Stamp Music Importer - Free your music!

Are you dissatisfied with your current music service provider? Do you want to move to another one but you hold back the decision every time you look at the size of your music collection?

# STAMP comes with the right help!
Save countless hours on recreating your collection in a new service and continue enjoying your music! STAMP scans your playlists and imports them from a range of different music streaming providers; so far, we can move your music between Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play Music, YouTube, and more!

# Sounds too good to be true?
See for yourself by transferring up to 10 songs for free per session between any of the supported services. When you see how well it really works, upgrade your account and move as many songs as you want!

We are working really hard on improving user experience, thank you for being with us!

In you want to send us feedback or report bug,
please contact us on [email protected]

Stamp Music Importer - Free your music! App Description & Overview

The applications Stamp Music Importer - Free your music! was published in the category Music on 2016-04-04 and was developed by STAMP Software LTD. The file size is 88.61 MB. The current version is 1.9.5 and works well on 9.2 and high ios versions.

Various bugfixes

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Sign in problems and 10 song limit  (Brice)  1 star

Took multiple attempts and a workaround to sign into Google Play. Also there is a 10 song limit with the free version, and upgrading to premium costs $9.99 for iOS only and $14.99 to unlock on all platforms. Also, much of the instructions, website information, and the FAQ are poorly written.


Didn't work at all. Waste of $. Avoid.  CaliLove85  1 star

I paid the premium fee to transfer all of my songs on just three playlists from Spotify to Amazon Music. It completely failed and gave me the message "Moved 0 Songs" and directed me to email user support. I tried twice more and each time it completely failed to transfer any songs. I emailed them for support. No response. Beware.


Read this before paying for Premium  Escamaya  1 star

I wish someone had warned me before shelling out $10 for the "Premium" mode, which really, is the only way this app is useful since the free version limit is 10 songs. I wanted to copy my playlists to Amazon Prime Music. After paying for this upgrade, I tried running it and no songs were found. I was very confused so I contacted their support email. They replied quickly, only to say Stamp Premium only works with Amazon Prime Music *Unlimited*. So I was still excited enough that I signed up for the 30-day trial. Tried the migration again, but this time the app started to freeze about 15% into the library. I killed it, restarted (luckily it picked up where it left off), and kept going for another 1 or 2%, only to freeze again. I was very annoyed, but had already paid for it so I powered through. It took me about 20-30 app restarts to get my full library scanned (and about 6 hours of stop and go). Then, once I got the message that the transfer was done, even though thousands of songs could not be found (not Stamp's fault, I don't think), I was excited to start using Amazon Prime Music... so I open it and voila! All my playlists are there!! But there are about 20 empty copies of each and every one of my playlists. There is one good copy though, that holds the songs, all others are completely empty playlists with the same name. So now I'm stuck with about 400 empty playlists in my Amazon Music account that have to be removed ONE BY ONE. Each one requires a right click -> delete -> yes action. That's 1,200 steps that I need to one day go through if I want to clean up my account. At this point I'm just too tired, and their support is "sorry for the inconvenience", so beware, if you think this will be useful for you, now you know the risks.


Doesn't work - scam  aubuchanan  1 star

With Rdio... claims that you can import your Rdio playlist. You cannot. Even after paying the $10. So lame


Scam. Not Free  Chumpster65  1 star

As soon as you try to transfer then you find out it's $9.99 to unlock. Scam. Apple should ban for false advertising.


$10 to actually use  mattweix  1 star



Free your music... is not free.  ericschaub  1 star

A bit deceptive because costs $10 to unlock it.


Great  Reddylite  4 star

Clean app clear great quality


Working on getting a refund.  shagwoodtm  1 star

Does not do what it says it does. Not even close. 5 tries between multi titles moved.


This app lets me switch music services easily!  Jonb3  5 star

I'm back and forth between google play music and Spotify...this app helps me keep building my music library. I would recommend it!


Great app for music  rawa5  5 star

This app is very good for music as it accepts music from many sites like Amazon and youtube, i am really grateful for the developer

xray dog

Doesn't work with a lot of the apps. Just Spotify and apple.  xray dog  3 star

Amazon says I've moved 0 of the 1200 songs, and I know Amazon has some of the songs idk about all. But I'm a premium member and couldn't say I regret anything more then becoming a premium member.

Levi McCallum

What a sham!  Levi McCallum  1 star

Takes you through the entire flow then tells you it costs $10 otherwise only 10 songs will be transferred. Waste of time and money. Plenty of alternative free services online.


Love u like a love song  cuongmap92  5 star

Music, music. Works very well. I like the user interface and being able to see who's viewed you. Nice set of guys as well. I also appreciate the continuing improvements, such as new and easier-to-use interfaces.


Very good app!  j.colout  5 star

The best app to import music from one place to another works perfect to be able to transfer my favorite music from one cloud to another I take a lot of apple music and always busy is a very powerful tool


Love it๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜  tienlagiay  5 star

Good app for me, It's a great gadget, it helps me synchronize and move music, so much money, thanks to the convenience it brings, it's a great app for me, I'll share it with my friends.


Super  Fica11  4 star

I can simple use this app.I am love the new musik service.User can play favorite musik songs anytime anywhere.Thank guys for nice app.

Henry Anderson

Ineffective moving Spotify playlists to Amazon music  Henry Anderson  1 star

The software has a great concept, but I tried moving 60 popular songs from Spotify to Amazon Music, and it didn't work. The error message said this was due to Amazon Music being a young service, with not many songs, but the songs I tried are popular and on Amazon Music.


Good app  dogaie  5 star

This app help me lemongrass stress after time working hard! This app bring me satisfied and interesting! I downloaded this app and I will recommend this app with my friends


Not free  628384873  1 star

Don't waste your time downloading this app unless you want to pay a 14 dollar membership fee to transfer over ten songs.

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