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The best Portrait Mode-like Depth of Field & Bokeh effects on your iPhone! Simple one tap tool for instantly turning your portraits into professional-looking photos.

FabFocus uses facial recognition to bring DSLR-like depth of field and bokeh effects to any iPhone.

*** Automatic Depth of Field ***
Using advanced human body recognition A.I., FabFocus detects people in the foreground and automatically blurs what it distinguishes as the background. It’s that easy to take an amazing portrait with a professional depth of field effect.

*** Bokeh ***
Quickly adjust blur and transform any point lights into customized aperture shapes like hearts or stars!

*** Quick Touch Up ***
For minor adjustments, use your finger with the built-in tool to get your photo just right within seconds.

Join other iOS users and take portraits like a professional!

FabFocus - portraits with depth and bokeh App Description & Overview

The applications FabFocus - portraits with depth and bokeh was published in the category Photo & Video on 2016-10-19 and was developed by secondverse. The file size is 82.56 MB. The current version is 1.0.7 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Various bug fixes and improvements

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So far so good  Idn86i  5 star

Everything works as advertised. Control still a bit clunky to manually touch up certain areas. Hope in later updates you’ll add smoother zoom in and out for a more detailed touch up; blur transition tool and maybe a manual focus knob for the camera. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸΌ


Perfect  iampahyahzo  5 star

I own an SLR camera, since i got this app i dont bring my camera with me anymore when i go places or attend any occasions, it works perfectly, i guess i don't need to upgrade my 6 plus anymore and keep my phone for another 2 years! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„πŸ€£


Great  Brown_E  5 star

This is a great app. Use it all the time. I have an iPhone SE and it does a great job with the pictures. Sometimes the automatic blur can't find faces. But the manual edit works great when needed.


Very easy  Danih19  5 star

I hate paying for apps but this is a qualify app it’s super simple and looks pretty great I cant complain


Wow (iPhone 6s Plus)  laforr77  5 star

I was very skeptical about how well this would work considering you have to paint the areas to keep in focus, but the results are dope. It’s not as dead simple as shoot and it’s done (a la iPhone 7/8 Plus or Pixel 2) but it’s not TOO tough and will definitely extend the life of my iPhone 6s Plus camera for at least one more generation. Word of advice: use a different camera to shoot and use this app to edit. The camera is TOO simple and not as nice to use as even the default camera app.


Good and bad  jpage87  2 star

It don't recognize the person or object in the pic so I have to manually edit the blur


Amazing.  Laurks  5 star

I was really skeptical on whether or not this would make my photos on my iPhone 5s look as good as the ones iPhone users with portrait mode were taking, ESPECIALLY for $4 (I'm cheap af) - HOWEVER, it may have been the best $4 I ever spent (on a mobile app). It most definitely delivers what it claims! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

T s iT

Low Quality Photo in FabFocus Please don't reduce qualit  T s iT  2 star

Your app is awesome but if i take picture with FabFocus apps I Got very Low Quality. Even I try to edit my photo in FabFocus app worse photos I got. Please don't reduce quality in your apps. Please fix😰😭


Love app but needs a little more  shontayll  4 star

Please add a selfie count down timer! Then this app would be Perfect!!


Keeps crashing/freezing  jDiggityDiggity  1 star

Keeps crashing/freezing on my iPhone 8 plus

Caitlyn Alexis

The best!  Caitlyn Alexis  5 star

This is the best app to blur the background for your photos! I have an iPhone 7 and didn't want to get the 7Plus because I had a 6S Plus and it was too much to carry around. I love the depth effect on the 7 Plus though so I wanted the same effect. This app really does just that with the perfect blur unlike other apps I've tried. It also does an automatic scanning of faces which I love so it makes it easier. Then I just go and fix some details and my photos are perfect.


Business development  DantDog  5 star

Love this app - great job putting it together and easy to use


Love this app!!!  Illongque  5 star

This works a lot better than I expected! As a photographer, I have been spoiled by my DLSR camera. Not wanting to upgrade to an iPhone 7, this app does exactly what it says! The only drawback is the delay...it takes a while to process each picture. I love that you can take an old photo from your library and use it in the app! I really found it worth the money!


trash  eesedla  1 star

absolute trash do not spend your money


Love it!  Nadjka  5 star

Works as good or better than iPhone 7 Portait!


Best App so far!!!!!  Jacobsempire1  5 star

This is an awesome app saves you money and time so now I have the perfect phone for me


Easy to use  Lizabeth802  4 star

Easy to use if you dont have the newest iphone


Great App!  AT1931  5 star

Love the App Gives Your Photo The Perfect Portrait Mode!


Love it  ColeyMo  5 star

Great app. Easy to use


Worth it!!  Fil215  5 star

Sometimes people move on if an app cost a few bucks but without a doubt this app is worth it! I have been making my look so much better by blurring the background. And this app makes it incredibly easy!

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