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The Binding of Isaac is a randomly generated action RPG shooter with heavy Rogue-like elements. Following Isaac on his journey players will find bizarre treasures that change Isaac’s form giving him super human abilities and enabling him to fight off droves of mysterious creatures, discover secrets and fight his way to safety.

About the Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is the ultimate of remakes with an all-new highly efficient game engine, all-new hand-drawn pixel style artwork, highly polished visual effects, all-new soundtrack and audio by the the sexy Ridiculon duo Matthias Bossi + Jon Evans. Oh yeah, and hundreds upon hundreds of designs, redesigns and re-tuned enhancements by series creator, Edmund McMillen. Did we mention the poop?

Key Features:
Over 500 hours of gameplay
4 BILLION Seeded runs!
20 Challenge runs
450+ items, including 160 new unlockables
Integrated controller support for popular control pads!
Analog directional movement and speed
Tons of feature film quality animated endings
Over 100 specialized seeds
2-Player local co-op (MFi Controller required)
Over 100 co-op characters
Dynamic lighting, visual effects and art direction
All-new game engine @60FPS 24/7
All-new soundtrack and sound design
Multiple Save slots
Poop physics!
The ultimate roguelike
A bunch of achievements

Uber secrets including:
10 Playable Characters
100+ enemies, with new designs
Over 50 bosses, including tons of new and rare bosses
Mystic Runes
Upgradeable shops

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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Version 1.111 January 2017

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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Comments & Reviews 2022


I always knew that this game was amazing and I bought a 3ds mainly to play this game. I ended up selling my ds later on and I always thought that this game was perfect on a handheld device because of how easy it is to run and because of its quick paced nature. The port is incredibly easy to use and is the same thing as on the ds or computer (when talking about the menu ui). This game has all of the items from the computer version and I'm hoping they will continue to add the dlc from the computer which I'm sure they will because of how much praise this app is getting. I hadn't even read anything on this app before I bought it. The second I saw it i dropped $15 because I knew that it would be worth it. This is a great game with great devs and I know that they care about the community and will continue to refine this game. Since it just came out the movement is a little hard but I'm sure I'll get used to it. I just wish you could adjust where the little joysticks are because I have big fingers and would like them to be a little farther away because on portrait mode it's hard for me. The portrait mode made me really excited because it felt like the ds and was incredibly clean and easy to look at. However because I have an IPhone SE which is basically the size of the 5, my fingers often bump into each other while playing which is a big problem. This game is however I think to be one of the best games the App Store has to offer and it was 100% worth the money.

- Rebirth!!!

I love it! iOS Isaac has finally arrived! It's not everything I wanted but it is still incredibly fun. iOS rebirth is everything you'd expect from the game plus they've added portrait mode and they've tweaked the hud to work with fingers. The game looks amazing and plays very well, without stuttering or any hitches on my iphone 7. The default touch movement controls leave a bit to be desired though, as they are they feel a bit floaty and weird. I find rooms that require lots of dodging and maneuverability to be incredibly harder with the touch controls then if I was playing on a controller. However the game does have controller support which really should be the way this game is played. The game currently comes with 2 touch modes, but I've yet to find the difference between the two.. The controls aren't terrible though, I did happen to get within 3 hits of killing mom on my very first run (so sad) with 0 damage ups and 1 tears up. No doubt, the game is playable without a Bluetooth controller. If you were to play with a controller, I'd says this game would be perfect :).

- COULD be a great port, BUT

You know, I’ve played the snot out of this game on PC/Mac. I’ve watched countless hours of The Adventures of Northernegg. I love Isaac. My primary computer is also an iPad Pro (GASP!!!). I’ve been using an iPad at least as a primary mobile computer since 2013, and I’ve never used an iPad without a keyboard. I know that I’m not the only one, especially with Apple marketing the Smart Keyboard accessory so much these days. The keyboard controls for Isaac on Windows and Mac are great, so why is it so hard to have keyboards supported for input on this version? My only guess is that Nicalis very obviously was dismissive of porting the game to *mobile* (read: phones) and just phoned in the port. That would also explain why there have been zero updates to this version of the game. No ability to access Afterbirth/AB+ content. Yet, everything else here seems fine in terms of performance/stability (can’t know that very well though because I can’t get through a complete game with the crappy touch controls). Simply adding keyboard support and access to the expansions as in-app purchases would put this port on par with the desktop versions of the game and it’s incredibly frustrating that the publisher doesn’t seem to care. At least we have controller support, but even that’s very small consolation considering that nobody actually wants to go out and spend 50 bucks on an MFi controller.

- Don't be dissuaded by the price; it's well worth it

Between the original PC version and this version, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth has provided me with more than 300 hours of entertainment. It's a fantastic game with immense depth and variety, and is more than worth the 15 dollar price tag. Honestly, it's almost stealing at that price. For veteran players, this is a great port, offering all the same content as the PC version at a smooth 60 fps. It's not diluted or censored for a mobile audience, and the controls and UI are fantastically adapted to mobile gameplay, with a few control settings to choose from as well as a portrait mode. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone, whether an existing Isaac can looking to take the game with them on the go, or to new players looking for a deep and challenging game that makes mobile gaming with your attention. My only complaint is that the movement is a bit too sensitive, and with a high speed stat, maneuvering through tight areas can be tough.

- New to Binding Isaac

I have never played any version of the Isaac games. In fact I have never really played a twin stick shooter like this. I am really terrible at it but the game is a lot of fun and so far appears to be incredibly deep but this game is definitely not going to hold your hand. It works great on my iPad Pro and recent iPhone. The only thing I would say is God bless anyone that can complete this game with the touch screen controls. I can barely get through a few levels with an mfi controller. The touch screen layout is fine but just seems really floaty and you need to be very precise and fast to succeed at this game. If you know the game and just want a phone version to kill some time it might be serviceable but I suspect it would make an already challenging game incredibly hard to succeed at. Anyhow, I really like all the items, challenges and collectibles and how each run is different based on the upgrades you find. Great game.

- An example of what mobile games should be

I have never been a fan of rouge like games, but I thought I would give this one a try because I had heard many great things about it. I was hoping for a half decent port for mobile, and I was surprised when I found that it was almost the exact same game that's on PC. I would have gotten this game on my PC, but I figured having the portable version of this game would be better, because whenever I am bored I can just play this game. You might think that fifteen dollars is a lot for an AppStore game, but remember that you are getting the full version of the game, that is also 15 dollars on PC. So yes, this game is definitely worth the fifteen dollars. I recommend you stop looking at reviews now and just buy the game.(also game is even better if you have a controller. If you are looking for a good mobile controller, I recommend Gamevice, I have been using it and it's great)

- Definitely worth a shot

If you aren't familiar with the Isaac games, its kind of like the legend of Zelda for NES. You run around, collect items to make you more powerful and try to conquer your enemies. Its randomly generated every different room you enter, which gives it a lot of replay value. The game itself asks for the latest version of iOS (iPod 5 and under is a no go) and about 17$ but it is worth it because if you're the type of person to play a game at school, work, or anywhere you just need something to kill the time, this should be your go to. If you are familiar to the game and/or its add-ons, boy, are you in for a treat. The game runs very smoothly on most devices running iOS 10. There really isn't much to complain about the games port to iOS. Other than it missing its expansion, Afterbirth, it is still a fun game and all the expansions and i'm sure all of the add-ons will be here soon. 10/10

- Absolutely the best

I'm quite confident that this is the single best game available on the app store at the moment. If you have never played Isaac or heard of it, it is a hard as nails yet addicting rouge-like featuring gorgeous albeit disturbing art and really great music. It also features a ridiculous amount of content that will keep things fresh for hundreds of hours. I also highly recommend picking up BOI plus dlc on the computer and/or console. Its one of the highest rated games on Steam for good reason. If you're already an Isaac maniac you will be pleased to know that the ios version is executed very well. Frame rates are buttery smooth on my iPhone 7 plus and touch controls are surprisingly good, though I do recommend picking up a mfi controller. All in all it's totally worth every penny!

- Amazing Game but some port flaws

I’ve been playing Isaac for a few years, mostly the flash game but I have 100+ hours into Isaac on steam. This port on mobile is great in terms of content to be played. There is definitely 100+ hours worth of content without the DLC(which fingers crossed will come soon!) But, the displays are very weird. There are generally 2 modes you can play on. There is a horizontal mode and an vertical mode(like a gameboy). These displays each have flaws of their own. When playing horizontally, the dimensions of the screen are strange. When I am playing on game boy mode, the joysticks are too close together and hard to control. Not to mention that on newer IPads there is no fullscreen option. This game is a wonderful game for people that like roguelikes, Soul Knight, Gungeon, etc. This game is definitely worth a try if you are looking for a new game to keep you entertained for a long time.

- What I expected and what I got

I got this game thinking it would try to be as identical as possible as the PC version. Some differences I noticed, however, make it disappointing: -Either enemies are tankier or damage upgrades are not as powerful. This is most obvious with Polyphemus, where your tear rate seems to be slower, but not as slow as the PC version, and the damage is hilariously weak. When you find it, it’s more of “Oh, Polyphemus” and not “Holy heck, Polyphemus! This saved my run!” -The stat menu is unreliable. You can test this for yourself on the challenge “Darkness Falls.” The damage stat will not update itself for a little bit. -Red chest loots seems to be 95% bombs and 5% teleports to the Devil room. -Flies seem to stick to you and will only attack when you are right next to an enemy. -Game crashes every time you complete a challenge. It counts as completing it, but it’s annoying to have to reopen the game. -Small rock cannot be unlocked. I counted how many tinted rocks I destroyed. After 231 destroyed tinted rocks, I can safely say that it is impossible to unlock in the mobile version. -Movement stick will randomly make me move right, inevitably causing me to take damage. My biggest grievance is the fact that it’s been a year and Afterbirth has not been released. I get it that it takes work to port a game, but you’re done with Afterbirth+. You should have enough time to work on the port: 2/5 until they fix these issues.

- Worth 15 apps.

It’s easily worth the price. I wish I could track how long I’ve played this game here. I’m going on 200 rounds at probably an average of 10 minutes a run (between 3 and 20 per round). So let’s say it’s been 35 hours of hands on (none of that idle game play) game play. I’m still enjoying it and look forward to playing it every chance I get. BUY IT. Don’t get scared by the price, I know you’ve wasted more money than that on worse apps, I certainly have. This is a game I’ll be playing for awhile and then coming back to often. I have only ever used touch controls and they are getting easier the more I get used to them. Runs smooth, easy to put down and pick up, addicting.

- Love this game

I’ve been playing for a while now and all I can say is wow! It’s so much fun, I can play for an hour and still not get board. The game has some problems that really need to be fixed though. For example when playing on occasion when you go to shoot, it will instead just move the character, which sends you flying into enemies. But that’s not the biggest problem I’ve had. In the challenges, whenever I beat one the game crashes. It records that I beat it, but not always the reward for doing so. I beat challenge 17 called Waka Waka, and didn’t unlock the scythe tears. Dude what? The game crashed so it says I beat the challenge, but I didn’t unlock them. I beat it again and still nothing, if I’m missing something then my bad, but this has happened with all the challenges that give items.


I've been wanting this game on the phone FOREVER. I love the game but I never found myself playing on the computer that much because it was more of a time waster to me and very arcade like, which is perfect for the phone. This is a game you can keep on your phone for a long time and always pull it out when you need some quick entertainment. The $15 price tag might seem expensive but it's not at all. It's the normal price of the game because it is the normal game. The devs obviously need to make money too so of course it's gonna cost the same as the computer game😂 it's great though and well worth it's price, the controls are hard at first, but can be easily mastered with a couple of playthroughs. Definitely recommend

- Best Port of Isaac Yet

Out of every platform I own Isaac on (PC, Wii U, 3DS, and iOS), I can honestly say that this port is second only to the PC. It's smooth, responsive, doesn't seem to crash as much as the other ports, and includes all the content that an Isaac port should. Seriously well-made port for mobile. Only flaw is the dual-stick control scheme using touch controls is incredibly hard to use. However, an iOS game controller can easily fix this problem. A controller is what, ~$30? I plan on buying one just for some platform games and this one. Very well worth the seemingly ridiculous price because besides the annoyingly difficult controls, there's no difference between this port and PC's Rebirth. Excellent job!

- Great game! TERRIBLE port!!

The game runs OKAY with a touchscreen, BUT the controls are otherwise completely and utterly NON-RESPONSIVE! It’s agitating seeing as the game also picks up in difficulty after playing through it successfully so many times, WITH NO OPTION OF LOWERING IT. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a challenge, but what the bloody hell is the point of offering a normal AND a hard difficulty option when normal just becomes hard anyway?!?! A CONTROLLER IS A MUST if you plan on unlocking some of the higher level goods in this game. Seriously, how did the developers mess such simple controls up THIS BAD?!?! It’s disappointing, seeing how I can play a much more complicated game such as MONSTER HUNTER and be beyond pleased with the controls, but THE BINDING OF ISAAC brings almost ZERO control scheme/control options value to the mobile market... Great, SOLID GAME, but TERRIBLE PORT unless you have a controller with actual sticks to utilize. Good luck!!

- BoI is my favorite game of all time... but this is garbage.

I’ve been a Binding of Isaac fan since the game originally came out and have bought every single expansion for the game on the PC as well as the Switch. It is by far my favorite game of all time, however, it was poorly ported to the iPad and honestly unplayable. The game hasn’t been updated for the iPad Pro, meaning that there is significant dead space on the sides of the screen where you’re supposed to control the characters. This makes it almost unplayable. This paired with the fact that there is no keyboard support means that there is honestly just no way to play the game and have the same precision like there was on the PC. Complete waste of $15 and I won’t even be able to get my money back. I would give this app a 1-star rating, but the fact that it’s BoI and how much I love the game on other platforms, I’ll give it a 2.

- Controls

Don’t know if I’m the only one with this problem, but the joysticks are really difficult to use. This is especially because they are set in a specific area, and the fact that the left one mainly tries to act like an actual joystick. If one is to tap the bottom of it and slide up it remembers where you first placed your finger and if you did that near the bottom of the screen well then you can’t walk down without having to correct yourself. Probably the worst problem thought is the left one taking priority of 3/4 of the screen if you press down slightly to the left of the right joystick then you better believe you walking to the right and into an enemy. I think the only way to play and actually be skillful is to get a keyboard or controller and connect that to your iPhone.

- Finally a real game for a real price!!!!

This is a full, complete, non-diluted, incredible and classic game that I believe everyone should experience. It is the pinnacle of twin stick shooters and a true standout of the genre. Yes, it costs money. Oh no, a PC game brought in its entirety to your pocket costs the price of said game? I don't understand why some people insist mobile gaming must be dumbed down and spoon fed to the masses like baby formula with the little airplane noises. Just pay the price of entry into this monument to hardcore gaming. I can't say any more than has already been said of this game. Plenty of reviews exist of it. It's great. The controls work fabulously. It can be played in landscape or portrait mode. What more do you want?

- It's solid. -a man with many hours on this game.

I have Isaac on all of my gaming platforms and when I heard about Isaac on iOS comic out I was a little scared. The vita version was kind of crappy and I wanted Isaac on iOS to be good. I've put in a solid five hours as of writing this review and all I can say is that this port is extremely well done. I've played as a mixture of characters and there seems to be no lag, as up to the womb. (I haven't unlocked the rest yet as I've only had 5 hours in the game.) the controls are a little weird at first but you get used to them after a few runs. The items all do what they are suppose to and do not lag out the game. This is a great port.

- Best game I seen

I really like the game and I miss the old version but this one really got me hooked up when I saw it I knew I needed to buy it and I am close to passing it because I play everyday and I really like the fact that for once a game does not need WiFi to work I really wish this game gets and update so that we can play the afterbirth plus it would be a merical and it will let the developer gain so much money if he does this but then again it’s his choice to let us play the afterbirth I mean this game did cost like 15 dollars so I think it’s best to just give us the update to play the later versions of the game it would be a pleasure to play such an amazing game

- Please, add afterbirth to this version of the game

This game is well worth its 15 dollars, and I would pay more just so I can download the afterbirth dlc for it. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of work until you truly complete this game, but I already feel that I have already unlocked most of the items available in rebirth. This is where afterbirth comes in, and even if I have to pay 15 more dollars, at least I get to spend more hours in this game. Not to mention, greed mode, which is one of the reasons I asked for this in the first place. Greed mode is always fun, since it’s quick, semi-easy, and challenging at the same time.

- iPhone controls okay, iPad controls awkward

I’ve had this game on my phone for a while now, and while it doesn’t really come close to mimicking the control accuracy of PC/console versions, I found it serviceable. I like to play it while waiting at my gate for flights. I recently got an iPad, and while the movement and shooting controls are the same, the item/bomb controls are on the left side of the screen, same as the movement stick. I don’t know about you, but I like being able to use bombs or items while on the move instead of having to stop moving to tap them. They should be on the right hand side with the pills, but I see no option to change this. I don’t want to buy a controller just for this game, so the game is pretty much unplayable for me on iPad.

- Amazing port nasty bugs

Binding of Isaac is amazing, I have it on my computer as well as on my phone. The only thing holding this back from a 4 or 5 Star is the fact that there are nasty bugs. One is instead of shooting in a direction you start walking in that direction which is obviously horrible, next some items are useless because the developers forgot to add the drop trickets and pills button and forgot to add the change card button so starter deck is worthless. Next there is no dev team working on Isaac for iOS(what I heard), so none of these bugs will be fixed and there will not be the dlc’s for a long time. Finally, the game eats your battery after one run I loose about half my battery. The game itself is perfect only the bugs and no dev team holding it back.

- Amazing Port!!

Very VERY good, control 1 is great so you can walk with the joystick and not insta run into spikes, they have paid very close attention to details and this is VERY polished, the only problem iv had is that when my iphone 6s is horizontal a little bit of the top of the screen is cut off but when i rotate the game vertical i can see a little bit bigger field of view, other then that there is no reason not to get this $15 is well worth the price im sure there will be plenty of future updates and bug fixes!! And hopefully new free content?! Heck i would even pay another $5 if they added afterbirth as a in app purchase in the future!

- Great Game. Better with game pad.

I was a huge fan of the original Flash based game and Rebirth is my most played game on steam with well over 1000 hours played. When I saw it landed on iOS I was excited until I realized my iPad 2 wasn't able to play it. I finally upgraded to a newer iPad and was able to get this game. The game plays just like the original and I was surprised at how well the touch controls worked, however, with 1000+ hours on keyboard and a few hundred more on PS4 with a controller I found it a bit more difficult to play with touch controls so I picked up a Steelseries Stratus game pad and the controls are flawless.

- Great Game... however,

I love this game. I’ve put in over 600 hours over 4 years playing this game on the PC. I just now discovered this app and was so excited to play. The game runs beautifully and I like it. But I wish the controls were just a tad bit better. A lot of times I found my finger straying further away from the epicenter of the movement joystick. So my movements would be off-kilter and would cause my character to move in a different direction than I wanted. Personally, I think that the Minecraft style of having a D-Pad instead of touch screen joystick would work much better for this game. It would make the controls more linear like the PC edition. Still. A great game overall!

- Awesome

Binding of Isaac on mobile is a dream come true, from all of the items, to bosses, to characters, it’s almost like pc! Almost! I do have one small problem though, that isn’t enough to lower the rating, but could improve my runs if it is fixed. Every once in a while, I would go to use the tear direction button, my character would move in some direction, that was not at all intended. This HAS had some bad timing, even ending runs for me. Again, thank you for the game, it is fantastic, and deserves every bit of the five stars, but every game has its issues, which are impossible to avoid. 👌🏻

- Nice Work

I've been playing Isaac since the original on Steam. This is a great port over to the iPhone. Don't listen to the people complaining about controls. The controls are exactly what you would expect on a touch device. They did the best job that anyone could have done with touch screen controls. I guess some people think when you download a game, analog sticks and buttons should sprout from your phone for your convenience. If you don't like touch controls, don't play it on a touch screen, or buy a third party controller. But at that point, just play it on your PC. Anyway, same great game on the go.

- Can't get enough

The Isaac games are my favorite games of all time and I have countless hours of fun wrapped up into them. I'm talking thousands of hours at this point. That being said, every time I was away from home without my laptop I'd have no way to play my favorite game. Now I can play something that has brought me smiles throughout the years while I'm on the go which is great because I've never before had that from a mobile game. This is the first one I've ever invested in and it runs perfectly smooth and tons of fun. iOS controls make for an awkward experience trying to kite enemies but it's manageable. Good work!!

- Amazing game

I love the binding of isaac and have well over 400+ hours across xbox and pc. I've sunk probably another 100 into this iOS one and can say it's absolutely amazing. Even with playing without a controller, they still optimized the controls as best they could. It takes getting used to, but once you get it down it's fine. This is well worth another $15 and it looks beautiful on systems that handle the game well. Just bought a inbus controller for it today and love it as well. Having that support shows me that this isn't just some crappy port, but something they put time into to make good on iOS.

- There's just a couple things...

I love this game and all but it would be even better if it didn't crash after beating most of the challenge rooms. i think you unlock some items for doing it but i can't be certain because i'm never awarded them since it crashes. Another thing is that the bomb button feels too big like I accidentally hit the bomb button when i mean to fire tears or charge a shot. Lastly, i don't think there is a way to remove items from your inventory like pills and tarot card without using them. Thanks for reading it and i thank you for letting a dream of mine come true :)

- Amazing Port!

This iOS port of the Bi ding Of Isaac is great! I was worried that the controls would be a problem from all the reviews saying that the controls are bad. The controls take a second to get used too. but after that it's fine. But having a D-Pad as a option for the movement controls would be nice. Overall a Great app. it has some minor issues, but with just how good the rest of the game is, you can over look the issues. The 15$ Price tag, is quite a bit of money, but it is worth the money for the game. But there is almost no difference with the Steam version and the IOS version. The last thing that I would add doing would, I have no idea if this is possible, but connecting to your Stream Game data. So you can pick up were you left off if you're on the computer or your phone. That's my only suggestions, if they add those 2 features this game would be that much better. But the game is worth it and a nice addition to the App Store Library.

- BoI is finally mobile!

This has been one of my favorite games for the past few years, as well as one of the best rogue-like games I have ever played. Even without the expansions there's nearly unlimited replayability and always something to strive for, without having the mindless gamePlay of most mobile games (especially highscore-based ones) that you see on the app store. I'm so happy this is finally on mobile. The controls take some getting used to but are as good as they could probably get, with maybe a few tweaks here and there. Tl;dr an overall fantastic port for an already amazing game

- Pricey for an app but well worth it.

I have this game on PC. It's nice to have a port that's faithful to the original that I can play when I'm not at home. I know what you're thinking. 15 bucks for an app?! Blasphemy!!! Well this ain't no Mario Run. Don't expect to finish this game in an hour. As for the gameplay, think classic Zelda type dungeon crawler. Each floor has an item room as well as a boss room. The floors are randomly generated, meaning the game is different each time you play it. Want a game that will hold your hand, pat you on the back, and throw achievements and unlocks at you assuring you that you're the best gamer that's ever lived? Then this is NOT the game for you!!! This game is brutal and mastering it will take a lot of patience. My first time unlocking everything took around 200 hours. Touch screen controls are fine but I prefer using a Bluetooth game controller. Although vague at first, the story becomes increasingly disturbing. Might not be suitable for the kiddies.

- Binding of Isaac rules

Bought this and all the expansions on steam and have put about 450 hours into it. I love this game. Was excited to see the mobile version out but it leaves just a little bit to be desired. The controls are okay, sometimes they don't register my thumbs. I tend to see the same few items over and over but that may just be because I'm used to playing with so many more on PC. When I hit the random character selection it seems to choose Azazel or Lazarus every time which is weird. I would like to see more items and daily challenges added but overall it is a great game. Well worth the money.

- Great Port

The Binding of Isaac is my absolute favorite game series of all time, with over 180 hours on Steam (and counting) and another 80 on the 3DS version. With it coming to iOS it's great because now I don't have to take my DS with me to help my addiction, lol. It may be $14, but don't let that discourage you - it's worth the price. It has an absolute metric buttload of content that can literally keep you occupied for years. Look at the YouTuber Northernlion for example - he's been playing this game since 2012. If you're looking for a good, genuine game that offers great replay ability and difficulty, there's no alternative. This is it.

- All I've ever wanted from IOS, minus the controls

This is my favorite video game period, no questions asked, the best rouge-like out there, not to mention on my favorite platform. Just please, If there is one thing that needs to be renovated, it's the controls. I would suggest making them fixed rather then having these floating controls that have way to much acceleration. It makes me feel like I'm playing on ice. At the very least make it an option in the settings. Everything else about this port, the hud, the fps, and even the touch shooting controls are phenomenal. Obviously it does it good job of retaining the old charm and same content as Isaac

- Will there be DLC

I personally love this game, it was the inspiration of my son’s name (though I’m not Christian haha) I was so excited when the latest DLC came out, actually around the time my son was born! Seeing all the new characters and enemies and bosses, etc. I was mesmerized all over again. Of course I had to get it for the IOS. It’s quick and easy for me to play when I finally get the time to do so. I have it on the switch and pc, but this is the most easiest to play it on, wish i knew about it sooner. Will be on the look out for the DLC!

- A real price for a real game

$15 isn't cheap, but fret not because neither is this game! I've been following and playing this game for almost 2.5 years on 3 different platforms, and iOS is the 4th. They didn't skimp on the visual performance or gameplay fluidity for this port, it plays very well on both iPhone and iPad and feels right at home. It's a very deep and addictive game, yet it is quite dark so if you're looking for something upbeat this is not for you. My only hang up is there is no Afterbirth expansion yet, but I'm sure they'll probably get on that at some point.

- 5 star game with a 3 star mistake

Amazing game, payed it on PS as well... but a big issue in the placement of the buttons. You move with your left hand, you attack with your right hand... but your items and bombs also have to be used with your left hand. This means you have to stop walking to drop a bomb or use an item, and since you designed the game, you should have realized in advance that stopping to use an item was not an option. Why you didn’t put the items on the RIGHT side of the screen, where we attack (and have an unused hand since attack is essentially automated) is completely beyond me. How did no one in your entire company realize this incredibly basic concept?

- Amazing but controls need work

I've put hundreds of hours into this game and its predecessor on my PC. When I saw it on mobile, despite the price tag, I knew it would be well worth it if it was anything like it's PC counterpart. I am pleased to say it has everything the PC version does (minus the DLC Rebirth+)! However, controls are holding it back from being perfect. The right stick is to shoot, but many times it will end up moving my character. That's suppose to be what the left stick is for... Also I think due to it being mobile, some of the enemy attacks hit whereas on PC they are more easily avoided. Fix controls please BibleThump

- My Honest Review

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth. I never thought the game was on mobile devices, but it is. I just found out about it and played it. This port of the game is great, and I love it. THE CONTROLS The controls are all great except the fact that the joysticks move around when you use them, and sometimes it won’t operate correctly with two fingers on the screen at the same time. When two fingers are on the screen at the same time, it sometimes moves the joystick for shooting over to the location of the joystick for movement, and messes up my run. THE STORY The story is great. I looked up Binding of Isaac on google, and saw that the game’s story is based on a bible story with the same name. I’m not going to tell the story, though, since I don’t want this review to be too long. THE GAMEPLAY 10/10 gameplay, it’s just as you’d expect. The only problem is I can’t get far enough without me dying due to the problem stated in the controls section, where the joysticks would move when used.

- Good but some bugs

I love the game but there are some bugs like when I leave the app it messes with my audio and makes it sound like a blew a speaker once I have cleared the app from the double tap menu it stops ... whatever ... my real issue that it does not work with my xbox one s controller I have paired it with my device to my iPad and it still won't work weather it won't simply work due to the fact apple does not run Microsoft products or that they have not implemented it into the app ... wether or not it will work I would definitely recommend the app because it is jam packed with hours of gameplay

- Isaac on the go

I own Isaac on both Xbox and PC so of course I had to pick it up when it came to iPhone. This is the best game that has ever came to iPhone. There's no pay to play or any of that garbage other games have either. You spend your fifteen and then you're off to torment yourself and Isaac. With a little practice the controls definitely become manageable, although the spiked floor rooms still give me trouble. This is my third day having it and I just beat mom's heart for the second time. I'd say they did a pretty good job on controls for me to accomplish that.

- Best indie game out there

This is a really great port to mobile (especially considering it plays more or less exactly like my PC and console versions of TBOI). The different aim settings in the options, which seems to be the biggest complaint people have so far, made the game much easier. Also, I know this app is just Rebirth right now, but I would kill to get the 'found hud' option that was recently added in AB+. I like to min/max Isaac, and it's a lot easier if you know exactly what your stats are. Edit: A drop trinket/pill functionality would be great as well.

- This is just so lovely

No game entertains me as much as this one does. That applied for the PC version, and applies for iOS as well. This game is wonderful both as a timewaster and as a game to pick up and play aggressively for hours at a time. The controls, though were a bit difficult to get used to, are fine after a few days of playing, so no worries there. The whole game is there, too. All the content from the PC, Nintendo Switch, everything, all here on this port. It’s amazing. I recommend the developers for this port add a few things. Including; - Full screen compatibility on the iPhone X series - Afterbirth and Afterbirth+ for those of which are willing to purchase it - Controller support (unless it’s there and I’m missing a setting or option) In summary; this game is fantastic. I love playing it at work on a slow day, or playing it at home when I want to advance in the game. I love it so much!

- Amazing, but what about Apple TV

I read a while ago that when this game first came out it also had plans to be released on Apple TV. I finally caved and bought it (even though I promised I wouldn’t until it came out on ATV) and it is amazing!!! I only used to play on my old laptop which would struggle a lot, so this is a huge step up! Currently I play it with my mfi controller while screen mirroring on my ATV. It lags a bit but it’s incredibly fun and well put together. The price is fair and well worth it. Please make an Apple TV version of the app soon


I've been wanting to play this game for a long time but I couldn't because my computer couldn't handle it but now that it's an app I can have it. At first I felt kinda iffy about getting for $15 but it's totally worth it because it's exactly like the original game. Yes at first the controls are kinda hard to use but you learn to get use to it and the game becomes a lot of fun. So get this game because if you now the binding of Isaac you'll see this is almost exactly like the computer game and you'll have a lot of fun with the binding of Isaac on the go.

- Great port!

I've been playing Rebirth for almost 2 years now on my playstation 4 and recently bought the Afterbirth expansion. This iOS port is a really great addition because now I can play isaac whenever I want! The only issue I've come across is that the touch screen joysticks are very hard to use, I can't figure out if it's because of their small size relative to the screen or their sensitivity being too high. From seeing other reviews I'm sure you guys are working on a way to fix it and I can't wait to sink a ton of hours into this port of the game. Thank you for your continued support of this game.

- AMAZING but no Afterbirth+?

This game is SO FUN There is so much to do and so many items to get but there’s 2 things I don’t like about it, 1: it does not have the Afterbirth+ update (or Repentance but that makes sense since they are still trying to get Repentance to console) and 2: the controls are a bit weird because for some reason the joystick (obviously it’s not a real joystick but you know what I mean) moves with your finger? It would work much better if there was just a joystick and you could move and shoot tears like that. Other than that this game is AMAZING!

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- My Honest Opinion and some Feedback for Ed and Nicalis

I've been a fan of Binding of Isaac for around 6 years now. I bought the original, clocked it, bought Rebirth, clocked it, Afterbirth, clocked it. I thought the game'd be great when ported to iOS and voila, here it is. First of all, this game is fantastic. If you're remotely interested or if you've played Binding of Isaac before, buy this game. It is a great experience well worth the money for all the fun you can get out of it. The game looks beautiful, runs beautifully and it keeps the classic charm of Rebirth. The UI is incredibly well optimised for iOS which is something I can seriously appreciate. There's really only one thing I want to see in a future update (well, aside from Afterbirth DLC ;D) is a D-Pad or a joystick system with a constant location. I'm not a huge fan of how the base of the 'joystick' moves and it can cause a lot of inconsistencies in movement and shooting. I'm sure you can get used to it but I feel it would be a nice option for those who prefer different types of controls. Overall, though, I give this game 5 stars because regardless of the controls, it is an incredible game. Thanks so much Ed McMillan and Nicalis!!~


First off, this game is amazing, the sound, the gameplay, it's so good! Not to mention how smoothly the game runs (iPhone Se) this game runs at a smooth 60fps with NO LAG!!!!! The only thing that took getting used to was the controls, well I guess every game you need to get used to controls but the controls need a sensitivity option. At first they are hard to use then after 10, 15 minutes you get used to them but it took me a while to get the hang of the slipperiness of the controls. This is an absolute amazing port of the binding of Isaac: rebirth; to bad there isn't an afterbirth version/dlc 😜 A part from the controls (at first) This game is really great! (Ps I also have this game on PS4 & PC) 5/5 😁👍

- Room for improvement.

The controls feel loose compared to the pic version, I've had countless times of frustration where one side of the control scheme starts operating using the other side of the tablet, in a game which requires as much precision as the binding of Isaac this is a big deal, I find it harder to do precision movements than in the pic version, the game is pretty expensive for a port and doesn't include afterbirth, the achievements aren't in the game, there are unlocks but they are hidden in the settings, don't show any pop up on completion and take forever to go through, in saying all this I loved the pc iteration and this game is still better than practically anything else on the mobile market so I would still recommend the game but I feel the asking price is a bit ridiculous considering you can get GTA sa a much larger game in scope for almost half the price, the only reason I even considered spending this much money on a mobile port is because the binding of Isaac is my favourite game, if my problems with the port were alleviated I would almost feel justified in spending so much.

- Just get the money and buy it.

It's Binding of Isaac, (almost) perfectly ported to iOS. Isaac is an amazing game that is by definition easy to learn, but hard to master. Randomly generated, with 100s of different items that shake things up, 50something bosses and 11 playable characters, it's well worth the money. If it's your kind of game, you could squeeze 100s of hours out of this. If not, it's still quite enjoyable. It does exactly what it sets out to do, and it's almost perfect. The only problem, as suggested by many others, is the controls. The sticks are fiddly, and that's bad in a twin stick shooter, especially one that requires some quick movement and precise shooting. It's the only thug keeping me from giving it a perfect score. All in all, wait 'till they change the controls, then buy it first thing after they do.

- Faithful to the game! Controls take time

As a long time Isaac player, I was really happy to see this on the App Store. It is the full game - all the quirks, bugs, amazing combos, incredible gameplay you know and love. The two stick on-screen controls take a little getting used to, but once you've logged a few hours you'll be right at home. One disappointment is you have to start new save files, but you get the thrill of discovery all over again. Recommended!

- Great port to iOS, but...

This a port of The Binding of Isaac Rebirth is really good and if you are a fan of the game I suggest you get it, although I had some annoying problems with the touch control like sometimes when I moved it started shooting tears in the direction I was moving leading to me taking unnecessarily damage but that's probably just because I am playing this on my iPhone 6 if I was on an iPad this probably wouldn't be a problem, a gamepad would also work good as well. All in all good port of the game, I recommend it and I hope afterbirth+ gets released for this port.

- Great Game

I love this game I just have a few things to say First of a summon boss thing isn’t fair to attack you if you are alone noobs won’t know and it might end their run Secondly the lost this is a really hard process you find a seed have a good run as Maggie to die get Judas to mom and he only has a heart and Azazel to Satan 2nd stage Then you unlock him Thirdly greed mode I would like if greed mode was in this game for many more unlocks and more game play Over All This Game Is Great

- Amazing; please bring on afterbirth!

Having Isaac on my phone is something pretty special. Controls are surprisingly good, despite other reviews - it just takes some getting used to. Please do add Afterbirth though - it's the standard for Isaac.

- Iphone x support

Honestly this game is amazingly addictive, with near seemingly endless items and levels and crazy wacky bosses and endings, this game has skyrocketed to one of my all time favourite games. But recently i purchased an iphone x and discovered that the display and UI are not fully fitted to the iphone x’s massive display which in itself was slightly disappointing. Another addition to this crazy fun game would be the inclusion of the afterbirth and afterbirth plus addons, generating even more countless hours of gameplay.

- Love it - though requires improvements

Absolutely love this app! Extremely happy it's come out for IOS! Love how it's compatible with my iPhone 7plus and iPad Pro! Though because I play this game a fair bit, I have noticed there are some improvements required. Sometimes if I don't exit the game correctly it will save exactly where I left off. Other times I re open the game to being in previous rooms I had already completed, or like just now when I was playing a previous floor. I have also noticed that every now and again the joy sticks muddle up and when I'm shooting with the right it will also move my character as I'm shooting it in the shooting direction then revert back to normal and can control my character normally again. Even with these glitches, the game is amazing to play on IOS!

- My favourite game

This game is amazing because it's exactly like the computer version and console version. It would be awesome if you could add the DLCs but I'm not sure how you would do it. Overall it's fun but in my honest opinion the analog stick moving makes it extremely hard to play as I am used to having the analog stick to move in one place so it would be great if you could add an option to have it stay in one place. 4/5

- Good game, exactly same as pc version but...

Add an option for a d pad controls think it’s called (like this +) as the biggest issue with the game is controls or at least give the option to lock the joysticks in place. Not a big ask I believe and I feel like for 21$ the people who bought it deserve a little extra effort to make the game more compatible for iOS. Thank you for releasing your great game on ios.

- Vanity

I have played this game and thought it was pretty good, but I would like an option that toggles the vanity and item visibility off, I would prefer if the avatar that you play as wouldn’t look so ugly by the end of the run, this would make the character look a lot less distracting, this would also be good for the tears, such as the lump of coal wouldn’t make the tears black because they can be hard to see

- Multiplayer and DLC

Why didn’t i give it five stars? Well because there’s no multiplayer I think that many people would really want this feature and I would be able to fight my friends / fight bosses with my friends many people would also really like it if you put in the DLCs and would spend more money on the game

- Great Game - recently disappeared from store

This is one of the best game I have ever played. Fast pace, frantic, quirky. Not sure why but the app was pulled and returned recently in March 2021 - anyway highly recommended!

- something about the control system

The touching control system is bad, wish there can be a way to play with Smart Keyboard or other keyboard devices. This can fix the problem so smoothly and even similar with PC


This is the best shooter I have played on iOS and it's more than just that, it's a roguelike with progression as well. It's an amazing game. I don't even like shooters and I love this. Anyway, not writing anymore because I want to get back to it!

- Isaac

Stop reading the reviews and just buy the game already! But please make the joysticks fixed in one place it's really annoying how they move

- Nice

The game runs very well, haven't had any issues with lag. The controls take a bit to get used to the controls, but overall a good port of rebirth.

- It's finally here

After waiting for so long for the mobile version of this, I finally got it and I can say it amazing to have Isaac on my phone.

- Best of the AppStore

Perfect iOS port, definitely the best of today's AppStore games. Movement controls are very glitchy and frequently missmove Isaac however. Otherwise, well done Tyrone and Nicalis team for getting it released! P.S please release afterbirth and afterbirth + for IOS it would be amazing.

- Great

This is a really good iOS representation of binding of Isaac rebirth. The controls my take a little getting used to at first, but is easy to get the hang of. However the price is a little steep, and I can see how this can turn some people away. I would also like to see the afterbirth DLC to be included in a future update as well as support for custom setups to different runs. All in all, great work, having a lot of fun with it, and would like to see what's in store next.

- Absolutely amazing can't wait for the dlc

Buy. This. Game. Amazing game and stays true to the original on pc. Controls take time but you get used to it.

- Good

This game is great and is very much like the PC version of the game, however it is sad that afterbirth isn't included with this game. Also I am running this game on an iPhone 5c and I am experiencing drops in frame rate when I am not playing this game landscape.

- After birth+

This game is really fun and has hours of content but where’s afterbirth+ for iOS I would definitely pay the extra amount of money to play that.

- Just needs afterbirth and better controls

It’s near perfect and super fun but the amount of times I’ve been let down when I pick up two items and find out they don’t synergies in rebirth is heart breaking

- Worth every cent

Having put 500 hours into the PC version and another 100 hours on PlayStation, I have no regrets getting it on iPhone aswell. Addictive fun game!

- Love it

I really enjoy playing this game in my free time, I've played all the other games and this one is my favourite. I thoroughly enjoy it.

- Great port from an already excellent game!

Totally worth the money! The best rogue-like you can find on the App store. 100% recommend it !!

- Great but

I wish they will update it to support afterbirth and afterbirth plus. Other than that an amazing overall game that is worth the price tag

- Really great game!

Runs very well with no bugs or issues! Would be cool if afterbirth and antibirth were added!

- Movement control

Make the movement control be in one spot so it doesn't move around too much

- Need an update

Great game just please release an update that supports iphones 10 to 12 as they have a different aspect ratio.

- Great

Perfect. By it now. Als9 there’s a cool secret, if you make the seed slow4me2 the music will get faster or slower if you walk or don’t

- Amazing port

Will take time to get used to the new controls but don't be afraid.

- Refund?

Could I please get my hard-earned 20-something dollars back? My friend showed me this game and it looked like fun so I bought it and it was really laggy. This game gets a bit repetitive and that annoys me. My thumbs end up hurting from all the dragging thumb sticks around. Please give me a refund.

- I love this game

So much fun I could play for hours on end

- Worth every cent.

This is an iOS port of an amazing game done right.

- Doesn't work on iPhone X.

This app needs an update for new generation devices. The game launches but it freezes on loading screen. Do not buy until they release a new update.

- Please, fix the controls, it’s too frustrating


- Great but...

Hi I love this game so could you please add antibirth and and afterbith and afterbirth+ that would be amazing all up awsome game can't wait to kill mega saitan

- Amazing game- a must play

Great game Just hope it gets the afterbirth dlc

- Love it on pc and now it's on my phone

The best game

- Simply the best

This game, omg it's the best, I originally play it on pc but Jesus it's good on iOS

- The binding of Isaac

If you like rng games you will love this game

- Excellent

Great game, good port, good lifespan. What iOS games should be like

- Afterbirth+?

This game is amazing and i strongly recommend it but.... PLEASE ADD AFTERBIRTH+

- Read below in description

Why are you reading negative reviews, just get the game already

- Nice game But had issue

Dose not work in korean language.. Please fix it?? 😥😥

- Please add afterbirth and ab+

Otherwise perfect port

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- Most fun I've had on my phone in ages!

I've loved TBoI for a long time, and when I first saw that it came out on iOS it bought it immediately! I've put in so many hours already, and I can't wait for the DLC to come out. I highly recommend you purchase this game!

- Controls...

Pros - Amazing content, graphics, sound, art... Cons - Does not feel good, especially compared to the PC version. Character nearly impossible to control in a game where dodging is crucial. Recommend buying only if you've played it on another platform beforehand.

- Legit Isaac

If you are looking for the mobile version of The Binding Of Isaac this is it. There is a few minor problems but besides that it's well worth the money.

- Overall ok, computer is better

It lags a bit and I have a brand new iPhone 7, but otherwise it’s the same as the computer version, when we got it on the iPad, the touch pad moves with you when you’re moving or aiming which is annoying and should be fixed but overall, great mobile version

- This Port is Amazing! Add Twitch support!

This port to iOS is a complete success. Please add the ability to stream to Twitch! Perfect for anyone really good at touch screen controls. I never could have imagined a day when I'd have Binding of isaac, super mario and roller coaster tycoon on one device that fits in my pocket.

- So worth it!

The binding of Isaac: Rebirth is great by itself but it would be cool to have ab and ab+ on iOS also... pls

- Amazing game.

I've put at least 2000 hours into the pc and ps4 versions, but the controls aren't that good on this version. Recommended for experienced Tboi players.

- I recommend

I do recommend, it is the best mobile game I’ve played I would give it 5 five stars but they haven’t added the dlcs which I understand it’s on mobile you don’t really have much storage but it would be cool to play as Jacob and Esau or Bethany but it’s cool to play in rebirth

- Love the game, but please keep up to date

I’ve both 100% the game on iOS and 100% afterbirth for Xbox, went to start a different account today on iOS and the game is being so laggy I can’t even play anymore, please please please fix this, the audio issue, and optimize it for the iPhone X, also PLEASE release afterbirth+ for iOS and Xbox!!!!

- Afterbirth when

Will afterbirth be paid content

- Great game

This is a great game but it needs some updates. Please fix it to match the new apple devices so there won’t be any black bars on my iPad or iPhone. Also please add two afterbirth and repentance DLC.

- Very great game!

This game is very good graphics are good the game play is good and everything is good!

- Love this game but would love an update 😵‍💫

Absolutely love this game! I own it on every platform even the 3DS, recently redownloaded this game it’s as amazing as I remember it being, but I would love an update just to make it fit the screen of my 12 Pro Max

- Intriguing and challenging

As I got older, all the games I played became boring, but the game’s complexity and backstory shows how much thought was out into it. 100/100 would recommend, it’s worth the purchase trust me

- iphone 11 game shrinks

Just bought the game and its awesome and everything but when playing on iphone X and 11 the game shrinks and is next to impossible to play. Would give five stars if this was fixed

- Error

Game not entering at all...

- Very very fun

It’s a really fun day and they can be hard sometimes but it’s really good

- I loved

Very fun game !!

- Classic game but best with controller

I’m totally satisfied with the controll cause i have a controller but most pc games like dc and etg have weird controll on touch screen. Also please release anti birth ASAP! Or will you guys put all the dlcs on ios(afterbirth +)?

- Update

Still waiting for update 🙃

- Uhhhh

Not sure why when I search for this game it won’t show up but... eh. Good game

- can u guys make the app icon dark?

the white makes itself stand out too much lol

- Love the game (of course) but can it have controller support

Would like Controller support please, using touchscreen is hard.

- Will afterbirth come out for mobile

I really wish it came out for mobile

- Controls & the lost

Aside from the movement sticks being confused often and causing my normal characters a few hearts per run, the game is varying. RNG determines 90% of the experience, too many runs are way too easy and too many runs are way too difficult. Then the lost comes in, and amplifies every one of these problems immeasurably. Completely gruelling, boring and unenjoyable 60% of the time, satisfying challenge 20% of the time, fun synergies 20% of the time. Playing as the lost? Torture 100% of the time. The endgame is not worth the investment. Deleted my files so I wouldn’t feel the need to come back and spend hundreds of hours on the lost, seeing as iOS isn’t getting any expansions.

- Great!

It’s great other than the glitch for the jump pickup on iPad. When trying to use jump and navigate it doesn’t really work

- Amazing

What a game, loved it on pc, and now on iOS so happy I can take it wherever I go. Graphics are great, controls are a lil iffy. I just hope the DLC comes as well.

- Great

Amazing game except for the slow game bug

- Cool but...

I love isaac and I don’t have a computer, so this has been a great source to play. I am thoroughly enjoying the game, but am disappointed that afterbirth + and afterbirth haven’t been added, please add it, it would make my day as well as so many others!


I got the nimbus controller to play this game, only to find out that it is unplayable. It slows down to half speed when the controller is connected. How can they charge 20$ for a game that doesn’t even work with modern technology?

- Good


- Just like any other platform

This game was going to be the reason I bought a console. This way I saved a few hundred bucks and still have a tonne of fun playing BOI

- It’s good, but mainly if you’ve got past experience

It’s vanilla rebirth with no update in sight. The controls are ok (type 2 for a classic acceleration) & locking firing positions is cool. It takes a bit of time to get used to the 2 orientations though (I’m starting to enjoy the 3ds style second screen on portrait mode).

- When is their going to be afterbirth

I want afterbirth please or can you tell me and others if there is going to be an afterbirth for Mobil

- Love the Game But.......

I love this game so much!!! I have it on PC as well and it’s so fun but can you optimize it for the newer iPhones like the XR that would be much appreciated

- Great game.

If you like binding of Isaac then it’s an easy buy.

- Need full screen update for 11 inch iPad Pro 2018

Great game, even better when played with an external controller. However needs to be optimized for new iPads Pros and iPhones X/XS - not full screen with black boarders all around.

- Needs fixes and updates but amazing

The game is worth the 24$ and every this is epic but there is still bugs and a lack of updates

- Just about perfect

Update - still no updates or signs of expansions. I would totally pay full price for the expansions, as this is my chosen platform for this game. Please, don’t abandon it! ———— The game is awesome and feels like it was made for mobile. Everything is as it should be. No idea why people are complaining about controls, they're as good as they're going to be with touch screens and are more than playable. Actually prefer it to a game pad IMHO. any chance for the expansions pretty please ???

- 👌🏻👌🏻

Love it, but could you add afterbirth or afterbirth +

- Amazing

I’ve had so much fun playing this but I wish the expansion were available for purchasing

- Needs updates

This would easily be a 5 star game if there was keyboard support, in the same manner as Mac/PC. However, the current touch controls are extremely awkward making this already challenging game too unpleasant to play. The game doesn't support native resolutions of the new iPad Pro or the iPhone X (and beyond). Also, the developer's user engagement policy appears to be "ignore all requests"—their website's feedback function is broken, and my message via Facebook Messenger was read but not responded to. It appears that they don't intend to maintain this game.

- Absolutely amazing port

just a heas up if ppl are having issues with controls switch to control type 2 if not you may just not be super good at roguelikes but it has such a detailed and creative atmosphere and the gameplay can be super rewarding once you unlock a lot more content through playing the game more. Also devs plsss port Afterbirth and afterbirth+ if possible i would pay full price and would make the game soooo much better with the extra content like stats and stuff otherwise an awesome game with some iffy controls when set to control type 1 but still gives the same experience as on console or pc

- Love Isaac, game needs updates.

Not cool to release the game for a premium price(compared to other games on the platform) and not even update it once following release. I understand the price is consistent with steam, and I understand afterbirth is too computationally intensive, but to not even fix bugs? Update the screen for iPhone X? I think it’s time for an update Edmund & Tyrone


I love Issac i play it on xbox and on phone all the time. Cant get enough of it

- Awesome

After 8 hours of playing iv noticed that the controls are soooooo smooth. Gets little to get used to but its very smooth. What i want is the expansion available for the app store :D

- Great game! But...

So I absolutely LOVE this game. I’ve always wanted it and now I can play it anywhere! But.. when playing I’ve encountered this glitch that has killed me several times. So I’ll be dragging my shoot stick and for some reason my move stick will stop working and my shoot stick will start moving me at half a heart and I’ll run into something that will one hit me. If you fix this problem then this will be my favourite mobile game. Thanks in advance

- Literally the best game I have ever played!

This is literally the best game on the market right now in my opinion and probably even for all time. I have played a lot of games and call myself a gamer and was looking for something like this for a very long time, can’t believe it is actually a thing! I have this game on both my iPhone and computer and love all the extras that the expansions offer in the computer version. I can see why the expansions aren’t available on the phone, because, the free add-one via internet seem unfeasible for a phone but here me out! Why not add a cloud element to this game, (in-fact I think there is already something like that already), and make it so if people want to get these add-ons, they just go over to their comp, download whatever, then upload it to the cloud, and BINGO all you got to do is download the uploaded stuff to your phone and you got the stuff. In other words, please, to the max, add the expansions to the Apple store. I can’t describe how much better it is to play this game on the phone over the computer. All I can say is, I feel way more in the game, and everything is more high energy. If you put the expansions on the Apple store, I bet they will be bought like hot pockets, for the reasons above. Thank you so much for making this game, and getting it on the Apple store!

- Worth it

A very good remake of rebirth.Sad that you cant buy afterbirth as an in app purchase.The game is fun and i’ll even say more challenging than the original because of the controls.I love having a portable version of isaac to play.Well worth the money.The only reason I dont give it a 5 star is because the controls aren't ads so dont worry and no need to turn off wifi. TLDR:good, fun, worth it, bad controls, portable, offline, adless P.S that was still pretty long XD

- Finally a game ported from the computer to the iPhone that you can trust

It’s just a Binding of Isaac rebirth it’s not a downgrade or a crappy ripoff it is just rebirth the controls are a little hard to get used to but once you do you’re in for a treat

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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth 1.1 Screenshots & Images

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth iphone images
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth iphone images
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth iphone images
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth iphone images

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (Version 1.1) Install & Download

The applications The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth was published in the category Games on 2017-01-09 and was developed by Nicalis, Inc. [Developer ID: 356341688]. This application file size is 377.13 MB. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth - Games app posted on 2017-01-11 current version is 1.1 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.Nicalis.Isaac-iOS