KINGDOM HEARTS Uχ Dark Road [Games] App Description & Overview

Why did he become the seeker of darkness?

You know of Master Xehanort as the villain of Kingdom Hearts, but just why did he become the seeker of darkness?

In this new story, you will uncover his secrets as you step into the role of Xehanort to follow his life as a young aspiring Keyblade wielder in the distant land of Scala ad Caelum.

- Arm yourself with a deck of 30 cards and engage in thrilling, strategic battles that test your skill and reflexes!
- A refined and streamlined leveling system lets you grow stronger even in auto-mode!
- Defeat your enemies and uncover the secrets of Xehanort's past!

Enjoy intuitive and strategic combat as you tap and flick to victory and master the abilities of your cards! Level up hands-free with auto-mode battles, and then go all out in intense boss battles as you unlock new stories, missions, and complete your collection!

Adventure across Disney worlds in a story all your own

The KINGDOM HEARTS story begins here.
Become the hero of your own tale as you adventure across beloved worlds and experience a story like none other!

- Fight alongside an all-star cast of Disney and FINAL FANTASY characters!
- Play solo or with up to 6 friends in real-time multiplayer quests!
- Express yourself with customizable avatars!

Tap and swipe to execute mighty attacks!
Equip character Medals featuring beloved characters to call on their strength in battle!
Customize your equipment and find new strategies to overcome fierce enemies!

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KINGDOM HEARTS Uχ Dark Road Customer Service, Editor Notes:

-Numerous features have been updated.

KINGDOM HEARTS Uχ Dark Road Comments & Reviews

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- I love this game

I just have to say that when I first discovered this game in the app store, the pay-to-play comments completely turned me off to it. it wasn't until later when I had noticed the ratings had gone up a little (and after I completed kingdom hearts 3 and I needed a fix) that I decided to try it out anyway- and man, am I glad I did! I disagree that it’s completely pay-to-play focused. when I first started, I jumped into a few union cross quests and was able to collect an enormous amount of lux. I levelled up extremely quickly and unlocked a ton of avatar items that really make my character look expensive and like I paid a lot of money to make it look cool, though I didn't pay a cent. the game also gives out quite a lot of diamonds, which is what is used to purchase the ’good stuff’. the game gives out diamonds for completing daily quests, weekly quests, and monthly quests- as well as daily log in bonuses and even occasionally when a story quest is completed. though there are some VIP quests and avatar items that can only be purchased with real money, this game is so fun and addicting it’s been tempting to me to spend that extra bit even just to help out the developers and support square enix. i’m a huge square enix fan and I'm also a big fan of this wonderful game. try it for yourself and see!

- Very fun, but maybe a bit scary at first

I see a lot of reviews mention how a lot of factors like PVP and Over powered players/having low tier medals can really effect this game. I think if your a consistant player, youll find more joy in this then somebody who is very new or comes on every so often. There are a lot of oppurtunitys to obtain lux and the currencies, with pretty much every other week being AP free, consistant updates to the actual story mode as well as raid and event missions. But to really tale advantage of it, its not just a game you log in every day and do a single mission, then expect to make alot of ingame currency. The game does actually take time to play, there is a Lootbox style medal system, and you will take a while to reach higher levels (and if your not active enough, youll be trapped at 300 for what will seem like forever). Game isnt as bad as people make it, but as litterally majority of app-based games are, it takes time to get to a higher tier and it takes a lot of play to get through the game. (This coming from someone who plays a lot and still stays high enough to one-shot most raids, stay high in pvp, and not spend 15 dollars every week. Trust me it doesnt take money and cheating to play this game...)

- Good solo game. Multiplayer is flawed.

So I really enjoy this game at least as far as I have gotten, but I have noticed one significant issue. In the union cross game mode, I always get paired with people who one hit all of the bosses and before I know what’s happening the match is over and I haven’t gotten any items or lux. This is an incredibly annoying issue, as there are multiple items and cosmetics that can only be earned through playing union cross and getting points. I think that there should be some kind of ranking system in place where people who have about the same damage level get paired together and go against enemies attuned to their skill level so that everyone feels as though the enemies they face are challenging and the lower level players have a fair shot at getting a lot of points rather than racing against the op players just to get some lux. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten anything higher than 0.1% in union cross, and it’s not because I’m bad, I just keep getting paired with people who can one hit every single boss before I can even contribute and earn anything. Other than that one problem, I have yet to notice anything in this game that I find unfair or don’t enjoy or at least tolerate. Would definitely recommend to fans of kingdom Hearts, or just Disney in general.

- Breaks the bank/no great new content

I loved this game for over a year. The graphics and music are great and I’ve met some fantastic friends but unless you’re willing to pay hundreds of dollars a month you’ll never be a top player regardless of how much you grind. I paid $15 plus tax every week (weekly vip) plus extra ($10-50 although you can spend more) when good top medal banners came out only to see those medals become obsolete in no time. I’m so sad to see how greedy this company is to the point ppl are still paying hundreds of dollars a week just to be able to compete. To kinda compete as a free to play player you need to be super disciplined to save your earned jewels and wait for the next game changing medal only to see it become useless in no time. I get more from other games when I pay for those. As for the story, it’s been at a stand still for so long I have to look at the last quest we were given because I forget where we left off. We also keep getting garbage, waste of a time side quests I guess in an attempt to keep us busy? PvP is ok but you only do really great at it if you’re willing to pay...not surprising. I wish I could love this game again but it’s not really worth the time anymore. I gave it 3 stars because the music and graphics are good and I’ve met some pretty awesome players in game.

- Game Focusing Completely on Pay to Win Now

After coming back to this game about a year ago there had been some short lived encouraging factors that made me think the game would continue to improve, but ever since the implementation of PvP and 7-star medals, the marketing department has not only taken over, but is actively trying to abuse the kind of people that spend too much on this type of gatcha game. With 7-star medals, which are absurdly powerful and completely took over the game, you either have to rank high at PvP to get items to evolve your old medals, or spend money on banners to completely replace them. The PvP system is set up so that the powerful become more powerful while those that don’t rank get further behind. Then they started tuning PvE content for 7-star and new banner medals almost immediately to get people to pull on banners. And the banners have been coming in a flood, while fewer events than ever show up, and when they do they have few or no currency to pull on banners. The latest abuse is a special board that provides bonus damage, but can only be completed by doing 30 pulls on the newest banners, which would cost approximately $600. And the buffs are temporary... This game is crumbling with current design, and the marketing department seems to be trying to extract as much money as possible before everyone gets fed up and leaves. New players, stay far, far away. You have zero chance of catching up and competing.

- Terrible ‘Free to Play’ Support

The game does not support a large component of their player base. Most of banners that advertise strong or useful units are blockade by a paywall, that requires a weekly vip subscription. The new implemented banners: VIP (pay a certain amount of online currency to receive a guarantee chance to receive said unit plus a double percentage rate of pulling said unit compared to the normal pull rates in the non-VIP), and non-VIP (pay as much online currency as the player has without any sign or leverage of getting said unit) is unethical. As a member of this community for over 3 years I have to say this game treats their player base like garbage. The real reason why this game has a 4.1/5.0 rating is because the gaming company, SENA, is luring a newer player base (and begging for reviews after the whole ‘newcomer rewards’ they provide at the start then abandoning them off to the side to play extraneous hours—to collect resource for them, the new players, to later fall miles behind because they could not pull for relevant units to compete with). If I could I would rate this app as 0 stars; I am highly disappointed that Disney decided to continue working with SENA after their blatant displays of greed.

- Enough Is Enough

I am a lifelong fan of Kingdom Hearts who has been playing this game since the month it was launched. As a free to play player, I’ve struggled at times as my Medals lagged behind those who played, but it never felt like I was locked out of the game because of it. Whenever a new powerful Medal was introduced, I could press my luck, and if I didn’t get it, I’d be able to a few months down the line. This has not been the case the past six months. When the PVP mode was introduced, it heavily favored paid players, but once given feedback from the community, Square-Enix made efforts to improve it. Now, it’s obvious they don’t care. Without the Supernova ability, you might as well not bother, and every banner with the ability has had its guarantee locked behind a paywall. I understand that SE has no real obligation to its f2p community, but the VIP rewards have gone from bonus content to full on exploitation. The only thing left for f2p players is the story, but we’re losing any motivation for that as we’re six months behind the Japanese story, and with Kingdom Hearts III on the horizon, we will be trudging through another round of pointless filler while the JP community receives important plot developments. It’s been demonstrated in the past that mission cutscenes can be translated simultaneous to the JP game, so it’s absolutely inexcusable that the gap continues. At this point, the only thing keeping f2p uses coming back is Stockholm Syndrome.

- Worth all the love but still has things to improve on

Positives: The variety of story lines and game play are exciting. The metals are nostalgic and beautifully designed. You get to have a challenge at any level your at. VIPs are pretty cool if you want to buy them. You can play with friends and family as a team to destroy bosses together. Personally the team play it n this is my favorite part of this game, playing solo doesn’t do this game justice. Metals pulls come back around for a second try and normally have better chance of getting it later. Negatives: I would love more free chances for Jewels, but I know the only way they can keep this game ad free is when the players buys some Jewels to balance out what they are missing from ads. Sad system. It’s sadder when rumors of hackers ruining competitions and rankings that people work hard to earn(please try to prevent this!). Plus metal plus are not guaranteed anything. You might have bad luck for a month and then pull the best metal of the game. You never know unless it’s a mercy pull, which only happens on occasion. Over all one of the top games on a phone you can play. I would suggest it for anyone.

- Pretty. Not worth money.

As a an active, long-term player of this game and many other major gacha mrpgs, I see so much dissatisfaction from this player base that I’m amazed it has any positive reviews. Premium items are regularly outclassed within a month to the point of total ineffectiveness in meta. Prominent boost items are entirely obsolete. Low gacha rates are completely normal in all of my games but this game is greedy/sneaky in that the rarest and most expensive items don’t retain value and therefore do not warrant their pricing. Also, the Powers That Be seem to be phasing out their guarantee/pity-break mechanic. With a consistent time investment, it is possible for a F2P player to be competitive in challenging content (even a brand new player because whatever banner they find on their first day will be entirely overpowered). Dollars won’t guarantee any long-term advantage unless someone is prepared to regularly spend hundreds. Once your free currency is depleted, wait a week for it to accumulate and you will afford something better. Dolphins in this community constantly feel cheated that their money has been put to waste. For free, there’s less reason not to enjoy this game; but I am personally more inclined to recommend the sustainable, user-friendly mechanics of Opera Omnia, Dragalia, Fate/GO, or FE Heroes.... in that order.

- There is a free Alternative to thrive in this Game!

Many complain about the Implementation of 7 star medals, PvP, and other factors which contribute to their frequent losses and such. People complain that they cannot afford to purchase currency in this game due to its ridiculous price-to-jewel ratio. There is a solution. RESTART ALL OVER AGAIN. Granted, you will lose level progress, and some medals, but restarting allows you to replay the game and make better decisions with the amount of jewels you get as oppose to when you first downloaded the game. You are granted with 25k+ jewels after finishing the tutorial, and also granted another 35k just for completing the story quests alone. Not to mention events, boards, etc. Restarting your data allows you to potentially pull the best medals KHUX is currently offering, and in the long run, I have NOT regretted starting over. Not to mention that I am a Free to play person. This game is incredible, you just need to play with the right people to help you develop knowledge about the fundamentals of this competitive game. Thank you for reading this. Good Luck!

- PVP has destroyed a great game

Update: downgrade to 1 stars. The game is only getting worse with too many high price jewel banners, not enough jewels to pull, and challenges that only a small percentage of players can complete. Fairy medals used to evolve to 7 star medals are only provided to the best of the best in PVP through silver and gold tickets. Munny is no longer a need and makes for useless moogle medals. This may be my last update as I see no entertainment value by spending hours to achieve nothing but cid medals as challenges are too difficult win. —————— What was once a great game, has finally met its downfall. The story mode and key blade system of medals and power ups keeps this game in a 3 Star range. The problem now is Player vs Player. If you are not already the strongest, don’t ever expect to be. This new system is highly problematic, consuming large amounts of time with minimal reward to improvement for your avatar, medals and key blades. I believe this is SE’s way of signing off and letting its players decide when to retire. I suggest not paying, and going as far as the free game allows and then signing off for good. I have been paying the weekly $15 only to find myself struggling to get anywhere and continue to gradually get weaker. Paying should provide some benefit when I just feel cheated and robbed of game satisfaction. Thanks for a good run SE, but this is no longer my go to game.

- I keep leaving and coming back...

In the beginning the leveling system for regular noob medals was discouraging. I left. Then came back and finally figured it out. Got up to a decent level but it seemed everyone had overpowered medals and I couldn't beat anything anymore. So I left. I recently came back to find there are crazy strong medals and I did have enough to get SN Seph and Xion. And now there will be tier 9?! I feel like everything below tier 7 is just dead now. How are new players supposed to compete with that? It sounds super discouraging and I personally have not and will not pay a cent for this game unless jewel prices are lowered. I think more people would purchase jewels if they were cheaper. $99 can't even get you a 5 mercy banner pull! I also wish we could gift or trade medals. It feels like a waste to sell good stuff for room when you could give it to a friend or someone who needs it to fuse. Speaking of fusing, I wish we had an option to fuse EXP medals. I have a hoard of 1★, 2★, and 3★ exp medals that I don't use because at this level (referring to the above tiers and overpowered medals and whatnot) these are utterly useless and would take too long to use. If we could fuse them into 5★ or 6★ medals that would be great (for overall less munny).

- Not mad, just disappointed

This game has never been great at hiding their greediness but it is just getting progressively worse. I am a die hard kh fan and maybe that’s why I haven’t stopped playing this game.. but I am done giving them my money until they stop being so money hungry. I understand they have to make money from this game and honestly I was fine putting my own cash into this, but you literally have to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars almost every week to be ‘good’ at this game. They’ve even gone so low as to having players PAY for EVOLVE MEDALS. They keep saying they’re listening to us and they’re working on fixing the problems but really they’re just thinking about how to make even more money and only catering to the whales. I was really excited when KHUx first came out and I was always going to support it by playing everyday and putting my own money into it (I’ve put over $2000 into the game over the past 2 years, it’s not a lot to them but it’s a lot to me). I even went to the KHUx fan event. I don’t want to hate this game, but it saddens me that some of my party members who have been playing since day 1, decided to quit and uninstall this game because of SENA’s greed and lack of content. If they ever come to their senses and fix this game I’ll more than gladly change the one star rating, but I’m not sure if it will ever happen.

- Like Ishmael searching for his white whale

As the title says except instead of Ishmael it’s Square Enix America looking for there whales. Let me clarify I am huge kingdom hearts fan and have a private collection filled with every game in The series but KHUX is a joke. If you are trying to fill in the missing pieces before KH3 just watch the movie provide with 2.8 cause this game has slowly sunk into a money pit of constant banners that you will have to pull from that never give you what is needed for meta. As for pvp...yeah that is an absolute joke. For new players you will be so lacking in any of the required medals or key blades that you you will have two options 1. Grind and be frustrated or 2. Cave and simply fork over money to play catch-up. This game is not worth your time or your dollars. Events in this game barely give any reward (see the current global event, it gave a total of 2000 jewels which seems like a lot but in reality isn’t even enough to pull one pack) Square Enix America also has an extremely poor amount of communication skills that further makes this game a grind and a chore. With all that said if you are ready to shovel $60 bucks for Vip quest alone plus another $300+ for each new banner or avatar board released every month then yes you will enjoy this game but I do have to challenge you, wouldn’t your money be better spent elsewhere.

- Don't waste time or money on this cash grab of a game

The decisions made by the developers are not at all made with free-to-play players in mind. They are so obviously locking the player's options of actually becoming powerful in this game behind paywalls that in some cases will cost hundreds of dollars to get through. The game also keeps incredibly vital parts of improving one's power in the game behind rewards given out to those who rank at the top in competitions where there is basically no strategy involved and just boils down to who has stronger equipment. This is insulting to us free-to-play players as it means that the people who give money to this awful game will only get stronger and those who do not will become weaker in comparison, creating an unforgiving gap between the "premium" players and the regular players. I want to defend this game as I love the Kingdom Hearts series but the treatment of the players is so poor that I cannot defend or recommend this game to others. The only thing good about this game is the story but there are such large gaps between story updates and there are so many filler quests in-between that even playing for just the story is not worth your time since the story can easily be experienced over the internet. Please, do not waste any time or more importantly, money on this cash grab of a game.

- Square Enix

Hey guys, you guys made a great game to continue for the kingdom hearts series to show us there is still more we don’t know about but, I kind of don’t like the pay system I have paid so much money just to keep up with everyone and I still fall behind. It’s as if you guys need to buy the hundred dollar deals every week which I can’t do. The new medal system is cranking up to becoming over powered if you have all the right medals but those who are number one in PVP will have a much better chance than I will because I’ll get stuck at rank 10,000 any way. You guys need to create a better way for the medal system because that’s what is beating us and letting everyone else beat us too. I got to some more of the story that I didn’t see before which is now connecting but you guys need to fix the medal system to the point where even new comers can have fun. I can’t really have fun at all now because I’m constantly trying to grind for Medals and buying as well. It’s not easy anymore and almost not fun. I’m sure if you guys fixed this for everyone it would be fun because in a game like this everyone should be equal and not completely overpowered by spending so much money.

- Great Gameplay for Anyone!!

This game is exceptional and allows for lots of free gameplay that’s led by a good storyline and fantastic side quests and various events. The character customization is pretty in depth and fun. You can breeze through quests and play to compete with other parties, or you can take it slow and read into the story. There’s really no issues to the game and I’d like to address one of the top reviews I had seen. People claim that there are hackers in the game and I can say I have not seen any. Fast jumps from low levels to high levels is easy. I returned to the game at a level 198, in 2 days after I finally got a medal that was 6 stars and 8 tier ranking. Despite the fact I had around 60k strength I was now able to do everything, with the raid boss and bonus lux event (not to mention free ap), in 2 days time I leveled to 301 and my strength is now 124k. I ended this week with almost 500 million lux. I can assure you there are no hacks, it’s just a game that allows for quick progression if that is what you want. Which I very much appreciate.

- Broken

I really love the KH franchise and been with it from childhood to my adult hood. I was so excited about hearing this game will unravel most secrets for the KH3. Well KH3 came out like a year ago and still not everything is unraveled and there is still more story to come. I should be happy about it but I’m not... 900 chapters and still there is more question than answer. But that’s not the case here. The case is that every time I get a nice medal, study the perks of each medal and try to use it means nothing cause every time there is newer and bigger medals that you can only get with Jewels that you either get on days of celebration or daily or get money to waste it here. I understand doing this stupid thing for PVP or some special quest with no meaning to the story... But please keep it out of the story. It’s annoying to see my hard work comes to nothing because out of nowhere this gap in level on monster just exceed more than my medals and since my pull game is very bad... It only makes this experience frustrating. This is the reason why people have been pulling away from the franchise and each time losing more customer. I might be one of them if this keeps up... It’s sad seeing how such an amazing game is getting lower ratings for stuff like this. Hope this can be fixed.

- I used to love this game

Kingdom Hearts is my favorite series out of everything I love. I even have kingdom hearts tattoos and I was one of the first people to download this game when it came out. It started off crazy fun but then it started to get repetitive with the worlds. Whatever, I stuck it through. A few years later... and I’m starting to dislike the game more and more which really hurts since I love KH so much. The rewards in the game are cheep, it’s turning into a pay to play game. The strong get stronger and the weak get weaker. It’s so unfair to people who can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars a day on this game and there’s never enough time to save up enough jewels since the deals only last for so long and the jewel rewards are such garbage which forces you to pay or not get any strong medals. Only reason my rating is two stars and not one is simply because it’s kingdom hearts. I’m so disappointed in this game and I’m no longer going to give them a dime of my money. So disappointed and heartbroken it’s come to this. Please fix your game.

- Time to move on

I’m a huge fan of the Kingdom Hearts universe, and I fell in love with this game almost 2 years ago. While the game was mostly fun the last 2-3 months have been a huge struggle to find positives in the game. The people in charge need to get a better handle on what the players want and not solely be driven by greed that pushes the player base to unhealthy emotional responses, either F2Ps feeling hopeless, or P2Ps feeling like they are feeding an unhealthy addiction. Enough is enough. Fix your game. Do not starve the players of resources like Skills, C&Ds, experience and evolve medals. Put out more content like HSCs, Phil/Pegasus/Hades cups, more frequent story/proud quests. And either give us more ways to earn/save jewels, larger jewel deals, lower pull cost, and or slow the hell down on the banner releases. On top of that for the love of god fix your PVP and PVE experience!!! PVP is broken and this is coming from a guy that has been in top reward tier every week. PVE should not be such an extreme either. Last 2 months it was a 60+ hour grind fest, and this month folks hit their wall 2 hours into it. Incredibly disappointing how disconnected the developers have been with the game recently. Please consult with your games YouTubers like Smelly Octopus to fix this broken game, or this Whale has been harpooned for the last time.

- Kingdom Hearts: Union Cross

I love this game so much. I wish that the service didn’t have to end in either May or April of this year. I didn’t even get to finish any of the proud quest modes or story quest modes yet. I know I have should’ve finished them sooner, but I’ve just been so busy lately with my own schedule of working four days a week at the Goodwill store every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 11 am to 4 pm and hanging out with my caregiver, Tamara and Sandra and junk that I just haven’t had any time to get to it lately. And upon hearing this now isn’t making my job any easier. Come on, this isn’t fair. Can’t you see that it’s already bad enough that it is the fifth anniversary of my mother’s death? If the creators of this game are reading this, what do you say, huh? Can you please not let the game shut down for just a little bit longer?

- I’m Impressed

This, in my opinion, is a great game! I’m usually not attracted to these kinds of games, the art style is quite nice! Though, for some reason, after I went through what seems to be a tutorial, I got a message that said, “Thanks for playing KHUx!” Then the game immediately restarted and the screen went black, and when it showed the beginning of the game, I had to go through the whole process of getting through the beginning! I have gotten frustrated by this, because I’ve actually played this before, and this has never happened to me until now. I’ve not tried that button that if you use your Facebook account, or something like that, your progress comes back, and the reason why I don’t use it is because this is coming from a 10-year old child. And no, I don’t have a phone yet. So, I have to go through it again. So , if this isn’t supposed to be what happens, then please fix it, or at least change it, or whatever you people do, then do it. (I don’t really know about the work you guys do) Thank you for your time.

- Repetitive

I've been playing since day one, but I hate how the medal system works. I've pulled a very good one, and after being stuck with proud mode and everything else for over a year I finally started to win again, and this is so wrong. Those who can pay will always be on the top of the chart, because they're always gonna have the most fresh medal- and even if you decide to pay once in a while you won't be good, since they always announce tons of medals that will make your most powerful one a joke in 1-2 months. There are also tons of hackers, and sometimes annoying bug (atm I can't join any Union Cross mission because it will always load the same one, a bugged one, where there is no way to get to the next area). The story mode is way too easy, and there is no way to get evolve medals except the dedicated missions, that are REALLY easy and SO boring. Let me play a more difficult version to get more medals at the same time, please! You force us to play like bots, doing the same stuff over and over forever. I'll still play because I want to know the story of this chapter and I love my party, but I'm sure that reading a summary online would be even more entertaining.

- Don't fall for it.

Do you love a fair, fulfilling experience? Are you tired of games that grossly rely on RNG? Do you have standards? If the answer to any of these questions is "yes", then do yourself a favor and click off this app right now, because unless you are Japanese then this game is going to be hell for you. It will try to fool you into buying a currency called "Jewels" that you can use to buy medals you use for battle with little Disney and final fantasy characters. Think Kingdom Hearts COM but more complicated and less fun. Now when it tells you to buy these jewels, don't do it. Trust me, you're better off working your way through the story quests and saving them up for something we refer to as "banners" that have a chance of giving you super rare medals. What are the chances of getting these super rare medals? Well if you're looking for the featured *Insert Super Overpowered/Edgy Medal Here* it's less than 1%. You can pull 60 times and not get a single copy of the medal you want. How much would it cost to even get those odds? Well, for every 5 times you pull from a banner, you would have to pay 100$ for the jewels if you're out of free medals. If that doesn't sound like a good deal, that's because it isn't. Don't play this game.

- It’s starting to get disappointing

So I have been playing this game since it came out and yes it has improved so much ever since yes they did make free to play much more easy and faster to get jewels but it’s still pay to win so look they introduced a new mode called PvP which it was fun and I good idea at first I liked it but then when I made it around the 1000 ranking group it was too competitive it was too much and also there is this thing called fairy medals and what fairy medals do is they can evolve six star medals too seven star medals and seven star medals are crucial and I mean CRUCIAL CRUCIAL for PvP and what they do is they make a big wall that in order to get those seven star medals you also need 7 star medals but the only way you can get them is PvP or pulls but pulls cost money too yeah you can get free jewels but what they do what they do is they push new banners and new skills so you can get them but then a new medal comes out that’s really good but then a f2p person doesn’t have enough jewels so they get screwed and it’s the same cycle all the time sorry if it’s long I have other complaints but I just can’t really do this anymore so if I can’t change the game then I’ll just quit well done sena you just lost another customer.

- Not worth paying for

There are two versions of this game Global and Japan. The Japan version get’s all the best rewards, while Global version gets the worst part of the deal. There’s no equality whatsoever in the overall of game for the two versions and a lot of favoritism towards Japan. If you know the basics of the game on how to get jewels there’s no need to pay for it. The cost for this game is a fiasco. You are better off buying a full game on a console, than pay $15. a week just so you can get “some good stuff”. If you do pay for the game, you’ll end up like Trump quoting “this has been the worst trade deals in the history of deals, maybe ever”. The administrators of this game are unprofessionals making constant errors, and the way they handle things to fix them are something to be very disappointed and just lose all trust in this game. If you play you’ll have fun until you reach to the point where there’s nothing to do or be unable to play because of how hard it gets to keep up with other players. If you pay, you will regret it.

- Adjust.

I love this game so so much and I play every single day. And I have just a little suggestion for the next update. If you could could you raise the gem value we get on daily quests like complete 3 quests and compete in PvP 3 times. Idk if I’m asking a lot or not but the amount your giving us is 30 jewels per quest. And if someone only does those daily quests once per day they only make 300 jewels a day. Now not including my self but the people who have finished all the story and stuff and has nothing to get jewels from besides dailys, weekly and purchasing with irl money. It’s really tough not being able to get the medals I want to get from the store if I’m not purchasing jewels. Because I only get about 300 jewels per day, the cost of a 10 pull is 3000 jewels. So by the time that medal pull I want in the store is gone I would only have about a week or 2 to get enough for that 10 pull. And is only be able to get 1 pull because of how much jewels I’m getting daily/weekly. So if it’s not to much trouble can you help a lot of people out.

- Surprisingly fun

The story is nonsense, and doesn’t even start for the first SEVERAL HUNDRED MISSIONS AT LEAST, but it’s Kingdom Hearts and absolutely zero story is what keeps the alt-right coming back for more. Also, the dolly-dress-up is really top-notch. The medal-leveling system is kind of tiresome, but I’m not a fan of feeding cards to each other or having all my moves based on items the replenish each round and have only a tenuous, unjustified connection to the story and the world. Even with that irremovable stain on the whole game, battles are still somehow fun and satisfying?! Gosh, Kingdom Hearts is weird: all the effort and skill devoted to successfully making so many dumb ideas seem palatable could have probably cured every terminal illness and the energy crisis if they had been directed differently! One suggestion: now that you’ve bared your pixel-art-accessory fangs, I’m really hoping for an Interceptor (Final Fantasy VI) skin for my spirit pet thing. That’s a little bit of free advice! Some fool (me?!) will spend gems on that little monstrosity!

- Great, but there are the little things

I’m approaching my 300th login day, just to show how long I’ve played this game. I’ve loved it from the beginning, from the hair pulling moments of being *that close* to killing an enemy and restarting, to defeating 15 million Health Raid bosses all by myself. Although there are some changes that need to happen (LIKE SERIOUSLY CHANGE YOUR SAVE SYSTEM TO CLOUD FACEBOOK IS GARBAGE) and some raid boss events only lasting an hour for 2 Times a day (the first time I am in school, the second I am asleep). This game has been amazing, and I hope that the developers can implement some other save system, as I want to move my data to my phone. I tried using their extremely slow service of transferring manually on their website, but then they required my purchase History for the app (I’ve bought a few VIP quests now and again, to about 60 bucks) and I have no way to go and see exactly when those purchases were. Please consider a different save method, PLEASE.

- Games good but just got ruined

I love kingdom hearts and personally find this game to be entertaining, fitting right in with the rest of the franchise. However with a recent patch introducing the kairi ex medal the game has gone downhill. I got the medal, lucky me, however it is such a game changing medal that those who get it (including people who have only played for 20 days or less) are way above everyone else and in response to the power spike SENA has decided to ramp up the power of all the other enemies in the game to compensate. So those without the medal cannot hope to compete in any way at all. If only a third of all players got the medal (and some by spending well over $200) then what is the point of anyone else playing. I get it, it’s an “ex” medal meaning only limited time, but seeing as it is completely broken it should have been and should now be a mercy pull medal like the other kairi medals. Honestly they should just give everyone 15k jewels and make a 5 pull mercy kairi ex so everyone can get her and continue to enjoy this great game. Or even 3k jewels and make it a one pull one medal only apology kairi ex medal pull for screwing up the game so bad. Please fix.

- Disappointed

I love kingdom hearts. I have played the series since kh1 and have played this since it came out. The game has always been geared more toward the people who are willing to pay for the game, and that’s fine. I understand it’s not cheap to keep a game like this running. My problem is that they no introduced PVP which became the “Great Un-Equalizer”. People who pay get stronger by leaps and bounds now and the rest of us get left in the dust. The most recent update made it even worse. Adding a limited time item that you only get to hold on to for a little over a week (10 days at the time of my writing) that cost over $600 and would make you extremely powerful and make the gap between the p2p and f2p players even bigger. As I said I love this series and even this game (in the two years since it launched I have only missed 3 days of logging in daily). I won’t be spending any more money on this game and if this is the path that the dev team wishes to continue on I will be uninstalling as well. It breaks my heart to see my favorite franchise ever devolve into this. Please SENA fix this. Your other games aren’t this way, so why is KHUX?

- Great game the developers have ruined

My husband and I both love(d) this game. It has brought both of us many hours of entertainment. However, with the release of the Kairi EX medal, the game has become completely unbalanced. And we’re not sure there’s any way to fix it. Not only is that medal EXTREMELY strong, it also was not fairly give to people who spent jewels to get her. My husband spent well over 20,000 jewels to get her and didn’t get a single one. This morning we awoke to the game “powering up” everyone to try to fix their mistake. However, this was applied to ALL players. Meaning those who have her are still at an unreasonable advantage. Now there is no way for average players who were unable to get her to place in ANY event, the coliseum, or the regular storyline. This is completely unacceptable. My husband and I won’t be playing for now. If the developers find a better way to fix this without slapping us in the face, we may consider it again. I have previously given this game 5 stars because it was so fun. Now it’s ruined. Until it is fixed (REALLY FIXED) my rating will be 1 star (if I could give no stars I would).

- The company got greedy

I got into this game think it would be great like all others KH games, but i was mistaken. First, there is no gameplay, you just tap to go from heartkess to heartless and the game fights alone, if you wanna “fight” you just swipe the screen. No dodging, no moving, no planning or skills. Just put the strongest and most expensive medals on and you will destroy everything, if you cant afford the new medals you wont finish the quests. Second, there is no story. They have made 750 story quests but you can condese the whole plot to 30-40 minutes cutscenes and it has been 1 year since the last time we got a story uodste telling us something about the story of the game. And the last straw is the gatcha component. Every week we get 2-3 medals that change the game and if you cant afford you wont complete the new quests. You can try and save you currncy to buy one, but in a few weeks there is gonna be a new one that is so much better that your medals will be useless. So unless that you are willing to pay 1000 dolar every 15 weeks good luck doing anything more than the story quests

- Uhm

To start off I love this game, I’ve been around to see this game grow since I played as a kid and coming back was good but bad-first of all the medals-see when I was done with the tutorial and farmed a bunch of jewels since I farm a lot so when it comes to pay to win I get confused-anyway I got gaunteed seven star medals-4 at least and they were op-but the problem is once you get them and use them the game becomes easier by a lot-the story seems ez the bosses that I had so much problem with are just to easy-I haven’t gotten to pvp yet so I’m not sure what it’s like but I’m getting a lot of bad reviews on it and I don’t want my experience to be shattered when I get there-in the meantime I wish for beginners you would get at least 1-4 star medals and when u get higher level wise the good banners come in-it would really help Becuase I feel like I’m cheating than actually playing the game with all these things I have and my key blade is still level 1 so it’s strange really.

- Make it easier to get BP please (Dark Road)

I really love both of these games. I’m a lover of all things Kingdom Hearts, and I have been playing this game practically since it came out. I’m really excited about Dark Road as well. I know it has only recently came out, and I’m confident there will be more events to give more BP, but I would live if you guys made it much easier to get BP. I’m currently under leveled compared to my party members (only level 22), and I struggle in the story quests. Other than using quest keys and completing missions (which of some of them can be difficult due to my low level), the only other way I can earn a ton of BP is by letting world battle run overnight, and that’s not fun gameplay in my eyes. Please make it easier to get BP in Dark Road. I would like my level to match or even surpass the heartless I fight. Regardless, the I enjoy both games and adore the story of each. I give this app 4 stars.

- Easy to Level Up without hacking

An amazing addition to the kingdom hearts series, in this installment you can level up very fast if you have Friends who have strong medals and you put some time and effort into the game. With new events and strong medals in the shop, there is always something fun to do, and keep an eye out for raid boss events. I was able to go from level 1 to level 300 in a couple days, which is great for me because I lost access to my old level 327 account recently. Saving up Jewels without paying real money is pretty easy, just play through story mode and they give you thousands! Right now is the best time to play for new players and fans of the Kingdom Hearts Series. If you can figure out the best way to play, you can challenge powerful enemies and have lots of fun doing it!

- Takes too long to download updates

Since I don’t play online games that often I rarely play this game, so when I go to play it again it has to update. The bad thing about this is that the downloads are sooo long and boring, unlike kings raid (which gives a game to play while downloading). I always end up giving up and thinking that it isn’t even worth it to play kingdom hearts. The closest thing to a game that goes on while downloading is you get to touch the little monsters and they poof, that “game” gets boring real quick. I always wonder why it takes so long to download the updates, and the wait just doesn’t seem to be worth it. The game whorls be a little more fun if I could actually get past downloading the updates. If I could do anything with the app I would, 1, put a couple of mini games in the downloading screen. It makes the wait less boring. 2. Find a way to make the downloading screen shorter. If it is shortened then people will not lose interest as fast, they came here for gameplay, not downloading screens.

- Problems Solved!

Most of the reviews are all whiny and repetitive. ‘These people are hackers! How come I can’t get to levels that fast?!’ ‘This game is boring and it does the same stuff.’ ‘I finish the game but where are the next levels?’ The first problem: hackers I have not seen any hackers and an easy way to get Lux, an option Square Enix gives you, is to fight powerful Raid Bosses. Fighting these bosses, even if you don’t win, will give you at least 6 million Lux! Lux is a way to get through levels. I just fought a level 500 Raid Boss and went from level 239 to 300! Next problem: the levels themselves The levels do get a tad repetitive BUT the game had an amazing update where you can skip levels that don’t have cutscenes! You don’t even have to do those levels! Last problem: the end The levels, for now, end at level 760. There are new levels coming because every time you enter the game, it shows clips of gameplay. There are some clips of stuff that hasn’t even happened yet! Meaning there is more to come! This is great game for all fans of Kingdom Hearts and non-fans. It doesn’t actually offer spoilers to Kingdom Hearts and it’s a great game for people who would like to get a grasp on Kingdom Hearts. KHUX is extremely easy and addictive! It doesn’t take a lot of storage but needs a strong signal! Enjoy a game of action, and a bunch of plot twists that will make your head spin!

- Dark Road SPEED Up

I’ve been a huge fun of the kingdom hearts franchise and I’ve played practically every game. That includes the newly released Dark Road. While the game is a great way to explore the back story of Kingdom hearts infamous villain (Xehanort), this games unforgivingly requires a lot of grinding just to level up. While the ability to use gems acquired from KHUx, is a great way to provide some much needed help in making pills for new cards (or buffing cards you already had), it still isn’t enough to get your stats balanced with the games steep heartless. My one request is if the develops could add a speed up/fast forward much like what Xchi to help hasten some of the grinding. At the moment, at level 26, it takes me almost an entire day to level up. Not sure how much longer I’m willing to play Dark Road if the grinding time for 1 level up is only going to get longer.

- Bad Events

Although the application runs smoothly the same cannot be said about the handling of events. The effort to complete them doesn’t translate to fair rewards. Specially because to complete an event you need to engage in high-end content beforehand as to get a few key resources. But to be competitive and succeed you have to constantly buy the premium currency or be very lucky with your pulls. An alternative to not getting the needed resources is to do more pulls to keep up with the power increase. But there is a limited amount of premium currency that you can get for free and sometimes you have to wait months before you accumulate enough to make a pull. This should ensure that you remain almost competitive for like a month and a half. After that you’ll have to repeat the process. Actually, that’s a little lie. Due to the new mechanic of 7* medals the amount of time that you are out of the competitive scene has been extended. Now I should say that the cycle is 1 month on the competitive scene followed by 4 months of not progressing in the game.

- Great but not perfect.

I have always been a KH fan and when I heard about this I was excited. It's free that has to be the best part. I was not a fan of the combat system but it grew on me. It's a basic rock paper scissors advantage game. Which is a bit too basic for my liking at the same time it is fun to experiment with. Navigation in the field can be a pain sometimes as parts of the map its hard to say if I can or cannot go there. The menus are simple and clean no extra fluff to them. Not the biggest fan of micro transactions. But they’re at a fair level and I have had enough luck getting medals without having to buy in. I would like a few more ways to get gems through normal progress though. I have taken notice of a lot of cheaters around and it’s a bit annoying. I could play for hours grinding to get a good rank only to find people with scores on impossible levels. At this time this is my only major gripe with the game that I think needs to be addressed. While there was an update to help deal with it I think more could be done. All in all Kingdom Hearts Union X [Cross] is an enjoyable experience for anyone whether they are a long time Kingdom Hearts fan or not. Definitely worth trying out at the very least.

- Game is good, customer service is bad.

I love this game, I have spent money and many hours on this game. So for me to be locked out of my account because it somehow unlinked itself from my Facebook is ridiculous. What’s even more ridiculous is that I’ve sent two emails with no response, and then procedure to get access to your account again is unacceptable. You have to know the exact day you first played the game? How the hell am I supposed to know that? And you have to memorize attack medals names and their skill and their attack? Who does that? Not a single person memorizes medals. Ridiculous. And you have to play 10 levels and download high definition or standard view before you can get the player ID for your temporary character, it’s extremely frustrating and not a very effective way of getting someone logged back into their player account. The whole system is a mess and needs to be fixed.

- Dark Road

Game lore is great, game looks good and runs well for me. Gameplay makes game feel tedious when you are too weak for the mission you simply have to sit there and grind for bp just to maybe level up, and with that new level only have a slightly better chance at the level you couldn’t get past without buying to win. If more cards were added and there was an easier way to get jewels to get cards more often would lead to being able to level up your stats easier and make the gameplay less tedious feeling if your actually able to use new cards or strengthen the ones you already have so you don’t have to sit on one star endless levels to grind your bp. Looking forward to updates and hopefully improvements, great potential!

- New idea

What if a new mode was added, kinda of like a FIFA FUT draft system. There are multiple phases to this mode: Phase 1: three different Keyblades presented to pick. Phase 2: five medals are shown. Pick one. Another five medals are shown—until 6 medals have filled whichever Keyblade chosen. Phase 3: edit the Keyblade, see what should change, whatever. Phase 4: each medal gets random traits Phase 5: you get taken to another screen with a specific set of maps to clear—or maybe a boss to beat. Phase 6: rewards offer jewels Goal of this mode is to showcase ALL medals that have ever been created. I feel too often medals that were once amazing become obsolete to the point that one is forced to never use it again. This mode will hopefully offer the opportunity for people to use medals that are not their own. This way, people can experience and appreciate the medals once created, instead of only using “meta” medals. What this mode must use is a theme, or specific set of perimeters when being presented with medals. Maybe only T7 medals are shown, or T1, or T4. Maybe specific characters of a world are shown, etc. I really hope you consider what I’m suggesting. I think this is what the KHUX community really need!

- Fun, but deletes your progress after 6 or 7 levels!

I have loved kingdom hearts all my life and this was very fun. Though the graphics are OK but after playing six or seven levels it deleted all my progress and logged me out! It’s super annoying please fix this glitch. I never got to do anything in the game except it just bothered me in Bossed me around and it kept on telling me to play the levels. I also saw some people who were commenting that it was logging them out and deleting their progress, but The game is still fun. I really can’t believe that kingdom hearts would do this to me. I have played the other games from the creators and the same thing has happened! Don’t get me wrong it’s still fun. If you are a kingdom hearts fan then you should play this but if you’re a person who does not like getting their progress to lead and games and don’t play this!

- We love you Square, but you don’t love us anymore..

Hey, my names Tom. I have been playing since day one. I used to love this game. The excitement, the story, the challenges, the amount you cared for your players, all of it. But over the past year, it really seems like you guys have shifted from caring about your players, to making as much money as possible off of us. This just isn’t the square enix, and the game that I love. I graciously ask that you go back to how you used to be. I don’t think the constant banners would be a problem, if more jewels were offered to free to play players. Even myself buying each weekly extravaganza (which is way more than anyone should spend on a mobile game) it’s just not realistic to succeed in this game. Your fans and players love you square, you have given us amazing stories, amazing games, and amazing childhoods. But right now, it seems like you don’t share the same love for us that we do for you. Please, just consider what you’re doing to us, and try to change. -Tom

- Don't be fooled

Don't get me wrong, this game was fun for a bit but I realized that the developers are getting really greedy and making this a pay to play game. It's become to the point where you'll have to spend around $400 (even more in some cases) on a single item that isn't even tangible but you can't go without if you want to stay competitive and earn decent rewards. Sometimes it's not even guaranteed you'll get the item you want even when you're spending that much money due to the RNG in this game, kinda ridiculous right? If you think I'm exaggerating then go ahead and try it out but be warned, they are going to try almost every dirty trick they can get away with to get your money. I would compare this to what's happening with Star Wars battlefront II and the loot boxes. And don't expect any help from customer support when something goes wrong on their end, because I didn't get any. I love the kingdom hearts franchise but I hate how greedy and selfish they've become in this particular game. Well have fun!

- Worth it!

Great Game! This game is a grind fest but enjoyable. I love the medals and verity also being able to upgrade and so on. The down side is I’ve gotten to the point to where I’m over powered for the story missions so I’m not really worried about them but I have to do them because I want more key blades of course but at this point in time it’s become boring pointlessly doing it. It would be nice if they came out with a special type of skill pass that skips 10 levels only in the story campaign and the only way to acquire it would be some a limited time mission or something of the sort. I would say let you be able to skip all of it but then that would be too easy. Other then that fact I do really enjoy the game and defiantly recommend it!

- I love the game but

Ok i played this game a long time ago when Nova was a new thing and when i came back to 60k jewels and things called supernova i was really exited to play but every time i try to play it would give me a message saying “you have been logged out due to inactivity” and then i have to re login and it’s annoying because sometimes it’ll keep giving me the same message. I tried to delete and re download the game but it still does it.. Over all i love the game and i got some really cool medals too but please try to fix this issue cause it stops me from playing. I also just tried to buy the VIP but when the purchase went through i didn’t get anything but i couldn’t refund it:( I dont know if that’s a bug or if it just ate my money but try to fix that too cause i wanted my vip😢.

- A little disappointed

I’ve been playing this game now for a little over a year at this point. It’s not that bad of a game, but it’s really hard to be able to level up your medals and key blades when you have to have so many jewels in order to get any kind of gems. I don’t dislike the game play, but I wish there was more to the story, and less side quests since it’s deferring from the actual game itself. I sometimes can’t keep up because it doesn’t really make any sense. It feels like there are plot lines and story from kingdom hearts II rather than focusing on the key-blade masters instead and their ‘master’ like in the small movie that was introduced sometime last year. I wish that t would connect more to the xehanort saga and the games previous to support new dialogue and a new story line (even though this game is backwards in terms of timeline). Other than that, I gave it a two star because I like the game play.

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- Fantastic Game.

The Controls Are Easy To Use, Its A Little Bit Hard When You Start Because Of The Energy, But When You Join At Specific Times, The Game Is Very Generous To Players, It’s Not Much Of A Pay To Win, The Jewels Are Easy To Earn If You’re Patient, They’re Also A Bit Overpriced But Theres No Need To Buy Them. Gameplay Is Simple, You Can Travel Across Dimensions With Characters Such As Mickey From Disney, Or Cloud From Final Fantasy, There Are Also Unions, Which You Can Decide On.

- Patience needed

Another entry in the KH series, this mobile addition needs some serious patience if you want to learn anything new about the story. There's maybe 1 story mission every 50 missions. It's a slow grind. The combat is pretty smooth and easy. Not wonderfully interesting, but you feel it as you get better. That may take a long time though as it feels a bit pay-to-win. Especially early game when you run out of energy fairly regularly. Of course you don't have to, it's just premium currency is earned pretty slowly and unless you do some serious saving it's unlikely you'll get that super-powered medal you're after. Medals (that you fight with) themselves, however, have good variety and nice artwork and your avatar is customisable at any time which is sweet. Also fighting alongside people in your union is good fun. Go Anguis! All up, it's a clean enough game, fighting with your union is great but it feels VERY slow and pushes microtransactions a bit.

- Jewel packs are a rip off

Extortionate pricing for jewel packs. This needs to change. Medals are outdated too quickly to invest that kind of money into them. VIP packs are better value, but the developers have been ignoring our pleas to include attack medals in the WJE. There’s also a lot of obsolete junk in those packs none of us want, like meow wows. They’re just a waste of inventory space and it’s underwhelming to receive them in a pack we’re paying real money for to say the least. Please look at how people are playing the game and adjust the VIP packs to include more useful resources like gems and attack/subslot medals. Even rewarding avatar coins is pointless after you’ve cleared all the boards, which only takes a few days for new players. Just get rid of all the redundant, obsolete trash and reduce the ridiculously high jewel prices, and you’ve got a decent game here.

- Overall very good but...

Now that there's an extra medal slot from your pet, you run out of AP gauges too quickly. Also, the jewels are WAY overpriced. Let me put it this way; if you actually got good value for it, I'd be throwing my money at you. (Currently $31 doesn't even give enough jewels for one medal pull, thoroughly ridiculous). PS I liked the old app icon better.

- Update issue

Before the 7 star and pvp update khux was a really good game but ever since the 7 star and pvp update khux doesn’t seem to be as much fun. The biggest problem is the ways to access tickets to get blue fairy medals. It seems that the only way to earn gold fairy tickets is through pvp meaning that it’s most likely the same top 3000 people again and again reaping the rewards but for the rest it seems almost impossible. This game in my opinion could be more enjoyable if there are more opportunities in obtaining fairy tickets instead of pvp.

- Good and bad

I'm a huge KH fan and played the old games like crazy. This is totally different but it's fun to fight alongside the characters again. Here's what you need to know: There is an energy system. It's grindy as all hell. It's pay to win faster and easier but can be played for free. The music will take you back 10 years in a flash. Overall I'm really enjoying it but my main gripe is the load screens. The load screams are horrible. Like HORRIBLE. Almost every tap is followed by a load screen. Start a mission. Load. Finish a mission. Load. Tap inventory. Load. Customise avatar. Load. Oops forgot something in inventory. Load. Seriously, it needs to be optimised. If this isn't fixed soon there is no way I'll be able to stand it and I'll uninstall as I'm sure many other people will.

- I can’t play it

Ok so when I play the game I start with the guide which I cannot skip or bypass of anyway once I finish and it says thanks for playing it brings me to the title screen and if I press play again it starts the guide again which I can’t bypass which means I’m stuck please fix this I’ve played this game before and I loved it 😔

- Latest update

Ever since the latest update I have not been able to log into my account despite uninstalling and re-installing the app numerous amount of times. My game will not load, and will not download the updates and occasionally stating that I have no internet connect despite a) using my own mobile data or b) using the wifi anywhere either at home, at a hotel, at a Internet cafe even. I have the iPhone XR so my phone is not exactly old, I just want to be able to enjoy the game like I use to and be able to talk to my party.

- Need more levels

So on story mode I mostly completed them and I primarily grind jewels from story mode and since there’s not a lot left I can’t really get jewels for new medals and I know there’s other ways to get jewels but that all about saving up but medal events are limited and I don’t want to miss out on new medals

- Nothing but a money grab

I use to be a big fan of the game, but over the last year they’ve slowed down story quests to a pitiful 5-15 quests per month (and we are lucky if it’s 15!) and increased the amount of content they want people to pay for. They currently have 8 different limited time banners running at the same time and it’s impossible to get enough currency in-game during the time limit to do a 5 pull mercy on even one banner. It’s disgusting how they treat players of the game. The developers and everyone involved should be ashamed!

- 5 month break to come back to greatness

I took a long break from KHUx because it was getting boring but now, this game is fun as hell! I have played the game over 1000 days and am glad I’m continuing playing

- Special quests don't last

One thing I have a problem with is that today I bought the special quests and they should last until the end of the week and it only lasted 30 minutes and that is a rip off to take your money and I'm not happy with that.. they need to fix this and the dates are all wrong other than that the game is fine even though we have to wait ages for the new episodes.

- Room for improvement

Spent a week playing so far The overall experience isn’t to bad but the game never seems to work on wifi, I can only connect from my phones net which is rather annoying but I also imagined there would be more options to customising your pet, had the pet all week and haven’t gotten any items despite the hours of grinding

- Wheres the update

Can you let me update? The app keeps on saying there’s an update available but there’s none on the App Store? I’ve tried a few times and even restarted my device. Also the date changes four hours before the date actually does.

- repetitive rip off

this game feels like you are playing the same thing over and over again. the same location over and over- it gets a bit monotonous. i do enjoy the events however, some events you need to be a VIP and thats so expensive! and its only for that week! bit of a rip!

- Tedious Memory Loss

I just downloaded the new version of the game and again, I have to start a NEW GAME because of it. Which means all I have done in the last version is all gone and now, I have to do it ALL OVER AGAIN!!! This kind of update has to stop. It has screwed me over again and I’m not happy about it. Not at all...

- My childhood game

This game means everything to me I played kh1 kh2 and kh3 they never failed me now that this game is on phone or whatever this has made twice as happy it brings a tears to my eyes 💜💜💜💛💛❤️ps: i love sora

- Great Game

This game is very well done. Just started playing Kingdom Hearts again and found this. The theme song is amazing and soothing. To anyone wondering if this game is worth it. It definitely is!

- Loved it but would add new features...

Love the game so much but it would be nice to put some voice actor in each medal like in Japanese version.

- Pretty good

I just started but it seems pretty good so far

- Now turning into pay to win

Been playing this game for a while - it used to be excellent but since the introduction of 7 star medals and PvP it’s headed straight into Pay to Win territory. The latest special boosters can only be gained if you’re prepared to spend upwards of $850. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone at the moment.

- Best Game In The Universe!

Huge fan of Kingdom Hearts for more than 20 Years! Awesome story and good list of games!

- A bug...

I really like this game but there is this bug where every time I finish the tutorial I keep getting back to the start please fix this

- I can’t go to part 8

The game is good but I get kinda angry because when I get pass level 7 it says thanks for playing and then makes me go to the title screen

- What The App Store was Made For

Absolute Brilliance My favourite game, on my favourite platform. Thank you.

- Question

Is there kissing in any part of the game

- Why

Why do I have to log in to Facebook to save the game

- Good but

Great game, perfect for KH and FF fans. But I would like new worlds and keyblades.

- Super Amazing

I’m enjoying it just as much as Kingdom Hearts on PS4!!!

- Ahhhhh


- Don’t get it.

How can you play a game when it deletes all your save data randomly! Waste of time!

- The bad game

This game is to short the only good thing about it is the art work

- Colerseum

Unlock the Colerseum fast

- DON’T DOWNLOAD - not worth your time

I am and always will be a Kingdom Hearts fan, but Square Enix has to be one of the greediest videogame companies out there. Me, like a great deal of other fans, downloaded this game on day 1. I have played this game literally every single day since launch and the more time that passes, the more disgusted I am with how the players are treated. I don’t even know where to start honestly but let’s start with the story. I would say that more than 90% of the story in this game is just repeats from Disney stories we have played through countless times. They say this game is part of the canon story and although the game has been out for over 2 years we haven’t really gotten much new information at all. Nothing ties in with the core games and the only reason I still play is because I want the full story. On paper that doesn’t seem so bad until you realise that this game is just something to fill in the time between now and Kingdom Hearts 3. And Square Enix will sap as much money out of your pocket as they can because they know this game will die after it releases. Probably why they pushed the release date for Kingdom Hearts 3 back .. Again ... You may be asking, how are they trying to take our money ? The answer to that question is the VIP system. Paying $25 a week should give the players more than what they get. You get weekly access to daily missions that recycle each day, if you are lucky a few bonus quests that give boosters, a few more rounds of PvP each day and enough jewels for 1 pull. That is not worth the money but people will buy it solely for the jewels because there aren’t really any ways to get the amount of jewels required for their medal carnivals. They always put them all back to back and screw their fans into buying more jewels because they lack compassion and cannot seem to change their greedy ways. They don’t care about their fans, only how much money they can squeeze out of them. The new PvP system is absolutely busted. Defence boosts and triple threat are essential in higher levels of play and most of the time it comes down to luck to win a fight. Also being able to swap ranks with someone a few minutes before the season is over makes it unplayable. You cannot battle someone who is currently in a battle already, which everyone is because they are trying to swap ranks with someone to secure a certain position to get golden and silver tickets. Besides dropping rank because someone switched with you at the last second, 7 star medals are absolutely stupid. In a single update, every medal in the game has become redundant because it is no longer fully upgraded. And you need to play PvP to become stronger but new players can’t do that because they will get their teeth kicked in by veterans who have skills on their medals or the newcomers won’t even have the required keyblades you are forced to fight with. Not to mention the global version of the game gets treated like trash compared to the Japanese version. They get better rewards, exclusive medals, more events and early access to everything. It is like this with all Kingdom Hearts games though, not just the mobile game. Japan is always favoured over the rest of the world when we are all fans of the series, all the same. I am fed up with the lack of respect for the fans of the series, the greed of this company and their lack of responsibility for these actions. They will ignore all these complaints, they will not take feedback and they will take every cent you own because people give them the power to do these things by buying VIP every week, by playing the game everyday and by blindly following them down the rabbit hole they are digging for us. People stood up against EA for their corporate greed. Its time we did the same against Square Enix. Their fans are what make them, without us they are nothing but another sad person trying to get their story out there. We have the power, not them.

- not good anymore

was good but story is perpetually stuck in agrabah even in the events you find agrabah and the union cross. bad for wallet, worse for battery life, worst for kh fans :C :C :C :C :C :C :C

- TOO SHORT >:((((


- My love

Absolutely love this game as I have loved every kingdom hearts game. Only problem is the AP costs. I'm at quest 110 I think. And I can only do about 3-4 missions at a time before all my AP is out. I know the AP cost was at 1 for ages, but I think you guys buffed it up a little to high. If I could be reduced to like 3-4 per quest until the real super high levels then that would be awesome. Because I can't get enough of this game and I just constantly want to keep playing it :)

- Awesome

The game is amazing, evidently a mobile game however for what it is it's great. The multiple level systems are great and easy to learn, the avatar boards are great. My only criticism is the price of micro transactions (which you definitely do not need to play the game at all so that's a plus), the micro transactions cost way too much for me to justify ever purchasing anything with real money.

- Great game except for the crashes

This game is great. I don't mind that the date is wrong for me (I'm in Australia not Europe. My Sunday is Europe's Saturday) I can deal with the fact that this game drains my battery. What I can't handle is the amount of times this game crashes each day. Every time it crashes I need to go back into the app which takes ages to load. Then it makes me redo the entire quest that I just completed before the app crashed.

- Great Kingdom Hearts Universe App

Unchained X is a great app for both long time Square Enix fans and newcomers. Explore the characters of the Kingdom Hearts universe without the hassle of an expensive console. Game structure can be a little complex at times but definitely worth the time if you're a fan of Disney characters and games. Looking forward to future story and character expansions.

- Amazing app but just one small issue...

This app is truly one of a kind and I'm really enjoying it! The only problem is that it keeps crashing every so often. Please fix it asap. Other than that, this is an amazing app nonetheless!

- Horrible loading times.

I played on my iPhone 6s+ and after the initial download and tutorial there is a massive download which takes quite some time. This would be fine if there wasn't an incredibly slow loading screen between each short quest. I gave this game around an hour and 50% of that was me waiting. Seemed like a great game. But was too easy to lose interest.

- KingdomHearts Unchined X

Ok if you play Kingdom hearts 1.5 2.5 and soon 2.8 you have to play Kingdom hearts Unchined are you don't know The story means and it's great for newcomers and kids teens and adults. And please Square Einix Make Kingdom hearts 3 World wide release 👑💖 Kingdom Hearts 4 Life 👑💖

- Takes too long to download updates

This is the reason why I sometimes don't like online games. You download the game from AppStore only to realize you have to download more updates when accessing the game. I reached a certain '1/10' update download section and I was only around 55% done in that '1/10' after over an hour. Suddenly, there was a network error which means I have to redownload the entire update again, big no no.

- Boring..

Perhaps this was designed for little kids who just like to race through levels and destroy enemies? This is nothing like the Kingdom Hearts games. All you do is go through each level fighting the heartless. There is nothing else to it. You're forced to fight the heartless, can't explore the surroundings and there is nothing additional to do except complete the forced quests. If you enjoy more stimulation in your game I don't recommend this.

- A must play for any KH fan.

I played the american version of this for a few months now with no in app purchases, the combat is fun, collecting and upgrading medals is a game in itself and its a visually stunning game. This is a must play for any Kingdom Hearts fan.

- This app has become horrible!

After the update, I can't play this game anymore. I've timed how long it takes for the loading screen to load the notices & when I reached 10 minutes, the game still has not loaded anything! My wifi connection is stable, there's no bad weather and I've made sure there's nothing else connected to the Internet, but the game will still not load.

- Grate game

I'm a massive kingdom hearts fan and I'm loving this game every kingdom hearts fan should give this game a shot and I hope to see an update to play offline so you can play on the go if you have an iPad like I do

- Glitch

Whenever I go to equipment and change medals, it says "exceeds cost" or whatnot and won't let me go to any other page. I've tried restarting the app but it hasn't saved the changes I've made to the medals.

- Nostalgic

I don't have much to say on the game cause there's nothing I have to complain about and I haven't had any bugs but all rounder you guys did pretty good.

Payoneer 💰

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- Getting better. Keep it up.

Sept28. 17.Edit 1: SENA is slowly changing. Communication is getting better. Rewards are slowly increasing and the gap between JP/global is decreasing. Not bad. All that's left is consistent story content release dates. ----- Treating their players badly. Content coming out is slowly diminishing. Customer service takes days to reply(not solve the problem). Microtransactions aren't even worth your time anymore. Compared to the generous JP counterpart, this game just wants all your money while giving nothing in return!

- The game randomly restarting

Yeah I had this problem too you actually have to say you’re like I’d say 14 at minimum for the game to not restart which I wish we knew ahead of time

- Disney cindy

Est ce que va avoir d’autre mission niveau de Ralph. Pour que je sauve j’ai trop hâte

- It won’t let me go past the tutorial

The game is really fun in general, but when I reach the “Thank you for playing” pop up and click “ok” it resets all of my progress.

- Audio not working

Idk if it’s just me but I have uninstalled reinstalled, restarted my iPad, reset the game data, but audio is not working at all on my iPadPro, even on the start up page it’s silent

- Tutorial only

Doesn’t let me past the tutorial please fix I would rate 5 stars if this bug is fixed

- Good adaption to the game

Just one of those supposedly good games that get ruined by in-app coin purchase bundles. The game tries to make you purchase coins for better benefits, which in my opinion is sad to see.

- Disappointing

Even if I m a huge kh fan ,having played everything in the series.I feel that this game is too childish,easy and boring for my taste.For a kh mmo I expected a lot more and...where the hell is the plot.I have played a lot and it did not got darker even if it's suppose to bring the keyblade war. An idea would be to release another one for core fans,because do you know what will happen square enix with a kiddy game like that? People will think that every single game in the series are boring,casual and easy when they re not...especially the first(Riku Ansem anyone)honestly doing stuff like that may kill this beloved franchise like what nearly happened to Final Fantasy so please stop with dumbing everything down..we would love a challenging and complex kh game on a ios device. And honestly,this thing will only attract really small child and chase the fans away.I tried to love it but even if it can be fun it left me with a bad taste of doing that for nothing.Give us the complex plotlines the series is known for!Will delete it having found far more complex games out here.The only way to make me interested is non chibi artstyle and adding more diversity because killing heartless grew boring really fast and anyway did heartless already existed at that time,I though it was unversed and please make a mmo more similar to the console game and being a prequel similar to the best kh ever aka birth by sleep.This is not kh this a cashgrab for small kids attracted by disney characters.Kh is a hard E10+ and this thing look like K rated as best so basically low end E rating seriously squaree do something worthy of yourself instead of letting disney turn one of your last intact franchise,because ff13 was linear crap into a childish disgrace. I want to understand why such a generic extremely pay2win and repetitive title contain canon materials, this is a waste of the keyblade war/ Xehanort backstory(that I know nothing about because I don’t want to play that scam) but well with the fact you turned FF Tactics into a tie in gacha to Brave Exvius, you have long fallen to the dark side unfortunately so KH fans like me maybe better find a new home and IP to love, I already had to for FF after what was done to it.

- Was Great...

Like I said in title, was great. Unfortunately I stopped for a few months and when I came back I couldn’t log back in. Great waste of money not even considering time wasted -.-

- meh

meh not good

- Tickets

Had received tickets for a campaign today and now can’t use them.

- Good for mobile

The more advanced content is pay to win. Casuals can enjoy without spending money. Overall game is fun.

- Won’t stop loading

After I do the basics and try to download it takes long as frick and I had to wait 2 WHOLE HOURS and barley downloaded this sucks😡🤬

- Awesome game

I really enjoy and recommend this game to everyone. If you like kingdom hearts you’ll enjoy this

- Can’t play the game :(

I cannot play the game at all. All I do is the tutorial and that’s it. It’s just the tutorial repeating every time. And when I’m done, it says “Thanks for playing!”, that’s all.

- Needs more gameplay depth.

I really enjoy the Kingdom Hearts series as well as most of the spinoffs but this one seems to lack gameplay depth. It’s just walking around one tiny map after another (many recycled) looking for treasures while combat is a simple turn-based system where you swipe if facing multiple enemies, tap for a single foe, or use a medal for a more powerful attack against a boss or tougher adversary. Repeat that literally hundreds of times. Outside of that, you are managing inventory such as equipping and upgrading keyblades and medals. There is PvP and team battles but it’s the same over-simplified combat but with more people. I really wish they had gone for a looter style game like Diablo (plenty of potential there) or introduced a virtual gamepad for a more traditional style Kingdom Hearts title. Sadly this appears to be a for-profit business first and a game second when it should be the reciprocal.

- You can only synch with Facebook?!

That’s absurd.

- Facts

Best game on iOS

- Super good game

First time I played it I couldn’t stop playing

- It 2019 and you still haven’t fixed the problem

I deleted the game for a year and what do I get the same thing is this game a demo if it is I am not going to play a game that is a stupid demo if you do not fix it nobody is going to play and is not just me look at the reviews and fix it I thought you’d fix by now but no you are too lazy to even fix it because you only add more to the gameplay instead of listening to reviews that show you what you need to improve and if I had to use an account to play this game I am not gonna play fix it 😡😡😡😡😡 I played the game at 2017 and after 2 years you still be lazy but holes!

- Downloading takes forever

Like the game however after tutorial the download takes forever. Been taking for the last 3 days and have to give up after waiting half an hour.

- Awesome at first...

It was good at first but then when I upgraded my Mickey medal with Dewey, it said thanks for playing and I had to click ok so I did. then it restarted the game from the beginning. So I deleted it and re downloaded it it still did the same thing. So I decided to try the next day still no luck. Can someone help?

- Full game?

I enjoy playing this game, but it keeps giving me “Thanks for playing”


If game says thanks for playing hit x3 on the title screen!

- Update

Can’t seem to find the update

- Rude much

When I finally did my first six levels it logged me out. I log back in and it makes me restart everything except my name and charecter. They concept is cute tho. And it takes a while to load

- Colosseum mode

I was playing this game the majority of it is awesome but the colosseum mode is absolute garbage and it’s not because it’s pay to win it. It’s sucks because I fought a guy with 1849 average attack (a fairly low strength) and in the first match the other player proceeded to get more then 3,000,000 stars (based on amount of damage done) and the next match they got only got around 1500 to 2250 stars and they didn’t even game the last one so it ended in a draw. please fix this

- Terrible "game"

Sorry did I say game? I meant gambling simulator. I honestly think this game might have been handed off to some bosses 16 year old who's only goal is run this game into the ground. Do yourself a favour and stay away if you're new, or delete the game if you've already started.

- How do you continue?

I beat level 6 or 7 then the game said “thanks for playing!” And sent me back to the title screen. When i tried to continue, i was all the way back at the beginning!

- Game went downhill

Played this game when it first came out and was obsessed for months. As a F2P player, one could still be competitive. Three years later, I downloaded the game again and am disappointed to see how it completely cuts out it’s F2P players. Even in single player (PvE), the Coliseum is impossible to play without having medals you have to pay for. Can’t even get past the first few rounds. The Coliseum is available in relatively early gameplay (level 130) and while I can one hit every opponent in story mode in this level, I can barely win the first few rounds in Coliseum. Completely turns off new players


I was playing and it was super fun but then it crashes and when I went back in ALL my progress was gone. 😡

- Game

It’s a great one!!!! Download NOW.

- Only Tutorial

You can only play the tutorial, after that it's just says thanks for playing and restarts your game.

- The greatest game I’ve played on smartphone

Some people said that there’s a paywall it’s real but it’s not necessary so we can enjoy the game without paying,the story is fun and the game is so addictive I recommend it without a doubt to all kingdom hearts lovers and smartphones users

- Don’t buy the jewel packs

I understand monetizing a F2P game, but as an exampleJewel Box E is 139.99 and a spirit training slot is locked behind it. This is quickly becoming EA levels of evil. I’m not giving this one star because I still like parts of the game as I always have. There is just no point in supporting these monetization schemes.

- Thelegendoftiff

I got my account back but cant figure out how to change or delete my last review!!! Excellent prequel to kingdom hearts game! Love the cute little avatars and game play.

- Update fail

I tried to launch my game and that say « you need to update », no update in store. I delete and re download the app, « please update Your game » what happen???

- Where is the new Update?

The game said there was a new update. But it send me here. So I checked on the update and swipe down to update the list but its NOT THERE! Wasted potential of notifying people to update.

- Version 3.2.0

I can’t download this version yet 😓

- Awesome

It’s Kingdom Hearts of course it’s gonna be awesome. Actually connected to the saga, not just random like I first thought.

- Can’t play past the Snow White section

As a kid I used to love this game even on mobile but now if I try to play to a certain point it will say “thanks for playing” then take me to the beginning where I have to restart wit my same character same union but beginner stats I remember just a few years ago I had the Cheshire Cat outfit but now I cant even change my outfit so good luck playing past the tutorial

- Too short

I play this game for an hour and the game say thanks for playing but i just made the tuto.don’t waste your Time

- Sorry

I’m sorry to have to give this a bad review but I have downloaded the game and played all the way up to the second part of drawfs woods and after I Finnished the Level it tells me to go into story and POOF I’m back at Level 1 if you Could PLEASE FIX THIS I would be grateful

- Horrible

It’s fun when you first play but when I got to a certain level it started all over again

- Not as bad

The game its self isn't the worst out of all the kh games (not saying they are bad). I would like to see friendly pvp or better ways to get materials in the game. Besides those great game!

- Hearts

I love KH. Good little game.

- Used to be fun

Was great for the first few years now has gotten way to complicated with medals And power ups and never ending update

- Short term enjoyable, overall awful and frustrating

Only been playing a few weeks, but I have to say that while at first this game seems like a lot of fun, there's a huge drop off as soon as you start doing any sort of moderate or advanced play. The storyline is pretty flat and it doesn't really feel like you're that engaged in it... the main character seems to be someone named Ephemeral whose discovering secrets about the universe alongside you until he just up and leaves you in the wind when things are actually getting interesting. And I agree with other reviews, there is HUGE rng in this game when it comes to purchasing necessary medals, not to mention that top tier medals are very often awfully ineffective even when you manage to get them. Not to mention customer service and support whose favourite tag line appears to be "that's not a service we provide" when I was trying only to correct a mistaken spending of in-game currency on an irrelevant medal pack. Which is another problem with the game, you can't even get any powerful medals through regular play of the game, only tier 1 (these are useless medals even when levelled up, and only a 9th of possible medals since it goes to tier 9!). So the only way to get the strong necessary medals is to buy dozens of medal packs with a very low chance you even receive a good item out of it. So disappointing, as I started out rather enjoying the game at the start only to realize that's really all there was to the game. Then when I had an issue and contacted the customer service and they refused to help with even minor account management issues that gave me the impression this game is severely neglected and so are its players by extension. In summary, pick this game up if you want about a week's worth of enjoyment, and if you go further with it prepared to be sorely disappointed and frustrated, especially if you're needing any sort of customer support. Be prepared for endgame to chat you hundreds of dollars in jewels in order to be competitive even in a moderate sense and RNG being kind.

- Tutorial

Won’t let me past the tutorial

- Bad key blade lol

Not worth it

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Mel-onlord 🍉 riku's hand holder @ FFXIII-LR&TWEWY

I don't know if I'm late to the party of realization but it just occured to me that the disney+ kingdom hearts series is probably going to be the UX/Dark Road adaptation

KINGDOM HEARTS Uχ Dark Road 4.3.1 Screenshots & Images

KINGDOM HEARTS Uχ Dark Road iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

KINGDOM HEARTS Uχ Dark Road iphone images
KINGDOM HEARTS Uχ Dark Road iphone images
KINGDOM HEARTS Uχ Dark Road iphone images
KINGDOM HEARTS Uχ Dark Road iphone images
KINGDOM HEARTS Uχ Dark Road iphone images
KINGDOM HEARTS Uχ Dark Road iphone images
KINGDOM HEARTS Uχ Dark Road iphone images
KINGDOM HEARTS Uχ Dark Road iphone images
KINGDOM HEARTS Uχ Dark Road iphone images

KINGDOM HEARTS Uχ Dark Road (Version 4.3.1) Install & Download

The applications KINGDOM HEARTS Uχ Dark Road was published in the category Games on 2016-04-07 and was developed by SQUARE ENIX [Developer ID: 300186801]. This application file size is 449.57 MB. KINGDOM HEARTS Uχ Dark Road - Games app posted on 2021-04-22 current version is 4.3.1 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.square-enix.kingdomheartsxww

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