The Moon: Calendar Moon Phases

The Moon: Calendar Moon Phases [Weather] App Description & Overview

Moon Phases Calendar - universal lunar calendar for any Locations from 0001 to 2100 years.

Lunar calendar is one of the oldest calendars in modern society.
A lunar month can only be 29 or 30 days long. This is different than a solar based calendar, where the length is arbitrarily fixed.

- Moonrise
- Moonset
- Moon phases
- Lunar Days
- Illumination
- Distance
- Position

- Sunrise
- Sunset
- Altitude
- Azimuth
- Distance

- English
- Russian

How it use:
- View day info: tap on "Day number"
- Change year on Calendar: tap on year number

Unlock calendar subscription:
Your subscription will renew automatically each year and payment will be charged to your iTunes Account within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase.

Terms of Use:

Privacy Policy:

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- Fix bug

The Moon: Calendar Moon Phases Comments & Reviews

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- Great moon phase tracker

Right up front it tells you what you want to know: the moon age since the last new moon, the exact time/date of the full mmon or other phase of interest, the time it rises and sets and the percentage illuminated. You can explore for other info. The calendar is accurate. The initial display is updated in real time, like the small clock on your iPhone homepage, that has the time correct up to the second. The coordinates of the moon’s are available, useful when you can’t see it, and for astrologers you have the zodiac sign and node, etc. Not quite free, it’s 99 cents to unlock the calendar, one of it’s most useful features, but you can see the calendar relative to the current date for free. Well worth it. Try it for a while, then pay $0.99 if you like it, which I did. Great app. The ads are no bother, and some are interesting, so I didn’t spring up $2.99 to be free of ads. Great app, nice ads! Update: another couple of years (2020 May), still my go-to app for moon info.

- The only thing that would make it better

I absolutely love this app, so much that I put it in place of my calendar app. It tells me everything I need to know about the moon’s current and upcoming phases, what constellation it’s in, even down to the nitty gritty of its exact location in the sky in real time. The ONLY thing that would make this app better, is if the icon was dynamic, like the Calendar app’s icon. The only thing I miss about the calendar app is that I can look at it from a glance and know what the date is. This app still tells me the date if I open up the calendar within it, but I do miss the convenience of being able to look at my home screen and see on the icon what the date is. I think having the icon reflect the current date and moon phase would make this app so much better. I don’t know if that’s possible for non-official apps, but I can dream. Overall, I highly recommend.

- This app can really help you out

Before this app, I had a terrible time keeping track of the moon cycle. I never was the best at science or astronomy. I did my best to learn and I ended up downloading this app to help to process. The moon is an essential part of life for everyone but especially for me. If I can’t tell what night the full moon will be on it will be trouble for all around me. A transformation is a draining process and all I can think about after is FOOD. Doesn’t matter what or who it was. Not many people take into consideration my condition. Turning in to a beast isn’t fun and games, people. I thank you for this app, on behalf of myself and the Were-community.

- Great for tracking the waxing and waning of the moon!

I love tracking the phases of the moon, because I’m one of those nuts who believes the nuts do come out when the moon is full. I used to have another app before this one but the developer is gone and the app doesn’t anymore update. It was called Moonphase, and you could set it to howl to remind you of the impending full moon. I thought that was fun and quirky, I wish this app had that because I truly miss it so. It was just a fun thing to have and joke around and show people. Maybe if you find the developer and work something out and add it to this? Otherwise it is an excellent app!

- Moon Goddess Connection

A couple of novices to our coven bring a tremendous enthusiasm and love for our Moon Goddess. This app is exceptional. The knowledge and arrangements of information of the Moon is a blessing for us. We use this app as an alternative learning tool. I do miss the brother wolf howl during the full moon. Also miss the different names of the moons whether according to Indigenous cultures, Celtic, or Norse. Adds a bit of heritage. I really enjoy learning about the Moon, it’s affects on the ebb and flow of natural living here on Mother Earth. Thank you to the creators of this app. Number #1. Merry meet and merry part, blessings always come from our hearts. )O(

- My favorite

I’m not sure I can tell you why...maybe it’s because it’s easy to use, but I downloaded 3 different moon apps a couple of years ago, and this is the one I used consistently. I love to photograph the moon, so I keep up with rise and set times, and I label my photos as to percent waxing or waning. Basic stuff. All three have that info. This one is easy to see, direct, love it. I had this on my phone and the others on my iPad. I’m now putting this on iPad and giving up the others.

- Great App, Should be Free All Around Though

It’s a simple, great app. I love it. But there are so many parts blocked off unless you pay to unlock and it’s really ridiculous. There is no reason the app isn’t all around free, you shouldn’t have to pay for those features. And it’s super easy to accidentally tap to purchase which isn’t cool. Other than that I love it though and use only the free stuff and it is enough. No crazy adds that take away from the experience which is nice. If an app comes along with free in house moon charts I will drop this for that in an instant though.

- Love the app

I found this app and have been really happy with it. I rent an apartment, so my green thumb isn’t the best, I notice they have useful information for those who garden too. It works for me in that I plan much of my work flow and intentions around the moon. Now I’m going to take it a step further and learn about the signs the moon is in. This app tells you all of that too (which zodiac sign the moon is in at any given time). You can see into future dates too which is also very helpful.

- First Dates and new work projects

I always make a first date on a new moon- the relationship has a much better shot! This AP has helped my romantic life! I delayed the beginning of my current job and I am still here 2 years later- starting a new job when the moon is waxing is important and this AP makes it easy! Also if someone owes you money ask for it when the moon is waning- people will let go of things more easily when the moon is getting smaller.

- Moon calendar doesn’t work

Free trial for the upgrade didn’t work, so I paid for the upgrade and it still doesn’t work. To explain: If you want to see more than just the month you’re in, you have to pay to upgrade. You’re supposed to get a week free trial, but it never worked, gets stuck in a loop where I try to go to the next month, then get a message to unlock the calendar, click on that and get a subscription prompt and when I click on that it says already subscribed. So I let it charge for the upgrade thinking the “free trial” was a joke and the upgrade would work, but nope, get the same thing. Tells me I need to subscribe, then tells me I’m already subscribed. Not impressed.

- Pure Awesomeness 🌙

Hands down my favorite app in my entire phone!! I love taking pictures of the moon with my camera and this app helps let me know anything and everything I need to know about the moon that day. It even tells you what astrology sign the moon. My favorite feature (the one I probably use the most) is what time the moon will rise and set that day. Definitely would recommend this app to anyone who is a moon lover like myself! Stay wild moon child 🌝

- The moon and it’s effect on our lives

Once I learned as a young feller how much the gravitational pull has an affect on planet earth and realized that we are made up of so much water then I started to parallel the two an helps me understand my moods my attitudes which affects my mood an said no and where we are in the moon phase helped me understand with what’s going on in my real life thank you for the moon charts as the moon speaks to the waves of the sea so does it speak to you and me 🙏❤️🥋🥋🦅🐕🇺🇸👌✌️out !

- Love the Moon

This app works perfect and it easy to use. It has many different calendars you can check out too such as the whole moon month and even a compass of where the moon will be. You can also swipe right or left to see the days before or after. Clicking on the moon allows you to see all the moon data. Love it. It looks beautiful and helps me get in touch with our gorgeous moon!

- Love this app...

And I use it daily. The only improvement I would make is to update the crystal/stone names (I keep having to Google them because I've never heard of a particular stone, then it turns out it's the archaic name for a more common stone), and do a bit of copy editing to make the "Characteristics" and other recommendations sections more understandable. They feel like a bad translation sometimes and don't always flow or make sense. With these upgrades, this app would be very popular in the new age/witch/woo-woo world.

- It asked me to write a review

I really do enjoy this app very much I love astronomy very much and this is a very useful app for it. But really can Apple can you stop making your apps ask me to give stars and write a review it’s annoying I feel like I’m being asked by one of my little cousins to look at their drawing that I like but they won’t stop asking me about how much I like their drawing.

- Great

I love how this app shows where the moon will rise and set the sunrise and sunset locations the actual phases of the moon it is beautifully done and if I wasn’t so cheap I would pay for everything else because I am sure it is that much better but the devs were gracious enough to give you great things for the price of free so ty and I hope everyone can enjoy this app as much as I do

- Constellations

Anyone else notice the constellations are off (possibly by a calendar month)? Ex: the pattern of constellations correlating with the full moon is correct just a month behind. Where Sept. 2018’s full moon should fall in Aries, the app shows it in Pisces. Oct. 2018 is showing Pisces when it should be Taurus. Nov. 2018 is showing Taurus when it should be Gemini. Am I missing something? Is there a setting I need to adjust? Are there any other minor discrepancies that others have found that might affect the apps accuracy? I love the idea of the app. But if it’s inaccurate it makes it ineffective.

- Love this moon app !

No matter where you call home, you can check out lots of lunar information with this app. I live without a great view of the night sky... and it is not light pollution up here in northern New York State...its called cloud cover. Not to worry. I open the app and loads of data is at my fingertips. The only missing piece is it doesn’t come with the soundtrack of “Dark Side of the Moon” by Pink Floyd.

- Useful app.

I truly believe that the moon does affect our mood. If I notice that I am being especially irritable and impatient with others, my driving is aggressive, and others are having the same issue, it typically corresponds with either a new moon or a full moon. Check it out next time YOU have these symptoms. You may become a believer as well...

- Text is nonsensical, have to buy in-app purchases to make it function

1) this is an actual sentence from the app: “activate maximum of you awareness”. Seriously. The whole text about any given day is gibberish that sounds like a bad google translate... and it probably is? 2) to use the “calendar function” shown in the preview for the app (the whole reason I downloaded it) you have to make an in-app purchase. I would have been fine with paying $2 for this app - but to give it as a nearly non-functional free download and force in app purchases to make it function fully is shady. Deleting.

- Complain

I signed up for a free trial ( they give you a week) but really I was ready to signed up for a year. I wanted to see the features and use the app fully. However, this is my day 3, and it doesn’t let me open anything it tells me I need to subscribe.. which I did. Then I follow the “subscribe” button- it tells me I already did.. but still won’t let me open anything. So annoying. I can’t judge how many stars I would give because if this huge issue. Other then that I think the app could be great.

- The Moon at its Best

This application is the best for keeping track of what our moon is doing. Tried couple of other apps & they completely failed. Can't think of anything being wrong with this app love it I do you use it on average four times a week keep up the good work guys at least you keep the current which so many apps don't!

- Simple & Informative

I love this app! It’s simple, easy to use, accurate and beautiful. It tells me everything I need to know to plan night photography outings in a user-friendly way. I love the full moon phases calendar and the daily moon rise/set times, in particular. I’ve had this app for over a year and have no complaints. Highly recommend!

- My go-to charting app

I really enjoy the layout and information available in one place in this app. I use it daily to chart the moon and sun. My only complaint is that the messages are sometimes hard to understand as they seem written by someone for whom English is not their primary language. Also, the messages frequently repeat and are not particularly helpful or accurate.

- This is a great app, thoroughly enjoyable.

This is a great app, very detailed and the accessories that are available is a very nice bonus for this app. I especially like the feature to look ahead on the calendar to see when the next full moon will be. I recommend this app to many and it’s thoroughly enjoyable. Well done App Store and those whom develop these apps.

- Wonderful app!!

Have had the app for at least a month or two, and so far it is doing just fine! It's helpful for anybody trying to keep track of the lunar phases, and even has extra features for zodiac enthusiasts!! You can purchase and unlock more features, but it's not a must. Overall great app!!

- I love this app.

I have been using this app for two months now and absolutely love it. I didn’t purchase the app until I knew it would be for me and that I would like and use this app. It does have many in app purchases unfortunately but well worth the price as I use this daily now and love it.

- One of my most used apps.

I first got this app because I play video games that observe the actual Moon cycles. One, “team fortress-two” that allows you to equip certain cosmetic items only during a Full moon or on Halloween And another “the elder scrolls online” which when the moon is full werewolves will spawn all across the world and you may become one by being injured by them. However I’ve used it sense just to keep track of the Moons cycles I love knowing when there’s going to be a full moon and this does that and more. I use it almost every day just to see where were at in each cycle. I love this app Legit.

- One MAJOR problem.

Overall the app works great, except one major problem. You can set a custom location, so if you are planning where the moon will be while you’re on a trip, but it doesn’t adjust the times. So if I’m on the East coast of the US, and I’m looking at a location in the West coast, I have to remember to subtract three hours from the time it shows or manually reset the time zone in the settings.

- Keep your eye on the moon

I highly recommend this app I believe that if everyone knew when the full Moon was coming we would be able to prepare for the lunacy that happens when we don’t. This is just my way of preparing for the next full Moon. Thank you for sharing this app. Peace be with you all. God love you.

- I like the messages!!!

So, I'm not certain how often it is, but periodically the app will send messages as though they are from the moon and much of what they say tickles me. The app also has nearly all the information I need about the rise and set of the moon along with other applicable and useful data.

- Educational delight!

We are a homeschooling family and we use this app to add the moon phase to our daily calendar time. It is a great resource for keeping track of the night sky in a quick easy way and our kids really like it. It’s easy to use with an easy on the eyes design. Thank you!

- It is SO cool... but...

Yes it is cool but I think that you could add like little mini games or something where you can earn stuff like so you don’t have to pay real money and honestly that’s really it so ;-; that’s really my only idea for now^^ but otherwise 10 out of 10 it’s really good^^|^^|^^|^^|^^|^^|^^|^^|^^|^^|^^|

- Moooooonnn

This App provides sooo much information, it provides location and the different names to the Stars ! I LOVE using it ! Great Educational tool for children ❤️ In the North , sometimes the clouds and light get in the way, and if your searching for the moon, plant or star , raise your phone and it will literally search and find.

- Helpful App. 😀

This moon 🌝 app is so helpful. I have an I phone 📱 6 And it helps me out by having everyday what sign the moon 🌝 is. Also when the full moon. So I can 🥫 put my crystals, 💎my necklaces out the night before a full moon so they get good energy from the moon. and when it’s a new moon. Sarah Star 💫a happy 😃 costumer.

- I love this moon app.

I have been taking photos of the moon for 15 years! I took two absolutely great photos of the eclipse, one is the complete eclipse, the other is what I call the Grand Jubilee caught just as the sun created over the moon. I really want to take even more photos of the moon!!! So this app is just what I need.

- Download this app

I think you should download this app because you can keep track of the moon and also when you move your phone around the moon follows and it also tells you the phases of the moon and it’s a Great way to learn about the moon

- Years ago........

I’ve loved looking at the moon since I was a child in Ft Worth Tx in the 1930’s and 40’s. It was always a surprise when it came up and changed shape. I became a Geography teacher and loved teaching the sun and moon and eclipses. We can no longer see the Milky Way now in our very big city at night, but the moon and planets still evoke awe from me. Joy

- Great app

Love the app... the only issues I have with the app is that it isn’t allowing me to change my distance to miles in the settings. Also, the app moon slider at the bottom of the screen isn’t in the best place if you own an iPhone X. It’s hard to access the moon slider without it swiping to another program.

- Highly enjoyable

I used to have a fairly humble watch that showed the phases of the moon. The watch died and I’ve opted for something more expensive, but no moon phases. This app does a great job of replacing that function and more. It’s very well designed and entertaining as well as informative.

- Paid for access

I paid to unlock/access the calendar and other features and it’s still saying that it’s locked. Don’t know how to get in contact with the developer but I would like that fixed. The app has great potential, but it’s no way to really judge that when I paid for the full access and don’t have full access....

- Very resourceful!

I pretty live by this app. This is a wonderful staple to have among the many other celestial related apps. Eventually I will get the paid version. But for now, I'm fine with the free version. Would recommend to any one who wants to get an overview of the phases of the moon and what day they land on.

- This Is A Great App

I use it for my manifestation rituals. It’s useful and accurate. I like that it shows the percentage of the moon. I find the cultural history of the moon interesting. I think this a great app not only for spiritual purposes but for photographers, nature enthusiasts, and more. I expect to see great things from this app 😊

- Great for photography

I occasionally like to take pictures of the moon. I like being able to check the percentage of face, the rise and set times, and the waxing and waning. It is nice to be able to go back in time or ahead in time for to categorize or plan for photos.

- Nice app

For a free app this is stellar. It gives you what it claims it will and has mini micro transactions for features you probably won't even use. For a free and quick download I'd recommend this. Worst case scenario you just delete it but that won't happen.

- Good app, I recommend this one

I like it, I mean what else can I say... lol The only thing I didn’t like is that u have to pay to look on the next month, so I have to wait until it’s the next month, but besides that everything else is great 👍🏼

- Has what I want.

I'm just a average person. (Not a scientist or astronaut planning space travel)😳 I just like knowing about things that interest me. The app has all the information I would ever need!! If you want data. It has lots and lots of it!

- What up with the sentence structure???

Honestly, I love this app... but the constant misspellings and nonsensical sentences are so distracting. It’s clear the person writing the daily info uses google translate or something. I would have already deleted this, except I paid for it. I’m giving it a bit while I try other, similar, apps. If I find something better and they haven’t improved, definitely going to delete.

- Good vibes

There’s something about that moon amirite? I love to check the app every night too know what percentage it’s at, as well as its rise and set times. There aren’t crazy big full screen ads on the app either. I highly recommend this app!

- Excellent Moon Phase Tool

I use this app for my work setting the moon phase function on mechanical watches all the time. I paid for the calendar feature and I’m very happy with this additional functionality. I can’t remember what it cost but it was totally worth it.

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- Love it

Love this app. I like getting notifications when it’s a full or new moon, the app is very informative in regards to moon position and I can drag the bar to the exact time the moon is 100% full or new. Also it tells you what zodiac the moon is in! I think it’s fantastic

- Does what it says

Everything I need to keep track of moon phases. Accurate & easy to use. Beautiful graphics. One featured is live is if the icon changed to represent the phase so you could see at a glance instead of having to go into the app.

- CrystalCleanseMoonlight

I love this app, not only do I get to know when the moon is rising, setting, doesn’t H.G. something out of the ordinary but it also reminds me to put my crystals out for cleansing by simply adding the full moons to my calendar!!! Yep I’m a hippy and I love this app 🕉

- This app

Is good not to much adds, gives you the right information. Easy to find and do, no pressure to upgrade, I like this app👍

- Not impressive

I wanted an app that tells the degree of the moon astrologically. This doesn’t that, which is ok, but not for me. I got the paid version hoping it would be better and I can’t see the difference from the free version. Generally this app is clunky and confusing and doesn’t deliver any decent surprises. After 2 paid upgrades I’m still unimpressed.

- Best Moon App

Not my first moon app but definitely the best. It’s easy to find what you’re looking for and if you get the paid version (cheap as chips) it has a great moon calendar! 5🌟🌖🌗🌘

- Great app

Its great, I just wish the app button would change with the moon phase like my clock and calendar app! But the app itself is awesome

- Beautiful Graphic

Informative and easy to use. Beautiful graphics make it even better!

- Great planning tool

Big thank you to the devs and people who got this together! Please keep up the great work and service, much love!

- Great app.

I love being able to see when the full moon is approaching, I generally organise parties and gigs around the approaching full moon. It’s fabulous

- New app for me

Only discovered this app recently and I love it ! Great info for when I need to be aware of some emotional Change 🤪

- Interesting.

I’m a bystander and this app is sending me on a journey that awakens curiosity and encourages areas to investigate. Thanks, I’m looking into the Ancients I felt that I should begin there.

- Review

This app is just what I needed! It has the percentages and faxes of the moon! 5 star rating. One of the best apps I have downloaded.

- In app

No idea what the in app purchases actually got me. I bought access to full calendar, and the zodiac one, and I couldn’t tell you what’s different about the app after purchasing.

- Not totally accurate data

End of daylight saving 2018 in Australia seems to have been too much to handle Times shown for sunrise and sunset have been calculated totally incorrectly The hour goes back to the correct time for local time zone ... the important point is that the time goes back not forward ... yet again But seems the app has not had any attention or upgrades for at least the past year ... I hope someone can fix the data Thanks

- Does everything it needs to

When the moon is one of you ruling planets...

- Very complete

Love it cause it shows all the info i want about the current moon cycle!!

- Love it !

Love to keep up with the moons progress !! I mainly use the home page part of the app but it has good features for a more specific friend of the moon : ) I love her (the moon)

- Moon Views

The moon is amazing, always captivating, for reasons we may not understand, and always beautiful no matter what the phase 🌙

- Informative

Lovely app but would love an option to integrate with my calendar app!

- Clear and accurate

This is a great app. It shows a nice clear picture and percentage of the beautiful moon and where she is up too!

- Simply perfect

Groovy display and gives me all the info I need. No issues just smiles :-)

- Love it

Very helpful and easy to use. Beautiful graphics too!

- I love it

It's nice and simple and has great graphics. I love using this app to keep track of the moon phases.

- Ok app

I like the app but the compass doesn't appear to work and the in app price to remove adds is a bit over the top. There are better apps for more on the market.

- Very Good

Perfect to plan a night out for watching the stars

- Does it well

Great to refer to when looking up moon phases etc

- Impressed

Really great app. Lots of features and easy to use 😊

- Morfien

Great app great aid when the kids ask about the moon etc

- Love it

Used to be a shift working & didn't need an app but now . . . Just nice to know

- Life

Is there anything better????

- Review

Great app I love looking at full moons now I know when and where to look 😇😇😀😀😀😀😀

- My Moon connection

Very informative and easy to use and understand 👍

- Beautiful Moon App

Love this Moon App! The free version has heaps of info and the interface is beautiful. Thank you 🌖♥️

- Wonderful

Thank you for such a beautiful app

- Moon app

So far I love it. There is a lot of great and useful information

- Perfect

Does exactly what it should do with great elegance. Thank you.

- Moon App

Great app Easy to use Highly recommend

- Moon Upside Down In Southern Hemisphere

Great app! The moon is the opposite angle in the southern hemisphere. E.g Opposite moon angle before sunset and after sunset. Good info & graphics 👍😀

- Prett helpful but not very good English!

Prett helpful but not very good English! Would appreciate better English translation...

- Great app

Very informative, easy to use

- Soooo goood

Well done very good works well for school projects

- Great little app

No complaints here 😉

- Hard to beat

Excellent app.

- Lole

It's perfect! Especially if you work at sea!!

- Happy with it

Very good app Very simple but works Happy with it

- Mr

I use this app for Night VFR flying as a private pilot. It's a great tool to plan for a dark night or a moonlit lit night. Very handy

- Fantastic, easy to use.

Great app.

- Cool

Two thumbs up from me.

- Love

I love this app so much. In my opinion this app is a big win. YAY!!!

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- Awesome

Better than I expected!

- Day info section missing

I can’t seem to get the developers email but the day info section isn’t displayed anymore but in the setting it shows still an option not sure what that’s about

- Copies your data

Every time you load this app, it takes whatever data you most recently copied and stores it. Avoid at all costs if privacy matters to you.

- True Time

This is now the only calendar I use! Always feels very accurate and reflective of my emotions, experiences.

- Moon

Very enlightening app

- amazing!

i only give 4 stars because i think it should be completely free !

- The Moon

Great little app for quick info about our beautiful moon ! Easy to use, informative and fun. I love it ! 😊

- Full Moon

I Love Full Moon

- Not free

Purchases needed to make use of features that are advertised.

- Don’t pay for it

Don’t buy any in app purchases because they are definitely not worth it.

- The Powers Of the Universe in my hands!

I’m looking or a specific Star I saw pass by my way a few decades ago, and I’m pretty sure I can find ‘her’ here; thanks for this app. 👍🏿

- Great but need an eclipse feature

Great app for full and new moon timings but would be notably enhanced with dates and times of eclipses

- My experience with The Moon

I am using the free version, and it works well. It gives the user a better understanding of how lunar calendars work. Also, the free version shows what Zodiac sign the moon is in.

- All praise the Moon!!

It’s great for keeping track of the full moon so I can be prepared for the stupid fights with my girlfriend.

- Don’t understand

Last time i checked the moon doesn’t change phase by the hour

- I love this app

I love this app

- Great app

Works great! Gives accurate concise information...

- Moon

Best app to watch moon phases

- Follow The Moon

Easy set up, lots of information

- Not the greatest...

I don’t really like that it costs money to access most of the other stuff. Other than that, it’s an ok app

- Why is the month ahead locked

Why not set the app PRICE AT 3.99 or greater when we first buy your app so we don’t have to be asked if we want an ADS FREE EDITION. I’m pondering whether I may keep this app. All the best

- Perfect

I love the beautiful design and it provides all the info I need in an intuitive and easy way.

- So great love this app!!!!

So great love this app!!

- Great App!

Thanks guys!

- Awesome!

I downloaded this app to help me learn the phases of the moon for a course at school. It’s very useful and I love seeing the characteristics behind each day!

- Moon

Love this app!! Easy to use 😊

- Moon following

I like this app - simple to use yet interesting extras.

- Exactly what I wanted.


- Great app, easy to use

Very nice user interface, easy to use

- Great app

I like to check out what the moon phase is, so easy at your fingertips.

- Love it

Just what I was looking for. Thanks

- Unfinished

Lack of iPhone X display support costs 2 full stars, makes app look forgotten and unfinished

- Love it

Love and use this site often !!!

- Great

I love it. Only thing I would change is the background that moves as the phone does. It can get dizzying. Other than that it would be five stars.

- Love it! Everything I need!


- Great app

Very easy to use

- Very nice application

Congrats !

- My Favourite

This is a great app and really easy to use. I use it for my scuba diving to see where New and Full Moon are because currents really pick up at that time and for Lunar planting in my vegetable garden. Perfect!

- Doesn’t Howl

I think this app is very beautifully designed and covers pretty much every aspect of the moon that one would want to know. It does NOT, however howl. I don’t understand why there is a “howl at the full moon” setting. It doesn’t work. The original, now defunct app “Moon Phases” used to howl whenever you tapped on a date that had a full moon, and also when a full moon notification was delivered. Loved this feature. Please fix it on this app.

- details

it is currently 0328 hrs. it says moonrise = 2343. was that yesterday or will that be tonight? it says moonset = 1229. did the moon set yesterday at 1229 and will rise at 2343 or will it set this afternoon at 1229 and set later today at 1229? i don’t think the dates are very clear.

- Awesome

Keeps things Simple and provides the information I need. ✨🌙

- Love it

Great app super easy!

- The Moon

Highly intuitive and simple to use. It’s my favourite photography tool.

- Moon app

Love this app !!!

- The best one

Simple, important information and well designed. Highly recommended

- Astrology

The app is okay but the Astrological symbols (on the top left) do nit change as you change the days.

- Love it

Love this app it's so cool to be able to know when the full moon is and you can even sync it with your calendar so you can make plans according to the moon phase! Best moon phase app

- Adore it

It's great!!! Best moon app I've used

- Very usefull

I use it all the time, very practical. I enjoy it's simplicity but I miss the gregorian calendar format

- Excellent app!

I love this app!

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- Love it.

This is probably one of the few apps I keep adding again every time I get a new phone. I love always knowing where my moon is at along with the visual & moving background . The astrological calendar is also very helpful as well! 👍🏼

- All moon all the time

Almost anything you need for moon moments is included in this app. Best of all is the HOWLING at the moment of full moon, (although it did require an explanation to my girlfriend one night. Hey; inquiring minds want to know!). The calendar is very useful for photography and astronomy too.

- Great app!

I Like the sky mode (Moon and stars). Straight to the point, shows the moon and current state viewing is free. You can rotate the moon image to see different moon phases on different dates in free version. Paid version will open entire calendar. I like this app and it’s very useful.

- What a Blessing!

I do so depend on this web site that it is almost a blessing as to it accuracy. I will not plan a fishing trip, outdoor adventure, planting, harvesting or traveling without consulting this site. Lastly, though not scientifically proven, I even plan on Summer heat waves coinciding with a Full Moon! Thank you!

- Moonlight Camping

I like to plan my camping trips around the night sky. Sometimes I want to photograph the stars & planets ( astrophotography), so I need to know when the moon sets early or when it’s a new moon. Sometimes I want to photograph the landscape under a full moon. This app helps me plan my camping for the optimal conditions ( weather excluded)!! And sometimes I just want to camp. Then I check on the app to see what I can expect and prepare for those moony nights!

- Simple, clean design

I like camping when we can see the Milky Way so we plan our camping trips for when the moon is new. This app makes it very easy to look ahead on the calendar to see when we should plan our trips.

- Handy App

Works well, does mostly as is advertised, but location in sky does not asynchronous with phone screen orientation. Perhaps a few more stellar functions and info would be a nice improvement for the $$s. Paid to remove ads on iPhone but I still get ads on iPad. :(

- Wonderful app

I love this app, it has many uses. The only thing I would recommend are alerts or notifications for upcoming new and full moons! Or being able to sync this calendar on your iCal or google calendar

- Use it to track my period

As streamer as it sounds, I actually use this app and a period tracker together to see if I am in cycling with the moon... after a year of watching both, it’s true... I can go by the moon to track my period! Lol Love this app. It’s great!

- Lyme Disease and the moon

I n noticed a secular pattern with my Lyme disease symptoms. I downloaded The Moon app and it help me to keep track. I realize that between the new moon to the full moon I was most reactive. I was able to increase my supplements proactively to minimize my symptoms. I use this app regularly. It is spot on!!

- Simple & Easy

Love it! I often just want to know the percentage of fullness and some other basic information which the app shows as soon as you open it. If you want more detail, you can dig deeper.

- Accurate

The app is relatively accurate, first time I used it i was skeptical, seems to work I like how you can view different stars and how you can see the distances that are between the different planet’s.

- Useful and informative

Has all the good info. You do have to pay to get the full calendar. The howl (which gives me joy) is super inconsistent. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t which annoys me. (It’s the little things) If I found another app that was more consistent with that little howl I would switch in a heartbeat.

- Wonderful app

It’s extremely accurate, and it doesn’t buffer. Only downside is that you can’t unlock all of the app unless you pay a certain price. Other than that, it’s great at checking moon phases, and if you’re into knowing astrological moons, it shows that too.

- Useless

You guys literally already advertise on the app, why does every single little action require you to upgrade to the one you gotta spend money on. You guys literally lost a user because I can’t do anything on this app, I can literally just look it up on the internet within the same amount of time. I was on this app to give you guys user for your already ad filled app. But at this point this app is useless literally.

- Cute app

Love this :) would be better without the ads and more information about mythology or extra tidbits about the significance of each phase and what we can do on those days in particular

- Good app but was a feature taken away?

A few months ago you were able to swipe left and the app would give a description of the zodiac sign that the moon was in! Is that feature gone? It was my favorite part... besides that great app!

- Moon in the sky

The Moon app is fun. Have you ever wondered what phase we are in regarding the night sky? This app shows you the current Moon phase as well as times for moon rise and set. It’s also a navigational tool as it has a compass in the selection of items at the top.

- Always accurate!

I work in a service industry and we can always sense when the moon is full or new. I just check this app to be sure! So helpful when things seem to be crazy! Nope, it’s just the moon 😉🌕🌑

- Great for my forgetful self!

I'm a forgetful person, and this app helps me keep track of the moon phases when and where I need to with up-to-date information. It's so much easier than anything else I have used. Best of all, it's free!

- Love it

I have used many different Moon apps before and got frustrated because it was to many ads and not enough information. Thank you for creating this wonderful app!

- Great Fine!

This app was a great fine! I wanted to get an app that will tell me the Moon cycles, and the astrological significant, and this app it’s totally perfect for that. It’s very easy to used ones you get the hang of it! Thank you to the makers. It’s one of my favorite apps.

- Our emotions connect us with the moon. Helps me feel more connected to the universe.

Love being able to connect with our universe by knowing how the moon presents itself to our little lives!

- Review

It was a nice app. Clean and easy to use, until suddenly it would no longer work until I paid a fee, yearly, I think. I don’t mind paying up front, but I’ve used this one for quite a while, until.... then what happens, I pay for an app, then when I eventually have to upgrade my phone, the apps no longer work, and are not supported by their author. I’m looking for something else now.

- We love this app!

We do lots of dusk and nighttime photography, trying to catch the "evening star" and the various phases of the moon. This came in very handy for trying to figure out when best to book a trip to Hawaii for the best star gazing on the Big Island.

- Too many in-app purchases

This app does what it says on the tin - it shows you the phases of the moon. But you can’t look at future months for free. I understand charging for in-app features, but this information is easily googleable, so it just makes the app useless for people who want to use it plan ahead.

- The moon in my hands

I appreciate being able to see moon even when the sky is less cooperative. I like the active stars background. No matter which direction I face, moon is in her place.

- Amazing!!

I have been keeping track of the moon every day, and I can always see a difference. I have had it for a month and I'm already satisfied. I love how it is so effective and so accurate!!! Perfect.

- I Like It

I like this app. It's simple and it works. If I could change it, I'd make it such that you could have the moon as your phone background, and I'd also add the degree of the astrological sign. Otherwise, I'm content.

- Totally awesome, good for work

This app is awesome! I work in emergency/health services and this is a good app for knowing when the full moon is happening/about to happen. And the new moon too...when it’s a good time to start something new.

- Very Helpful

This app is so helpful to me. I use this app probably for a reason most don't but it helps me with witchcraft a lot. The moon and it's phases are instrumental to it and so having an app that labels everything so perfectly it's great.

- It works

It's enjoyably informative and relatively intuitive if you're used to smartphone apps. Pay the extra for the full calendar functionality.

- I check this app every day

Witches gotta know. The only thing I’m wondering about is who came up with the superstitions and recommendations for each day of the lunar cycle. I can’t find anything to back up that information.

- Simple and great

This app shows all phases of the moon, and you can see it on a calendar if you want. It’s free and cuts to the chase. Of course you can upgrade if you want, but I haven’t done that.

- Excellent image of the moon cycle

This app gives a excellent pictorial representation of the monthly moon cycle. This allows a quick look and personal predictions of what tides and night lighting will be on specific days of the month.

- Almost like going outside and looking up at night

I love this app, helps me keep track of when the women in the house are going to be a little crazy

- Great free app!

There are a lot of premium apps for information on the moon. I appreciate how this app balances the information they have with the non-intrusive ads they provide. Keep up the great work!

- Everything I Need

I just use the free version to keep track of the lunar cycle because I think the days before and after the full moon are harder to manage. Love the art, and the ads don’t spoil it. New moons are my favorite.

- Moon love

I enjoy this app. Seeing where is The Moon and in which sign gives me brief details about that day, and months and what to expect from myself and other people around me.

- Love and use daily!!!

I use this app throughout the day, every day!! I love the details and options!!! I wish it could be set to home screen!!! Highly recommend if you follow the moon cycles!!! :D Thank you!

- Great way to keep up with the moon and learn some things.

Thanks for putting this app together. It's really great for keeping up with the phase and also learning some new things as well about the moon phases.

- Good basic app

I like to follow the moon cycles so this is a great app to is basic and gets to the point in showing you the placement of the moon. It also shows the sign (zodiac) that the moon is in. I use it often!

- The Moon!!!

Great app! Gives me all the info I want on moon phases, when it rises and sets, etc. It has worked well for the couple of months I’ve had it installed. Highly recommend!

- Data is stacked on top of one another.

I sent this in a text with a screenshot with my phone number and email address with no reply

- Already saw it would be waste of time (less than an hour)

This app probably would have been okay if it would have actually worked after getting the subscription. Trial or no trial, it should have worked but the calendar was not functioning right at all. Maybe you the developers should heed these critical reviews and fix that.

- I did not even know how much I want to know

This app is beautiful and fun. It has more info than I thought to ask... and it's all actually helpful! I can't get over how cool this app is. Lovely!

- Just what I needed

The interface is easy to use, it has all the pertinent information for basic lunar gardening and you can't beat the price, all in handy app.

- Mood and Moon

The moon has a lot to do with our everyday life and how we feel. It’s very important to me to keep up with it. I really appreciate this app and find it very useful. Thanks!

- 10/10 full moon notification

So, long story short. First time I got a notification for the full moon it scared me and my entire family at dinner time. Love the app also.

- Needs to state the information more clearly

I could not understand were all the information is because of this my science grade dropped 😪 This is not fun. I like this App if they make it more organized!

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Rebecca Celeste

Minimalist Moon Calendar of 2021.⠀ It shows all moon phases throughout the next year. ⠀ ⠀ This is available as a print in my Etsy-Shop: #MoonCalendar #Calendar2021 #Design #Graphicdesign #etsyshop #SmallBusiness

Astronomy Hub

Check out 2021 Moon Phases Calendar (Dark)! Available for the next 1 day via @Teespring:

trash panda

@2ndTermTweets @perdricof they love astrology-adjacent stuff when they think it supports them, like The Blood Moons thing a couple years ago (which was just "oh wow, dates on a lunar calendar correspond with phases of the moon!")

NASA ND Space Grant

Fun at-home STEM activity: Make a Moon Phases Calendar and Calculator! With your creation, you’ll be able to predict the dates and times of full moons, new moons, and all the phases in between. Go to for instructions and materials! 🌚 #STEM #NASAinND

Judith Parker-Proctor 🇺🇸 ✝️

@tyler_casper Yes, we get ours from Cleveland Lumber. It’s been in business for about a century & still operated by the founding family. The calendar has the Farmer’s Almanac, phases of the moon, when/how to care for farm animals, measurements, etc.


@sacredspheres @marenaltman i couldn’t figure it out either so i pulled up the moon phase calendar for next year and went from there!


🎁Xmas gift from our AstroAriana team🎁: the full calendar 2021 of lunar phases 🌚🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘🌚 #moon #sun #astronomy #astrology #Xmas #Christmas #2021

Fr Dylan Schrader

But, then the English translation omits the lunar calendar date (the precise wording of which changes each year based on the phases of the moon). This erases a deliberate continuity with the Old Testament. The Martyrology itself notes that purpose for including the lunar cycle.


Have you downloaded our 2021 PDF calendar yet? All 365 days on a single sheet of A4. Only the most important dates (bank holidays, clocks) highlighted. If it's a day off, it's in. Winter Solstice? As if. Moon phases? Mate. Father's day? Dad's gone out for some smokes.


Get Moonly — the ultimate Moon Calendar: Lunar Phases, Affirmations, Runes, Articles 🌕

Belia Simm

A last minute addition to my shop 👩🏻‍🎨✨This is “Lunar Calendar” which features a modern and minimalistic design. It displays the main moon phases during each month of 2021. Available now at my shop: 🌙 ✨

g. 🖤

I did get the 2021 moon phases calendar that u see under it tho 😈

Stuart Walker

Winter Solstice Mon 21st at 13:30. The ancients used this day to reset their calendar and begin the farming year. 3/4 phases of the moon to break ground before planting began. We will be moving (slowly at first) toward Spring/Summer! YAY!

The Moon: Calendar Moon Phases 4.1 Screenshots & Images

The Moon: Calendar Moon Phases iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

The Moon: Calendar Moon Phases iphone images
The Moon: Calendar Moon Phases iphone images
The Moon: Calendar Moon Phases iphone images
The Moon: Calendar Moon Phases iphone images
The Moon: Calendar Moon Phases iphone images

The Moon: Calendar Moon Phases (Version 4.1) Install & Download

The applications The Moon: Calendar Moon Phases was published in the category Weather on 2016-03-11 and was developed by Vitalii Gryniuk [Developer ID: 1007630419]. This application file size is 34.18 MB. The Moon: Calendar Moon Phases - Weather app posted on 2020-01-23 current version is 4.1 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.gv-apps.MoonCalendar

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