason can drop one hundred points in a couple of hours. RIGGED!!!!!! Several of my friends also have played this and all have said that it’s rigged. UPDATE AGAIN: Still a lousy, rip off game. Just went to play, tried to hit the ball and every time I did it would switch back to aerial view. I tried several times to hit the ball and it kept doing the same thing until I timed out. Rip-off!!! Don’t waste your time. This was the last straw. This was the last time I am playing. Warning to all: DON’T PLAY!!!!!

- Good game, but a waste of time sitting idle

I like the game and the graphics are spot on. I would say it does a pretty good job at both skill and entertainment. There are a few big draw backs and one that prevents me from playing daily. First, the big tournaments are always on the weekend. This is super annoying because I’m busy on the weekends. I don’t have time to play 36 rounds and they never do a 36 hole tournament during the week. So I will always just play the crappy 9 hole tournaments. Then get mad. Second, there is no real club practice driving range or other place to really learn the club. There is a course practice, but that is very time consuming and doesn’t really let you isolate the club you would like to perfect. The second and most annoying is the idle time. A match takes way too long. A game should take 1-2 minutes max. It’s running closing to 4-6 minutes at times. There should be an option to play simultaneously with the other person. When your done you can play again. There is no need to watch them take a shot (especially if they drop off, omg). You can play the round then move on with your life, you could then go back and review the winner, trophy’s, coins, chest, shots appoint took at your leisure. I just can’t sit around and wait forever with this game. I need a faster pace.

- Just wait

Yes the game is great in the beginning but if your not willing to spend money to compete don’t play. The game will give these incredible losing streaks, and yes after you play for awhile you can tell the game plays different during these losing streaks. Shot adjustment for holes you have played 100s of times and perfect shots all the sudden land in the rough or trap. The wind adjustment all the sudden don’t work the same, also your opponents will make these incredible long shots in 10 plus winds I don’t understand why they put players on these losing streaks but it’s really frustrating. Also like I said be willing to spend money on power balls and wind reduction balls because your opponents will be you will be shooting against a 12 or 13 mile wind while your opponents use a wind reduction ball and shoot against a 6 to 8 mile wind. What I’ve noticed they will give you 1 or 2 days out of a week that you’ll win a good percentage but the other 4 or 5 days will be like pulling teeth they will take your coin and your trophies and make you spend diamonds I guess all to make you buy more and they will swear on a stack of bibles that the game is fair at all times trust me when I say you will know by the game play when they turn on the lose streak multiplier so be ready spend money and have aggravated fun I guess.

- Could be better

I was gonna give it 3 maybe 4 stars but the support system gives you zero answers. Matchmaking is terrible, I constantly end up playing people who have thousands of games of experience and have maxed out clubs and the best balls. Some of the courses are also just ridiculous to where an eagle is impossible and a birdie is almost guaranteed. It gets old after a little while, this game doesn’t favor skill and playing things the proper way. Like there’s apparently terrain in some maps that you can’t see unless you zoom in on it that will throw your ball all over the place. On most shots it’s really just getting lucky because you can’t be sure of where the ball is going. Has so much potential but they just make it to where you have to pay more to get a little less. You can’t just buy coins with real money, you have to buy gems to purchase more coins. Coincidentally the biggest gem purse you can buy is just not quite enough to get the biggest coin purse. Also clubs is just pure luck in what you get from a chest and upgrading them is expensive. Also there is no practice option in this game and with the way it works playing matches you and your opponent put up coins and the winner takes it all. One unlucky shot and you’re screwed. The developers seem to not have much interest in making it better for players, just adding more things you can buy

- Great game but I want more

I’ve been playing this game for a while now. I put it down for a bit and recently picked it back up and was disappointed to find that not really all that much has changed besides the seasonally themed tournaments and balls that are available as rewards. I still love this game probably more than any other on my phone right now but I want more. More courses. MORE CLUBS with interesting stats or abilities. I’m tired of playing with the same old clubs I had months ago. I think it would be cool to add a whole new tier of clubs above the top tier of clubs available at present. Maybe they could have a single ability or something that makes them unique from the other clubs in the game. They could be rare, maybe earned from difficult achievements, tournament wins, etc. I think you could retain even more players by adding this small level of depth that keeps players grinding for these unique items. It’s something that I feel is missing from this game. Something to grind for above the normal clubs. It would go along with the arcade-y, quirky, fun style of golf clash and add more depth to the game. Other than that, keep doing what you’re doing! I love this game!

- Unlike Golf Rival, opponents can be Bots

I’ve sunk thousands of dollars on Golf Clash, I have my own clan, I have over 3,000 balls fancier than a kingmaker, tons of gems and cash but the bloom is off the rose. After winning 1,100 games, I feel these days as though I’m playing a computer bot and not another person. when I got to Master 2 level the competition was appropriately fierce and I got relegated back to Master 1 level where it’s been clearly easier for months. But now after losing 14 games in a row over three straight days to opponents who never made a mistake, and never made a comment, and I’m stuck in the relegating 90’s, I and others I play with now assume Golf Clash puts players against bots at leisure. Tonight I’ll let myself go back to Expert 3 and maybe, if I still get paired with fake great players who make zero mistakes, I’ll find myself dragged back to Pro and Rookie in protest. Golf Rival always puts me with human players, and I infinitely prefer that. Attention Golf Clash: give us the phrase “be nice”. All of us have played against real Clash opponents who use comments in a mean fashion, i.e. laughing hysterically after we miss a shot. We players could then actively flash the ‘be nice’ sign rather than passively turn the chat off. And if you want income from us, stop feeding killer bots to us high rollers, if we stop playing, we stop buying...

- Horrible support & Rigged!

I contacted Golf Clash support because of multiple issues that I had found with the game. I was instructed to tag the shots / games as “support” and they would review. Surprise ... Surprise, the communication stopped once I provided what they asked. No response from them in 6 days since providing the actual game replay showing the issues. All of these games showed examples of unfair gameplay such as my opponents ball sticking in a rock cliff, bouncing off of water or magically putting spin on a ball when the player never opened that screen to do it! None of these issues happened before I started dumping money into the game. Advice: Dont get me wrong, I loved playing the game but die to these issue don’t recommend it, do yourself a favor and don’t play but if you do don’t ever pay for anything in this game. If you do you will start loosing every shootout or shots that once would have been good will all of a sudden fly past the hole or end up super short. Once the game forces you to lose enough games it is impossible to ever advance because at an average win rate of 50-55% “average” you will never be able to advance and unlock the next level without paying for gems to get coins. Also once they know that you are a sucker and will pay money the issues will increase. It is completely rigged and has cost me real money and a ton of frustration. I welcome ANYONE from Golf Clash to review what I submitted and contact me!

- This game is pay to win and the physics are broken.

There are definitely some things amiss with this game. The pay to win aspect of it is the worst of all. It doesn’t matter how skilled I am, I will get beat every time by someone who can make physically impossible shots because their Kingmaker ball can turn 90 degree corners and roll 50 yards further than anything I can hit. There is no point at all to the upgraded balls and clubs other than for them to make money. Nobody cares about that crap. The people who have them just know how necessary they are to being successful. It would be far better to just use the same clubs for everyone and let skill prevail. The other thing I hate about this game is the consistency of the physics. For example, I’m hitting my driver off the tee with a 6mph tail wind. My cross hair before the wind is just on the edge of the fairway I’m aiming for. With 6mph wind and a little extra power on my tee shot, there’s no way I don’t get beyond that crosshair and onto the fairway, right? Nope. I land extremely short with a perfect shot and roll down into the water. Makes no freaking sense at all. It seems like no matter how well I play my opponent is either absolute garbage or impossibly good. There’s no regular players like me with inconsistencies. This game is clearly a rigged cash grab. Not meant to be fun for players. It’s meant to keep you spending cash. I refuse to do that so I can’t compete. I’ll find a different game. Go to hell developers.

- Steals from customers

My dad is retired and disabled. My dad loves this game. It reminds him of when he was able to play golf. He even pays to play with the in app purchases. He does buy gems and takes advantage of special offers. He truly enjoys playing. But this game has doubled charged him multiple times. There have been in app purchases that he didn’t make or didn’t authorize. They charged him and never gave him what the offer was or gems, etc. When he has complained the company they said it’s not their fault it’s ITunes. ITunes says its not eligible for refunds. This app has stolen money from him multiple times. He has used ITunes gift cards and also credit cards. The ITunes cards he is just out of luck with. He can go to the credit cards and get his money back. But honestly, what a hassle. He would have to get new cards and it affects his credit. But the moral of my rant is; This company is a bunch of thieves. It saddens me that this game brought him so much joy and he can’t play it because he can’t afford all the “extra” purchases. I really hope your company can figure out a better way and stop stealing from innocent people. Here’s a tip... maybe you could make it a subscription. Like $9.99 a month or something and you get a new course, a club, some balls, gems, and coins. In these trying times, for those sheltering in place, or my dad who can’t physically play and loves this game you can turn this into a positive.

- Broken

New: try checking the profile for the players at the top of the global ranks. The game crashes. You can check profiles for other players to see their win % but you can't look at the top ranked players. Rigged game. Hopefully they are breaking some laws here because I'm going to report this... Just like every other can only advance so far before the game turns on you. The matchmaking is broken, I'm literally in the second tier of ability ranks and I get matched up with players way more advanced than me. My clubs are level 2 and 3. Theirs are level 5-6. The chests don't even hold enough coins to play a round...the "visual" graphics are off from the "actual" graphics. You can use gems to unlock new clubs but they charge you 10x the amount of gems if you haven't unlocked the club yet. So the higher tier clubs cost 500 gems if you haven't unlocked them yet but drops down to 50 after you've received the club. It's definitely a pay to win game...if you buy gems you can buy different balls which can be manipulated beyond forward and backspin. The best ball you can buy can turn the ball almost 90 degrees to the side. The game is is...but the fact that all of these bugs still exist after they've released new content begs to ask the question...why do they still charge players money for ANYTHING until the game functions 100%? I bet that "pay us money" button works 100% of the time doesn't it?

- Thievery

Love the game and been playing for a while but knocking off a star because of the timer on the golden shot. If you pay a dollar to take a shot and win a prize, you should at least have an extended clock not the same one as live play, WHICH YOU DONT PAY FOR. I do not understand this logic - the company isn’t losing anything by extending the clock (or turning it off!). Not to mention the rewards aren’t even good - it’s more about “beating” the shot (so yea, it’s dumb to buy this shot...thats not the point). It’s like if you ordered take out and didn’t pick it up exactly when you were told it would be ready (uh, except, the restaurant making the food would actually lose something if you never showed up or paid). This is seriously outright theft to be honest. I guess I’m the stupid one who pays a dollar for this dumb shot. This should really be changed makes no sense and isn’t fair. Have some ethical standards aye? You get the freaking dollar whether it’s 5 seconds or unlimited clock. WHY DO YOU CARE it doesn’t make it more difficult, it just makes you look bad. (“You” being whoever is ignoring this review at whatever company that develops this game and decides on these unethical and illogical rules.). Alright. Whatever though. Game’s cool.

- Not worth the effort

This game is not worth the time or effort. It’s impossible to advance in. Every time you level up, you wind up losing 90% of your games. The matches are rigged to the point where it’s not fun to play anymore. The matchups are unfair as well. Save your energy and find a different golf game to play. For example, I leveled up to pro from the rookie level and have proceeded to lose 17 of 20 matches. The computer players make impossible shots into the hole every time. Since my level up I’ve lost over 1 million coins and over 100 trophies. Avoid this game at all cost. If I could rate this game a 0 or lower I definitely would UPDATE: still unfair game play. This game will turn on you in a blink of an eye. It’ll let you get maybe 1 or 2 wins in a row only to make you 5, 6 or more in a row. It forces you to keep playing to make up what you lose only to lose more. Since my last review my total loss is now 150+ trophies and 1.5 million in coins. Don’t bother with buying coins, leveling up, or upgrading the clubs because it just makes things even worse. Now on top of all that the stability has suffered greatly since the last update. I get kicked out of the app as I’m starting a match if I have played 1 or 2 games already. How this game has a 4 star rating is beyond me. Also don’t bother sending them any feedback about it because they either never respond or give some lame cookie cutter generic answer

- Solid, but one MAJOR drawback...

Tho game is solid, easy to learn, hard to master. Leveling up clubs and earning coins keeps you coming back. It’s satisfying. With that out of the way, let me address the reason I quit this game for months. If you go on a losing streak, it is almost impossible to get back up to your level that you were playing at. You get absolutely no coins out of chests and you have to play many tours below your real tour just to get you coin count up. And if you lose, you usually have to go another tour down. It’s an endless cycle that takes MONTHS to get out of. Coins cost a lot of gems (unless you do the 3 stake special which is a lifesaver.) and are hard to get at lower tours. Also when you get to higher tours, everyone will have really good equipment and balls. If you don’t want to spend money, you will always have the disadvantage. Speaking of spending money, this gave is the definition of pay to win. It’s almost impossible to compete at the highest tours without spending a decent buck on the deals that they give you giving you balls and coins. If you don’t want to spend any money like me, good luck. This major flaw almost ruins the game if you go on a losing streak. Other than that, gameplay and mechanics are solid. Just hope you have a big wallet or don’t run out of coins.

- Was enjoyable

Update - more $$ from me. I succumbed to the temptation and spent a decent amount of money on this game and was enjoying it. Maybe wining more than I was losing. But boom like a switch I lost over 1.7m coins I’m a matter of days. Right now I win one and lose 6 or 7 in a row. No way to stay at a level - I didn’t ask to be “promoted”. I also don’t get how I can do nothing right but my opponents do nothing wrong. This game gives me anxiety. Even if I win about half the time I could enjoy it but tonight I won one and lost 6 in a row and every opponent was like Gary Player and Tiger Woods combined. Hope you enjoyed my money. Lesson learned. I would give negative stars if Apple let you because playing this game makes me miserable. At first it’s a very enjoyable game. I do agree with other reviews about the lack of penalty for out of bounds and the slightly unrealistic ball action. None of those would truly bother me if there was a way to practice, especially on new courses. I just started playing 6 star hotel and after a single victory I’ve lost every match since - which, since you pay so much to play that course, it’s impossible to get enough coins from bonuses or the lower courses to catch up what I lost. At least give and option to play each course as a practice round as many times as you want. Losing all the coins it took you weeks to save up in 2-3 matches really takes the fun away from this game.

- Here’s the truth

This game is very truly enjoyable it is quick to play so if you have five minutes to kill or three hours, it is a true top pick kind of game. But and here’s the but, when you start getting more into the game it nearly forces you to spend money and I’m not talking about 99 cents I’m saying like five or ten dollars. The reason why is because when you start playing more they put you against people who have played the game for nine year. you have normal people clubs at average levels and then your up against someone who only plays the game who has 9,000 games under their belt, who has the most ridicules clubs that can drive the whole course in a single hit. So the only way to get better is to have better clubs, the only way to have better clubs is spend money on chest for a slim chance that you will get a better club or some way to make you club better to even just stay par with these people. And it’s not like I expect to win every game or anyone should expect to win 100% of the time but when you lose two dozen straight games due to unfair match making and you lose nearly all of your coins and the few ways to get coins is, you guessed it spend another five dollars or getting it for 30-60 second adds that only giving a you enough to play the most minimum game. 2.5 stars fun game. But unfair 80% of the time.

- Acquisition of Clubs

I’ve been over 2 years at level 6 Apocalypse. I spend more than the average person on this game I’d suppose without seeing numbers. And while I consistently trade in my cards, look to what I can purchase, practically gem all chest times…I have yet to see 200 Apocalypse cards in over 2 years and over 8,000 games. When I see ‘young’ players with perhaps less than 3000 games with a level 6 I get slightly discouraged. Ha. The pursuit towards a level 7 Apocalypse has been a path of disproportionate acquisition of other types to the number of those gained in favor of the apocalypse. One possible change the game could realize to “help” a player towards acquiring the clubs they actually use IMO is when a person purchases, with cold hard cash, a “black Friday deal” with advertised ‘epic’ card chest that not all the cards are random useless cards for that persons play history. I understand it is supposed to be random. But I’ve played long enough to know the option to gem for apocalypse cards has been very disproportionate in favor of other cards. The cards a person receives in chests also don’t do much to move you forward. Some more focused card acquisitions if items are purchased might actually help a person stay more engaged.

- Has no idea how to tier up correctly.

This game needs two things: 1. A better Skill based determination tool rather than, “do well in a tournament and get moved up to a different skill tier” how is that supposed to make me better at the game when I go from making the cut and weekend and doing decent, not overly well, made 5 weekends in tourneys best placement was 5th, with best besides that being 34th. How does that indicate I need to move up and besides that, trophies should have something to do with it also. I have never achieved more than 750 trophies yet I’m playing against people, in tourneys, with 1k+ constantly no change. And that’s rookie two star like that makes no sense. 2. If there was something to tell people where there skill level was at. This tourney settings should have more than 3 stars, 5 is appropriate with the amount of people playing the game. Also, if you are stuck in a ranking, you should be able to move down again. FIFA has this implemented to where if you do poorly for x games in a season you get moved back down a tier bracket. So much potential for fun, but clearly selling tourney packs and balls and chests is all you guys are looking for. Exact reason why I won’t put money in. I’d rather give all my money to EA and Madden mobile.

- Don’t download this games a scam!

This game is so rigged for you to spend money. First off let me start by saying I’ve been playing this game for 1 year. Played my way to being a pretty good player. Great time playing however, recently I’ve noticed as I’m playing high coin games ($1 million coin games) the game if you loose 3 in a row offers you for example 3 million coins for 1,643 in gems. Let me say that the rewards are crap! They give you very little coin and gems in the chests to even be able to spend that kind of gem. If you don’t have it then you buy, I’ve spent over $300 on this game because I genuinely like it. But when it comes to running low on coin or the A.I wants you to buy it makes you loose and forces your shots to be off. I thought this was a fluke but in the past 3 days I’ve noticed that during a game myself and another player made the same shot, same angle, and because I had that offer to buy coin for gems it made my shot go into the rough. The other players shot went into the fairway. Then I take another shot, hit it perfect, guessed it in the rough. This happened over the course of 3 games. Moral of the story the developers of this game say they promote fair play that’s B.S., check into your system and or make it fair to win without having to spend. Castle clash has been able to do it but your game doesn’t. DONT PLAY NOR DOWNLOAD

- Fun and Addictive

It’s really a great game - lots of creativity with the names of the clubs often tied to animals. I have a love / hate relationship with this game. Half the time I love it and have fun. The other half I get extremely frustrated. The biggest improvement that could be made is to introduce a practice mode where you can practice shots without having to spend game coins and compete. I play for free, but I also WISH they would charge a small, reasonable amount (say $5-$10) for unlimited play which I would probably buy. What often happens to me when I hate the game is I get on these horrible losing streaks where I lose a large percentage of coins, then can’t play except for the cheap beginner holes which are boring after you gain some experience. They do have some options where you can buy game coins, but I think the prices are unreasonable where you would probably have to spend over $100 to get unlimited play of any course you’ve unlocked. I think the game developers’ strategy is to get people hooked on it, then have those people spend money to play, if they play a lot. I’m semi-addicted, and as I said would pay $5-$10 for unlimited play without having to earn coins or wait fir the free coins.

- Was fun at first....

I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game and leveling up clubs and unlocking new tours, until it got to a point where the game lost its luster. While playing higher tours I noticed the wind in the game was almost never consistent. By this I mean the same wind for the same shot was never the same, even on perfect shots. I just recently uninstalled this game because of what happened on a perfect shot to get in the hole, only to watch it roll right past after seeing “perfect shot” appear on my shot. Another thing that I found frustrating about the game was the chests you open. Almost every chest I received gave me the same cards. I had multiple clubs that I did not want to upgrade that had 100s of cards waiting to be used on them. For my third dislike of the game, there is no way of practicing which would be extremely useful before you go play a tour that could potentially wipe you of your cash, causing you to either wait for a new chest, or pay with gems, or pay with actual money. These are the main reasons I uninstalled this game as it got to a point where it hit a wall and stayed there. And before you think “oh they just didn’t play enough” I was sitting comfortably in the mid 300s in trophies which is ample time to make a judgment call on a game like this.

- Beware of this game.

So the reviews are so high for this game because they give you a bonus to write a review, and most of the the reviews before a player learns how awful this game is. Forget game play, yes it's easy to learn, and putting is way too easy. The real issue with this game is far more sinister. You get matched up to play other players in one hole shot outs. Simple enough. However the simulator decides who you should play an. Your clubs also have an accuracy level which ebb and flow according to the simulator. This means if the game thinks you need to loose they can influence the game by pairing you against someone who is destined to win because of their accuracy, or pair you against a player with clubs you can't beat etc. and if the game decides based on your game play and how often you play that you are a sucker who has a high chance to purchase advantages well then you are screwed. You will just get hosed shot after shot and lose match after match in new and mysterious ways. If you contact the support staff they are always helpful and respond. But if you identify to them how the simulator influences the outcome to try and frustrate you to the point of buying something, they will remain silent. This game is a sucker bet for suckers who are willing to pay money to be king of an imaginary world. Good luck if you play, at first you will like this game, then you grow to abhor it and never play again.

- Rigged Tournaments

Alright so I am beginning to believe that the tournaments are rigged in some form. The reason I am saying this is because of my position I was given in both tournaments. I have been pushed out of the top 50 once from rank 18 by players with the exact same final score of -16, I played the first tournament early with many hours left and all the players after who scored the same landed higher than me and pushed me out of the cut. Next time I tried what other players did by waiting three hours until the qualifying round was over. I played my holes and finished with a -16 again yet I was still placed at 49 and got pushed out by 3 more players finishing with the same score. Even though about 20 players all had the same score I did not advance. This is frustrating to me and I think it’s unfair that all players who tie do not advance or have a tie breaker event. When players with the same final score can push another player out then something needs to change how tournaments work. Why is it setup like this? Do players that spend money get perks for placement? Does win ratio have something to do with it? Please explain why ranking happens like it does during a tournament. This is a major flaw and in my opinion will drive away players who this happens to. The game is fun but tournaments are crap and the system needs to be revamped.

- Started great, now I’m MAD!

First thing, this game is really fun, addictive and competitive! I love the premise of the game, its nice to finally have a golf game that’s free! I really wish there was a way to practice for free, and buying golf balls were cheaper! The amount that you get from winning isn’t enough to buy enough to compete with some of these people on here! It’s ridiculous, and very discouraging!!! I’ve been playing it now for several months, and now 4 times now I am playing fine and it mysteriously loses signal!!🤬 such BS cause I’m on 5G WiFi! So then either I timed out or my shot is screwed!! Then just recently I paid 4.99 for a “special package”, then again 4.99 again for a “special package”, TWICE I HAD TO PAY BECAUSE THE FIRST ONE MADE THE APP CRASH AND I DIDNT GET IT!!! 🤬🤬 So then just now today (February 9th), I paid 3TIMES for the .99 cent, single shot for a trunk. IT TIMED ME OUT TWICE IN 10 SECONDS!!!! Then on the 3rd one, the ball just stops mid roll and I lose!!🤬🤦🏼‍♂️ so now I have just wasted $13 for NOTHING!!!! I’m So close to deleting this app and just finding a new one or buying a PS3 game! So either the Developers need to refund something or give me what I’m owed! UPDATE!! Just As predicted!! I had finally won a couple in a row and built up some coin... welp now i lost 4 in a row and suddenly I cannot seem to hit the ball straight!!! What a BS rip off!! I want either a refund of my money spent or I want the stuff I paid for!!

- Ok game but...

It’s an ok golf game, and has potential to be a lot better, there’s just some in game issues and such that I feel could be corrected. 1. Proper rules. No stroke penalty for water hazards??? I myself and others I’ve played against have been unfortunate to hit in the water but don’t receive the stroke penalty that is a basic rule of golf. 2. Being able to choose what club I want. You’re basically stuck with whatever club the game decides you need. Want to power out of the rough with a wood or other club and try to get more power or distance? Too bad. You’re stuck with your crappy “rough wedge”. Players should be able to pick whatever club they want to use, and take the risks of the shot from there. 3. Speaking of clubs... this is where the pay to win feature comes in. If you want to pay outrageous amounts you can buy better clubs for better “skills”, but if you want to be a casual player and earn cards, good luck and be ready for a grind, while you’re waiting for cards to upgrade, pay to play-ers are going to beat you with their bought skills. Making your card grind longer. Either need to be able to open more than one cheat at a time, or have more clubs per chest. Number 3 isn’t that big a deal, but fixing to follow actual rules of golf, and allowing club selection would be huge factors for me to raise rating.

- Fun game but frustrating as hell.

I recently started back playing this game after a few years and it is very fun and addicting for sure however....there are a few things that drive me up the wall. 1. The physics are NOT consistent! On shootouts the physics seem to change and I’m not sure why. If it were a shot during the match and I used the exact same amount of power and put up a perfect shot it would land on the green, no problem. However during a shootout it either falls just short or goes careening off into the woods. I’ve lost countless matches due to these flawed physics. 2. I also wish they would slow more time to line up the shot as I’m moving the target once I go to lift my finger it jumps so I have to keep readjusting which often causes me to go off track in situations where I could have easily chipped for an eagle or birdie. If they could just fix these two things I would be so happy. I’ve been playing for years and I am consistently top 5 or 10 in my division when it ends so before anyone says’s not just me not knowing how to play. 3. We need a practice feature and a driving range!! Give users a chance to get better at your game and they will play more. I hope someone reads this and takes my review seriously.

- Unfair Competition

I originally rated this a 5 star. It’s a highly addictive game. But the competition model is very poor. I’ve been playing for four days now and am at a Rookie 1 level. In tour play I am constantly matched against Pro or Master level players who have obviously been playing for weeks and months. I almost always end the round in a draw and lose the resulting shootouts far more often than I win. The superior equipment the higher level players earned over months of playing along with their course knowledge gives them an ability to shape shots that I simply can’t match. I just finished my first round of a tournament and the leader at 29 under par after 18 holes is a master level player with 54 million in career earnings. Why was that player even allowed to enter a beginner level tournament? There is no way a true beginner will be able to come close to that score. Which means a beginner has zero chance of winning a beginner tournament. Finally, the putting is ridiculous. After a player gets to Rookie 1 level, it is a 98% chance that they will 1 putt from anywhere. This leads to a lot of draws - and again, the unfair competition model significantly disadvantages the less experienced player. I’ll give 1 star because the game can be a lot of fun. But I get really sick of losing to players at a level I shouldn’t even be paired with

- Bad Matchmaking

I really love playing this game… but I find myself getting frustrated because this is a game that bases it’s play solely off of multiplayer play. And because of this you cannot play without being matched up with someone else. This is usually no big deal with skill-based matchmaking but this game does not seem to have that at all. I have just over 1,200 games played and more often than not I get matched up with people that have over 10,000 and sometimes over 20,000 games played. This is a problem because these people have almost fully upgraded clubs that mine hardly stand a chance to. This makes the game very hard to progress and makes it very frustrating.. I like to consider myself a decent player but when I physically can’t hit the ball as far as my competitors it makes it feel like I don’t have much of a chance. This could be easily combatted with a skill-based matchmaking system and/or a single player casual mode. But throughout the multiple years I have had this game, nothing on those fronts seem to happen. Every time I come back to this game it is the same old frustration. But, I love this game and that is why I even care enough to write this review.

- Really Enjoy this Game

UPDATED REVIEW: My initial review is below but I’m updating it and knocking it down to2 stars from 5. I am so tired of this app crashing EVERY time I open it. I have updated it and restarted my device but no go. I also am tired of not being able to play the free Golden Shot when it comes available. I have contacted them but they act like it is just me and my connection, which it is NOT. Please fix this app!!! I have been playing this for a while now and I really enjoy it. I am not a golfer in real life so I don’t even try to compare it to that. No one should. It is a simulation, and a beautiful one at that - great graphics. For those reviews that say it is rigged, I beg to differ. Some games go well and others not so much but the fault is with my lack of focus or the other players great ability. My advice, start and stay on the easier courses until you’ve really mastered them. When you move up, watch the other player and rather than pouting from loosing, learn from them. I usually don’t spend real money on iOS games but when a “New Years” ad came up and I was able to get 200,000 coins for $9.99, it made it much more enjoyable. I don’t have to worry about the coins so much any more and can get better clubs and balls. I don’t worry about my status/ranking. I just enjoy the game.

- Sadly, Still Rigged

So, they have gotten a lot smarter about how they rig the lose cycle but it’s still there. In fact, they have been called out on it so many times that they block the word “rigged” in any form from the chat feature yet, they don’t block any other words to include profanity. I have a 5G connection and am running Netflix on my tv while trying to play this on my phone. I have a 30Mbs connection, am less than 10ft with direct line of sight to my router which is upgraded, and the game continuously glitches on the swing meter whenever I have too long of a winning streak. Furthermore, I’m only able to earn $800K in game coins before the losing streak begins and takes me almost all the way back to $0 no matter which tours I play in. Honestly, the graphics are great and when it’s fair play, the game is really fun as well as challenging. It really is a shame that they try such underhanded tactics to get you to pay money for the game. There should be other mechanisms in place that would give money spenders a leg up instead of punishing everyone who doesn’t pay. If they were that worried about it, they should just charge for the game outright, but keep it fair. It’s truly sad and it’s why I’ll continue to use this game as a convenient time waster but absolutely refuse to give them any of my hard earned money. Cheaters shouldn’t prosper in my opinion.

- Horrible game - pass on this one!!

Third review This game is corrupt. It is geared towards making the only way to advance in the game as spending your money! You can have better clubs (if you spend $5 on an upgrade pack), you can have enough coins to play in tournaments with great prizes (if you spend $10 on coin packs), you can play prize pack holes (if you spend money on chances), and so on and so on........ In fact, to make matters worse, if you do happen to make enough coins to compete in regular game play, you suddenly start loosing coins in ridiculous fashions such as landing far off path with your "perfect" shot, loosing rounds in mysterious ways, etc., etc., etc. If there were a way to give negative stars on the review, I would give it a -10. Update: Gave this game enough chances, deleting it now. It’s addicting - I’ll give it that. The fact that as soon as I get a decent amount of in-game cash, however, I go on these hellacious loosing streaks from being placed against players that far outclass me, glitches in game play that didn’t affect me before, sudden extreme wind that’s near impossible to compensate for, or just plain rigged shots (seemingly) where strategies and “perfect shots” that worked fine before fall apart. This has happened not once, but literally every time I go over, say, 100,000 coins. Deleting with pleasure - I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone.

- Cheating?

So been playing this game for about a month or game for sure BUT...I believe it’s rigged - or people cheat...somebody explain to me how - for example - a shot can bounce twice in the lip of the cup and then stick there...can’t say that’s a coincidence...then maybe the ball will round the hole say 3 times then lip out...really? Or let’s say there’s players out there that can somehow slow the arrow on the shot scale (whatever it’s called) so that it is easier to hit a perfect shot every time...or maybe the continuously rolling ball -my personal favorite btw - where somehow a ball that has already slowed to a crawl can somehow keep rolling (not on a hill) to provide your opponent with a closer shot to the pin than YOUR shot that’s .55 (or closer) yards from the pin on a draw game...and conversely - your ball will be speedy across the green then stop like it hit flypaper - again in a draw game or to take it to a draw game where inevitably - odds are you’ll lose - that is UNLESS you’ve made a purchase recently. All in all - it’s a fun game - but there are definite - identifiable inconsistencies with ball flight, roll out, and windage effects that will frustrate the heck outa you as you try to win rounds - especially if you haven’t purchased much - or not often enough.

- Seems good at first - doesn’t last so long

It’s a shame because this app has potential to be an actual good golf game for the IPhone in terms of gameplay , graphics, etc. Perhaps the gameplay is fun to play around with at first , until you begin to understand the matchmaking for H2H matches..It is so painfully obvious to everyone who plays this game more than a few sessions that they are matching you up -not with actual live players- but with bots/recorded versions of users from previous matchups . It’s not so bad that they do this (although it is annoying), but the worst thing is that they also are feeding you these bots according to how you’re doing in the game and how many coins you have . It’s clear that they want you to keep winning and playing well enough to be excited to keep playing but then also won’t let you surpass a certain point (without you spending money on the game first). Their algorithm for matchmaking clearly is keeping you right where they want you . The developers may respond below to state they don’t do these things .. do not believe them. Try for yourself and you’ll see , you’ll find that you will go on winning strEaks, then losing streaks , then winning streaks , then losing streaks . But you’re really just spinning your wheels . They are determining where you stay with their matchmaking algorithm. Stay away !! Waste of time

- Fun, but definitely rigged(READ THIS)

Like my title says, the game is definitely rigged. I did some research online to confirm my suspicions. Definitely look at your opponents stats every time you play someone. You will almost always see your opponent around the 50% win rate, give or take a few percentage. You will never play someone who has a win % of above 60%. Isn't it a little odd that no one is that good? That literally everyone you play is right around 50%. Other thing I was told to watch: I have used the exact same level club, in the same wind, that my opponent used, lined up just as they did, hit PERFECT SHOT on the bullseye just like they opponent landed near the hole, my ball went sailing passed and in to the rough. I've seen this on several occasions. Now I don't understand algorithms and all that, but if everyone was winning all the time and lost infrequently, what would be the reason to spend money on the game. Then you could keep playing for free. You can't honestly believe the Devs want that. I urge everyone to do your research. Google issues or problems with the game. You'll see the forums and the remarks. Then you'll start seeing what they are talking about in the game. Good luck. Save your money for something else. It's an addicting game I get it. You'll want to keep playing(I spent money to keep playing). Spend your hard earned money more wisely.

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- Frustrating

Firstly a couple of practice holes wouldn’t be a bad idea especially if you are just starting out or even after a break to get your timing right. Secondly being fair, when your opponent has what I would have thought would be a bad shot and go in the rough but stays on the fairway and I do the same shot and go in the rough. Thirdly when a newbie comes along with the original clubs given and beats you and you played decent shots you have to question the games fairness. Fourthly why are upgrades so pricey when you don’t earn a lot of money or gems, it says to me to make them pay for it if they want it, where’s the fun... I could go on but that will do for now.....

- Just started

Wouldn’t mind a practice hole for us newbies to use before the matches......UPDATE Noticed a few anomalies with this game but put it down to my newness to it but having taken note of others comments I’m beginning to see a pattern suggesting that it is a bit dodgy. Seems like whenever you are going ok in the beginners tour you will come up against an opponent well above your own achievements and get flogged despite their poor shots I.e. they get favourable wind conditions end up in the rough or a bunker time out once or twice yet still manage to draw or win regardless of whether you birdie,eagle or par a hole. And they always have superior gear. Can’t understand why my last opponent timed out twice before their first tee shot - they went first- yet send a screamer down the fairway when the ball and yet I don’t even get to see the details of which hole we’re playing par etc. needless to say I get I said but suss and obviously the disappeared unable to rematch. No way would I recommend paying for upgrades.....shame cos it could be such a fun game

- Golf clash.

I am a reasonably seasoned Golf Clash player who had gained approx. 1400 cups, but unfortunately deleted my account accidentally. I am now starting off at Zero with all the “new “ comers & my advise is that this game can be frustrating, but it is as fair as any game can be. As you progress you will earn the benefits that some have paid for & although they may have an advantage in the short term , it is negligible & the fun is to improve your game so as to compete with the best. You cannot compare are another players shot with yours as there are too many variables & their shot will not be exactly the same as yours. If you hit in the rough, then sorry, it was your poor shot that put it there. To those who think it’s biased in any way, get over it & stop being a pain. Just learn how to play ..... it’s worth it.....

- 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

If I could write 1 million stars I would I absolutely love it for those who say at the frustrating a bad game I don’t think that’s the right thing to say it I think it is a an amazing app and I would totally recommend it it’s not frustrating you just need to...Figure it out and take time to understand it and it’s not a bad game either I think it’s just amazing I love it 1 million and I just can’t stop saying it because it’s the best game ever other people might not think so but I think it is so yeah justAll the details that you got in there is amazing I just love it so much sorry I can’t stop I love it because I do I do I so much do you’re probably gonna be reading this all day and night if I don’t stop now so yeah it’s a really great game and that’s all I’ve got to say thanks for reading

- Rigged and plagued with bugs

They say it’s not rigged, but that’s a massive lie. The support centre dribble the same stupid script because playdemic are just too lazy to fix the real problems. The course and graphics are great. When the game works, it is really good. It’s a pity it takes so long to get an opponent, especially during tournaments. This in turn drags the game out and then becomes frustrating. Complaints seem to be about the same things from all players, but they don’t seem to get rectified. Instead they sugarcoat us with more dazzling graphics that just add more delay time to the game. You can go from a 4 game win streak to a 12 game losing streak for no reason at all. If you don’t spend money, it just takes too long to get anything of decency. In conclusion, the once great game is just slowly wrecking itself. And you the recipient of said game, are not cared about, just expected to spend more money.

- I love the game but one bad thing

I think this is a fun game and I love that you can play with friends and family and is good to play in lockdown when you are bored but there is one bad thing this has happened 13 times to me it is when other players internet shuts down I lose all my coins and it is really annoying and unfair because it is when I have got it in the hole and it is his or hers tern and then the internet goes of so apart from that I love the game and the second not so good thing is when you are close to the hole like not even a centimetre away it does not go in but in real life the wind would have pushed it

- Terrible. Not worth your time.

Doesn’t take long to discover the deficiencies in the game. Continual disconnection issues causing forfeit of game and coins. Can’t upgrade club’s unless you pay for more jewels or coins. You can hit the same shot with the same power, same ball and the same accuracy as your challenger but either land 20 meters short or long. Not an even playing field. Not worth your time unless they address the negative issues within the game. Terrible terrible terrible disconnects constantly and takes your coins. Customer service is all about blaming the customer for the bad connection issues. Don’t waste your time or your money. Players should give Pro Feel Golf a try , no disconnection problems at all and it’s not set up to play inconsistent or take your money through connection issues. PRO FEEL GOLF try the App you won’t be disappointed.

- Don’t waste your time or money

Was fun for about the first day. Then it became quite clear that the game favors those who open their wallet. Countless times I have been matched against players who are way ahead of me in terms of trophies in some cases up to 200 more. I could put up with that if it weren’t for the extremely unfair conditions that the wind produces. Effects different players totally different that are using the same ball🤔. Add that the the different effects on the ball I have watched my opponent drive past the hole only to have there ball magically spin back to the hole when they have imparted no spin at all on the ball I then follow with my shot and apply back spin on the ball to only watch my ball continue to bounce past the hole and off the back of the green🤔. I have now deleted the game after losing 20 games straight to ridiculous circumstances. Pathetic from the developers

- Needs improvements!!!

The putting is great - in fact it's the best of this game. It allows easy movement of the ball and I get most puts in. However, the drives off the tee, and the second shots either onto the green or into one of the hazards leave much to be desired. The player has no control at all of direction or speed and I cringe whenever I'm told I've hit a ”great” or a ”perfect” shot as every single time I have landed in the water, in the bunker or over the cliff! Of course, when my opponent gets those comments they land on the green, and either in the hole or close to it. Tonight I had three “perfect” shots in a row and landed out of bounds in the pink trees each time. I should have had some way of controlling the shot after the first disaster so I'd get a chance to play the hole out. It's extremely frustrating!!!!!

- One of the best games

When this game started it was great, but lately it has had a lot of connection and crash issues, when playing if you click the chat screen the game will generally crash, heading into shootout holes mostly. First time, and pretty much every Time I first open game it instantly crashes and I have to reopen game, when game is matching opponents it will get stuck and just keep rolling, so you have to close and open game again. Sometimes if you open I. Game chat, it is almost guaranteed it’s going to crash when you go to shootout hole. Fix these small bugs and this is the #1 game on the App Store.

- Using auto text.

Ok game this time of the year and I still haven't been released to this season game today but I have got no worries about the game and I still haven't played this season yet but I'm not gonna play games with the kids today after the last game I was going on the bench in the game day after the last week of school holidays but I'm not going there tomorrow if anyone wants me to play with my friends I don't know what about the other players who play this game so they might get a better score than I have got the best players on Facebook game today and they will probably be better off with this app than Facebook

- Was once a Good game

Please explain why a score of 21 under doesn’t get me into the weekend round on the ROOKIE group...!!!! Had enough of the cheats attacking this game. During last round had another ‘remarkable’ player get an albatross from a bunker about 200 yards away from the hole. This is with over 10 knots of wind and NOT a perfect hit - yet their ball sailed straight INTO the hole...!!!!!!! My previous review was 5 stars, now it's is less than 1. As indicated by many, many reviews you need to spend a lot of real hard earned money to progress beyond your 3. It's a joke, an abhorrent joke. It's rather strange how 'others' appear with in excess of 300 and 400 points when I play tours 1 and 2 and always 'win'...... Seriously what’s with ‘players’ having different and assisting wind. Also had a ‘player’ put a ball into the water on a par 4, next shot landed ON THE GREEN...!!!!!!!!!!! This JUST happened. Player put ball in sand a very long way from the hole in a par 4. Next shot is not a ‘perfect’ shot, does not account for the wind and is offline by a very long margin. Guess what, this ‘players’ ball goes IN THE HOLE ..... ..... how is this even possible...!!!! I am getting increasingly frustrated and annoyed at the ‘game play’ here. Seems a tad dodgy to me.

- Excellent game with skill involved.

This golf game requires you to really take the same conditions into consideration that a real game of golf would, wind conditions, where you hit your ball, how hard or soft you hit, just because you get a perfect hit does not mean you will score well unless you take the conditions into account. But the game is a lot of fun and I’m enjoying the learning curve it’s not to hard but I still have fun but I have both wins and losses, and because of the realistic conditions anyone with prior skill in golf should do even better. I really hope you enjoy the game as much as I do.

- Rigged and Unfair

This game was fun in the beginning and then turned very sour. It's unfair because of the ever changing conditions on the same hole. What one player has is most definitely not what the next player gets with and a major advantage to one of the players. The controls are not consistent and the continued difficulty in the holes no matter if you're a lower level or higher level is increasing daily. Some holes are just impossible and highly unrealistic no matter what your skill level or in game level. It seems the more money you spend on this game the more the "odds" are in your favour. The upgrading of clubs is ridiculous, unless you're willing to spend money on the game, and that's the only way to get ahead in this thoroughly rigged and biased game. I don't rate or recommend this game at all! A pathetic joke for a game!!

- Great Game but Controversial Issue

I think the game is great but only issue it has is sometimes it can buffer while the shot meter is moving left and right. If you happen to release your shot as it buffers, it will almost guarantee a hooked or sliced shot. Now this isn’t an issues normally cause it is just in-game currency you are losing. However when you have a Golden Shot you paid for like myself and it buffers as you release and your shot hooks and misses the target, it can be very frustrating to lose your money where you have no control over it. That is the only issue just don’t risk your money on the game but great game to play for free

- What a joke

Just deleted the game after being beaten in a shootout when I was 1.55 yards away. Do not believe the random opponent screen at the start of the game is real your playing against a bot. As soon as you accumulate money in the bank you start getting ridiculous results. I have had so many hole in ones against me it’s ridiculous. The chip Ins are not realistic. Also the wind seems to change for the positive when your opponent plays. I cannot believe that the random opponent can find so many opponents that are ranked much higher than me. I must be the only player at my level and I’m over 500. I cannot find an opponent under 600 to play against. Do Not waste your money on this game until it becomes fairer and you are not playing against a bot.

- Golf Clash

Excellent and addictive game. Unfortunately, putting is far too easy to sink putts with light streaming from the hole- too easy to release the putt in the direction given. This means that on a par 5 for instance, he can still get on the green for 3 (if he’s bunkered) and therefore easily force a draw with his opponent who’s had great drive, second and a chip to the green. The arrow to show the path of the putt should therefore go faster according to distance from the hole. The further the putt, the faster the arrow moves. Another nice addition would be to show the distance to the hole after each shot(except putts). John Edelsten

- Rigged

Went from 500k in coins to 1 coin (not exaggerating) literally 1 coin in a matter of days I nothing has changed in my playing my clubs are only better however it seems I have reached a point where I am either playing some freak or a bot it was really obvious because they were getting amazing winds when they needed and perfect shots every time ... that was befor the last update NOW it’s not so obvious that I’m playing a super human but it’s obvious my ball seems to have a freakish roll that loves either hooking/slicing or finding sand traps and the rough how about updating the game so it just works well. There’s obviously some issue with this game that either can’t be fixed or can’t be hidden well enough I’m officially deleting this one and if you’re reading this I wouldn’t bother downloading it.

- Clans Ruined the game

It used to be a fun game, but everything changed when Playdemic brought in Clans. I was a consistent Top 20 and frequent Top 10 player with some Top 3 banners in Expert Tournaments across several accounts. There is always a trick to consistently drop an Albatross or Hole-in-One. With Clans it takes only ONE player to figure out the secret to a hole, then share it with the Clan, then it is who can “Copy and Paste” the best. Cancel the Clan concept or mix up the wind, so that each competing group of 100 players have thier own unique set of wind conditions, also change it from qualifying to Opening Round to Weekend Round. It is no longer about who is the best Tournament player, but about who has the best clan to create Tournament guides. Furthermore Clan discussions are a cesspool of vulgar language and bullying.

- Don’t be fooled

Golf Clash, is very addictive and it wont be long before you’re paying money for what you initially think is a free app. To actually have real success in the game and compete as you get better and get better, you need to purchase gems, and upgrade your clubs. For me I was spending at least $10 a week. Luckily the last straw was when they would not refund $7.99 for a purchase I made. The purchase to accept on offer you get when you lose. Except that offer disappeared when I purchased the gems. To date I’ve spent $100’s on the game, but to them that was irrelevant. It is now deleted, I will save money otherwise wasted & my family life will improve. Thank you Golf clash; they care more about money then their customers, so making my decision easy.

- A few glitches

Great game but I Think it needs to work on a few issues. 1. A water hazard doesn’t count a a shot there’s no penalty for that unlike the real game. 2. The tournament level from $800 jumps straight to $3000 you could’ve put a $1500 level in there ??? 3. Is it possible to create a driving range or Even a practice round once you have unlocked those tournaments??? Still a great game spend lots of hours playing could spend lots more if these few issues would be implemented

- Great first impressions!

So far so good with Good Clash! However, One thing I noticed Straight away that I would like to see is the player being able to choose between an iron OR the putter when trying to take shots from “the fringe” on the edge of the green? And also to be able to see where you are on the course in relation to other players shots as they take them? Would be good to see how your shots compare to your opponent at the time. Find the game good otherwise!

- Sheryl

I started out playing this game abd went frim strength to strength absolutely loved it, I got almost to expert and then had a really bad day it didnt matter what i did I could not win a game, and slowky went downhill everytime I played, went from close to 800 cups in professional 3 to can hardly get to 200 cups currently at 140 odd and now in rookie 3 abd have to jeep spending money ( of which im often charged double or similar for) I have noticed when I hit a perfect shot in the middle of the fairway it ends up in a ridiculous spot, or the game locks up just when im about to beat the opponent, so it appears I dont have any hope of even getting out of rookie 3 now as I lose like a dozen games in a row. I love the game but am losing interest fast.

- Rubbish

This game is terrible. If you’re a golfer who plays real golf be ready for more mental torment than you cop when playing in real life. You will be unfairly matched with players far better than you, you will suffer with worst conditions like wind, bounce, etc than your opponents on the same hole at the same time. Often you will hit perfect shots and the result will be in a bunker or water or rough. I’ve played this game initially then got rid of it out of frustration. I came back to it only to have my frustration levels taken to a higher level. It is basically a very unfair game. But the owners and developers won’t care... its about the money. Give this game a miss and find something you might actually enjoy.

- Has a lot of potential

This game has sooo much potential! It’s a fun, quick game, perfect for filling in time. However, there some issues that should be addressed so to make the game more enjoyable. Firstly, when the ball goes into the rough, it is an almost guarantee to lose the hole, unless your opponent also goes into the rough. Addressing this by allowing the user to gain additional distance out of the rough would be a huge bonus, and at least give you a chance of tying or even winning the hole. Secondly, you and your opponent should have different wind scenarios. That is, your opponent has different wind directions and strength compared to you with the same shot (as in off the tee etc.). By doing this, it would reduce the number of drawn holes and thus limit the amount of playoff holes, as they are not a good way of determining a winner. Anyway, I hope the developers can address these issues. It would make the game so much better, and it would definitely increase the playability of the game.

- Fun game, bad if you’re not willing to spend money.

The game itself is fun and the graphics and playability is good. The game is designed for you to spend money. Most games are designed like that but this one you don’t really get anything for it except maybe a chance to get cards to level up clubs. However, many people who I’ve spoke to say they believe the developers have programmed bots into it so that when you play for more money you lose and in turn they hope people go and spend real money to get gems and coins. It’s a form of gambling. There’s no real structure to who you play. Some people have the best equipment so they will have a huge advantage in a playoff. I’m about to delete the game.

- Horrible.

Glitchy, rigged, terrible. I’ve had this game for well over a year and USED to enjoy playing it. Games are rigged, I don’t know how many actual people are on this... seems like more bots who’s shots are always “perfect” and even the bad shots somehow managed to stay on the fairway. It’s glitchy and has caused me to lose many coins due to “connection issues” which registered as a loss... only ever seemed to do it when I was winning a 3k or above game. I am seriously considering deleting the app as I no longer enjoy playing Golf Clash. Developers could definitely take some of their paying customers views on board and actually produce a game that we all love playing and will be happy to pay for...

- Wind factor inconsistent.

This can be a fun game to play and the graphics and concept are pretty good. However it feels like the effect of the wind factor is very inconsistent. Often a factor of 2 (taking into account the impact of the ball specs) has as much of an effect as a 6 or 7, and vice versa. I'm sick of making allowances for the wind (or lack of), only to have the first bounce of a 'perfect' shot land way off the fairway. If this anomaly is fixed, the game will feel much fairer and less rigged. Also it would be great if it was quicker to level up clubs - it takes far too long to earn the upgrades.


I’ve been playing this for months and it has never let me go further than qualify. There are bugs where you can’t see where your ball will land and the same hole with the same ball and the same wind gives COMPLETELY different outcomes. When you have a glitch in the tournament and ask for help, a week goes by and they say ‘We can’t see your replays’ I SAVE THE SHOTS AS FAVOURITES YOU MONEY HUNGRY A**HOLES!!! I have spent more than $600 on this unfair, biased game. I’m playing out what little money I have and quitting. DONT GET SUCKED IN!!!! DON’T PLAY THIS GAME!!!!! I’m not a disgruntled kid, I’m an adult that thought this was a fair game- Turns out I’M the fair game. They will pull this review but I hope I save just ONE persons money. Cheers

- Good game, few things poor

the overall playing of the game is solid, until the wind conditions change from shot to shot, meaning unfair advantage to either player is random and annoying. also the way you get new clubs and upgrade them is horrible. that needs to change and if it does I'll be playing the game none stop. the way you fix is by allowing players to simple buy the clubs with either the in game chips or gems. good game just fix some things.

- Fun, Quirky, sometimes glitchy

Yes it’s Freemium but so far I’ve managed to play a few days and have yet to find the “need” to buy anything. The skill level matchups are relatively fair. I’ve had a few moments where the ball freaked out... a sudden change in trajectory as if it hit a surface in the air, and a few times where the ball floated over the hole (not bounced, as in it continued to roll over the hole like it would on the green). Overall, still has merit. Worth a try.

- Good golf bad experience

The game itself is great but recent update has let the marketing boys and girls off the leash. It drags you in to collecting the chests, coins, club improvements ( mostly for clubs you’ll never use), tokens and now emojis and chats. If you’re not careful you’ll spend as much time on the marketing games as you do playing golf. They even tell you you’ve achieved an award but when you try to open it they want minimum $15au. I understand they want to monetise it but I don’t like the way they’ve gone about it.

- Great game - excellent graphics, very realistic and challenging.

Just like the real game! Takes a bit of learning to control the ball and handle the wind effect and the impact on distance when in the rough or bunkers. A chance to practice one hole maybe a limited number of times would be helpful to help newbies get more competitive when they start playing and encourage them to stick with it when they have a few wins under their belt (or in their golf bag!)

- Good fun game, could improve.

Quite an enjoyable game. I like it although I would like to be able to add people you verse so you can play together all the time. I played one person for over an hour, just rematching, was fun, but would like to be able to play that same person whenever I hop on the game & sad that I couldn’t add them. Maybe if we could have more phrases to use or type to communicate with the other person if they like to chat about the game also, like strategy etc.. I feel it’s a bit ‘rigged’/‘dodgy’ but.. Still enjoyable 😊

- Epic club upgrades

I have been playing Golf Clash for nearly 2 years every day and open at least 4 game play chests and 4 timed chests every day plus a prism chest every day for at least a year and have worked out it will take many more years to max out my Epic clubs. I get it, it should be hard but there should be a light at the end of the tunnel also. It is taking far to long.

- Good game

Good game and like the set up, have just been trying to contact the app support however because I can't actually open the app at the moment I can't send through a notification as I don't have my player number which can only be accessed once the app is open, just wanting to let them know that I can't open the app and have done everything possible. Hopefully they read this!!

- Designed to cheat

This game is well structured and clearly supported by the many players they fleece day in, day out. Loaded with algorithms designed to take you down (as well as take your money) you will get sucked into the levels and tournaments where you will eventually see the inconsistencies in the game. Wind direction is always the “support” teams go to, in terms of an excuse as to the behavior of a shot. The fact is, there is ABSOLUTELY NO support, the folk that eventually respond to you write the same rubbish, as they follow a scripted customer service diatribe of rubbish. Play at your own risk and whatever you do, DO NOT PAY FOR ANYTHING!

- Golf Clash 👍

I have only been playing this game for a week now, however i am in love with all the detail and aspects within the game. however to improve the quality of the game, i believe more course maps should be created in order to make some difference when playing. Overall, everyone should download this game, i am already obsessed ❤️❤️

- Problem

I have enjoyed playing this game for a while now but I have just updated the game and now it won’t open, tried to contact them but I must have my user ID and as I’m using my phone to play the game they tell me I must use THE IN GAME SETTINGS MENU, and without my user ID I cannot proceed any further, this is a VERY major problem for anyone who can’t get back on their game to report a problem

- Newbie

Rating for coins thus far, only played 10-15 games yet, constant disconnection is a little annoying. As it's not my side dropping out. Will update rating when played a little longer 😊✌🏼️ Okay didn't get any coins and offer popped up again lol so now I've been playing for a little longer. I like it :) still not a pro but enjoy a few games between study and what not.

- Inconsistencies will drive you crazy

I have been playing this for about a month now and while there is a lot to like about it initially I have reached my limit due to the realisation that your opponent is not greatly inconvenienced by hitting tee shots into hazards when you hit a perfect drive, and have now found that the wind effects some shots greatly and makes no difference to others, regardless of speed or direction. I’m done with losing ‘unlucky’ matches and have enough annoying things in my life without the unfairness of this game being one of them!

- best customer service

I used to be a hater.. got addicted then thought the game was rigged. Turns out the longer you play the more you and your phone get fatigued. Pause and reset works like a charm. Support is great despite me making little in game purchases. The more you play the more valuable you are, as this game relies on online gamers. Clan life is great too.

- Golf clash

Very enjoyable game but the games go for a little bit to long but overall really love it, it’s a fun way to play with friends and earn coins in competitions and other events, I think there should also be ads you can watch to earn money, because sometimes you have to wait ages to play a game again

- Good, but frustrating

Betty enjoyable game, but you are constantly pushed, pushed, pushed to to move up and eventually loses its charm. If you get into pro then the game is over in my opinion, tournament prices increase ten fold and you'll have to pay to get the goods your need. Players at that level are impossible to beat and seem like some freaky AI bot that can get the ball in from anywhere on the course. Wish you could roll back your player status and just enjoy the game without the pressure

- Too hard to advance

I was really enjoying this game. Happy to spend a little bit of money on it, but I find it annoying when 90% of games go to a shootout and you can lose due to varying wind conditions or a ball rolling instead of bouncing on first ‘bounce’ Would happily give 5 stars if you didn’t lose your entire entry fee if you lost during shootout. Maybe half entry fee back if you make it to, and then lose shootout. Would have me playing far more and make it more enjoyable.

- Annoyed

I was really enjoying the game. Found it very addictive even though like any money hungry game app, if you want to succeed and keep up with your opponents, be prepared to fork out some cash which I don’t mind if it’s few $ here a few dollars there. Time will tell but my actual gripe is that after I updated the game, 2000 in coins had mysteriously disappeared. What’s up with that! I will persevere but for how long? ⭐️⭐️ and a half.

- Gets worse...

This game starts out fun and gets you sucked in. I really enjoyed it. But then it seems to change, you can get so far playing for free but then you seem to get worse. The opponents are always at a higher level than you, club upgrades and ball upgrades are too hard to get.... unless you pony up the cash. The wind and other effects are not consistent, the game is rigged against those who don’t spend extra cash. I suppose that’s what it’s all about... I did love it initially but now will delete it through frustration.

- Disappointing

Thought I would give this game a go even after reading the mixed reviews. Have been playing for a few weeks now and was beginning to wonder what the other reviews were talking about as I was having a great time slowing building my experience and points. Then I made the mistake of entering a tournament. I played not one hole against someone with similar experience score than me, but instead had to play, and lose, against people who had three and four times mine. Good way to put people off your game!

- Best golf game in the whole world

This game is awesome because when I played it I was really excited to try this one I was very impressed with the graphics I have done it is awesome and it makes me feel good and it doesn’t even have to be the best I have ever seen in the past few weeks but I have don’t have to pay for it and that is all the end of my review

- Real cash, fake game.

I never put real money into computer games. And in this game I never made it to more then 200 trophies. After getting frustrated by making exactly the same shots and not getting close I put some real money in and started winning. Then I didn’t put real money in and started loosing??? So I put more real money in and yes, I’m winning again, and then I started loosing again, any body see a pattern here??? I would suggest you let players earn there rewards, not buy them. This is a game of skill not luck, and players with the biggest bank account should not be winning.

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- Golf Clash

Fun and addicting

- Fun!!

So addicting!

- Don’t do it

I’ve played this game for almost a year. I love it, however, it’s very rigged. When I spend money, I win. When I stop, you lose and lose and lose. I’ve tested this theory multiple times without fail.

- Scam

This game is so inconsistent. I’ve played where I can’t loose for 5 or 6 games, then suddenly I loose 10 to 15 games playing the same way... when I call support, they give some lame excuse . I once got to almost 5 million dollars, and then I sunk to under a hundred thousand with no reason. It’s fun when it lasts but it will take all its money back from you, be aware of this scam game, TRUST ME!!!

- Garbage game caters to cheaters

This game is complete garbage. It is designed to cater to cheaters! Don’t give playdemic any of your time or money to continue to promote unfair play

- Worst game

Do not download. Completely unfair once you get involved. The math algorithms they use to choose your opponent is skewed. You’ll play against players who have thousands of games played compared to your hundreds, which gives them a huge advantage when it comes to clubs. I’d give it 0 stars if I could. Most unfair game I’ve ever played. Just awful.

- Fun so far

I'm enjoying the game so far

- Don’t bother, match making is terrible

While playing beginner level you get matched against someone who has better clubs and better golf balls. These players should NOT be matched against beginners.

- Cheaters

What is with people and their maxed out clubs, over a thousand trophies and still playing tour 1 and 2. Are you that bad really that tou have to compete against people that have half the upgrades. Losers

- Customer service

The customer service is horrible and won’t review your shots. They close the window and won’t speak to you again. This game is crap. Don’t download. They purposely make you lose so you can buy their bundles packs and gem. If you download this game, you’ll regret it in the long run.

- Don’t Waste Your Time

Unless you’re willing pay for the lame membership you won’t win, game is full of cheaters that Golf Clash does little to police and the games are clearly skewed to favor those willing to shell out big bucks their overpriced membership. If you want to waste money this is the game for you, if your looking for a fun affordable or free game look elsewhere.

- 🤮

So many cheaters on this game play people played 4000game have more than 1500 holes in one and more than 800 albatross. You can’t compete against that

- Brutal

Horrible game

- Don’t waste your time.

There is absolutely zero point to playing this game unless you want to sink a bunch of money into it, worst part is the first couple days of playing are fun until you start playing against only people who have sunk money into it and can’t seem to win anymore. Hard pass.

- Worst most unfair developers I’ve come across.

They cheat and do whatever they want very unfair. Don’t spend a dime on this game

- No more tourneys ... took winning away from individual holes

Latest update has taken away the ability to earn game coins for winning holes in a tourney. Took away the tie breakers. As the tourney format was my main way to earn $$$ to stay in my bracket and advance, the new format has removed that. I would have previously rated this Four stars prior to this update because the game play is enjoyable.

- Terrible game. Don’t bother the frustration!

After years of playing this game I would not recommend anybody start playing! When new courses come out they usually run choppy. Frame rate drops and arrow becomes almost impossible to time properly. This happens on an iPhone XS so it’s not the phones performance that’s for sure. I have lost many chips to glitchy arrow timing and to lag outs/cheaters. The customer service says they care but usually just ships you a generic “Thanks for playing! Cya on the course!” garbage copy paste message and rolls on without helping you. If you want to continually sink money into this game doing buyback offers because of its volatile glitchy gameplay and 50/50 win rate for almost every player then definitely give it a go! I would stay away.

- Very Inconsistent

This game is designed to make you spend money. I was stuck in tour 2-5 for a year and suddenly went on a winning streak where I got 10 million coins. After 2 months I was back down to 10,000 coins. It is very frustrating and considering a lot of other have the same complaint, things better change or I’ll find a new game.

- Golf clash!

Fun fun fun!

- Completely outclassed against other players

This game caters to players that spend real money. If you want to just casually play, be prepared to go against other players with the best clubs and the best balls. I don’t suggest anyone support games that run this way.

- Cheaters game

Computer players not real people and money grab. Pay and you stay. Don’t waste you time with this one

- Great game

10/10 would recommend

- Unreal

Great game. Easy to play and great concept

- Game


- Great

A lot of fun :)

- Sweet


- Inconsistent Crap

Just want you to spend money. When you see no pic or a guest it’s a’s computer generated. You can hit a perfect game.... then the bunker people who are in the bunker... constantly. boom they get best ever chip in from 10 miles away. No thanks Golf Clash. Look around, way better consistent golf games.

- Great concept, runs too slow

Games fun and well designed but the gameplay is slow.

- Yeah

Pretty good

- It's ok

I mean it's pay2win if you want good clubs

- Fun


- Epic


- Fun

Very fun!

- golf clash

so adicting

- Une équipe de professionnels

Aucun jeu n'est parfait sauf que eux ils ont une équipe qui font tout pour s'en approché est très rapide et très PRO se qui rend le jeu plus agréable je vous promet des heures de plaisir...en passant pas payer pour commentaires sa viens du cœur...


Loose all your previous standings

- Meh


- Yum


- Un jeu parfait de golf

Très bon jeu

- Good fun

Fun game. Addicting

- It’s fun in the first stages

It is a fun game. Once you get promoted past Rookie I and Rookie II, the match making becomes extremely unbalanced. I had about 300-350 games under my belt with 65% of them wins and I was playing people with the same clubs and same amount of games. I NOW have about 700 games and 50% wins. A good 90% of the people I play now, have 70%+ wins and 20,000+ games some even have 50,000 games played. They also have clubs that are 5 and 6 levels higher than my own and a seemingly endless supply of premium golf balls. This is what makes it not fun. I’m stuck hitting 300-350 yard drives when the opponent hits 400+ yard drives. It’s automatic losses for 9 out of the 10 games I play. I say fix the match making and I’ll enjoy playing again.

- cool

get game

- Good


- Fun

Enjoying the game.

- Good


- Fun game

Online only

- Rigged

They will make you loose to force you to buy their crap gems

- Great app

Amazing and very fun

- Game Crash on Checkpoint Event

Game crashes as soon as the animation for the Checkpoint Event finishes loading. Started happening with most recent update.

- Ok


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Golf Clash 2.48.2 Screenshots & Images

Golf Clash iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Golf Clash iphone images
Golf Clash iphone images
Golf Clash iphone images
Golf Clash iphone images
Golf Clash iphone images
Golf Clash iphone images
Golf Clash iphone images

Golf Clash (Version 2.48.2) Install & Download

The applications Golf Clash was published in the category Games on 2017-01-18 and was developed by Playdemic [Developer ID: 505151958]. This application file size is 274.02 MB. Golf Clash - Games app posted on 2022-12-12 current version is 2.48.2 and works well on IOS 10 and high versions. Google Play ID: