Note Rush: Music Reading Game

Note Rush: Music Reading Game [Music] App Description & Overview

Note reading made fun! Note Rush is a game for practising note reading on the music staff to help you learn to play the piano, keyboard, flute, saxophone, violin... you name it! Note Rush shows you one note at a time in random order then uses the microphone to listen as you play through them like you would with note reading flash cards, only these flash cards check that you're playing the right note!

Play with a bunch of fun themes and race to earn stars and beat your best time! Note Rush is great for teaching keyboard geography by making sure each note is played in the correct octave. An indispensable music theory must-have for learning sight reading at all levels of music education.

"Great app for learning notes!" - App Store Review.

"So much better than flash cards! My son loves using this app and his note reading has improved tremendously since starting. I'm thankful he can do this on his own and it keeps track of his high scores which is highly motivating for him." - App Store Review.

"A blockbuster hit with teachers and students... I especially like using it at group lessons." - Leila Viss,

"Note Rush has quickly become my favorite app for piano teaching." - Joy Morin,

"Note Rush is a motivating app that engages students to improve quickly with their note reading skills. It is definitely one of my top favorites and will be used often!" - Jennifer Foxx,

"Note Rush is a great way to review notes for the One Minute Club." - Susan Paradis,

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Listens to Your Instrument
Note Rush helps students learn a strong association between notes on the page and keys on your instrument by using your device's microphone to detect when you play each note. Works with pianos, keyboards, flutes, violins, you name it! (See Q&A below for more about supported instruments.)

Note Rush goes as fast or as slow as the student, with no time limits, so is suitable for complete beginners right through to being a fun challenge even for teachers!

Grand Staff Context
The whole grand staff is always visible, showing each note in full context and helping students improve their note recognition across the two staves.

Octave-Sensitive Keyboard Geography
It's a "B", but which "B"?? Note Rush teaches keyboard geography by making sure you're getting the note in the right octave every time.

Great for Home Practise
Students will rush to their instrument at home every day with NoteRush, chasing stars and high scores! Unlike flash cards, children can drill note identification at home with no music-reading parent required to check if they're getting them correct - Note Rush checks for you! Play every day and you'll be great at reading piano music in no time.

Note Rush has fifteen built-in Levels, from Middle C-Position right through to the full grand staff with 2 ledger lines above and below. There are Levels for Treble Clef, Bass Clef or full Grand Staff! Or make your own levels to practise reading specific notes, with sharps and flats for an added challenge!

Better Than Flash Cards!
Use Note Rush instead of printed flash cards! Note Rush was designed to replace the cards used in One Minute Club - a challenge you can run in your studio where students have to complete a given level in under a minute. Give it a try!

Note Rush is made by Thomas Grayston, a software developer, pianist, and husband to a piano teacher.

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Note Rush: Music Reading Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Long-awaited MIDI keyboard support is here! This allows Note Rush to be played silently with headphones - great for group classes or partner lessons. Just plug in your keyboard via a suitable adapter and Note Rush will detect that you're using MIDI automatically! Cables getting in the way? Note Rush now works in landscape mode too! If you've been using Note Rush sideways (a great way to highlight the mapping between the grand staff and piano keys btw!) you can still do this by turning on rotation lock before turning your device. Oh yes, and some further improvements to microphone-based note detection, plus a significant reduction in file size (a hefty 750mb down to a much more reasonable 240mb). Hope you love this update, and as usual please let me know what you think at or Thanks! -Thomas

Note Rush: Music Reading Game Comments & Reviews

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- Really great app!

My young flute students love this app! If you’re looking for simple note recognition flash cards, this is not the app for you. However, this is a great next step from note recognition to actually playing the correct note on your instrument. For beginner flute players getting the correct combinations of fingers is challenging. Making it into a game makes it fun. I would give 5 stars if this had a level for treble clef that didn’t go below middle C but went into higher upper ledger lines (think F6-B6) to make this a more useful tool for my specific instrument. (Reading upper treble ledger lines is a really important skill for flautists to learn.) Still great as is, but not as useful for my 3rd year beginner-intermediate students.

- Exactly what I was looking for!!

I am so happy with this app. I am a piano teacher and I am so excited that I found this app! I love that it works with the sound from a real piano and that it recognizes octaves! My students love working in this app and one even asked to do it first because she wanted to beat her own score. Thank you so much for making such a perfect customizable and yet simple app that even my younger students can use. I used to time my students playing notes with regular flash cards but I couldn’t flip the cards fast enough and it was a little stressful because I would drop cards or the timer wouldn’t work right. So many things for me to have to think about. Not any more! I am so happy!!

- Speedy Response Time

At first I was worried about the “listening” response time so I purchased the Yamaha MD-BT01 Bluetooth adapters for my Disklavier Enspire piano before purchasing Note Rush, but “listening” via the iPhone microphone is just as speedy as the MIDI Bluetooth. At first I couldn’t figure how to save multiple versions of my own level cards but one reviewer’s video showing saving QR codes to Photos and then loading those was very helpful. If there’s a manual describing the process, I couldn’t find it. It’s an interesting solution to the problem of how to save your own level cards. Also had a difficult time figuring how to get naturals, sharps and flats in the level design mode, but then realized there are ghosted columns for naturals, flats and sharps. Just select the note you want on the line or space in the appropriate column. This is a terrific app! Associating the notes on the keyboard with the notes on the staffs is much better for me than clicking a button on the regular flash card apps. The other listening app I tried had very slow response times.

- Mostly great

I am pretty impressed that this app can recognize notes on the piano. However, sometimes it won’t recognize a note. It doesn’t recognize treble clef b, which is super frustrating for my son. Also, I have 3 kids who play piano and it would be really nice to be able to have more than one custom game. Their teacher assigns them certain notes to practice and they each have different ones. It would be great if they could each have their own custom game so I don’t have to make a new one each time.

- Fantastic!

I’m 28 and learning how to sight read music for the piano. I’ve searched all over for something to study the grand staff and this is exactly what I was looking for. The custom level designer is brilliant. The only thing I could really see to improve this would be having multiple notes at the same time. Even just one note on each clef to practice sight reading with both hands. I could see how this would be difficult to implement with the microphone but if possible it would be a game changer. Love the app. Keep up the great work!

- I love this app!

Technically it’s already a 5 star platform. I love how it builds my topographical confidence while reinforcing not looking down to find my hands on the keyboard. The reason for 4 out of 5 stars? I would like to see multiple note practice. I.e. chords and intervals. I would also like to find notes simultaneously on the bass and treble clefs. That would build a great foundation for sight reading. Thank you for providing such an awesome learning tool!

- Not flash cards

This is not flash cards. It will not help the student recognize the note. Really disappointed. A waste of money. I want my students to be able to learn note names when they see the notes. It’s hard enough to recognize notes when a student starts without having spiders on the staff that make it harder to tell what note is supposed to be represented. Also, there should be a way to just learn the note names, without having to play the note. Sure, being able to hear the note is good and being able to tell the note you played is the right note is good, but start by having note recognition.

- Great app for learning notes!

I really like this app and have started using it with all my piano students at their lessons. They love trying to beat each other's time. I like that the app requires them to play the correct key on the piano/correct octave rather than just choose the right note name. All the different themes available in the app make it fun for kids too. Can we have more to choose from in the future? 😁

- Best sight-reading app I know of.

I have found no other app where you can practice playing the notes on your ACTUAL keyboard, not just touch the screen. Also, it’s only 5 bucks once, not some expensive monthly subscription. I hope this developer also creates one like this for chords and intervals (this one only does individual notes) because as far as i know no one’s ever done that

- Fabulous!

This is my students’ favorite game for practicing note-to-key identification. A note appears on the staff and the student plays the key on any type of piano. The app “hears” the note played and responds appropriately. The game can be customized for each student. Seasonal items can be chosen in place of regular notes. This is a well-designed tool for reviewing notes. I highly recommend it for both teachers and students.

- nice!

love this app- using it with my Celtic Harp, had taken a break from playing for a couple of years and needed to review note reading- this is doing the trick. the only suggestion is to make the ‘playing-testing’ time longer or adjustable; spurts are a touch too short for my tastes, but everything else makes up for it Highly recommend this app for new and need to review players.

- My student’s favorite!

My students ask if they can do Note Rush in every lesson and then they ask if they can do it over and over. I have now encouraged my parents to get this app and am using a chart to allow each of them to see their progress. It encourages them to get better and better through friendly competition. I highly recommend this app!

- Great for Music Teachers and Students!

This game goes above and beyond any other flash card type game out there. Some apps have tried to come close to this level of awesomeness but have seriously fallen short. My students love this game and ask to play it weekly. You NEED it if you’re a music teacher or if you’re a student wanting to work on your note reading skills!

- Excellent for teaching

Lots of my students struggle with reading notes coming out of the hand position training you get in most method books these days. Note rush really helps to recognize notes on the staff quicker! I just wish they would put in the number of inaccuracies on the results at the end of each round, to help track progress

- Fun! Wish you could save different students profiles

Great app! Love that students have to play it on the piano...not just knowing what it is on a flash card. Only gave it 4 stars because I wish there was a way to have different student profiles on it so students could save their own times and progress (unless this exists and I don’t know how to do it!)

- My 7 y.o. reads music because of this app

So much better than how I learned to read music in the ‘80s. It feels more like how I learned to type than how I learned to read piano music. My 7 year old quickly learned all the notes using this app. I wish that they would make a version for playing chords from basic chord symbols (Gmaj7, G7, G-7, etc.).

- Great app for piano players

This app is great for learning how to site read. It displays a note and then listens to see if you played the right note, only moving on after you get it right. You can also start with a smaller set of the clef if you are just starting out. Well worth it. Download this app. You'll be great at reading piano music in no time.

- My students love this!

I teach beginner to intermediate level piano lessons, and this app is our weekly warm-up. My students ask for it! And I notice significant improvement in their recognition speed in their repertoire. I would love to see accidentals added at some point. Maybe through a feature I could toggle on and off?

- Almost perfect!

Hello note rush! Is anyone out there? We would love higher notes please, please, please!!! Violins would benefit from some higher pitches so they can practice shifting. Also alto clef for violas and tenor clef would be nice. We have been telling everyone we know about this app. Well worth the $5 but would be an amazing practice tool with a larger note range. Thank you!

- Love this app!!!

My 6 year old son loves this app and I can’t wait to use it with my beginner percussion students! I hope the future releases will be able to customize the game a bit more between the available notes and or just isolate a certain clef. I would love to be a beta tester if the developer needs more!

- Student favorite!

My piano students LOVE Note Rush! It’s my go-to app at the end of each lesson. It really helps with note recognition and keyboard geography. Kids love trying to beat their previous time and love being able to choose different backgrounds. As a teacher, I love that it is customizable to each student’s needs.

- Great! But....

I love the app and my students’ note reading has greatly improved using it! But the new update with the time penalty for wrong notes.... can we make that optional? For some students it’s really helpful to discourage guessing, but for other students it’s too stressful and discouraging for them. So I’d love to be able to choose that option.

- Great app, hidden features :)

Love the concept. But it needs accidentals (oh wait, it has them if you make your own custom level!), and transposition for Instruments not in the key of C (oh wait, it does this automatically when you play the starting “middle C” reference note on, say, your Bb horn!). It could use more ledger lines (2 Cs above the staff e.g. for my flute students), to make it perfect :)

- pretty good

So far I've only used my electric keyboard to calibrate. Does well with that, but I haven't tried it on a regular piano. Quizzes sometimes a bit too fast, but maybe I can change that in "settings ". Overall, nice for the price, note reading app.

- Great interactive, self-correcting “flash cards”

I recommend this game to all piano students. I love that it is much more fun than flash cards, and it self corrects. If you don’t play the note correctly, it stays on the screen. Any instrument can use this as far as I can tell; it doesn’t require a midi hookup.

- Great teaching tool

I have taught piano lessons for over 40 years and this app is a favorite in my studio. You see the note and play the matching piano key. I love the customize feature where you can set up the game with exactly what notes you want to focus on.

- So much better than flash cards

My son loves using his app and his note reading has improved tremendously since starting. I'm thankful he can do this on his own and it keeps track of his high scores which is highly motivating for him.

- Best sight reading app ever!!

You can custom your own level card to practice sharps and flats!! One of a kind. The microphone recognition is accurate and sensitive, unlike some other apps takes long to recognize

- Almost completely perfected

When you use note rush, notes are thrown at you to play in a random order, I wish there was an option with a melody that forms instead of just random notes.

- It’s awsome tho when ever there’s noise it says I made a mistake

This is a really good app tho when I just make a slite noise it says I’m wrong and adds 5 seconds and it annoys me so is it ok if you can fix that? Thanks!

- Problems for iPhone 11!

I have used this app many times on other devices and love it but for some reason it wont work on my iPhone 11. Me and my brother both have the same phone and for some reason it seems to be having trouble recognizing the notes when I play them. Fix this issue and it would be great.

- Favorite App for Studio

This is my favorite app for my piano studio. Such an important tool in helping my students learn and be confident with their notes. The themes are so much fun and keep things fresh and new.

- This is the best app for note reading!

I am a piano teacher of 48 years with 70+ students a week. I have tried literally every kind of flash card known to man, and have gotten “meh” results. Since using Note Rush, I have students excelling at note reading. They are thrilled with the game like format, I’m thrilled with their progress! Thank you! Thank you, Note Rush! Signed a very pleased piano teacher from Southern Utah❤️

- Customizable note reviews

Now that I can customize the notes to hone in on exactly what needs work this app is officially 5 star status! Thank you!

- Doesn’t work with recorders?

I tried to use this with a tenor recorder. It’s in the key if C. It asked me to play middle C. I did. Then it asked me to play a G below middle C. I don’t have one! I tried restarting the program and gave it the C above middle C as Middle C. It again asked for the G below middle C but when I played that note, no response. My wife loves this app for her piano studio. I may try again. perhaps I’m not getting something here.

- Good note learning app

This help my 6 years daughter learning note better, I use flash cards and this app together and it works well.

- Note rusty review

The app is good to help kids learn notes quicker and easier, however sometimes the app will not pick up the key even when your quiet.

- Great!!!

It helped me a-lot my teacher was going to quit on me but I learned to read from note rush and I’m the best kid in my class so you should get note rush😌👍🏻

- Mixed results

Sometimes the app works fine. At other times (after reinstalling or redone loading), i don’t even see the option where the app is requesting microphone access. So it cannot recognize any keys on the piano. I wish the app behaved consistently well.

- Good for all ages

It’s good for beginners all the way through to experts. But it’s mainly just about learning notes and not songs. SimplyPiano is better if you want to learn songs.

- Pretty good

I love this game but it some times does not hear the piano and that can be anoying when you are trying to beat your high score🙂

- Outstanding

It actually helps you learn on the note and not Forget it

- Let me change my mind

Sometimes when I play a note, (for example, G) it doesn't move to the next one and it's frustrating because it's the correct note

- love lis game

It’s so fun to play my piano teacher helps me with the notes then I was able to play by myself

- Amazing practice app!

This app is improving my sight reading speed and my intonation on the violin and I will have all of the young musicians I know use it! Love it!

- I guess it’s fine

I would say this is 90% better then flash cards but this gets boring sometimes sorry Thomas

- Good app

Perfect APP for learning notes. The only thing is that sometimes high A doesn’t register

- Poor note detection

It can rarely hear notes above high C, and the higher it gets, the worse it is. I have to turn up my piano to ear-shatteringly loud volumes occasionally to pick it up, and even then it doesn’t help much for really high notes.

- Respond?

This app is kind of fun but frustrating. Because the lags. When you are trying to beat a challenge a lag comes in and ruins everything. Then you fail to beat your record.

- Does not always get the note

The app will act like I hit the wrong note when I actually am hitting the right note. I have to hit the correct note multiple times before it registers and moves on. I have used it on my iPhone and iPad with the same behavior. Too bad. It has potential...

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- Great App with room for improvement

I love how this app can listen for your instrument to see if you have played the correct notes. This is a great improvement over apps that utilise only MIDI input as now one can use any instrument for his/her practise! I can now practise my saxophone sight reading! Yay! Two more functional addition would make it even better and a more complete and powerful practicing tool: 1) Key Signatures in various keys: A lot of us struggle with remembering which notes are to be sharped or flatted in the different keys, and being able to practise in different keys would be great. I was surprised that this has not been incorporated as one of its core settings as many other sight reading apps do have it. 2) More ledger lines Notes: Another area that musicians may be struggling with and need practising on. I would not mind paying for IAP should these functions be added!

- Music

This is a great game and I recommend it to everyone who is struggling to learn their notes! It’s kid friendly and is easy to use. However sometimes I find all the different backgrounds distracting when trying to learn. Overall this is an amazing app for everyone to use and have fun

- The Best Note Reading App

As a classroom music teacher, this has been a brilliant app for students to use on their various instruments. It works exactly as expected and students are engaged from start to finish. Definitely superior to the other apps out there and without the tedious ads!

- A really simple app being overpriced

The app is fairly simple. its rather a tool that detects if you have pressed the correct note. I thought there are step by step challenges, games and tutorials etc for kids to learn and practice. not worth the money! Should look into another app called ningenius which look like offering more stuff.

- Really good for most instruments.

Would love to be able to use this with all instruments, maybe adding in other clefs (alto clef). It works great for guitar if you play C below middle C for the reference note but would love to see an alto clef added for Viola! Thanks!

- For you

This app is good but you should make it all Instruments so we can all enjoy this app😉🎹🎼🥁🎧🎤🎬🎻🎷🎺🎸

- The best app in human history 🎹🎵🎶

Thank u sooooooo much for making this app! it is easy to use and everything is simple, easy and awesome!! (Definitely get this) it’s the best!!!!!!!! (^ O ^ )

- Good app but..

Even with perfectly tuned piano or keyboard it fails to detect some notes, making the whole beat the clock aspect pointless.

- Best note reading app!

Simply the best way to learn your notes.

- Very helpful

All good except it won’t always accept b

- It’s pretty good

I like it because I do piano and it’s really good to learn from.

- Best note app

I love how the app can respond to your sounds and noises!

- Great but....

It's a very good app but it detects some notes


I love it because it helps me in piano.

- Note Rush

this really helps me lern how to play the piano. Thanks. Sophie Turville .


It’s very fun and helpful I recommend it

- Great app!

i Iike it helps my learning。

- Great app

Great app well worth the AU$5.99 price tag

- Great app!

A great App! As a guitar teacher, this app is so good because it listens to the instrument for the correct answers, meaning my students can play the answers instead of saying them or pressing a button. Very responsive! The themes make it cool for kids. Thanks for his app!

- Faulty

This app is faulty. Paid and downloaded it and it’s a blank app. Don’t waste your money on this.

- Simple concept, perfect execution

There's a lot to be said about an app that can do one thing well. This is one of those apps. If you are looking to get better at recognising notes and playing them on your instrument, this app will help immensely. It's designed with kids in mind but adults can play too. Highly recommended.

- Brilliant app for teaching note naming skills!

As a music teacher, I think this app is one of the best for practicing note names in the stave as it "listens" to your instrument and you have to play the correct note in real time. Recommended.

- Simple & Sweet

Works great on my acoustic guitar! I love how it "listens" to my guitar, and waits until I get the note right before giving me the next note. If you or your child are learning the notes on the treble and/or bass clef, definitely try this app. It won't help with timing or more advanced stuff... but it's great for drilling in where the notes are, for a fraction of what a guitar lesson costs. I'll be telling my guitar teacher about this app.

- Luvit!


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- Needs minor fixes

Sometimes the app shows the penalty sign even when it is not on, or I haven’t done anything on. Overall, this is a great app, and definitely worth the cost. Recommend for all levels.

- Awful music app!

This is the worst music app! My son knows the notes and it keeps saying he’s got it wrong. Very very frustrating! We’ve tried all the trouble shooting ideas mentioned but nothing works! Spent $6.99 on crap! I would appreciate my money back. I give it 0 stars!

- Not bad

This app is not bad

- Note Rush Review

It is a really great app! Lots of fun for the younger students learning there notes, and even for me a grade 10 piano player , I can always get faster! It make note reading a lot more modern then the typical flash cards. Thanks Note Rush!

- Best note reading App around

I have been using Note Rush for over a year now. It’s works perfectly. It had some teething problems early on but that’s all fixed now and the new update that works with midi where I plug it directly into my keyboards with headphones, works amazing for my group lessons. Kids can’t wait to beat their peers each week. Thanks Thomas

- Extra content

Great app! Periodic new themes help keep it fresh! Maybe some additional content like sharp/flat notes? Harmonic intervals would also be a plus! I wouldn't mind paying a couple extra bucks for that content. Good stuff!

- Awesome!

I am a piano teacher with a PhD in music education. I use this app with most of my beginner and intermediate students and have seen tremendous improvement in their reading skills. It must be the only one out there (when I first got it) that had you PLAY the notes in the appropriate octave. The game and timing aspects provide great motivation to get better, the different levels correspond perfectly to the levels in their method books, and the create-your-own version is super! We love all the themes, especially the seasonal ones. Thank you so much for this! The price point is just right... parents don’t mind it too much (less than a book) but it’s just enough to take it seriously.

- Note rush

Note rush helps us read notes

- Why this game is four stars

Everytime i play the correct note it ignors and says its not correct but when it actually is correct

- New update sucks🙁🙁🙁🙁!

But still it helps

- A great addition to any studio

I have had this app for over a year and have noticed an increase in successful note recognition. This has transferred over to better Piano proficiency and score reading.

- Note rush rocks!

I downloaded this app after my child's piano teacher recommended it. Initially I didn't know how it worked and quickly wrote a bad review. The developer contacted me within a day and explained how it works. This app has helped my daughter a lot, she knows all her notes now. The app is definitely an essential part of her home music practice.

- He best note readying app!! EVER!!

If you teach music, you need this app!! Most of my students now own this app and it has made a huge difference! So much fun, too!!

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Note Rush: Music Reading Game 1.60 Screenshots & Images

Note Rush: Music Reading Game iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Note Rush: Music Reading Game iphone images
Note Rush: Music Reading Game iphone images
Note Rush: Music Reading Game iphone images
Note Rush: Music Reading Game iphone images
Note Rush: Music Reading Game iphone images
Note Rush: Music Reading Game iphone images
Note Rush: Music Reading Game iphone images

Note Rush: Music Reading Game (Version 1.60) Install & Download

The applications Note Rush: Music Reading Game was published in the category Music on 2016-06-17 and was developed by Thomas Grayston [Developer ID: 1083801826]. This application file size is 228.23 MB. Note Rush: Music Reading Game - Music app posted on 2019-06-11 current version is 1.60 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.TGSoftware.NoteRush

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