Cloud Music Offline MP3 Music

Cloud Music Offline MP3 Music download

Easily download music from clouds to your device and play offline.
Make your unlimited music library available on your device. Anytime. Anywhere.

● Download songs and play without internet or Wifi (offline music player).
● Wi-fi transfer: import music into the app through computer's web browser.
● Open in / Copy to: easy to import files from other apps.
● All of the most popular formats are supported: .flac .mp3, .aiff, .m4a, .wav...
● Full-Featured Music Player:
- Equalizer.
- Sleep timer.
- Background playback, lock screen and control center, headphones support.
- Playback with repeat of song or list and shuffle.
- Play next/later and reordering in Up Next queue.
● Unlimited free storage with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive.
● Universal music player for both iPhone and iPad.

### Your 5star rating & comment will support us to improve the features and to give updates.

● App Support:
Facebook: L7
Twitter: @L7Mobile
Instagram: L7Mobile

Cloud Music Offline MP3 Music App Description & Overview

The applications Cloud Music Offline MP3 Music was published in the category Music on 2016-02-18 and was developed by Loi Nguyen Van. The file size is 59.46 MB. The current version is 2.2 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

- Critical bugs fixed.
- UI bugs on iPhone 5, iPhone 6 fixed.
- Improvements.

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Cloud Music Offline MP3 Music Reviews

AndreaN- App User

Horrible quality  AndreaN- App User  1 star

I got this app for a plane flight since I needed the music, the music requires too much information, it’s sketchy. Next time stick to Spotify, I don’t have premium but I decided to pay for the plane WiFi, I’m disappointed


It won’t let me play any music  landondowns7  1 star

It’s getting on my. Nerves


NOT GOOD  P A L O A  1 star

I don’t know where I get my music. When I went to the store I still couldn’t hear my music. I HATE THIS APP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🤞🤞

Nautica M

app is trash  Nautica M  1 star

app is trash and i just installed it. it has no straightforward instructions. i would rate it a 0 if i could


Great app. One bug I found.  GeoLeo123  3 star

Some songs imported into the app will play with their pitch slightly increased until you start the song over again and it will play correctly. Please correct this problem. Other than that, the app is great.

Can't Get Right😝😝😝😝

Dianna & Fuzzy Fuzzy Butts  Can't Get Right😝😝😝😝  4 star

Absolutely Love The Music That’s Played On Here, Gets Me Thru My Day & I Play It Night When My Fur Baby & I Are A Sleep!!

zabk loco

Can’t send songs or instrumentals to email  zabk loco  1 star

U can’t send music to email or anything it’s like your music is stuck in this app


Adding songs  p00hbearrr  1 star

There are no clear directions as to how you add songs to the app.

sally sally silly

I love this Thank for free misec  sally sally silly  5 star

I love it

offline musics

Awful  offline musics  1 star



Thank you  MudflapperJ  5 star

It’s awesome I love it


Ok  Harashdeep  1 star

Not the best


They are all terrible  JDMfreeexz  1 star

Literally every single "free music tube MP3 converter downloader" this never works they are never straight ford. You can't just download the app go onto a YouTube searcher find any song/video on YouTube and download it, it's just always "go here enter a code" or "it's just that easy" ITS NOT. I don't want to sign up for this drop box or one driver thing. I used to have a superb app called music fm, you would just go on to a tube searcher and search a song and download and/or the music video. Until last year it disappeared from the App Store and I couldn't download any more songs it would skip ever song until it found a low quality cover done by a 8 year old and then I still couldn't even download it if I wanted to. I just wish someone could make an app that works and is easy thanks and bye.


Will give more stars if app is fixed  Kelzar83  1 star

I will admit it’s very glitchy. But I did manage to get it to work previously. Today I tried to get some songs off my google drive but it keeps saying “bad error” and not allowing me to. So I’m pretty keen to get this fixed. If money randomly starts coming out of my bank accounts not I’ve made contact with this developer though, or my identity gets taken I will definitely know where it come from. 🤪

The undertake lover

Highly recommend  The undertake lover  5 star

Best music app I've owned highly recommended. I even deleted Spotify for this app.


Review  lazzabreejack  5 star

Does this app accualy have offline mode


It’s a good app but.....  jayjaychee  3 star

I don’t know how to download song...Can someone please tell me how to download songs on here?

Efe Sasmaz

👌👌👌  Efe Sasmaz  5 star



Hi  ngjjdigjdk  1 star

Whenever I try to search up a song nothing ever loads up and I keeps on logging out of my one drive thing


Poop it is poop  arwat08  1 star

It is the worst thing in the world💩💩💩👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😡😡

hiba bb

Difficult to use app  hiba bb  1 star

How I can download music I didn’t understand anything anyone can explain plz

its youre boy

Way to complicated  its youre boy  1 star

Way to complicated for wht it is


Fix it plzzzz  zenright05  1 star



Good  dorhery  4 star

Good but why is the music not showing up when u type it in

γιατι δεν μου αρεσει

Χάλια  γιατι δεν μου αρεσει  1 star

Δεν καταλαβενω Χρήστο


I don’t get it  🤪😛😝😜  1 star

First how do you download music 🎵? This app is crap I’m sorry 😐 but don’t download it I’m deleting it ! Sorry everyone


Keeps kicking me out  MeDave13  1 star

The app lets you download songs from Dropbox but when you press play on the song it kicks you out.

Mlg faze lol

Very bad  Mlg faze lol  1 star

It’s says offline music for free but you can’t


Nice app  Tungphuong3112  3 star

Tks you. Such a great app -a life saver where there is no data/ wif I couldnt pause by iphone earphone. Pls fix. Tks.


Good app but a lot of ads  danielshamsudinov  5 star

I like the app but there are too many ads

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