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The sun is shining, it’s time to play the real-time multiplayer game everybody’s talking about!

Mobile Game of the Year - BAFTA
Game of the Year 2018 - Mobile Game Awards
Game of the Year - TIGA Awards

Play on beautiful courses against players around the world in real-time as you compete in tournaments, 1v1 games and challenge your Facebook friends!

Upgrade your clubs and unlock tours as you master your golf skills in the quest to be the Golf Clash king!

- Quick-fire 1v1 real-time gameplay.
- Revolutionary shot system that’s easy to learn but difficult to master.
- Thousands of live players online waiting to be challenged.
- Progress through more advanced tours as you “raise the stakes”.
- Earn promotion in weekly leagues to win club card bonuses.
- Compete against your friends via Facebook to earn the bragging rights.
- Unlock chests as you discover and upgrade to premium clubs and balls.
- Save and share replays of your jaw-dropping shots.
- Chat with opponents and send emojis during the match!
- Advance through challenging courses and weather conditions.

A network connection is required to play this game

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Golf Clash App Description & Overview

The applications Golf Clash was published in the category Games on 2017-01-18 and was developed by Playdemic. The file size is 114.60 MB. The current version is 2.33.2 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Once again we've been working hard behind the scenes to improve the game for you!

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Golf Clash Reviews

claudia gomez

Great game  claudia gomez  5 star

Great game


I love it  GolfingKingNate  5 star

This game is very fun and exciting 😁


Waste of time  zzzzzzzzzzzzxcsaexz  1 star

Asks to send a report each time you open the app, there is a problem, so you send the report, nothing every happens. Once you reach the maximum limit on a club, the app continues to award that club with points that makes no difference. Seldom are you awarded with clubs you use, rather the app awards clubs you wouldn’t use. Once you purchase anything your losing starts, game after game, until you buy more. The game starts out fun and then becomes a complete waste of time. Oh and try to write a bad review and you can’t even enter your user name, as it has been taken, really!


Fun  kmp4r  3 star

Its ok

James Emmett's iPhone6 Plus

Don’t spend a cent on this game  James Emmett's iPhone6 Plus  1 star

The game is fun if you just have few minutes to kill. The algorithms written for this game are designed to make you spend money because put you against players or bots that have clubs and more skill than you so that you spend money hoping to stand a chance. Most teams have more than half the players in your roster that don’t even play the game anymore. In conclusion if you’re rich and like to toss money on the ground and walk away play away! You will hear this from almost every player, it’s frustratingly fun!


yeehaw  deziboooo  5 star

I like beating my parents in the game so 5 stars, would recommend

Sent From My Ipad 02

Great Game  Sent From My Ipad 02  5 star

It’s a fun game and totally worth playing, and it is fun to try to unlock all the clubs as you can.


Fun game  Bernelo  5 star

Would be nice to be faster between shots.


I like it  Medicjdl  5 star

Good little game but a lot of stupid ads and stuff


👍🏼  skqwrtuitree  4 star


Lord Geddington

Good fun  Lord Geddington  5 star

Easy to understand, fun to play.


Good game  SamRasta57  5 star



Top golf game  aliayvaz2019  5 star

Top golf game


Great game  foto444  5 star

Love it

Bush 01

I like it  Bush 01  5 star

I like it good job


Awesome  jjjsnitty  5 star

Awesome game


Excellent  H294876  5 star

Great fun and realistic. Highly recommend this game 5 stars


Such fun  Lindaviljoen  5 star

Always someone to play with. Quick game is a good game.


Decent enough.  Martininho1989  4 star

Typical 2-player multiplayer fare. Played a lot worse. WGT is the one to go for simulation, this is a nice ten minute pick up and play on your commute.

muffin time fortnite parody

Lit  muffin time fortnite parody  5 star

Lit dard noongar


Fun  Scotjp  5 star



Hi  bdhcjc  5 star

Good game


May be rigged but definitely pay to win  skakwkdkfj  2 star

Pretty fun but when the game doesn’t want you to win, you will not win! Because of this, it is really prone to massive losing streaks which are so deflating. Finally, there is no practice mode or anything so you can’t test out new clubs unless it’s in a game. Finally, you would think playing easier tours could be a good way to win coins, but the algorithm chooses harder opponents so you won’t win. Also the courses repeat too often! Each course has 6 non-par 3s, yet you always play the same few holes over and over. A few holes are really well designed but most aren’t. Typically it’s just about who has a better driver and whether you hit the fairway or not. Unlike real golf, if you miss the fairway by even 1 inch, your next shot won’t go more than 70 yards and usually the match is already decided


Terry  Copedippper59  5 star

Great game!!!!!!


Great game  limepit  5 star

Great for beginners


Excellence  oft91  5 star

Excellent game love it


Golf  nfnnnfjenxnndd  5 star

Great game


Very good potential  xDurtyDx  3 star

I enjoy this game a lot. One addition I would really enjoy in the future would be some kind of single player mode. Where you can just go play 18 holes of whatever course you want to practice. Maybe even have tourneys where you don’t play anyone head to head, just entry fee to buy in. With most games ending in shootouts, and the crappy matchmaking they have, there is potential to lose every single match you play but still have a really good score. Seems ridiculous to potentially lose that many coins. The last tournament I went in with 22K coins. Entry Fee was 10K. So I start with 12K for the matches. I finished with a -8 on 9 holes but still lost 7 of the 9 holes. So overall I lost 17K coins just in a qualifying round despite scoring very well. And it’s 10K entry fee to buy into the next round if you qualify so you gotta rack up coins again somehow after losing all that just trying to qualify.


Fun  Chadddddddd  5 star

Fun game! It helps passes time!


Fun game  dc100257895  4 star

Simple to play and fun to fill time. Connected with my kids to play vs each other.

josh hod

Excellent  josh hod  4 star

Very good really enjoy it and it tells you how to play golf


Great game  jjjjjj1010  5 star

10/10 game

John 1952

John  John 1952  5 star

Great game to pass time


Quality game  DamianM111322  5 star

The game is magical it makes me tingle at night


Upgrade problem  bagofcoal  2 star

Was a good until the last update, loosing my coins because there is no ball! Floating mountains, can't see where the ball is when putting....disaster


Brilliant game  ms135nw  5 star

Extremely addictive

Liam Ireland AA

Awesome lil game  Liam Ireland AA  5 star

Great craic playing this, very realistic


Good game  53470865&€(?€@9  5 star

Good game

bing bong band

G  bing bong band  5 star

V good

quizup is ads

Undo the rigging please  quizup is ads  2 star

The developers issue statements to say the game isn’t rigged. So obviously people have noted an issue. I am at a 60% win rate (which is good) but go through phases or streaks where I cannot win a game - I mean opponents are pitching in miracle shots from long range for game after game. Give me a break and fix the game mechanics please!

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