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Asana Rebel is the only Yoga Inspired Fitness app in the world. We are changing the way that women work out & stay healthy, by making the process fun! You’ll not only see the same fitness results as you would in a hardcore HIIT program, but at the same time you’ll feel relaxed & more confident than ever before. Asana Rebel makes sure that you only look good, but FEEL good too!

Mixing together traditional yoga with interval training to:
● Give you a strong, toned body
● Increase your energy on a daily basis
● Cut down on any unwanted body fat
● Clear your mind and leave you more relaxed than ever before

Our digital personal trainer who will:
● Help you to meet your personal fitness goals
● Motivate you as much as you need
● Encourage you with daily new workouts
● Personalize your fitness journey

Our unique and powerful developments will:
● Make it more fun and easier to workout than ever before
● Update constantly to get you addicted to working out
● Offer you an interactive platform to deliver your fitness programs

By using Asana Rebel you will:
● Save time spent travelling to gyms, and following the status quo of fitness
● Have the luxury of working out, whenever you want, WHEREVER you want!
● Be motivated to do #yogaeverydamnday
● Have more money to treat yourself with, instead of spending it on traditional yoga classes or fitness centres
● Be at peace in your mind & strong in your body
● Get Apple Health compatibility: report your calories burned, weight and yoga workouts (optional)
● iMessage support, so you can share your completed workouts with family and friends

● By upgrading to allow you full-access & the coach feature, you will get:
● Structured training plans for each week, helping you to live a healthy & active lifestyle
● The most motivating notifications to keep you on track & push you to meet your personal fitness goal
● Complete access to all programs (Fatburn, Fatburn II, Bikini Body, Core Strength and many more), workouts and daily exercises

The download and use of Asana Rebel is free. Get your Coach and all available workouts within the app as part of the monthly subscription. The subscription costs $37,99 for 3 month or $58,99 for 12 months. If you opt for the subscription, you pay the fixed price for your country which is displayed in the app. The subscription will be renewed automatically if it is not canceled within at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your iTunes account will be charged for each new term within 24 hours prior to the expiration of the current subscription. The current term of In-App subscriptions cannot be canceled. You can disable the automatic renewal via the iTunes account settings at anytime.

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Asana Rebel: Yoga and Fitness App Description & Overview

The applications Asana Rebel: Yoga and Fitness was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2015-12-17 and was developed by Asana Yoga GmbH. The file size is 118.94 MB. The current version is 3.11.1 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

"If it’s FATBURN, STRENGTH or FLEXIBILITY you want … From now on all you need to do is PRESS PLAY. Start your Yoga Inspired Fitness workout now!

- New fresh logo to represent the Rebel look
- iOS 11 ready

With Asana Rebel you get the best of both worlds: Yoga and Fitness. Choose between our unique and effective programs:
- Fatburn
- Strength
- Flexibility
- Balance & Focus
- Breathe & Relax"

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Asana Rebel: Yoga and Fitness Reviews


Music  luvmabeats  4 star

I love the workouts. But because I can’t listen to Spotify, I give it 4 stars. the couple of songs to choose from in the app are so boring. Could you update the app like the Nike training app it allows you to play music from another source while still being able to hear the trainers voice. Once this done it would be the best yoga app! 🎶

Dancer Rachel

Great, but...  Dancer Rachel  3 star

I really enjoy this app & have definitely seen results after using it for several months. I’m building more muscle tone & feel better about myself. However, I can’t give 5 stars because with the new update you can no longer view a workout before starting. Seeing the workout beforehand helped me prepare for the sets that are tougher for me (and subbing outs ones that weren’t helpful.) Please, please, PLEASE bring back the workout overview!


They Know!  MariWilson  5 star

Love the way I can set up a customized plan. The presentation is perfect. They know what we want and they deliver!


Good addition to any workout!  :)MrsScience:)  5 star

I really like the fat burner workout. I have never done yoga, but this is doable and I feel it working the areas I want to improve.


Love the workouts but...  Assassin2964  1 star

But the latest version is so glitchy I can’t even do the workout! The video flashes a black screen so fast it could give me a seizure and the video/audio sync often is off. Please fix because I do love the workouts!


Needs more content  zxSapph  3 star

It seems like there hasn’t been any new uploaded content in awhile. I don’t think the subscription is going to be worth it if they don’t start adding new videos and/or articles soon.


Only for advanced yoga practitioners  lovemyiphonetoo  1 star

I have been practicing yoga for years but The classes in this app are challenging for me, and I’m doing the “relaxing” and “stretch” classes. If you’re looking for something gentle and relaxing look elsewhere. I wish I had not paid for the full year.

Granny Roe

Rosie7  Granny Roe  5 star

I love this app! I have lost over 20 pounds my bCody is in the best shape has been in in 15 years. But I do agree with some other users the latest update I am not a fan of. Sometimes it stops or pauses, or it flashes and I get kicked off. I thought it was my Wi-Fi at first but found out from my daughter, who uses this app, also has the same problems. I also miss having the preview of what exercises are coming up ahead of time. Bring that back and I’ll be so happy!! Otherwise, I love this and I feel great. Love the coach to!


Yoga from home  [email protected]  5 star

Just got started on this program and I am very happy with it so far. Classes in a yoga studio are fine, but getting to and from can be a hassle, and it’s difficult not to compare your own body and abilities to that of the advanced students. For me, this is the perfect way to get into this form of exercise, and as I gain confidence and flexibility, I’ll consider going to a studio.


Really like this app  goj  5 star

It’s easy, it’s great for all skill levels, and they even do a mini 5 minute workout everyday so you can always work something in. I’m an intermediate level and I find it to be the perfect “challenging but still doable” workout when I do a Fat Burn or a cardio, and very relaxing when I do the easier options. I suffer from severe tension in my jaw, shoulders and neck, and doing yoga helps- a lot. I don’t think it would be a good idea for a very new beginner to use this app - or any- before attending at least a few classes with an instructor. It can be easy to hurt yourself if you have bad form, as we all know. For me though, Asana Rebel is a perfect fit for my lifestyle and i think it could be customized to just about anyone. Highly recommend!


Glitchy app  htjozbek  3 star

Glitchy app and waiting for password reset..... expecting more from my subscription. Did 2 workouts in the detox program before the app bombed and enjoyed. Prefer the other colour palette instead of the new one


Useful to get motivated  tatzie14  4 star

I absolutely loved the app back when it was really colourful (with all these pastel colours, before the big update). It was so helpful in getting motivated, and the workouts are easy to do at home. If you're just getting into an exercise routine, I recommend this app wholeheartedly! (But word of advice to yoga newbies: check your alignment to prevent injuries.) But now my download button doesn't work, the app would glitch a lot which is a little annoying, and the workouts are getting really really REALLY repetitive to the point I have to drag myself to do them. (*I have an annual membership). Have been waiting for new, longer workouts and the ability to do two programs at once which I thought would be introduced with the new updates, but nope, they're still not here. Hopefully they'll update the content soon. Would still recommend the app though!

Deb 🙏

Yoga anytime  Deb 🙏  4 star

Thanks for a great app which allows me to strengthen and develop my yoga practice at home!! Love it ❤️🙏👌🏻


Nice!  Asdfgvhjuhdfhjh  5 star

Really good app! Only been using the free version but the yoga workouts are fun and easy to do!


Personalized  Elsiemcclen  5 star

It’s great because you get a personalized program to suit your schedule!


Ta  Tacut  5 star

I love it, there are opportunities for a 5 min workout for busy mornings so you at least wake your body up, and if you can do more during the day. I’m currently doing the stretch program and am enjoying it as well.


chill dude  Raven1221123456789101112  4 star



Best yoga app yet!  Blossi74  5 star

I love this app, the workouts are perfect, I love the coach , the workouts are intense but completely achievable and I am going to my mat for practice daily! Thanks Asana Rebel 🙏🏼✨😘 ❤️💙💛💜💚🕉


It is ok  ChefAnthony4  3 star

Only because u have to pay to get things


Amazing  Catcq85  5 star


Vsnegy_shop Vsnegy_shop 3 star

Asana Rebel - Feel sexier and healthier than ever before (Yoga Inspired Fitness) -


SOLID four stars  Clees89  4 star

App is great - you definitely *WANT* to do your “workout” every day. I put that in quotations because after every session, you feel like you spent the day at the spa - it is so relaxing, and you begin to see pleasant changes in your body after pretty a short period. The only reason the app does not get five stars is because it is definitely glitchy sometimes - especially with Apple TV - and it is NOT so relaxing when you have to keep reloading the page!


Love this app  lisanowdesha  4 star

I love this yoga app because the workouts have a variety of lengths. Some days I do a few in a row, but EVERY day I can do at least one. Making changes is hard, and this app makes me want to get moving. My only complaint is I can't rewind the workout if I get interrupted. I will be doing this app daily from now on.


Love it  mlynnzim  5 star

This program is great! It's amazing how you feel after 15mins!!!


App still needs some love!  glenncocoa  4 star

I am a long time AR user, and I truly love it, but there are a few things that would make it better. 1. The Savasana could be longer/better. I look forward to relaxing/stretching at the end, but it barely lasts long enough for me to get settled on the ground. 2. There need to be optional stand alone warm up and cool downs, especially if you pay for the app. 3. There need to be more programs/variations and more challenging ones at that. 4. I miss being able to preview what exercises I am about to do before a workout! I'm mad that got changed after the last couple of updates. That's all I can think of for now. Love you guys and thanks for a great app!


Only worth buying  Pepin8  5 star

This app is wonderful and I love the workouts, but it's really only worth it if you buy the programs. I rated it 5 stars because it is completely worth the money, but be warned the free portions are shorter workouts that I didn't feel were life changing. BUT definitely try the free version to decide if it's for you!!


Stop changing design  BeeBopaTop  4 star

You guys! You were off to a great start with this app. But now you keep changin the design with each update and aren't focusing on the changes this app really needs. Like adding diversity in workouts, adding the ability to change or alter difficulty levels, adding more poses into the mix and more challenging sets. The look of asana rebel was fine already, stop changing it. Now it looks so weird and vague and i just think you should focus on the service you're providing and not on its appearance. Please make the sets and poses more diverse. Please add more challenging moves in there. Spice things up! I don't wanna have to be forced to use a different app. Thanks


I love asana  hortoncl  3 star

First I’m giving it 3 stars because I don’t like that I can see what sections/poses I’m doing in a work out before it begins. This changed with the new update. If it weren’t for that I would give it 5 stars. Also I think some new workouts are needed.

goal bound

Life changing  goal bound  5 star

The app is great even for people like me that have no yoga experience. I am not the best at sports or exercise in general and hate running. This app has helped me to lose weight and gain coordination at a pace that is tailored to me. It does have its minor bugs but is always offering updates to try and fix them.


Awesome Yoga App!  Jdizzle.89  4 star

I really enjoy Asana Rebel because the workouts are direct and varied. If you don't have much time, squeezing in a 5 minute session is great. The free sample workouts are a nice way to trial the app to see if you'd like a further subscription. I like that there is a calendar pop up at the end of your workout to say how many sessions you've done for the month; I feel it helps keep you accountable. Overall I think the yoga exercises are nice, the visuals are helpful, and the audio provides extra guidance.


Love it!  Acaciagold  5 star

A non-intimidating way to get in my daily work out and still see amazing results in muscle tone.

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