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Featured by Apple on „Apps that we love”, highly acclaimed in the startup press scene, #1 on Product Hunt, and used on a daily basis by over 100.000 people. We call it WeatherKit and it's truly amazing.

WeatherKit is a gorgeously crafted weather app that alerts you when it'll rain in your location with the day before it'll happen. Awesome, right? Its uniqueness stands in the weather descriptions that can help you out with the way you'll need to dress before going out.

With fluid animations and a really colorful forecast, WeatherKit is brutally simple and efficient for your daily needs.

= Features =
• 5-day forecast
• ExtremeAccuracy® - get the world's most precise forecast system.
• RainAlert® - don't let bad weather to surprise you.
• Air Quality Index - know when it's unsafe to get outside.
• Know the most important details in order to have a great day, such as humidity, wind, air pressure and precipitation.
• Glances. WeatherKit supports multiple locations.
• Unique weather descriptions - know what to wear and when.
• Weather widget in Today Notification Center.
• Custom app icons.
• Share weather with your friends. They'll love you for caring.
• Works everywhere. Worldwide. Supports both ºC and ºF.
• A beautifully crafted visual experience.
• Engineered to utilize minimal internet data and battery.

= WeatherKit Pro =
WeatherKit Pro includes a set of features that is there to help you live a healthier life by understanding better the weather around you and how it can affect you. Pro is available through a monthly auto-renewing subscription. Pro subscriptions prices start at $0.99/month. Prices are in the U.S. dollars, may vary in other countries and are subject to change in the future.

Here's what you will get:
• 5-day forecast
• ExtremeAccuracy®
• Air Quality Index
• Detailed weather report
• Up to 10 cities in Glances
• Up to 10 cities in RainAlert
• Our infinite love and all of the future Pro features

You can subscribe and pay through your iTunes account. Your WeatherKit Pro subscription will automatically renew each month / year and be charged through your iTunes account. Auto-renew may be turned off by going to your iTunes Account Settings after purchase. Cancellation of the current active subscription period is not allowed. When you cancel the auto-renewal, access to the Pro features will expire at the end of the current payment period.

If you don’t choose to purchase WeatherKit Pro, you can simply continue using WeatherKit for free.

= Data & Privacy =
Your privacy is what matters the most to us, right after keeping your hair dry.

Learn more about our terms, pricing & privacy policy at or contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions!

= Contact us =
If you have any questions or comments please send us an email at [email protected] We'll be more than happy to read your email and get back to you!

WeatherKit - Weather Forecasts App Description & Overview

The applications WeatherKit - Weather Forecasts was published in the category Weather on 2016-05-22 and was developed by FOURBOX. The file size is 24.97 MB. The current version is 3.0.2 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

Here's a new update - while it's not shiny, it's a step forward for WeatherKit.

· Custom App Icons
We added a "Customize WeatherKit" option in Settings, from where you can change the app icon to something else. There are only 3 because Raul was overwhelmed with customer support - but we'll add more. I

· Wind Speed in m/s, mph and km/2
A few of you suggested that *you* should be the one selecting the metric of the wind speed. If you're a Pro, you'll find this under "Customize WeatherKit" in Settings.

· Help Center & Product Roadmap
We started paying Zendesk (if you're reading this, you're expensive) to host our Help Center and Product Roadmap. You'll find these in Settings.

· We also made a few other improvements and bug-fixing.

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WeatherKit - Weather Forecasts Reviews


Suggestion  qphm  4 star

Widget needs to show more informations. Also weather notification would be nice too.


OK  Daviddd3015  3 star

Since it’s just telling me too rate, this app gets 3 stars, OK


Clean layout, but one issue  b-jacob074  5 star

Should have at least two cities in the free version, not just the one currently.


Good  Jack-yang  5 star

Perfect for iPhone


Nice App But......  YodelingKid  4 star

This is a really nice and useful app but please censor some of the language used, Thanks!


Nice  Fr.James  5 star

Pretty Dope concept!

very pixelicious

Deceptive description  very pixelicious  1 star

Many of the features listed, (NOT in the pro section), are available only with pro. I believe this is called bait and switch.


Weather Watcher  OldBeeDo  5 star

Just started with the App, but I like what I’m seeing. Send more later


Don’t download: doesn’t work at all  ChennyChenChen69  1 star

Gave access to location but nothing will display despite restarting the app.

custom. auto

Weather is nice to know because I’m a outside person  custom. auto  4 star

It’s raining outside and I’m going to get to my house now so when it stops I can check it out before I go


Me’h. Just another weather app. Don’t waste your money.  jc_bigears  1 star

For Australians I’d advise against purchasing this app. There’s other much more accurate apps out there. Even the Rain Alert feature doesn’t work. There’s also no watch app, no hourly forecasts, and the five day forecast is only a rough guide - an icon and temperature range - and inaccurate. I paid for one month, tried the premium features, and then immediately cancelled it. Waste of money. I might change my review if the rain predictor works in the next month or if the promised upcoming features actually arrive.

Samuel Kitevski

Beautifully designed Weather App  Samuel Kitevski  5 star

Looking for a beautifully designed Weather app that's accurate yet humorous as well? Look no further!


Inaccurate! Don't download!  It'sMeKazuki  1 star

Displays temperature of 26C when it was 12C. I don't know where it's getting the data. No way of seeing if the location it detects is correct.


Fun  Al19  5 star

Best and the most entertaining app I've used


Amazing App  TechyAgent  5 star

This app is amazing in design, technology, and Intelligence which makes the app perfect


Not the weather app we all want  SkiandRun  1 star

Seems like the developer has a huge ego. A monthly fee for basic weather info. You can get more detailed weather info that’s accurate for free. This app is a good joke. This is hilarious.


Some parts good, some parts could be better  BoredAt  4 star

So the app design is fantastic. Easily 10/10. But it really needs hour to hour weather. After all, i gotta know how warm its gonna be when i leave work. I doubt I’m the only one who needs it. The widget needs that as well. Also, an apple watch and iPad app. Although the apple watch one is far more important and I’m sure the developer knows this. In any case, very good app, just need some more things.


Good app  Jcmartinez17  5 star

This is a great app, I really like the little comments under the temperature :)

Wtntatmsmstwjqt tkknrqnwtj

😘  Wtntatmsmstwjqt tkknrqnwtj  5 star

Please add Apple Watch


You’re kidding?  Pilotboy172  1 star

Did I miss something here? This app is totally plain vanilla. 5 day forecasts are supposed to be available for “Pro” subscribers but are definitely not showing. Only showing 2 days. Also, “detailed” reports? This is basic weather info! ...and what’s worse, I can’t even change it out of metric. I am regretting the subscription. ALSO! They figured out a way to circumvent restrictions on soliciting reviews even if the user is opted out. Direct text from a forecast -> “Cloudy night. You better review our app.” Come on...What is this??


Excellent  Mhdsameershd  2 star

Clean. Simple. Worth it!

The name Anna is taken

Dissatisfied  The name Anna is taken  1 star

LOLLL this app actually sucked. It doesn’t give you a look at 5 days ahead unless you want to spend money. You would honestly be better off with the weather app that come with your phone TBH. SMH

Angry pro!!

Juicy  Angry pro!!  5 star


KAG Pilot

Pathetic attempt  KAG Pilot  1 star

.99 cents/month for nothing! Really??


What an app.  Conorb06  5 star

This was the best weather app I’ve ever used. I’ve used a lot of weather apps and this was something amazing. I love the UI and stuff. I’ll be using this from now on.

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