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SoundCloud Pulse lets you manage your account, check your stats and reply to comments, whether you're in the studio, on the tour bus, or just away from your desktop.

Key Features

- Reply to comments on your tracks, on the go
- Get up-to-date stats on the performance of your tracks
- Edit your track details and toggle privacy settings on mobile
- Share the sounds you’ve uploaded, both publicly and privately
- Follow other users

You’ll need a SoundCloud account to access SoundCloud Pulse. Don’t have one yet? Download the SoundCloud app ( or go to to create one.


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SoundCloud Pulse App Description & Overview

The applications SoundCloud Pulse was published in the category Social Networking on 2016-02-23 and was developed by SoundCloud Ltd.. The file size is 29.21 MB. The current version is 1.8.4 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Minor improvements and fixes including support for iPhone XR and XS Max.

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SoundCloud Pulse Reviews


no info anywhere  glupaka  2 star

i tried to report a bug but there is no contact info anywhere, their "security vulnerability program" has been "discontinued" and there is nothing that has to do with bug and error reports on the help section of the soundcloud site. that being said, i have had the pulse app for over a year on ipad, always up to date, and never has it shown the app's icon in the apps, it just shows the empty lines chart icon. other than that, i agree with the others that similarly to youtube creator studio this app has barely any features for it to be called a creator tool, in my books just title/description/privacy editing is far from enough. what's funny is media sharing sites like this ask you and sometimes even force you to use their apps, having their mobile version website lag far behind and be highly incompatable with mobile web browsers, but at the same time their apps provide almost none of the options that their websites provide for creators, limiting the creators' and their own potential. 5/5 stars for the concept, 1/5 stars for its implementation.


Where’s The Message!!!??  Hanakab  3 star

I like the app but I noticed artwork editing is t allowed and we should be able to continue interaction with messaging being enabled

PLord Maj

Lacking  PLord Maj  1 star

Listen to cat66666 🗣🗣🗣


App  tyx5721  1 star

I have SoundCloud pro and it’s still keep telling me to purchase to use certain things in the app


Missing many features...  Ccsbluedragon  2 star

Like what about the MAIN feature to be able to upload songs?!?!!!!?? Lol.....


App descriptions  Darko600  3 star

It’s doesn’t give me the option to go pro or premium

macio weeklyjr

Creating songs on phone  macio weeklyjr  3 star

How to create songs on your phone


Why??  Jashmusician  1 star

What's the point of the app if it doesn't let you do anything?? Have to upload and edit pictures to the desktop site??? What year is this? Wow.


Add messaging u dingalings  Sgkitdcbkvc  1 star

Needs messaging and for god sake give us a way to communicate with all our followers like status updates or something jesus christ. This company is ran by a bunch of nerds who have no idea what artists need


One stat  IwantSparkCity  1 star

Can’t log in to a Google account.


Username troubles  S3CTR0  4 star

Honestly, this is great app, just can’t change my username and profile. Please help!!!


Worst excuse of an app  solly2847272  1 star

Horrendously useless. All the other reviews sum up the horrible flaws perfectly. This use has so much potential but is completely wasted. Very disappointing.


Useless  CheapCrap  1 star

Don't see why this app can't be added the SoundCloud App. The idea is horrible as well.


Feb 2018: Done and dusted  Spectoral  1 star

No inbox. No messages or communication with users. No management of uploaded tracks or playlists. Can’t even view my own playlists. Can’t even view my own info on my own uploaded tracks! Can’t search for tracks, just have to scroll forever until I find it somewhere. No way to view or manage my own profile in Pulse. No high resolution audio playback or upload choices. No royalties are paid to creators who aren’t part of a major label. No following / followers management or even viewing! Seriously, what do you guys do all year? Maybe if you poured some effort into serving your creator community instead of adding “Featured” advertisement panels into the player to pander to record labels, I’d be mildly interested in paying for it. But once all these old legacy subscription services expire, you guys are done and dusted.


Cover photo  Kangaroo234  4 star

Add a feature where I can change the album cover photo on the app, I hate having to switch over to my computer and transfer the photo I have on my phone onto the computer blah blah blah, just add that feature and the app will be good!

BEN-T 2017

Add dms  BEN-T 2017  1 star

Please add the ability to access direct messages, also add the ability to comment on other peeps songs on the normal Soundcloud app.


Why?  Tolgat  1 star

You guys have the most incompetent software developers on your side and wonder why you are going bankrupt in the age of handheld digital devices.. I mean why do you even need pulse to begin with, why can't you just have it all in one app is it really that hard? As an artist who has used Soundcloud promote his music over the last several years I have to say your applications are an absolute disgrace.


Weak  everbloom  2 star

Doesn't support iPad, can't replace artwork. Better off using the website than this useless thing.


functionless  x5iVE_STAR  1 star

what a waste of time. doesnt play music, doesnt send messages, it doesnt do anything. you think between 2 apps soundcloud could get something right but here we are...


Please combine this with the SoundCloud app  Alfonzs0  5 star

As above


Upload from phone  matthewcasey63  4 star

Make it so you can upload from your phone


Free my SoundCloud pro  戰神传说  5 star

It is sogood

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