80s Arcade : Best Retro Trivia

80s Arcade : Best Retro Trivia download

Find it out in the most comprehensive 80s Arcade Nes Games trivia game in the app store!

Do you love old school games ?

Try your memory and old school retro games memories with this Game !

Can you pass this Quiz ?! there are 3 Levels and when you finish level one the other two levels will be harder !

Featuring 30 games to guess divided in 3 levels of ascending difficulty: from the most downloaded 80s Arcade Nes Games in history to the most obscure title only hardcore gamers will be able to identify!


Supports All Screens .
Quality Audio and Video
Simple & Nice Design .
All sounds, characters (including character names), and game titles are the property and copyright of their respected owners. 80s Arcade : Best Retro Trivia application only contains gameplay Quiz to Guess the name or some information about these old games like realise date or maker of it . The author/authors of this app are not affiliated with the authorizing parties. Hussain Barakat is charging the user to use this app.
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80s Arcade : Best Retro Trivia App Description & Overview

The applications 80s Arcade : Best Retro Trivia was published in the category Entertainment on 2016-01-26 and was developed by Hussain Barakat. The file size is 31.51 MB. The current version is 2.0.4 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.


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80s Arcade : Best Retro Trivia Reviews


SCAM  JimiKirk  1 star

No real games here! Reported to apple!


Poor App  jtbmlb  1 star

Thought it was the old video arcade games. It was poor trivia. Got rid of app in less than a week. Don’t purchase!

Ty Gerhardt

It’s not a collection of 80’s arcade games.  Ty Gerhardt  1 star

It’s a trivia game that asked you questions about classic games and uses screen shots of classic arcade and console games. I figured with so many bad reviews that if it was truly a scam Apple would have taken it down...but it technically meets the definition of a “game” so here it stays. Don’t buy this unless you’re really into 80’s game trivia. I’m not. I hope the developer gets herpes.

The Jok3R 316

Misleading  The Jok3R 316  1 star

This is not a selection of classic arcade games to play This is a “game” where you look at screenshots of old arcade games and pick out which game it is, that’s all. You don’t get to play arcade games


Scam  jian22708  1 star

Tricked me into paying for this garbage thinking it was classic games and it was just a Trivia crap please refund


No games on this app  hdjrifewjhd  1 star

I want a refund!!!

ipmanvaniop44 dg

Wrong purchase  ipmanvaniop44 dg  1 star

I accidentally downloaded my this app thinking it was the real game and was wondering how to return the purchase?


Hoax! Scam! Rip off!  BS GAME!  1 star



I want to cancel  Honkytonk48  1 star

I want to cancel


Scam  4639fsj  1 star

Stupid scam


Misleading  FG'sGal  1 star

No games

To bee cool

Rip off😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡  To bee cool  1 star



Ripped Off  FatKika  1 star

No games. Don't buy!!!!

Boo Ka

Rip off - can't believe Apple allow this  Boo Ka  1 star

Steer clear, just videos that you can watch for free on YouTube


This makes me want to defecate my pants  SoggySA0  1 star

All I wanted was some classic 80s gaming action . what I discovered however was an overwhelming urge to poop myself repeatedly as I discovered there are no games to be played. It merely tells me of the fun I could be having if there was an app that I could be playing.... Now I go change my pants.


Rip off  Hemi  1 star

Do not Buy


Not good  Minyman1998  1 star

I can't even open it to play it, what is the use of that . I would like my money back please


Totally rip off  Mariageorge1  1 star

I want my money back and my time !!! 😤


Rip off  Chilli600  1 star

What a fraud


Ripped off  Merv$  1 star

What a rip off. I've learned something today. Never trust apps in the Apple Store !!!!!!!!!!

milanista 13

It’s NOT a game  milanista 13  1 star

It’s just a puzzle and I am disappointed to download it


Horrible app  bugsdontlie  1 star

No games attached. You pick the name of he game. Horrible app don’t buy waste of money!


Bad  rikitikkie  1 star

This is just fake, i thought i was buying the games but in fact its like a quiz about old arcade games. The games are not really there! Be aware.


Dumb! I thought it was actual game. My 5 yr old figured out every top title was correct. Do not buy!  madmom10101  1 star

Dumb! It is not games


Just a quiz - not the games - Refund, please!  Artsymom2  1 star

This looks like it’s going to be the arcade games, but it’s just quiz questions. I want a refund!


DO NOT BUY THIS APP IT IS SCAM  conroy87  1 star

This app is a trivia game...NOT any are ace game. Save yourself a $1.99.....the developer should be ASHAMED!!!!


This game is crap and a scam  bestcrituiqe123  1 star

Whoever made this game,I want a refund.Your game is a scam.You ruined my chance of playing real 80’s retro arcade games. I hope you go out of business. You guys are mean.


SCAM...  D_banks  1 star

Why is Apple allowing this developer to con people? This is clearly a scam!!! We should all receive a refund.


Not the games  jvfjbgdthj  1 star

Trivia can’t play the game!! Booo


Do not buy app it is not a video game  Jayray420  1 star

This should be free










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