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Steve Aoki, Janet Jackson, Bruno Mars, Sia & hundreds more of your favorite artists bring music to life in Beat Fever, home of Interactive Music. Don’t just listen to music - PLAY IT, FEEL IT, LIVE IT!

Music is fun again with Interactive Albums, where you tap to the beat of your favorite songs in an immersive music experience. Music is social again via Virtual Listening Parties, where you connect with other music fans to collectively DJ your favorite music. Music is trending again in our Real-Time Music Newsfeed, where you get 24/7 music news and a chance to find and follow your favorite artists.
In Beat Fever, we’re All Music, All The Time.
From hip-hop and pop to EDM and classical, Beat Fever has a song for every music fan.

Like new music? We got you covered.

Every week, we add more and more music for the true music fan. Every Friday, we feature a new Interactive Album by the biggest artists.
Explore hundreds of Interactive Albums, where you can connect with your favorite music artists like never before. Combining album artwork, new songs and artist videos, Interactive Albums immerse you in the music. Be the first to finish and you may even score a virtual tee or get a shoutout from the artist on Instagram or Twitter.

Think you got the skills to be the best? Prove it.

Challenge your friends or millions of music fans to a duel to see who has the fastest hands. Win prizes, earn bragging rights and watch your name climb the leaderboard as you go for world domination!
Team up with a crew for the ultimate competition! Challenge other crews from around the world on the Crew Song. Battle it out to see whose name and flag will reach the top of the Crew leaderboard.

Ready to party with music fans around the world?

Beat Fever Listening Parties put you in the middle of a global music party! Select your favorite song, vote on it and chat real-time with other music fans from around the world.

Are you all music, all the time?

You are gonna love our 24/7 music feed - ALL KILLER, NO FILLER. It is music news ONLY mixed with the feeds of your favorite artists.

Got style?

Good. Personalize your avatar. Customize everything from your sneakers to your shades.

Unlock more stories, more songs and more adventure with the Beat Fever All Access subscription.

You get access to exclusive stories and a monthly mystery gift box including disks, stamina, and chests with a minimum value of $5.00!

Choose from three All Access Pass subscription options:

-Weekly All Access subscription for $2.99, which auto-renews
-Monthly All Access subscription for $7.99, which auto-renews
-Annual All Access subscription for $39.99 which auto-renews

For any of these options, payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.

Subscriptions may be managed by you, and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your iTunes Account Settings after purchase.

Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current payment period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period at the rate of your chosen subscription - Weekly ($2.99), Monthly ($7.99) or Annual ($39.99). Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription.

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BEAT FEVER - Music Planet App Description & Overview

The applications BEAT FEVER - Music Planet was published in the category Music on 2017-08-02 and was developed by WRKSHP. The file size is 245.12 MB. The current version is 2.13.1 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

-- Update for design for Shows
-- Shows will have system message for follows and joins

-- Continue for either gems or video

-- Notifications and filter for hosts that are live that you are a fan of

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Why  radman2009  1 star

Why new update?


Ruined with ads  jeff806  1 star

This was a cool game albeit with an over abundance of micro transactions, but now they are forcing ads on you to do anything. I have been playing for months to level up and evolve my beat monsters to give me more health to finish the hard songs. Now if you miss one note you have to watch an ad. No more health at all for any songs. So now really what is the point of leveling up your beat monsters? There is literally no reason at all to continue playing this game and I write this as a last ditch effort to convince the developers to fix this broken system before I delete the app, as it used to be enjoyable. You have broken this game with ads!!!! You spend twice as much time watching ads as you do actually playing the game. I can’t see this lasting much longer because no one will keep playing at this rate. And the vip memberships are 100 times too expensive as they should be. I remember a time when developers cared about making a fun game now it’s how much money they can squeeze from you and how much advertising revenue they can get.


Update was horrible.  jaiandna  2 star

The update was uncalled for.


BUYER BEWARE - Latest updates make game unplayable  Ckuckertz  1 star

For proof of what I say, please check out the Facebook group for Beat Fever. Sadly for me (or I suppose happily for the developers) I have spent literally hundreds of dollars to get my beat monsters to a health level where I could play enough of a song to learn it over time. I also bought into VIP because I wanted to learn and enjoy new music, and I believe when developers work hard to put together an awesome product, they deserve a nice payout for their product. I take my responsibility in the “buyer beware” category, but I also have every right to feel cheated, scammed and ripped off since the changes were made after I made my significant investment, never once thinking that quality of gameplay would be downgraded to the point of being forced to play on hard/pro (which although I’ve been playing for months, I can barely get through) and now having to spend gems or watch videos 5 to 6 times during one song alone or rip through my stamina in less than 5 minutes if I decline to “save myself”. The developers say the changes make the game easier for new users - however, they won’t explain how and now you die if you miss one note. New players may or may not pay as much as I have to enjoy Beat Fever, but in me you already had loyal customers paying for a product we loved. Is new better than loyal? We were all new once and enjoyed it so much, we stayed. I feel sad that this is how your customer loyalty is rewarded. Beware to new players because you too will be cast aside when the developers decide you aren’t worth it either.


Too difficult  rar375747  1 star

You should all be ashamed of yourselves, but you won’t be because all you care about is making money. In your equivalent of story mode, if you make one mistake, you fail the challenge, unless you watch an ad. I paid to be free of ads, but I still have ads in all cases that I had before I paid to be ad free. I hope you all crash and burn on this app for being so greedy and uncaring about the enjoyment of the users of your app. All you care about are the users who pay good money. Beat fever was very fun at first. The problem with it was that the difficulty level rose too quickly too soon and then stayed so difficult that it was no longer fun to play.


What happened  Jojo20010921  1 star

This game had a really good patch several months ago and went downhill from there. You barely get to play and then when you do you miss even one note and you’ve already failed the song. On top of that the amount of ads you have to watch is absolutely ridiculous . I used to play this game every day and then I took a break and cane back to it being completely different and worse because of it . Most likely never playing again not by choice but because this game is 95% ads 4.5% trying to figure out how the app works and .5% actual gameplay.

Kylie hobo

Cool  Kylie hobo  3 star

I like this game because the songs are cool and stuff but the game was cooler before. it’s used to be that is you mess up a certain amount of times you lose a life and have to restart but now it every single time you mess up and not makes me super mad because half the time i didn’t even mess up.


Not like it used to be  Manglelover3375  2 star

When I first downloaded this i was more then pleased! But after I reinstalled this app I noticed that they changed some things. One major change is that there isn't anymore lives! Also, there are no interesting challenges anymore! I prefer the older version thank you

Yassssssssssss workkkkkkk

What the heck?!  Yassssssssssss workkkkkkk  1 star

I used to play this game all the time and for some reason now I have to loose a life or watch a 30 second freaking advertisement if I miss ONLY ONE note! What the heck?!


Beat feaver  Shinemauik  4 star

Please put the game, the way it used to play, the game music is fun , but it moves to Slow, and confused!

Tom Perth

Hmmm....  Tom Perth  5 star

Im still going to give it a 5 star rating beacause i love the music and the colours and is a really good game 10/10 would recommend but there are sometimes when were doing the game to follow the beat of the music sometimes i press or hold on the note and it wont register of being clicked it would register being missed.... . . . . But its still good though even though it frustrates me i still love playing it! 🤩🥰😇😊👍🏽


Laggy  ReviewBurger  3 star

Gets laggy, and I’m trying to press when I hear it or when it moves on the screen and then it’s no fun at all.


My new favourite game???  hbxbsbsjx  5 star

I am so happy with this app!!! It’s so fun trying out the different challenges and albums. Hope you keep up the updates:)


AewsomE  Fortnite;)  5 star

Pls add so you can play songs from your Spotify but if you can I’m not sure how. Amazing game so enjoyable and just add you can play as much as you want without a cool down thanks:)


Why  thereveiwerofstuff  3 star

I love this game but duels have to be more balanced team wise, because when I started I went to duels and got demolished by some top player who had such high multipliers, it’s unfair


HATE YOU!!!!!  Jjuliansom  5 star


DJ Jaws 21

Good but hard...  DJ Jaws 21  5 star

This app is very good but very challenging. It helps u to make your hands move a lot quicker. I’m using the app to help me with launchpad skills.


Absolutely love it <3  GjangLuu  5 star

I’ve been searching this kind of game for a long time since Tap Tap was deleted.


I like it but...  xXsunkXx  4 star

I really like the game but why isnt the songs in full lenght?


Not bad  hitheriamchrostie  3 star

I enjoy it to some extent


Miss the Old Version  SkytheWolf30  3 star

It was last year that I loved this game. But all of sudden a bunch of stuff changed and it became less fun, and more confusing. I miss the way it was before. I had such high hopes before :(


Changing usernames  Alwayssoccer13  2 star

It would be super helpful to be able to change usernames and gender of your character. Once it’s set, there is no way to change it. Even if you delete the app and restart it, you still have the same username.


Great game  Bobbyswoman  5 star

I love it and it has great music


I LOVE THIS GAME 👌❤️  MonzyxX  5 star

THIS GAME IS THE BEST!! IM OBSESSED WITH THIS GAME!! I TOTALLY RECOMMEND THIS GAME I have one request though...can beat fever add songs from Alan Walker that would change everything


unnecessary updates  NikeletteNightmare  3 star

the game had been working fine for me until this recent “please update the game to continue playing” so i go an update it’s the slowest it’s ever been to the point that i cant even get past the loading page. all i see is the logo and the little F loading and loading and loading and loading, and oh yeah...loading. FIX IT so i can go back to playing


AMAZING  adelinaleith  5 star

honesty i’m pretty addicted to this game. yes VIP has perks and i wish i had it, but it’s still very fun to play without!! there are tournaments and duels that are sooo fun! honestly love the game


Can’t change gender  AnimeDanny  4 star

I accidentally set my avatar as a female, and while my profile says I’m male my avatar is a female and I can’t change it.


Amazing  poptartsuu  5 star

This game has Latin and English music which is very pleasant it’s also very fun


This is so stupid.  youdonthaveaclue  1 star

This game has been having too many bugs now. It counts all the notes as “Miss” when I click on them. It also doesn’t give me any points when I win against another player.


Review on app  A.Unique🎤🎧🎬  5 star

I love it!!!


😬  Annabellekpena  1 star

While I’m playing, I'm always missing the far left button of this game. But I clearly am pressing it in time. I tested this out by only pressing the left button and while I definitely pressed it it continued to say missed. I don’t know it it’s me or my phone or like sensors from the game but this is bothering me. Also the lives should be moved up to like 5 or 10. 3 is like nothing


Great game  Lolly_96  4 star

Great game just need to add more lives to it from 3 to 5 or something

Upset child☹️

😑  Upset child☹️  1 star

I downloaded the game as I thought it looked cool in the add. I sit down and I start playing. And then it just goes. Hello mother fu€ker I’m here to pi$$ you off and say you did or didn’t do most of the things here. It’s like no sh1t Sherlock I came here to play a game not do fu€king mission impossible


Problem  Natt911  4 star

I really like playing this game but I can't play the main story anymore because it keeps crashing. I hope it gets fixed as I enjoy playing this app.


Progressive  Seshmongolian  5 star



Cool  ieruhe  5 star



A waste of time  Panoksa  1 star

It's too buggy, some of the levels have so much new "notes" that they don't explain to you. The first few songs are so easy but then the next one only a pro hacker with six fingers can beat! Plus, I can't follow the "storyline". It makes no sense!


Terrible  isureshowedu  1 star

Buggy, pay to play, terrible music, awful design, all and all terrible. I understand how people can like this game, but they'd have to be millionaire to pay for all the power. One song is too easy and the next is impossible. I don't understand how these developers thought this "game" was finished

M.C 4Ever

It's a no go  M.C 4Ever  1 star

Don't know what 'bugs' you 'fixed' today, I barely got past the character choosing before it crashed

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