Calculator+ - Hide photos & videos, protect albums in private folder vault

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Secret Calculator hides your photos & videos behind a working calculator.

Everyone will think this app is just an ordinary calculator. What they won’t know is that you can enter a PASSCODE to access secret photos & videos!

Even the icon on your phone will look like a calculator, so no one will suspect you’re trying to hide anything in the first place!


• Discrete app icon
• Fully functional calculator
• Take private photos/videos from within the app!
• Import content from your iPhone/iPod
• Create custom albums for your photos/videos
• Fully customizable slideshows
• Multi-touch gestures: zoom and swipe
• Supports copy/paste
• Stylish, yet easy to use interface
• Full Retina display support
• And much more!

Due to restrictions beyond our control, we are unable to delete photos and videos from the native Photos app.

Please make sure to back up this app if you are upgrading via iTunes sync.

Calculator+ - Hide photos & videos, protect albums in private folder vault App Description & Overview

The applications Calculator+ - Hide photos & videos, protect albums in private folder vault was published in the category Utilities on 2016-01-24 and was developed by Zero Cool. The file size is 13.90 MB. The current version is 1.6 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Fixed bug in slideshow that was caused by:

1) Using the slideshow
2) Having "Repeat" off
3) Having "Shuffle" on

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Calculator+ - Hide photos & videos, protect albums in private folder vault Reviews


Reviewer1  Maxlovio  5 star

Great app. Good place to store pix that have special meaning!


This app is awesome  TawannaBae  5 star

This app is great for storing important pics or screenshots to go back to quickly without going thru thousands of photos in the library.

Thingtwo B

This app Kicks BUTT!!!  Thingtwo B  5 star

Awesome buy it😎


nice  Salem.kuw  5 star

افضل برنامج لخفي الصورة والفيديوهات 👌🏾 The best program hides the studio


Awesome  jacqui0108  4 star

Loved it

Nat Díaz

La amo  Nat Díaz  5 star

Me encanta


Gifs don’t play  Jschmoe353  1 star

Was hoping to use this to be able to download some “fun” gifs, but I tried a few and none will play. Play button does nothing - it’s just a still frame.



The best app on the market



We all know what it means with top secret

Faruk yildirim

Video is not supported  Faruk yildirim  1 star

This app is only useful for photos. It will save videos but won’t play them or let you transfer your video to anywhere else. Once you transfer your video, forget about it. Sharing options doesn’t function. Bugs in e-mailing op. Needs a update


Great  vFuzzy  5 star

When in doubt, math is always the solution.


Great app!!  [email protected]@x  4 star

Only suggestion is an editing feature

colby kaley

👌🏻👌🏻  colby kaley  5 star

Does its job


Very good app  Kush2One  5 star

Calculations are on point lol👌🏾


Awesome!!  Mumofamelia  5 star

Great app!! Love it!!

Kirov dance

Nice app  Kirov dance  5 star

Great free app that does it's job with no flaws

little rothy

THANK YOU!!!  little rothy  5 star

honestly 10/10, i love it, and no one will know about the videos or photos, i'm going to let my friends know about it too!

Pres boo

Amaaazing  Pres boo  5 star

Every thing about this app is amazing I can hide everything from my parents I told my friends about and there using it too. Totally feel like a spy 😍😍


Cool App  Shezzy1477  5 star

Awesome App👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼kept up the good work


Good app  Tafreuob  5 star

This is the best app ever my parents won't know about my secret photos and also it has that thing where you don't have to delete the thing when you press the home button 2 times because it will show you only the calculator but they should make the name of the app calculator instead of calculator+ because the guy who will look at it as a wired calculator. Anyway this is the best app ever it is also the best app to keep your photos secure


Technical Yogi Technicalyogi 3 star

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist How to hide photos videos and lock app by calculator


iPad Australia iPadAustralian 3 star

#iPad App : Private Calculator - Hide your photos/videos, keep secret Notes and hide…


Arunkumar aruntomail 3 star

Calculator மூலம் photos videos யை HIDE எப்படி செய்வது on |TAMIL...


Calculator  Les2j  5 star

Love it

Sasquatch 1956

My favorite app  Sasquatch 1956  5 star

Cannot say enough about how great this app is. Had other apps like this one but they were nowhere close in comparison to this one. Love it love it love it !!!


Sha Bomb  Jahdorr  4 star

It's a great app where you can keep certain things private.


Bad app  AAJJ777  1 star

I tried it, and once I moved my pics to it, it won't let me move them back to the phone's camera roll, copy them or share them unless I made a purchase!! That's hustling. Very bad app


Awesome  Natedogb18  5 star

Great app


WORST APP Ever  DreggaBeby  1 star

App lets you place all your secret pics in vault and then once you try to export pics or videos from the vault it ask for payment so you either have to forfeit losing all your pics or pay, theres some fine print for ya. DO NOT DOWNLOAD ITS A SCAM


Works like a charm  Grady0106  5 star

Quick, easy and flawless. I love this app!

cookies 18

Great app 😉  cookies 18  5 star



Good  Joe1193939393939  5 star



Holy chips!  GHSHSHDHDHDF  4 star

It's pretty lit tbh the app like it does hold the videos and photos I want it to hold for me but what I was like of iffy about was the fact that we have to pay later on to add more photos or videos although the money is worth it tbh

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