Thermo Watch for Nest & Ecobee

Thermo Watch for Nest & Ecobee [Lifestyle] App Description & Overview

Apple Watch, Nest Thermostat, and Siri. Together at last.

* The app has Siri Voice shortcuts for seamless Siri control of your Nest, from the iPhone, Watch, iPad, and HomePod. It fully supports Apple Watch LTE, and can work when the iPhone is not around - as long as the watch itself has internet access (either LTE or WiFi).

* The app lets you monitor and control HomeKit thermostats like Ecobee, and functions largely the same with them as it does with Nest, except for the Siri Shortcuts functionality which is not needed with HomeKit. It lets you see your thermostat info on the Watch complications, and control it using the iOS widget.

• Using Siri voice shortcuts you can control many aspects of your Nest, such as instant activation of heating or cooling, setting the temperature by saying how many degrees you want to set, increasing/decreasing the temperature, and setting the Home/Away state. Thanks to Thermo Watch, It's all finally just one casual "Hey Siri" away, all with informative visual and verbal feedback.
• From the watch face, tap on the Thermo Watch complication to open the app. Spin the Digital Crown, or Swipe up/down to adjust the temperature. You can start adjusting the moment the app opens.
• On your iOS device you can press and hold onto the app icon to open a quick popout menu, you can swipe to the notification center to adjust the temperature on the Widget, or you can just open the app. Again, you can start adjusting the moment the controls appear.
• From your Apple TV, open the app, and swipe up/down on the remote to change the temperate.

The app is fully functional with an initial purchase. The in-app purchases are used only for giving a tip to the developer.

The app will let you know with a chime and a tap, that the thermostat has received and applied your command.

Monitor your Thermostats and Home/Away status right from the watch face, using complications that update in the background, without having to launch the app.

You can use Siri on your iPhone, Watch, iPad, or HomePod to control any of your thermostats. Record phrases that make most sense to you, such as "Start Heating" or "Make it Cooler". If you have multiple thermostats you can control them individually, by saying for example "Start Heating Upstairs" or "Start Cooling the Living Room".

Visit website for the detailed instructions of Siri operation.

Set Geofence around your home to reliably set the Home and Away state when you come and go.

The app supports multiple thermostats in multiple homes - just swipe left and right on your Watch screen to access them, or see them all at the same time in the iOS Widget and the app. Fahrenheit and Celsius are both supported.

Beyond that, you can press the Watch screen firmly for additional functions, like switching to a heating or cooling mode, setting the away status, choosing the active temperature sensor, or turning the fan on and off.

While the app's minimalist looks betray the simplicity of its operation, what they don't show is the amount of planning, design, development and refinement that went into it, ensuring it becomes something that is enjoyable to use and experience.

Thermo Watch does not collect any of your data. Your login information, thermostat settings, and any activity - all of it flows exclusively between your devices and Nest. Author of Thermo Watch does not receive any of it, at any point.
This app and its developer are unaffiliated with Google Inc. or Google Nest. Nest is a trademark of Google Inc.

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Thermo Watch for Nest & Ecobee Customer Service, Editor Notes:

* Added support for iOS/iPadOS 14 and watchOS 7. * Fix for the Apple TV app authorization problem under iOS14. * Restored compatibility with iOS 9. Many thanks to Roger for testing! Previous major updates: * You can now sign in with a Google account to both the iOS app, and the Apple TV app. * You can save both the Google account and Nest account API Key from the app menu. As usual, it's advisable to do this. * Watch app can now display temperatures from Nest temperature sensors, and change the active sensor. To do this, press the watch screen firmly. * Fan running time can now be configured in the app settings, independently for the iOS app, and the Watch app. * HomeKit thermostat support added to the Apple TV version of the app. *Tip Jar added to the app menu. If Watch Cam has changed your home experience for the better, please consider giving a small tip.

Thermo Watch for Nest & Ecobee Comments & Reviews

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- Not working for me, yet...

***UPDATE*** Marko replied to my response immediately, and knew the issue right away, I’m brand new to Nest Thermostat and Google changed a few things. Although he was unable to resolve it, he was very willing to refund me the purchased price. He gave me a very detailed reason why (the Google/Nest transition) it isn’t working. He is working on a solution to the problem, and hopefully will have it resolved soon. He was very pleasant to work with, and again, I love the Camera app he created. Just waiting for the bugs to be removed for me. Overall, great developer, very professional, and a pleasure to work with. (I would give a 5 because of his help, but the app still doesn’t work for me) Previous - When I try and log in through the app on my phone, using my nest account, it says I must use the main users account information, which I am. The camera app they have works well but this doesn’t work.

- Great Functionality!

The app is great! The app is very functional and gives me a great status view and control of my two Nest Thermostats! Some of my favorite features are: 1) the iOS widget provides me a fast way to control the temp, home/away status, humidity, and ambient temperature for my upstairs and downstairs thermostats. 2) Apple Watch widget gives me the same control as the iOS widget but it also has a GREAT complication showing me the cool/heat status, on/off status, ambient temperature and humidity. [the Nest Watch app doesn’t have this]. 3) tvOS app also gives me all the above control on my AppleTV [the Nest TV app doesn’t have this-in fact, you can’t control your thermostats on the AppleTV Nest app. It’s only for the Nest Cam]. With all that said, I’ve reached out to the developer a few times to provide suggestions and issues and they have been VERY responsive! I would recommend this to anyone who wants a really cool control and UI for their Nest Thermostats.

- Display options

I would like to see an update where you can have options to show different displays on app. So currently when I look at my nest display in the app, the screen displays the cooling point set temp and not the current room temp. I know it shows the current room temp underneath, but being able to display it on the nest icon in the app would be nice. Also, just if you could make it mirror my actual nest display. So for example you can see the digital clock if your nest has been set to this for the display. Even better would be an option to set your display in the app and have it change on the nest at home or even an option to change the display in the app without it changing the display on your actual nest. Just some suggestions. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

- Nest Gen 3 Problems

Update #2: Version 15 has restored my ability to use ThermoWatch. Thank you Marco. You are a credit to software developers everywhere. I absolutely love this app. Since you had refunded my $3 when it didn’t work - How do I now get you your $3 back. You deserve it. Thxbruce. Update: Marco, the Developer was very responsive to my comments and we worked to try to resolve what admittedly is a Google Nest API problem. When all current options were exhausted, he Refunded my money. I cannot ask for more than that. Can’t get this to work with Gen 3 and a non-google migrated, non-family 2014 Nest account. It keeps telling me it won’t work with a nest family owners account ... WHICH I DONT HAVE. I feel like I’ve been mugged for $3. What gives.??! I’m tech savvy so this isn’t “operated error”.

- Bought in hopes for the future...

I just purchased the app hoping for the Dev to add the google account support. I’ve heard great things about this app, but I’ll be unable to use it until support is added. The new home I purchased came with a nest so I have no other choice unless I just replace it with an ecobee. So here’s my $3 in hopes that you deliver on your plans! If not, oh well. I’m glad to help out the developer community.

- Nest thermostat as it should be

I began a quest for Apple Watch Nest thermostat control several weeks ago. The search led me to Marko and this product. I liked everything I saw but couldn’t get it to recognize my thermostat. I used the contact developer approach and Marko responded almost immediately, explaining the problem and his status in correcting the issue. He provided me with a beta version which he updated as revisions became available. Quickly he cleared cleared the hurdle and yesterday I had the ability to not only use my watch for thermostat adjustments but to do so with Siri voice commands spoken to the Watch. I highly recommend this app to anyone with the thermostat and a watch. Kudos for a great app and being a responsive developer. My tip is in the tip jar, my highest compliment.

- Excellent app - intuitive and what Nest should aspire to offer

Excellent app, one that I use daily on my iPhone and iPad through the widget and via Siri commands. Super intuitive, simple and useful, and I ask myself why Nest hasn’t come up with these great value adds. Hats off to the developer for identifying a functionality gap and offering a solution. Thanks also to the developer for the quick reply to my earlier comment on Siri voice command functionality. I discovered that the “Set the temperature” voice command must be given in two stages: Siri will ask my desired temperature in step two. I was attempting to say “Set the temperature to x” on the first try, to no avail (“Sorry, there was a problem with the app.”). Updating my review from four to five stars.

- Outstanding App and Awesome Developer!

I don't usually write app reviews, but I was really impressed with this app and developer. Clearly a lot of thought and work has gone into this app, and there's a surprising amount that it can do. The Siri shortcuts are amazing! I initially had an issue with Siri encountering an error when trying to complete this apps shortcuts, but I contacted the developer and got a quick response with some troubleshooting tips, which quickly solved my issue. It turned out to be that my Nest was set to the mixed Heat/Cool mode, which is not supported for Siri Shortcuts (fine by me, I just left it in that mode because I'm lazy). After setting it to Cool via the official Nest app, I was then able to ask Siri to make it two degrees cooler and promptly hear the fan turn on. Very impressed with the quality of this app, the value for the price (I would have happily paid $9.99 for this app), and the quick developer response. Oh, and I haven't even tried it on my Apple Watch yet, so I'll update here when I do. If you have any issues, please reach out to the developer, he sorted my small issue and had me up and running in no time!

- Watch complication is wonderful

The Thermo Watch app itself is not the focus of this product. The Today View widget and the Apple Watch complication are what truly make this app invaluable for me. Being able to see the current ambient and set temperatures at a glance is so much easier than opening the slow and cumbersome Nest app (especially since I have a bunch cameras and smoke detectors that clutter the interface of Nest’s app). Adjusting the temperature on the watch is also quick and easy. It’s a simple pleasure, but it’s one that Nest itself doesn’t offer, so I’m very thankful for Thermo Watch

- This app should replace Nest’s

So at first I kind of skeptical when I saw the reviews, but I noticed the developer put effort towards improving the app so I thought I’d give it a try. When I used it I was blown away. Even more so with the Apple Watch app. The Nest app takes forever to load on my watch. It was so bad that I uninstalled it. I was disappointed I couldn’t adjust the temperature on my watch. I tried this app and was surprised with how fast it loaded. It’s actually a useful way to adjust the temperature while I wait for Nest to support Apple HomeKit to be able to just use Siri instead

- Please add option not to use home/away

I just got this app, and it seems pretty cool. Really easy to set up and start using on both my TV phone and watch. However I noticed the app says it’s going to do a home and away automatically, I don’t use these features on my thermostat and I don’t want them to be used. Is there way to turn off this function so that this app does not start using home and away? The developers replied and the app does not set the home/away function if you do not use that. Updated rating to 5 stars, great app!

- Stuck on ‘Authorizing’ *UPDATE*

I’m sure its a great app but when I open the app on my watch it just says ‘Authorizing’ and it gets stuck like that, I’ve tried restarting the app and powering off and on my watch. I have signed in to the Thermo App on my phone with my google account and it works from the phone, but it won’t work on the watch. *UPDATE* I email the customer support and they replied very quickly, they told me to restart both the watch and phone at the same time and this fixed my problem! Great app!

- Marco is very responsive he help me get this working on my Apple Watch

This app does what it claims and works great with my Apple Watch 4. It was not showing up on the pot or in the watch app on the phone but Marco told me I need to reboot both and should show up and it did. I am pasting that tidbit in here as well hopefully it will save someone else the headache of trying to figure that out if you had the same issue. This app and a complication to the watch and it’s missing from the Nest app which is a major bonus. Enjoy this app I know I will!!


While I primarily have smart home products that are integrated with HomeKit I do have a nest thermostat. I have tried so many methods to make it operable while all resulting in removing them and resorting back to opening the nest app itself. I absolutely love the Siri Shortcuts app and of course the use of Siri alone. Within a few minutes I was able to implement both! I am thrilled to be able to use Siri and shortcuts to adjust temps, run the fan etc! Thanks for this great and super easy to use app! I just might love my nest thermostat again.

- Love it ! One of my best App buy !

Love it ! Extremely easy to set up in few seconds. With it I was able to set up Siri shortcut to start/stop my fan when I’m cooking ! My AC is also a little noisy when I’m conference call. With this App I was able to set up another Siri shortcut to shut down my AC for X minutes and it restarts automatically after my meeting. Love it ! I also had a question for the App support and had a reply in just a few minutes ! Definitely recommend it and worth it !

- Well designed app

This is a well designed app with clear, big and bold controls. I find it far easier to use than the Nest app. The watch app’s control are likewise, big bold and easy to use. I have the watch app as a complication making it real easy to adjust temps. The watch app also has many options allow different displays like ambient temp and humidity. The developer is very responsive too making a change to the login procedure for smaller screens like the iPhone 8.

- Awesome product

I was very disappointed when google discontinued the Nest App. This is the perfect app for those who want to simply control nest thermostats. I have 2 thermostats and the watch app works perfect. The developer was great. I purchased the app a few months back . He told me there was an issue with 2nd factor authentication and offered to give me my money back. I told him that I would wait for the update. It was worth it. Sign in was super simple. Highly recommend this app.

- Amazing Little App

Offers great functionality not only on your Apple Watch, but also on your iPhone as a widget. The only unfortunate thing with the app right now is that if you have migrated your nest account to a google account, then you might not be able to use the app right now. The developer of the app has said that support for google accounts will be out very soon, and he can also help if the app doesn’t work for you. Great app and great developer.

- Customer Service is Unbelieve

Developer responds to questions within minutes. When app stopped working (beyond his control) was given option of refund or he laid out his plans for app repair. It is so refreshing to have a positive tech support experience with software today! By the way, I did not take him up on refund offer and so glad I didn’t. I now have functionally to adjust my Nest thermostats from my Apple Watch again. Thank you!!!

- Good Concept, but Unintuitive

While this app is an excellent idea, especially with the Siri shortcuts, the fact I haven't given this 5 stars is because the shortcuts don't work for me. With no instructions on setup, I assume it should be a simple connect-and-play setup. However, after trying multiple voice shortcuts, the only response I get is "Sorry, there was a problem with the app." And the lack of any instructions makes troubleshooting troublesome as I'm not sure if the issue is being caused by a missing setting on my device or a bug in the app.

- Nest control on Apple Watch and Notification Center!

This app does what I thought was impossible: allow control of my Nest system using Apple Watch even though Nest pulled their own Apple Watch app last year. Amazingly this third party solution is working great! If this app sticks around I will definitely be using its tip jar function because this gives me everything that Google has denied iPhone and Apple Watch users. Woohoo!

- Must have for Nest owners

I find this to be significantly better than Nest’s own app. The watch app loads quickly and sends the request to the thermostat right away, unlike the official Nest app which takes forever to even open. Siri integration is great and something completely missing from the official app. I haven’t tried the AppleTV app yet, but appreciate it is available since Nest only supports their cameras through their TV app.

- Awesome! Saved My Nest.

This app is the only reason I’m still using the Nest thermostat. When Google removed support for the watch, I thought I was done. I was ready to move to a new thermostat. One that not only allowed me to change the temp from my watch, but also use Siri and shortcuts. Enter Thermowatch. I now like my Nest again. Google could learn a thing or two from Thermowatch on how to make an app. Hats off to these guys. Thank you!!

- Revising my earlier Review - 5 stars

Earlier I posted a review that stated that this app was completely non-functional for changing my thermostat. While troubleshooting, It turned out that it was actually the Nest service that was down. When the service came back up the app started working. In fairness I am revising my review. So for it seems the app has some very nice features, so I am giving it 5 stars!

- Giving us the functions Google won’t!

This app is phenomenal. I’ve been waiting so long for Google to release an API to reenable this app’s functionality with my Nest thermostat and I’m so excited that it finally works again. The app developer has always been super responsive, friendly, and really does his best to help solve any issues. Can’t say enough good things about this app and the developer!

- Great Nest Add-on!!

This is a great and very functional app! I use only for the widget capability and it works great! Buy the bundle with Watch Cam if you have a nest camera as that app works very well too! The only addition I'd like to see is the ability to click on the Thermo Watch widget icon and launch the nest app. This works perfectly on the Watch Cam app but oddly does not on the Thermo Watch App. Both apps get a 5 from me! Money well spent!

- Great for those in Apple ecosystem

This app is fantastic for those of us that bought a nest prior to committing to the Apple ecosystem, and just can’t justify swapping for another thermostat brand that is HomeKit-compatible. It has baked-in Siri shortcuts that let you add voice control of your nest thermostat to Siri, partially standing in for the promise that Nest once made to add HomeKit support, which, now that google has folded them in, is basically dead in the water.

- Great App and Amazing Support

This app is the perfect addition to any Nest Thermostat setup. Adds support for monitoring your whole setup on an AppleTV which works perfect and visually looks great. Love that I can also use Siri commands and see and adjust the temp from an Apple Watch. Had a slight issue when I first got the app, and the developer replied and got it fixed immediately. Download this app now and you won’t regret it!

- Top notch app and customer service!!

After downloading and not being able to connect with my gmail, I emailed marco informing him of the issue. He quickly replied and informed me that there was a test version which he was waiting to release pending an update on googles side. He passed on the test version which has been working excellent for me. Top notch app and customer service!!

- Fully Functional App And Fantastic Dev

Randomly came across this app searching for an iOS app that would allow me to use Siri to control my Nest thermostats, as well as use my Apple Watch. Has everything that the Nest app should’ve had! Reached out to the developer with a question and they were very responsive and helpful, so much so I also purchased the MacOS version. Highly recommend!

- Far better than Nest’s own app

Really cool and love the widget functionality. There is not only information in the widget but i can even take actions and control the thermostat without opening the app. With nest app I had to unlock the iPhone and then wait for the Neat app to load. Really happy with the app and the prompt service from the developer. Keep up the good work with future updates. Thanks!

- Siri Functionality is incredible

This is the app Nest should have released. I love the ability to add shortcuts to Siri to control my thermostat. HomeKit support should be a feature on Nest but Google likes to be difficult. This is an excellent work around. I already had the app on my iMac and was curious if they had an app for iOS devices. I was blown away when I found out there were Siri shortcuts also. Buy this app, you won’t regret it. Sometimes Siri thinks you’re asking her to do something with a HomeKit accessory so you might adjust how you setup/phrase your shortcuts so she doesn’t get easily confused. Ex: when I setup turn on the fan, Siri assumed I wanted to start a nonexistent fan that was connected to HomeKit.

- Best so far for past 2 Years

I have been using this App for 2 years. I have to say this is the best of the best to use Siri to control your Nest. It’s just too bad Nest doesn’t natively support Siri. Thank God for this Therma Watch that allows me to control 2 Nest thermostats. And it’s working flawlessly. My favorite Siri command is “Set target temperature”. It’s just awesome that it works 100%. Thank you! Keep up the good work!

- Great App

App is amazing. Wish the actual Nest app was like this. It’s awesome to be able to use my watch to see/control the Nest I have at home. I upgraded my account to google and now can’t use the app. Wish I would have checked the app before migrating my account. Is there any timeline when the updated app with google support will be available?

- Awesome Customer Service!

I haven’t had an opportunity to really use the app yet, as I just installed it last night. I was having trouble this morning, getting it to initialize on my Apple Watch, so I emailed the designer, and received a reply in less than a minute! The solution was given, and all is good to go now. Can’t wait to give this app a real try. 😁

- Awesome app, great support!

It’s not often that I leave app reviews, but Thermo Watch is exceptional. It boggles my boomer mind to be able to lift my Apple Watch and adjust my Nest thermostat immediately from a complication on my watch face. A very well thought out and executed app. On top of that, the developer Marko personally helped me out immediately with several questions that I had. Fantastic!

- Makes nest exponentially better

Been using this app for over a year and it's fantastic. I use daily on Apple watch, iPhone and iPad widget. I'm constantly tweaking my thermostat a few degrees and this makes it feel very futuristic. Rarely have any problem, and when there is it's usually nest going down and nothing to do with the app.

- Lazy

As I am not lazy enough, I needed one more tool In my tool box. This app “Thermo Watch” is just what the doctor ordered. Easy, fast, and cheap the app makes changing temp. setting on your nest thermostat as easy as saying “Hey Siri turn on the air” or turn the fan on or off. It mimics the nest app with voice commands. Check it out I think you’ll like it. No messing around with HomeKit. Troubleshooting question was answered in fifteen minutes.

- Bummer

I got this App a while ago I tried to log in but was having issues. It said my password was wrong or I have an account that migrated to google and needed to sign into google. I used my google sign in but still didn’t work. I just pushed it off as if it was a bug would try another day but still not able to log in. Really wish I could get it working because it would be so handy or wristy rather.

- Super nice on Apple Watch, changes request

1) looks super nice on Apple Watch 4. Can the location be added? In second line? Would be very helpful 2) iPhone version looks heap in comparison. Not enough of screen used —67% of the screen is blank? Like it’s an afterthought to work on iPhone? Can you make the wonderful magnifying circles as on the watch? Use whole width for them? Make text bigger?

- Love this app now that Nest is back!

This app is easier and more efficient to use than the Nest or Google Home apps. Now that it supports Nests with Google accounts again, it’s great. Please note that I had to actually uninstall then reinstall the app for the new sign in prompt to work, it was not showing when I simply updated the app. Thanks!

- Works Great—Excellent Support

That app works great! I can control my Nest directly from my watch and access it right on the watch face. When I had minor trouble with it, I contacted support through the app and received a prompt reply with the solution to my problem. This app is a must have and highly recommended by this guy. 👍🏼

- My favorite app

I rarely write reviews, this app is an insanely awesome addition to my Apple Watch, it’s beautifully designed and makes a tangible difference to the way I use my nest thermostat from my wrist. I can’t say enough about it and was more than happy to pay as well as give an extra well deserved tip to the developer. Fantastic!

- Useful App

This app proves to be very useful, especially on the watch. It allows for all the main controls I need to stay comfortable at home without needing to use my phone every time. The developer was also very responsive in helping resolve a layout issue making the latest version solid.

- Outstanding.

I (foolishly) didn’t see the part of the description regarding the lack of google account support. I emailed the developer and he kindly sent me a beta version of the app that does support it and even followed up regarding an issue I had because I was running beta software. Blown away by the app and it’s support. Thank you, Marko.

- Great!

This app does exactly what it supposed to do, especially made for the Apple Watch. Also, the developer is VERY responsive: when I had a problem installing on the watch, he responded very quickly with just the right suggestions to solve the problem. All is absolutely smooth. Thank you.

- Seems Great

I purchased this app months ago (even after reading how it wouldn’t support google migration) based off the reviews alone but after reading, “A new update for google sign-in is coming soon” for three months now has gotten annoying. In addition, I’ve seen the developers responses to other reviews stating he has the “newer” version which allows google sign-in which they can “try out”, but for some reason he hasn’t released it to everyone to try out! I’ve grown tired of waiting for this infamous update.

- Great App, Awesome Support

I bought the app but could get it to work because I use a gmail address. I sent a message to the developer and promptly received an invite to the beta version and it works. So looking forward to using this app. After all, don’t we all want an app that makes life easier? Kudos to the developer!

- Good product - great service

Bought the app. Worked great on phone but didn’t appear on watch. Contacted developer - got immediate response explaining that sometimes with IOS you have to restart both devices to get it to appear on watch. Easy fix - Clear, courteous, quick service.

- Loved this App can’t wait for Google update!

Marc, just read your response to Bryan. Very professional. Please give as much time as you can spare to updating the Nest/Google transition compatibility problem. No refund for me, I’m willing to give you a chance to fix it. It’s a great app! Please let us know when it’s ready! 😬👍🏻

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- Does not work

Does not work waste of money

- Mark

This app is a waste of money and does not work at all contact me on acfixr@

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- Works great for the watch

Graphics needs to be improved and correctly formatted for the iPhone screen.

- No longer works

If you migrate your Nest account to Google you will no longer be able to login to this app. Please fix it. Update: After contacting the developer he replied extremely fast and gave me a workaround which now works perfectly.

- Handy app

Thanks to enterprising developers who bridge the Apple-Google divide. It’s ridiculous that I can’t add Nest to HomeKit/ Siri and the homebridge workarounds are not for the faint of heart. Responsive developer solved initial set up issues and using the app is quite rewarding. App quite versatile with customized shortcuts. A Siri shortcut “It’s cold in the house” turns the furnace on. How neat is that.

- Awesome app with huge improvements!

This is by far the best looking and smoothest flowing Nest app out there. It works really well nearly all the time and looks awesome. Every once and a while it seems to have a little hiccup during every day usage but that might also be from the gen 1 Apple Watch being slow. The complications are really nice to have as well.

- Waste of Money

It does not work with iPhone so it’s totally waste of money if you are trying using for iPhone

- Great app

This is a great app with regular updates and fast adoption of new iOS’s

- Options

Good app, need option to disable sounds

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- So far so good

This app has worked well and been very responsive. Massive improvement over the Nest app. Just one issue: I have 2 additional sensors (besides the main thermostat) that don’t show up on the user interface for some reason. Only the main thermostat shows up. Any suggestions?

- I LOVE this app!

I was so disappointed when Nest removed access to my Nest thermostat via my Apple Watch. This app replaces that access! I love being able to control the temperature in my home anytime by just tapping the icon on my Apple Watch. It’s so convenient. Easier to use then the Nest app itself. Love it!!

- Finally!

This app works perfectly! A godsend for those of us frustrated with the drama between Nest and Apple not being compatible with one another. I can now control my Nest thermostat using siri from both my iPhone and my HomePod. Thank you again for a wonderful and flawless app!

- Amazing

This app is amazing. It adds so much functionality over the first party Nest app. The watch app is super fast and the integration with Siri shortcuts makes it possible to ask Siri to start cooling! The developer is super responsive and is willing to add new features where they make sense. Highly recommended!

- Pretty awesome

Now I can just push a button to make it warmer. Way better than Nest app which takes a few seconds just to load. You should go work for Nest, this isn’t something you should need from a 3rd party app, but that’s not your fault.

- Nice work Marko

After trying to use the Nest/Google thermostat app on my new Apple Watch, I quickly discovered they discontinued the app last year. But found this app to work great on the watch. Also the support for the Thermo Watch was the best! Can’t go wrong with this app.

- Just what I’ve been waiting for

Wow! How have I not heard of this before. This is what the Nest app should be. Watch support is killer, especially if it starts integrating with the Siri face. Biggest thing is Siri shortcuts. It’s just perfect that I can tell Siri on whatever device to interact with my Nest. This is a must have.

- Excellent app and developer!

Purchased this app to complement my new Nest thermostat at home. Now have full control from my Apple Watch. Developer is extremely quick to respond to questions and implements feedback rapidly. A great app that feels right at home in the Google Nest world.

- Use multiple times per day

Love this app for controlling my Nest. Really like the watch app. Hopefully I can use it after I am forced to migrate my Google account. Not looking forward to that. I wish the app was faster, but it does work almost always.

- Fantastic app for Nest Thermostat

This is the Nest thermostat app I was hoping existed and I love it. The Apple Watch complication is awesome and already supports the new Apple Watch Series 4 watch faces. This is a very well performing app. I also highly recommend getting Watch Cam too from the same author if you have any Nest cameras.

- Waiting for Google account login to work

I downloaded this app without realizing it wouldn’t work with my Google account. The developer was very understanding. I eagerly await for the update that will allow me to control my Nest thermostat through my Google account.

- Really want to rate 5 stars

The app is really slick and well done. However all the Siri shortcuts have ended in “there was a problem” and force me to open the app. I have deleted all the attempted shortcuts and tried rebuilding them. But I cannot get them to work. Next step is to try deleting app and reinstalling. Any help from the developers would be greatly appreciated.

- What the Nest App Should Have Been

This app adds all the quick-access functionality on iOS that I wish the actual Nest app had: a home screen widget, Siri control and a useful Watch app. Extremely well designed.

- Works perfectly

Once I signed in with my nest account everything worked perfectly. I was so close to ditching nest and going to ecoBee but this app put life back into my nest and made it useful again. Love the Siri shortcuts Love how responsive the app is Love the watch integration

- Worth the price just for Siri Shortcuts!

Definitely a must have! Do you have any plans to come out with an app that offers the same functionality for the rest of the nest Hardware line? My immediate interest would be with the nest door lock.

- Great app, love it!🥰

Marko was a great help to guide me to set up the app and I really enjoying every minutes to be able to set up the thermostat from my Apple Watch. Spend few dollars you won’t regret it from a satisfied customers 100%.

- Love this app

I use this app all the time to change temp from my watch. On top of that, it’s actually quicker than the Nest app on my phone because it opens immediately to temp rather than having to select my thermostat. A+

- Finally I can control my nest

This is great I can control my nest on the Apple Watch. Love the geo fence option, the app is very clean and easy to use. Would liked to have been $1.99 but I understand you have to make some profit.

- Great Support

Had an issue occur with Google migration and Marko responded quickly and was very helpful. Was offered a refund but I believe in supporting developers especially those who are responsive and caring. Thanks for an awesome app and the technical support!

- Love this app and very responsive creator

This App is better than Nest’s own App by a wide margin. Additionally, the writer/creator is very responsive and on top of improving it frequently. I love the widget and Apple Watch complications for fast access to my thermostats. 100% recommend Thermowatch.

- The best app for assistance

This is the best app if you are having problems with your nest app on an older iPhone. The customer service was great and they helped within a few short hours.

- Great

Nice app, layout is great! Had some issues because of the whole google integration thing, developer quickly assisted in providing support! Highly recommend this, I have a Nest Thermostat and works perfect.

- Exactly as advertised!

Great app that does exactly what it states. I use it to control my nest from my watch - super handy. Also, Marko is incredibly responsive to any issues that come up. Big thumbs up!

- Not working

Just bought and downloaded it. Doesn’t let you log into your nest account. I hope the fix is coming soon. Not a great start for a paid app.

- Upsetting

Seriously awesome!! I’ve been waiting for Nest to support Homekit so I could finally use voice to control therm. That’s probably not happening, so here we find the perfect solution to everyone’s problem. Wow, hats off you guys did it!! Thank you!! Works flawlessly. So Siri Shorcuts we’re working fine first few days now Siri says she doesn’t recognize do i fix this?! Literally never works for voice commands...I want a refund!

- Unable to log in since Google migration

I was really loving this app until my account was migrated to Google and now I can’t log back in. The app is asking for my Nest log in which I think no longer exists and there is no option on Thermo Watch (as of yet) to sign in with Google. Is this something that is already being looked into??

- Fantastic!

Much faster than the nest app. The widget is worth the price of admission alone. Don’t even need to unlock my phone to change temp or access other features.

- Functional little app. It’s Great!

I’ve been using the app for a few days now and it works as advertised. Great workaround for using the Nest functions on your Apple Watch. Good job developers!

- Works as advertised

Update: the Apple TV (tvOS) version of the app now supports HomeKit thermostats. Thanks to the developer for the quick response, and for adding Apple TV + HomeKit support so quickly. So far, the app works well.

- Just awesome

This app is pretty awesome Best thing about it is being able to adjust temps while lying in bed, No need to even grab your phone, Best thermostat watch app ever Keep up the fantastic work.

- Outstanding!

The developer has just added Siri shortcut functionality! This means you can finally control your Nest with Siri. This developer continues to impress me all the time.

- Fantastic app

I only use this on iPhone, and it gives a much slicker and smoother interface to adjusting my thermostats than the standard Nest app. The widget works beautifully. Thanks for the great app!

- Finally!

This has everything the actual Nest app should have. Thank you for making this! One request: HomeKit support. Is that possible?

- Don’t hesitate

One of my favorite apps. Does exactly what it says by enabling Siri control of your Nest thermostat. App appearance and function are great on both iPhone and Apple Watch. Highly recommend.

- Great Nest App For Apple Watch

I just purchased so that I could control my nest thermostat from my watch. I must say I’m impressed as it works great. I would encourage anyone who needs nest to watch integration to purchase this app.

- What does it do again?

Bought the app per recommendation for integration of Nest thermostat with Siri. This is not working - at least not with the HomePod. Every other shortcut I’d set up - works, but not from this app. The app itself is a nightmare: once you tap a button - there’s no way to go back until you select an option. Extremely poor UI design. It also shows a button to “Authorize Apple TV”, which does absolutely nothing: the button never goes away, no messages given, so it’s anybody’s guess what the heck does it do when you tap it. Absolutely not worth even a penny.

- Love this app!

The developer for this app did a great job and I could not be happier with this app. If you are wanting to control your Nest thermostat with your watch then this is the app to get!

- Awesome!

I never write reviews, so I’ll keep it brief. This app is awesome and works so so well. I can tell my Apple Watch or HomePod to turn my Nest to Eco Mode and it works flawlessly. 100% would recommend.

- Good App

Excited for this app. Connected to my nest thermostat and works perfectly.....including on my watch. Great functionality and responsive developer!

- Only one problem, but it’s a big one

The app is excellent except for one problem...if you have multiple thermostats in your house, there is no way to tell which one you are looking at/adjusting on your Apple Watch.

- Amazing

The widget support is amazing... it’s basically doing Google’s job... I just tested the beta version (you can email the dev for it) with Google account integration and it works great. Thanks Marco!

- Broken

Well, I used to like this app. The ability to control my Nest from either my phone, watch, or iPad was great. However, now that my Nest account has been migrated to Google, I am totally unable to get in to Thermowatch. It’s totally useless to me at this time. Any help from the developer would be appreciated.

- Good ap!

Had a minor issue on my part and Marko patiently guided me through what I needed to do... super ap and even better support service...well done and thanks!!! Rand

- Thanks to developer!

Google stopped storing Nest on Apple Watch which upset many. Thanks to this developer who kept this option alive Five Stars! Keep it up!

- Excellent app.

Amazing app and only app for Nest that actually works like it should. Very good developers and fast reply. I would highly recommend this app to anyone!

- Support

The developer response to emails and will give his support as needed. I really like the fact that it's very easy to use and comes with excellent customer service.

- Works well! Fill in the gaps Apple hasn’t filled

Super responsive developer! If there’s ever an issue your concern or issue is treated as the number one priority!

- Two thumbs up! 👍👍

I’ll never use the nest app to change my thermostat! This app is awesome - love the Watch app, love the iPhone widget, love the functionality! Nicely done devs! 😁

- Inefficient.

The app is horrible! I logged into my account, and was told I wasn’t able to use the app because I wasn’t the owner. That’s because my boyfriend set up the Nest, so I tried to log into his account but the app won’t let me log out of my account. I wouldn’t have cared but there isn’t a warning. So, unless you’re the Nest account owner DO NOT LOG INTO YOUR ACCOUNT OR BUY THIS APP.

- Hoping for Google account support

Waiting for google account support , hope it’s in the works Thanks !

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Thermo Watch for Nest & Ecobee 15.4.1 Screenshots & Images

Thermo Watch for Nest & Ecobee iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Thermo Watch for Nest & Ecobee iphone images
Thermo Watch for Nest & Ecobee iphone images
Thermo Watch for Nest & Ecobee iphone images
Thermo Watch for Nest & Ecobee iphone images
Thermo Watch for Nest & Ecobee iphone images
Thermo Watch for Nest & Ecobee iphone images
Thermo Watch for Nest & Ecobee iphone images
Thermo Watch for Nest & Ecobee iphone images
Thermo Watch for Nest & Ecobee iphone images
Thermo Watch for Nest & Ecobee iphone images

Thermo Watch for Nest & Ecobee (Version 15.4.1) Install & Download

The applications Thermo Watch for Nest & Ecobee was published in the category Lifestyle on 2016-03-21 and was developed by Marko Radakovic [Developer ID: 428440586]. This application file size is 65.12 MB. Thermo Watch for Nest & Ecobee - Lifestyle app posted on 2020-09-29 current version is 15.4.1 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.thermowatch.ThermoWatch

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