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Want to clash with 130 million global players? Dive into LORDS MOBILE, the real-time-strategy mobile MMO game.

Explore exotic magical lands thrown into chaos by terrifying monsters and powerful enemies. Choose your favorite heroes, make new friends, and charge fearlessly into war! Strike down your foes and build an empire!

● An Open-World Mobile Strategy Game
Join with millions of players in an open world, on mobile! See, chat, and clash with other players in this MMO strategy game!
● Finding Friends
Unite your allies in your kingdom and ride into war together!
● Rule as the Emperor
Claim the throne in a battle royale for the kingdom! Will your legacy as a empire be just or cruel?!
● Powerful Heroes
Recruit and upgrade heroes with unique skills and character! Let them lead your kingdom to glory, or mix and match them to complete an RPG&SLG-style campaign that you will want to play again and again!
● Master Your Strategy
How will you prepare your troops for the clash? Think of new lineups and perfect your strategy! Find the best way to strike down your opponent in this top-notch mobile MMO SLG!
● Animated Battles
Experience the thrill of war as armies clash in beautiful 3D graphics!
● Switching Kingdoms
Establish your empire on new lands by moving to any server you want with a simple tap! Get mobile!
● Choose Your Path
Will you conquer enemy kingdoms and imprison rival lords? Will you liberate prisoners of war? Or will your kingdom and empire crumble to dust?
● Summon Familiars
Forge pacts with fearsome monsters and make them Familiars! Train and groom your new companions to their full potential. With their powers by your side, nothing can stand in your way!

Write your own legacy, only in LORDS MOBILE!

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Lords Mobile App Description & Overview

The applications Lords Mobile was published in the category Games on 2016-03-31 and was developed by IGG.COM. The file size is 370.65 MB. The current version is 1.64 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

Hark! Do you hear the strains of a new tune?
It's our new theme song, composed by the famed Hollywood composer, Klaus Badelt, and performed by the London Symphony Orchestra! This grand debut is accompanied by a special event that is sure to hit all the right notes! (Check in-game for more details.)

# New Monster: Troubledough. Defeat it to get the Chest of Echoes, which contains Gems, Speed Ups, or resources! (Check in-game notices for appearance times.)
# New Research: Rally Priority. Send rally troops by [Highest Tier] or [As Recommended] based on ratio set by the Rally Captain.
# Challenge Mode: Chapter 8 open! (Clear Elite Chapter 4 to unlock.)
# New Turf Quests: Research [Rally Priority], Complete Challenge Mode (Chapter 8).
# Change the [Map Music] in Settings.
# Only Rank 2 and above Guild Members can use the [Message All] function.
# Various UI improvements.

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Josh so addictive 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾  sweetness47  5 star

Have fun playing this game cause is so addictive I tell, bt play responsible...lol 😄😄😁😄😜


Amazing  kamran634  5 star

It is amazing I love it it is like a dream come true👍🤘☝️👌


Classic game  Alokasand11  5 star

I love this game❤️❤️❤️❤️. I’m still trying my best to learn it perfectly well. I don’t sleep anymore. I’m always on the struggle. Lovely game. Wonderful App

sensational boxer

Nice  sensational boxer  3 star

It's good


Hi  tgianelifehood  5 star

Nice game


I love it  Zeesalau  5 star

Is nice game


👌🏼👌🏼  Kensensei  5 star

I love it!🙌🏼


Mmuaah!  Michael00820  5 star

Excellent game. I love you!!!


Sam  Alhajitee  5 star

Good game


Great game  Lurz19  5 star



Game doesn’t open  Al_Mad_official  1 star

Can’t even boot the game,received “switched account” error


Help me  Santosbrazil  5 star

Wow amazing game ever seen plz sent me 1 locator i lost from my guild mate they upset now plz


Nope  Robert_ZA  1 star

A cringy, badly executed unoriginal game.

Heccius pule

Fun  Heccius pule  5 star

Adventurous and lot things to do

Jonathan bee (reaper)

Last update. I can't play the game. Please help!!!!  Jonathan bee (reaper)  5 star

Hi sorry to bother but if been playing this game over 2 months and now I can't go into the game. It boms out as soon as I go and tap on the game to start. I'm guild leader of spartans and my members don't even know this. I need to go back in the game. Developers please help. Only with the last update this happened. It's urgent as you know. Love the game. Thanks


M  Mistro9  5 star

Excellent game

Sir Et . 1

Mr  Sir Et . 1  4 star

Great fun Like it


Could have been 5stars  Leezandre  3 star

I really like this game and ive really put in alot of time and effort and made purchases in the shop but theres always a issue or maintenance and KVK disasters like today again. Then the maintenance pack is a joke those 1800 gems are a drop compared to what is spent and the relocaters we lose, On top of that the special events where the goblins and trickster should pop up every 3hrs has not happened once in this 17hrs since it was started utterly disappointed and whats so insane is the hell and solo events are made so tough that gou have to spend money in order to achieve them i think you are being greedy and going to lose alot of clients my igg id is469289998 if igg takes client service seriously they will contact me.

The Inthusiast

What a disappointment....  The Inthusiast  1 star

Make no mistake, it's a fun game, with a huge group of players/friends, however.... Manintenance, oh wait, the next event is about to start, nope, sorry, more maintenance. Oh, I lost my shield as I slept (during maintenance) and the other players zero'ed me. Said with respect, the amount of damage your programmers and testers are doing due to rolling out updates that are poorly tested, is simply beyond my understanding. I have no doubt that your client base is shrinking...very fast...all by your own hand....


....  thugtear  2 star

was forced to download it coz of manga rock but the game was some mid lol


Massive  Crixfyn  5 star

It's very interesting


Good game  Greaterwork1  5 star

I'm enjoying it

Kofi Taylor

Interesting  Kofi Taylor  5 star

It's fun! You won't regret downloading


Good game  Pamphilad  4 star

Good game


Good  jshxuudq  5 star

Very good


Nice game  LordosepappyAj  5 star

This game is a very nice game and it is also cool.And I want a lot of people to download this game


good  #oscar14#  5 star



Nnoeee  O2nnoje  5 star

Nice game

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