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The best Portrait Mode-like Depth of Field & Bokeh effects on your iPhone! Simple one tap tool for instantly turning your portraits into professional-looking photos.

FabFocus uses facial recognition to bring DSLR-like depth of field and bokeh effects to any iPhone.

*** Automatic Depth of Field ***
Using advanced human body recognition A.I., FabFocus detects people in the foreground and automatically blurs what it distinguishes as the background. It’s that easy to take an amazing portrait with a professional depth of field effect.

*** Bokeh ***
Quickly adjust blur and transform any point lights into customized aperture shapes like hearts or stars!

*** Quick Touch Up ***
For minor adjustments, use your finger with the built-in tool to get your photo just right within seconds.

Join other iOS users and take portraits like a professional!

FabFocus - Portrait Mode Pro App Description & Overview

The applications FabFocus - Portrait Mode Pro was published in the category Photo & Video on 2016-10-19 and was developed by secondverse. The file size is 91.77 MB. The current version is 1.1.3 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Optimizations added to the face detection algorithm

... and if you're reading these liner notes, it would be great if you could rate us highly. It helps us get more downloads, which incentivizes us to work harder on these free updates. If you have a specific suggestion, email them to the link on this page and we'll do our best. Thank you! - Ian

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Fab App  PeteFable  5 star

Easy to use. The effect is quite stunning and makes photos look incredibly professional. I use this a lot.


Surprisingly awesome  Ohmair24  5 star

I was skeptical when I read an article that mentioned this as their favourite portrait/bokeh/depth of field app. I downloaded a different app that was free (for the first month) instead. But it was clunky and didn’t do a great job... Reluctantly I decided to pay for this one and was amazed at the difference. The natural way this recognizes faces and naturally adds bokeh/ blur is amazing. The first app made it look just blurry (kind of like Instagram), this actually looks like it was taken with a DSLR camera (or portrait mode on iPhone 8 Plus?) I have an serious DSLR (Canon 5D) which takes beautiful photos. But I don’t carry it with me all the time, plus when others take pictures and send me- I have now an amazing app to add depth of field. I am seriously in love with this app.


Amazing  KlonBC  5 star

This app is wayyyyy worth the money!! It’s even better than portrait mode on the iPhones!!

LS says no go

Wish it recognized animals  LS says no go  4 star

Many of my photos are of animals and they always need to be edited.


Best portrait app ever  lordzeal  5 star

Best portrait app ever..do much loving it Now I am gonna stick to my iPhone seven as long as I have this app

no dumb blond

Having problems using it.  no dumb blond  1 star

Id like to contact the company because I may just not be understanding how to use it. The little tutorial may be enough for some people but it isn’t explaining enough for me. When I clicked on “help” it didn’t bring me to a help page but to an essay on “ Second Chances” which I cannot understand at all. Also, I paid $3.99 for this app but don’t know if that is one time or monthly. I need to communicate with the developers to get info. After that I may give it a high rating. I’d really like to be able to do that.

Holly hat

Awful  Holly hat  1 star

Worst app ever. I wish I could get my precious money back. This app is so inaccurate & does not work at all. It blurs your feet & makes you look like you’re in a tube. Save yourself the time & get a good camera.


Doesn’t work on pets  Pat90732  2 star

I didn’t realize it didn’t work on my dog. That’s the only reason I bought it. So disappointed.


My Business is BOOMING!  Ashlyn'sbyCG  5 star

I’m in absolute awe over the professional look this app gives a standard photo! In my line of work, the online boutique world, photos are 100% the grabber of attention to consumers and now its grabbing SO MANY MORE!! I’m so thankful I found this and will be forever grateful!


FabFocus  BestBrandsBartending  5 star

Best enhancement app out the when it comes to blurring the background


Good  mompeli  3 star

I like the app but the automatic face detection needs to be improved. I also don’t like that I can’t save the photo to camera roll anymore. Please change this back.


Waste of money  patpatf  1 star

I should’ve believed the latest reviews here and not purchased this app. Nothing like portrait mode despite what the reviews said when I google the app. I want a refund.

Evie Higgo

So disappointed  Evie Higgo  1 star

I bought this after reading an online review article. I wish I could’ve tried it before spending the money. The auto face recognition is terrible so you have to manually edit the photo which is pointless! I could’ve done that on my laptop. I wanted an equivalent of the iPhone 7+ portrait mode....this is DEFINITELY not it. Wish I could get a refund. 😢


Time consuming  Darrensm  1 star

It often doesn’t pick up faces so I have to manually do it which is tedious and time consuming.


Doesn't work well at all  HamishMcGeach  2 star

Well I bought this going on reviews I'd read, but when I put a number of pics through it the app just could not find the foreground image, resulting in areas of crystal clear background still visible. Face analysis simply inadequate.


Awesome app!!  Chilli12345  5 star

No need for an iPhone 7+ works great and really easy to use


Great App  TracyJean1  5 star

Great app for photos, easy to use, I use it all the time


Good fun!  laaaaaurencg  5 star

It's not always professional quality but it's fun to mess around with. The more you use it, the better your technique is. It's cheap and can make some good photos great!


Good but improvements needed  Ashzrn  3 star

The concept is nice. Dont like the interface. The camera app should look much professional. Specially it even doesn't show which part I focused with tap. Improvements needed. Selecting a particular area also not very easy. However if selected it works fine.

Ramesh Tallapaneni

Please change terrible interface  Ramesh Tallapaneni  1 star

Can you please change the terrible interface and button choices, the app looks ugly and interface is not user friendly


iPhone 6  jstielo  4 star

I have my first iPhone and this app is great. Not perfect but it’s def the best I’ve used for portrait mode


Why export at only 1200pixels?  AlchemicKnowledge  2 star

Overall love the app, 2 issues. Needs a zoom feature for more accurate selecting and by far the biggest is you take a huge 4k picture, work on it, the edit and export and it shrinks to a low res 1200 pixels. Basically only good for phone and social viewing Please fix to export at original size


really impressive and easy to use  plondres  5 star

this thing is bomb. quick, effective, intuitive. it’s not quite portrait mode but it’s pretty darn close. $4 is a small price to pay!


FabFocus  AUDIACK  5 star

It’s just that...fabulous!


Great app  tosin97  4 star

Wonderful app. No regrets

Abu d3d

Amazing app  Abu d3d  5 star

This app is amazing and worth 3$


A+  Rinaalexander  5 star

Purchased the Iphone 8 & realized there wasn’t Portrait Mode & for the money, not too happy. I almost went back to the store to trade in for 7+,8+ or X specifically for the Portrait Mode feature. Then I saw this app & it actually is equivalent too the Portrait mode feature on those devices! I’m extremely happy now that I don’t have to return the phone. xD The only downside about the app (which maybe I just haven’t found yet) is that once your done editing an image, I can’t seem to find a HOME button to edit or take another photo. I have to close the app & re open it. But other than that I’m rating a 5 on the app because it does exactly what I need it to do!


Great app even if you have portrait mode on your phone.  rocketiakman  5 star

There's alot of depth in this app (pun intended). It has bokeh styles and is simple and intuitive. Glad I bought it. I would modernize the design language tho to cater to a wider Audience. It could use a new ui skin and app logo. Otherwise don't even think just buy it.


Works great!  Sophephie  5 star

Works great especially since I have an iPhone without the portrait mode! Easy to use and accurate. Recommend !!!


Ok, but frustrating  Slnetz  2 star

Freezes after one edit, you’ll have to log out and log back in after each edit.


Useless  Raidy77  1 star

Absolutely no difference. Waste of money !


Zoom in function  Donniehun  3 star

Zoom in function would be nice, hence 3 stars, otherwise the app is ok.


Because depth of field  itsmemuffins  5 star

All non iPhone 7 plus users rejoice! 😁✌🏼

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