KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross] download

Adventure across Disney worlds!
The KINGDOM HEARTS story begins here!
Meet faces both familiar and new as you become the hero of your very own tale!

Fight alongside an all-star cast!
Tap and swipe to execute mighty attacks!
Equip character Medals featuring beloved Disney and FINAL FANTASY characters to call on their strength in battle!
Customize your equipment and find new strategies to overcome fierce enemies!

Many ways to play! Play with up to 6 friends in real-time multiplayer quests!
Cooperate with friends to explore stages and tackle fearsome foes!
Unlock the Coliseum by playing through the story quests and compete against others to climb the ranks!

Express yourself with customizable avatars!
An ever-growing selection of parts lets you make your very own avatar!
Let your creativity run free as you choose from seasonal, event, and character-themed avatar parts to put together a unique look!

KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross] App Description & Overview

The applications KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross] was published in the category Games on 2016-04-07 and was developed by SQUARE ENIX. This application file size is 215.00 MB. KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross] current version is 3.4.3 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

Log in every day and clear missions to get more than 10,000 Jewels each month!
- Various UI elements have been revamped and adjusted.

KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross] App Tips, Tricks and Rules

KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross] Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Vengeful Riku   4 star

Not bad.... Not perfect either...

Blacki42995   5 star

💓. Hermoso

Shelly 111   3 star

I need help. How do I use my trait medals because I can’t use them anymore.

zesfiukftrsgiyysrdhcyhf   5 star

Wasomed. Awesome sauce Great work Keep it

Lady Panini   4 star

Playing at my pace. Very fun and nice to know the story of the key blade war.

Rainbows rule 275   3 star

PLEASE FIX THIS 🥺🥺🥺. I really do like this game, but it keeps on taking me back to the tutorial and I’m sick of it! Plz fix it so I can get back to playing khux!

LucarioRiley25   5 star

Great game. It’s a great game but you should add the moogle shop with a small pack of disney films related to the game like Hercules Pack with KHBBS through KH3.versions of Hercules characters in one pack as for new comers to experience first hand.

tetherminx   4 star

I lost my account we need google. I think it would be so much better to have a google or email linked account because I’ve made very far progress in the game and I had to sight out of my phone and lost all my progress I’ve been a fan of KH for as long as I can remember and honestly it hurt my heart when I couldn’t get my progress back-because not everyone uses Facebook and it takes up time and space anyways still an amazing game I just don’t want to suffer threw the same emotions and nothing is as good as the first experience so it’s just it’s hard

Cadillac Simone   5 star

i love Kingdom Hearts. its a good game

591993   4 star

Great game! Auto could use some work. Gg

mat182539   1 star

More jelews. Can this game plz give more jelews or something plz

TheAlmightyCaboose   1 star

NOT for kids. This game is scary with how easy it is to prey on wallets. Banners are designed to get you to keep spending and spending, praying for the perfect medal, and are expensive as well. Had to delete the app to force myself to never sink money into this money grubby game ever again.

RavenWings24   1 star

Never got to play. I loved this game on my other phone but I didn’t want to transfer the,I wanted a fresh start but now I can’t get past the tutorial! 😡 please fix this soon if you want more players!

Kitty}•😜   2 star

Not bad but not good neither. The game is pretty good and I like it but, I decided to play it on day and after it goes over the tutorial and all of that stuff, the whole game starts all over! And it keeps doing that! No matter how much I delete it then download it again.

catpizza look up on youtube   4 star

Nice game, one idea. Love how it’s a multiplayer rpg but if you could add more people to be able to join a party. Thank you for reading this, hoping for good updates in the future

Maylen C.   5 star

Marvelous!!. I love this game and it’s very fun! It seems a little scary at first, but once you join the right group of people, it gets better and a lot more easier (In a way). I play this game day and night and it’s super fun! I only started a few months ago, and is still a little at the beginning (Because of good reasons), but other than that, I’m progressing easily and having a TON of fun!! Anyways, I would 100% say this game is a game you should play if you love/enjoy Kingdom Hearts, because I do official love Kingdom Hearts (Even if the future games turn out to be terrible like me)!!

Zathero   3 star

Fairies not working. I'm not sure what is wrong with my game but the blue fairy medals have stopped working for me so I'm not longer able to upgrade medals that use the blue fairies to upgrade them ... I'm a paying player so please fix this annoying issue as there are a few medals I'd lovez to upgrade that need those blue fairies and before you ask yes all of the medals are at max level and it stillz isn't giving me the option to evolve them using the blue fairy medals and I do have enough of her medals to do the upgrades it just isn't working :(

Lyndanne0511   5 star

Fun game. I play every day for a little. I can say it’s definitely a pay to win game. But that said not being in the top 5 weekly does not stop the game from being a lot of fun. You do not have to pay to enjoy the game and clear most levels 😄😄

ragabn93   1 star

Server error on new update. Server error on new update

Alpha Kun   1 star

Terrible game. Everytime I go to the menu after doing the quests when u first login and push the quest button the game It goes back when I started 😭😡it happenes every time I download this game even if I put a different username.

joel addison   3 star

The game is good but why did it have to stop. Literally just why does the game end when you complete the tutorials

Ghost506   1 star

One star and why. I was kept on the tutorial part of quest over and over again so I think there is something wrong with the game and the developers should fix it.

brw_morgan   5 star

Thanks for making the app. It’s so awesome.

swasek   4 star

This game is cool, but has MAJOR bugs.🐛🦋🐌🐞🐜🦂🕷🦗🦟🐢🐍🦎. I kept getting to level 7, and then it would restart me back to level 1!!😡😡😡💢💢💢 Another thing, why does it keep making me stay in quests?? I think it should only do it until level 3. I’ve played this game before, and I want to do more! I Like the avatar board. Please, read this before playing. And think about it before downloading.

Jaden28403   5 star

Kingdom Hearts Union x. Best game ever I can’t stop playing it I’m to attach to the game.

Rikucarter   2 star

New update. I loved playing this games it was a lot of fun to play when it worked, but after the most recent update whenever I get to the startup screen and tap to play I keep getting errors. I really liked playing the game and would still like to play it please fix this.

peytonjreed   5 star

HEY JERKS!. Nerf the bosses! Seriously, keyblade war part 2 and 3 are basically impossible, and don’t he y me started in the cybugs bosses! Please, nerf these bosses! Half their HP, something! ANYTHING to make it easier without spending any cash!

Zndrbruh   4 star

Great game. I’ve been playing this game for at least 4 years by this point and love it, but seriously hurry up and make it compatible with iPhone XS max

Johnwht98   5 star

Awesome. This game is so awesome and full of lore I’m a kingdom hearts fanatic and I love how when the game answers one of my questions I love how I have 1000 more questions.

Thewiz200   5 star

This app is incredible!. I love playing the Kingdom Hearts franchise and just complicated Kingdom Hearts 3. If possible please add more worlds like Arendelle or Corona maybe even Toy Story. Either way I love this game and would recommend it to any Kingdom Hearts fan. The app may be challenging but it helped me develop problem solving skills. It made me think about the levels differently. Please continue to update this game and quite possibly add more Kingdom Hearts 3 worlds into the game.

Advertorial    5 star

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RandomNight   5 star

NOT A MONEY GRAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I really don’t understand why people have this idea that this game is a pay to win! I’ve played this game’s story on proud mode all the way through without paying one penny! Great game and a great story that will make the Kingdom Hearts story a lot more sense. I would give this game a rating of thirteen stars if if I could, and would gladly play it as long as possible. This game is easy for anyone to play. The developers did a great job on this game and deserve more credit. Maybe someday I will pay for something just to help support them. Stop saying that this game is a money grab because it is definitely not one.

how do i unlock The extras   1 star

It 2019 and you still haven’t fixed the problem. I deleted the game for a year and what do I get the same thing is this game a demo if it is I am not going to play a game that is a stupid demo if you do not fix it nobody is going to play and is not just me look at the reviews and fix it I thought you’d fix by now but no you are too lazy to even fix it because you only add more to the gameplay instead of listening to reviews that show you what you need to improve and if I had to use an account to play this game I am not gonna play fix it 😡😡😡😡😡 I played the game at 2017 and after 2 years you still be lazy but holes!

atraena   2 star

Downloading takes forever. Like the game however after tutorial the download takes forever. Been taking for the last 3 days and have to give up after waiting half an hour.

hiya465   3 star

Awesome at first.... It was good at first but then when I upgraded my Mickey medal with Dewey, it said thanks for playing and I had to click ok so I did. then it restarted the game from the beginning. So I deleted it and re downloaded it it still did the same thing. So I decided to try the next day still no luck. Can someone help?

Maia161   3 star

Full game?. I enjoy playing this game, but it keeps giving me “Thanks for playing”

riku#65281   5 star

DISCOVERY URGENT. If game says thanks for playing hit x3 on the title screen!

Zayne2019   4 star

Good for mobile. The more advanced content is pay to win. Casuals can enjoy without spending money. Overall game is fun.

Heethee   2 star

Rude much. When I finally did my first six levels it logged me out. I log back in and it makes me restart everything except my name and charecter. They concept is cute tho. And it takes a while to load

fgrindle5   2 star

Colosseum mode. I was playing this game the majority of it is awesome but the colosseum mode is absolute garbage and it’s not because it’s pay to win it. It’s sucks because I fought a guy with 1849 average attack (a fairly low strength) and in the first match the other player proceeded to get more then 3,000,000 stars (based on amount of damage done) and the next match they got only got around 1500 to 2250 stars and they didn’t even game the last one so it ended in a draw. please fix this

thatappdev   1 star

Terrible "game". Sorry did I say game? I meant gambling simulator. I honestly think this game might have been handed off to some bosses 16 year old who's only goal is run this game into the ground. Do yourself a favour and stay away if you're new, or delete the game if you've already started.

kingsmen 73   1 star

How do you continue?. I beat level 6 or 7 then the game said “thanks for playing!” And sent me back to the title screen. When i tried to continue, i was all the way back at the beginning!

Dy5n0m1a222   1 star

Game went downhill. Played this game when it first came out and was obsessed for months. As a F2P player, one could still be competitive. Three years later, I downloaded the game again and am disappointed to see how it completely cuts out it’s F2P players. Even in single player (PvE), the Coliseum is impossible to play without having medals you have to pay for. Can’t even get past the first few rounds. The Coliseum is available in relatively early gameplay (level 130) and while I can one hit every opponent in story mode in this level, I can barely win the first few rounds in Coliseum. Completely turns off new players

Unlown   1 star

DON'T GET. I was playing and it was super fun but then it crashes and when I went back in ALL my progress was gone. 😡

Jess 😃   5 star

Game. It’s a great one!!!! Download NOW.

Jay5lol   1 star

Only Tutorial. You can only play the tutorial, after that it's just says thanks for playing and restarts your game.

Oscar's Sonic   1 star

Horrible game. Horrible gameplay you get to one point and the game takes you back to the start it’s like a demo but the full game costs money or it doesn’t ask you to pay money so you’re stuck in the demo with out the game letting you continue!!!!!!!!!!

Mister Skittles   5 star

The greatest game I’ve played on smartphone. Some people said that there’s a paywall it’s real but it’s not necessary so we can enjoy the game without paying,the story is fun and the game is so addictive I recommend it without a doubt to all kingdom hearts lovers and smartphones users

Nurse tiff   1 star

Can’t update. Can’t update the app doesn’t show up in App Store or updates. I enjoy playing the game it sucks when you can’t play. Game freezes now

KeybladeMasterAndy   2 star

Don’t buy the jewel packs. I understand monetizing a F2P game, but as an exampleJewel Box E is 139.99 and a spirit training slot is locked behind it. This is quickly becoming EA levels of evil. I’m not giving this one star because I still like parts of the game as I always have. There is just no point in supporting these monetization schemes.

ThelegendofTiff   5 star

Thelegendoftiff. I got my account back but cant figure out how to change or delete my last review!!! Excellent prequel to kingdom hearts game! Love the cute little avatars and game play.

Sebastinyah   3 star

Update fail. I tried to launch my game and that say « you need to update », no update in store. I delete and re download the app, « please update Your game » what happen???

YuGiOh5DsDuelist   1 star

Where is the new Update?. The game said there was a new update. But it send me here. So I checked on the update and swipe down to update the list but its NOT THERE! Wasted potential of notifying people to update.

Miss9897   1 star

Fix this. There was an update for this Why is it not showing

Manganisme   4 star

Update. Can’t seem to find the update

Don Nacho 👌   4 star

Version 3.2.0. I can’t download this version yet 😓

TrainingPro   1 star

Can’t play past the Snow White section. As a kid I used to love this game even on mobile but now if I try to play to a certain point it will say “thanks for playing” then take me to the beginning where I have to restart wit my same character same union but beginner stats I remember just a few years ago I had the Cheshire Cat outfit but now I cant even change my outfit so good luck playing past the tutorial

Trooblod   3 star

Too short. I play this game for an hour and the game say thanks for playing but i just made the tuto.don’t waste your Time

PotatoHeart   1 star

Sorry. I’m sorry to have to give this a bad review but I have downloaded the game and played all the way up to the second part of drawfs woods and after I Finnished the Level it tells me to go into story and POOF I’m back at Level 1 if you Could PLEASE FIX THIS I would be grateful

Imahueyo   1 star

Horrible. It’s fun when you first play but when I got to a certain level it started all over again

Krislina   5 star

Awesome. It’s Kingdom Hearts of course it’s gonna be awesome. Actually connected to the saga, not just random like I first thought.

Advertorial    5 star

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cearl bird   1 star

Latest update. Ever since the latest update I have not been able to log into my account despite uninstalling and re-installing the app numerous amount of times. My game will not load, and will not download the updates and occasionally stating that I have no internet connect despite a) using my own mobile data or b) using the wifi anywhere either at home, at a hotel, at a Internet cafe even. I have the iPhone XR so my phone is not exactly old, I just want to be able to enjoy the game like I use to and be able to talk to my party.

gRiMmYdArK   5 star

5 month break to come back to greatness. I took a long break from KHUx because it was getting boring but now, this game is fun as hell! I have played the game over 1000 days and am glad I’m continuing playing

Facundonator   2 star

A bug.... I really like this game but there is this bug where every time I finish the tutorial I keep getting back to the start please fix this

An0nym0usn0_1997   3 star

Tedious Memory Loss. I just downloaded the new version of the game and again, I have to start a NEW GAME because of it. Which means all I have done in the last version is all gone and now, I have to do it ALL OVER AGAIN!!! This kind of update has to stop. It has screwed me over again and I’m not happy about it. Not at all...

NiceJarry   1 star

Trying to transfer data with Facebook. I tried many times to put in my Facebook username and password, but nothing happened! Also I tried to do it with the device I want it in and it says the Facebook is not linked!

complain_guy   5 star

Need more levels. So on story mode I mostly completed them and I primarily grind jewels from story mode and since there’s not a lot left I can’t really get jewels for new medals and I know there’s other ways to get jewels but that all about saving up but medal events are limited and I don’t want to miss out on new medals

Jim(^_−)−☆   5 star

Good but. Great game, perfect for KH and FF fans. But I would like new worlds and keyblades.

crust2008   2 star

I can’t go to part 8. The game is good but I get kinda angry because when I get pass level 7 it says thanks for playing and then makes me go to the title screen

Outraged99   4 star

Colerseum. Unlock the Colerseum fast

spaghetfan   1 star

Don’t get it.. How can you play a game when it deletes all your save data randomly! Waste of time!

triscythe59   5 star

Best Game In The Universe!. Huge fan of Kingdom Hearts for more than 20 Years! Awesome story and good list of games!

jwats5   3 star

repetitive rip off. this game feels like you are playing the same thing over and over again. the same location over and over- it gets a bit monotonous. i do enjoy the events however, some events you need to be a VIP and thats so expensive! and its only for that week! bit of a rip!

haz1222q1   5 star

I can’t play it. Ok so when I play the game I start with the guide which I cannot skip or bypass of anyway once I finish and it says thanks for playing it brings me to the title screen and if I press play again it starts the guide again which I can’t bypass which means I’m stuck please fix this I’ve played this game before and I loved it 😔

M3rgez   1 star

Disgusting!. Tried 10 times to draw the kh 3 kairi medal and haven’t got it. Spent $60! Shameful! 😡😡😡

yfgshch   5 star

Super Amazing. I’m enjoying it just as much as Kingdom Hearts on PS4!!!

VFTAS   1 star


pyke850   3 star

Room for improvement. Spent a week playing so far The overall experience isn’t to bad but the game never seems to work on wifi, I can only connect from my phones net which is rather annoying but I also imagined there would be more options to customising your pet, had the pet all week and haven’t gotten any items despite the hours of grinding

Theo98765   1 star

The bad game. This game is to short the only good thing about it is the art work

shshshdhshshshshs   1 star

not good anymore. was good but story is perpetually stuck in agrabah even in the events you find agrabah and the union cross. bad for wallet, worse for battery life, worst for kh fans :C :C :C :C :C :C :C

Skopica   1 star

It’s P2W heavy. Don’t do it.. If you’re looking for a F2P (free2play) then don’t bother with this game. Take this from a day 1 player who isn’t F2P. If you want to rank high in PVE or PVP, you literally have to spend hundreds and thousands of your money. Content is locked behind paywalls and can not be achieved without paid medals. Every medal you pull for will become obsolete in a week’s time. Farming jewels to pull for medals will take you forever with unforgiving rng. Story is repetitive and will not go deep into kingdom heart’s lore. Have fun seeing 70% of Agrabah over and over, looking for Abu with no worthwhile plot. You’re better off looking on YouTube for the cutscenes. Gameplay becomes stale and customer services from representatives are not kind. If you play this, this game will bleed your pockets dry just to be relevant. With recent introductions, things have only gone more worst. This game is 100% pay to win. If you decide to play, don’t expect to be treated as a human. You’re just easy cash for this greedy company.

Will_Healey787   1 star

Nothing but a money grab. I use to be a big fan of the game, but over the last year they’ve slowed down story quests to a pitiful 5-15 quests per month (and we are lucky if it’s 15!) and increased the amount of content they want people to pay for. They currently have 8 different limited time banners running at the same time and it’s impossible to get enough currency in-game during the time limit to do a 5 pull mercy on even one banner. It’s disgusting how they treat players of the game. The developers and everyone involved should be ashamed!

?????? ???????   1 star

Now turning into pay to win. Been playing this game for a while - it used to be excellent but since the introduction of 7 star medals and PvP it’s headed straight into Pay to Win territory. The latest special boosters can only be gained if you’re prepared to spend upwards of $850. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone at the moment.

RobDawg91!   1 star

DON’T DOWNLOAD - not worth your time. I am and always will be a Kingdom Hearts fan, but Square Enix has to be one of the greediest videogame companies out there. Me, like a great deal of other fans, downloaded this game on day 1. I have played this game literally every single day since launch and the more time that passes, the more disgusted I am with how the players are treated. I don’t even know where to start honestly but let’s start with the story. I would say that more than 90% of the story in this game is just repeats from Disney stories we have played through countless times. They say this game is part of the canon story and although the game has been out for over 2 years we haven’t really gotten much new information at all. Nothing ties in with the core games and the only reason I still play is because I want the full story. On paper that doesn’t seem so bad until you realise that this game is just something to fill in the time between now and Kingdom Hearts 3. And Square Enix will sap as much money out of your pocket as they can because they know this game will die after it releases. Probably why they pushed the release date for Kingdom Hearts 3 back .. Again ... You may be asking, how are they trying to take our money ? The answer to that question is the VIP system. Paying $25 a week should give the players more than what they get. You get weekly access to daily missions that recycle each day, if you are lucky a few bonus quests that give boosters, a few more rounds of PvP each day and enough jewels for 1 pull. That is not worth the money but people will buy it solely for the jewels because there aren’t really any ways to get the amount of jewels required for their medal carnivals. They always put them all back to back and screw their fans into buying more jewels because they lack compassion and cannot seem to change their greedy ways. They don’t care about their fans, only how much money they can squeeze out of them. The new PvP system is absolutely busted. Defence boosts and triple threat are essential in higher levels of play and most of the time it comes down to luck to win a fight. Also being able to swap ranks with someone a few minutes before the season is over makes it unplayable. You cannot battle someone who is currently in a battle already, which everyone is because they are trying to swap ranks with someone to secure a certain position to get golden and silver tickets. Besides dropping rank because someone switched with you at the last second, 7 star medals are absolutely stupid. In a single update, every medal in the game has become redundant because it is no longer fully upgraded. And you need to play PvP to become stronger but new players can’t do that because they will get their teeth kicked in by veterans who have skills on their medals or the newcomers won’t even have the required keyblades you are forced to fight with. Not to mention the global version of the game gets treated like trash compared to the Japanese version. They get better rewards, exclusive medals, more events and early access to everything. It is like this with all Kingdom Hearts games though, not just the mobile game. Japan is always favoured over the rest of the world when we are all fans of the series, all the same. I am fed up with the lack of respect for the fans of the series, the greed of this company and their lack of responsibility for these actions. They will ignore all these complaints, they will not take feedback and they will take every cent you own because people give them the power to do these things by buying VIP every week, by playing the game everyday and by blindly following them down the rabbit hole they are digging for us. People stood up against EA for their corporate greed. Its time we did the same against Square Enix. Their fans are what make them, without us they are nothing but another sad person trying to get their story out there. We have the power, not them.

BURN-Z98   3 star

Update issue. Before the 7 star and pvp update khux was a really good game but ever since the 7 star and pvp update khux doesn’t seem to be as much fun. The biggest problem is the ways to access tickets to get blue fairy medals. It seems that the only way to earn gold fairy tickets is through pvp meaning that it’s most likely the same top 3000 people again and again reaping the rewards but for the rest it seems almost impossible. This game in my opinion could be more enjoyable if there are more opportunities in obtaining fairy tickets instead of pvp.

Andogames   5 star

Loved it but would add new features.... Love the game so much but it would be nice to put some voice actor in each medal like in Japanese version.

Lord Fluffy Jr   5 star

Great Game. This game is very well done. Just started playing Kingdom Hearts again and found this. The theme song is amazing and soothing. To anyone wondering if this game is worth it. It definitely is!

Danny-trans   5 star

Fantastic Game.. The Controls Are Easy To Use, Its A Little Bit Hard When You Start Because Of The Energy, But When You Join At Specific Times, The Game Is Very Generous To Players, It’s Not Much Of A Pay To Win, The Jewels Are Easy To Earn If You’re Patient, They’re Also A Bit Overpriced But Theres No Need To Buy Them. Gameplay Is Simple, You Can Travel Across Dimensions With Characters Such As Mickey From Disney, Or Cloud From Final Fantasy, There Are Also Unions, Which You Can Decide On.

Air~~ 32   5 star

Question. Is there kissing in any part of the game

IKillZombieForBreakfast   5 star

Overall very good but.... Now that there's an extra medal slot from your pet, you run out of AP gauges too quickly. Also, the jewels are WAY overpriced. Let me put it this way; if you actually got good value for it, I'd be throwing my money at you. (Currently $31 doesn't even give enough jewels for one medal pull, thoroughly ridiculous). PS I liked the old app icon better.

PoshQueen96   2 star

Special quests don't last. One thing I have a problem with is that today I bought the special quests and they should last until the end of the week and it only lasted 30 minutes and that is a rip off to take your money and I'm not happy with that.. they need to fix this and the dates are all wrong other than that the game is fine even though we have to wait ages for the new episodes.

axels warrior666   5 star

Bring back and add new boards!. Are you guys gonna bring back old avatar boards? Also, pls make the sea salt trio one😩😅

toriellover   5 star

Its back...... Y...This glitch/bug/whatever is Really annoying, i Can’t play the Rest of the game...After hours and hours, it deletes it self then After the tutorial......Yep! It says “THANKS FOR PLAYING!” i am so annoyed. but still, its a fun game!

cgjgry   3 star

Its basically pay to win. Its always been a pay to win but with the whole pvp mode they are constantly throwing it in you’re face. But thats fine its a mobile game its made to empty your pockets and nothing more. My problem is all the connection errors that came with the new updates. If I'm lucky it'll load to the home screen but wont go farther. But it was really fun when i first started.

Dr.JustinBrown   5 star

Awesome. Please permanently add moon gems to the moogle shop

mzjewell2011   5 star

Awesome. Love this game!!!

bruhlookatthisdude   5 star

I’ve been logged out?. I can’t log in I don’t know what to do I really love this game and I don’t wanna miss my friends or medals so I can’t log in so please help I would appreciate it

hyrule champion   1 star

why won’t it let me get past level 6?. The game lets me beat level 6 then the game says “thanks for playing” then returns me to the title screen and when I go to play it I lost all my progress.

The Ink Bird   5 star

I love this game but I encountered a problem. I love this game and I was in the middle of battling aceade and then it loved me out due to inactivity can you please fix this

Phoenix Skyy   1 star

Love Lost. I’ve been a player since the game first started, and I enjoyed every minute of my game play at first. It was clear that paid players got the bonuses, but that never bothered me much as I was there for the extended KH lore— as a long time fan of franchise dating back to the original release of the KH PS2 game, it was important to me to progress through the story. Events, medal collecting/leveling, etc was all a bonus. However, over the last couple of years this game has gotten ridiculous. The paid players reign supreme and getting through plot-important events/story mode have become impossible without the 7-star Supernova maxed medals that are basically a money pit for paid players and an impossibility for f2p players. It’s not worth the effort anymore if you’re a lore/plot seeker. Just watch play throughs on YouTube to get what little plot they give us now. New players, beware.

k i have no nickname   4 star

Very fun but there’s a problem. The game is very fun and good but whenever you finish the tutorial it sends me Back to the first step of the turtorial but even though it is still a fun game and I highly recommend it but this is the only problem

michelle is god   1 star

Gay. This is not fun

gfivy   1 star

This game is bad. When I finish the tutorial of the game it makes me start all over from the beginning

Lin Dancer   1 star

This isn’t fun OR fair. Every time I get to lvl 2 or something it just RESTARTS I mean like I’m tired of that I WANT THE WHOLE THING LIKE IT SHOWS make me happy please.

pppppssssgggxvxnhf   1 star

There is a Bug in here. Every time I play a game, I can only get through the fifth level before it restarts😡

Teal froghat   5 star

KH lux. It’s sorta odd definitely not for everyone but if your a long time- die hard fan. It’s worth playing and returning for updated story quests.

idon'twannaputanickname   3 star

eh. when i finish stage 6 i always get this weird thing that saids “thanks for playing” then it kicks me to the main screen and i have to do it all over again. Whyyyyyyyy is this happening

I HATE AUTO   5 star

Great game, but getting a bit too powerful. I’ve been playing this game for over a year now and still is worth the ratings, but low tier medals are useless now and there is no variety that people use except for supernova medals

melloetta300   1 star

?????. When I finished what I think was the tutorial I was reset back to square one, with the first thing I did, If I am doing something wrong please tell me but still tell me what I am doing wrong

Gingerjew pat   5 star

Great. Fun and great time passer

_kcarlaa   1 star

Crashing. Game keeps crashing the very first 10 seconds.

Candacorn   5 star

Love the game. This is one of my favorite games I need to know what happens next

badreview82596414791#70542   1 star

Won’t update. I loved this game when I first installed it, but when it required an update, it’s taking hours and the app won’t download unless it’s open, I can’t even keep my device on that long without touching it. I don’t want to delete this app but I not sure I have any other choice, it’s useless to me if the update is required but I can’t update it

Nate the kid2019   2 star

Full game unavailable. I tried to play but every time I finish the tutorial is this a demo!?

Jaxel Claw The Squirrel Boy   4 star

Way better than it has any right to be!. When I saw trailers for this game on YouTube, I expected it to be kinda crummy and weird to play with no buttons or a command menu, but when I finally decided “Eh, what the heck?” and downloaded the game, color me impressed! I’m not gonna explain the story (Because it’s a Kingdom Hearts story. We’d be here all week.), so let’s just talk about the gameplay. You move by either tapping where you want to go on the screen, or by dragging your finger around the screen, which is what I recommend. When you see a Heartless, just walk up to it, and a battle will start. You have these badges which you can equip to your character (Who, surprisingly, doesn’t need to be Sora or Roxas or whoever. You can actually customize your keybearer’s look.), which let you attack, and will do different amounts of damage depending on the badge and Heartless type you’re up against. You can either tap the screen to attack one specific Heartless, or swipe the screen to attack every Heartless in your vicinity. (DO THE LATTER. TRUST ME.) So with simple yet fast paced and easy to understand gameplay and high amounts of customization, this game definitely gets a thumbs up from me! My only complaint is that the odd Chibi art style My be a turn-off for those who are used to the more realistic aesthetics of the console games like myself. Kinda reminds me of those dodgy “kids” videos that swarmed YouTube a while back. (Shudders) But... yeah! Give this game a shot! Apparently it ties into Kingdom Hearts 3 in some way. ...just be prepared for a LOOOOOOOOONG download sequence at the start.

plsfixmygame   1 star

Trash, do not play unless you want to keep remaking your account!. I played this game before it became “Union”. It was good then, now, not so much. For one thing, my original account is gone which was linked to FB, heaven forbid “support” be easy to locate at all. So, stupidly, I remade an account, and husband’s account from the first time was still there and he logged in for a little bit. Two days later, now his account is gone, fn really?? Way to ruin a good game you greedy aholes.

BlueJamari   5 star

It’s a good game because I played before. It’s A good game BUT I can’t play on my phone because every time I get to the last level it says thank you for playing

rainbowllama24   5 star

I love this game. I love this game I played this game so long so you should download this game.There is not there much ads 1 are 2 the mouse

heloo16   5 star

Great game. I love the game and I have been trying to re download it and it worked. But when I completed the tutorial it just made me do it again. Please fix it cause It’s making me really angry that I have to redo everything. This is my fifth time doing the tutorial after I finished it.

Strike_Kai1746   4 star

There’s a bit of a glitch :I. So I love the game but there was little bit of a glitch bc u see whenever I finish the Armoured Knight quest around the start of the game it would always have a screen that says thanks for playin and then when I press ok it just restarts me please fix the glitch


I don’t know why people rate bad lol. First of all great game I did quit because yeah it (WAS) pay to win yet it’s becoming a more wallet friendly game which I find very appealing so Yah thanks! Kudos 5*

Darkplace56   2 star

Good...but pay to win. Game is okay to quell my KH needs...but pay to win ratio is ridiculous! Almost $30 to get enough gems for one pull? Who would do that?

Mishy-Fishy   1 star

Keeps getting worse. This game treats its players so bad, it feels like they’re purposely trying to drive us away. Don’t get me wrong, I love kingdom hearts. The series will forever be one of my favorites... but this games paywall has declined its enjoyment over the years. I have been here since the launch and I can honestly say, I’m absolutely fed up. SENA doesn’t listen to the community’s outcries for fair treatment across the board. They continue to further the paywall gap to the point of making so many walk away from the game in frustration. Full disclosure, I used to P2P. I’ve been F2P for the past few months now because I can’t support a company that cares more about the money than the players. I want to like this game... but the way it is now, I simply can’t. Sena can fix this, but they choose not too. It’s a pity, an absolute shame on their part. Sena, if you read this; Start listening to your community... or watch it die. Because that will happen if you don’t start cleaning up your act.

LadySeraArc   3 star

It feels like Pay to Win.... I love Kingdom Hearts, and as challenging as this game is to get into, I ended up loving it... Until I grinded for a limited edition medal and got 12 boosters for it during an event but didn’t get the medal itself. It’s Pay to Win because in VIP - which you pay $20.99 USD for weekly, btw - the medal was guaranteed in 10 tries. But your hard work of grinding doesn’t earn you anything in the end, necessarily. Can’t afford the in game currency? Then earn them, and when you complete standard mode (which only updated with 5 quests last update), grind some more in Proud Mode. Once you complete both modes? Do the daily tasks and wait from day to day. That’s it. If you don’t check back in, you better hope they gift you jewels for events. For a game that has so much content, the in game currency is the most frustrating thing about it, and I don’t even understand how to properly guilt my medals yet. I’m very into the story but I can’t believe how many hours I wasted on this event and was rewarded with 12 black and white medals I can’t use because I don’t have the actual medal itself. Also, I would have loved to contact them directly to air my grievances with some type of Customer Support, but I can’t find access to it in the app or on their site.

aedlefsen   1 star

What?. After updating now constantly all that happens whenever I start a quest it shuts down. This is ridiculous

Bill Uncle   5 star

Fun Fun Fun. Good game!!!

YouCantUnreadThis   1 star

Nothing but pay to win. I’m a day one player and this game went downhill so fast. Currently it is nothing but pay to win. EVERYTHING is locked behind a paywall only those who pay money can have any fun or even compete in events. The pull rates for good medals are absolute trash. Basically if you aren’t willing to pay hundred and sometimes thousands of dollars for the best medals then you might as well quit. If you are looking to get into this game for the story I recommend to just follow along with Everglow’s story updates on YouTube.

Eadoin   1 star

If you aren’t willing to spend 15 bucks a week, don’t download this junk. The Devs basically tie in most of the game with a “VIP” system that requires you to repurchase every week, it’s insidious and predatory. AVOID!!!!!!

Twofacedtwin   1 star

“Supported” looks terrible. iPhone XS Max used to look good until it was added to supported devices. Now it feels like a cheap emulator, with 50% of the screen as terrible black background. The screen is tiny and is hard to see. This is soo much worse than when it fit the screen. Turn it back into a useable screen size.

monkygirl143   2 star

Fix this please. This is not workinggggg!!! I get to the end of TELLING you how to do stuff... AND it takes me to the beginning!!!

Mokey1k   5 star

Awesome. When games seem like they are pay to win I keep them for a long time and only log on daily to get free gifts. After a while of having it and doing so I figured out this game is a lot of fun! I started winning and collecting strong medals until I was prepared to join a team and fight raid bosses with them. Overall great game!


Hate it. I was wondering why this guy kept giving me the same tutorial and then I realized that it kept restarting over and over again I got really mad and deleted the game

fredhead62626277272   5 star

Ok. Good game but paywall no offensive

Unhappy1562   1 star

Becoming Crap. What was once a brilliant community game has become a playground for the rich getting richer. Paywalls will stop you from moving on, and the enjoyment will be lost. Newcomers beware. You'll find no magic here.

iwishformore1   1 star

.. Playing for 2 years and absolutely love the game. Never missed a login and I was able to play and win and get ahead in the game. For half a year now, the game has turned money hungry and only paying players can get ahead. Only the strong paying players can reach the coveted prizes and get in the top positions. The rest of us can never attain the top levels anymore. Even if you are a strong player that is strategically witty, the top 3000 positions are now unattainable due to paying players. PVP, traits and 7* medals have ruined the game. If like me you are unlucky, you never pull the good traits.. or the good medals from a banner or a ticket. All is in paying big $, 7*, defence down and extra attack. The luck system sucks and it feels like paying players are more “lucky” than free to pay players... sure, it’s not planned that way! I don’t want to erase this game but if it continues this way, I cannot keep wasting valuable time on something that doesn’t bring joy anymore. Each time I play, I pull or trait, frustration keeps increasing. SE.. save this and stop your very obvious money hungry ways. You are ruining an excellent game that I would have rated a 5 star last year. It used to be fun time sharing a great game with the friends in my party! Now everyone is frustrated and we lose valuable players because of it. KHUX has stopped being fun! Do something!

Sadpokeguy   1 star

I remember when this game used to be fun. Not its just mindless grinding and global getting the shaft shoved up our asses

ASJBRM1   1 star

What Happened To Kingdom Hearts Union Cross?. Dear Square Enix I have loved Kingdom Hearts Union Cross ever since it first came out and I always do get my daily jewels every single day but now since the introduction of pvp, you are starting to cater to people who will pay for medals rather than people who dedicate their lives to playing this game, you have introduced a $800 dollar board to everyone and your community has started leaving the game and can’t support anymore because of how much money you have to spend in-game which is awful. Throughout my 20+ years of playing and finishing games on any and every console and pc, this $800 paywall is not only the biggest paywall in the history of gaming but also the most absurd thing I have ever seen a game do in my entire life, I am very truly sorry and to honest disappointment that I am never ever coming back to this game ever again until you either fix this game or even a reboot would be good too but right now this game with a massive paywall tells me that I will go straight to the Square Enix office since their phone call and text support is really poor and ask them straight to the point “what were you thinking coming up with this kind of idea, there are only a few people here in the entire world who has this kind of money and we are all supposed to believe this is #BeFairSquare (hashtag made by HMK, TheGamersJoint, SkywardWing And Soraalam1 AKA The X-Keepers) ? My final thing is that I am going to be a Video game designer in 2-3 Years and from not only watching and playing video games but also seeing discussions of other video games and learning how to use art and code in both 2D and 3D games, I can truly call this a zero star rating even it does tell me here that I have to give it a one star rating, I also hope that one day that i can pop the question: What has happened to Kingdom Hearts Union Cross and will it ever change it’s ways after I am done my 2-3 Years of video game design? well until next time I will just have to wait and see what happens in the 2-3 year gap and to anyone who took the time to read my discussion thank you for taking time off your hands to read a dedicated fan’s opinion and feedback. Sincerely Yours Truly A Dedicated Fan Who Already Has A Preorder For Kingdom Hearts 3 Ever Since It Was Announced All The Way Back In 2013

MikeTavish   1 star

P2W to the extreme. If you want to play this game, play the Japanese version. Square Enix North America treats the English version of this game like trash. Has no communication, doesn’t respond to our concerns, and releases banner after banner that only the richest of whales can afford to keep up with. The story has slowed to a crawl, and other content as well as decent rewards are non-existent.

Dash-Infinity   1 star

Don't waste your time. When I started this game it was fun, I love the Kingdom Hearts series as a whole and this game is a stain on that legacy. It has become nothing short of a P2W money grab. Content locked behind paywalls in excess of hundreds of dollars, story content being cast aside in favor of gacha banners with in game currency being in short supply practically forcing you to pay real money to get the medals you want. The introduction of PVP marred by the whales being favoured over the F2P user base and the system as a whole needing rework as your rank could drop by the thousands in a matter of seconds forcing you out of contention for top prizes. As a whole, I would say don't bother, this game looks to be spiralling into oblivion with SENA grabbing as much cash from the whales as possible before it all comes to an end.

jjcheung   1 star

Save Your Time and Money. This game used to be fun for f2p players but now its just a greedy money sucking machine. 3 words to sum this game up, we "lie","cheat" and "steal"

vampsquid   1 star

Anybody fluent in Whale?. Steadily more disappointed with the requirement to p2w. Get an awesome medal as a ftp? Cool. Good luck getting any of the gems for all of the keyblades to place it in...

KHCate   2 star

I wanted to love this game. And a part of me still does. But the fact that I’ve spent enough on it to have bought the entire series over several times and knowing it will never be enough is draining.

Zipster147   4 star

Used to be fun. Used to love this game but the new pvp and constant 7* banners make this game impossible to enjoy if you at f2p or only an occasionally spender. I just feel like in a month it’s gone from being a fun strategy game to pay to win (and really, play). I don’t mind dropping on fair deals but they are few and far between right now.

Zetta Leonhart   1 star

Cash Grab. KHUx used to be a fun romp through familiar and fun places. Now the game is plagued with massive lag and load times (even on the iPhone X). A lot of content is locked behind expensive paywalls ($20/week). One promotional event would even cost a play $6000 total if they wanted to complete it via micro transaction currency that can’t be obtained any other way. I am thoroughly let down by just how much the developers have degraded what once used to be a fun time sink into a cash sink.

LeDosh   1 star

Money Grab with no fun content. The game has been on a downhill slope with no content to actually play and only a drive to milk money out of its players. There are banners for new medals but nothing to do with those medals. We are months behind in filler story content so by the time Kingdom Hearts 3 is released, we still won’t have any relevant story content. I really enjoyed this game in the past and I can’t even justify logging in every day for my daily jewels. It sucks since there were parts I did enjoy and I love adventuring in Daybreak Town. Square Enix just doesn’t seem to want us to have fun.

Previous Fan #9000   1 star

Poor game overall. There is nothing worth doing in this mobile game. The developers seem to think releasing new medal banners every day to spend Jewels on is fun, but then also doesn’t give many Jewels out. When we do get events, the rewards are trash for both new and older players. The main form of advancement nowadays requires pvp participation, but no one without tons of 7* medals is going to be able to compete and the only way to get 7* medals without directly pulling them is by winning in PvP. The combat is essentially setting your 5 most powerful medals in a circle and hoping it’s enough to kill your enemy. If you don’t kill it in one turn, you die and that’s the end of the fight unless you have a second chance skill, in which case you’ll die at the end of the second turn. There is no player engagement in the fight itself since it’s all about setup (though setup is essentially just buff medal first followed by attack medals). The GL version recently added blatant p2w mechanics in the form of VIP coins that give you 7* medal boosters after spending jewels on banners. It also costs hundreds of dollars for that boost, and the boost itself is temporary. All of the medals are basically the same product repackaged with new art. Almost every medal is some variation of an attack that buffs you and debuffs the enemy. The animations are always reused as well. The variety is so poor that there isn’t even any satisfaction in new medal releases. 75% of the story missions available are blatant filler with no relevant plot or character interactions. From there, maybe 20% of those missions are a retelling of a Disney story and 5% is at all developing the game’s core plot. Obviously those numbers are estimates but they’re honestly accurate enough. Story missions also release only once a month, and the actual plot between Disney worlds has barely advanced at all. The long wait coupled with constant filler makes the story a boring mess to keep up with. Overall this is probably the least fun mobile game I have ever played, and I lose motivation to even open the app as time goes on. Try a different mobile game instead. Maybe Star Ocean Anamnesis or Dissidia.

Kaiiku   1 star

Super PayToWin Currently. Unbelievable what happened and what changed, it's gotten worse and worse lately when it was going so well before...

Sputnixy   1 star

Money Grab. Despite seemingly listening to player feedback new items will drop costing up to $1000+ alienating even the most dedicated of fans.

Sialonak   1 star

Never thought this day would come. I never thought I'd rate a Kingdom hearts game poorly. However, the money grabbing turn this game has taken, without any actual new content, has made me feel the need. I've been loyal because of the brand. No more.

RoyalChubby   1 star

Money Grab. As most people have stated... it's too expensive to play this game and enjoy any content without an extreme paywall... Update July 21st - it’s even worse than ever now. $800 for 10 days of power boost with no content except for a weekly pvp system that rewards the strong by making them stronger. Unbelievable.

Beka53   1 star

NO CONTENT NOT Free2play. None stop banners, horrible pvp! the power leveling is So high no new player can compete! Don’t bother! they added a 800$ booster that only lasts a week.

Tempi Bloodlust   4 star

Ripped Off!!. I paid a full $30.00 for the Weekly Jewels Extravaganza, played for half an hour, and now it's closed!!! What do I do to fix this!?!

Th0m45 l1u   1 star

This app has become horrible!. After the update, I can't play this game anymore. I've timed how long it takes for the loading screen to load the notices & when I reached 10 minutes, the game still has not loaded anything! My wifi connection is stable, there's no bad weather and I've made sure there's nothing else connected to the Internet, but the game will still not load.

boogiepop03   1 star

I was excited until.... App said under 60Mb. Yay! Not too big. In the game, it starts downloading which is understandable but finally get to 100% and jumps to downloading (1/12)... Really? A little warning would be nice about the actual size!! OMG second lot of downloads are hitting every point 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 etc. Sorry but deleting before I start!! :(

Xion Kairi   4 star

Glitch. Whenever I go to equipment and change medals, it says "exceeds cost" or whatnot and won't let me go to any other page. I've tried restarting the app but it hasn't saved the changes I've made to the medals.

Metromancer   1 star

Waste of time. App is a placeholder for a larger download, which then downloads unbelievably slowly and stalls, requiring a restart of the download. Don't bother.

Sillylillyfrilly   5 star

Love this. I am addicted to this game lol I play it everyday.

Lkksldns   2 star

Very slow download speed. It's downloading 1/8 (going at 0.1% per second)... I tried at least 3 times to download this game but it's just too long and I gave up.

TheAngelsCrow   5 star

Awesome. The game is amazing, evidently a mobile game however for what it is it's great. The multiple level systems are great and easy to learn, the avatar boards are great. My only criticism is the price of micro transactions (which you definitely do not need to play the game at all so that's a plus), the micro transactions cost way too much for me to justify ever purchasing anything with real money.

Wendy200   2 star

New update. Sound delay worse than ever after update! Lags due to it and game crashed twice in an hour.. I love this game but the sound delay makes it unbearable

turant_   5 star

Amazing. We all have KH spin off games but this one is too charming and fun to ignore.

lscot005   5 star

Great Kingdom Hearts Universe App. Unchained X is a great app for both long time Square Enix fans and newcomers. Explore the characters of the Kingdom Hearts universe without the hassle of an expensive console. Game structure can be a little complex at times but definitely worth the time if you're a fan of Disney characters and games. Looking forward to future story and character expansions.

iPod Crazi   4 star

Great game except for the crashes. This game is great. I don't mind that the date is wrong for me (I'm in Australia not Europe. My Sunday is Europe's Saturday) I can deal with the fact that this game drains my battery. What I can't handle is the amount of times this game crashes each day. Every time it crashes I need to go back into the app which takes ages to load. Then it makes me redo the entire quest that I just completed before the app crashed.

Mandalila   1 star

Boring... Perhaps this was designed for little kids who just like to race through levels and destroy enemies? This is nothing like the Kingdom Hearts games. All you do is go through each level fighting the heartless. There is nothing else to it. You're forced to fight the heartless, can't explore the surroundings and there is nothing additional to do except complete the forced quests. If you enjoy more stimulation in your game I don't recommend this.

Hitmeidareu   5 star

Favourite App Ever. Best App I have ever downloaded.

Nathan-Chan   1 star

Stupid AP cost. I can't play the game over 10 mins due to a stupid insane AP cost for each map in game. It definitely reduces my addiction to this game. Me and my friends now give up playing this game because of this issue. Curse you Square Enix!

Needswork!   5 star

Nostalgic. I don't have much to say on the game cause there's nothing I have to complain about and I haven't had any bugs but all rounder you guys did pretty good.

Adfghhjffjjgffjj   4 star

More storage space!!!!!. AP cost too much to do a quest and needs auto play function! But overall good game..

Joiiooshy   5 star

My love. Absolutely love this game as I have loved every kingdom hearts game. Only problem is the AP costs. I'm at quest 110 I think. And I can only do about 3-4 missions at a time before all my AP is out. I know the AP cost was at 1 for ages, but I think you guys buffed it up a little to high. If I could be reduced to like 3-4 per quest until the real super high levels then that would be awesome. Because I can't get enough of this game and I just constantly want to keep playing it :)

NikkiShan   1 star

Takes too long to download updates. This is the reason why I sometimes don't like online games. You download the game from AppStore only to realize you have to download more updates when accessing the game. I reached a certain '1/10' update download section and I was only around 55% done in that '1/10' after over an hour. Suddenly, there was a network error which means I have to redownload the entire update again, big no no.

yashmin:)   5 star

KingdomHearts Unchined X. Ok if you play Kingdom hearts 1.5 2.5 and soon 2.8 you have to play Kingdom hearts Unchined are you don't know The story means and it's great for newcomers and kids teens and adults. And please Square Einix Make Kingdom hearts 3 World wide release 👑💖 Kingdom Hearts 4 Life 👑💖

Needs to edit buying for apple   5 star

PLAY TO WIN!. Damn. Getting high chances of Loot and Medals. So addictive and already getting 5 star medals in just 1 day. This is me before. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ This is me playing this game. (╯°Д°)╯︵ /(.□ . \)

Alanalicejason   5 star

YASS. I never write reviews but this app is something else. Big fan very happy for the Aus release.

LockHeartt   5 star

Simply addictive. Simplistic easy to understand play style and plot make the story understandable to not only kh fans but newcomers to the series. Absolutely wonderful, myself and many friends love it.

Katticans   5 star

Amazing <3. As we are all hanging for KH III, I feel this is the perfect distraction while they get it finished. This is done perfectly, I can't imagine any other way of making a KH app. Well done. I played to level 100 from the second it downloaded. Great job :3

Travyvoulos   5 star

So much fun. I love this game, it's original, there's nothing like this game on the app. Few issues but nothing that can effect the game much. Good job Square Enix.

Blood wolf the third   1 star

Terrible and childish. I didn't know what to expect but I am disappointed. It seems they should focus more on KH III than this drivel.

RpgRider65   5 star

Amazing app but just one small issue.... This app is truly one of a kind and I'm really enjoying it! The only problem is that it keeps crashing every so often. Please fix it asap. Other than that, this is an amazing app nonetheless!

Aidan242d   5 star

Grate game. I'm a massive kingdom hearts fan and I'm loving this game every kingdom hearts fan should give this game a shot and I hope to see an update to play offline so you can play on the go if you have an iPad like I do

Pieceful_Ninja   5 star


Lash20008   5 star

Just download this. Love it

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