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Get the all in one RV GPS with voice-guided RV navigation, offline maps stored directly on your device, route planning, millions of RV POIs and much more. CoPilot RV safely calculates your route according to your vehicle size and class. With CoPilot RV guiding you, you’ll save money on fuel and enjoy safe travels without worrying about a data connection!

RV ROUTING: Create your own personal routing profile(s) with your RV’s height, weight and length* so you only drive on roads suitable for your RV. Need to avoid propane restricted tunnels? We’ve got you covered. Plus, speed limit warnings and a speedometer to keep you out of trouble.

ROUTE PLANNING: Plan, save and modify all your routes with our trip optimization feature which lets you save up to 50 stops on your route. CoPilot RV will then put the stops in the best order or you can drag and drop the order you prefer. Plus, CoPilot RV comes with millions of offline POIs including Rest Areas, Campgrounds, Parking & RV Services.

OFFLINE MAPS: High-quality offline maps with FREE regular map updates of the U.S. and Canada. No mobile internet needed, the maps are stored directly on your phone or tablet. Say goodbye to high data costs or interrupted service in areas with patchy data coverage.

> Detailed turn-by-turn voice-guidance with full street names so you will never miss a turn again
> Lane arrows and ClearTurn™ view to safely maneuver lane changes and complex highway exits well in advance with real road signage and lane assist guidance
> Directions-only view and Motion Lock to minimize driver distraction
> Drag and drop your route across the map to customize the exact route you want
> Clear, driver-friendly 3D and 2D maps
> Real-time ActiveTraffic™ service, keeps you up-to-date while you are driving with live traffic alerts*
> Useful local search with Yelp, Wikipedia and Google*
… and many more features designed to make your RV trip safe and enjoyable.

Includes maps of the U.S. and Canada.

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> Twitter: @copilot
> Google+: +copilot

To find out more about the maximum dimensions for your CoPilot RV USA app, visit our support center: (height 14ft, width 102in, RV length 48ft, weight 60,000lbs)

*Feature requires mobile data connection
^Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life

CoPilot RV USA App Description & Overview

The applications CoPilot RV USA was published in the category Navigation on 2016-03-23 and was developed by ALK Technologies Ltd.. The file size is 62.21 MB. The current version is and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

Let’s be real. Sometimes one size doesn't fit all….so we've increased the maximum RV dimensions to cater for drivers of larger RVs. RV length was increased to 48ft and weight is now 60,000lbs! We’ve added this in Route > Vehicle Routing Profiles > RV Dimensions.

We've also had a bit of a spring clean to fix some bugs. CoPilot RV is ready to take you on your next adventure.

Please continue to let us know how we can further improve so we can give you, the driver, the very best mobile navigation experience.

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No good  jbullard2383  1 star

Can't search for fuel stops along my route, can't seem to start a new ticket on the website, and seems like I'm stuck with this useless app with no way of getting a refund. I have used every option available on this app to find fuel stops along my route and it will not pull up any results. I've also tried to create a ticket on your website to get support with no luck either. I would much rather get a refund as my trip is Wednesday and I've already planned out my route using another app and google maps. Will you give me a refund????

Book Diver

Limited Usability  Book Diver  1 star

Secondary highway and other improved road routing is not available in this app. That's where the clearance issues are, not on the Interstates and primary highways.


Our Primary source of navigation  Nascarrunner71  4 star

We use this app, along with Google Maps & a Trucker Atlas while traveling in our 36 ft Class A. We've put it through the paces, and although it's not perfect--for the price it's far superior to the more expensive stand-alone GPS's with mediocre reviews. Putting in your dimensions will keep you away from height, width & weight restrictions (although I wish it was easier to see WHEN it was doing this, we've tested out a few narrow roads & construction width restrictions and sure enough--it was trying to route us around!). The biggest recommendation from a friend was getting ADVANCE turn notifications with preferably a clear map WHICH THIS APP DOES! This alone makes it far superior to Google Maps. The other disadvantage of Google Maps in an RV is it always takes the shortest route & will reroute you for traffic with little notification--maybe through a neighborhood. This app allows you to dictate the order or roads to be used--primary highway, secondary main roads, locals roads last. You can alter a route by clicking "not this road" and it will reroute to the second best route. The offline maps are also an advantage because eventually, on a long trip, you will lose cell service at some point. We've found the road database to be reliable from FL through WY--more reliable than our old Garmin. Tip: make sure your iPad is has a sim card (which means a built-in GPS) or you'll need a Bad Elf for location info. Recommend!

Revolator 3:18

Contact info  Revolator 3:18  2 star

I really enjoy the app and it works well I just need help with one feature. When you go to the support page it tells you to connect and I chose Facebook. On the Facebook page you can select contact us which brings you back to the support page. Very frustrating. I figured this was the only way to contact anyone.


So far so good.  Capn_Tim  4 star

We've just started using CoPilot and so far we're very happy with the service. We had a technical question and the support staff got right back to us and the problem was resolved!


Getting better  bob7063  4 star

Keep updating poi's. Good settings. Many adjustments.


Sorry I bought this.  Create-a-Nick  1 star

2nd time trying to use this app for routing and it doesn't work. If you pick a destination it selects a route no different then google maps. When you try and drag route it have you getting on and off a hi-way for no reason. Save you money.


Good and frustrating all at once  itschase  3 star

For an RV specific GOS app, this is pretty good. However, the campground POI's are just terrible. At least half of the campgrounds I try to search for aren't there requiring me to input the address manually. Even when I use the google search function it can't find well established and well known RV parks/resorts. The other thing that drives me a bit bonkers is that when there is traffic, you get persistent pop-ups that dominate the entire screen and won't time-out on their own. You have to actually click 'accept' or 'reroute' which has lead to a few stressful moments for me when I'm trying to change lanes or pass a semi - and I can't see how far my exit it because of this pop-up. Fix the traffic notification and update your POI list and you've got a solid 5 star app. Until then I can't give more than three because it annoys me daily while I'm on my cross country trip.

Bill G sr

So far better than my GPS  Bill G sr  5 star

So far this is faster and easier to use than my higher priced GPS. The big test for this software is coming up. Will be making a trip from South East VA to Cape Cod in a RV. There will be a lot of challenges for the software. I had a Rand McNally/Good Sam GPS. When using their trip maker web based software it would change my routes that I spent a long time doing when I sent it to the GPS.


Highly Disappointed  Covbro  1 star

I purchased this app as alternative to updating or replacing my old Rand McNally RV GPS. I read the reviews before purchasing, thinking that the complaints by some of the reviews were fixed in the most recent app update. To my disappointment, I haven't had any success with this app. I had to start using my old Rand McNally GPS because this app never worked. Never! I wish there was a way I could be refunded. Greatly disappointed!!!

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