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Evelyn was a talented sculptor who died tragically in a fire. Her model, Amelia is being blamed for her murder, since Amelia’s drawings depict scenes of Evelyn’s gruesome demise. Now, strange phenomena have started happening in the town of Eastwood, where the townsfolk are being terrorized by Evelyn’s statues come to life. Go investigate, and see if you can get to the bottom of this baffling story.

Is Amelia the culprit, or does she just have the unique ability to predict the future through her illustrations? Was someone else out to get Evelyn? And if so, who’s to benefit from framing an innocent model?

Battle your way through stony hidden object scenes.

Expose the murderer in a series of hardened puzzles and dusty mini-games.

Learn the fate of one of the characters and enjoy additional Collector’s Edition exclusives including special achievements, collectible Postcards, and more!

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- Fun!!

I am giving this game 4 stars because of the length of time for each scene to load and some slight glitchiness. That being said, I highly enjoyed this game. I played in casual mode because I wanted to relax. The puzzles were varied and not too complicated and there were a lot of HOPs which I really enjoy. The game flowed well and was very lengthy. I really liked the map which could quickly transport you to another location. I also particularly liked that it indicated whether you had collected all the collectibles for each scene. Definitely worth the price and especially at the sale price. Will play again!

- Excellent, especially for newer iPads

First, my wife and I have played dozens of Big Fish hidden object games for years on a 3rd generation iPad. We recently got a deal we couldn't pass up on an iPad Pro. No, I didn't write that to brag. I wrote that because many of the reviews are commenting about the screen load times. Well, of course - it's a very new game with big graphics demands. Look at the download size! Sure you can complain, but there are hundreds of older Big Fish games for the older devices. For those of us lucky enough to have newer devices, it's wonderful to have a game that shows what they are capable of. There is all kinds of extra little animation bits. It's fun to just touch an object to see what will happen. Okay, not all are relevant to the game story, but it certainly adds to the creepy atmosphere. We are thrilled that Big Fish took the extra effort to make a game that really takes advantage of 'beefier' hardware. If you've got it, this game is a must have.

- FFS - City of the past

Still playing so the jury is still out on length however: like the rest of the series (each plays as a stand alone) this one is rich in color, crisp artwork, and many collectables and morphing objects. Transporting map which tells you once you have collected all extra objects. I wish it had a diary but that's a small inconvenience. Storyline so far is quite good - a sculptor is murdered and a girl is blamed but is she really guilty or is she being framed? Statues come to life and wreak havoc. Custom difficulty available. No vermin so far but I found a cute puppy 😊. Verdict: buy! Update: length is decent- better than the last game! HO varied, short loading between scenes but not horrible. Graphics are rather intense so I'm cool with a few seconds lag.

- City for Sale - Almost a 5 Star Game

It would have been a 5 star game but there is no customizable feature. Also, some of the objects in the HOPs are small and dark. It requires several taps to find the objects. However, I truly loved playing the game. Many Inventive ahOPs and puzzles. Long-playing, beautiful graphics. Responsive teleporting Hint button. I will probably purchase the next game in this series.

- Good Game but slow loads

If it wasn't for the maddeningly slow loading between scenes this game would've been finished much earlier. It got to be so annoying towards the end that I was hitting the hint button and using the map just to get through it. Aside from that the game itself was very good. But honestly if I'd known of the slow chugs of loading scenes I would've passed.

- Gamergirl

It is an okay game, engaging but some of the HOS do not have good touch response. There is also this odd circle on every screen that says 100% in the upper left corner. It has nothing to do with anything. Watch the skip button it is easy to brush it and skip a puzzle when you may not want to. Decent story and graphics. Definitely playable.

- Could be a five BUT

I gave this only 4 not 5 for 2 reasons. #1: at least 1object in almost all HO can't be found unless you enlarge the screen so u can see the edges and #2: the "loading between each location is a bit too long and can get frustrating at times. Otherwise great graphics, good mix of puzzles.

- Mommalulu

Excellent game. Loved the whole thing. I deducted 1 star because, as usual, Elfun games are so slow in loading from scene to scene. Otherwise - Perfect!

- Good quality game

Game has good story line, smooth game play, good graphics and good HOs. Some of the mini games were too hard and time-consuming, but I’m not a perfectionist, can just SKIP if not fun! Everything I look for in a game after years of playing.

- Great story ,frustrating mechanics

I am so frustrated with this game!! It has a great storyline, but it takes way too long to load into another area. Also, the sensitivity to get something is awful!! I ended up deleting the game and starting over 3 times!!! I finally gave up and I was really enjoying the storyline.

- Excellent!

This is a very worthwhile game. Great storyline, lots of fun interactive hidden object scenes & puzzles. Loved the voiceovers, teleporting map. One of my favorites in this series! 👍 Try it I am sure you will love it! Thank You, Big Fish & developers KdBoots

- Could be better

The touch sensitivity is poor in the HOS and some items to be found are almost totally off the screen.

- Good Game

Enjoyed this game. Deducted one star for slow loading between scenes.

- Good game, but extremely slow loading

Especially the Bonus game which is almost unplayable in spots. This ruined it for me. I have an IPad 2 if that makes a difference.

- I'm "Buying" Into This "Fear"! It's Worth The "Sale" Price!

UPDATE: I've deducted a star for the following reasons set forth: (1). Too many recycled HOS; scenes were revisited twice, which explains why there were so many. (2). Transition delays worsened upon progression causing repeated intermittent disruptions. (3). Mind-numbing, unintelligible puzzles that require few steps to complete. I'm really enjoying this one. The graphics are satisfactory but could be sharper or crisper. The color schematics are dominated by a consistently hazy shade of purple-blue to emit a mysterious aura as you explore your surroundings. The levels of apprehension and anxiety are elevated through the implementation of horrific and macabre imagery, such as hideous, gruesome statues staring coldly at you with razor sharp fangs and disproportionately long arms jutting out; giant, blinking red eyes following your every move from all around; and black cats and crows crossing your path, which are ominously symbolic. I feel immersed within the environment as butterflies and birds fly away, glass shatters into pieces, and food is eaten up - all upon touch. The music and noises, such as crickets chirping and thunder booming, achieve suspenseful climaxes at appropriate times. You can customize your settings. The inventory is labeled and interactive; items require assembly. The teleport map indicates available actions in custom mode, as well as what locations have a morphing object; additionally, the labels appear when you hold down your finger on each location. The HOS are interactive, puzzle-like, and consist of various types. The puzzles are fun and varied with some storybook types. There is a much appreciated "back" button for the HOS and the scenes. The formulaic "Press Pass" is back, but I won't give it away. You do have some collectibles; they can be challenging to spot. The only nag is that the transition between scenes was delayed by a few seconds; however, there were no glitches. I enjoyed the storyline, the variety, and all of the components that make a game worthwhile.

- Fear for Sale: City of the Past by LynxMinx

My true rating is 3.5 stars. This was a very good game and fun to play, but Elefun needs to get their games up to speed with other developers. The game had some very good elements, and some negatives as well. Firstly, you could customize your settings. There was no journal, but the storyline was interesting and easy to follow and objectives were regularly updated. The graphics were brightly colored and beautiful and crisp. The game was lengthy and had a decently long bonus adventure. All inventory was labeled and there were complex items to assemble. Loading was certainly NOT instantaneous between locations, and I felt the lag was interminable at times. At least there was an excellent teleport map to transport you, and it also showed you when all collectibles were found by putting a gold star on the map. That's a good thing, because between all the morphing items and collections, you at least know when you don't have to keep searching. There were a few too many HO scenes for me, and there was some variety but not too much. At least you could do a jigsaw puzzle instead. There was a very good variety of puzzles/mini-games, and I enjoyed most of them. At least they weren't all boring rotational stuff. The main reason I deducted stars were for no journal, long load time between scenes, and hard tapping required at times. Also a couple of the games were on the glitchy side. At least they had no rats, for me a positive. I love this series, but Elefun needs to do a bit of work on the next one. No excuses at this point in time for lag time, hard tapping or glitches! Elefun, you are up against the best of the best! Look at EIPIX, Mad Head, Elephant, Sunward, BOOLAT, and Five-BN UK! Please bring your games up to speed! They are basically very good and just need a little tweaking! Lynxie sends ❤️💋😘 to the DTE, especially Dracyy for having my back, and KimTwilight as well! Dracyy, when we started this group way back when (with Snooper and Nambr and Bunkie and Moonbeam Dream), did you ever believe this genre would take off the way it did? In your next review, can you kindly answer a question for me please. Even with all the haters out there, don't you think the quality of these games have improved tremendously and that our reviewing skills have made a difference? I would really like to know what you think! I appreciate that you are still here! I really miss Snooper and Bunkie so much, not to mention Hossie and Nambr!

- A lot to love, but also some frustration

I have enjoyed other installments in the Fear for Sale series (which can be played independently) and this was no exception. Thankfully, there were several hours of gameplay, so it wasn't as short as many other recent Big Fish games. The storyline sufficiently held my interest. The graphics and soundtrack were fine, though not exceptional. The most entertaining aspect from a visual perspective was the large number of Easter eggs built in by the developer; prepare for a few jump scares or laughs when you click on something seemingly innocuous. The puzzles were a bit too easy for my taste, although they were logical for plot context. You could choose to complete jigsaw puzzles rather than the HOP. I opted for the HOP, which again were not overly challenging, but there were some of the assemble and silhouette varieties. I thought the controls were well done. There is a back button at the side of the screen, as well as a magnifying glass icon that you can hit if you want to see hotspots. For the first time, I saw a zoom icon presented with the HOP, so that you could select 125% or 150% if you wanted to see more details rather then attempt to zoom manually (for which I almost always get an inadvertent penalty). I *loved* the zoom button and hope this becomes a regular feature. The map enables teleportation and shows scenes where there are active tasks, as well as indicators when you have found all possible collectibles (an aspect I particularly appreciated). Difficulty is configurable and can be changed at any time during the game. The only weak "peripheral" was the journal, which was really just a brief list of pending tasks. However, this did not affect my ability to solve puzzles or complete the game. My chief complaint about the game is that it takes a long time to load between most scenes and puzzles. The loading time is even worse in the bonus chapter, which frankly appeared to be a rush job anyway. Its plot was convoluted and even contradicted some of the information you learned in the main story. For me, this game was a solid four star rating, although I frequently considered lowering that rating when waiting through another interminable loading of a page! I still recommend this to others, but perhaps not at full price. I was fortunate to pay $3.99 in its introductory phase.

- Fear for sale

Fun game

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- Best in a while

This Is a great game. Lots of different puzzles and really good storyline. My first 5 star rating in quite a while. Keep this quality coming.

- Too slow loading scenes

Would have given 4-5 stars as great storyline and puzzles but slow to load between scenes and got slower as game progressed.

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This seamless, well-rounded story by is achieved in no small part through an abundant number of cut-scenes, (which is no doubt also responsible for the short lag-time experienced between each play). The successful acquisition of Morphs and Collectibles is VERY conveniently indicated on the MAP, and a jigsaw puzzle option accompanies the generous amount of cleverly crafted HOPs. Sadly, there is no Extra gameplay.

- Great great game

You will enjoy every bit of this game and totally worth every penny, total 5 stars and hope for a sequel parts

- City of the Past

Great game. Worth the money.

- Another Canadian

...only I'm a guy. Really enjoyed this one. Again, I wish I knew why these games all feature a female detective. Us guys play them, too. Also, yet again, screws are turned in the wrong direction. Otherwise, well done.

- 🇨🇦 🐘 🇨🇦 FUN, FUN, FUN!!! 👍 👍 👍

The Fear for Sale series is wonderful, I love them. The graphics are top notch, but what else do you expect from 🐘 games; EleFun to be exact. Always terrific! 🇨🇦 🐘 🇨🇦 🐘 One of the things I really love are that the HOP's have jigsaw puzzles as an alternative. I'm an avid jigsawer. (New word for you.) 😚 I haven't gone too far into the game yet, I'm trying to finish up with another, but I'll be here full time pretty soon. Wii, I KNOW you will love this game as much as I do. Hey, do you think we might be twins, and were separated at birth?!? 👭 I would be the crazy one. I have been compared to "Lucy" before. Lol Are you my "Ethel?" 🙄🙄🤗🤗🇨🇦🤗🇨🇦🤗🇨🇦😉😜😜 Thank you 🐟 BigFish🐠, for more hours filled with enjoyment. This series has it all. Another winner!! 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 8/15/16. A big 🇨🇦 WELCOME to you, Langedo!! So happy to meet you. Look out people, the 🇨🇦 Girls are in town. (Sorry, got a little excited.) I wish we, BigFish that is, had a place we could go and meet and discuss what we like about games and what we don't like. I would think it would be beneficial to the devs to see what works well and what needs work. But, hey, I'm not complaining, I'm just so grateful to have found a place with such wonderful games. Maybe in the future we'll find a spot. I'll think about some possibilities. Wii and Langedo - put your 🇨🇦 thinking caps on, k? Happy gaming, girls. 🇨🇦 🇨🇦 🤗🤗 🤓 😝

- Wow!

This is a really good game! Gotta Crush and Wii Wendy, i'm a fellow 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦. I'm always looking for your reviews because I have the same taste as you, girls, if you like it, I buy it, is that simple! 🇨🇦❤️. Girl power from Quebec and this game is worth playing! Hope to see you on next reviews! ❤️🇨🇦😀👍🏻. And please, Big Fish, give these girls a bonus for each good reviews because a lot of us are believing them!

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The applications Fear for Sale: City of the Past HD - A Hidden Object Mystery (Full) was published in the category Games on 2016-09-02 and was developed by Big Fish Games, Inc [Developer ID: 292594310]. This application file size is 1.89 GB. Fear for Sale: City of the Past HD - A Hidden Object Mystery (Full) - Games app posted on 2016-09-02 current version is 1.0.0 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.bigfishgames.fscpaapltabletfull

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