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Transfer your music playlists from one streaming service to another in a few seconds.
Are you dissatisfied with your current music service provider? Would you like to try a new streaming music platform? Do you want to move to another one but you hold back the decision every time you look at the size of your music and playlist collection? Would you like to transfer music playlists from one streaming service to another?

Too many music services don’t make it easy to transport your playlists, that’s why we have made STAMP app.

#STAMP comes with the right help!
Save countless hours on recreating your collection in a new service and continue enjoying your music! STAMP scans your playlists and imports them from a range of different music streaming providers; so far, we can move your music between Spotify, Tidal, Google Play Music, YouTube , and more!

Current Supported Music Services:

● Spotify
● Apple Music
● Google Play Music
● Youtube
● Tidal
● StampMatch
● Amazon Music
● Pandora
● Groove
● CSV files

How it works:
1. Select your current music service
2. Select your music service destination
3. Pick which playlist you would like to transfer.
4. Start to transfer your songs.
5. Voilà! It’s done.

Sounds too good to be true?
See for yourself by transferring up to 10 songs for free per session between any of the supported services. When you see how well it really works, upgrade your account and move as many songs as you want!
Start to transfer your favourite music lists and playlists between music services now! Transfer your songs wherever you want.

You are considering testing a new music streaming site but the concerns about moving your favourite music playlists are holding you back? If you use our application, you will no longer have this problem. Thanks to our mobile app, you will be able to easily transfer your favourite music lists to your new music service.
Import your favourite playlists and transfer them to another music service in a few seconds.
Our app is available for both Android and iOS. You may also choose to use our web app.

Don't see your service? Try Stamp Desktop which supports much more!
Shift your playlists across many popular music services.

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STAMP Transfer Music Playlists App Description & Overview

The applications STAMP Transfer Music Playlists was published in the category Music on 2016-04-04 and was developed by STAMP Software LTD. The file size is 92.93 MB. The current version is 1.10.0 and works well on 9.2 and high ios versions.

- Bugfixes.
- Support for iPhone X

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STAMP Transfer Music Playlists Reviews


Mixed results  pgp  1 star

Including dozens of copies of playlist names with no songs in those lists. Not sure why, but Houdini app really worked well and on the first try.


Not Worth $  fogelnet  2 star

Not accurate at all. Attempting to transfer 61 song playlist. First pass reported 55 songs transferred 6 songs not matched. No biggie, I exported the 6 songs to csv. The csv contained only two songs. Fail. I ran it again. This time the export reported 59 songs transferred and 2 fails. I exported to csv and it contained 2 songs. I checked the playlist and it only exported 55 songs again. Another Fail


Great app and awesome support team  Daddykatz66  5 star

Perfect for those wanting to make the switch over to another music app!


Did not work between Apple and Spotify  osthkar9  1 star

After several attempts the app simply did not work. Second problem was getting a refund, I messaged stamp and when they finally replied (took them days) we went back and forth until finally all they end up saying was simply to contact Apple. Overall this was just a big waste of time.


It’s okay but not great  Voltonless  3 star

It’s okay but it does not seem to come from a group of experienced developers. It gets stuck on certain songs and never gets past them. Maybe add a timeout for trying to find a a song or something.


Developer does not address password security  skyfranks  1 star

I may have missed it but the developer website doesn’t address password security. You have to authenticate your Amazon password through their app. Can they read it? Are they logging it on their servers? Who has access to it? The list of questions can go on.


Apple to Amazon broken  sleight42  1 star

I have Apple Music and Amazon Music Unlimited. I also have thousands of songs uploads to iTunes as well. I attempted to migrate them using STAMP. Exactly 0 songs migrated. Two and a half days later, I’ve received one response fromSupport that was mostly useless, needed a reply from me, and I’ve been waiting over a day for them to get back to me. I want my money back.


Found 0 out of 784 songs...  Dabossbomb  1 star

I recently made the change from Spotify to Amazon music and I got this app as a middle man to transfer my songs. At first I thought it was free (too good to be true) and then I saw the waaaay overpriced 10$ price tag. Like cmon. But I needed the service so it's whatever. I paid the 10$ and waited until my playlists went over. Except Stamp found literally 0 of my songs and directed me to a support page. I just sent an email but until they reply 1 star. BE WARNED


Waste of time and money  Agatha/850  1 star

I was so excited because I finally found an app that can transfer all my music from my Apple library to my Spotify, since I’m currently using Spotify more... The thing is they charge you $15 for unlimited but the app Is garbage... all my music that I transform from Apple to Spotify is showing up in the Spotify playlist but then all the music seems to be in a different language..🤨🤔.... and not not all your music would be transferred 😕😕 this app needs seriously improvement ✌🏾

Muddy Trail Runner

Worth every penny!  Muddy Trail Runner  5 star

If you have a large music library and/or playlists, this app will save you hours of tedious work. It transferred my 8,000+ titles, and 20 different playlists,effortlessly from iTunes to Amazon Music. Excellent!!


Don’t give them your money  manooka  1 star

Avoid at all costs. This DOES NOT transfer from Spotify to Apple Music. They won’t give a refund. It’s a scam.


Effective but slow  teqteq  4 star

Takes a while to go from Spotify to Apple Music but works quite well (though I suspect that may be an issue with Apple Music because transferring the other way seems very fast). Fuzzy matching needs some tweaking because simple things like a year in the song name (eg "2010 Remix") causes the match to fail. At least it gives you a CSV to save so you can manually match later. Even better if it had a semi-automated in-app function to allow you to choose from a list of similar tracks, and that way you get feedback to tune your algorithm. Overall, effective, but with room for improvement.


Expensive garbage  brlo1973  1 star

Doesn't work as claimed Save yourself the trouble, expense and frustration. I wrote that review in December 2016 and stand by it in July 2017. In all that time and after multiple updates it still doesn't work!!!!!


Easy  TurtleWog  5 star

Did the hop and made life so easy


Misleading  Williettthay  1 star

Does not allow you to transfer YouTube music that isn't on Apple Music. What's the point. Wasted my money. Don't bother with this app


Pretty effective even if a bit pricy  Watty-7  4 star

Ok, I screwed up on my first review. Turns out it was user error causing my issues. Actually this app is really effective. Nearly 6000 songs and 39 playlists transferred from Spotify to Google Music with only 50 songs not found. App is a bit pricy but does a very good job interface could be a bit better, but it's pretty easy to use. I like it. P.S. Still don't understand a lot of the other reviews. How can you use this app to listen to music?

Bump it yo

The one review that isn't ClickBait....  Bump it yo  3 star

Works to do what it says, likeable, but can bug out.


No.1 music app  adonesss  5 star

It works very well and faster all the apps I've ever used before. Not only that, it also has a very delicate interface.


Great ! love that  peterzinx  5 star

Useful and easy to use. When using this application, I felt very comfortable and happy with it. Also the interface of the application is also very nice and friendly.


Good app  tavsh6282  5 star

Good app to play music. I easily created the collection for yourself or convert music from a variety of sources.


100% Best in app Purchase I've ever done.  twinfeatherz  5 star

I use so many music apps, and this one is so necessary to keep things together.


Wonderful  bagiaybatdau987  5 star

Wonderful App. Really works well on my phone. Good for easy song transfer.


Thanks  muitiemdiung  5 star

I thought that I might lose all my songs, Thanks to Stamp Music, that day never came.


Amazing App  emkhoinoiluon  5 star

Amazing App. How easy it is to use. Love it a lot.


Convenient  bacvuamoidatminh  5 star

I have been looking for an App like this. It is really convenient to use.


Like It  haynhenhebanchan112  5 star

The features of this App are amazing. It's no doubt easy to use. Like it a lot.


Happy  songtudo  5 star

My friends suggested me this App since I was changing my music provider. I am really happy that I decided to use it.


Works great!  Cali0916  5 star

Works perfectly.


Super handy  Aesir17  5 star

If you are like me and have multiple streaming services, this app is excellent. You can transfer playlists super easily and quickly no matter the service. If you are not willing pay this app is not for you. If you are I highly recommend it, I have had minimal issues thus far.


This app is AWESOME!  Galvin1978  5 star

This app does exactly what it says it will do, I have been moving Spotify list to Apple Music and vice versa! It's amazing! It even exports a file of the songs it couldn't match so you can complete the transfer by hand! That number is less than 1% unmatched for me as well! Amazing!

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